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A walk i will never forget

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I was out on my daily walk when suddenly the rain started hammering down. I didn't have any raincoat so I sheltered in a barn. The farmer walked in "we can't have you out in the cold like that come into the house to shelter" he said.

He was tall dark and handsome. So how could I refuse. He poured me a glass if wine and we got chatting. We we're both single and he was broody. I felt my pussy lips twitch awake with excitement. It was getting late so he offered me a spare dressing gown to wear and we had nothing on underneath.

"I'm going to bed and as it's the only bed in the house come and join me. There's room for 2" he said.

We got upstairs into his bedroom and had a cuddle on the bed. He put my hand on his cock "someone wants to say hello" he said.

"Let me see how big you are" I said taking my dressing gown off.

"Beautiful body and I can see a very wet pussy you have there" he said stroking me.

"Big beautiful cock you have there" i said as he took his dressing gown off.

We started kissing and cuddling passionately. Suddenly his cock slipped into my wet pussy. It felt so good because it was my first time.

"I want you to move in with me and make love to me every night" he said.

"That would be music to my ears" I said.

He stroked my pussy as he made love to me which made me squeal with delight as I let out massive orgasms.

"That's my girl enjoy making love to me, drink up every drop of my fertile cum" he said.

"Give me your fertile cum" I said as he came inside my fertile pussy.

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The next day I went home and my father demanded to know where I had been.

"Having fun with friends" i said.

"What kinda fun" he said "show me".

"Bedroom fun" i replied.

My father insisted on my showing him what I'd been up to. So we went into my room and stripped. "But you're my dad" I said. "I know but I'm also very hormy and need to make love to you my beautiful girl". He said stripping off.

We got naked on the bed after locking the door. We started kissing passionately and his cock slipped into my pussy. It was smaller than the farmers but still felt good. "You like having forbidden cock hey" he said as he piunded me full of his cum.

"Yes daddy give me your cum" I replied. He put dome gel on my pussy. I could feel the tingles. Then he started pounding me again. This time it was more intense. "You like my intense orgasms lube?" He asked. "Yes daddy" I replied in between orgasms. "That's my girl enjoy my cock cumming in your fertile pussy" he replied.

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I was walking in the forest when I saw a storm shelter with the door open. I could smell some intense and hear some strange sounds. So I went to have a look. There we're stairs down to a sort of basement area. I heard the shelter lock behind me but it was so hot that I had to strip to my underwear. I sat on the bed then the lights went out. Then I realised the sounds we're the hot porn movie on in the background.

"I want that to happen to me", I said.

Then the door opened and a shadowy figure entered the room. I could tell he was naked as I could see his cock.

I felt his hands on me undoing my bra and him kissing my boobies. "That's so good" I said reaching down to take my pants off. Then he kissed my pussy. "Omg that's so good make me wet for you". I said. Another guy put his cock in my mouth. It was so big it barely fitted inside my mouth.

The music became erotic And I was handed 2 more cocks to play with. This made me squirt. Suddenly they all stopped and tied me to the bed with my legs in the air.

The porn movie in the background changed. "Welcome to the breeding room, pussy filled while you wait. Fertile cocks will seed your pussy every hour until you are pregnant".

"Fill my pussy with your cum, give me your fertile cum" I said in agreement.

My pussy was so wet that no lube was needed. I kept begging for his cum as he was breeding me. "Cum in this fertile pussy" I said.

All 4 cocks took turns in my pussy, then they put a butt plug in and left me tied up. After 30 mins I was untied with the plug still in my dripping went pussy.

I couldn't tell who got me pregnant but the baby had a familiar look about her.

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A few months later I went back to the storm shelter. I could sense someone was following me but couldn't see them. I got back downstairs and got naked on the bed. I was playing with my pussy

"I need my breeder to cum in my pussy again" I said erotically.

Some instructions were on the screen in front of me. They read, "use the lube and toy on your pussy and repeat what you said.... blindfolded."

I was eager to try the lube and toy. I could feel my pussy tingling. I started playing whilst saying "fuck me deep with your cum in my fertile unprotected pussy".

I could hear a belt unbuckling. This time it was doggy style lovemaking. He felt so good in my pussy. I could feel my juices forming ready to mix with his cum. As he came I heard him say "surprise princess". Only 1 man called me princess and it was the farmer I'd been living with for the past couple of years. "Why all the secrets?" I asked "you wanted to spice up our love life. What's better is the other men you made love to miss your pussy and want more tonight" he said.

He felt me clamping down on his cock in agreement. "That's my girl squeeze every drop out my cock deep inside of you" he said.

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After a romantic meal for 2 with oysters and lots of aphrodisiacs plus some very strange tasting cocktails I became very horny.

"I see all that good stuff is working" he said.

"Well only 1 way to find out if it will work" I replied.

We went back to the storm shelter. I always fancied myself as a bit of an exhibitionist so virgin boys we're invited to watch from the next room. If they felt ready to, they could breed my pussy tonight to deflower their cock.

I put my blindfold on. This time each guy was in 1 at a time. The first man was my dad, who I'd never if guessed considering his cock was small. The 2nd was my eldest most sexy brother. The 3rd was my younger brother "last time was my first" he said. I couldn't wait for more. But the last guy was grandad. He'd been on his own for a year and dad invited him over to help with his loneliness. Once I knew who they were, we didn't need the blindfold anymore. They loved my forbidden pussy and I loved them more for being in my forbidden pussy.

Soon the shelter would be open for men to practice their breeding skills on me. I couldn't wait.



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I went back to the cellar because I was craving more cum in my pussy. I stripped off on the bed and started playing. As we were making love I heard someone enter the cellar. 

"Hey son come and see what we're doing" he said as he gave me massive orgasms.

"That's so hot dad" he said rubbing his trousers.

"Come and have a feel of this tight wet pussy" my breeder replied.

The son took off his top and trousers leaving his boxers on. He was very muscular and hot like his dad. He walked over and started stroking my pussy. "That feels so good" I said having another orgasm.

He got his cock out and pointed it at my face. I had to suck it. He squealed with excitement. My breeder came inside me then moved so his son could breed me. He guided his sons cock into my pussy gently deflowering him. "That's so wet and tight" the son said.

My breeder started kissing me as his son was breeding me. "I love this pussy it's so wet" he said. "You love mums pussy" my breeder said. Neither of us had realised we we're related.

"Yeah mum you are so hot"  he said as he came inside my pussy. "Thanks dad" he replied.

"Happy 18th son" my breeder replied. Us breeding our son was the most loving thing we could do with each other. But who was the daddy to the next baby?

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I went to my breeders house and an older man let me in. There was porn on in the background. "I've heard you have an easily wet pussy that I'd like to try" said the main taking off his trousers. This got me so hot I also stripped off.

"Oh yes that is a beautifully wet pussy" he said rubbing me gently. "I want to breed you with my cum, I have an extra large heaving cummer for you". I opened my legs in agreement. He started kissing me passionately then his cock slipped inside my pussy gently stretching it as he entered. "You are so tight and wet" he said as he started to breed me.

"I can see my dad has made himself at home in your pussy. I like my girl dirty" my breeder said. "Breed her, seed her" he added.

He felt so good in my pussy it wasn't long until I was orgasming on his cock.


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