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Tennessee, Knoxville-Nashville and everything inbetween

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Any other open minded, uninhibited  horny dogs in this neck of the woods? I live about dead center between Knoxville and Nashville Just off the I 40 corridor..I can't be the only kinky, ass eating, breeding, pissing, cum hungry ass up dick up,  always horny {hosting or traveling} horny  dog in this area am I?  Fairly new to the area and need to make some quality raw buds to hang and fuck with as often as possible...

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    • By boybottom4use
      DILF party returns to Heretic this Friday night!  Wear your jock, gear, harness and whatever else makes you feel slutty!
    • By evil303
      Hi there! I'm a married man, and I love sucking dick, and getting fucked, and taking loads. I'd love to meet a man, couple, or group for regular party/play time. I have a slim, smooth body, and tight little ass, and many kinks. Curious? Interested? Hit me up!
    • By Alexreyez
      I moved recently to Orlando and have been having been fucking and getting fucked raw the last few months. It’s been so hot and It’s my first time really encountering so many poz men around here. The idea of a real man using me and breeding me and knowing he is poz gets me so hard. Recently got tested and am neg. a part of me wants to just keep fucking like wild and go to the bath house every weekend. On the other hand I’ve been told to get on prep. What do we think ?
    • By LICumDumpNY
      Queens county inn and suites hotel on Crescent St. blindfolded ass up door open. Easy access just walk to elevator like you’re a guest. (516) 266-7413 For room number. All loads accepted
    • By DirtyPup
      So, I'll admit I'm a bit of an amateur at approaching homeless men. First time I did it was a huge success back in Tampa, Florida. This dude wasn't the most attractive guy but boy howdy he knew how to make me weak for him. 
      Found him off Grindr surprisingly. Decided to pick up some beer and food from the Circle K before heading out.
      Clyde was his name. He was about 7 miles away from where I was staying last year. I Ubered over to a park near his spot, walked up the nature trail and net up with him. 45 6'2", a bit of a belly, some scraggly facial hair, and, reeked of cigarettes and sweat. Went back to his tent, stripped down and later up against him. Possibly one on the best cuddle sessions I had with a man. We talked about his life, his time in the service and all other things that crossed his mind.
      He shoved his tongue in my mouth while laying there. Made out with him for what felt like an hour or close to it. Had a condom on me but he asked if he could do bare with me. Obliged happily. For awhile, had some of the most intense sex I've had in my life. Probably came inside me well over a few times but lost count after 5. Ended up passing out on him to wake to him out of his tent smoking a cigarette. We sat together sharing a bottle of 
      Brought him back to my hotel go get a shower, order some food off GrubHub and cuddle fucked for the rest of the evening. 
      To this day I have yet to ever see him or hear him again and boy do I miss him. Since then been wanting to find other homeless men in Dallas or Tampa when I visit there. If there are any good cruising spots, do let me know!
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