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    I like to improve myself. Looking for someone to motivate me to workout and give suggestions about exercises they want me to do, and I will be happy to reward them with progress pics and then travel to them to present the finished product that they can use any way they want it... the wilder the better....

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  1. Mine is pretty tame in comparison. Two in one day, but both in the same session. I sucked both and they both fucked me, but they didn't want to touch so the interactions were pretty much one-on-one while the other watched. I was ok with it, it was still hot in my book!
  2. Last Friday (7/16) in NY in his living room (starter blowjob), then bedroom (doggy, missionary, and lying on my stomach), rode him in the middle of the night when he woke up hard, then in the shower the next morning (and it was fucking hot in more ways than one) as he was getting ready for work. He is a male nurse I'd been talking to during the pandemic. We had been avoiding sex because of Covid and our respective jobs and responsibilities to others. He is a top and we had really worked each other up during our talks over the months. About a month ago I was fully vaccinated (waited the allotted amount of time after the second shot) and was raring to go. We met up that next Friday as our schedules allowed and fucked for the first time and damn we went wild. I enjoy taking black cock, and have to say after the Covid-abstinence his cock was all the sweeter. We've been fucking every Friday night into Saturday morning since, and are looking to keep the trend going tomorrow night!
  3. I've never ran into the situation where the guy had straight porn on. I think I could go through with the sex, but it would be fairly mechanical (Step 1: suck... Step 2: fuck) because I'd know he was thinking about a woman and not me. I've had a few running gay porn, and it was fun because we ended up mimicking what was happening on the screen. It felt like playing chicken, seeing who would take a look at what was happening and say "Nope, not doing it." The porn they were playing was fairly straight forward, standard suck and fuck. It would have made things REALLY interesting if that had some kind of kink or BDSM running, I would have jumped on that! I think that would be a fun game: have a play list of porn scenarios, and have an app randomly choose what the couple/group is going to do. See who taps out first. It would definitely help get your Sex bucket list score up!
  4. During my time on this site I've come to realize my user name isn't correct. After months of reading posts and people's takes on matters, I have to say I'm more of a power bottom. I've only rarely had the pleasure of being with a somewhat dominant top. I've been with guys who said they were dominant tops during discussions, but they seemed to lose any notion of exerting control once the clothes come off. I more than make up for it by letting my inner-slut take over and take control, because once my clothes come off I lose all inhibitions. At least once I start sucking then sit on his cock and start bouncing, it typically gets him fired up to where he wants to fuck me in his favorite position. Then he starts making some decisions. I'm not going to complain, cock is cock and cum is awesome, but I do fantasize about one day being in the middle of a room with a true group of horny Dom tops looking to truly take control over me.
  5. I've heard that saying, but don't really put much stock in it. You are definitely right about size not being the thing, the black guys I have known have had average sized cocks. My one friend has an average size cock, but has no end of guys trying to get him to fuck them simply because of that old saying. What I do find different and exciting is the contrast of skin against skin, and imagining what he is seeing when he is fucking me doggy style. That visual stimulus and hyping it up in my head helps with the sexual experience. For me, sex is made up of multiple stimuli that combine to drive me wild with lust. Dark hands against my white skin produce an exciting visual which heightens the experience. Him laying on me, our dark and light skin sliding against each other as our sweat and leaking cocks make our bodies slick... just thinking about it as I type, hyping it up in my head, makes me horny as hell... But in the end, I am still attracted to guys of all descriptions. Every guy (hopefully) has an attribute or two that makes them sexually exciting!
  6. Once a day, easily. Whenever the clothes come off, pretty much no matter the reason, my overactive imagination kicks in and I have to play.
  7. I just met a guy recently who loves to fuck guys in this position. I've never actually been fucked like this, but we are going to change that next weekend. Plus he has a Dom streak and handcuffs to back it up, so it just gets better and better. He only fucks with a condom, but hey, handcuffs!
  8. I've never been to steam works, sounds like a pretty hot time! But I have been to bars and such and been both the center of attention and the guy sitting off to the side. I'm not a 20-something anymore and am ok that that is what some guys are looking for. I enjoy the friendships I've made, and have been hooked up with some hot tops by some bottom buddies that I've made over time. In short, time flies by and you won't always attract the same attention. It's good to make friends along the way, and competition can hinder that. Making real friends can help you stay in the game long after looks fade.
  9. I should probably expand on what I wrote before. How I got over the overwhelming urge to need to fuck was to get out to the real world and meet people. Sitting at home and consuming gay porn and letting my thoughts go wild ended up isolating me in a growing fantasy. Getting out in the world allowed me to actually meet people. Building friendships and social circles and talking to people helped put those feelings into perspective. The real world wasn't the crazy fantasy orgy the stories and porn and my own thoughts made it out to be. It was the same as the straight life with new friends, fun, hookups and relationships, love, heartbreak, drama, etc. And oh yes, the sex came along with it. Some of that sex was awesome, some mediocre, some forgettable. Not every encounter was on the porn-fantasy level. But it beat just sitting fantasizing about it. It wasn't easy getting out and meeting people, but damn was it worth the effort.
  10. I got out in the world and started meeting people. It certainly wasn't easy, I was scared to death and worried and... hell, insert one-hundred and one different anxiety-ridden descriptors here. But I had hit a point where sitting thinking about it and watching and reading porn wasn't doing it for me. I started small, meeting up with someone from an ad. After a few of those I went to my first gay bar. And you know what? The bar was pretty much like any other bar I had been to. Guys talking, playing pool, drinking, just enjoying a night out. Nothing like what I had built up in my mind based on the stereotype crap I'd seen on TV and movies. That was a monumental step for me, and it really opened doors to new friendships and social circles that have lead to more of those elusive tops I crave. From there it's been a lot easier to enjoy life because I got past that initial fear of stepping out of the shadows.
  11. I never do. I feel bad for the transgender community having to fight for the right to use a public restroom just to go to the bathroom. I don't want someone using my peeping as fuel for their screaming rant about how people they like to label as perverts are just in the bathroom to check people out. Assholes will take anything (real or no) and try to use it to push their agenda. Besides, bathrooms never turned me on. Unless there is a shower... yeah now those turn me on...
  12. I haven't really had dark room hookups that were with someone new. Typically my initial encounters end up in a bedroom and there is time to explore more. I like when the guy uses the technique of running his leaking cock head long my crack, because I love the tease of feeling his head when it brushes over my opening. After the play period his precum has typically lubed things up sufficiently and he has determined location. I have been fucked before outside at night, but that has been with a long-term relationship that is already pretty accustom to my build, and usually has no problems. I can see what people are saying about having been on the receiving end to some fumbling, though. Butts come in all shapes, sizes, and builds. I can imagine with my build a first-time hookup where it was dark and we were in a hurry would present some challenges. I have learned that I like guys my height or a little taller when having sex standing up, especially in the shower, because it makes the process go so much more smoother for us both.
  13. Guy I was with at the time would fuck me in the parking lot of a gay bar we liked to frequent. It wasn't as risque as one would hope; it was always at night, and the parking lot was where it was pretty much considered the norm to bend someone over for a quicky. It is hot though getting fucked knowing the guy a few cars over is getting fucked as well, and he knows the same of you. Unfortunately things never progressed to a gangbang or swapping, but who knows, there is always tomorrow!
  14. I think that the labels are good for hookups when cruising a website. If you say you are a "bottom __________" I know that we won't click. I appreciate the people that take a moment to add in some kind of label so I know I won't be wasting my time, and theirs, by contacting them only to find out after a message or two that they want to bottom for me. I begrudgingly know why they do that in my area (post ads with no details about what they want), because there is a glut of bottoms in this area and they are hoping once you contact them there can be compromise such as "I'll fuck you if you fuck me", etc. and hope you are horny enough to go for it (spoiler - I never am). I agree with the psychological aspect of how we may label ourselves. I'm a bottom, but I won't hesitate to take control of a situation to get things rolling. I like to say I'm submissive, but that doesn't mean I'm going to lay there unless I'm with a Dom that commands it. Probably submissive isn't the right word. I won't hesitate to jump on a cock and ride, I pretty much go wild when the clothes and all bets are off. That sounds like the opposite of submissive. Hell, just typing this out is making me think about my self-labeling myself as submissive.
  15. 1. Do you enjoy making a man cum with your hand and mouth or him jerking himself off and feeding you his load? I like putting in the work if the top allows it. I'd rather make him cum, I feel that when I put in some great effort and throw in all my hard-learned tricks, I'm more apt to be hearing from him again. 2. Do you like cum that shoots out hard, or cum that oozes out that you can lick up? I like a hard cum-shot, especially when his cock is deep in my throat. Typically when I get a guy to cum hard, he gets wild and grips my head holding me in place, and I love being manhandled. But as we all know if you get him hard again the second cum won't be as hard and may just ooze, and I have no problem licking that up as well! 3.How do you like to swallow his cum and why? With his cock deep in your throat? With his head resting on your tongue? With your mouth open and your tongue out? Jerking him off? Deep in my throat if he allows it. I love when he holds his cock in place and doesn't let my head move until he is done. 4. Do you like thick semen or more watery? What is the sweet spot between too thick or too watery? Thick if possible, especially if he is buried in my throat. I love being dominated and choking on a thick load really gets me going. But if the load is more watery I enjoy that as well because I love the feeling of cum running from my mouth and down my skin. 5. Do you like semen sweet and pleasant with little taste, or salty with a very spermy flavor that has a long aftertaste? Why? I have no preference. But I do drink a lot of fruit juices (especially pineapple juice) and water because every once in a while I run across a top that likes to suck as well, and I enjoy mutual oral (69 is awesome!). I've had no complaints about how mine tastes, so I take that as a sign I'm doing something right. Or maybe they were just too polite or too horny to care. 6. What's the perfect size load that you like to swallow? Enough to get an nice taste? Or enough to get a big gulp? Or something that overwhelms your mouth that you have to work to swallow? Overwhelms if possible! Make me choke on your load! 7. For those that have sucked off more than 1 guy at the same time, how is the experience different from eating multiple loads opposed to being with 1 guy? I've only ever once sucked two guys in the same room, I dunno.... I just made sure to keep my mouth on one and working the other with my hand and switched back and forth, always maintaining contact. The goal was to keep them both worked up. It was extra work, but work I really enjoyed! 8. Describe the perfect cock that you'd like to suck and the perfect type of cum you'd want to swallow. Long and thick, me on my back on the bed with my hands restrained so I can't push him away... he can slide into my throat while fucking it and when he is ready push all the way in and hold my head when he is cumming... the cum thick and shooting hard and making me choke as he uses my throat for his pleasure. He can hold his cock in place and let me keep swallowing, milking his cock with my throat until he is soft enough where I can breathe again.
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