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Found 20 results

  1. Group Action

    Hey guys, I'm curious to know if there are known barebacking groups in Atlanta. Or if all the action happens at the bathhouses or like in Manifest?
  2. Sub bottom headed to the area looking to see what I can get into, would like to find someone to show me the area
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to L.A. Got a big public play fetish and I'm wondering what are the good cruising spots... any sort of public, outdoor, exhibitionist play turns me on a lot. Any tip is welcome! I gravitate around West LA, SaMo, Venice...
  4. Hungary & Croatia

    Hi guys, going to Budapest on July 14 and spending a week in and around the city. Then heading to Zagreb and spending a few days before coming back home on 24th July. Anyone travelling or interested in meeting up wit a couple..
  5. I will be in Toronto next Mon-Wed and trying to set something up. I'm a total bb 47 years old bottom 6' 175 shaved smooth w/huge nipples looking to have my hole streched by a large, thick fat cocks or hands. I have no issues with race, looks, or status. Looking to take any and all cocks balls deep inside my ass until I feel you erupt deep inside of me. Bareback only. I would love to feel your hot cum dripping out of my ass if you think you can make me moan then please lets hookup. Looking to hit Steamworks or the Cellar each night I am there. Love to be fucked in slings. Love to be whored out! Looking to beat my 10 load record at The Cellar!
  6. hosting

    anyone looking for hot loads
  7. Neg top looking to fuck Poz bottoms and suck Poz dick. If chemistry is right you can breed me i can host in SF or travel The Bay Area
  8. Thank-You, Nfl

    An old fuck buddy took me to a NFL Play off party last night. We went to this dude's house in the burbs to watch the Redskins/Packers play off game in the dude's rec room with this massive flat screen TV. There were 10 or 12 men there (not counting the two fags). Some of the guys were Redskins fans, the others were Packers fans. Each group of fans had brought their own fag. i was fag for the Redskins. The game was this. Each time a team scored one its fans got to fuck the other team's fag (or get a blow job). But the fucking had to take place right there in the rec room while the other men were (supposedly) watching the game. Well the first quarter was all Redskins. The 'skins scored three times and i had nothing to do but kneel there, naked, and occasionally go out to the kitchen to get one of my guys a beer or a snack. i was staring to feel envious of the Packer fag. But the other three quarters were all Packers. They scored a field goal and five touchdowns. (By popular vote of the men in attendance, each conversion was deemed a separate scoring event, and the Packers converted on all five touchdowns). So that was 11 scoring events. i gave one blow job, but the Packers fans seemed to enjoy fucking. It wasn't all fun and games for us fags though. When we weren't "otherwise occupied," we fags were also required to fetch beers and snacks or serve as urinal for the football fans, so none of them had to miss a moment of the football action. Thankfully, the NFL knows how to stretch this play-off season out for weeks.
  9. Boston Marathon

    It's not what you think. Nothing to do with the famous foot race they run up there every April. Here's how it happened: On Wednesday of last week a FedEx envelope arrived, from my father. Inside was a round trip first class air ticket to Boston for Friday night, the return on Sunday night. No letter, no message, no inquiring as to whether i was free that weekend. i called my dad, but He didn't take the call. So Friday night i get on the plane and fly to Boston. Knowing my dad, i didn't bring a whole lot of clothing -- just the basics in a carry-on. I clear security at Logan Airport and there is this dude in black slacks, white shirt, black tie and and a board with my name on it. i walk up and identify myself and all he says is "the car is waiting." He grabs my carry-on. The dude is gorgeous, early 20s, hot bod, and his ass is moving provicatively in his tight slacks as I follow him to the curb, where there is a stretch limo with dark tinted widows waiting curb-side. The sexy dude opens the door to the back seat and i climb in. No sooner does the door close and the limo pull away from the curb when this deep voice from the back of the car says "loose the clothes, bitch." Startled, i look back and there is this man, maybe 50, incredible body, shadow beard, dark hair, slightly graying at the temples, smiling, with dazzling white teeth, leaning back in the corner of the set. His legs are stretched out and his cock is out of his pants and he's stroking . The cock is magnificent -- an easy 9 inches, thick, with a truly beautuful head, and a drop of pre at the piss-slit, gleaming in the dim light of the interior of the car. i am drooling as i shuck my jeans and tee shirt and crawl over to him. i take his unbelievable tool in my mouth and start sucking. After maybe 8 or 10 minutes, i can feel him starting to get ready to nut when he orders me off his cock and to turn around. (The car is gently moving, likely on a freeway.) I turn around, present my ass cunt, and He is in me baslls deep in one thrust. He's long dicking me for maybe another 5 minutes or so and then he has this amazing, explosive orgasm. He gasps and falls upon me, his full weight, his cock still in me. i am moaning, he is panting and i don't really notice that the car has come to a stop. The cute dude has opened the door and we are in the driveway in front of this handsome mansion in what i later learned is one of the Boston suburbs. i step out, even though i am naked, cum dripping down my leg, and there on the front porch of this mansion is my dad, a big smile on his face. "Ah, I see that Frank has gotten you warmed up.? No greeting, no "hello son." Dad grabs me by the shoulder and steers me toward the front door. "Some of my friends are anxious to meet you." The dude from the sirport trots up the steps with my carry-on. Dad tells him to put that in my room, observing "maybe sometime this weekend the slut will have a chance to use it." Once inside the house, dad removes his arm from my shoulder and instead inserts his finger up my ass, and using that steers me into the living room. There are easily ten men of varying ages (from maybe 20 to maybe 65) there. Dad announces, "Gentlemen, my son." Nothing more. But obviously, they have all discussed or been briefed on the evening's (actually, the weekend's) activities -- all of which involved me and one or more of my holes. Dad steers me to this really good lookng older man who he introduces as George. Dad tells me that this is my host, the owner of the house, and that he will have first shot at my cunt. Dad takes his finger out of my ass and sticks it in front of my face. instintively, i take it in my mouth and clean it off. George says nothing other than to direct me to my knees, ass up and right there, he fucks me. The other men are standing around, kind of watching, kind of carrying on their conversations and drinking or nibbling on food that that is set out on various tables around the room. When George has shot his load, he pulls out and within seconds another dude is pounding my cunt. And so it went, literally all weekend long. Men came, men went; but there was a steady stream of men coming and going all night, and all day Saturday and all day Sunday, until it was time for me to get back to the airport. i had a chance to take a couple of brief naps Friday night, but was awakened by this massive, thick cock being slowly, but forcefull inserted and pushed into my cunt. Same Saturday night. my napping was right there in that living room. i never got to "my bedroom" where my carry-on was sent, and indeed, never saw any other room of the house except that living room and the closest toilet. i was fucked on the floor, over the arms of one of more of the couches or upholstered chairs -- or standing up against the wall. i sucked a lot of cock and drank a lot of piss. It was a continuous fuck-fest from my arrival at the airport on Friday night at about 6:00 pm until Sunday afternoon at about 4:00 pm when i left for the airport. A marathon in every sense of the word. my dad rode with me in the limo back to the airport. We talked about other stuff -- politics, family matters. As the limo pulled up to the curb in front of the terminal, my dad kissed me and said "I'm proud of you, Son."
  10. i am in town for next two days off work an in my room hosting NOW til i check out Sat at 9am. any horny tops that wanna stop by and slide that hard throbing raw cock in my tight hole. race not important uncut are huge turn on to me and also precummers i love being fucked and like the feel of a cock in my hole and feels wondful when that cock is oozing precum and pumping in all the DNA it wants deep love to ride a cock so i can sit on it and go balls deep and i do mean balls deep and just ride it as long as you can handle it. when you go that deep u will see how good it is and how sensitive my hole is i can feel every time that cock throbs and oozes and it feels great.... likes: oral jo foreplay kissing 69 fun play groups tag teams cummy hole and deepthroating a cock dislikes: rammers and hard pounders, pain, watersports (this includes peeing in my hole), people that just wanna watch, game players, pic colectors so i stop by if you lookin for a serious bttm for either quickie dumpngo or fuck me as long and as many times you like. i have been konwn to go 5 hrs non stop very big on hygene here so my very tight clean bubble but is lubed and ready and will go from hole to mouth its so clean. the more you fuck me the tighter it gets Hosting at Manhattan Times Hotel of 7th and 51st avenue in the Times Square Area. Get on the evelator and cum to 16th flr room 1601 the door is ajar (if not knock), room dark got T.I.M. dvd playing, i'm in a jock ass up in the air lubed and ready. cum in drop your pants and i will suck you and then use me as u like if it is after midnite you may have to text me to let me know you cuming so i can give you my name so front desk will let you up Faster{615}response{289}you{0800}call or text. if no answer just leave message or call back in a few. or cumdumpbna at yahoo dot com cum by as many times you like and bring any buds you like to drop ur deposit. Please be serious and no games. if you wanna play games play somewhere else
  11. i am by no means a chaser. i understand the risks of bareback sex and i accept those risks because i cannot imagine anything but raw sex. And i fucking love sex. i think of nothing but cock and cum 24/7, and to my way of thinking, there is no such thing as too much sex, too many loads, too big a cock. Not only is there no such thing as too much; for me there is no such thng as enough. And so, i am not inclined to refuse loads. i consider it my duty to accept any man's load. This is why i was put on Earth. So i do not ask the dude's status. First, it is impolite. Second, i am going to take his load anyway, and take it raw, so what's the purpose of even inquiring? So when one of my fuck buds -- we'll call him George -- called yesterday and said that he was horny as fuck and missing my sweet cunt, i readily agreed to come over. i know that George is poz, but, in line with my philosophy of life, that made no difference. George is fucking gorgeous, his cum is as sweet as candy (i've eaten a lot of it), he shoots massive loads, and is one of the best fucks i know. i get to George's place around 8:00 last night and George is there in all his glory. He answers the door dressed in loose basketball type shorts. It's obvious that he's wearing no underwear. He's shirtless. my ass is starting to twitch. George leads me into his TV room and there are three other guys there, watching a baseball game on TV. i'll call them Tom, Dick and Harry. Each is more gorgeous than the next. George explains: "I told my buds about your talented cunt and they all want a piece of it." George goes on, "Two of the guys are poz like me. One isn't poz yet. Let's see how talented you are bitch." And so a long evening started. i sucked each of them off while they watched the game and, of course, swallowed their loads. Over the next several hours (until like 3:00am) each of them fucked me. A couple of them fucked me twice. As the party was breaking up, George turned to me and said, simply, "Well?" "Tom is still neg," i replied. i was right. i always thought that taking poz loads -- that is knowingly taking poz loads -- added a certain excitement to the sex. It's like playing with fire, like public sex. The risk involved makes it that much hotter. But this was just everyday, journeyman fucking, and still i could tell the neg load. Poz cum is just different
  12. Middle East - Israel

    working here for many months but would also like to play...rawmansf on barebackrt.com or recon.com
  13. raw bttm here lookin to take loads in my motel and have room dark porn playing me nude on bed ass up in the air and in motel where u pull around to my building and pull up to my outsdie room door and walk up find it ajar (if not knock) I'm off I24 and Harding Place in the Travelodge 95 Wallace Rd next to hooters. There are two motels here make sure you cum to the right one. cum back to the 2nd to last building and pull up to the door and walk up i will have it ajar if not that means another top is here just knock and join. if 1st top doesn't want a group i will say give me 10 min an just that wait til he leaves and cum in after he leaves usuually 10 min max lol open to groups and tag teams so bring a bud or buds if you like hosting here all week but after 5pm each day unilt Thurs and Fri i will be off all day and nite in room 126 also like oral jo foreplay kissing 69 and taking cock as deep and as long as the top likes to give. love precummers and multi cummers and uncut studs stay as long as u like filling my hole and cum by as often as u like if u lieave and cum by again later that day or nite or another day is cool love the feeling of getting fucked and the feeling of precum in ozzing in my hole and feeling a top shot as deep as he likes keep that cock in this tight hole as long as u like this bttm will never say pull out by way white 42 5'11 175 7c very tight clean bubble butt that can take it as deep as u like and take it as long as u wanna give been told i have fucking hot bubble but and i know how to take a cock and also a dam good cocksucker If you raw top 21-55 yr old and race not important and like the scene of blow n go or whatever hosting and ready also can email cumdumpbna at yahoo for faster repsonse
  14. Hi guys, Just need some help for good adress becausde I’ll be in Berlin from 17 /20 NOV to give my ass BB I am a french bottom lad, can be vers for the right guy looking hung muscled tops to fuck my hole. Looking to take raw loads, love group sex and getting load after load pumped up me my hole. I am hungry ass for anal cum deposits: to be fucked in Paris or Berlin for bareback loads in my ass. One to one, mens, groups. Tell me what you want. No loads refused. No condoms. Easy guy to load. Julien p.p@noos.fr 00 33 (0)6 49 88 36 97.
  15. Howdy fellow pigs/barebackers, I would like to chat with other guys going to HiBearNation in St Louis. I will be there Thurs Nov 1st - Sun Nov 4th. This will be my 2nd time going. I will sharing a room with 3 other guys but will be bringing my sling. I can likely host in the room, as long as you don't mind others there. I'm mostly bottom, and am open for a group and would love to be used over and over! I also love to suck cock! Hope to hear from ya hot studs! -Eric RedDog
  16. I'm looking for tops or groups to meet in Boston during the 8th thru the 16th of nov. I can host discreetly at my hotel in Winthrop. Details to be provided to interested hookups. Hit me up!
  17. Going to be cuming back to HOT MIDTOWN. Enjoyed staying at the Cheshire MOtor inn. NOt as bad as guys say. But some dam good cruzing. did notice that guys just sitting in cars and not getting out and looking in the rooms. guys get out and walk around and see me in my room. I am going to be off work and in my room all day and nite lookin for some hot anonymous tops. door will be ajar and lookin for some hot tops to stop by and load up my hot hole love it deep and as many loads u can give. I will be in the back building and will post my room number when i arrive wed evening. love groups and tag teams and may even bring my sling and setup in my room.. going to be horny and ready for top studs that can handle a bottom that never gets enough and can go and go. email me if you want to send me info on here or at cumdumpbna at yahoo dot com and i will response Hope to hear from ya..
  18. Got a nice thick cock to fill up your ass. Love to take pics of my cock in a hot hole. Parks, alleys, garages, walk in scenes, restrooms, sex clubs. Sweaty pits are hot, groups, leather, jockstraps, piss play, love to swallow, lots. Check my profile for pics of my cock and ass. InPublicM4M on BBRT, or email direct at inpublicm4m@aol.com Poz & undetectable here, otherwise clean.
  19. I am new to the BB world. Deep inside I know I am a total pig. I love cum, I love ass. I love groups. I am wanting to be more uninhibited but everytime I get close to just going for it, I gold myself back and get all nervous. Anyone else been in this situation?
  20. I'd love to hear from guys who can compare the pros and cons of these two places, the only sex clubs left in New England. I get to Providence occasionally and often check out megaplex, but am I missing something? Anyone think Club Prov is a hotter scene? Mix of guys? Headed there on Wednesday night and eager to join a group. Let me know know where to go. Thanks!

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