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Weekend Away with Daddy

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The nurse eyed me up and down as he held the door for me. After getting my height and weight, he led me into the exam room. It was a really nice room, for a doctors office. It had a large TV on the wall, a couple of different chairs and a really comfortable exam bed/table.

"Ronan, I'm Jake. I'll me checking your vitals before Dr. Johnson comes in and examines you and discuss what's going on. No need to be shy about anything, we are all openly gay in this office and have a good time as well." Jake proceeds to get check my pulse and blood pressure. "Sefan said that you were here because you had a possible HIV exposure. Is that true?"

"Um. Yes, I did. I wanted to talk about getting PeP and maybe go on Prep?"

"Well, the Doc will discuss your options with you. How long ago was your exposure?"

"Umm, they were all within the last 48 hours."

"You had multiple exposures?" I start to see a smirk forming on his lips. I look down away from him in shame and unintentionally stare at his crotch.

"Yea, I've been staying with a couple of guys that may have HIV."

"So a threesome? I take it you're a bottom or do you switch?"

"Well not just a threesome, I was fucked by 5 men last night. I only bottomed."

His cock starts to press against his scrubs, it's an impressive size for sure. "That's hot. Took five loads last night. I wish I would have been there to see that, even given you my load." He strokes his cock through his scrubs causing me to blush as we make eye contact. "I'll get Doc Johnson. The amount of sex you had may change things."

Shit. What have I done? Hopefully I wont be infected and it'll all work out. I continue to wait and wait for the doctor. After a while I open my phone and it's still on some of the stories from the bug chasing section of this forum Adam sent me. I read a couple and I'm so fucking turned on. I want to be those boys, getting fucked like that. I was last night. And it was amazing. I didn't think about it anything other than enjoying their cocks and working the cum out their balls. If that's what----

"Sorry to make you wait, Ronan. I'm Doctor Johnson." I quickly put my phone down and shake Doc's hand. I quickly glance him over and find him really hot. He's in his late 40's maybe early 50's, short hair, trimmed beard, salt and peppered hair. His chest hair is pushing out from the collar of his shirt. His shirt is very light and does nothing to hide his pierced and erect nipples. My cock aches in my jocks. I make my way down to his crotch and he is wearing some light hiking shorts that are not office appropriate, and I can tell he's got a serious cock and is going commando. The head of his cock is almost to the bottom of his shorts. Fuck, I wish he'd fuck me. STOP IT!! 

"Oh that's alright, I don't have anything going on until this evening."

"Jake and Stefan tell me you were quite the busy bottom. Can you tell me what's going on?" I start from the beginning with my break up, my best friend telling me about this place I'm spending the week at and how the sex he had was amazing. How he was sick when I went to pick him up on Thursday, and how I just learned it was the fuck flu. He was gifted by two of the same guys I fucked last night, but the guy I've been begging to breed me since I got here supposedly has a much higher HVL than the two of them did, and one of the owner's is also a HVL gifter and He also fucked me like 7 or 8 times yesterday, plus his husband as well. My friend told me about it all this morning before I came in here. And I'm torn because I really really liked the sex, it was very freeing, intense and passionate, but I'm also suppose to be scared by HIV. I dont know what to do.

"Well, Ronan, that is a lot to take in. But it's going to be okay. How many loads have you taken that could be HIV positive?"

"I don't know honestly. Since Thursday, at least 30, maybe more than 35, I lost count during the group fuck, and plus my Daddy gives me a couple of loads every time he's fucked me."

"Your Daddy?"

"Yes, well they're all daddies, but I have a real connection with this one.."

"Am I a daddy?"


"You are the hottest lil' slut I've seen in here other than Stefan in a while."

"Um...thank you, Sir?" I look down in shame and my eye's catch something shiny at the bottom of his shorts. OMG, he has a PA?!

"I'm going to be real with you. I'm Poz, and so is Jake. I've had it since I was younger than you. It's not a death sentence and we can watch your numbers and prescribe and treat as needed. They mentioned that you wanted to take PeP, well I don't think it's going to help you out. First of all you've had a lot of exposure, and we can't fill pharmacuticals here. The nearest place I know that has it and can fill it is an 8 hour drive and they wont open until Monday, so that's another 48 hours, on top of the 48 hours since you've been exposed. I'm skeptical that it'll prevent it. Plus, do you think you can abstain for 30 days to make sure it works? And then another 30 plus days for Prep to kick in. We havent discussed that yet either, but we'd need to do some blood work to see if you'd be able to take either one."

"No I don't want to abstain from having sex that long. I'm here for the week as well..."

"Good, lad. I tell you what, let's do a physical and see what your dealing with. See how likely you were to be exposed." Jake walks in and shuts the door. "Ronan, I'm going to get a couple of things back here ready, drop you shorts and lean on the exam table with your elbows." I comply with Doc. Johnson. I drop my shorts and realize my jock is really tight and there is a huge wet spot in the pouch. Jake sees it and smiles as he moves my phone out of the way. He holds my arms apart and rubs my back.

"I'll be okay sexy boy. You'll make a great member to our little club." Jake strokes my back and ass cheeks from the otherside of the table, placing his groin in my face. I can smell his musk. I'm so horny right now.

"Well then lets see wh----Jake it looks like we have a proud little cum dump of a bottom. This may need more hands." Shit I forgot about my plug. I hear some fumbling on the phone behind me. "Stefan. Did you lock up? Good, come back here, we're going to need some help with this one. Thanks. Ronan, have you done anything else with your Poz daddies? Drugs or anything?"

"No sir, the only drug I do is weed and that's rarely. Um...I did swallow one load of Poz cum, and I also drank piss from all of them."

"So you were exposed in both orafices?"

"Yessir." His hands caress my cheeks.

"Jake did you see this?" Doc pull out my plug, causing me to moan loudly. He's been making sure to increase his exposure potential. "Ronan, do you want to keep getting fucked by your Poz Daddies?"

"Yessir. I need their cum."

The door to the room swings open, Stefan is there only wearing his jock and cum on his face. "I looked out our internet history, he's been on a pozzing website while he's been in here. I queued your video Doc." Shit,  I should have been careful. 

Jake grabs my phone, shit I forgot to lock it. "He's got a couple of good stories on BZ opened, "I knew you'd be back," "My new Doctor," and my personal favourite "My Daddies and the Pig I am." It's a shame that one isn't finished yet. Some good story there huh, Ronan?"

"They're so fucking hot, yes."

"Ronan, do you want us to fuck you? With our poz cocks?"

"Yes, please POZ me."

Jake pushes his cock into my mouth filling it up as I feel Doc invading my hole with his pierced cock. "Fuck yes, Doc fuck my boipussy."

"Goddamn it's so tight, Ronan. And there isn't much cum left in here, your pussy must be really thirsty for POZ cum." The Doc pounds away at my hole as I work on Jake's cock for a few minutes.

"I think we need to increase his exposure." The Doc pull out of me and climbs on the table, sitting on his knees. I climb up on the table and lay on my back, my head is hanging over the table. Doc lifts my legs up onto his lap and and fucking me while I'm spread eagle. Suddenly Stefan climbs onto the table on top of me as he and Doc make out.

"Do you still have the last two patient's loads in you boy?" Doc asks.

"Yessir, I've been keeping them in with my plug."

"Good little slut, pull your plug and ride Ronan's dick." I stop working on Jake's cock and look at Stefan. He pulls a cum and blood covered plug out. And slides his very sloppy hole down my shaft and starts riding me. I've never fucked anyone ever and I'm enjoying the sensation. "You like that Ronan? Not only are you taking our HIV POZ cocks in your holes, but Stefan was bred by the last two patient's you saw walking out of here. They both have AIDS. Your cock in buried in Stefan's sloppy AIDS loaded up hole. You're a little POZ slut now. Aren't you?"

"YES SIR, Please give me all your poz cum." Jake walks around the table as the Doc cums in my pussy. Jake pushes his cock deep in me causing me to cum up Stefan's ass. Jake quickly breed's my hole as well.

"Good little slut. Now time for your gift from Stefan." Stefan pulls off of my cock and spins around to put his boipussy in my face. "Drink his loads, Ronan." Doc intructs as Stefan pushes out all of the cum in his ass. I quickly swallow it all and tongue out any more that I can find. 

We get up off the table and go to my clothes. "Not yet, you have a few more things to take." Jake says. "On your knees sluts!" Stefan and I get on our knees and Stefan starts making out with me again. I feel warm piss wash over both of us as we make out. We both look at the two men before us and swallow piss from both of them and swap what's in our mouths.

"Alright time to leave Ronan. I take it you're at Scorpion Farms?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"That's where I POZ'd Jake, and where Stefan was POZ'd as well. We will be at the party tonight to welcome the new POZ brother into the club and to watch him fuck you."

"Oh shit, is that what the party is? I will certainly see you all there! Wait, am I going to be the only bottom?"

"No, I'll be there too, and the new member is a bottom, but being a POZ bottom is sort of a loose term. We also have to share the gift some times."

I walk out to my car and see that it's only 1pm, I have a few hours to kill and I'm still horny as hell. Maybe I should go check out that bar the two patient's told me they'd be at....


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  • 2 weeks later...

I check my time. 4 hours to be back at the bed and breakfast before the party. Plenty of time to get a few more loads in me. I'm still in the haze from the day of being unknowingly gangbanged and bred by several POZ men, some with extremely toxic loads. I'm also cum drunk and my hole is hungry for more. I know that I should stop now, I just got tagged team by the doctor's office, I've probably been infected at this point. But Stefan's ass was tore up and fully loaded with poz cum from a couple of the patients before me, his hole was so stretched that I really couldn't feel much other than the gallon of deadly seed in his hole. I want that to be my hole.

The two patient mentioned the bar around the corner. I make may way through the small mountain town. Nothing really stand out of the ordinary, just that there are a lot of cars here for how remote it is. I look ahead down the street and I see what I assume to be the bar they mentioned. Hanging in front of the bar is the sign for The Bear and Stinger Bar. My gut tells me to avoid this place, but I'm only listening to my boipussy now. 

I enter and I take a moment to adjust to how dark it is in the bar.

"Well, well, well. I didnt think you were brave enough to come here after the sickened look on your face going into the Doc's." It's the sickly old man from earlier, Apparently he and the other patient both work here. There are a couple of older men at the bar, with two more big beefy bears at a corner table looking at their phones until the bartender spoke.

Bravely and still unsure of what I'm getting into I make eye contact with the younger of the two men behind the bar, the second patient with the huge cock in his jeans from the doctors office. Fuck it, time to chase the bug now. "I liked what I saw when we passed by each other in the office. I assume you are the ones that bred Stefan."

The old and sickly man behind the bar laughed as he came around from behind the bar. "Oh, we seeded him alright. That whole office has my DNA running rampant in their blood. Do you want that in yours?" 

I flashback to watching Stefan's gaping and cumfilled hole slam on my cock. "Yes, I want what he got." 

"Son, put some good porn on as I lock the door. Are you POZ boy?" Shit these old daddies are literally father and son? And they're poz?!

"No I'm not...I just took my first POZ load on Thursday night, and then more yesterday, and today." The other men get up from their seats and make their way over to the corner of the bar where I'm at.

"Good, we love fresh neg meat." He locks the front door and his son turns the music up and puts a gangbang video on, it has this very twinkish looking guy that looks a lot like me surrounded by older men with biohazard tattoos at a pool party. I instantly get hard. "Did Doc Johnson lubricate you for us?"

"Yessir, they both did."

"Good, cause you're gonna need it. Son, pour him a couple of glasses of the best whiskey we got."

"Sure thing pop." The two bears and the two older patron take their clothes off as the son, who is older my dad's age I'm guessing, set two classes of whiskey in front of me. I shoot the first one, and look at the second one. 

"Go ahead, you'll need it." The sickly old man grinds his cock into my ass as he whispers in my ear. "You see, me, my son, and the two grandpas here all have AIDS, and the two bears, one is HVL, and the other just seroconverted and is highly toxic as well. You're not walking out of here unchanged." 

Fuck me, what have I done? AIDS? His cock feels heavy and huge against my shorts. No wonder he looks so sickly.

The owner slides my shorts down exposing my jock and plugged ass. "Looks like he's saving his loads like a good little chaser. We will test out how much you can hold when you leave here." He yanks out the plug and I feel a tearing sensation on my hole as I scream out. He instantly slams the biggest cock I've ever felt in my boipussy as I cry out in pain.

The son looks at the bears, "Piss in his mouth, we want to wash all the alcohol out. You two know what to do with these." He hands the other two wasting old men tooth brushes. Confused I open my mouth to the bears as his dad destroys my hole with his monster. I feel coldness in my ass and realize he has a PA he's fucking me with as well. I start to moan like the little sissy slut I am.

"You like my fat death cock, boi? You're moaning like a bitch in heat."

"I do sir! I want all your cocks and cum in me." The older men now force both toothbrushes into my mouth as they look at the bar owner.

"Do it, his pussy is bloody enough." They attack the insides of my cheeks and tongue with the stiff short bristles. At this point I realize that I'm not coming away from this town without HIV, everything they are doing is to make sure their toxic DNA impregnates me. They pull the brushes out and I see they're tinted a dark pink and I know my mouth is bleeding. The first bear pulls a thick cock out with spiked piercings down the base of his redbull can thick cock. Thankfully I feel the whiskey kick in as he slowly stretches my mouth around his cock.

I look over and the son is naked and sitting on the bar stroking his cock. He's very muscular, tons of grey chest hair, and a thick gray bush around a freakishly large cock. Like Shane Diesel big, but white. One of the old men start to suck my cock as I stare at the son's monster.

Both the dad and the first bear blow their massive loads in me. The bear rubs his cock all over my face as I swallow his load. The son jumps down off the bar and gets behind me. "Have you heard of hyperspermia, boy? It's a condition that makes me cum buckets several times a day." I instantly orgasm into the old man's mouth as the son slams his monster deep into my bowels.

"Fuck your pussy is tight. I'm going to open that up nice and slowly. Lets move him to the sling." They move some tables out of the corner and open a double saloon door and I see a sling sitting there. The son lifts me up off the floor and carries me over there, still impaled on his cock. I'm dropped and anchored in the sling and one of the old men shoves his veiny large cock into my mouth. I'm nauseated by his body, but my cock grows at the same time. He's over 6 feet tall and maybe weighs 120 pounds, completely wasted with lesions on his torso and legs. It seems all his weight is in his cock as it is glorious and big. Up until this weekend I would have thought he was massive, compared to my 7 inches he is, but to the rest of the men, he's on the small side.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth, then my husband is going to cum into your mouth, and finally the bear is going to cum into your mouth. You are not to swallow it until we tell you to." They load my mouth with their toxic seed and then tape my lips shut.

"While that's baking, it's time for your to get the same treatment Stefan had, luckily for you, I have better leverage here so I'll plant my first batch of viral cum deep into your pussy, then I'll shallow fuck you and give you my final gift of the afternoon. Don't worry. We will call this even for the $60 of whiskey you drank."

He begins to fuck me. Like seriously fuck me. No thought of my pleasure, just pure animal rutting to plant his seed deep into my womb. I imagine a massive Lion rutting into a small lioness. I am that lioness being owned by theses big lions with the king rutting me to make he have his toxic babies. Fuck! He has AIDS and about to fill me up with gallons of cum I'm sure. I feel my cock leaking cum and my mouth is starting to sting from the cum I'm still holding burning the cuts and tears from the toothbrushes.

I feel a warm sensation deep below my stomach and a pressure I've never felt before suddenly. He's still fucking my hole but did he just cum? I feel more and more pressure building and literally feel like I'm bloated. "Yes, boy that's my first gift to you. Now I'll breed you between your pussy and second ring." He backs off and isn't fucking me as deep or hard as before, just shallow quick thrusts. This time I feel more pleasure as cum continues to leak out of my cock.

The old man pull the tape off my lips. "Open," I obey and show them I still have their cum in my mouth. "Good little whore. Swallow." I continue to obey as I swallow their three loads. "Good, now drink all our piss while my son finishes your breeding."

Twenty minutes later I stumble out of the bar with bowels full of AIDS infected cum, and my stomach full of POZ and AIDS cum and piss. I get into my car and make my way to get a salad and some tea. 

I get to the bed and breakfast, and no cars are there. I'm quite happy as I really don't want to fess up to them what I've done. I get into my room and eat my only meal of the day and pass out like a happy little cum dumpster.

I'm shaken awake by Erik. He's naked with just a couple of leather straps around his arm. "Ronan, it's time for you to come to our meeting. Take a shower and shave all your body hair. And I know what you've been doing in town. But I need you to keep that to yourself until tomorrow. You're the gift to our newest convert, so we need you to be cleaned out. Don't worry, you'll get a lot more of our cum tonight, more than you can deal with. But we need you to be cleaned out for the meeting. I took your plug out 6 hours ago, so you'll be plenty tight for your presentation."

"Oh, um okay. Sure."

I make my way to the shower and Erik stops me. "Goddamn, you have a sexy ass. I cant wait to fuck it again. Wear this when you get out. And follow the torches up the mountain." He puts a white package on the counter and leaves. I unwrap the bundle and it's a new white leather and lace jock that's a size too small but perks up my already perky ass, there is a couple of white leather straps for my arms and a white leather harness for my chest. Then in the middle of all that is another package which is a white mask with a nearly floor length veil. The image of a virgin sacrifice and a bride flashes into my mind.

"This is going to be fun." I tell to myself and jump into the shower and clean myself, and shave all my body hair with a very luxurious crème that is left in the shower. I step out and there is a bottle of lotion that smells like mountain air and I rub that all over my body. As that absorbs in I dress as the sacrificial twink and make my way out of the room and see a trail of torches up a path. I glance up higher to the top of the ridge and see more light and bodies up there and take a deep breath and march up the path.



Sorry I've been away. I've been pretty sick the last couple of weeks and haven't been motivated to do anything really. I'm planning to really get this story and the other one of mine back up and going within the next week.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I slowly make my way up the trail and crest the top of the trail and come into a clearing with several men all wearing hooded cloaks so I cannot see their faces. Most of them have their black cloaks open showing off a variety of hairy bodies. All bound in leather jocks packing impressive bulges. There are several muscular men, skinny sickly men, plump dad bods, and younger otters, I still had the feeling I am the youngest one here. There are a few men with biohazard or scorpion tattoos visible on their chests or above their jocks. My boipussy twitches as I admire the see of men around me.


There is a low platform that looks almost like a bed on the edge of the clearing with several torches around it. The rolling mountains in the moonlight provide a beautiful backdrop. As I make my way to the platform, I see there are two people on either side of it. One is tall and has a massive body, pierced nipples hold the top of his black cloak open and he has a mask of a bull on hiding his face.

The other man is sitting in a wheelchair, his red cloak is wrapped around his body, half of his chest is exposed showing of a pale body and one that has lost definition as though he's been inside and sick unable to keep working out as though he is sick with a flu. Framed by the loose robe is his left peck with a clearly new biohazard tattoo and a familiar looking nipple piercing I cannot place.

"Sacrifice, you have been blessed by the mighty scorpion to have your innocence sacrificed and poisoned by our newest inductee. After he has his way with you and gives you his most potent of gifts, every member here, all 60 of us, will also welcome you into the fold. Helping to speed your transition into our brother hood." The Bull in the black cloak announces. His arm raises and points towards the altar. "Please present yourself to receive the gifts chosen for you." 

I look at the platform, now altar, closer. It is wrapped in black silk with red trim around the edges. I crawl onto it as four men come forth. I am staring at a large red scorpion embossed in the silk as I crawl all the way up onto the platform. 

The Bull in Black continues, "Gift Giver, how do you want to spoil the sacrifice?"

"On his back, bound and in its back, with legs raised and spread so I can look at his eyes as I poison his body." The man in red says in a familiar voice. 

The four men that stepped forward split and two go around behind me as one of them flips me on my back. The two that went behind me pull leather bands from underneath the altar and tie my wrists above my head. The other two men push my legs back above my chest exposing my boipussy to the crowd. They then put padded leather bands around my thighs and then attach them to more leather strapping anchored to the side of the altar.

"Elder Chad, as you and The Sacrifice have a close natural bond, please present The Sacrifice to The Gift Giver for his ruin." The Bull in Black commands.

The cloaked man that anchored my arms pulls his hood back to reveal my lover, my first poz breeder, my daddy, Chad. He runs is hands all over my smooth and hairless body. He slowly pushes his finger into my boipussy and scratches my womb several times and pulls his finger out. It has some blood visible on it.

"Gift Giver, your vessel awaits." Chad declares. He then climbs on the altar above my head and waits as the man in red weakly and slowly gets out of the wheel chair as two different cloaked figures escort him to the altar, clearly they are there to help him walk as he looks fatigued.

The Bull in Black commands, "Gift Giver, as you have freshly converted, your escorts have confirmed that you have an extremely potent count in your DNA. The Great Scorpion has given you his blessing to go forth and spread his seed. You have chosen The Sacrifice as your first to defile. Is this true?"

"Yes it is Master Bull." That voice...

"Please expose your newly adorned phallus to The Sacrifice." The man in red drops the red leather jock strap to expose a stiffening slightly above average cock with a pierced head leaking precum.

"Insert as you wish." The Bull in Black says. Slowly the man in red rubs the cold metal piercing on my hole as his cock grows to full hardness. He then pushes his purple head into my boipussy causing both of us to moan in pleasure. Chad tweaks my nipples as he watches the man in red push into his boi.

"Chad, please unveil The Sacrifice. Gift Giver, is The Sacrifice the one you call Ronan?" The Bull in Black asks.

"Yes it is. He is the first boipussy I've wanted to top, now he will also be the first one I plant my tainted seed in."

"You my do the Great Scorpion's bidding now." The Bull in Black states.

The man in red starts fucking me with gusto and agression. He breathing hard and sweating heavily as he plows my boipussy. "Take my Poz cum, Ro!!" He screams. Just then his two escorts uncloak him and reveal tha the man that is pumping his Poz seed into me is my best friend, my coworker, Adam. My cock explodes in my jock.

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  • 1 month later...

Adam collapsed on top of me in exhaustion as his cock continues to pump his load deep into my boipussy. We briefly make out as his cock finally stops. "I've been waiting for days to give you this load."

Doc and Jake approach the alter and help Adam back to his chair. I watch as the rest of the group removes their robes and masks. I note several men I've seen around town, the men from the pub that all bred me, patients from the doctor's office, everyone from the bed and breakfast, and many many more. They all approach me with their multitude of erect cocks.

They swarm the alter and the man in the black robe climbs on top of the altar, "And now the time of the scorpions has come." He preaches, his manly feet on either side of my head. I stare up his hairy legs into his robe. A large drop of precum drips off his cock head and lands on my lips. I quickly lick it off and need more of it. He continues, "Dumpsters must only suck cocks of the Elders until they have done their tasks. Elders, you must administer two shots of your toxic DNA into the sacrifice. One orally, one deep into his womb. After all Elders have given their gift, Dumpsters must donate one to the sacrifice as well. Your choice of locations. Once all members have planted into the sacrifice, you may continue the service however you wish." At this, his robes drop revealing him to be Erik. He kneels down and rubs hits cock all over my face. "Godspeed, young Ronan." He whispers as he shoves his cock all the way down my throat. I feel another cock burrow into my pussy and both cocks start pistoning in their chosen hole.


Ronan's cum filled and limp body is carried off of the alter after two hours and every member has given him the correct number of loads. He's placed on his bed in the inn. Adam snuggles next to his best friend, admiring his cum soaked body. Stefan, with several loads of seed within his own bowels and stomach crawls on the bed and makes out with Adam. They both clean the excess cum off of Ronan's body. They lick every inch of Ro's exposed skin. Both rub and kiss Ro's swollen belly.

Ronan wakes up briefly and kisses the two other twinks in his bed. "It's okay. The fun party starts tomorrow. Round two of celebrating, it's more of a poz orgy instead of a gangbang breeding." Stefan tells them. The trio makes out before they all pass out for the night.

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