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Drugged and Forced to be a Male Prostitute

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Posted 14 April 2011 - 06:54 PM



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Please note I wish this was me. If anyone wants to help it become me please leave me a voicemail at 415 xxx-xxxx.

Kyle was only a senior at suburban Chicago high school. He had just turned 18 and at 5’10” he had a solid, runner’s build. With his good looks he could get any girl (or guy) he wanted, but he hadn’t begun to explore his sexuality, he was a nerd (a very cute nerd, including the glasses) and was more into school and grades. Kyle was fortunate to have a loving mother, but since his father died when he was barley 13. He was without a male influence in his life at the most important stage in his young life, puberty. Even after his father’s death, Kyle was always able to come and go as he pleased. This became easier for Kyle when his mother gave him a car for his 16th birthday. It was common for Kyle to be out all night…that is as long as he let his mom know that he wouldn’t be home. On this particular Friday, Kyle was going to check out one of the major university in the city of Chicago. He drove into the city and parked his car in a lot a few blocks from the campus. He met with an admission counselor and took a tour of the campus. The tour was conducted by a current student at the school. After the tour Kyle was hungry and decided to grab a late lunch. He headed to the student union and grabbed a sandwich and, since he didn’t know anyone at the school, sat at a table by himself. There were student’s coming and going as he relaxed and ate his lunch. Soon a couple of older students, he guessed that they must be seniors, sat down with him. They introduced themselves. “Hey there, I’m Ricky and that’s my roommate Tyler.” As they shook hands Kyle introduced himself, “I’m Kyle.” Tyler commented, “We’ve never seen you here before, where’s a good looking guy like you been hiding?” “I’m not a student here, at least not yet…..I am going to start in the fall.” Ricky then said, “Right on! We’re having a few of our friends over for a party tonight, you should come over. Where are you spending the night?” “Well, I was just going to drive back home after I finished eating. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.” The two college men invited Kyle to come over and spend the night. The way the two were talking to the high school senior he felt like he couldn’t refuse. He had been to his share of high school parties with beer and pot. He knew he could control himself as to not make a fool of himself in front of a group of college students. “Sure, that sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I figure I will get to make some good friends here before I classes start this fall.” “Right on!” exclaimed Ricky.

Kyle finished eating and the three left. As Kyle followed behind the two older college men he called and left a message for his mom that he was hanging with a few college guys and wouldn’t be home till the morning. He always felt a little sheepish, but maybe at this party he could break out and be more of a leader. After a good walk the three came to an old apartment building. Kyle followed the two other men as they climbed up to the top floor and he wondered to himself why the building looked to have four floors but they lived on the third floor. His curiosity would be answered cause as he was led into the only apartment on the top floor he discovered that they lived in a unit intended for the building’s owner. The main floor had a decent kitchen, a large living room with a den and a full bath with there were four bedrooms up stairs. “Just you two live here?” “It will be just us two this summer, in the fall we usually look for a few guys to occupy the other bedrooms” Tyler told him.

Ricky offered Kyle a beer and they all settled in the living room to watch the Cub’s game. The three sat on the large sectional couch across from the 60” plasma with Kyle between the two roommates. The sectional was big enough so they had adequate space between each as to not make Kyle uncomfortable. Kyle drank his beer slowly and as he did he began to feel warm. He noticed that Ricky and Tyler had slipped their shirts off and were now just sitting in their cargo shorts. These two had great bodies with well defined pecs, arms and flat abs….Kyle felt a little self conscious about removing his shirt. Tyler made the suggestion, “Make yourself at home, get comfortable.” They could tell that Kyle was not comfortable about taking his shirt off and made the suggestion, “Kyle, it get’s warm in the apartment, why don’t you slip your shirt off…I’m sure you’ll feel cooler with it off.” It seemed like Kyle took that as a command as he removed his shirt to reveal his lean, thin build. Ricky helped boost Kyle’s self esteem, “Kyle you got a nice body for a young dude. I can see a lot of potential for you. You work out at all?” “A little….I’m more into my studies then working out. I run a lot though.” “What do you think Ricky, with a little work and our guidance we could make something out of that body of his.” “Right on!” Ricky agreed. “You really think I could be built like you?” Tyler told the shy teen, “Sure we do.” This brought a smile to Kyle’s face.

He drank more of his beer and began to feel warmer and a little horny. Here he was with two good looking guys watching the Cubs and he was getting hard. He did his best to hide his growing erection, but it was not able to and soon both Ricky and Tyler noticed and knew it was time to launch their plan. Hey slid in closer to Kyle and Ricky put his hand on Kyle’s thigh as Tyler put his arm around the teen. Kyle was not quick enough to protest….he actually felt comfortable with what the two were doing. Before Kyle knew it Tyler removed his glasses and was pulling him in for a kiss while Ricky moved his hand up his leg into his shorts. This was all new to Kyle; he had never been with anyone sexually except himself. He figured he’d go with it, and if he didn’t like it then he’d know he wasn’t gay. But he was discovering that he did like the way these two hot studs were making him feel. He felt his senses going into over load as Ricky played with his seven inch cut cock and Tyler’s tongue probed into his mouth. It didn’t take long before Kyle’s shorts and boxers were on the ground. Ricky began to lick and suck Kyle’s cock as Tyler pulled Kyle down to his crotch. As Tyler held his head down he moved his cargo shorts down revealing a nice eight inch cut cock. Tyler urged - no, commanded Kyle lick his cock, “Lick my cock, lick it from the base to the tip.” Kyle was in virgin territory and did was he felt was right, just follow their directions. The last thing he wanted the roommates to know was that he was a virgin.

Kyle’s lack of experience showed when Ricky told him to suck Tyler’s cock. He wasn’t sure what to do and did the best he could just getting the tip in his mouth. “Watch the teeth Kyle!” Kyle pulled off for a second, saying “Sorry.” Ricky could tell that Kyle was about to cum and the two didn’t want that just yet. He pulled off Kyle’s cock and came up to kiss he lover, Tyler. The two roommates whispered to each other as Kyle continued to try and do his best to suck Tyler. Tyler asked, “Is this the first time you’ve ever sucked a guy’s cock?” Kyle kept stroking Tyler’s cock as he lifted his head and attempted to deny this fact. Ricky let him know, “It’s ok if you’ve never done this before. We can teach you, we can teach you a lot.” Kyle felt more at ease and admitted the truth, “Yeah, I’ve never done this before….I’m a virgin.” Tyler asked, “So, you think you’re gay?” “I don’t really know….I’ve never been with a guy - or girl." “It’s ok”, Ricky reassured him, “Let’s head up stairs and get comfortable and we can teach you everything.”

They headed up the stairs, stark naked, and went into the master bedroom. There Kyle sat down as Tyler stepped into the bathroom for a second. When he returned he had a bottle of poppers, a few white and blue pills and something else that Kyle couldn’t see. Kyle asked, “What are the pills for?” Tyler told him, “The blue ones will keep you hard and horny,” Ricky said, “The white one will relax you.” Kyle naivety showed, he figured that these guys knew what they were doing, they wouldn’t hurt him. He swallowed the pills. “What’s the little brown bottle for?” Tyler said “Those are poppers, they also help relax you when you sniff them” as he opened the bottle and took a couple deep hits in each nostril. He then handed the bottle to Ricky and he did the same. They then handed the bottle to Kyle and he didn’t even hesitate when he took his hits. Kyle’s head was spinning. The ecstasy was beginning to kick in as the poppers hit him hard. The roommates knew that they had him right where they wanted him. Before Kyle knew what was happening Ricky grabbed his left arm and Tyler stuck him with a needle.

The next thing Kyle felt was a warmth rush up his arm and felt it difficult to breath. He coughed out a couple times. He heard a ringing in his ears and felt as if he was floating. When he started to gain a comprehension as to what was happening….he was on his back with his legs on Ricky’s shoulders. He looked up at Ricky as he began to realize that he was being fucked. Kyle didn’t say a word, he simply moaned out in pleasure to what was happening. Tyler was over his head and as Kyle came around, Tyler began to feed Kyle his cock. Kyle eagerly sucked it down and, with the position he was in, took it down his throat. With a free hand he reached down to feel Ricks cock sliding in and out of his ass when he made a startling discovery….Ricky was not wearing a rubber. For a brief moment Kyle panicked, he remembered all the lectures and videos he watched in health class on STD’s and safe sex, but after Tyler shoved the poppers back under his nose forcing him to take some deep hits. His head was spinning as he heard the two college studs talking. “Ricky, this fag can make us some good cash over the next four years.” “Right on! With some good training and the proper encouragement he’ll be a perfect addition to our crew. Hey Ty, how much did you give him?” “Close to two quarters.” “That’s a good start, we got to get him hooked so he will be depended on us.” Kyle barely heard yet understood what the studs were talking about. “I’m getting close Ty….he’s got one hot ass here.” “Breed him bro, breed his virgin ass.” Ricky looked down at Kyle and told him, “Look at me, keep those baby blues on mine.” Tyler pulled his cock from Kyle’s mouth, “There’ll be plenty of time to teach you to suck cock and swallow cum.” Kyle looked up at Tyler as he spoke and was reminded, “LOOK AT ME BITCH!” as he felt a hand slap him across his face. He looked up at Ricky. “I want you to remember this, always look at the John’s eyes when he fucks you, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS ABOUT TO CUM IN YOUR ASS!”

Kyle had his eyes locked on Ricky as he heard him start to moan and grunt. He punctuated each thrust with a grunt. Then it happened, “FUCK I’M CUMMING!!!! I’M BEEDING YOUR ASS, YOUR VIRGIN NEG HOLE. IT BELONGS TO ME NOW!!!” As Ricky’s orgasm concluded he ground his cock inside Kyle’s formerly virgin hole making sure that every ounce of his seed was massaged into his gut. Ricky pulled his still hard cock out of Kyle and he was quickly replaced by Tyler’s. “MY TURN TO CLAIM YOUR ASS AS MY OWN!” Tyler exclaimed as he rammed the entire length of his 8” cock inside the teen. With the change in position he was able to get a good look at the cock that had taken his virginity and probably his health. Ricky’s cock was the same length as Tyler’s, but uncut. Since Tyler had his cock down Kyle’s throat he had already worked his balls to near boiling point. He began to breath heavier as Kyle could feel his cock thicken. Kyle had his eyes locked on Tyler as the stud reached the point of no return. “UH, UH, UH, TAKE MY CHARGED CUM YOU FUCKING WHORE!” And Kyle was filled with his second load of poz cum. Kyle was taking his second load of poz cum of the afternoon and he was loving it. He knew from that point on he was gay. Over the next few hours he would take more loads from the two studs who had shown him how wonderful gay sax could be. All his life he would jerk off trying to think of a hot chick from school or a sexy super model. But now he knew his true self, his real sexual desires were being satisfied.

Tyler was fucking Kyle when he said to Ricky, “This bitch is gonna bring in some good cash.” “Hell yeah Ty, once we get him built up a bit he’ll be a good addition to our corral.” “Look’ like he needs another slam.” “Yeah, you’re right Ty. I’ll go get him one, I think he’ll be ready for the ‘DP’ after that.” “Right, I’ll flip on my back,” Tyler picked Kyle up and flipped over on his back without pulling out of their fuck toy. “That’s it, just rock back and forth a little while Ricky gets you a little something to keep you feeling good.” Ricky returned and promptly gave Kyle another slam, this one stronger then the first. Kyle couldn’t sit up any more and laid down on Tyler’s chest immediately after the removal of the tourniquet as the drugs moved through his body.

“OH FUCK!” escaped Kyle’s mouth as he lay on Tyler’s chest. Ricky didn’t waste any time and crawled up behind the drugged teen and slid his cock in along side that of his buddy. A louder “OH FUCK!” came from the drugged up boy. Kyle never knew his as could stretch that far, but as he accommodated the two cocks within him he felt an immense pleasure deep in side. Ricky and Tyler set about fucking into Kyle with such animalistic vigor the two studs knew that the teen would not escape their grasps as their new commodity. Kyle could only moan as he took the hard fucking of two cocks at the same time. Tyler and Ricky had an ability to sustain themselves when they double fucked a willing cunt and Kyle was no exception. Kyle took the simultaneous pounding for well over an hour before they shot their loads.

Ricky was first (and in his position it was easier for him) to pound away at Kyle’s well stretched ass. There were a couple times he pulled out to the tip and rammed back in their new boy. He looked into Tyler’s eyes as he shot his load. Once Tyler felt his buddy’s cock spasm his thrusting picked up and he shot his load. The three sweaty body’s lay upon the bed as they each collected their breath. Tyler’s cock slipped out first followed by Ricky puling out. They pushed Kyle on his back and took a good size dildo to the boy’s hole, making sure to work their poz jism deeper into the drugged up boy. They were satisfied that their DNA was working its way within Kyle’s blood stream when they saw a red tinge on the end of the dildo. The dildo was removed and a large butt plug replaced it within the teen’s gapping hole. Ricky leaned in close to Kyle and told him, “You’ve been a good boy so far, but now it’s time to learn to suck cock and swallow cum. The rest of our ‘crew’ will be here soon and you will suck each one of them off.” Tyler added, “I’m sure they will love the opportunity to cum down your throat.”

A naked Kyle was helped down to the living room as Ricky and Tyler pulled their cargo shorts and shorts back on. They made Kyle drink Gatorade (laced with G), as he watched bareback porn on the 60” plasma as they made sure he did not stroke his semi-hard cock. They could tell that the Viagra he took was not working as well as he was slowly getting Tina dick. Tyler commented, “Another good slam and he’ll be as limp as a wet noodle” as he went to administer a third slam to the drugged up fuck toy. “There ya go boy, you feeling good?” Kyle was in heaven. He had never done drugs before, not even a beer, and now he had been given 3 slams of crystal meth. All he could doo was nod yes as he was in a drugged up haze. His semi hard erection had become a shriveled up two inch boy clit, but he was horny as fuck. Kyle begged, “Please fuck me, I need to be fucked, please.” He was left, not allow to touch himself as he waited. Soon a couple young guys came through the door. They looked to be no older then Kyle, about 18. There was Jim, Bob and David. They almost had the same build as Kyle except for the fact that these three were a bit more muscular. The three were told “Kyle here is your new ‘brother’ and he wants to learn how to give a proper blow job. You will each get your reward once he has swallowed each and ever load you can give him. And remember, you can’t fuck him. We’ll be watching.”

Jim was the first boy that they brought into the stables. He was a former high school wrestle and used to be straight when they drugged and thought him the joys of gay sex. After his indoctrination Jim broke up with his pregnant girlfriend and went to work for the roommates. There were a couple of boys after Jim, but one ran off with a ‘John’ and the other got killed. Then Bob was easily recruited into the stables. His father kicked him out after discovering he was gay and a drug user. He easily fit in with working as one of their male whores. The last one was David, he was a lonely gay boy in Chicago and found acceptance from the group. He was resistant at first to working for them, but after converting and testing poz he knew he had no place to go. Ricky and Tyler promised to take care of him. The two roommates did take care of their boys. They gave them a place to live, clothes, food, gym memberships and most important thing of all, AIDS medication.

The three escorted Kyle up to one of the other bedrooms. The only furniture in this room was a couple mattresses on the floor and a dimly lit lamp in the corner. There was also a night vision camera in one of the corners so that the roommates could watch the three teach Kyle to suck cock. Jim said, “If you listen to us and do as we tell you, you will have no problem sucking any size cock into your throat, and with Bob’s length you might even get his cum to bypass your mouth and go directly down your throat.” Jim was first, by seniority, and dropped his shorts. He pulled Kyle’s head into his crotch. “Just lick it for now, lick from my balls to the tip of my cock.” Kyle began to work his tongue all over Jim’s cock and balls. And with the T and G in him he was really getting into this. It didn’t take long for Jim to get hard. Then Jim told his cock sucker, “Open your mouth and suck it in, and remember to watch your teeth. No ‘John’ likes his dick scraped by a boy's teeth when he’s getting sucked.” Kyle did just as he was told, and he was sucking his first cock. “Oh yeah, that’s it. Work my pole with that mouth of yours.”

Jim hadn’t been allowed to cum on almost a week and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He grabbed Kyle's head to make sure that he wouldn’t pull off, looked down at Kyle and told him, “Make sure you show the camera the cum in your mouth before you swallow ever drop.” Jim then began to pant as Kyle felt his cock thicken in his mouth, then “OH YEAH!” Jim shouted out as he fired a weeks worth of cum into Kyle’s mouth. Jim made sure that Kyle showed his open mouth to the camera so that their pimps could see the fresh cum in his mouth before he swallowed it down. Kyle didn’t have much time to catch his breath as David pulled Kyle between his legs. David grabbed his cock sucker’s head and forced the length of his tool to the back of his throat. With Jim at his side, Kyle was coached on how to breathe, work his tongue and his mouth on a cock to give the best blow job known. David just sat back as his balls boiled to overflow and soon Kyle was eating his second load of cum. Kyle finished to look up at Bob stroking a massive nine inch cock, bigger then what the roommates had. Kyle was trying to figure out how he’d get that in his mouth when Jim encouraged him, “Just remember what I told you about breathing through your nose and to relax.”

Kyle crawled on his knees over to Bob and began by licking his balls. Bob kept stroking as Kyle worked his tongue up the shaft to the tip as Bob moved his hand to the back of Kyle’s head. Ricky and Tyler watched on the group on the plasma knowing that this was going to be a brutal face fuck. Kyle was not prepared for Bob’s cock. He thrust his massive nine incher deep into Kyle’s throat. Since their working boys aren’t allowed to fuck, this is Bob’s way of working out his frustrations. Kyle’s eyes welled up with tears as his throat took a rough fucking similar to that his ass took earlier. With Jim’s instructions and encouragement and his own determination, Kyle was able to accommodate the cock in his throat. Bob was one to take a long time no matter when he shot last. He was a brutal top that was turned into a whore bottom. When he got this rare chance to use his dick, he made the most of it. Kyle quickly learned to relax his throat as Bob rammed his shaft in and out of his mouth. Kyle did his best to put up with the face fucking and just as his jaw began to get sore he felt the cock in his throat began to swell then spasms as Bob was delivering his load directly into his gut. Bob pulled back a bit to give Kyle the last few spurts before smacking him across the face with his still hard cock. “I fucking wish I could breed this bitch! I’m still fucking hard.” Just as Bob finished talking the bedroom door opened up and in walked Ricky and Tyler. Ricky asked, “Nice job boys, you think this bitch will be ready to work the party tomorrow night?” “I’m sure with some personal tutoring I can have him ready Boss”, Bob was quick to say. But he knew he had no chance of fucking the new kid. The boys were there to be fucked and to suck the various guys who paid their way into the party.

“OK boys, Tyler has your work assignments for the night. Remember, cash up front and we know how much you will be getting for each of your John’s.” The boys left the room leaving Kyle on his knees in front of Ricky. “Ok, boys, Tyler has your work assignments for the night. Remember, cash up front and we know how much you will be getting for each of your Johns.” The boys left the room leaving Kyle on his knees in front of Ricky. “We need to get you ready for the party tomorrow night. Your ass will bring a nice price with you being fresh meat.” Tyler came up stairs after giving the working boys their assignments for the night. They then took Kyle into one of the bedroom that they used as their party room. This room was well equipped with a couple slings and a fuck bench. Along one wall were a number of dildos of various shapes and sizes and an assortment of butt plugs. The opposite wall had ropes, chains and other restraints some of which Kyle had never seen before. There were a couple of flat panel TVs hanging in two of the corners of the room playing bareback porn. They put Kyle in the sling and placed his wrists and ankles in restraints. He had a perfect view of the TV’s from where he lay. Ricky told him, “You’ll spend the rest of the night here watching porn. The hunger to be fucked will grow in side you all night until you beg to be fucked. Then you will be left here long after that point to think about your purpose here and how you will serve us.”

Kyle was given a small slam. Kyle felt a hunger and a need to be fucked at any end. All he knew was that he needed cock inside him as he watches the porn on the screen. He noticed that the guys getting fucked in the porn looked familiar. Then he recognized them as Jim, Bob and David. Every hour either Ricky or Tyler came into the room and gave Kyle some G laced water to drink and a small slam to keep the hunger of being fucked within him. After almost six hours of mini-slams and G, Kyle was begging to be fucked. When the roommates came in to give Kyle his next “dose” they knew he was almost theirs. They ignored him as he drank down the water and took his slam without protest. After the roommates left Kyle, Ricky commented, “It won’t be long until he is hooked on meth.” Tyler added, “Yeah, and raw cock and cum.”

The roommate continued to give Kyle the same doses over the entire night and as daylight began to fill the apartment they entered the room to find a docile boy ready to submit. Kyle pleaded, “Please, I need to be fucked. I can’t take it anymore. I need cock in me. I need to suck cock.” Ricky asked, “Kyle are you ready to go to work for us?” Kyle didn’t even hesitate, “Yes sir, I will work for you as long as I get fucked right now.” Tyler said, “Very well then.” Ricky pulled a very large dildo off the wall, “If you can take this down to the base we will let you out of the sling to rest up for tonight’s festivities.” The dildo was a horse cock dildo, 13” long and 8” around.
“Please give it to me.”

Ricky and Tyler applied a generous amount of Crisco to the dildo and Kyle’s ass. Tyler commented on how loose Kyle’s hole felt and that this might not be much of a challenge. The tip slipped in easily, but then they had some resistance as the dildo began to slide in side Kyle’s hole. Ricky and Tyler were experienced enough to manage this resistance and put a bottle of poppers beneath Kyle’s nose telling him to breath in deep. As the poppers took effect the resistance faded and before they knew it, half of it was inside the teen. Now they had the internal ring to negotiate. Again they gave Kyle the poppers as the dildo was turned and wiggled past the internal ring. It took some doing but it finally “popped” through and after a good 45 minutes of work the dildo was down to the base. The roommates fucked the teen with this dildo for a good ten minutes ensuring he was opened-up. Ricky praised his new working boy, “Very good Kyle. Now you’re ready for a fist.” In his drugged up hazed he was a little perplexed. He thought to himself, ‘A fist? Why the hell would anyone want a fist put in his ass?’ Before he knew what was happening the dildo was quickly pulled from his hole. He felt so empty, still having a need to be filled. Tyler began to finger Kyle’s loose and sloppy hole. And before Kyle knew what was going on, he had Tyler’s fist inside his rectum.

He felt full again, but he had no clue as to how full he’d get as Tyler began to work his fist deeper inside his hole. Kyle had no view to see what was going on until he realized that the activities were on the TV screen above them. He watched with disbelief as Tyler’s forearm sunk into him down to the elbow. Ricky let Kyle know, “We’ve always needed a special boy for some of our special clients. I think you will work out well.” Kyle leaned his head back and enjoyed the fisting he was getting. Then Tyler pulled his fist from Kyle’s hole and his restraints were untied from the chains. They took Kyle to an open space on the floor and attached his ankles and wrists together. His ankles were attached to the floor and his wrists were attached to a rope suspended from a beam over head. His arms were stretched up over his head. What Kyle didn’t know was that as Tyler fisted him he also administered a generous booty bump that would make his ass even more hungry for cock. Ricky then asked, “How badly do you want to be fucked?” “Please, I need to be fucked.” “What will you do to get cock in you, boy?” “I’ll do anything you want me to do, please fuck me!” “Gag him Ty.”

Tyler placed a ball gag in Kyle’s mouth as Ricky pulled a paddle off the wall. He then began to smack Kyle in the ass over and over again as he hung there. “Remember boy, you said you would do anything, and this is what we need a boy who we can pimp out to out leather clientele.” Kyle took a good smacking for nearly 15 minutes. He wasn’t able to stand up as he was hanging by his wrists. After a few more minute of smacking his ass, they knew Kyle had had enough. They lowered him down and moved him over to the fuck bench where they each fucked another load into his well stretched ass.

Tyler said, “Let’s go boy, we need to get you cleaned up and let you rest up before tonight’s events” as they led Kyle to the shower up stairs. It wasn’t a regular tub style shower. It looked more like the kind you’d find in a locker room with a couple shower heads along one wall. Ricky told Kyle to get on his knees and open his mouth. He then placed his soft dick in Kyle’s mouth. Kyle thought he was going to suck Ricky’s cock when Ricky told him, “Don’t think about sucking my cock. I am going to give you something to drink.” Ricky then began to piss into Kyle’s open mouth, “Do the best you can to swallow as much of my piss. It is an honor to get to drink a guy’s piss.” Kyle did his best, although some spilled out of his mouth, he drank most of it down. Then Tyler stepped up and placed his soft cock in Kyle’s mouth and gave him his piss. Kyle did better with Tyler’s piss then he did with Ricky’s. “Hey Rick, he’s a fast learner.” “He sure is. Now let’s get him cleaned up and fed so he can rest up for tonight.”

They then had Kyle shower off and helped him with a shower shot to douche out his stretched out hole. They then gave escorted him down stairs and fed him. Kyle was still horny, but as least he as fed and cleaned up. They all sat down in the living room to watch some TV. As the T and G in Kyle system wore off he fell asleep and slept all afternoon. When he woke it was starting to get dark out. The working boy’s were back and they nudged Kyle to get up and ready for the guests. The four hustlers headed up stairs. They all stripped down and went into the play room where Ricky and Tyler were waiting. Each one was given a couple pills, one was am ecstasy and there were a couple Cialis to keep the boys rock hard and horny for the guests. Then each boy was given his slam to start the night off. Jim, Bob and David wandered off to different parts of the room to wait. After Kyle got his slam he was helped into the sling and given some extra Cialis. The roommates told the boys that Kyle was to be in the sling all night. Anyone one wanting to seed his ass had to pay extra since he was new to the crew.

As the night went on Kyle took loads from all the guests. He was fucked by old, fat trolls, young hotties, big dick black guys, harry Latinos. All in all he took at least a load from every customer there. It was knows which guys were poz and which were neg, but all Kyle knew was that he was getting what he wanted: cock and cum in his ass. In his drugged up haze Kyle knew he found his place as a male prostitute.

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Posted 01 May 2011 - 08:19 AM


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Well written, Makemepoz. I've made a few minor edits, and moved the story to Chem Sex FICTION where I suspect it will be well received.


Posted 16 June 2011 - 11:27 PM


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WOW what a thrill; “How badly do you want to be fucked?” “Please, I need to be fucked.” “What will you do to get cock in you, boy?” “I’ll do anything you want me to do, please fuck me!” Really the whole story got me so hot, I am here getting fucked by a great top. :P


Posted 03 July 2011 - 12:41 AM


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Rickie and Tyler are my dream come true. Great story that has caused me to shoot a huge load. I'm in Chicago, and wish I locate my own Rickie and Tyler to take me to the next level. Thanks for sharing.


Posted 05 July 2011 - 02:36 AM


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hey, wow that's such a hot story - made me really cum and cum and cum.


Posted 05 July 2011 - 09:58 AM


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hey, wow that's such a hot story - made me really cum and cum and cum.

Hi jankoslave, just saw your hot message, re read the story and by gosh it is really hot. I had a great orgasm again reliving the experience. Man I need a hot hard man cock badly now! :P


Posted 05 July 2011 - 09:15 PM



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wish that was me


Posted 05 July 2011 - 11:53 PM



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THat was one HOT story, kept me hard the whole time, didn't shoot yet though, waiting edging.


Posted 06 August 2011 - 02:51 PM



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Please, I NEED this to happen to me now. Please!


Posted 12 August 2011 - 10:52 PM



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Mmm...this is such a fantasy of mine...nothing hotter than being used as a fuckslut cumdump to profit your owner.


Posted 11 December 2011 - 01:58 PM



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Wowww...Ricky, Tyler... me next?


Posted 30 December 2011 - 06:28 PM



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Gosh, like everyone else on this thread...I'd love this to happen to me!


Posted 17 March 2012 - 02:24 PM



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I cum big times reading this... Gosh!


Posted 11 April 2012 - 05:10 PM



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Drugged hard and often makes for a profitable Male Prostitute


Posted 11 April 2012 - 06:36 PM

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very hot.. love to have more..

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