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  1. It seems like this well written story is a play on la petite mort, as the French would put it.
  2. For the most part I find this version somewhat easier to work with than the version it replaced, particularly when, as a moderator, I'm looking for the 'how to' icons.
  3. Crabs (which I shared with my then bf).
  4. Sounds like Philadelphia, which is where AZ1717 lives. The bathhouse Sansom Street Gym and the adjoining porn theater, the Adonis, are owned by the same company (and, in fact, there's a glass window cut in the wall common to the two businesses. I never knew there is an 'arrangement' between the two businesses, but the idea is tantalizing.
  5. Well put, MackyJay.
  6. Well, I suppose you're right, TwinkBreeder. But let's be generous and remember that literary necessity we learned about in highschool: the willing suspension of disbelief.
  7. I've merged these two stories as they're essentially a continuation of each other. Well written, ijimmi69.
  8. The story 'Graduation Night' is in the Straight & Bi Fiction category.
  9. You're absolutely right, Drscorpio, in describing my involvement with posting of the story, and I presume you're correct as to the original author.
  10. You're right, Xyvortex. I've edited the story slightly to deal with the issue of the age.
  11. Years ago when I was in the Navy we used the word 'despatch' fairly often when referring to electronic message traffic. I should think the author meant the narrator was mentioned in e-mail or similar means of electronic communication. I could certainly be wrong, but I doubt 'despatches' refers to a specific website or app.
  12. Hi, Smslut. While I could certainly delete one of the two stories, I don't think the system allows dual accreditation, so perhaps it's prudent to leave both postings.
  13. Here in Philly the CumUnion parties are held on Saturday night, and I'm told the attendance is pretty good. This month's gathering is scheduled for tomorrow, and 96 guys have signed-up.
  14. When I lived in the town of Orange, I would occasionally drop into the 1350, especially when I didn't have the time to run up to LA. As I recall, my experiences were, as Porkboy101 put it, hit or miss, but that's true of every bath house I've ever visited. I wish I had run into LBRaw while I lived in California - it would have been great to blow a load with him.

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