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    Stocky, poz, bearded, smooth body. About 5'5".
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    Love rimming, flip-fucking, sucking, kissing, facial and body hair, hard uncut cocks and guys who love to take and give loads. Especially like latinos. Usually go for guys 30 and above. Bath houses A++++. Mostly only hook-up in Philadelphia or NYC.

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  1. Hotload84

    I Pozzed the Stud Muffin

    You're right, Djdrew. I've made the correction.
  2. Hotload84

    Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I agree, Lower-Bucks-Bottom. Fantasies aside, I'd think from both a legal and an ethical perspective, one who is passed-out cannot consent, so this scenario would constitute rape, if not more.
  3. Hotload84

    Off The Beaten Path

    An exceptionally well written series, Lancguy14. Keep up the good work!
  4. Hotload84


    I agree, hardnow. There is something exceptionally filthy about this story.
  5. Hotload84

    A Fuck to Remember

    If memory serves, SFCumdog, the bathhouse on 13th Street some twenty years ago was Club Philadelphia. I was in the facility only once, and have only faint recollections of it. I understand Club Philadelphia bought the Chancellor Street baths and moved into that facility, eventually merging into the Club Body family of bathhouses. It has since separated from Club Body and, today, after a substantial re-build, a stand alone company. The building on 13th street was, over the course of several years, fully gutted and converted into retail on the ground floor and offices on the upper floors.
  6. Hotload84

    Cum in the eyes

    Nah, I took a load in an eye many years ago, and truly can't say I want to repeat the experience.
  7. Nice re-writes, Toon. Good job.
  8. Hotload84

    Sex with a Paraplegic Straight Man

    Years ago in a gay movie theater here in Philadelphia I crossed paths with a stunningly handsome wheel chair bound man. He had amazing upper body strength, and could readily swing himself from his wheel chair to the theater seating. He was also exceptionally good at giving head, so on one or two occasions he blew me, after which I was happy to return the favor.
  9. Hotload84

    In the Blink of an Eye

    It seems like this well written story is a play on la petite mort, as the French would put it.
  10. Hotload84

    Discuss Site Upgrade Here

    For the most part I find this version somewhat easier to work with than the version it replaced, particularly when, as a moderator, I'm looking for the 'how to' icons.
  11. Hotload84

    What Was Your First Std ?

    Crabs (which I shared with my then bf).
  12. Hotload84


    Sounds like Philadelphia, which is where AZ1717 lives. The bathhouse Sansom Street Gym and the adjoining porn theater, the Adonis, are owned by the same company (and, in fact, there's a glass window cut in the wall common to the two businesses. I never knew there is an 'arrangement' between the two businesses, but the idea is tantalizing.
  13. Hotload84

    Should I Become Poz

    Well put, MackyJay.
  14. Hotload84

    Daddy's Bug For Steamworks Boy

    Well, I suppose you're right, TwinkBreeder. But let's be generous and remember that literary necessity we learned about in highschool: the willing suspension of disbelief.

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