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Cumunion club houston


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    • By BBDreamer
      As a married guy I don’t get to take many trips on my own, but every now and then I have to go away for work or family.
      My most recent trip was for work, to Portland, OR. Workdays were short so I had lots of time to explore. I like the city of Portland, but since I was alone, I was thinking I might want to check-out this gay sex club I saw on the web. I don’t know what came over me, as I not usually this brazen. But I was really horny, and the idea of this place really turned me on. Besides, there’s no harm in just going in, watching what’s happening, and jacking off.
      The club was easy to find and get to – making myself go in…not so much. As a married man, it’s just not something one does. But my hardening dick said otherwise. I told myself, a step at a time. I opened the door, and the music came pumping out and a strange smell…it all lured me in. When I got to the counter, the guy there asked me if I wanted a locker or a room. I was confused at first. Then I thought, in case I needed a safe place to hide, I’d better get a room. After checking-in and getting my towel, I sat in my room a while wondering what I was doing there and what I expected to get out of coming. But I was there so I should join the party and check the place out. When it comes to gay sex, I’m only turned-on by the totality of raw, bareback fucking. So, I’m just here to stand on the sidelines and watch. Being a weeknight, I’m thinking it might not be too busy anyway.
      So, I finally take off my clothes, wrap the towel around my waist, and step outside my door. The music is pumping, and I did hear some very distinctive “sex” noises. I take a quick walk around, to get the lay of the land. There are spaces with no one, but others (like the steam room), that seem to have a good number of guys. Upstairs, in the cage room is where I see my first “action”. A middle-aged guy, kind of rough and sexy looking is getting his dick sucked by an older guy. The rough guy noticed me and made direct eye contact. I felt conspicuous just standing here so I beat feet and left. Guess I was more nervous than I thought. I told myself I’ll never see any action if I run away from it.
      Some time goes by, and I’ve seen some blow jobs at the glory holes, fucking in the video room (with a rubber – buzz kill). But now that the place was getting busier, and after hitting my brown bottle, I got less shy. And the place seemed a bit darker. So, as I made my way back to the lounge/cage area there were two guys in the lower section. And from the sound of things, I was sure they were fucking. There was this area behind a half-wall and rail where I could spy on the action. Sure enough, they were fucking hot and heavy. From this angle I couldn’t see the dick going in the ass, but soon enough, they changed positions and I saw the Top reinsert his RAW cock back in that hole.
      “Fucking A.” I thought. Finally, some real, gay sex. I was rubbing my bone under my towel when across the room I see this guy watching me. He couldn’t see the action, only me.
      “SHIT!” It’s the Rough Top I saw getting the BJ. Again, I got nervous and dashed away just as I heard the Top saying he was going to breed that bottom. DAMN! I missed it.
      Since they were nearby, I checked-out the glory holes. Always some raw cock sucking there. As luck would have it, I walked by and heard some “familiar” sounds coming from inside one of the cubes. I looked thru the glory hole itself and sure enough, someone was getting nailed. Could see if it was raw, but WTF, someone was getting fucked. I was on a less traveled section of the area, so I just leaned on the panel and watched thru the hole. The Top was getting close, and I almost lost it when he said, “You want my seed?” And the bottom said, “Fuck yeah.”
      I was about to cum with him when I felt uncomfortable. I looked over my shoulder and there he was, about 20 feet away. Mr. Rough. I could see he had his dick out from under his towel and was stroking it. It was about 8.5 inches, tapered head and shaft that got thicker at the base. And it had a slight upward curve. I stopped watching the scene below me and turned to check him out. He was far enough away that I didn’t feel the need to flee. He'd had an average body with some hair, and was about six feet in height. He was sexy and each time I'd seen him, he was watching me and not the other action.  
      I then noticed I was still stroking my dick under my towel. I look-up again and he was gone. I thought it was odd, but I turned just in time to see the Top in the GH cube inject the bottom with his sperm. This whole time I didn’t touch anyone else. I just watched from a distance and stroke my dripping dick.
      Now I figured it was time to check-out the slings. I walked down a hallway and stopped at the corner of the wall going from the hall into the room. It was dark there and no one could see me - it was perfect. There is this young stud in the sling, legs up the chain and strapped in place. He was rubbing his dick while the top was on his knees licking and tongue fucking that hot bottom. The top was stroking his cock with warm oil. I could see clearly the oil bottle, so I knew they weren't going to be using a rubber.  The site of this and the idea of some bare fucking got me really turned on. I started stroking my leaking boner under my towel. Soon thereafter the top stood-up and started rubbing his bare, oiled dick head over the moaning bottom's wet hole.
      "Can I just slip the head in a bit? I want to feel how good your hole is."
       "Okay." The bottom answered.
      With that the top pushed his head in and danced it around in that bottom's hot hole. Without another word, his whole dick slid into the bottom all the way to his balls. "OH, FUCK YEAH! That feels good," the bottom mutters.
      "I knew you'd like it," the top replies, adding "I'm going to fuck you good, then give you my hot load in your cunt. You want that don’t you, boy?"
       "Yes Sir," the boy answered.
      Oh my God! My dick is so hard and it's dripping a full stream of pre-cum down my shaft.  I soooo wish I was that bottom boy. And, before I could complete that thought, I hear it whispered in my ear.
      "I know you're standing here wishing you were in that sling.”
      You think I would have jumped from being startled...but the voice was so sexy...and right, I just stood there, totally turned-on, and excited. Without notice, I feel a tongue licking the back of my ear and down my neck. I stopped breathing.
      “Here! Feel this." His hand grabbed my right wrist and pulled it back. I feel it contact a firm, solid cock. My hand wraps around it and I know in a moment it's the man that had been watching me. FUCK! I start to shake and panic.
      "SHHHH...just be calm, I know what you want, and I want to give it to you." He's now pulling me tightly into him. I'm pressed against his warm, bare chest. I feel his fur. My hand is still wrapped around that amazing cock. He whispers to me to slowly stroke it. I'm thinking to myself, "I'm not supposed to be with anyone here. I shouldn't be doing this."  But I can't stop. His dick feels so damn good. Plus, it is my favorite type and shape.  I then feel his left arm wrap around me.
      "I want to make you feel better than you ever have. I want to really fuck you like you've never been fucked. Will you let me do that?"
      "I shouldn't," I tell him. "I'm supposed to just stay alone, not be with anyone." I say.
       "Who says?" he replies.
       "No one...I mean, me. I know it's best if I don't get involved with anyone."
      “Well, too late now. You've got me too hot and hard, I can't just walk-away. Besides, you know what you want, and I know what you want. Now tell me boy, what is it you REALLY want?"
       "I can't say," I mumble.
      "Yes, you can, and you will say it. But first, let me make it easier." With that he drops my towel to the floor and holds a bottle of poppers under my nose. “Take a deep breathe through your nose and hole it, then let it out real slow.” I do so, and in moments my head is spinning. Fuck! I’m flying and feeling real horny. "Bend over a bit. You’re going to like this. I just want to feel your hole with my finger." I'm reluctant, so he pushes me a bit. I bend over and he instructs, "Now, spread your cheeks for me."
      I can’t help myself; I’m so horny I obey. I feel an oily finger push into my hole. He pushes it rather fast and deep. I pull away a bit because it stings a little because my ring is so tight, almost virgin. He rubs his finger around a bit, and I pull away his finger slips out as he comments "You have a hot, tight little pussy there boy.  When were you last fucked?"
      "I don't remember. I mean, never…it's been a while."
       "Well, I think you're really going to like this fuck. Have you got a room?"
      Without waiting for an answer, he pushes me down the hall urging "Let's go."  I lead him to the room where, once inside, all I want is to be fucked...actually fucked, not just pretend. I know this is not right. I can’t do this. Then this hot man looks me in the eyes and says, “Feeling really horny, aren't you?  You ready for some real cock?"
       I can't answer but I was thinking to myself 'Fuck YES! I want HIS cock, but I'm not supposed to.
      "Come-on boy. Take another hit, on both sides this time, then get on your knees, on the bed, and show me that pussy. That hot, tight pussy. I want to fuck you."
      I inhale deeply in both nostrils and hold the hit as long as I can. Once I let it out, without thinking I get on my knees - I so want to be fucked. I want this man's dick so bad I can't think of anything else. He puts some oil over his head and shaft and starts rubbing that amazing head over my hole. FUCK! I want him in there, and as if reading my mind, he casually remarks "I'm going to push my dick head in you."
      "You got a rubber on?" I ask.
       "What do you think?" he asks.
      With that his head is in my hole.
       "FUCK MAN! You gotta put on a rubber!"
       "That's not what you want now is it?"
      He's fucking right. I’m so high from the poppers all I want is his bare cock. I want him to fuck me like men are supposed to fuck. I want his seed, I gotta have his cum in me.
      Without thinking anymore, my ass takes over. I push back and am met by his forward thrust. We both simultaneously exclaim "Fuck yeah!" as his unprotected shaft goes deep into my hole. It hits some resistance.
       "You feel that boy? You feel what's stopping me?"
       "Yeah, kinda. What is it?"
       "It's your second ring. Ever been fucked past your second ring?"
       "Don't think so, sir. Didn't even know I had one."
      "Oh, you do. But I guess you’re a virgin there, too. Guess I get to take that cherry. It's even tighter than your first one. You have to try hard to relax…better hit the bottle again…here goes.  
      Oh fuck, here I go. What the hell am I doing? I'm getting something I’ve wanted for a long time. And before I know it, he shoves. His dick head is the perfect shape, and he pops past my second ring without pain, with help from the poppers I imagine. Involuntarily I exclaim "OH MAN! That's fuckin' awesome. I love the feeling."
      "Yeah, it's pretty damn good at my end too."
      “You're so fucking hot and tight I don't know how much longer I can hold-off."
      The poppers have me so high and horny I just say, "Don't hold it, man. I’m so fucking horny...I need your load in me. Shoot it man, inject me with that juice you know I need."  I can't fucking help myself anymore. A complete stranger is barebacking me, and I want his sperm so bad.
      "Oh, you fucking hot bitch! I'm going to fucking seed you deep. I'm going to give you a load where no man has ever left one before."
      "Fuck yeah man, seed my cunt deep. Own it, make it yours. You've known all along what I wanted - what I needed."
      With that he dives deep; holds it; and I can feel his dick surge and pump. He's fucking shooting his hot seed in me. I'm in fucking heaven! I'm feeling every moment. He's jabbing my cunt and spitting his seed as he grunts "OH FUCK YOU, you hot bitch. I knew you'd be a hot fuck."
      He's now slowly pumping my ass as I stroke my dick, within seconds I announce. "Oh, fuck man, keep pumping me. I'm gonna cum.  Oh, fuck yeah, here it cums!  Fuck the cum out of me! Fuck your cum deeper in me."  With that, my dick blasts my pent-up load all over the bed and shortly we fall to the mattress, Mr. Rough resting on my back.
       "Fucking amazing, boy. But then I knew your pussy would drain my balls."
       "I never thought I'd do something like that. I'm glad I did. You were the best fuck I ever had, just as you said. Thanks!"
    • By DianaTSSlut
      She Knows
      I have a fairly hyperactive immune system… I have autoimmune issues, which are a common complication of Klinefelter’s Syndrome (47, XXY). But on the plus side, I don’t get colds, like ever. And even with all the guys that have dumped their bare loads in my tight pussy, I’ve never gotten an STI - at least not that I know of.
      And that’s good… because there have been at least 3 times (that I know of) that I’ve had a poz load shot into my tight hole.  All 3 times, the guy wouldn’t say anything (and I *never* ask first as a rule - I need that risk), until they’re about to unload in me… then they will say something like “here comes my poz load you fat slut”… or “does my poz seed feel good in your pussy,  whore?”
      One time, this hot guy was just fucking me soooo hard… I was being used… if people we’re watching they might think I was being raped (and believe me, I know what rape is… but that’s another story). The way this guy slammed into me, forcing himself so deep into my bare cunt, with so much force, brought back memories of how I was used by my uncle and dad growing up.
      His buddy was roughly fucking my throat, and he’s holding my wide hips as he just keeps pounding me as hard as he can. His buddy keeps forcing poppers on me, and I’m just in heaven - floating on a cloud of debauched pleasure.
      Suddenly, there’s a knock at the booth door. The guy in my mouth throws open the booth door without missing a beat, and a guy outside grabs it, and shoved something under the door to keep it open. Now there are 4 or 5 guys in the hall jerking off as they watch me get spit roasted hard by these two guys.
      The guy in my mouth grabs the chain that’s clamped to my fat tits and pulls… HARD. My nipples are already sore from not pumping my milk before I got here. I try to scream around his big cock, but can’t even get any air. The pain in my tits runs right down my spine. It’s intense and exquisite (my body was taught from an early age to view pain as pleasure). 
      I struggle for air; this moment seems to go on forever, the lack of oxygen intensifying my pain and pleasure. Just then, he grunts and starts unloading, his cock head pushing at the back of my throat and filling my belly with his hot seed.
      He says to his friend as he pumps down my throat… “FUCK yeah this dumb slut can suck cock… you ready to knock up the fat slut?” The guy in my pussy says, “Oh FUCK yesssss… I’m gonna make this stupid fat cumslut pregnant!” His animalistic grunts are followed by his hard cock starting to twitch in my cunt. His friend pushes me back hard against him to make sure I can’t get away.
      Suddenly, he says, “You want my POZ load, don’t you, you dumb fucking white trash whore?!” I’m high from the poppers and lack of air, and his friend is forcing me back against him… I couldn’t speak if I wanted to… his friend’s cock still hard in my throat even after he came..
      The guys in the hall are stroking furiously, cheering him on. “Fuck yeah knock that slut up”; “rape that fat cunt”; “give the slut what she wants”. One guy stays out in the hall, looking around them back in as he strokes. The other two come into the booth and get on either side of me…
      I feel the guy in my pussy tense up. His friend puts his hand on my throat and squeezes, and says, “Show everyone what a fucking filthy slut you are, you stupid fat cow…”
      I look in the hall quickly and see two more guys jerking off and recording with their phones… I just push my hips back hard and squeeze my pussy muscles to try to milk the cock in me while I stare blankly into the cameras…any judgment I once had long ago replaced by the depths of depravity I’m being forced towards. His friend notices me pushing back and says, “Look at this bitch beg for poz seed! What a nasty fucking slut!”
      I feel him suddenly tense again and I push back one more time; I feel the first rope of his (potentially) dirty seed splash my cunt wall.. just then, his friend yanks the clamps from my fat udders… my eyes roll back and tears streak down my face… the two guys on either side of me from the hallway add to my tears, spraying their loads all over my face and trying to hit my swinging milk jugs, which a few shots manage to do… 
      My poz stud spurts rope after rope of his dirty seed into my womb.. I’m crying and covered in strangers’ cum… I’m sooo fucking high I don’t ever want to come down… I take every drop of his seed in my tight pussy… my eyes are blurry from tears… 
      The guy in the hall walks in jerking and recording with his phone… he puts it close to my face and temporarily turns on the flash, blinding me while making sure there’s no doubt who is getting this… my eyes were rolling and must have been bloodshot because he says, “Look how high this bitch is!” I can’t even speak because the guy’s friend has one hand on my neck now and one over my mouth and nose. He allows my nose to open momentarily, and as I try to suck air in, they both hold a bottle of poppers to each nostril. My attempt to inhale oxygen just pushes me higher and higher as the poppers flood my big Italian nose. 
      I feel the pressure in my fat tits release as they start spraying milk on the floor of the booth… the last guy hands his phone to one of the other guys to keep recording, and slips behind me… as the guy who just dumped his poz seed in me pulls out, this guy slams his big dick right in my wet pussy…
      This triggers a huge orgasm from me. My girlcock shoots my cum all over the floor… I try to lower myself down to the floor, but the two other guys in front hold me so I can’t move… the guy inside me says he’s gonna cum in my freshly pozzed cunt…
      The realization that I’m being raped by these five guys pushes me down to the depths of decadence that I seek out, and I cum again… my eyes roll, and I’m force fed another big Italian nose full of poppers… they push me back against him as I spray the floor again with cum and milk.
      My mind goes blank. My eyes glass over. This is the feeling I seek out over and over. When strangers have the guts to force a mindbreak… I will do anything…
      I’m floating; time slows to a standstill; I can barely hear the guy in the booth who’s recording me now narrating, something like… “she’s about to get her last poz load!”
      I’m stunned by the realization that they’re all together… I took a poz load down my throat, one in my cunt, and got two sprayed all over my face and tits. The last guy finally unloads, pumping his load even deeper inside me as I’m held there, forced by this poz rape gang… his words swirl around in my mind…
      I AM a dumb fat white trash cumslut… I AM a stupid whore… and now, I’m a poz rape slut. And I want more. I need more.
      My neck is squeezed, my mouth is covered, my nostrils are pinched closed… a final, airless orgasm wracks my abused body, destroying me. They all let go of me as I slump onto the floor of the filthy booth… down into my own puddles of cum and milk. I pass out.
      I am finally shook awake. As my eyes focus, I can feel a tight pussy wrapped around my girlcock, and someone bouncing on me as I lie on my back on the floor of the booth.
      My eyes finally focus enough to see that the cute young girl from the front counter - who’s young enough to be my daughter easily - is bouncing on me, her sweet little tits jiggling as she does. I watch her alternate between her cigarette and the leftover bottles of poppers strewn across the dirty floor of the booth.
      The booth smells of cum and sweat and piss… and so do I. After I passed out they must have pissed on me… further degrading me. I’m sure they laughed at me as they all recorded me getting drenched with their golden streams.
      The girl leans down and whispers in my ear, “I’m sooo fucking high right now…” as her little body bounces on top of me. She moves down to my tits and starts to suck on them; when my milk squirts into her mouth, she moans and starts to bounce faster, impaling herself on my big thick girlcock. 
      It suddenly occurs to me that when the booth doors are open, the security cameras in the hallways can see in. She saw the whole thing. She watched as 5 men raped me into unconscious bliss. And now her tiny pussy is trying to milk the last of my cum from my balls.
      The thought of this young girl watching the whole time pushes me close; I reach up and grab her little tits. I take a puffy nipple in each hand, realizing how young they make her look. I yank them down as hard as I can, impaling her on me. I feel the momentary resistance of her cervix as I push through…
      And I erupt… I force myself up, pushing as far into this little slut’s cervix as I can, and I fill her womb with every last drop of cum I have left. My tits explode and she leans down and nurses from them as I breed her. She starts to shake as her orgasm takes over.
      She screams, “YESSS KNOCK ME UP!” as her body convulses on top of me. As the wave passes, she collapses on top of me. Eventually, she picks her head up and whispers in my ear, “I’m not on birth control…”
      I whisper back, “they pozzed me.” She looks into my eyes and smiles.
      She knows. 

    • By HairyJake
      I was ordered to do 30 days in jail for a violation with a city ordinance. 
      I am a white, muscular hairy guy - mainly bottom. I had three cell mates. And from day one to day 30 - Every night they rammed and pounded their huge Black Cocks in me. By the third  night , I was begging  for it. 
      When I got home my partner and I were upstairs and I stripped naked and he gasped at the 8 tattoos , but when I laid on my back and showed him my gaping ruined hole he started freaking out. 
      An hour later we were both naked  he had been cucked and his arrogant ass watched 4 BBC’s breed me. He almost cried when I rode the last one and already leaking cum he shot a flood in me that fished back out covering my  thighs and legs. 
       But after he spent a couple hours eating my ass and slurping up the cum, while I told him , his small white dick would never satisfy me - that I was a whore for Black Cock and only would take Black Raw Loads and his job would be to clean up my ass and hole - 
      the following week we went to a bathhouse and he whimpered near me as I was gang bred on a fuck bench, in a sling on the floor in the maze and even on all fours in the showers - Then we went to the fuck bench and he ate my wrecked hole and licked it clean.
      last night at the eagle he watched 5 Bulls breed me with their monster Black Cocks then they forced him to suck them clean and he loved it ! 
      so after eating me out , we showers and lubed up and by nights end he was a stretched out  moaning for more whore for BBC like me and  on all fours , glassy eyed and drooling through open mouths we kissed as two bulls pounded  the hell out of our white asses. 

    • By Treehugger
      I was out running errands when I realized I was close to Vince's apartment. We were newish boyfriends and were still getting to know each other. We did not have plans but I decided to surprise him. He answered the door with a big drunken grin on his face. "Hey everybody, the boyfriend is here," he shouted as he pulled me into the apartment.
           Vince always called me boyfriend. I began to wonder if he even knew my name. I had to introduce myself to his friends. They all worked at the post office and were enjoying end of the work week drinks. There was Dale, the senior of the group, probably about fifty-eight as ordinary a specimen of manhood you could find. Next was Phillip, a stocky guy, thirty-ish with thick black hair who was some flavor of ethnic I would not begin to decipher. He had a smile that was all kinds of trouble. Lastly was the delicious Kevin, a twenty-something otter with a beautiful beard and very hairy forearms.
           I was supplied with a beer and a double shot of Southern Comfort and was soon as happy as the rest of the crowd.  We sat around drinking and bullshitting until Kevin tried to stand up. He tottered back down and into me. I was not complaining. Lets just say I got very handsy helping him get erect. Vince suggested I put him in the extra room.
           The extra room as Vince called it was basically a giant junk drawer but it did have a davenport in it, yes I said davenport. I gladly manhandled Kevin to the room but when I tried to let him down to sleep he protested saying he could not sleep in his clothes. Too hot!
           Who was I to insist he remained clothed? I helped him out of his garments and oh sweet Jesus what a sight. All that gorgeous fur on his slim body. I boned up immediately but did resist fondling my boyfriend's workmate, that is until he lay down on his stomach and presented his hairy ass for my full viewing pleasure.
           I love cock, can't get enough cum but there is something about a really hairy ass that turns my crank. There was no way I was not going to eat that ass. God, Vince and a troop of nuns could have walked in at that moment and I would still have eaten that ass. I immediately buried my face in his crack. Kevin giggled but did not protest in the least. So much for loyalty from friend or boyfriend.
           His legs splayed as I got to work and his hole opened up for my invasion. It was better than good, it was fantastic. I petted and smoothed the fur on his cheeks as I tried in vain to push my head up his ass. I knew I should  make it quick. Have my ass snack and get out but the throbbing meat in my pants would not let me leave. 
           The way Kevin was moving his hips back and forth and up indicated to me he was fine just as things were. I had to fuck that hole. If I fuck a hole its getting my load deep. No condoms, no pulling out.
           I was loath to remove my tongue from his silky sheath. It tasted so wonderful. My cock would not be ignored. I quickly unzipped and yanked my meat free. This was going to be a clothed fuck. I couldn't risk getting naked although I longed to feel that furry body on my skin. My cock rested in his hairy crack seeking entry.
           Grinding into him I told him I was going to fuck him. Kevin moaned. "Tell my you want it," I insisted. "Beg me to breed your hole."
           He mumbled something into the cushion. I turned his head and kissed him. "Say it bitch, say you want my nut deep in your ass or I walk."
           Kevin sobered up enough to beg for my cock. He pleaded to be bred and fucked and bred again. I pushed in and gasped at the gorgeous heat of his chute. His puckered hole gripped my cock hard, his pulsing ring massaged me to extreme hardness. I had to pause or shoot my load before I could give him a proper rogering.
           Kevin was an insatiable bottom. He began to fuck himself on my cock bucking and writhing beneath me. I let him have his way for a moment but I was the fucker. I pushed his hips back down resting the head of my dick at the entry to his hole, then plunged. We both moaned without restraint and my animal instincts took over. I fucked that hot otter like I hated him, pile driving my meat as hard as my lust driven muscles could manage.
           He melted into a hairy horny cum receptacle and I was the god of jizz that would bestow that gift on him. My eyes started to roll in my head as the orgasm began to tighten my sack and rage through my cock to explode out my piss hole in a jet of creamy man juice. Kevin knew he was being bred and he shuddered with the euphoria of accepting my DNA deep into his guts.
           I collapsed on him my clothes damp with sweat and my breath ragged with exertion. I wanted a nap. I wanted to stay inside Kevin until dooms day. My overworked cock had other ideas as the poor guy deflated. Kevin's hole agreed with me as it tried in vain to keep hold of my meat. I had to taste his cummy hole. I was back in heaven as my tongue dug deep for a taste of my own sperm.
           His creamy chute was hotter and tastier and being well fucked opened even wider to my invading oral intruder. Kevin began grinding his erection into the cushion careful to go slow enough so as to not dislodge my tongue. We worked in unison to bring off his nut. As much as I would have liked to swallow his load I was content to eat ass while he rubbed one off into the cushion.
           A long low moan and the sudden grip of his pucker on my tongue was the only indication that Kevin had achieved ejaculation. It sent a wave of blood to my cock and I was tempted to have another go at his hole but a slight snore from the otter told me our moment was over. With one last kiss to each hairy cheek I adjusted my stiffy, zipped and turned out the light.
           I quietly closed the door behind me and returned to the living room. Vince was sprawled on the love seat, his long frame dangling comically over the arm rests. He was asleep. Phillip too was conked out on the armchair a half drunk beer wedged in his crotch. Dale sat on the couch all too sober with a knowing grin on his face. I paused but smiled when I noticed the tent in his pants. He crooked a finger at me beckoning me over. "Let me have a taste of Kevin's ass," he said. With a glance at Vince I thought 'In for a penny, in for a pound'. I walked over passing by Phillip to grab the half drunk beer from his crotch and stood in front of Dale.
           He fished out my cock still slick with ass juice, spit and cum. I downed the beer tossing the can aside as I watched Dale feast on my meat. He was no stranger to cock and very good at reading my likes and dislikes. I began to wonder where this was going to lead. He let me know soon enough.
           "You made Kevin beg for your load and now its time for you to beg for mine," he ordered. We both glanced over at the blissfully sleeping Vince. "I want to fuck you right here in front of your boyfriend. I want your cheating ass within smelling distance of his snores."
           My cock throbbed and my hole spasmed but still I hesitated. I liked Vince, maybe was starting to fall in love. I certainly did not want to hurt him but the call of nature was loud in my ears and when a man orders you to bend over its a no brainer. Dale was calling the shots and I had no regrets once he undressed. He might be a plain as white bread with his baggy thrift store clothes but underneath his firm lightly muscled body belied a masculinity that promised a thorough breeding. I was a goner.
            He bent me over my face near Vince's as I braced myself for the onslaught. Dale wedged his face in my crack pushing spit in my hole in preparation for the fuck. He stopped to insist I let him know what I wanted. "Your load," was my answer. "Tell me all about it," he wanted more. With a twist of my nuts I understood the situation.
           "I want your raw cock in my hole," I pleaded. "Fuck my cheating ass, breed me." Dale moaned in my crack as my words spurred him on. "I need your nut man. Use my ass, make me yours."
           With a groan Dale reluctantly removed his tongue and stood pressing the head of his cock at my greedy pucker. "Back into me boy," he demanded. I complied my eyes nearly crossing at the blissful stretch of my hole as his thick meat took up residence in its cramped quarters. Once he bottomed out I was now half in love with Dale. The heat and hardness of his rod sending waves of pleasure through me.
          He began slowly letting the thrill of our mating pace itself. I gazed at Vince. His handsome face adorable in its slumber. I lightly kissed his slightly parted lips letting my tongue ever so carefully graze them. They parted even more. My eyes flew open to examine my boyfriend for any sign of alertness. He slept on. Daringly I pushed my tongue deeper tasting the beer fumes of his breath. Dale fucked harder.
           I knew better than to touch my cock. The thrill of tongue raping my sleeping boyfriend while his co-worker abused my ass had me right on the edge. I was in bareback fuck mode and needed my hole thoroughly banged and seeded. I pressed back making sure Dale understood how much I loved his cock in my hole, how much I needed him to unload his nut deep inside. I belonged to him at that moment to use as he wished.
           It was a righteous breeding. Eventually I had to abandon Vince to hold on tight as Dale revved up his efforts to deliver a truly brutal cornholing. I fucking loved it. Dales girthy meat had my hole hot and gaping as he delivered each thrust at a slightly different angle exploring every millimeter of my insides.
           When his nut came I thought he would break me so vigorous was the pounding he was meting out. I was putty in his hands even though his grip on my hips was nearly painful as he lost himself in the load his cock was jetting into me. I went to that special place you can only find when a real man is making you a part of him by injecting an essential part of himself. There is nothing in the world quite like taking a load. Its the best!
           When we calmed down Dale's cock showed no signs of flagging and I was not about to suggest he release me. As far as I was concerned Dale could bugger me all night long. A voice interrupted our post coital revelry.
           "Is this a party of two or can I join in." It was Phillip and he was stroking a monster of a cock. That smile was back on his face and I knew I was in for it. There was no way I could say no to a cock like that even though I doubted my ability to take such monumental column of man flesh. Dale put a stop to any thoughts of bailing. "I want to see that beast of a dick tearing up your cummy hole," he growled in my ear. "You'll get my second load after Phil here has plowed new territory for me."
           I involuntarily groaned with lust, need and terror. I knew it was going to be an ordeal but I wanted it. My greed for seed and the feel of cock invading my hole took over. These men could do whatever they wanted with me. My thoughts raced and I begged for a moment. I knew where Vince had a bottle of poppers in the freezer. I quickly retrieved it.
           Phillip was naked his cock looking even bigger and more sinister; the foreskin retracted completely revealing the pre-cum slicked head, red and shiny with the need to fuck. "On your back he ordered. I complied pulling my knees up to my chest. From my position next to the couch I could watch Vince as the men used me. My twisted mind loved it, my cock throbbed in anticipation of the three-way that was about to happen.
           Dale lowered his ass over my face being sure to hook my knees so Phillip could have easy access to my hole. I let my tongue leisurely slide across Dales puckered hole, taking my time savoring his crack. He pressed himself into me luckily suppressing the scream as Phil pushed his rampant cock into me. It took my breath away.
           In an act of supreme kindness Dale hopped off in order to feed me several long hits of the poppers. All the while Phillip never let up in his endless effort to stuff every inch of his python deep in my guts. The fat head of the serpent sought out new territory to explore as it inch further and deeper than I had ever experienced before. I was out of my mind with the wonder of being so thoroughly filled.
           Dale resumed position and I got to work with my own exploration of his ass. Dale was appreciative of my efforts grinding his ass into my face encouraging me to dig deeper. Dales asshole was my new bestfriend and I wanted to move in. God damn I love eating ass!
           Meanwhile Phillip had bottomed out and I was coming to terms with new arrangement of my insides. I was proud of myself and excited to have Phillip fuck and breed me. It proved to be a marathon. Dale finally had to move aside as the furious fucking Phillip delivered had me gasping for breath.
           Phillip clung to me like a limpet his cock anchoring him at one end and his tongue down my throat at the other. I knew he could taste Dale's ass on my lips and that only made him fuck harder. I didn't know being fuck like that, fucked so deeply and completely, that it took you to a whole different place in the erotic pantheon of sensations. It was incredible. I greedily bucked by hips wanting more and more cock.
           Phillip was a silent cummer as he spewed his seed so deep into me it would be several hours before I would begin to feel it ooze out of my puffy but well satisfied hole. Dale barely let Phillip enjoy his nut before before he pushed him aside for sloppy seconds or is that thirds?
           His second nut came quickly as his passions had escalated while watching Phillip skewer me with porn star quality dick. I happily received his load wondering if he could even feel anything as my hole felt wide open and slick with sperm. A quick glance showed me Vince was still off in dreamland. Liquor did have a tendency to put him in a coma.
           As a final surprise Kevin staggered out of the extra room his hard-on leading the way. He grinned at me and I knew I was going to get one more load. Kevin demanded I flip over  so he could fuck me the way I had fucked him. I finally got to feel his pelt on my bare skin as he mounted me his entry eased by the jizz leaking out of my well fucked hole.
           I pushed my ass back greedy for his cock. Kevin was a tender lover skewering me with slow but passionate thrusts. He nibbled at my neck and shoulders. With a shudder he released his load into me and I came for a second time that night as my bone rubbed one out into the carpet.
           With guilty laughs we all grabbed wet towels to clean off and dress. I tentatively suggested we might do it again perhaps without sleeping beauty in attendance. The next morning Vince asked me what was wrong with my back. A look in the mirror revealed some minor rug burns, evidence of Phillip and Dale's energetic fucking. My cock boned up thinking about it. I mentioned something about exercising on the carpet before pushing Vince down on the bed. He tried to beg off but I needed to fuck. It was pump and dump, a boning for my pleasure only. I was fucking Vince but I thought of Kevin. I was going to have to do something about that.  
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      Be at club dallas blindfolded ass up in jock for anon loads after 7pm. Looking for anon and also cruise the dark maze and sling if open. 
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