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  1. still one of my favorite stories on here.. wish there was more
  2. Love this story, hope you can continue it at some point, and wouldn't mind a twisted story of the girlfriend even if it cant be in here ❤️
  3. Unfortunately I’m not a very talented writer
  4. I really hate that he got so pissed off at me when I commented on this 5 years ago I loved his story. Yes I wanted the narrative to move along a bit more but I never said anything negative about the story itself. Wish someone could pick it up and explore what could have happened next with Jordan.
  5. Interesting story, the mom part weirds me out personally but otherwise super hot!
  6. love this plz keep going
  7. I was not being rude Green Chaser, but If you don't want someone's opinion of your story then don't post it in a forum!
  8. I like this story but wish the pace would pcik up...
  9. im intrigued
  10. wish it would have continued
  11. I want to be hosted as a party's bottom pig. I am a sub bottom who loves to be slammed and used, I am open to as many ppl as you would want. I enjoy most kinks except scat. I am not super experienced with kinks but I know my place and I am to serve whoever I am with.. and if anything just up my dose to make me submit I live near Beaumont TX, and could travel anywhere within about 300mi for example as far North as DFW, NE as Shreveport, East as NOLA, West as San Antonio, NW as Austin and anywhere in between including most of Louisiana. ALSO if you live outside of this area and want to fly me to you we can talk about that. I cant leave till December 26th to head to you, and I need to be back to Beaumont by Jan 2nd ANYQUESTIONS AT ALL PLZ MSG ME!

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