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Living the Fantasy


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Fictional.... For now.


I have always been a cumpig.  Even when I was closeted, somehow convincing myself that I was straight, cum just turned me on.  I would jack off thinking of what it would feel like to have a thick cock just bust deep in me.  Multiple times I folded myself up so I could cum on my own face. My first boyfriend was vanilla as hell.  Well, at least as far as I knew.  For whatever reason, he decided that vanilla was all the sex he was interested with me, and he even shied away when I talked about my cum kink.  Turns out he was cheating on me in the most kinky fucking ways behind my back.  So... That ended that.

Fast forward to the first real serious man I got involved with.  He listened to my kinks, encouraged me, and even used my kinks in dirty talk.  We both discussed being in an open relationship and after a short period, we opened it up on the condition that we were both safe outside of our relationship.  It was absolutely liberating.  I didn't take advantage as often as he did, but I still messed around a few times.  Of course corona happens, and we both stop seeing others, only each other for now.  We both doubled down and love our sex lives.   

One day I get a text from SB.  "I want to fuck you hard tonight.  Go home, and get ready.  I want you in that blue and white jock strap.  No peeking."  I was at lunch at work, and I was so horny.  "What are you going to do to me today?"  I always loved what he had to say.  

SB:  "You just wait and be patient."

The day went by slowly after that, of course.  

I came home, and as requested I prepared for him.   I tend to be a little tight, and his 7.5 was a bit thick, so I also used a toy to relax me a little bit.  I knew he was in a mood, and he was going to be voracious.  After I was ready, I went to the bedroom and laid down on my tummy so he could see my ass as he came in.   

No matter what this man did, he was always picturesque.  He could walk through a pile of mud and would come out looking sexier.  He was 5'8, the perfect height to match my own.  He had black curls that he kept long on top, but shaved tight on the sides, that tumbled down the side of his face and forehead.  He had the perfect soccer boy's build, nice mocha skin that was smooth as the day he was born, a little bit of a tummy, and a booty for days.  I had long joked that he could make a killing just making an onlyfans of him pulling up tight pants over his juicy ass.  Brown eyes that would melt the world.  Trimmed, but nicely framed beard that hit all the right spots.   

"I have been waiting all day for this." he told me.  That was the last coherent thing he told me for the next half hour.  

I never knew the meaning of making love before him.  He could be ravishing, but slow and passionate.  Even when he was asking for a quickie, he never skipped the foreplay.  

Forcefully, he turned me around and started kissing my neck in all the right spots, while he was stripping himself.   I could smell his funk from work, and it was intoxicating.  After stripping he turned me around and kissed me hard and deep.  His uncut meat insisting on attention, poking me every chance it could.  He held my hands, though, and would not let me grab his throbbing tool.  He wanted to make this last.

We touched every part of each other, me kissing him all over his body like he loved, him giving me one of his characteristic rim jobs.  He was an expert with his tongue, poking and prodding my hole, my ass cheeks, my inner thighs, until my skin was electrified.  I felt every hair on my skin standing straight on end, begging for him to touch, lick, kiss, caress just one more inch of my skin.  It was never enough. 

Finally, he laid down on the bed.  I knew what he wanted.  He looked at me with hunger in his eyes while he pushed his lovely curved cock toward me.  I didn't have to be told.  I got on my knees and took his drooling cock in my mouth.  Slowly at first, savoring the musk from his sweaty work day.  But, he was not in the mood to be teased.  He wanted to tease me.  He just grunted "uh, no." and pushed my head all the way down to his balls.  I was not prepared and gagged almost immediately.   That is what he wanted.  He wanted to see me gag.  But I wanted it all.  So, I got up and mounted him, aligning the angle of the curve of his cock to my throat better, and took it all.   I could hear the deep sigh from behind me.   I continued to gag, here and there as he would force me down deeper than I knew I could take.  His soft foreskin was slathered with my throat juices and all of the precum he had been leaking this entire time.   

After a little while, he pulled me up.   "I want to try something new.  Take this blindfold and put it on.  No peeking."   

I put it on, excited even more.  This was a kink of mine as well.  To be blindfolded, and not be in control.  For him to be in control.

I felt his spit slick cock slide between my cheeks, his soft foreskin sliding back as he pushed his rock hard cock into my hole as gently as he could manage.  He slid all the way in balls deep in one smooth motion, while grabbing my neck and pulling me back to his chest.  I nearly shot right there.   That was not something he had ever done before. 

"You like that dick?" he asked me, as he began withdrawing.  I could barely respond.  I croaked out a "yes daddy" barely.   That turned him on. 

"You're my fucking little cumslut aren't you?"  He said as he began to pound me out.  Long strokes of his thick cock stretched me out in ways he knew I loved.  He finally let my neck go as he nibbled on my ear, pushing me down so he could pound me out some more. 

"I've been pent up all day.  I won't last long."  I was soaking my jock with so much precum it was beginning to leak through the fabric. 

"Fucking beg for my load piggy."   I did exactly as I was told.  I begged.  "please sir, I need your load.  I want it so bad.  Can I please have your load?"   

I felt him bury his cock up to the hilt and begin spurting out a warm load.   I couldn't hold it any longer.  I reached down and just as I got my hand around my cock he grabbed my wrist and pulled it away.  "I am not done yet, pig.   You don't cum until I tell you.  Do you understand?"   

I was first shocked.  I had never seen him like that before.  Then my submissive side kicked in.  I was panting, so horny I couldn't stand it, and yet I complied as he finished emptying his balls in me.  "Yes sir." as I felt the last of the throbs subside, leaving my hole warm and wet.

He pulled out of me, and a little cum escaped.   I liked that, and he liked doing that to me.  It made me feel like a little slut with 20 loads in my hole.   "stay there, I will be right back.  No peeking."

I heard his footsteps walk away.   

He was gone a fairly long time.  I was getting a little frustrated.  I was still needing to bust and he had been gone about 15 minutes.  I was going to get blue balls soon.  But just as I was about to lift the blindfold and get up, I heard him come back in the room. 

"Get on the edge of the bed, doggy style.  I want to see your face down in the mattress and your cummy hole to the sky." Wow, he was being much more dominant that I was used to. 

I felt his hard dick separate my cheeks again, right at the edge of my hole.  But then I heard his voice right in my ear, not really possible in the position I was in, if his dick was at my hole.   

"I invited one of my friends over, because I know how much you fucking want to get bred by men you don't know.  He is right at the entrance to your cummy hole, and he wants to fuck my load into you.   If he slides in, he isn't going to stop until he drops his load in you.  Do you want it boy?" his deep voice boomed in my throat.

I pushed back onto the dick I didn't know, tingling with excitement and nervousness.   

............ to be continued. 

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(Sorry!  Story updates will be sporadic as I am busy as hell IRL.  But I have a ton of ideas, I hope you like them!)


Part 2

"Nope!" SB said, stopping me from pushing back on the dick I didn't know.  "Tonight you are just a fucking hole, you got that?  We get to use your holes until we are satisfied."  

My heart was pounding in my head.  I could hear the blood sloshing around in my skull.

"That's fucking right." a deeper voice said, "I am the fucking daddy tonight.  You are the fucking hole I am going to use."  I was so excited I was shaking.  I wanted this so bad.  I had blown my load countless times fantasizing about not being in control, about taking another mans cock in me, never knowing who he was.

"Now, I hear SB gave you a nice load, and I want to fuck it into your cumpig hole.  You got that?"  The deep voice asked me.  I almost couldn't talk I was so excited.  "Yes sir" I managed to squeak out.

"And I am going to play in that cummy hole, make myself feel good, and I'm going to drop a big ass load right up in there.  I'm not going to pull out.  Its going to be balls deep, you got that?"  

Once again, I squeaked out a "Yes sir"

"I got a fucking 4 day load backed up and its going to be nice and thick for my new cumpig to enjoy playing with."  I didn't know what to say, so I chose not to say.  Frankly I was becoming overwhelmed really fast.  In a good way, but still overwhelmed.  I was shaking, anticipating the coming assault.  I could feel the cock head up against my hole, all I wanted in the world was to push back.  But I stayed like a good little sub, feeling the warmth of his head, and hoping beyond hope that he was precumming to mix his juices with mine and SB's.

I could hear SB and him kissing now, and it turned me on so much.  As much as I wanted no never know who this was, I also wanted to see my boyfriend kissing another man.   I could feel the new guy's cock growing ever harder, though I have no idea how. He was already so hard he could probably chop me in two.  The kissing stopped, and a little giggle, the kind when you know something good is about to happen in bed, slipped out of SB's mouth.

SB leaned in "You ready boy?"  Of course I was.  I was ready 10 minutes ago!  "Yes sir" I said more confidently, the lust in my body almost taking over.  The deep yearning to be filled kicking in.

The new guy started pushing in to me.

His head was bigger than what I was used to, but so soft as it insisted on entry into my hole.  Well lubed by SB's load and nice and loose from fucking not 15 minutes earlier, he slid right past my ring without any hesitation.  I came without touching myself as I felt him slide in.

SB laughed that wicked laugh again. "That's my pig, let him slide all the way in."  

There is nothing like skin to skin.  The warmth of the invading cock in your tender hole... there is almost no words to describe it.  Fewer still, to describe the feeling, the absolute ecstasy of realizing your fantasy for the first time.  

As the new guy bottomed out, I heard him sigh.  He had a belly on him, I could feel it.  And a fair bit of hair on it, from the feel.  SB did like his bears.  I heard him sigh deeply.  I felt my own cum dripping out of my jock, and that turned me on even more.   

"You were right, he came the minute I slid in."  The deeper voice said to SB.  "And you were also right, he has the sweetest, softest, warmest hole.  I almost came when he blew all over himself.  His hole just gripped me."  He sighed again.  SB got up on the bed, and put his legs around me.  He wanted head.  Fuck, a spitroast.

"Fuck you are such a slut, and I love it." SB said.  I gobbled him up as the new guy started thrusting.  He was not as girthy as SB, but plenty for me.  He had a straight cock that went right back and tickled my spot without any trouble, and he was just the right size I liked, just slightly bigger than what I naturally took so that he would bottom out when he wanted to, and make me squirm in all the right ways.  

"Take that fucking cock" SB said, as the guy started pounding me.  It felt so good, sliding in and out of my cummy hole, better than I could ever dream of.  "Fuck, its starting to drip down his ass, that's hot." the new guy said.   "I can feel your cum coating my cock, lets see if I can push it in a little more..." as he bottomed out inside of me.  SB pulled my head down at the same time.  I gagged and came all at the same time.  

"Hell yeah.  But I don't want to hold back anymore.  I'm going to fucking breed this slut hole."  He sped up and started pounding my cheeks.  I could barely catch my breath, and couldn't focus on SB's dick, not that he noticed.  I am sure he was watching the climax of this new adventure.   

"Take that fucking load you cumdump pig." SB told me as I whimpered in pleasure from the onslaught that this new guy had brought.  

Every cumslut knows that not all the time can you feel the cum being pumped into you.  Usually you felt the dick throbbing, and maybe a little slicker down there, but rarely do you feel the internal splat of cum on your walls.

Not this time.

With one final grunt he buried himself up into me as deep as he could manage and let out the 4 days load he was saving up for me.   I felt his dick twitch inside, gripping with all my might so I wouldn't lose a drop.  And I felt it.  The warmth splatter inside of me.  God he was cumming so much.   2, 3, 4, 5, 6  pumps, I felt the warmth spread all in me.  I felt the warmth in my jock as I had cum without even knowing it.  Somehow that made me even hornier. 

As the new mystery guy slowly pulled out, I felt used and content and even hornier than I had ever been in my life.

I laid down in an almost fog, as I just savored the moment of feeling another mans seed in me.  My imagination was working overdrive as I imagined what my used hole would look like.  I barely registered as SB got up and helped our guest leave.  About 5 minutes later he came back.

"Fuck baby, that was amazing.  But I know you aren't done, and I am not done, so roll over and pull your legs back.  I want to taste his load in you before I fuck it in your cummy hole."

I did as I was told, the hunger building inside of me...  I knew the flood gates were now opened.

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Sorry for being so long!  Uni got me down 🙂   Hope you enjoy the next episode!

SB didnt have to say anything more.  I rolled over on my back and pulled my legs back.   I was rock hard.  I have never been very flexible, and SB piped up, "Get those legs up boy, that is if you want to continue."  I pulled them back as best I could.  I was shaking I was turned on so much.  My hole was out for the world to see, and I could smell the sex in the room.  The cum smelled so good.

I jumped when SB's tongue finally touched my hole.  I could feel him probing.  I had that age old cumdump dilemma - I want to be greedy and keep the load in me, but I also want more and want to please my partner.  Ultimately, I relaxed and let SB's probing tongue into me.   It felt so good, and I could hear the slurping sounds as he enjoyed the load as much as I did.   

SB stood up, and leaned in.  I felt his rock hard cock right up next to my hole.  He was teasing me again, letting me feel the heat of his head.   "God your hole is so slick, I am going to slide in and fucking rail you boy."  And he did just that.  As he slid in, I could feel the cum slosh around in me.  "Your hole is like velvet with another load in there.  Smooth and sweet on my aching cock."   

I piped up, lost in the moment.  "Your slut boy has another mans load in him.  You feel what that other man did to me?  He left a part of him in me.  Another man is all over your dick and dripping down your balls."

That was it.  I had flipped a switch.

SB began furiously pounding my hole.  I almost couldn't take it.  He was aggressive in a way that only a man with his primal urges stroked could be.  He didn't care about me.  He only cared about getting off... About letting his hunger consume him.

Slap.  Slap.  Slap went his balls, as they got increasingly wet from the load dripping out of my hole.  I was panting.  I was in heaven, yet also feeling a little bit of pain.  That turned me on.  More than anything else, the thought of having another man's cum inside of me while my boyfriend pounded me so hard it was almost too much to stand...  I couldn't hold back.  I shot a load so hard it came through the fabric of my jock.  At the same moment SB gave one final thrust and buried himself in me as deeply as he could and popped off one of the largest loads he has ever shot.  I could feel it splatter against the tender insides of my hole - warm, slick, and hot with desire. 

I was in pig heaven.

After he finished, he slowly pulled out and dropped next to me.

"So does this mean I am a cumdump?"

SB laughed.  I leaned over and cleaned his cock and balls.  He was almost too sensitive from how turned on he was.

"You know, this is one of my deepest fantasies."

SB nodded as he cuddled up next to me.  "Wait till you see what I have next for you." he said, as he started to fall off to sleep.

"The floodgates are open, you know that, right?   Like, I want.... so much." I said, being honest.  My dick was throbbing from being so hard and shooting so many times, yet still hornier than ever.

"One step at a time.  But, I promise you will get every want and need... and every hole... filled." SB said gently.  "For now, rest."

How could I sleep with the smell of cum in the room?  I knew I was going to end up jacking off at least once more before my hormones would give up.  One sentence kept ringing in my head as SB slipped off to sleep.  "Wait till you see what I have next for you."  What does that mean?   I was going to think about that for a long time before I could sleep.


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Hey yall.  Thank you for being so supportive and amazing.  I recently finished uni, so *whew* I will be able to post more frequently  This post does not have any sex in it, but it does set up for the future.  

WARNING - this post and the next two posts (possibly 3) contain incest adjacent material - Mainly family members sharing a bottom "crossing swords" as it were, without direct contact between members.  If this material offends you, please skip the next 3-4 installments.  There will be plenty more!  (PS this is entirely fictional... for now....)

“I have an… unusual request.” SB said, as we were laying in the post fuck glow of or orgasms, panting. 

“Ok…” I replied, tentatively, while panting and toweling off the load I just blew all over my chest while he was pounding my hole. 

SB didn’t say anything for a while.  I think he was at a loss for words.  Or he had fallen asleep.  I lifted my head and turned to see if he was awake.  It looked like he was actually nervous.

“Whats wrong?  What is it babe?” I asked, now concerned. 

“Nothing is wrong.  Its just.  This is kind of, I don’t know.. [banned word].  Like, maybe it crosses a line?” SB said, now almost visibly shaking. 

“[banned word].  Well, we have always talked about everything and neither of us has ever judged each other.  That is one of the things that makes our relationship strong.  And if there is something wrong, we will work it out.  So.. why don’t you just tell me?” I said, honestly.  We did have fantastic communication, which is how I was able to tell him I was into the anon scene. 

I gave him a minute to think.  “Ok, but if this makes you uncomfortable, or you get squigged out, tell me and we will never talk about it again.” He said, with deadly seriousness in his gaze.  He rolled over to face me as I sat up, now a bit worried.  I just nodded for him to go on.

“Well, you know, we have explored your fantasy about anon… and I told you I had more.  There is more.  We will do way more.” He stopped for a moment, almost at a stutter.  Wow, he was shaken up, I thought.  “What I am trying to say is, I love that and want to do more of that.  And we are going to soon.  But there is another thing I want to try.  And it might cross a line with you, I don’t know, because we have never talked about it.”

“Babe, you keep talking about crossing a line.  But you have to tell me first before we can even talk about it.  I have to know where you want to go, I can’t read your mind.  I promise I wont freak or go crazy, but you have to speak.” I said, patiently, trying to hold my composure as he started to freak me out just a little too.  Was he talking like sticking a snake up my ass now or something?

“Well, you know the soccer team that we go watch sometimes.. the one my Tio coaches…. The adults league that a few of my cousins and friends play on?” He asked, now making some progress.

“Yes, we are going to go see them play next week right?” I said.

“Yeah, well…  Some of the players…  Well…  I mean.   Some of the players in the past have gotten together and held a party.” He continued.

“Don’t we do that basically anytime we win?” I asked, now really confused.

“Not… That kind of party.  The kind of party with a sling and lube, and…” He hesitated, and I shocked blurted out. “Oh.”  I couldn’t think of what else to say.

“So are you asking to go, you want us to go to one of these parties?” I asked, now recovering.  I mean, I had always wanted to go to a sex party, so I was starting to ease out of the doom and gloom that he was casting over me. 

“Yes.  And no.  What I mean is that, well, I am not the only one in my family who is not straight…” He said, with a half smile.  “I am also not the only one into big burly bears either.”

“Ok.  So, bi?  Most of them present straight at least.  Well, I guess there is Tony, he is def out and proud.  Hes in to bears?  Nice!” I said, smiling.

“Whatever they are…  What I am saying is… Well here goes….   They want you to be the bottom for the night.  They want to put you up in the sling and have you as the one just hanging, waiting for anyone to just come up and drop a load.” 

You could have heard a pin drop.  Hell, I could hear the dust falling and landing on the carpet.  I had no conceivable frame of mind to process this.   He was asking for me to be a gangbang bottom, which I am for sure interested in, but with people he knows and bits of his family?  I mean… How does someone even process that?

And yet… in the back of my mind…  A small voice just whispered “You know you want to.”



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This part ended up a lot longer than I intended, so I cut it for now.  More tomorrow!


"So... Like, what do I say?  When I walk in?  This is...  Awkward.  I didn't think that I would feel this awkward around your family.  This is starting to mess me up." I was telling him in the car.  It had been three weeks since he had asked me to do this party.  I had a lot of processing to do, and he let me do it.  He didn't bring it up, but he did answer questions whenever I had them - namely, yes, he had been to one of these parties before.  He had participated when he was back in the league, not just watching it.   It was a semi-regular thing (a couple of times a year) that their wives/gf/whatevers allowed them to participate in.   And a suprising number of the players were actually into it.  More than half.   

"Just walk in, grab a beer, and say hi to everyone like you always do.  There is only one rule... well two I guess... no filming, and no telling anyone about this.  The ladies of the house are away on some retreat, and you know this lovely house.  Its all going to be in the backyard, and there is a state of the art security system that will tell anyone if someone unexpected is coming so we can deal with it.  So far, everyone has stayed to the agreement.  And besides, I told you the team loved you.  I just didn't tell you that they found you incredibly sexy as well."  SB said, straight faced.  

I sighed.  I hadnt eaten all day so I could be ready for this event, and a beer was going to hit me hard.  As big of a bear as I was, I was a complete lightweight.  I worked up the courage and pushed on the door to open it.  "Ok, here goes."  I said.  

"Don't worry, I will be there for anything you need.  And if you feel uncomfortable or out of place or anything, just signal me and I will end it." SB said, as we walked through the front door.   Tio was standing there.  "Hey Hey!" he said, giving a big hug to both SB and I.   "We are all out back.  Help yourself to anything there.  We are still waiting for a few people, so I will wait out here."

As we walked through a gorgeous mansion, we heard the music outside as always.  The neighbors were far enough away and didn't care what they did, because there was some sort of party here 2-3 times a month.  This would just be one more party.   The backyard was stunning, with a handpaved brick patio, leading out to a lovely lawn and a gazebo.  The only thing out of the ordinary tonight was missing tables (there were chairs), and the big ol sling in the space under the gazebo.  The fence was a very tall slat fence, hand built by tio, with a thick hedge outside of the fence, trimmed quite tall.  Someone would have to try really hard with a ladder to actually see inside.   

"Here we go" I thought, shaking slightly, as we entered the beautiful yard.  The guys were all standing around with beers in hand, chatting, bragging, laughing.  Typical.  But they were all shirtless and barefoot with only shorts on.   I guessed they were probably commando.   My cock stirred at that thought.  

"There's the man of the hour!" Ray said.  I couldn't help but blush, as he came up and greeted SB and I.   Ray was a tall, slender, just barely starting to get muscular, dude.  He was the oldest of the group.  Pretty face, and long hair that he usually kept neat.  

"Hello." I said, not trying to be awkward, but also not knowing what else to say.

He laughed.  "Dude, its alright.  Chill.  Thats what we are all about to do.  Let loose, let your hair down, have some fun."  Most of the team was very outgoing, but Ray was the most.  From the first day SB had brought me home, he was the first of his cousins to greet me enthusiastically.  

It went like that for a while, me going around greeting everyone, which was traditional in SB's family and friends.  There were 9 guys in total, and after greeting, I went and grabbed a beer.  "This is wierd" I said to SB.  

"Oh come on, I know that some of them are very very your type.  Especially Anthony and Mike.   You have to be twitching at the thought of getting railed by them." SB laughed.  "Just relax, and enjoy it, alright?"

I sat and had small talk with SB and a few others.  I was too nervous, and I think they sensed it.  My eyes darted around until I saw Iz, who just walked in after having been buzzed in.  Everyone cheered, and he took off his shirt like everyone else, going over to grab a beer.  "Dude, your brother is hot."  I said, finally breaking through the awkwardness with SB.  "I am allowed to say that now that... well, this."  

"I guess you are." SB laughed.   And just on que, Iz walked over after having chugged one beer, and just opening another.   

Iz was a small dude, but lots of muscle.  He was about 5'2' and was one cocky dude.  But he was fast with the ball, and he played hard.  His dark hair cascaded down his tight cut sides.  Unlike SB, he had straight hair, and he liked it to look messy and sweat-drippy all the time, even if it was bone dry.  His face was cute, with just a small chin tuft goatee.   He was smooth elsewhere.  And he had a cute little bubble but.  

"So, we going to get this party started or what?" he asked, as he approached letting out a belch.  He looked straight at me and said "sup?" with an upward head bob, as he dropped the front of his shorts.  He revealed a gorgeously well trimmed, yet plentiful, bush of thick dark pubes, and a cut, slightly slender, respectable 6.5" cock.   "I haven't gotten laid in like two weeks since I heard we were having this party" he smiled at me "I can't hold back much longer.  I want to fuck."

I got down onto my knees without looking at SB, and took his lovely soft cock in my mouth.  It was so damn soft and warm and smelled so good.  It was musky in all the right way.  I heard Iz sigh as I took it all in, and as others cheered and clapped and laughed at how he got the party started.   

I gave my best oral, as I saw everyone watching on.  Most convos had stalled, and everyone was just kind of slack jawed.   The beautiful mocha dick slid right down my throat, and he was precumming hard.  I pulled off his now fully hard cock, and went to work on his balls.  Using my tongue, I gave nice long strokes before taking each ball into my mouth and sucking them, giving them the care they deserved.  Prepping them to drop the load they were desperately containing.   Iz eyes were rolling back in his head.  "Fuck, I don't want to cum without fucking you, so bend over."  

I had not even yet taken my clothes off, so SB helped me as I took everything off except my jock, and several of the guys had moved up to feel my body.  That was the only moment I felt self conscious.  Here I was surrounded by hot soccer players, most slim and built like complete jocks, and here I was a big ol hairy burly bear.  The moment passed as Iz turned me around.  He was going to fuck me with spit, but SB stopped him.  "We have a lot of doing today, he needs to start with some lube."  

"Oh fuck, sorry dude.  I thought you would have loaded him up before coming and he would be pre lubed.  Alright."  SB got behind me and lubed me up as I bent over a chair.   No one had yet whipped out their cock, they were savoring the moment. 

Once SB had finished, he handed the bottle to Iz.  Iz lubed up his raging monster, and lined up his cock to my hole.   My heart skipped a beat when I felt the warm slick head lined up to the entrance to my hole.  "You ready to become a slut tonight boy?" he asked?   My heart pounded.  I hadn't expected dirty talk like this and my cock went from soft to hard instantly.  

"Yes sir" is all I could croak out.  

"This first load will be fast, but I promise to come give you at least two more tonight, boy."  Iz said, as he slid inside of me.

My hole gave way to SB's brother's cock.  I was shaking all over as I closed my eyes, overloaded with the senses and thoughts of it all.  He slid balls deep in one quick motion, and thankfully he was on the slender side to give my hole a chance to warm up.  I couldn't help but moan as he bottomed out.  "Thats my little slut." Iz said.  "Now I am going to get this first load out.  Just relax" he said as he began pumping in and out of me.  

He was not there for my pleasure.  He was pounding hard and fast, my hole gripping his cock by instinct as he slid in and out of me.  He must have been precumming hard because even after about three pumps there seemed to be a lot more lube than was there before.   I panted as he clapped my cheeks, the aching need for his load taking over.  "Cum inside of me Iz.  Give me that nut." I said as I clamped down a little on his cock.  

That was it.  It wasn't even 30 seconds of fucking, he just buried into me and let out a moan as his aching balls let out a torrent of cum inside of me.   Four, five, six, seven pulses and I felt every splatter of cum inside of me.   

Iz sighed and began panting as the last of it filled me up.  "Clench so you dont loose my cum.  I think Axl wants to play in it next."   I did as he told, and he slid out of me with a satisfying plop.

"Let's get you in the sling so you don't get tired out bending over a chair." Axl said, Iz walking away high fiving Tio and Tony.     

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