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    Like to suck swirl and swallow! Love nip play and dirty talk.
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    Retired G Employee
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    Working towards wanting to get bred.

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  1. Stopped at the local video arcade last week. Cruised the booths and the theater. Hooked up with a Latino about 30, 6’ 2” 215lbs with black hair and lightly furred. 6 inch uncut with a trimmed bush and a light fuzz on his butt. Got a chance to suck his cock for a bit and then he turned around. I got to slurp and munch on that delicious ass. He wasn’t ready for further action so we exchanged numbers. Hope to munch on him again real soon.
  2. Loved it. Certainly off to a great start. Need more chapters please!
  3. Sexy bottom; nice profile. 

  4. I’d be worried about warehouse cameras…
  5. Is Club St Louis open 24/7 now? And is it a good place to go for bareback breeding?
  6. Wonderful story.. Need to see more chapters! Like the picture denoting what the Daddy stud would look like. He can ravish my hole anytime!
  7. Love it … just how I’d like to be transformed and converted! More please!!
  8. Nice beginning….I am hard already… More please!
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