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  1. I just got pissed on for the first time last week. It was so hot. That's all the guy wanted to do with me. He pissed on me, made me clean his cock with my mouth, spit in my face and walked right out. I wish i got it right from the tap down my throat though.
  2. Thanks for following  handsome. 

    1. evilcoyote


      You are welcome

  3. I just had my third time ever and the guy was a redneck twice my age with a HUGE cock. He said 11 inches. He just dumped three loads back to back in me while he verbally taunted me and called me all kinds of names, and he even made me drink his piss! I feel so slutty and so hot. I LOVED IT, HAHA. I came handsfree just from him putting it in.
  5. Lehighcubb on kik. I'd love to chat with anyone.
  6. I just had my second cock and it was uncut and 12 inches. He said he's never had a hole this young or tight and blew three loads in me back to back. I feel so good. He was so much hotter than the man who popped me too. I came handsfree in my jock when he was working the second load in me. I can't wait to have more. 


    1. scott0882


      Very hot taking his cock and loads. Awesome pic that you posted. 

  7. I got my cherry popped one day before the stay at home order, and after it happened i just wanted more and more, but it'll have to wait. When this is all over i want so many other men to breed me.
  8. I just joined sniffies and WOW there was a hot Daddy twice my age who wants to use me as soon as he can. You were all so right about that site. I can't wait until i can finally get bred for a second time. This guy's cock is MASSIVE.
  9. I just got my cherry bred away before the quarantine because of doublelist. He was so hot and straight, and just needed a young hole to breed.
  10. just messaged you. this sound great. kik: lehighcubb
  11. Thank you for following back, Sir. Its nice to meet you.

  12. Thank you for following back, Sir. Its so nice to meet you. Your cock is magnificent. 

  13. Thank you so much for following back, Sir. Its nice to meet you. 

  14. Fuckin'Oink~!🐷Please keep sharing your pix, and adventures. Pigs🐽 like you make visiting BZ the best part of my day. Thanks for your follow too. X0X

    1. LehighCub


      Thank you so much, Sir. With so many hot guys and stories on here i have a feeling i'll be posting so much more. I'm always up to chat if you'd like. 

  15. This story has me riding my biggest, fattest plug like a dog in heat. I can't wait for more.
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