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Daddy's Gonna Fuck You Up


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Part 1 – The Urinal

The boy moaned as I shoved my full 10 inches into his ass in one go, my pubes briefly mingling with the sparse hairs around his hole before I completely pulled out and violated his pussy again and again, quickly building up a brutal pace. I could tell he was in fag heaven: completely tweaked out, on all fours, with a hung aggressive brute beating up his cunt and choking him with big, muscular arms.

“You like that, don’t you baby?”

“Yes daddy!”

“You like being my little bitch, don’t you?”

“Y-yes daddy!”

“Daddy’s going to use you however he wants, isn’t that right?”

“Yes daddy, whatever you want.”

I didn’t need to wait for his responses to know what he was going to say. I’ve seen the kid around in bars and clubs recently, his lean body, captivating smile, and early 20s charm ensuring he never went home alone. I’d often see him entering a bathroom with a guy or two, exiting some time later with his hair completely disheveled and eyes unable to focus. The whore was obviously trading his hole for drugs.

“Daddy’s gonna pimp you out to his friends. You want that, don’t you? Daddy’s gonna feed you drugs and cum nonstop. Daddy’s gonna fuck you up. Fuck you up real bad.”

He didn’t seem to believe me. Or at least he didn’t understand what I meant, despite the hard slaps to the face that left his poppers-addled head ringing. Despite the red imprint my hands left on his neck trying to get a tighter fit in his throat while I fucked it raw. All his whore mind cared about was the cock that just started seeding his pathetic cunt and the drugs pumping through his system. He didn’t really understand that I would wreck his worthless hole beyond recognition, that I would break both his body and his mind.

“Yes daddy,” he said. “Please fuck me up! Please make me your whore!”

The whore must be new in town. How else could I explain the complete trust he had in me when I guided his naked teenage body through that seedy sex club by a leash several hours later? Had he actually been from around here, he might have known to avoid me, just like the other boys learned to do the hard way. Excited at first to go home with a hung, muscular, bearded hunk, they soon learn they’re getting more than they bargained for. None of them left my place without bruises. One faggot I even sent home with a concussion, beating his face mercilessly when he tried to pull his mouth off my dick, my shaft blocking any access to oxygen. 

The word soon spread, and it became difficult to lure a hole back to my place for any form of release. No matter. I would tell them to wait for me in the alley with their asses out, or else. Most complied, excited by the thought of being nothing but a hole for a rough fucker to use. Only one entitled little black twink dared to tell me to fuck off before turning around and rejoining his group of friends. At that moment, I was faced with a choice: let it go, and see my authority and control over these pathetic cunts diminish, or teach him – and everyone else by extension – that saying no was simply not an option. I watched him the next several times I went out, patiently waiting for a moment to teach the bitch a lesson. On a snowy night a week later, I cornered him in a dark alley near the bar with two other fuckers who wanted in on the action. A flash of recognition spread across his face as he saw me, and he quickly turned to run. My friends grabbed him and held his arms behind his back, bringing him back to face me.

“You’ll pay for what you said the other night, cunt. Nobody disrespects me like that.”

“I’m sorry man! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know! Please! I won’t do it again!”

“It’s too late for that, you little piece of shit.”

“Please” he said as he started struggling against the men holding him. Normally, I would find his attempts to resist cute – an adorable attempt to prevent the inevitable. Tonight, it was just another insult. A punch to the guts and kick to the balls later, the bitch was on the ground, writhing in pain as we ripped his clothes off him and flipped him onto his stomach. I spat on my dick, lined it up with his hole and started pushing in, my friends slapping the bitch with every “no” and “please” that came from his mouth.
“There’s no way to stop this, bitch. You brought this on yourself.”

A brutal fuck ensued, with the three of us dumping multiple loads into the abused cunt. Soon he just stopped resisting, and lay there limp – except for the occasional shiver – waiting for it to pass. After I dumped my final load into him, I quietly whispered into his ear: “You got off lucky tonight cunt. Disrespect me like that again, and something much worse will be waiting for you.” Shaking from the cold, sobbing, and destroyed, he barely managed a slight nod through the tears. For good measure, the three of us pissed on him and took his clothes with us, leaving him wet and naked on that freezing winter night.

“Good luck getting home with no money, bitch.”

I saw him again at the club a few days later. Try as he might to avoid my gaze, our eyes met for a brief second. I motioned to the exit, got up, and walked out of the club into the back alley. He came out just a few seconds later, pulled his pants down, and stuck his ass out without a word. Nobody dared refuse me after that. 
Luckily for my whore tonight, it had never come to that. He smiled sheepishly as the men in the sex club started inspecting his body, and it didn’t take long before one of them had his cock buried in the boy’s guts, quickly pumping out a load before being replaced by another. The slut seemed to be enjoying himself, smiling at the attention and moaning as each new dick bathed his insides in cum. After the fifth load, I decided he had had enough fun. I had other plans for him

“With me, boy!” I said, as I tugged on his leash. Picking up my bag, I led him to the toilets, a large room with a raised urinal trough and stalls lining the walls, the floor wet with piss. 

“Put these on,” I barked at the whore as I threw him a set of wrist and ankle cuffs. He quickly obliged.

“Kneel!” I said, and so he did, kneeling on all fours in front of the urinal. I attached his ankles and wrists to the chain clasps bolted into the concrete floor. I pulled out a mask with two tubes sticking out of it from my bag, and covered his head, careful to put the fatter end of one of the tubes into his mouth, stifling his confused objections. I then unscrewed the drainpipe leading out of the urinal, replacing it with the other end of the tube. The second tube was shorter, and just hung from the mask. I took a step back to admire my handiwork.

My whore looked perfect. The tube connecting his mouth to the drain was already being filled with piss from the urinal, while his unfocused eyes, normally visible through the glass visor, were quickly obscured by the cigarette, weed, and meth smoke mercilessly blown in by strangers through the other tube, robbing the bitch of any fresh air. It didn’t take long for the first anonymous dick to find its way up the whore’s cunt.

To say the bitch was fed only piss for the next several hours would be an understatement. It became a running joke to “do a line with the bathroom bitch”. Men would walk in, prepare lines for themselves and their friends to snort, and dump the last line into the urinal as part of the whore’s urine cocktail. Meth, coke, ketamine, MDMA… it was difficult to keep track of the chemicals that disappeared down the whore tube. Some of the men would ash their cigarettes and spit loogies into the trough, while others would bend over and push several loads out their asses for the slut to eat. Every once in a while, a stray pube found its way down the drain. The bitch was probably too high to even register what was going on at this point. Even if his body tried to get rid of the chemicals the normal way – vomiting – it would just be pushed back into the tube and he’d have to drink it up again. 

I could imagine the boy was in considerable pain: his sore, puffy, tender cunt, was constantly leaking cum and reduced to an unrecognizable mess by the relentless assault of dick after dick. His knees and palms were covered in cuts and bruises from the friction against the concrete floor. The pool of piss, dirt, and sweat around him must have been stinging those open wounds. Not that he could voice any complaints. The tube in his mouth widened into a ball at its end, completely gagging the bitch and reducing all screams into muffled grunts, moans and coughs gargled out of the urinal drain. 

When I finally felt the boy had had enough piss, I took the mask off his face and pulled the tube from his mouth, replacing it with a mouth spreader. Grabbing a fistful of his hair with one hand, I put my fully hard dick into his mouth and started sliding it in, pushing past the entrance of his throat until I was completely buried inside him. I went down on my knees and - not wanting to kneel on the uncomfortable floor - rested them on the whore’s knuckles. The whore’s screams were muffled by the 10 inches lodged in his throat, protesting as I painfully crushed his hands into the concrete floor below. With my other hand, I plugged his nose, waiting for the pain in his eyes to be replaced by panic from the lack of oxygen. I didn’t have to wait long - soon his eyes were darting left and right as he frantically tried to pull himself off my dick. I held on just a bit longer: waiting until he was just seconds away from passing out. Waiting for him to truly start fearing for his pathetic life.

That’s when I started mercilessly facefucking the bitch. Letting go of his nose and holding his head in place with both hands, I quickly built up a rough pace, my knees grinding his already cut up palms into the filthy ground. The bitch only had a fraction of a second to gasp at the oxygen he desperately needed before my shaft plugged his throat again and again. Within seconds he started puking. Strangers’ piss gushed out of his mouth and nostrils in spurts, coating my dick with piss, throat slime, and the pubes that found their way down his whore throat. I slowed down for just a second, pulling his head back in until his nose was buried in my pubes, and forcing him to breathe in the stench of his stomach contents. He puked again directly into my crotch, and accidentally inhaled the urine. He started coughing, and my dick twitched at the thought of his lungs drowning in the chem piss that was in his stomach just a moment before. I resumed my brutal fuck, watching as the fountain of piss escaping his mouth grew smaller and smaller until he was retching nothing but air. Then I slammed my dick into him one last time, grinding his face into my pubes as I deposited a load straight down his gullet. 

Slowly, I pulled out. The hoarse breathing and coughing coming from the bitch told me his throat had been fucked raw. His bloodshot eyes drooped shut as tears and snot mixed with the drool hanging off his chin. I got up off the whore’s hands, lifting his face to mine so I could breathe in the piss-coated haze wafting from his mouth with every exhale. But I wasn’t finished yet. Motioning to another guy beside me to hold his head up by his hair, I pulled his eyelids open and let loose a torrent of piss straight into eyes, eliciting another raspy scream as he tried in vain to escape. As the torrent slowed to a stream, and then a trickle, I looked to his ass, realizing that I had been completely ignoring his other hole since we were back at my place. Yet another stranger was adding his load to the who-knows how many were already inside. I removed the mouth spreader and heard the whore breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that I must be done for now, but my dick twitched yet again at the thought of tearing his worthless cunt to pieces.

I was far from done.

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Great story.  I cannot wait to read more.   It is like a memory to me as my life was like this 35 years ago.  Leather club, aggressive daddies, anonymous rough group sex, being used as a urinal cumdump fuckhole, feed so much cum, piss and drugs I did not know often know what day it was or how long I had been being used!    

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