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    Anonymous meetings, Bindfolded, Gloryholes
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    Not on Prep
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    Poz tops to breed and seed me.

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  1. Love these old stories was freakin hot! Blew my load when Sam blew his toxic load up Bryans hole!
  2. I stand corrected thanks for pointing this out.
  3. I'm a bottom and i love when a guy fingers me first before breeding me.
  4. Nice start! That'swhat i like to do motel face down ass up blindfolded waiting what a rush when the topstarts fucking you!
  5. If youron prep you shouldn't have an issue, but the choice is yoursif you double up your dose.
  6. I always use poppers but have been useing them less love all the pressure on my hole as the top pushes his way in.
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