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  1. Not much actual sex here but I will at some point continue, this is fiction but one or two points are based on fact. When I left school, my sister, Tracy, got me my first job, working in a bar as a glass collector, the bar was split into three, upstairs where the younger more wild crowd where, middle bar where the owner hung out with his friends and the lower bar where the hardened crowd, the older drinkers went, although to me at that age everyone was older. My job was to clear glasses from tables, wash-up, empty the drip trays and restock the bars as required My sister worked behind the bar at the top and middle bars with other staff, but the lower bar was run exclusively by Pete, at first I liked Pete, he always had a drink ready for me and always a smile and a chat, but I liked the top bar with the younger crowd, besides some of the guys up there told me that Pete was gay and had a thing for young lads, hinting that he liked me in that way, of course after that I used to be a bit more observant, and I would notice him looking at me and it made me uncomfortable, especially when he brushed past me. So, I avoided going down there but inevitably got told off by the boss and told to treat all the bars the same. My sister occasionally would go to the lower bar and chat with Pete, sometimes I got the impression they were talking about me, they would look smile laugh. I tried to ignore it but it became very obvious. I had a girlfriend Helen, same age as me but vastly more experienced. 5 foot 10, great body, loved sex, what else could I ask for? Although as we both lived at home, we struggled to find places to go. My sister got on well with Helen, they would go shopping or for drinks together and my sister was a wild thing, a bad influence, if they had a night out I would ring Helen the next day to arrange to meet to invariably find her hung over. So, one Friday night, I am thinking about how Helen and I could have some alone time the following night, one of my infrequent Saturdays off, the lower bar was closed for renovation and the smell of paint fumes where keeping the customers away, so fewer staff required. I call up Helen only to be told, “Oh, I’m sorry sweetie, I have arranged to go out with Tracy”, I am already angry with my sister and confront her, “you knew I wanted to spend time with Helen, instead you decide to fuck up my evening”. She replied with, “oh don’t worry, you have been invited to a party, Pete has invited you!” “I don’t want to go to a party with that queer” “Oh don’t worry, I’ll be there too, Helen is coming too” That’s where I made my mistake, I accepted a lift from my sister to the party but when I asked if we were picking Helen up, I was told she would make her own way…… sooooo, we got this house in the middle of an estate, no idea where, there were a few cars there both my sister and I get out and go into the house, surprise surprise, it is just guys, my sister is the only female there, she reassures me others will be there soon, but in the meantime she needs the toilet, she wanders over to Pete and points me out the disappears to the toilet. Pete comes over with a couple of drinks and talks to me whilst I wat for Tracy to come back, I am not comfortable, not comfortable at all, especially as when I start to look for her I see one guy giving another guy a blowjob, I look into another room two men naked on the bed in each other’s arms. A third room a big TV is showing gay porn and by now my head is buzzing, I feel unsteady, I go outside and find my sisters car is missing. I try to phone her but my phone is not in my pocket, did I leave it somewhere? Pete guides me back to the house, I am so unsteady. That my friends is about all I remember. I woke up the next morning, naked, on a bed with 4 other naked men all passed out. I get up, I feel sick, my limbs ache, my mouth tastes awful, the corners of my mouth are cracked and white flaky stuff is on my body, its on my face and comes off as I rub my face, my bum feels sore, very sore, but at the same time feels empty, and amazingly, my groin has been totally shaven clean. I feel sick to the pit of my stomach my headaches my nipples feel like they have been torn from my body and for some strange reason I have a handcuff attached to my left wrist, just hanging there. I am standing there in a room with 4 other naked men, sorry 6, two more are on the floor spooning. I look for my clothes, I find my jeans but my wallet has been taken from my pocket and pretty much emptied and left on top of my jeans, my cards are there but my provisional driving licence is gone and so has the little cash I had. I search for the rest of my clothes, I find one sock which may or may not be mine, I can’t find my underwear, I find one trainer in one corner and the other in another, I can’t find my tee-shirt so in the end I just grab one off the floor, no idea who it belongs too, I cant find the keys to the handcuff and want to get out before anyone wakes, I go to a bathroom, passing by stuff that I have never seen before, but know to be drug stuff, syringe, lighter, spoon tin foil, I’ve seen this shit on TV but never in real life. In the bathroom it stinks of piss, yes I know some bathrooms do, but I can see in the bath, the plug is in and there is half an inch or so of piss, in the bottom of the tub, at least I am guessing that’s what it is. I check myself out, my first concern is my bum, I reach back and touch my hole, it feels swollen and puffy, there is more of the flaky substance around my hole and on my bum cheeks. I get dressed the best I can, and look for a way out. I leave the house through the kitchen passing two men one sat on a kitchen chair the other sat on him facing him, both kissing both naked, they just smile at me as I leave then go back to kissing and walk away. I walk for maybe an hour or more when a car coming towards me slows and I realise it is my sister, she turns the car around so she is travelling my way, she opens the door I go to get in as what else would I do, she has a big grin on her face smiling from ear to ear, “I hear from Pete you had a great night, life and soul of the party he said” “wait”……she reaches into the back gets out a small towel and folds it and puts it on the passenger seat, “don’t want you leaking on my seat” she says with a massive grin. “you dumped me there” “I told you I was going out with Helen”, she replies, besides Pete says you had a fantastic time and everyone loved you, I mean they really loved you” as she laughed to herself “Anyway”, she continued, “you couldn’t have come with me and Helen, 5 would have been an awkward number” “what do you mean 5”, I ask suspicion dawning on me “Well, there was me, Jon”, (tracys boyfriend) “Helen and Daniel” “who the fuck is Daniel” Tracy snarled at me, “don’t you raise your voice or swear at me, Daniel is Helens new friend”, “she was telling me how brilliant he is and how talented” “what do you mean” “oh nothing little brother, don’t worry about it, after all you have new friends now too, I am sure Helen wouldn’t be jealous of them” I sit there brooding, we don’t say anything for a while until Tracy points out the bruises on my arm, I hadn’t noticed before, three thumb size bruises in the crook of my left arm, three small dots, I couldn’t bring myself to admit what they were, although Tracy knew and suggested next time I do it somewhere less obvious, like in my groin or in my cock, I couldn’t believe she just suggested that to me, Jesus did people really do that? Stick a needle in their cock? Not me, no way, no way at all. I don’t do drugs, and I wont stick things in my groin or cock and I wont be going to anymore parties. I closed my eyes and leant against the window feeling so totally and utterly depressed and just wanting to get home and climb into bed and sleep.
  2. do you know if you have to phone and book to visit Greenhouse? thinking of spending the day there Monday

  3. Thanks, I look forward to getting my arse down there again
  4. Has Luton got better? last time i went most screens had gone and a gym was installed
  5. always the same, too far away, i am versatile, but know a Top who would pimp for you, BB only of course, he recently had one of his bitches another married slut, circumcised at a clinic in Luton, not a care for what his wife might say or think, and the bitch went along with it, willingly, with you, i would recommend a gay tattoo on your arse so your wife could see it
  6. yes, i agree, it is difficult to set anarbitrary age, after all, I have known men in thier 20's who really shouldnt be allowed to make some of lifes decisions,
  7. yes, completely agree, but think it obscene that at 16 you can join the military, not be old enough to vote, ie, make some of lifes decisions but not others
  8. love it, the downfall of Lucy, brilliant, thank you
  9. will have to get myself to mansfield and you can make me bleed
  10. would love to feel that in me, rubbing me raw
  11. Blew and got fucked by a "straight" cab driver, he started stalking me after that, hanging outside my house in his cab, we had a fun few times although got a little kinky when he wanted to talk about his daughters, (both grown and one left home married. But he was fun and loved the idea of having an affair knowing I wanted nothing more than sex
  12. happily take your 7". more than enough for me to keep you happy
  13. would be good to join you in that, get wasted together get down and dirty
  14. absolutely love this story, it leaves so many unanswered questions for the reader to fill in themselves, like will the two university hopefuls get pregnant? and or pozzed? Of course the police wouldnt want to know so maybe they would come back with thier mothers to try and get some answers. Will the mother by the pool get pozzed and infect others? How much of a slut will Lucy become? none of these are suggestions, merely thoughts in my own head. Great story love it.
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