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I have been drinking from the urinals


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I love drinking from the tap and being used as a human urinal but I have a thing about waiting for a hot guy to take a piss and then heading into the bathroom and licking the urinal he’s just pissed into clean. This one time I was sat in a café and found Alex Pettyfer, that actor from Magic Mike sitting across from me. I waited an hour until he pissed just before he left and went into the cubicle. He’d left the seat down and pissed on it. I could see the drops of his dark yellow piss everywhere and on the floor. I got on my knees and licked up every last bit of it and it was perfectly bitter, nutty and salty. I still jerk off thinking about it. Probably the hottest thing I’ve ever done. 

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On 6/6/2022 at 10:48 AM, tomzefis said:

new member here!

 Ive been obsessed with piss and lately I found a way to "drink piss" that is not really nice, but this is what I was doing.

I went to this huge BAR that had those huge urinal,it was late, lot of drunk guys...I would just leave some plastic cups inside the urinals and wait to see if a hot or nice straight guy come and piss inside the cup. I would wait him leave the bathroom , grab the cup, go into the reserved area and drink it all while I jerked off.

Was a dream come true. Unfortunatelly now there is a bathroom janitorial staying there most of the time, so Im not sure if im gonna be able to do that again...but I hope the janitorial goes away

I was wondering if more guys do that type of thing 😄


Yes, absolutely! Over the years I've gotten many dozens loads of piss left in the bathroom in beer bottles, water bottles, pint glasses, red solo cups, etc. And on numerous occasions I've found broken urinals that don't flush with a lot of golden piss just calling my name. I've slurped plenty of that directly from those urinals and licked the rims of the urinals to get all that concentrated flavor. A lot of bars have replaced urinals with troughs so it's harder to find these days. But Home Depot and plenty of other businesses still have them. I always like to visit the men's rooms and seek out which ones have urinals that are often broken or otherwise unflushed AND don't use urinal cakes. Those are the places that get more of my business.

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