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    atlanta metro/ gwinnett
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    ws/ cum/ rimming/ pigs. homeless guys truckers all pigs. any race. ritual sex k9 curious. being total tina slut. I have hit the glass pipe first time 2017. loved it and took huge BBC in my normally tight kunt in the darkroom. NEED MORE TINA. amputees urged to breed here role play/ verbal/sleaze
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    great cocksucker looking to add throat fuckee skills. love dark room breeding. working my way up to bb cumdump, no load refused. love to be used/abused, especially my low hanging bull balls. pumper here=have gotten my ballbag 13in around. man nipples are also pumped. FOR YOUR PLEASURE/EVIL LUSTS SIRS
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    sleazy tops who use their cock as a weapon. want to be pimped out to POZ TINA tops, even other bottoms. i'm a fag's fag

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  1. ok clue me in guys. ive only ever smoked t. never heard of t in a CAPSULE. in powder form??
  2. heres a hot visual. I piss into a condom. then holding it tight in place I jack off into it. the cumload comes out in a 3d stream into the piss. try this guys!! its so hot to pass to the next guy who adds his own load, then share with all who want it.
  3. atl burbs: oral and anal cumdump takes all loads. pigboi 404-227-4563.
  4. hey man. this is pigron in duluth. slam virgin here. but have smoked. love piss and looking to get ff cherry popped. i would love to bond with men in the group. hmu for fone
  5. I want the entire family t'd up and serving
  6. back in my 20-30s.i jacked off 3 times a day everyday. when i washorny to getfukd jacking did no good. i had no choice but to get bred. i used to call it in heat. then i was good for another 6 months
  7. guys. anybody know of treatment for anal wart?? otc remedies that work or am i hitting the dr's office?? help me out. thanks
  8. i use poppers all the time. even when im just jacking off by myself. I love the rush and nutt extra heavy.
  9. great story!! like the other guys, im hard as a rock
  10. anyone have good source for hypno files/dvds ?? usually binaural stuff is what I run into.
  11. stud you and I need to get naked!!
  12. hell ya bud. I want all you can sperm up. email me for address.
  13. well I don't have blue balls...I nutted half way thru. I knew where this was going. if only my hs gym teacher had seen my potential !!! this is just one reason teachers need better pay. LOL "roll on brother".
  14. I shot a load and a half over this. atl guys hmu for similar RT breed scene
  15. I get Amsterdam and super rush too. but there is new one called double scorpio. they are smooth and deep at same time. I swear they enhance my erections instead of killing them like regular poppers. www.doublescorpio.com if I start hitting the bottle=im bottoming for real.

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