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College Daze


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***Writers Note***

This is a continuation of a story previously written in a non backroom area. I'll begin here with a brief "overview" of it.

Although my first year of college was pretty mundane, simply jacking off to straight porn with my roomie, my summer break changed all of that.  Thanks to my best friend, and his dad, I became the cum dump slut that I was meant to be.  I hated having to go back to school after the summer as my friend and his dad had so much fun over the summer.  From my friend slowly seducing me, and leading me into a gay lifestyle, to having sex with him and his dad, as well as other men and boys. As much as I hated going back, I took it as a challenge to myself to have fun.

And fun i had!  My second year of college was the most amazing time of my life!  My old roomie and I had fun, but this time it was more than jacking to straight porn.  Just as my friend introduced me to the gay lifestyle, I would do the same for him!

My new roomie was a hung top, with an insatiable need to breed.  He convinced me to join a fuckternity, and even convinced me to have sex with a FTM Jock pussy.  He was teaching me to become versatile and would even introduce me to things I've never  experienced before.  There was no lack of sex between us and others. Not a day went by where one of our cocks wasn't in the others ass, or on those slower days in our mouths.

Then a strange thing happened about midway through the semester. My roomie was becoming a bit more romantic.  Instead of just fucking daily, we made love.  Lots more kissing and cuddling. It was a far cry from the pig sex that I'd been having, but yet I'll have to admit that I kind of enjoyed it 

One night after making love to me, he started passionately kissing me.  When he broke away, he looked me deeply in my eyes, and said he had a serious question for me.  I said go ahead. Although we had already had a few drinks, he suggested we have another.  After downing them he asked if I thought we could become partners? I really didn't know what to say at first.

After thinking about it, I asked why he thought that was a good idea.  We already had our share of mutual fuck buds.  And he said true, and there was no tension between us there.  He said as a couple, he figured it would be the same.  He said that he didn't need an immediate answer, but wanted me to think about it, and be fully open to the idea.  I agreed that this would be best.  He continued by saying that although we knew alot about each other, there were some things he wanted me to know about him that I didn't know.  He said they would be eye opening, and that perhaps we should have yet another drink. I just thought, oh shit!

Next up. Chapter 2: True Confessions 

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Chapter 2: True Confessions

After downing our drinks, he told me there were 2 things that I should know about him.  He started out by saying that he had recently tried Tina for the first time, and was amazed as how it enhanced his sexual experiences, particularly as a bottom.  I explained that I've heard that it was great for bottoms, but that tops would often get Tina dick.  He looked at me laughing and saying that Tina was the reason he wanted me to become a top. He continued by saying don't be offended, but although he felt I had become a good top, I was lacking in equipment.  He continued by saying that with Tina, that didn't really matter, and that he often smoked before we had our topping lessons!  I truly had no idea.  Usually when I fucked him, he didn't get hard, but then again, neither did I when getting fuckt.

I told him that I had never done Tina, but was curious, but never knew anyone that I trusted to do it with.  He said that I did now.  He said he didn't have any now, but once he did, he would let me try it if I wanted. I said I'd like that.

Onto Confession 2.  He again suggested we have another drink before it.  All I could think is WTF could it be?  After downing our drinks,  he asked me what I thought about becoming positive.   He was surprised when I told him, I had thought about it, and that I too had a Confession to make.  I told him as he knew, I was relatively new to the BB scene, but I've done some research on it, including becoming poz.  I explained that before returning to college, I thought that I may have had the fuck flu and was tested for the first time.  I was scared as fuck, yet still excited about it for some reason.  I didn't think that my new dad or brother were poz but I'd been fucked at their orgies, and who knows.  I was naive, and never asked, but then again even if asking, guys lie.

He then asked me what I would say if he told me he was positive, but on meds and considered undetectable.   I explained that unlike many guys, I understood the U=Undetectable. I then asked him if he had the intention of ever becoming full blown, and he said absolutely not.  He said that we were of similar ages, and likely both saw what a horrible death it was.  He continued by saying that someone close to him lost their life from it.

With that, he crawled in bed spooning me.  Although his cock was hard, he didn't enter me.  The night was rough on me.  So much going through my mind. I sensed that he was  actually crying after telling me about loosing someone close to him. I was tossing and turning, and it wasn't long before he retreated to his own bed.  I was actually quite happy about that.

The next morning, well actually early afternoon, he had got back in bed with me. I felt blessed his hard cock pressing against my ass and said fuck me.  He said he wanted to, but suggested we go to brunch first and then back to the room to make love for desert.  I agreed.

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9 hours ago, Nkdnudist said:

More to cum please 

Plenty more to cum!  It's a challenge keeping the story full of sex, but setting up a continuing story!  Most of the chapters are already written, just pacing the postings.  I've been working on an AMAZING Christmas story line which will somewhat tie it all together!

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Chapter3: My Response

After thinking about what he had asked me, I had kinda made up my mind.  He suggested that we go out for a nice romantic dinner.  In his mind, I think he thought I would at least say yes to the partner question.  We sat side by side in a nice quiet booth near the back of the restaurant.   Although it was a romantic dinner, I still fondled his cock a few times.  He was semi hard, just thinking about me possibly agreeing to be his partner.  Our HOT waiter brought us our wine, and took our order.  As he walked away, my roomie said look at that ass on him.  I just said I wish he didn't have an apron covering his package.  We had a sip of wine and he eagerly asked what I thought about becoming partners.  I started out with a bit of a tease and said that we were very compatible, and asked why he wanted a relationship.  He said he'd been a pig for some time, and still wanted to be, but have a "Partner in Crime" to be by his side, and consistently  inside. He said that if I said no, he would understand that.  I asked why he thought that.  He said that he knew I had just discovered my inner pig, and that when he first did, all he wanted was sex.  Relationships never crossed his mind.  I said that I had thought about it before with my new dad and brother, but that wasn't feasible.   He just said, so what's your decision.  I said I'd love to give it a try.  He planted a deep kiss on me just as the waiter delivered our appetizers.  The waiter just smiled and said you two are a happy couple.  I just giggled and said we now were.  He said congratulations.

The waiter had set off our gaydars, so I thought I'd have some fun when ordering.   I told him I loved my meat thick, and juicy saying we both liked it raw. He said I hope you mean you men, and not your steaks.   He grabbed his cock through his apron, and said he wasn't on the menu, but he got off at 11 and perhaps we could come over for desert.  We said that would be great. 

While we were waiting for our food, my new partner dropped yet another bombshell.  He said he didnt want or expect an immediate response, but was going to ask now.  Before asking, he motioned the waiter over and ordered two shots for us.  My partner said i think we are both gonna need these. We downed our shots, and he asked what I thought about him going off meds, and pozzing me?  My jaw just kind of dropped, and I motioned the waiter over for another round of shots.  While he went to get them, my partner said, let's face it, as gay men there is only one way to get pregnant.  Much like a fetus would grow in a woman, HIV would grow in me, and I had the ability to control it.  He made a very valid point.

The waiter brought our second round of shots, and said we must be having one hell of a conversation.  We both nodded in agreement. He later brought us our steaks, along with 2 glasses of champagne to celebrate.   When he brought our check, he also gave us his name, phone number and address. What a great way to celebrate our first night as partners!

Next Chapter: The waiter.

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Chapter 4: The Waiter

We had some time to kill before going to the waiters home, and decided to take a stroll around the lake.  We walked hand in hand, and when we passed a restroom my partner said he needed to release his load, so we headed to a stall, and I finished him off in my mouth. It was a nice change of pace for us.  There's just something about the thrill of public sex, even if only a blowjob.

After that we found a bench and just talked.  He asked me what my thoughts were on trying Tina.  I said i was highly curious, but we'd have to be careful in not becoming addicted to it.  He laughed and said it's too expensive to get addicted to it. He said that it was something that he thought i should experience at least once though, and Iblow job.

He was somewhat surprised that I told him I had a response to him pozzing me. He looked me in the eyes and  i reminded him that I told him i was both scared, yet excited when I thought I had the fuk flu. I told him that if I did become poz, I definitely wanted him to be the one to do it though. I suggested that we just focus on guys that identify as undetectable first.  He agreed, but reminded me that guys often lie. He continued by saying that he would continue to make love to me, but to let him know when i made my final decision on him pozzing me, and there was no rush to decide. With that, we took a quick ride to the waiters home.

We arrived at the waiters home, and was surprised that it was a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood.   Most waiters just get by, but apparently he was doing quite well.  He was wearing simply a jock strap, and his hair was wet after just taken a shower.  He suggested we head to the pool, get more comfortable and have a drink.  We got to the pool, immediately stripped and jumped in the pool. He poured our drinks, and invited us to the bar, still in his jock.  He offered a toast, and then asked if we partied.  He then pulled a glass pipe from behind the bar.  My partner just looked at each other, and told him we were just discussing that. He smiled and said oh that must have been your dinner conversation.  I just said a part of it. He said was OK if we didn't, and asked if he could.  We said perhaps later, as we wanted to play some in the pool, and that we were both novices to Tina and wanted to wait until after out of pool.  He said that was a good idea.

The waiter suggested we all get in the pool, and stood up taking his jock off.  To our surprise, and delight he had both a scorpion and biohazard tat near his cock.  At first we missed it marveling at the meat between his legs.  He was packing a good 11+ thick uncut cock.  He looked at us and said it was now on the menu, and served with a special sauce.  We all got in the pool, and started playing.  He stuck his cock up both our asses and enjoyed it.  My partner also shoved his cock up the waiters ass.

The waiter suggested we get the party started, and we headed back to the bar, where he took out the glass pipe, he took a deep hit, and after exhaling, he looked at us and said not to worry, it did give him mild Tina Dick.  He added that he might not get fully hard, but had enough to satisfy our asses.  He handed the pipe to my partner, and he took a deep hit.  The waiter looked at hom, and said nice hit for a novice, but take it easy.  My partner looked at me and asked if i was ready to try.  The waiter suggested he take a hit, and shotgun it in my mouth.  He explained that was how he first did it.  I agreed that would be the best way.  The waiter took a smaller hit and put his lips to mine, slowly sharing the smoke.  Like my partner, when I released it, I began coughing, but my body felt like it never had before.  My partner took another hit and passed the pipe to me.  I took a pretty good sized hit this time.  The effects hit immediately and I told the waiter I wanted his cock.  My inhibitions were running wild, and i asked the waiter if he was undetectable or toxic.   I explained that it was not normal for me to ask, but I had never been with a guy who was poz marked.  In my mind, I was pretty sure that he was toxic, which would mean despite the Tina, he wouldn't be breeding me tonight. To my amazement he said he was undetectable. He suggested we head to the bedroom.   Once there we saw a huge king size bed, and a portable sling in the corner.  He asked which I preferred and said definitely the sling! I got in immediately and noticed there was a mirror above it.  Something I hadn't encountered before.

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Ch 4 sparks memories of my own first parTy experience. My 'playdate' was an experienced partier. That initial encounter I never touched the pipe, he just shot-gunned me numerous times. Had asked if I was feeling it the moved his face close to mine looking squarely into my eyes and said, "oh yeah, your high!"

As things evolved, he was a nicely hung top. Midway into the action as he lay on top of me, slowed his pace and just lay still for a couple of moments, then he started reciting his mantra into my ear "take my meth-piss, take my meth-piss." We had not talked about this in advance, but the mood was right, and I experienced yet another first that night...

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Chapter 5: The Sting of the Scorpion

The night was pretty much a blur for me, but my partner filmed it, and I'm happy that he did. i didn't even recall him filming it until a few days later when he asked me what I thought about my sling time.  After he told me he filmed it, I said let's invite my old roomie and watch it together. He said he was saving it for our 1 month anniversary!  He reminded me that we had agreed to play with undetectable guys, but in the video he said i was visibly excited when the waitedr said things like, are you ready for my toxic load, and your body is mine now.  I asked, did that really happen?  He said I'd find out on our anniversary.

On the night of our 1 month anniversary we went back to the restaurant where the waiter worked, and requested his section. He promptly greeted us with a bottle of champaign and asked how i was feeling.  I said horny as fuck, as my partner hadn't let me watch the video yet. I also worried that he had lied to me, and that he was actually toxic and he was asking if I had any signs of the fuk flu. I then asked if he wanted to watch with us later, and he said he had other plans, but had a gift to give us before we left. 

As we were about to leave, he gave us a small box and said not to open it until we got home.  He then paused and said oh wait, you two aren't going back to the dorm tonight.  I got a room for you too.  He added it was a seedy hotel, but we could simply have the room to ourselves, or invite others over for fun.

We both thanked him and headed to the hotel.  Seedy wasn't the word for it!  Somehow that excited me though. It was like me blowing my partner in the restroom at the lake. We got to the room, and immediately pulled the comforter from the bed, hoping that at least the sheets were cleaner.  Thankfully they were.   We stripped and got on the bed to open our gift.   A beautiful glass pipe, and a generous supply of Tina! My partner quickly loaded the pipe and suggested we smoke some before the video, which we did. Normally I would be afraid of getting charged for smoking even cigarettes in a room, but was sure smoking was allowed here without a " smokers cleaning fee!"

We were smart enough to stop by the liquor store for some booze, mixers, ice and fortunately cups, as the no tell motel didn't have ice or cups!  We poured a strong drink and fired up the pipe before the video.  I wanted a second hit, but my partner said let's watch the video first. Reluctantly I agreed.  He loaded the video on his lap top, we embraced and kissed, and then he turned on the video.  What I saw shocked me, yet turned me on.

After watching the video, my partner said he had yet another Confession.  I immediately got up and headed for the liquor, pouring two cups for each of us.  He just sipped his, but I chugged mine as though it was a shot, and said confess away.  He told me that it was the waiter that was the one that pozzed him.  He continued by saying, don't worry, the waiter was truly undetectable unlike he seemed in the video. He continued by saying it was the waiter who not only planted his poz  seed up his ass, but also the idea of him pozzing someone.  He said the planets must have aligned when he met me.

I then asked him the obvious question.  If you are certain that he was the one that pozzed you, why aren't you partners.  He explained that the waiter was a fuck and go type of guy, not a relationship guy.  He said that his pozzing session was quite similar to mine.  Very verbal.  He said the only difference was he didn't ask the waiters status at the time. He said that he figures the waiter had infected others also. He laughed saying who could resist that 11 inch cock of his!  I agreed, and laughed just saying good thing I found him first!

My partner continued by saying don't feel angry about the waiter pozzing him.  He continued by saying that what he was about to tell me, should be only between the two of us.  He said that it was the waiters father that pozzed his son.  He said that his father was an old school leather daddy, equipped like his son, and he figured that his dad was full blown, despite his body being in amazing shape.  He continued by saying that once the waiter became poz, his father simply told him he deserved it being the cum dump he was. In essence, his father stealthed him, but DNA tracing found out that they had the same strain. We took another hit from the pipe, and fucked like rabbits. Tinac didnt serm to affect my partner much except for making him much more sexual and care free.

We were both horny as fuck, and started checking the gay aps to invite others over for fun.  There was an endless supply to choose from.  The effects from Tina started to effect my partner, so he only bottomed the rest of the night.  We tried to coordinate tricks so it would only be a 3 way, and not an orgy.  Somehow we fucked up and two guys, both total tops showed up at the same time.  It was getting late, and our last tricks for the night, and it was fantastic.

My partner and I were about to get fuckt by the first guy when the second arrived.  He knocked at the door as my partner was sucking him.  I looked through the peep hole, and out of all the tricks we invited, he was the one I desired the most, so I invited him in.  My partner and I got on the bed, asses up saying breed us studs!  They wasted no time!  We were side by side getting fucked, and the tops took turns on each of our asses.  Rotating every 5-10 minutes.  After several rotations, the one u wanted the most filled my ass, and the second guy filled my partner just minutes after.  They both ate our flooded  asses and swapped their cum with the one they didn't seed.  Was hot knowing we both took their seed, either by ass or mouth.

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Chapter 6: Meth Monster?

When we woke the next morning, i said lets watch the video again, This time without lighting up the pipe.  We layed naked on the bed, kissing and playing with each others cocks.   Although we had watched it the night before, we were both pretty high in the clouds then.

The video started with me in the sling, and the waiter being both a verbal and physical tease.  He was rubbing his huge cock on my hole asking if I was ready for the sting of the scorpion.  After all, he said he was undetectable and Tina made me say Yes Sir.  He then just slipped the head of his cock in asking if i wanted to be one of his many sons.  Again I said Yes Sir.  He said it was my last chance to say no, that one breeding typically gave him a new son. I just said breed me Sir!  With that, he shoved his cock in me to the base, and fuckt me harder than I'd ever been fuckt! As he was about to cum he simply said welcome to the Brotherhood!  While he was fucking me, my partner offered me a brown bottle, and began jacking. Once the waiter blew his nut in me, he told my partner to fuck me, pushing his toxic load deep in me.  He told me I was to jack off and shoot my last negative load, which i did.  I did have Tina dick, but still was able to shoot my load over my head!

After the video ended, my partner said it was a good idea to suggest watching it again.  He continued by saying that he was proud of me for taking what I thought might have been a toxic load that night.   He concluded by saying that he was sorry that he made me wait a month to see it, but he had his reasons.  After another amazing breeding session, we both fell back asleep.  I woke first around 5pm, and aroused him from his sleep saying we missed checkout.  He laughed and said the motel charged by the hour! He said it was a good thing the motel didn't have a true maid service and that the maid didn't find us breeding.  I laughed and said I hope she wears gloves cleaning the room, especially the cum soaked sheets!

As it was a weekend, and we didn't have classes, we stayed until around 6.  My partner reminded me that we had both been excited about trying Tina, but that we had to be careful that we didnt become addicted to it, to which i agreed.  He said that he felt the waiter had an addiction, and although he had given us some for free, it could well be to lure us in until he started selling it to us.  It was something I'd never thought about. I agreed that Chem sex was fun with others, but agreed it should be in moderation, and never when it was the two of us breeding.  He smiled and agreed.

After our conversation we then returned to the waiters restaurant, once again asking for his section.  When he came to the table, he said no champagne for you 2, just strong black coffee!  He said to enjoy our dinner, and that he was off early if we wanted to join him at his place later.  Of course we agreed! We'd meet him at his place at 9! Well of course we did!

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