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  1. Brilliant writing and the story is so erotic. I know it has to end sometime but if you have more chapters in you I would love to read them
  2. I’ve had syphilis twice (along with gonnorea 3 times and chlamydia 2-3 times all since 2009). None of these weyany y trou other than my forced abstinence during recovery/treatment.
  3. Best story, my new favorite. Where ever this story goes next I hope it doesn’t end. I hope you have sequels and prequels in mind
  4. This is a beautifully told hot story that’s kept me interested in every word.
  5. Dave 52 Seduced by a young 20s very confident top who sees how much I wanna be a servile sub bottom and knows I’m too scared to pursue it. He just takes control and calls his pack of poz teen and 20s pack to convert and turn me into the cumdump I need to be. Or something like that. Slamming would be fun too.
  6. I found the site was painfully slow this morning. So bad in fact I had to stop jerking off before I nutted and go work in the yard. I may not recover. Everything seems to be loading normally or even faster than ever tonight. Great forum, thanks for bringing it to us and awakening the whore in me
  7. The right travis for my sub needs could get me to do the same. Great story
  8. Great writing. Great story. Great orgasms. I’m looking forward to Mark’s return.
  9. Of course and it’s a fiction that I’m not comfortable with. I can suspend a lot of my belief in societal norms, but not all of them. Just one man’s opinion and I was asked for it, as we all are when we’re invited to review and comment.
  10. I’d love another chapter or two.
  11. I like it and want to hear your next session.
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