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    Emerging cumdump, pnp
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    Been playing with guys since my early 20s, came out in 2017 and learned what my fuckhole is for.
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    None although there are some amateur recordings floating around.
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    To be bred. I want seed in my cunt all the time. Use me.

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  1. I’m all about getting that load and I greatly prefer it in my ass. When the rare top insists on a condom I usually get what I want by asking them to finish by jerking and shooting on my hole so I can finger it in. About half don’t want to fuck me after hearing that but most of the others just fuck me bareback and breed with just a few who follow my request, and then I just finger it in myself.
  2. I’m so horned up I can’t think straight (intended). You could take this story several ways and I’d approve of all of them
  3. Leon is this daddy’s dream. I love the story and need more of it or a sequel. I’m hoping before Leon let’s him leave, all the roommates drop their dirty seed. Daddy needs young stud seed.
  4. Father/son isn’t usually of interest to me but I’m excited and riveted.
  5. If you’re looking for encouragement, please please continue
  6. I love this story. The boy needs more poz loads in a bathhouse. One just won’t do.
  7. You didn’t miss a beat, such a good story and storytelling. Welcome back and I hope you have found some solace and some joy has returned to your life.
  8. Great story. I hope you have more chapters planned.
  9. mate I am making it up as I go...is that a problem at all, I hope not as keen as to keep going!

    1. RawSubDad


      I meant only to convey my enthusiasm for your story. Keep up the great work 

  10. Great story so far. I hope most of the story is already written, at least in your head so we don’t have to wait very long.
  11. Great writing, your story made me shoot. I hope you’re planning more, there’s some unfinished business with Jake I believe.
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