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    Taking cum up my ass. Love Dripping Cum out of a wrecked hole. Getting spun
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    General kinky ass pig. Love taking anything up my ass. Got my first bootybump, was wild. Also took a couple loads on chem piss. I want to get more plus a POZ HVL load, rip up my ass
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    none but want to make a vid of me getting spun and bred
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    A hot bare cock up my ass, put me on my stomach, hold me down and push that cum deep, make me know you been in me. Looking to get knocked up. Also looking to get a shard pushed in my ass.

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  1. I have been on sniffies for a short time, I have had plenty of hits and a couple showed up. I hope to get some from sniffies on my next trip to Indy. Remember, it is probably the same guys, just a different hookup app though this one is for instant hookups which is not all that bad
  2. I started the follow up but ran into some issues and couldn't finish it, Sorry For what it is worth, after many requests thru emails, I have started on a new story for the Kid. I hope to start publishing it in the next couple weeks after I get a few chapters completed
  3. I hosted a party Monday afternoon. I had a couple regulars that could not make it due to other obligations or work. I also had a new guy that was a bottom but had come over a couple weeks ago and stretched my ass open, that was great. He was going to attend with the hopes of taking my FF cherry. he had a called and messaged me the day before and apologized and said that he had a family emergency and was heading out of town. So, right from the start this didn't look really promising. I had several guys from various online apps that said they wanted to cum over and drop a quick load. I had one guy that has bred me in the e past shows up. he was going thru some family stuff also but wanted to do me. This guy usually shoots lays a great fuck and shoots a big load in me. he was getting deep in me when we got interrupted by another guy coming in. for some reason this seemed to put a damper in the guy in my ass and he slowed and lost his erection. I wanted more of his cock, he was hitting some of the best spots deep inside me plus he talks nasty and holds me down so I can't stop him. he got up and left the guy that interrupted us only wanted to jerk on my ass, I held my cheeks open and he sprayed on my hole, he used a finger and pushed a little of it in me before he left. I got up and walked around and my ass was very slippery. I love this nasty feeling. I had put a little lube in my ass, some CBD lube from an online vendor. a guy showed up that has fucked me once in the past but in the years, I have played with him he has always liked putting stuff up my ass to open me wide. He used some of my toys and he tried to put his hand in me. he didn't get that up me, but I was stretched open. he also tried to get my vibrator in my ass, it has a big knob on the end of it. he left with me having a looser hole. the last guy showed up a bit later. He was hung average. but he climbed on and fucked me deep. sometimes easy and sometimes like a mad man in heat. I was in heaven. I was moving my ass around trying to get more of him in me. he was into the root and started breathing heavy. I knew what was coming, when he shoved in, I pushed out and the feeling sent me thru the celling. my ass opened and I thought he was going to get his balls in me also. he shot several squirts in my ass. My ass was on automatic at that point and was trying to milk every drop out of him. He was from California and he said I had a great ass. sexy as hell and one of the best he has had. I am a very noisy fuck when I get going and most guys can get into a responsive bottom. I took that as a compliment, he was from the bay area and was at least 15 years younger than me. Figured that was great compliment on my best ASSette. Even though I got ghosted by several guy and would like to have gotten more cum and maybe some piss in my ass it was a good day. I would grade it with a B+. My as sit a bit tender today but not bad, if I had time I would lube up and bend over ........
  4. I love it all up my ass. Cum is great but when I get piss in my ass it is like I am not only surrendering my bowels to the guy, it is like I am a worthless piece of meat. I have had multiple guys do this and it is great. One of the guys use to tell me how much of a slut and fag I was for taking the cum and piss.
  5. For me, deep inside the hole. A guys cock usually grows to it's max size when he cums. If the guy hits those tender spots inside and it is uncomfortable or Hurst deep inside that iis what I get for being a bitch. I accept it as part of the process and my fault for being that pig bitch. That is one reason I like to be flat on my stomach, held down so I can't get away from that breeding stick
  6. Years ago I met up with a guy that was really advanced compared to me. He had a estim unti and a bunch of attachments, the one he used on me was a plug, he would use it on me with a thumping up my hole felt great but the thing had a wicked side, it would be thumping my hole, making it fuck its self , when all of a sudden it would deliver a really hard shock. I would yell and and surge forward to get away from it and then it would start all over again, delivering the greatest pleasure untill it decided I needed to get zapped again. It was actually a lot of fun. I suggested he get one of his other friends to put it up their ass while they fucked me that way when the zap came the guy would yell and lunge forward causing him to bottom out up my ass, I would be yelling with the brutile penitration, he liked the idea but we never set it up. I wasn't really in his circle of friends so I imagined that hevused the idea on others. I guess what I am saying, either can be great fun, depends on how you use them and how crazy you want to get
  7. Remember, this was only a fiction story, none of this should be done in real life. Of course jerking off to it isn't that bad, lol I will be working on the next installment of the kid soon
  8. With me I have found that married guys that play don't get much at home and never get ass. They older ones I have met want to relive the excitement that sex use to be. Getting some ass really gets them back to it. Between the forbiden idea and the good feeling of a tight ass milking their cock they get hooked pretty quickly. I have never heard of a woman that takes it up the ass using their anal muscles to make it better. I did have a guy years ago that used my ass to figure out how to get his wife to take it up the ass, eventually he learned enough to get it in her ass and she actually enjoyed it. Never saw him again. Have had others that would stop on their way home to unload the days frustrations. I think it is between then naughty side and maybe they can try things That their wives would never allow and the fact that in most cases women control the sex, they play when they want and not thinguy. Add that to the fact that after children enter the picture they will cut off the guy. I actually knew the day my son was conceved becaus we only had sex twice that year, sad but true
  9. I get restrictions on file size or I would post some
  10. Hot video, I think a lot of us Chem sluts can identify with the idea.
  11. I have one front Forttrough. Electric leaves a bit to be desired but bar vibrator part is great. Really thumps the prostate. remote Control I have a m older One that is like a white bullet. The wired Control has a small battery that works great. Remote has a variable thumb screw on the side to control the intensity. It also can deep throbs to shock the shit out of your hole. Not to expensive I also have a cheap tens unit from Amazon. I have used it in different ways. Put a sticky pad on your I urge butt cheek. The other one on your hole. If I a. In the correct position it can do some magic
  12. I had arranged the day for some fun. mainly me getting my ass worked over. I have a friend that usually comes to help me get my butt wrecked. He will use some of my bigger toys to really stretch me in between getting fucked. Unfortunately, he was not able to make it due to a medical problem. the guy from BBRT texted me and said he had car problems and would not make it by noon. it had been a few years snice he plowed me and I remembered he always shot a big load in my ass. I had several other guys wanting to cum. I connected with theses on Sniffies, BBRT, A4A and doublelist . Out of all these guys only 3 showed up. Guess i was fortunate to get them. After cleaning out I shot some wine up my ass to both get cleaner and to get me ready. The First guy came and couldn't get in me. he was older and had problems getting hard enough but he did manage to slide in my crack and rub one off. He shot very little cum. the second guy to show was able to get in and ride me for a while until he shot. I hadn't noticed that he put on a condom. I asked him to empty it into my hole as i spread my cheeks. he did that and then used one of my smaller toys to smear it in. I could tell it was a nice load since it lubed the toy an di could feel that slimy feeling as it popped in. The last guy that came was the guy from BBRT. He texted me and said he got his flat fixed and could make it over if I was still hosting. I told him to come over and he did. I told him i didn't get much that day so he was going to go in easy. He said that he was really looking forward to his, he said I had a great ass to fuck. I got flat on my stomach and he climbed on and started pushing up into my ass. I forgot how thick he was and he was splitting my ass open. he took it easy for a couple minutes and then I felt that great feeling as his cock was sliding in and out and it was pulling my ass lips out with it. It was a great feeling. he knew I was getting into it so he layed on me and proceeded to pound my ass. he was relentless getting into different laces. I was going crazy. He was massaging my nipples that until then never did much for me. he also circled my body and stared grabbing my throat. He held me down and told me he was going to rape my ass. he really fucked me. I was moaning like the bitch in heat I was. where came it seemed like he was shooting for ever. the strong throbs didn't seem to hit until after he was cumming. He stayed in me for a while and i kept feeling those wonderful throbs and flexing. he finally pulled out and it felt great. His cum was leaking out of me hours after he left. Our schedules rarely work out but when they do both of us will hookup again he really layed the pipe to my butt. I loved every minute. today my bottom still feels like it got used, hope that feeling stays a while.
  13. Really got me going, since I am a piss whore this really hit home. Good job
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