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    General kinky ass pig. Love taking anything up my ass. Looking for my first Chem piss enema or stealth booty bump.
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  1. I will be in Indy later this summer. Looking to get my ass loaded, hopefully some wild anon cock, any cum.
  2. I have been lucky enough to get this a couple times. If i get it before a fucking it I wild. The last time I got it was from a guy that pissed in me first, I felt the warm bloating in my guts. When he was about done he was flexing his cock to get every drop in me. That felt wild. When he started fucking be a little came out and I could feel and hear the sloshing deep in my guts. It was wild. He went deep when he came. Pushing the piss a little deeper and depositing his load . I was starting to feel uncomfortable cramps and pressure before he came. He knew and said that abpiss pig needs to fee
  3. @bunns_Joe. Lots of interesting stuff on Twitter wish i could use it as a hookup site. I really need my dady butt used,
  4. I tell guys bare only and have had guys still want to use a condom. Most of the time I will go for it, especially if the cock is above average. Most of them will pull off the condom and finish jerking on my ass and hole. I have had more then one finger it in or use a small toy to push it in. Makes my hole slippery for the next guy. I have had a couple of those guys come over again and they didn't use a condom, they hot my cunt full
  5. This really sounds fun. Dream cum true. I wonder if you get loads in your mare-cunt
  6. I would imagine that organizing a gang bang depends on a lot, mostly location . I have tried in the past and 15 years ago it wasn't to difficult but this area has become very conservative . The most loads I was given was 6 by 4 guys. My ass got a good work out but since then your lucky if you get a couple loads in a days time
  7. Hot story. My first time wasn't near as much fun, but I did get off and my ass probed
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