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  1. Hotrawbutt4u

    6/26/18 (my first entry)

    I agree, but find issues getting any
  2. Hotrawbutt4u

    piss in ass

    In Cincinnati, nobody will try that with me
  3. Hotrawbutt4u

    Piss enema or golden shower

    I prefer it up my ass, but finding guys to do that is impossible
  4. Hotrawbutt4u

    Piss Fucked

    I would love to get Chem piss
  5. Hotrawbutt4u

    Piss beyond the sigmoid

    Trying to find a top to piss in my as is impossible. I was lucky enough to get it once a decade ago, kept it in until my inside demanded I let it out
  6. Hotrawbutt4u

    piss in ass

    I have gotten the yellow flood, love it but hard to get a guy I to it, never had Chem pass up the ass, I have heard it works
  7. Hotrawbutt4u

    Drinking from Toilet and Licking it?

    I prefer my yellow up the ass.
  8. Looking to get bred in Cincinnati, can host some days, looking to be held down and knocked up. Cincinnati it an impossible place to get the really nasty and kinky side of anals sex. Mostly game players

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