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  1. Hot start...love the directness of Super and quick action on Jimmy's part...
  2. I LOVE this story, very engaging! Looking forward to it's continuation ☣️
  3. Great story, looking forward to hearing about what's in store when the fuck flu hits our boy...
  4. Fuck yeah... bring it on!
  5. Great writing pace... looking forward to hearing about the" procedure"
  6. I love where this is going 💉
  7. I bet that he'll show him his place ☣️
  8. Great start, looking forward to the next step...
  9. It should also be noted that there is a world wide shortage of condoms and few being manufacturer. Not a big issue here, perhaps more conversions among the "safe sex only crowd" more brothers rediscover BB sex.
  10. HOT profile Mate!

  11. Very good set up for what is suggested is coming ☣️

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