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Hey guys!


im traveling to Berlin next weekend. Im wondering if you have experience in some of those exciting sexclubs regarding piss. 
im thinking about Laboratory. Is it always easy to get pissed on by random boys there?

Also what about KitKat? Is it possible to ask there some guys to piss on me? Is it okay there? 

I would love to just hang around in the club and ask some willing boys to piss on me or to let me drink their piss at those open public urinal areas.

Let me know 🙂


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Pissboy- how did the trip to Berlin pan out piss wise? I know LAB has the area down some steps that has a steel grating overhead, where guys can piss thru the grates and onto you below, but I did not see that much action happening there the time I visited the club- mostly was  there getting fucked and fisted,  so I am curious what you encountered. Or, if  anyone else has had any experience{s} there, or elsewhere in Berlin, please add the info here! 

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