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    Newly retired. Free almost all the time now for those hard tops looking to orgasm or fist or both Giving the best head, deep throat, deep hole, fisting, cum /DNA collecting. J.O.S always open for K.O.S.
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    Known as a sex pig since I was 15- always the bottom, and I love that role and can be sub in the right energy; In gay mecca- Ft Lauderdale - but as many guys as are here- still never can get fucked as often as I want it,or really, as often as I NEED it . I am down for most anything- but scat or punching are NOT appreciated or on the menu
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    MEN! Top or Top vers, even vers, - just understand I am here to get your nut, doing what it takes to pleasure you to the point of climax. No reciprocation needed- your pleasure is all I need
    My hole is available from now on just about all the time- tho if you are spun out at 2 a.m.do not expect me to be around on here- . And while the site is for sex, would still be great to develop friends and connections

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  1. What scares me more than anything is just how easily we excuse or ignore the actions of the President. And as I explain, try to think back to pre WW2 Germany and a n'eer do well guy named Adolph. Donald wasn't much of a soldier ( in fact, he was never a soldier thanks to some handy "bone spurs") Adolph , well he was unremarkable and as a means to move him along he was tasked with spying on a political party the government was concerned about. Donald got a mission of his own- to harass a duly elected, 1st black president; over his birth place..and did that for a right wing splinter of the
  2. Don't overthink it- just keep jacking and cumming as you read it LOL
  3. OK- so I had a play session last week and it went on for quite some time. He just wanted my hole open so he could fuck it - no trying to squeeze his cock with my ass- just loose and sloppy was what he wanted. He pounded my hole long and hard and in as many positions as possible, then switched up and used my Dick Rambone dildo ( I had mentioned I had been riding it all afternoon,but still could not get it all in) He worked on getting most of it in, then pulled it out and shoved his cock back into my hole and sloppy fucked for a bit, then buried to the hilt, he pushed my shoulders down to t
  4. Used to work (34 3/4 yrs worth) as a ramp agent for one of the major US airlines, but with the pandemic and a crazy good offer from the airline for older employees to get out early, I am now full time retired and, so far, it has not been bad--tho with a new wave of infections erupting, I have no desire to do any travel in the US, and travel outside the US is pretty much out.Volunteer work for now is out too- not many places are looking for or are open to need volunteers. So for now, I get online and try to expand my limits, as well as my hole LOL
  5. Ft Laud bars just reopened after 7 months- you think the beer and mixers are new,or from March?And would you go out yet?

  6. Paging Dr Doug... Code blue balls...Dr Doug....code blue balls....STAT.....
  7. Damn, those damned Jehovah Witnesses always come knocking at the most inopportune time- and when you answer the door naked and hard, it is always a couple old women standing there, and not 2 young hot guys ( unlike those Mormon boys ) LOL
  8. Hey men- posting to "bump" this back to the front and closer to the sequel
  9. As of Monday 28 Sept my butt will be retired(from work, NOT sex)  and potentially open and available 24/7 Ft Laud is home, but can travel

    1. Read1


      Congrats! More time for sex! LOL!

  10. Just a heads up/ reminder for anyone new on the site and hitting on this story- this ties in to to a previous story line, mentioned just above- Soccer Boys Spiral, which will flesh out the back story to this story line. .
  11. FLL all hosed  out and a 70mm glass ball in, but would rather have you in me tonight

  12. Hey guys- going to pull this up from the bottom of the archive pile- a good bud WhtHole 4U used to be prolific on here with his writing, and here is one of his stories you newer members may not have seen, or perhaps you read and jacked to when he was dropping each chapter and could stand a reread and orgasm or 3 again ! Enjoy !!! And, I recently heard from WhtHole, and he sent a story he had been working on for me to read- made me shoot 2 loads in one reading ! Gawd damn I miss his contributions to this site
  13. Ahh, I miss this place ! I used to go to Haulover nude beach for a few hours, then would leave and since South Florida rush hour traffic sucks, I would head over to this bookstore and hang for a few hours. It was rank and nasty- homeless guys sleeping in the front porn room on even nastier old sofas . More than half the booths had nothing in them- the video monitor long broken and no effort to repair or replace, so it was just an empty booth- and perfect for getting fucked in. I made a great friendship thru a glory hole in the very back hall- had stripped bare except for my flip flops, and
  14. Hey man- I like to think of fuck buddies as leaves on a tree. A squirrel is born in the spring and sees leaves from day 1, all summer things are lush and scoring a nut is easy. Then in the fall one day the leaves start falling off, and the poor squirrel thinks, Oh fuck, it's all over. And winter hits and he KNOWS it must be over ! But then, the cycle comes around and the leaves come back and everything seems possible. Sort of like fuck buds. I have been single 20 years, and I have had a lot of regular fuckers who came to my place to have an orgasm or to fist .Maybe they were partnered, or m
  15. Hey guys- maybe some of you are new on here, maybe some have been on for years and could just use a refresher- but while WhtHole4U is not putting any more of his writings up on this site, this is a great opportunity to pull some of his stories up and read thru so many of his writing submissions- if you have to self isolate for 14 days or have to wait another millenium to get back to work, there are enough stories of his on the site to fill in those long lonely days and nights. ENJOY !!
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