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Poz Perfect

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 12:12 PM



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Poz Perfect
By Jerry Prince, RawTopDad@AOL.com

We met online, and I meet thousands of men online, but this Boy was persistent. I am a gifter and he was a chaser. I’ve pozzed lots of guys, but this Boy was 25. Thus I kept putting the questions to him. Are you sure? Do you really know what living the Poz lifestyle means? He kept saying yes, I want it, and I know what it means. He’d been barebacked enough to know that he never wanted latex in his ass again, and he knew the odds were that he’d be pozzed one way or another, so if it was gonna happen; he wanted it to be special.

After about six months of chatting online, I knew he was serious, and it would happen; now it was just a matter of when and how. I suggested he come up about the time of one of our bareback parties, as I had a plan in mind. The party was on Saturday, and I knew a bunch of the poz tops were available on Friday. My plan was to do a 1 on 1 pozzing of him on Thursday, have a pozzing party on Friday with some other poz tops, and then take him to the party on Saturday. I figured if I didn’t nail him good on Thursday, the other tops could help on Friday, and by Saturday he’d be in the Poz Club for sure.

So I suggested this to him, and he said he had several dreams; one was to get pozzed, the second was to be gangbanged, and his ideal was to be able to go to a sex party and fuck without rubbers or worry. So it appeared I had met all his goals with this plan. We set several possible dates, and he let me know which one would fit his work schedule, and I set it up. I went ahead and got him a hotel room near where the party would be held, so that he would be centrally located to the other tops.

On the appointed Thursday he called me in the morning to say he was setting out, and then in the afternoon he called to say he was near, so I set off for the hotel after work, and finally met him in person there. I was very excited to see that he was as advertised, sort of a twink at 25, but working out and working on his body, so that he was more than a twink, but still a Boy to my Dad. We couldn’t wait to get to the room to express our emotions fully.

As soon as the door was closed we were in each other’s arms, kissing and feeling each other up. I was stiff with excitement, and he knew it and unzipped me and knelt down to suck me up. I had to make him stop, as I had to set up the video camera and the still camera. We were going to capture this on tape and take several pictures of the best parts.

He had to clean out, so he did that while I set things up, and by the time he came out, dripping wet from the shower, I was naked except for my harness, armband, cap and boots. My dick was at full staff as soon as I saw his naked body, and we were soon making out, and he took every opportunity to rub his ass against my stiff manhood, making him twitch with anticipation and me about blow my load wanting in that tight hole.

I knew he had not only cleaned out but lubed up, as I had instructed him about that prior, so after he stood up from sucking me, leaving my cock wet and dripping his spit, I just picked him up, tuned him around and pushed him down on the bed on his tummy. Then I mounted him, centered my cock on his pulsing hole, and slid in.

You know that feel when your mushroom head pops open a tight hole? Here it was; despite the lube, he was very tight. I just let the weight of my body push my shaft down into that bubble butt, till my balls were in his ass crack. He was moaning a lot, but not resisting in any way. I wanted him to get used to the size of what he had up his ass before I started.

Once I was buried to the hilt, I pulled him up on his knees, doggie, and was able to get in a little deeper, making him take a sharp breath. Then I began slow smooth strokes, my arms up under his shoulders, hugging him and holding him tight so I could dig in deep, listening to him respond as I hit bottom. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to fuck the Boy; my balls were bursting with anticipation. So I laid into him, the long deep strokes all the way out and then buried deep, holding him by the hips to center my thrusts on his tight little hole. He was with me all the way, telling me to fuck him, knock him up, poz that neg ass, put my mark on him, which had the desired effect of making me fuck the shit out of his tight Boy ass.

When I knew I was getting close I told him it was nearly here, the moment he’d been waiting for, the moment of conversion, and when I felt the cum begin to squirt out of my balls up my shaft and into his ass, I stopped and told him to feel the spurts of my poison cum in his virgin ass. He began to jack his cock then, and would have shot his load, but I told him to stay perfectly still and take his pozzing like a Boy should, and I pumped my filthy load into his willing hole. After my balls were empty I kept fucking him, working the poz cum into his sore neg hole, trying hard to nail him as poz as I could.

Finally my limp cock fell out of his ass, and I let him roll over so we could kiss and make out. He was just incredibly excited to be pozzed. He was profuse in his thanks for my dirty cum, so now he could be a poz fucker, too. I didn’t take much talk like that to get my cock stiff again, and since it knew the way to his ass so well, soon we were fucking in missionary position, and he wrapped his legs around my hips and put his heels in my ass cheeks, forcing me to fuck that poz cum in deeper.

Those of you who regularly fuck in cum know how great it feels to slide into a warm ass that has been lubed with a load from you or another man. This was one of those glorious cum fucks, so smooth and wonderful feeling. I could fuck like that for hours, but with this hot Kid making out with me as I fucked him, I soon was spurting another hot load into him, and I kept it up till it began to hurt. Again, if you’ve fucked like this you know a second shot right after the first really drains your balls and it feels so good, but the wonderful is coupled with a pain from the empty balls trying to comply with the order for more cum.

After that second fuck we just lay there, me on top of him making out, him running his fingers through my hair and thanking me over and over, calling me Daddy while I called him my Boy. I could feel his stiff cock against my tummy and knew he was about to bust his balls to get his rocks off.

“OK Boy,” I said, “I’ve done my part and knocked you up; now it’s your turn. I want that last neg load in your balls in my ass. I’ve given you a little of me that will mark you for the rest of your life. I want something of yours to remember you by!” He just smiled and rolled us both over so I was on the bottom and he was on the top. His stiff Boy cock was ready for some action in a Dad’s ass, I could tell.

He got my legs up on his shoulders, bent me a little and centered his Boy cock on my hole, spit on his cock and pressed home. It had been a long time since I’d had cock in my hole, but he was gentle at first, till he had his shaft in. Then the lust took over. “So Daddy wants Boy cock, huh? Daddy wants Boy cum in his hole, does he, well Daddy, this Boy is gonna fuck your ass good and hard!” “Yeah Boy, show me how you’re gonna be a gifter now, show me how you’re gonna spread that dirty seed! Fuck your Daddy good and hard, and breed his ass just like he did you!” That was all it took man, he was a fuckin’ machine. His cock was in and out like a piston, and it wasn’t five minutes before he let out a big grunt and planted his cock as deep as he could. I could feel his cock pulse as the cum spewed, and he kissed me hard as he blew his wad in my hole. It felt good to have warm Boy seed in my guts, and I clamped down hard on it and milked his cock of every drop of Boy cum.

When he collapsed on top of me he was almost crying with happiness. He was a poz fucker now, he could take it any time he wanted, and he could give it to any man he chose. We made out there with him on top of me until we almost fell asleep. While we were cuddling my dick came back to life, so I rolled him on his side and slid it back into that warm ass of his, feeling all that cum in his hole, and we fell asleep joined like that, my cock marinating in my own dirty cum, with his Boy cum seeping out of my asshole. It was heaven.

When we woke up the next morning we were pretty grungy from the fucking the night before, but both of us wanted to do it again, so each of us took a piss and then we got right back into bed and started up again. His ass was not tight this time, but I didn’t care, I had a hot Boy to fuck, and soon he had another hot load of dirty cum in his ass. We took a shower together after that, and played with each other. He got in my ass again, but said he couldn’t get off in that position, and I had one last feel of how great it felt to slide my meat into his cumhole. Then we got dressed and had a leisurely Breakfast.

I had to make an appearance at work that Friday, so I left him to rest or go sightseeing as he liked. I later found out he slept till he felt he was up to really getting up, and then he went swimming in the motel’s indoor pool, trying to get himself revived for the poz party that night.

I had asked about ten poz tops to join me, knowing that many wouldn’t show up. I also asked a poz bottom buddy, one of my regulars, so that the tops would have an ass to fuck at all times. At the appointed hour they began to show, and each was introduced to my Boy and told that each poz top had to put at least one load in his ass, and you know they all wanted to. The tops were a varied lot. Two were blacks and real hunks. The whites included a bear like myself, a very average guy and one hunky guy. With me that made six tops, plus my bottom friend and our featured bottom Boy. Once we all were naked and realized that we were the group, it was a contest to see who would put the first load in the featured bottom Boy. I decided to fuck my bottom buddy, as I’d had the fun last night, and I’d put my dick in the Kid when I got there just to be sure he was ready, and he was. The two blacks ended up with the Kid between them, so the others were taking turns on my bottom buddy. I’d put a load in his ass first, so each of them was sliding home on my cum.

I had my camera out and was getting a bunch of pix of big black dicks probing my Boy’s hole. That was really fun to watch. After each had shot a load in him, and he’d tried a couple of the whites on for size, the blacks decided they were gonna double dick the Kid. I knew he’d never had two cocks in his ass; he told me he’d had a dick and a dildo once; that was as far as he’d been. And I don’t know how many big black dicks he’d had, much less poz black dicks. One of the blacks got him to sit on his cock, and then pulled him down to kiss him, exposing his hole containing one large black cock. The second black got in between the first black’s legs, and stuck his big dick in, and the first black had to hold the Boy still, as he was about to protest, but he held him tight and kissed him, and the second pressed his cock in to the balls. I got some great shots of the two cocks in his hole, two sets of balls mashed against each other in a gooey mess of cum.

From that point it was just fuck any ass available. I went out for a smoke with another of the tops, and when we came back there were four men in a pile on the bed, so we just joined in. I was pleased to see the Kid had his cock in one of the blacks, fucking him as he was fucking my bottom friend. This Kid was gonna be a great gifter. One of the blacks spent the night, after everyone else had gone home, and whenever we’d wake up during the night, one of us would be in the Boy. He was really out like a light, I don’t think he knew how many times he got fucked. I got one pic of my cock in his hole, and when I pushed in, a white ring formed around my shaft. I love that feel and I’m so glad I have the pic to remember it. He was a real Poz cumhole that night, and we knew there was no way he was gonna be Neg after that.

Saturday morning we slept late. When our black top friend woke up, he wanted to have one final fuck, so I got some great pix of him on top of the Boy. The Boy’s ass was still so open it took the black a real long time to get his rocks off. The black’s ass was just rising and falling, pistoning his cock into and out of that cumhole. He had the Kid on his belly, his arms wrapped tight around him, telling him how he was nailing his ass poz for good. When he pulled out I got a great pic of his big black cock with a long string of white Poz cum coming out of the Boy’s ass.

We had to order breakfast in, as the Kid said there was no way he was getting up and going to breakfast and sitting there with his ass leaking cum. When the food arrived he sat on a towel or lay down to eat. He was wiped, and I didn’t blame him at all, he had been gangbanged hard and long. He did get his rocks off in the one black’s ass; he told me he had fucked the one back, so that was good and made me smile.

When the Kid felt up to it, we went swimming in the indoor pool. He’d cleaned his ass out enough that he could get into the pool without leaving a cum ring around it. That really seemed to help get him back to life, but he was so tired that after a very light lunch, we both napped for a while. Then it was time to get ready for the party.

He had brought along his leathers, so we both wore ours. We matched fairly well, harness, me with band on the left arm, his on the right. He wore his black leather jockstrap, I wore the codpiece with the detachable front, so I could fuck with it on. On the way to the party I was telling him who I hoped would be there, mainly the big tops I hoped would split his ass open.

When we got to the party we were among the first to arrive, so the host had his chance to nail the Kid. He lifted him and put him in the sling, rimmed that Boy’s luscious ass and spit on his cock, and then proceeded to fuck the shit outta the Kid, making the sling swing and the chains rattle. The Kid had been fucked hard in the past two days, but not in a sling where you can get in deep and let the sling do part of the fucking work. He was nailed hard and deep. Suddenly his top exploded with a furious fuck stroke, and he grunted hard and held him tight, and we knew what had happened. A few more men had arrived, and they were all standing around the sling watching and jacking and smiling. When the host pulled out, a blob of cum hit the pad on the floor, and he got lots of appreciate comments about what a great fuck that was and how much cum he’d shot.

One of the party pigs was licking the Boy’s ass clean, and he was shoved aside by one of the regulars, a former Marine with a beer-can cock, one of the ones I was hoping would fuck the Boy. He didn’t have any trouble getting in that cum-soaked hole, and soon the chains were rattling again. I had met one of my regular friends at these parties, and he was sucking me up, and soon I had him over the fucktable and was doing what I do best, when I heard another big grunt and knew the Kid had a second load in his ass.

I was getting close to shooting my load in the guy I was fucking when I felt lips at my hole, and realized I was being rimmed, so I slowed down to enjoy that, and then suddenly there was something bigger and thicker than a tongue in my hole, and I became the filling in a fuck sandwich. I later realized it was another of the regulars, a guy I’ve fucked, and who has fucked me before. He’s got a great cock, not too thick and not too long, just right. Plus he’s a good fucker. He knows how to fuck ass, and he knows how the second top can be a good fuck in a sandwich like that. Basically he’d stand still and let me fuck the guy I was fucking, as that movement would also shove my ass back on his cock. Then about the time I was getting close I felt his hands on my nips, squeezing them both tight, so I knew he was getting close, and I increased my tempo, as I was getting close, too.

I heard him moaning and saying Oh GOD! So I knew this was it, go for it, so I concentrated on fuckin my load up the ass I was fucking, and then I felt him cumming in my ass. As soon as I was in the middle of a good, hard cumshot I stopped, so he could fuck me hard and get his load up my hole. When he pulled out I finished pumping my load in the hole I was using, and then my limp cock fell out. Then there was a lot of kissing and hugging and thanking for a very hot time.

Then I looked over at the sling and found the Kid with a very pained expression on his face. One of our members is a Daddy who also is an escort, along with his partner, and he is hung like a horse. After the Marine had finished with the Kid, Daddy spied him and the Kid told me later he just smiled and walked up to the sling and stuck his cock in, without touching the Kid, or his cock, the Kid’s ass was so open. Daddy’s cock is immense, and it curves up. The Kid told me he thought it was gonna come out his belly button! He just stuck it in, hard and then laid into him. I’ve watched him fuck before, and know that as an escort, he fucks so much that it takes a long time for him to cum. I kinda felt sorry for the Kid, as he was getting the fuck of his life, and it was after two hot fuckers had already given him hard rides.

Big Daddy had the Kid impaled on his fuckpole, had moved him back till the Kid was pratically upright on his shaft, and was just slamming into him relentlessly. The Kid had his teeth gritted taking it, but he wasn’t fighting back, in fact he was urging Daddy on, telling him to fuck him hard and shoot his load. We’ve all heard that “fucking sound” of two sweaty bodies slapping together, and it was so loud now that a crowd was forming, and I had to move up to get close enough to see how it was going. When Daddy finally did cum in the Kid’s ass, he again had him almost upright, and he was shaking with the force of his orgasm. There were lots of men urging him on and telling him what a great fucker he was, so I was proud of the Kid for being able to take that.

When Daddy was finished with the Boy, he pulled out roughly and let the Boy swing in the sling, and he was wiped, his head was limp, and I knew I had to get him out of that sling before one of the other guys got at him. I helped him out and took him over to the couch in the rest area, and gave him a paper towel to wipe his ass and legs, as he had cum running down his legs when he stood up.

I went out for a smoke then, leaving him slumped on the couch. So I was surprised when I came back in, to see him bent over the fucktable, with another guy up his ass. I have to give it to the Kid, he’s got balls. He had just been fucked by three of the best men at this party, and now he was trying to see if he could get more loads. A line was forming, men waiting their turn, and slowly he took them all on, one after another. So I got in line, as I wanted to see what his ass would feel like after that. The guy in front of me was one of the regulars at the parties, and I knew he was not very hung, so I watched him get into the Kid and knew he’d never be able to get off in him, his cock wasn’t big enough for him to feel anything. But he pulled his cock out, covered in cum, and jacked it between fuckstrokes, and finally jacked enough to get his rocks off, and as he began to shoot, he hollered and buried his cock in the Boy, and spurted his load up his hole. I was proud of both of them!

After he pulled out I very gently inserted my cock into the Kids hole, and it was just as I had imagined, a cumfilled hole very loose and worn out. I rooted around a little just to feel all that cum on my shaft, but I knew I couldn’t get off in him either, so I just whispered in the Kid’s ear, asking him how he was and how many loads he thought he had. He said he was sure of eight, perhaps nine. I asked him if he wanted me to stop and let him rest, and he said no way, go for it, give me that cumload.

No matter how hard or deep I tried, I couldn’t get my rocks off, he was too loose and there was too much cum in his hole. If he’d been into fisting, this would’ve been the point where I would have pulled out and put my fist up his ass, but he said he wanted to wait on that, as I had told him fisters have a loose hole and not to start fisting till he’d had every cock he ever wanted, and he wanted lots of cock and cum. So I did like the guy before me, I jacked as I fucked him, putting my fist at his hole and basically jacking off as I fucked him, and added my load to what was in his ass.

He got rimmed then by several guys really into eating cum out of an ass, so he got up on the fucktable on his back and lifted his legs, and let every one of them taste all that cum. I think he was at the high point of realizing he had taken about 10 loads at a bareback party, and men had lined up to fuck his ass, and now were taking turns eating those loads out of his ass. His dick was pointing straight up, and I thought he ought to fuck one of the bottoms now.

But Big Daddy’s partner, also a top, had not had a turn, and while the Kid was flat on his back on the fucktable, he slid his cock in. He’s not a small dick either, though not near as big as his partner, but he makes a respectable living fucking ass and is good at it. He was enjoying the Kid and let him know it, which made the Kid happy. One of the guys that had been rimming the Kid’s ass was up on the fucktable getting rimmed himself, and he bent over the Kid and started sucking the Kid’s dick. The Kid was getting close, and when that happens your ass draws up, whether you want it to or not, and suddenly Big Daddy’s partner had a tight ass on his shaft. You could tell that inspired him, as he was about to fuck the Kid off the table. The Kid blew his load in the pig’s mouth the same time Big Daddy’s partner spewed in his ass, and the Kid was yelling “I’m Cuming!” as the fucker hollered back that he was getting a dirty load, too. That was really hot, and the few of us still standing were watching it in awe.

The top pulled his cock out, his PA dripping cum, and one of the pigs standing near grabbed his cock and sucked it clean, and then licked the Kid’s ass clean while the first pig cleaned his cock. The Kid’s eyes were crossed with pleasure. He’d gotten a heavy load up his ass at the same time he’d blown his load, and that is just pure ecstasy.

By this time the party was winding down, so when the Kid felt like he was able, I helped him down off the fucktable and again led him over to the rest area and helped him clean himself up. If you’ve seen cumtracks down leg hairs, you have a good idea what he looked like. I wished we could have taken pix at this party, but our club doesn’t allow cameras, as the feeling is the guys don’t want to be identified in pix; too many shy men. I would love to have had pix of his ass and legs. His hole was all rosy and puckered out from the big dicks that had used it and opened it up. He looked like a fisting bottom, but it was big dicks that had done it, all real flesh, no toys or hands. I got him a bottle of water and he downed it quickly even though I told him to take it slow. Before we could get him wiped up he had to piss, and then he was in the john for a while, shitting loads of cum as he pissed. I told him the cum would continue to flow for a while, so just sit on a towel for a time and rest.

The guys were all showering and cleaning up and putting on their clothes and saying goodbye, and the usual exchange of phone numbers and cards. We had been among the first to arrive, and would be the last to leave. I finally got the Kid cleaned up enough to shower and then feel like he could put on street clothes. When we got back to the hotel he was surprised to find his shorts cumstained. I told him unless he douched, he was gonna drip cum all night, as the guys had pounded it in deep. He said he wanted to keep it as long as possible, this was the night he had dreamed of for so long, he didn’t want it to end.

As we climbed into bed my dick sort of came to life, but I knew the Kid couldn’t take it again, so I just cuddled up against him and let him relax and fall asleep. I knew well that I would fuck him again the next morning, and as often as possible after that.

Jerry Prince


Posted 10 October 2011 - 01:43 PM



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enjoyed reading this


Posted 10 October 2011 - 04:17 PM



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My cock started leaking at the sight of the author, then I started reading. Jerry, this story is amazing, it would be even more perfect if you were to tell us all it's a real life story.


Posted 10 October 2011 - 10:10 PM



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Very hot story, thanks for sharing it!


Posted 15 October 2011 - 12:00 AM


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That was a fucking HOT story! Love to have been converted like that! Thanks for posting!


Posted 15 October 2011 - 12:54 PM


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love to get my hole pozzed like this cum pig.


Posted 28 May 2014 - 08:38 PM



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Fuck ya, I'm still thinking about this but Rawpigdad is exactly the type of daddy I'd love to be pozzed by.

If you're even coming to Vancouver, Canada I'd seriously consider making the final leap and let you poz me.


Posted 11 August 2014 - 12:38 PM



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Loved this saga.....brilliant writing. Makes me want to join in a similar gangbang soon.


Posted 11 August 2014 - 04:22 PM



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Fuck yeah! Got me hard as a rock. Hell of a story.


Posted 11 August 2014 - 04:39 PM



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this story is so fucking hot mmmmmmmmmmmm

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