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    As a slut and cumpig I think it's my obligation to always strive to become more and more and more of a filthy slut and whore. Thus, I have an ever-evolving Cumbucket list. Here it is, in no particular order of priority. Please share your own Cumbucket list goals in the comments to help inspire me! ANONBAREBACK'S CUMBUCKET LIST 1. Get gang fucked full of 45 Loads on my next birthday, over a 12 to 24 hour period. One Load for every year I've been alive. Make that 46 for "One Load to grow on." 2. To get fucked and filled by at least a dozen guys through a gloryhole over 5 hours. 3. To find a part-time Master/Owner to use me for entire nights and weekends, and order/force me to be a cumdump for anyone he chooses, no questions, no options. 4. To be raped. 5. To be Gangraped 6. To be Pozzed (ideally rape or gangrape Pozzed) 7. To be Pimped/whored out, cheap, like the cheap whore I am. 8. Once POZ, to re-become Vers and Poz BugChasers. 9. Once POZ, to Stealth Breed "safe sex" Negs. 10. To get pass-out drunk and be bred by strangers while asleep. 11. To Breed/POZ a dude while he is asleep. 12. To be tag-teamed in a Camper of Van. 13. To be a Truckstop whore, for free. 14. To be in Porn, amature or otherwise. Masked/blindfolded. Gangfucked. Pozzed. Revolving door cumdump, etc. 15. To have a Gallon of Cum injected into my cunt. 16. To drink a Pint of Cum. 17. To have 12+ guys jack off into my mouth. 18. To own my own Adult Bookstore or Bath House Well, that's it for now. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of things though. Share your ideas! =)~
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    My ex organised my previous "record" gagbang when 14 different men fucked me in one Sunday afternoon. It was one of the hottest days of my life and I can honestly say I enjoyed the last cock as much as I did the first, but that is just me, totally addicted to cock and seed. I have always harboured a desire to break that record. Sure, at various naked parties I have probably had more cocks in me in the one session, but not all came, some were only brief pumps and just a taste of cock to keep my hole opened up. I want to break the record with more than 14 cocks cumming in me. So earlier this week I hatched my plan. I started talking to a few tops who have fucked me before. Some have fucked me several times (for a few of them I am the hole of last resprts on the weekend if they dip out elsewhere - and I do not mind - I get their cock and their full load as they have been edging for hours looking to hook up and filling up their balls with seed). Most, especially the tops of BBRTS love the group thing - some off MH were a little reticent when I contacted them as were some of my Grindr roots. Togive everyone a chance to be available we sset up a date three weeks from Sunday at my place, and so far I have 8 definites. My aimn is to take 20 cocks and 20 loads. It has not been that easy for them as some are married, some are in relationships, some do not want photos some want to come earlier than the midday start to deposit their load in me privately. I am currently wprking through all the logistics with quite a few tops. I am easy I have no rules except they each breed me at least once. I do not care if they all want seconds after the record is reached but I want the first 15 loads from different men. I do not care if guys take pics, film it, would live stream it if the tops were agreeable. I do not care if they are married or in relationships, on meds or not, hung like a horse, rough or gentle as long as I get till my hole is wrecked and can't hold anothgetr thimble of cum.
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    My mum and I don't have the best relationship, she kind of disowned me when she found out about my step father and I, but she found out years after the fact. She has recently gotten in contact with me because my step father had called her to say he had visited me and I was doing well, luckily he left out the rest of the story... She said that we should catch up and I said sure, and catching up wound up being at her 50th birthday party. When I arrived at the venue I saw family members I hadn't seen in years and my mum was strangely warm to me, she told me that she felt a lot of regret for disowning me and wanted to make it up to me. I told her it was fine, I was fine and she didn't have to worry about it. "Oh did I tell you, your ex is coming?" She asked, I was taken back. She explained that they had remained close after we split up and I suddenly felt like I didn't want to be there, not that there was any bad blood between my ex and I... but he did make it clear that he thought I was a sick slut! As the night went on he eventually turned up, I hadn't seen him since the end of high school so it had been a while. He gave me a hug and told me I looked good, we chatted for a bit and then he went off to mingle. Later in the night I was at the bar when he came and stood next to me to order a drink. "Is it weird seeing your mum?" He asked, I said no and that I don't hold any grudges. We got to talking and eventually went and sat at a table together. Eventually the subject of our relationship came up, "so do you have a boyfriend?" He asked, "no... I'm still a sick slut" I told him. He laughed and apologised and I said I was only joking. "But are you really?" He asked, "yes" I said. "Good to know" he said. We sat there in silence for a moment when he leaned towards my ear "your making me hard" he said, I put my hand in his lap and felt up His crutch. "That you are" I said, he grinned at me. "It's been a while" he said, "is there somewhere we can go?" I asked, "you can come back to mine after" he said, "no... now!" I said. He looked around and seemed confused by my comment. "Lets go outside and into the alleyway" I said, "are you serious?" He asked, "you know it!" I assured him. We got up and he held his hands in front of his crutch to hide his erection, as we walked towards the front door my auntie told me that they would start speeches soon, I said "great" and continued walking to the front. We got outside and walked down the alleyway next to the venue. He stood up against the wall and I got on my knees and started unzipping his pants, I pulled his hard cock out. "It's gotten bigger since I last saw it" I said. "It's all yours babe" he said. I started sucking his cock, his hand held the back of my head as he gently pushed my face down on his throbbing manhood. "Do you wanna fuck?" He asked, "absolutely" I said. I got off my knees and leaned up against the wall, he pulled my pants down just enough so he could fuck my hole. He spat on his hand and started teasing my twitching cunt, "come on fuck it! Fuck me hard!" I said, "your such a fucking slut" he said then asked "bareback?" And I said "YES!". I looked down the other end of the alleyway and saw people walking past as he started fucking me slowly, I wondered if the speeches had started inside but I didn't care. "Come on fuck me!" I said and he started going faster, harder. "How many people have been in this hole?" He whispered in my ear as he started becoming more aggressive, "what do you think?" I asked, "well your pretty fucking loose so I'm gonna say a lot. Loose fucking cunt! Fucking whore!" He said "Yes" I said. His aggression was a real turn on, he obviously had anger towards me he was letting out. Suddenly he started breathing loudly and he pushed balls deep into me grabbing my ass hard as he released his seed into my aching cunt. "Holy shit! Holy shit!" He said, "your such a slut!" He said again and again, "aren't you?". "Yes" I answered, when we went back into the venue we had missed the speeches.
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    I had put an add up on Craigslist that read: GLORYHOLE COCKSUCKER Hi, I have a private gloryhole located in my house. I'm looking for men who need to lose a load, straight men to the front of the line. I'm very discreet and I'm not looking for any reciprocation. I'm not into email ping pong either so if your serious, I'm very serious. I recieved one email that said: "Your disgusting!" (Lol) and then a few more that wound up being email ping pong. Finally I received an email from a guy who was 28, Caucasian, fit and it read: "If your discreet I'm keen where abouts are you?". He also attached a photo of himself, I gave him my address and he responded: "Cool, I can be there in an hour. I'm just cycling with some mates so do I need to have a shower before I come or you don't care? I had a shower this morning before I went on my ride". I told him to just come over. A bit over an hour later he called my phone, "hey I'm in your street which house is it? I don't wanna walk into a randoms house" he laughed and I told him it was the house with the Yaris parked out the front. He hung up and I waited in the hole until I heard the sliding door open. I looked through to see he was still in his cycling gear and my mouth was instantly watering when I saw his visible penis Line (he hung to the left). He walked up to the hole "how you going?" He asked with a grin, "better now" I said, "yeah, you glad I came?" He asked and I said yes. "You know I haven't been blown for over a month" he said and I told him it was an honour that he chose me to help him out. He pulled his Lycra shorts down to his ankles, revealing a thick cut cock, above average. He started pulling it a little before sliding his semi hard dick through the hole. I wasted no time in wrapping my lips around his fat cock head and as I sucked I slowly worked my way down to his balls feeling him swell, feeling his cock become fully erect in my mouth. "That's good, that feels so good" he said. I stopped sucking for a moment to admire his rock hard dick, "don't stop, put that cock back in your mouth" he said and I opened wide and took his entire length back down my throat. "That's it good cocksucker, that's a good cocksucker!" He said. With my hand I pulled his balls through the hole to hold them as I slurped on his dick, I started to get that first lot of pre-cum in my mouth... this guy tasted good, really good! He started moaning "fuck! Oh fuck! You... you suck better then any fucking girl I've ever had" he said. He kept moaning "oh your gonna make me cum! Fuck! Your gonna make me cum!" He said. His warm sperm started filling the inside of my mouth as he moaned loudly and kept saying "FUCK!". I had milked him dry, but I kept sucking until he removed his still erect cock from the hole. "You have a towel or something?" He asked as I swallowed his cum. I looked around and found a tea towel and handed it through the hole to him. "Thanks" he said and started wiping his cock in front of the hole. "I think it's great that there are people like you" he said, "what do you mean?" I asked admiring the view as his cock started to go soft. "Well you know it's important that guys get off" he said laughing. "I agree" I said with a smile, "that was a fucking amazing blowjob" he said, "and I didn't even have to ask you to swallow" he continued. "Thanks" I said, "how did my cum taste?" He asked, "so good" I assured him. He then stood there pulling his Lycra shorts up telling me about his diet? But he was so hot I could have lisented to him ramble all day.
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    Last week I started to write blogs(I have since deleted the entries), my initial idea was to give a quick background of how this pretty boy became this filthy whore and from there I wanted too give details of my daily hookup's as I go. I realized however that this is a complete fucking waist of my time and yours. Ill rather do pics and short status updates to not waist fuck time All there is to know is that I''m a very good looking boy (I say this as people usually don't expect extreme filth from me) and I'm into anything dirty, filthy, sleazy. My dick gets hard when people are grossed out by me! I try and live every fantasy that I come up with but my Ultimate would be to be a diseased whore, the go to guys for other struggling chasers - and I am determined to get there in the next two years. Currently I'm in a job where making myself public could be damaging to the company. By end 2017 I plan to quiet and just focus on being a ''whore'' and will finally then be able to share my info, location and pictures fully. I have been saving money for 5 years with this in mind. That''s a brief intro, more info on my profile, and feel free to make contact - as I said, Nothing is taboo and I never say NO. If you one of those who think what I say is just horny talk - Try me?! I will share this message below I sent to @rawTOP, as a curious young guy his blogs pointed my in the right direction - Thank you, thereafter Thanks to Dawson for being my role model, But now, I'm going ALL the way!!! Dear rawTOP Just want to tell you a quick story back in 2011 and 2012, me still very innocent but already wanting to explore bb, came across your blog. I was driving back with a friend on holiday and for a 7 hour drive my eyes were glued to my phone (pre tablet era for me) reading your stories over and over. You introduced me to a new world, pozzing and bug chasing.... or you blog posts lead me to research that. I never actually went onto breeding zone prior to this year, didn't know what it was and was probably to scared. As years went by I starting fantasizing about chasing, still to discreet and shy to act ..... long story short, I eventually just gave in after a guy bred my ass, told me he was safe and weeks later said he lied - when my dick got hard in the middle of a club when I heard this, i kinda surrendered. So pozzing is still in motion, But my darkest secret was, I had been obsessed with bug chasing for years, This however took alot of thought and consideration and for weeks I tried to make contact with other guys, and especially young guys with the same interests...as I thought I was mentally unstable, then someone refereed me here yesterday afternoon. I spent 12 hours reading through all the post and blogs and chatting to other guys similar, hot young fuckers. And I realized that eventually, I'm going to give in so why not now. So In a matter of hours I made a life changing decision This is probably weird to tell you some lame story, but it all started with you. And I really hope you take that with a compliment. You gave me the initial base and material and I''m fucking glad I came across it - It would have happened years later, I'm sure if that urge is in you there''s no stopping it. Hope you will check my profile as I go on this journey Finally I want to share this picture with you all, Last week 26 July at 2pm, I went to my first pre-arranged hookup specifically for Syphilis. I'm yet to see any symptoms but i''ve been told it takes up to two weeks. he kindly labelled me when he was done:
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    Well it took me less than 90 day since joining (11+30+31= 72) to be exact to earn the much coveted 'barebacker' badge on 'The BreedingZone'. I was told about the site by a silent fan, an ardent promiscuous barebacker who was among the first dozen who 'broke me in' as I 'came out' a second time; this time abandoning 'conventional gay relationships' and 'safe sex' for the total bareback sports-fucking... hope you guys enjoy my stories, feedback, confessions and kinky fantasies!
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    It's been a while since I've updated this so I need to do a quick catch up so I'm up to date. So the last entry was about the man who broke my gloryhole. He actually pushed it from the wall completely so I couldn't screw it back into place. Having to improvise I started using a sheet with a hole in it, which is something I usually only do when I'm travelling and in hotels. SECURITY GUARD REGULAR He's been by 7 times since my last entry, he's taken to cumming in the morning before work. He use to only come over at night after work. Since I returned his wallet to him at his work a month or so ago, he's not that interested in the actual gloryhole anymore. After returning his wallet the next time he came over he actually asked if he could sit on the lounge (he probably thought my makeshift sheet gloryhole looked like shit to). I told him that was fine. So now he takes his shoes, pants and tee off (but always leaves his socks on for some reason), sits down like a man (it's so hot the way he sits with his legs apart his hard cock proudly on display), I kneel between his legs and service him. I've even learnt a bit more about him, sometimes he'll stick around for a little bit after he blows. He told me he is old fashioned wants to have a girlfriend that stays at home and looks after the house while he works. He even said that he wants a girlfriend that will service his cock the way I do when he gets home from work... in the meantime I'm more then happy to help him out. IMSUPERIOR We have been getting pretty close, what started out as a hot encounter has become a regular appearance in my life. I drove all the way to his house in Dubbo to suck his cock one night, and he's been down to use the gloryhole or fuck me quite a bit. I even had the pleasure of being tag teamed by him and his mates. The other night he had to come down to Sydney with another friend of his for a bucks night and wanted to stay at my place. When he left the party he got back to mine with his mate at 2 in the morning. He wasn't in his usual attire, he had a white button up shirt on with the sleeves rolled up, black dress pants and black dress shoes. He came in the door drunk but not "sloppy" if that makes sense. His mate didn't even look like he had drunk anything. Imsuperior went to have a shower because someone spilt a beer all over him and I was left in the kitchen with his mate. It didn't take long for his mate to flop his cock out "suck it!" He said. I got on my knees in the kitchen and started sucking his cock. He was average, cut, smelt and tasted really good and had some cologne on that smelt amazing. "Come on show me how hard you can suck a cock!" He said and I did, I could taste his pre-cum oozing into my mouth. Imsuperior eventually got out of the shower, he saw me sucking his mate in the kitchen and completely naked and erect walked over and grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face balls deep down onto his mate. He then let me go and grabbed my head again but made me deepthroat his cock. "You wanna act like a slut we are gonna treat you like a slut!" He said and dragged me by my hair into the lounge room. His mate took his clothes off and sat down on the lounge and Imsuperior instructed me to ride his mate, facing Imsuperior I sat down on his mates hard cock. "How's that feel?" He asked, "good" I said "you need another cock in you huh?" He asked, lifting up my legs Imsuperior put his cock inside me. It had been a while since I was DP'd so I must have made a painful noise because Imsuperior said "don't pretend like you can't take it fag!". The two of them fucked my hole for what felt like two hours, my legs were sore and my hole tender but I loved it and they filled me up with their cum. NEVER BEEN SUCKED I was talking to this 19 year old Italian looking guy on Skout, he was tall, whore a lot of hoodies and track pants. He told me he had a girlfriend but she didn't suck cock, and he wanted his cock sucked. When he arrived I was taken back by how tall and beautiful he was in person, he seemed very nervous. "What do I do?" He asked, "take your clothes off or just pull your pants down, whatever your comfortable with and then just slide your cock through here and I'll take care of you" I said. I watched through the hole as he took his jumper and tee off, he even folded them like he was doing laundry and put them on the floor. He then pulled his trackie pants down to his ankles, I could see his bulge in his briefs, he was a hung young man and I couldn't wait to taste him. He pulled his briefs down revealing a 7in uncut cock. He walked over to the hole and slid it through, the head of his cock was wet and he was so hard his foreskin was already all the way back revealing a beautiful wet cock head. I started at his balls kissing them and sucking them, I could tell he wasn't going to last. He started moaning before I even wrapped my lips around his cock. I licked up his shaft, his cock smelt good (you know that nice cock smell), I took the head of his cock in my mouth and started sucking gently, I got a hit of his pre-cum straight away as I worked his cock right down my throat. "I'm gonna cum, sorry I'm gonna cum!" He said straight away and blew a big tasty load into my mouth. "Sorry I thought I'd last longer" he said. I kept sucking his cock until he was soft again and swallowed his tasty cum. "Don't be sorry that was amazing" I assured him. I gave him my number for whenever he needs his dick taken care of. BLUE BALLS Another regular of mine, Nathan (the one who broke the gloryhole) has started coming over all the time again. There was one week where he came over every single day, and I loved it because this guys cock is perfect and I could swallow his cum all day everyday. After the week where he came everyday, I was actually sad when he didn't turn up or message me for two days. The third day I got a message from him, he had gone on some Tinder dates and all he got out of it was blue balls, luckily I could help him out with that. TIM On Skout I started talking to this guy named Tim, at first I thought he was playing me he wanted me to tell him what I do and I wrote "you can tell from my title what I do", but I guess he wanted me to write that I wanted cock so I did. "There you go was that so hard?" He asked. "Do you want your cock sucked?" I responded and he said "Yes, do you swallow", I assured him that I did so he wrote "good, where are you?". I gave him my address and waited. He was toned, very handsome and had a killer body, minimal hair and a big cock! He didn't say anything when he arrived, he just shoved his cock into the hole and I started slurping and enjoying his meat. He didn't make a single sound when his cock started pulsating and pumping cum down my throat, I was surprised but his cum was mouth wateringly good. "Did you like that?" I asked as I swallowed his sperm, I started kissing his dick when he pulled it out without saying a word and left. THE CONDOM I was really hungry for some cock in my hole, I went to the beat but there was no one around. After an hour or so I decided to leave and try my luck on Squirt, Grindr or Skout. When I got to the entrance of the park I saw a car parked, I stopped because I could see two people were inside it and I thought they might be there to fuck. They were there to fuck but I don't think they knew it was a gay beat because it was a straight couple fucking in the car. I went to leave when they turned the light in the car on, I had to walk past them so I just stayed in the bushes, he was hot and she was putting her hair into a bun. He opened his car window and threw a condom out, I had a good look at him. He had a beard, dark features, very good looking (she was really lucky to get this guy). They drove off and I walked over to the condom and picked it up, it was a nice big load and fresh. I took it home and jerked off as I swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing it. THREE MEN Another night at the beat, this time I had my pants pulled down and was leaning up against a tree. The first guy rammed his cock into me hard, I don't know who he was or what he looked like but he only pumped me about five times before he blew inside of me. The next guy grabbed my hips and put his cock inside me, he was thick and hung it felt good but I knew he was wearing a condom I could feel it. Normally I'm not down for that but I couldn't be bothered saying anything and his dick felt amazing, I was hoping he'd leave the condom behind but he took it with him after he cum. A third and final guy then slipped his cock into me. He was quite small but thick and thankfully wasn't wearing a condom. He put his hands around my neck at one point and I saw a wedding ring, he filled me with his married nut before leaving. I walked home with two loads dripping from my cunt. There are a few others I can't remember the specifics of, but that's the most memorable encounters I've had since my last entry I'll try and update it more often from now on so I don't have to do an epic post like this.
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    Early this morning, I'm on Grindr and I'm smoking and the more I smoke, the more uninhibited I become. I then saw a guy with a hot body and a screen name with devil in it. He hits me up, "you bottom?" I replied, "Sure." Address? 16 minutes later he's at my door, I have it dark. He walks in takes me to the bed pushes my head toward the center of the bed while positioning my legs and ass where he wants me. In the mirror I see this 5'7" chiseled stud with a red beard and a beautifull huge fat cock and above it his cock below the band line is a bio tat. I took the can of Maximum Impact and sprayed it into a sock and inhaled deeply. As I felt the world exlpoding around me he was fucking me so intently he began to explode inside me! I reached back and with both hands, I pulled his body as close to me as possible and he pushed his poz cock as far up inside me as possible and he moaned. It was so fucking awesome.
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    The weekend of the 4th of August: I was horny and had just acquired some party favs with the end result of hooking up with a hung poz pig that gets off on breeding his toxic poz seed into a wanting hole, as well as, getting fucked. Jay, hits me up on Scruff and wants to come over and breed his poz seed into me and more than once. I agreed and when he arrived we went right to it. He had a nice cock, great for fucking and deep seed breeding. The more we partied the more intense our sexual interactions became. It was at one point after we had exchanged dna that I had asked if he ever slammed. He said yeah and did he want me to have him admin to me? I said, sure. As I began preparing the point, he asked me how strong I made it. I replied, .60. He asked me to make it a double and that he wanted the first half and then slam me with the rest along with his raw poz blood. I was stunned for a few seconds. But I became instantly boned up, rock hard and began to pre-cum. When he slammed himself, I licked his arm of the little blood that remained and he asked if I was ready? Yeah, I replied. I watched as he injected into my vein the mixture of the t and his toxic poz blood. It was a good slam, I was out of breath for a second as he walked me over to the sofa and bent me over and began to rim and eat out my hole with such veracity. Man, it felt so fucking awesome. Without any notice, he raised up and rammed his cock into me, balls deep, and began pounding until he asked me if I wanted another dirty load? I replied as to be practically begging for it, Yes, please. He must have blown 5 or 6 loads into me, and I only 2 in him. When he left I had cum oozing from my hole. I kept his toxic seed in me until the next morning. I'll be anxious to get tested soon and see the results of that pig nasty, perverted night.
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    A guy told me, "I was ready to leave the bar last night, and it was you or nothin." I got him off 3 x - including one round w/me on all fours in his backyard like a bitch. I got 40 mosquito bites - about 10 of em on my nutsack - but he said I was cheaper - AND more satisfying! - than a bag of White Castles! (And when he was done w/me, my butthole was as greasy as a bag of White Castles.) When I left his place, I stopped at the adult bookstore on my way home. Gave 2 blowjobs!
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    Funny a couple of nights ago I was being turned out by Mal this big dick Latin guy I met on BBRT. Mal like myself is poz undetectable and of course not only did he fuck me raw but came deep inside of me. Thing is at some point in the past this would make me feel ashamed or at the least bad in some way, and now I'm more of wow that was nice, when can I do this again. Admittedly I was getting depressed thinking how fucking stupid can I be for allowing myself to become a statistic , another bi black man getting hiv. Funny thing is I honestly can't say if I had a chance to do my life over would I change my decision to bareback. Some people say there's not a difference when fucking with a condom but there's a difference to me, a lack of connection when using a condom. Yet in spite of these emotions I don't hate my life our my situation nor do I want to go blaming someone for this situation after all I was a willing participant. I guess the trick is to look forward to the future and try not to dwell too long in the past
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    Once, I got genital warts, but because I'm a cocksucker, I got em IN MY THROAT. The clinic sent me to a specialist in Infectious Diseases. I didn't recognize the name when I made the appt. I didn't recognize him till he walked into the examining room. It was a str8 guy I went to college with. A str8 guy who couldn't stand me in college. And there I sat on one of those paper-covered exam tables - a referral from the public STD clinic downtown. With genital warts. IN MY THROAT. Who the fuck gets that? Taking a cue from me, he pretended not to recognize me. But his smug grin got bigger and bigger as he examined me. Playing dumb, he began asking questions. I turned red and stared at my feet, avoiding eye contact. "So I take it you're a homosexual?" Me: "Yes." He grinned. I'd just confirmed what he'd accused me of in college. "And you... engage in oral sex with men?" Me: "Yes." Him: "That's how you got genital warts in your throat?" Me: "I assume so." Him: "You assume so? Could you have contracted them some other way?" Me: "No. No, it couldn't have been any other way." Him: "So your partner had penile warts?" Me: "Some of them did, yes." Him: "Some of them?" Me: "Yes." Him: "So you've had multiple partners?" Me: "Yes." Him: "How many partners would you say you've had? 10? 20? More?" I was silent. "So, more. Would you characterize yourself as... promiscuous?" I stayed silent. He repeated, "You're promiscuous?" Me: "Yes." Him: "Extremely promiscuous?" I stayed silent, then whispered, "Yes. I'm... extremely promiscuous." He snorted. "Typical homosexual. Typical homosexual. Where do you meet men?" Me: "In adult bookstores." Him: "Oh, classy. Very classy! You do it right there IN the adult bookstore?" Me: "Yes." He put his head back and laughed. "Like a farm animal. Just out of curiosity, do you perform oral sex on... black men?" Me: "Yes." He snorted again. "Figures." He dropped all pretense of not recognizing me. "You've worked on it, but you still have that lisp. Bro, you have ended up the lowest of the low. Tell me, Randy, is it genetic? I mean... was your mama a slut like you? Did your mama like dick like you do?" When I came back a week later to have the warts removed, he used a device to go down my throat and shave them off, cauterizing as he went. I was 'twilighted,' not anesthetized; I remember seeing flashes of light. That was the cauterizing part. I kept squeezing the nurse's hand, fighting down panic. I swear I heard the doctor sneer, "You'd think he'd be used to having a big hose down the back of his throat." Even though she was squeezing my hand and comforting me, the nurse laughed, too.
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    In my first post I talked about mind-games I'd play with myself to help me to overcome HIV fear and be a Cumslut. This post is about another invaluable lesson I learned, and hope to experience again. And again. And again. Namely, what I learned from being RAPED. First off and full disclosure, I guess some wouldn't consider it "real" rape since I consented to it ... At first. But what I learned was the same in either case. Anyway, here it goes ... Once I got over my HIV fear and embraced being a no-Loads-refused Cumslut one thing kept getting in the way: While I wouldn't refuse any Loads, I DID refuse certain Cocks. You're probably thinking "size queen," but it's quite the opposite. In fact, I never did and still don't get off on physical pain. Girthy Cocks or anything even 7" or larger were just "too much" for me. I know ... I was such a pussy. Worse still is that when guys would fuck me I'd often have this weird "post orgasm regret" that would kick in immediately after I'd Cum. I often Cum just by getting fucked, which meant that if I Came before the guy fucking me that post orgasm regret would make me tell him to stop. Before he even had a chance to unload. Of course I know now that this kind of behavior is unacceptable for a pig bottom slut. The Top, The Alpha, The Man has a RIGHT to keep fucking until HE is done. He has a RIGHT to use faggot holes like Me however long and however hard he wants. It's only the Alpha's pleasure that really matters. The faggot--me--is just a hole to be used and discarded. Simple as that. I may not have known this when I was such a low-pain-tolerance pussy, but part of me must have sensed it. At the very least I knew that if I wanted to be a good slut, I'd need to break through my resistance. The thought of ass-training with dildos never really appealed to me, since dido's can't Cum ... and I need Cum. I also never thought about butt-plug training. In retrospect I'm glad I didn't train myself, because it led me to think of the much more exciting, and enlightening, way of breaking through ... being FORCED to do so. FIRST ATTEMPTS Okay, so it was definitely my bad to ask or insist guys stop fucking me before they was done. That's a given. But in my defense, as Alphas, they shouldn't have stopped no matter what I said. They should have ignored me and kept going. They should have covered my mouth. Held me down if necessary. Raped me if they wanted. Again, I don't blame them for not exercising their Rape rights because I'm sure most didn't know that as Alphas that IS their right (I'm glad this is changing!). I realized that to get a guy to force me to take whatever he had to give, I'd need to give him permission ahead of time to keep fucking me no matter what I said. And that's what I tried to do, but with limited success. I'd explain what I said earlier about often wanting to stop once I'd cum. Then I'd emphatically add, "But I don't want you to stop until you have Cum. Really. No matter what I say!" My rule for them, and myself, was that once his Cock touched my Cunt he just needed to ask me once if I really wanted it. That was the moment of final decision. If I wanted to back out at that point I could (though I knew I never would, since it was only once pain started or I came that I wanted to back out). If I said, "YES!" he had free rein. Fuck Me. Cum Inside me. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Guys seemed okay with this idea. But reality was a different matter entirely. They'd slide in, start fucking. I'd muscle through any pain reminding myself of my promise and decision. But if I came first ... The switch flipped and I'd say, "Dude. You gotta stop. Sorry." And here's the disappointing kicker ... they always would. Maybe they'd ignore my first request, but by the second, "No REALLY. Dude. STOP" coupled with even slight physical resistance, they invariably WOULD stop. Within 15 minutes of them leaving I'd be angry. At myself. And at them. "How can I make this fucking happen for real?!" I'd ask myself. Eventually, I found a way .... MY LIBERATING RAPE I was drunk and determined. No half-assing it either. I'd be upfront this time. I wanted, and need, RAPED. Really. Truly. No options. No escape. Rape. I was chatting up this 19 y/o mostly Bi guy online and came up with what I considered a brilliant argument to convince him to rape me. He had a girlfriend, and so I explained, "Tell me I'm wrong. You sometimes want to rape her. All guys secretly wanna rape. BUT you'd never do that. She's your girl, you're too nice, and you don't want to go to jail. Well, you CAN rape me. No fear, no consequences." Something along those lines. We talked a bit more and before long he was convinced and into the idea. Since I couldn't host, and didn't drive, we agreed that once I got in his car and closed the door there was NO GOING BACK. We arranged to meet down the street. I walked up to his car and, window down, we gave each other the once over to make sure our pics weren't lying, and I asked, "Wanna do this?" He said, "Yes." I got in the car. I closed the door. Rubicon crossed. The die was cast. There really was no going back. He took me to his apartment. Though about 10 years younger than me he had the kind of bearing and authority of a natural Alpha. He sat on the end of his bed, and briskly ordered me to unlace his boots. I'd NEVER been ordered around before. It was strangely exhilarating. I did as he commanded. He then ordered me to strip. I obeyed. He got up, jerked me by the shoulder, flung me forward, and ordered me to bend over the bed. I remember the mix of fear and excitement when I heard him unzipping, then spitting. He fingered spit into my cunt. Then I heard him spit again. And then ... he DROVE his Cock inside of me. I immediately regretted my decision to do this. I cried out. The pain was excruciating. I imagined my ass tearing. He told me to shut the fuck up. He started driving fast and hard. It wasn't that he was huge--maybe 7.5" uncut. It was just my cunt's relative lack of experience plus, I'm sure, being tense. He fucked hard, slapping my ass a few times for good measure. He was jackhammer fucking me. My eyes were watering. I HATED this. Hated it. But my prostrate was being pounded so, invariably, the fatal moment came. By that I mean, I came. And, like clockwork, I had DEFINITELY had enough. "Stop. Stop!" He ignored me. I remember being afraid, thinking this is real and I don't want this! I tried to push myself up, to resist. He pushed me back down and held me there forcibly. It was like my resistance made him fuck even harder and deeper. Meaner. Or at least that's how it felt. It hurt like hell. My eyes were tearing up from the pain (I wasn't sobbing or anything, though). I feebly tried to resist a bit more, to no effect. I just wanted it to be over. He announced that he was about to Cum. A few more hard thrusts, a long moan, and he was finished. He pulled out, pulled up his pants, zipped up, and said, "That was hot. Get dressed." Like a gentleman Rapist he drove me home. I don't remember if we talked during the ride. I just wanted to get home and check my asshole to see if there was blood. There was no blood. But I was incredibly sore and walked like a gimp for a three days. But it didn't even take three days for me to realize that what had happened was the BEST FUCKING THING EVER. It was everything I'd needed. It had, in retrospect, been precisely what I knew would happen IF the guy was serious about MAKING me do what I'd promised. I'll always be grateful to that Rapist for being the real deal and helping me become a better faggot whore. UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCE & THE NEXT LEVEL An unexpected consequence came from that glorious rape. Namely, that I've wanted raped ever since. And more. While, being more experienced as a Cumdump now my cunt can handle much more Cock (but I still have "limits" that I look forward to being broken), the experience of being FORCED to go beyond my self-imposed butt-fucking limits has made me want to force to be part of overcoming other limits as well. In everyday life I'm a self-motivated goal-achieving type. When it comes to sex, though, there's something uniquely exciting about surrendering my normal patterns of autonomous self-direction and control. To actually, deliberately, hold onto a few boundaries and inhibitions in anticipation of finding the right guy(s) to BREAK me of those boundaries and mercilessly disregard those inhibitions. I also think that would be more enjoyable for the the Brutal Alphas too. There are a number of examples of this, including Gangrape, but perhaps my favorite is ... FORCE POZZING This is the holy grail for me. I have indiscriminate sex. And surely I can and will get Pozzed up as sheer function of slut-probability. But as a fledgling Bug Chaser I really want my conversion to be a radical, unforgettable, extreme, life-event. And what could fit that bill better than combining the two best experiences a whore like me could ever have?: Rape AND Pozzing. Even better, GangRape and Pozzing. Filmed. Perhaps this seems like a pipe dream, since there are too few Toxic Gifters, and too much fear among potential rapists. But I'm not giving up hope. I've even started a savings fund specifically for that purpose. The right AIDS-Rapist(s) are out there. It's just a matter of time before I find them and they find their very willing, excited, fearful, and READY victim.
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    Here's a nasty idea I'm toying with ... I think it would be fun to have a Pozzing Raffle. Goes something like this: A bunch of Toxic Gifters invited to a motel for a long, gang-fucking night of pumping AIDS Spunk into my Bug Chasing ass. Each guy brings a recent medical printout showing his Viral Load Count. Before the fun begins, everyone puts their printout into a box. At the end of the night when the guys are done using me and my guts are good and flooded with lakes of Charged Jizz ... One of the printouts is drawn at random for 1st Prize. Say, $500. Grand prize of $1000 goes to the one with the highest VL, of course! Other prizes could be awarded for most brutal rapist, best Cock, etc. Prizes for them and AIDS for me: Everyone wins!
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    I had been talking to a guy online for about two months before this point. Let's call him Tom. Tom had a profile on BBRT NKP and here on breeding zone. I had been wanting to experiment with chemsex for about 6 months before I left for the states, I had been watching some videos to see what the deal was. I believe it was this site that introduced me to the concept, before hand I had no idea about meth use in the gay community(or a subsection of the gay community) but I had it in my head that if I was to try it, it should be in America(where I could get away with it). Plus it seemed to be more available over in the states. What I was looking for was tough, a top who was willing to introduce someone to Tina for the first time who also was hiv negative. This may not seem like much. But first of all nobody seemed to even respond to me on NKP(maybe they were too high) I was beginning to this it was an online ghost town, or that perhaps my account was broken. After searching for some time, I found two profiles that matched the requirements, a neg Top, who can administer. I messaged both guys. One replied "Any pics?" I sent him some pics of me, including a face pic. "Hmmm any more pics?" He wasn't sure. A little disappointing. The next guy I message replies "I would love to meet". However plans changed and we didn't get to meet for quite some time(scheduling conflicts). This was a good thing in some respect. We managed to talk a little more and I felt comfortable this was an honest and open guy, he was in his 40's and seemed mature, extremely attractive, and sexually right up my street. He asked for porn vids that I found hot so he had an idea of what I was into. He liked these very much. We eventually arranged to meet a little over one week before I was set to leave. He was situated up the top of Manhattan and told me to meet him around 9pm. I took the train up, then hopped a cab to his place. A nice apartment complex. I don't remember feeling nervous. Strange really, I felt more nervous walking into a gay bar, or sucking off my first New Yorker, but this, what would be the most extreme thing I was about to partake in, and I felt eerily calm. I also remember thinking very calmly "I could die here" just before I pressed the buzzer. He unlocks the door from his room upstairs, I'm not told what room number or floor he is on, but the second I step in I get a text. "Be right down, have to get something from the basement" I wait in the foyer. Probably a good time to mention my previous experience with drugs. Tried ecstasy a handful of times, first two times were great, the rest sucked. Cocaine 3 times previously, got absolutely nothing from it(became quiet and fidgety) and weed on a handful of occasions. In no way was I a drug user, never partied and played, with the exception of weed with two guys in NYC. So why I was actually doing this I have no idea. But I'm hoping it's good. Tom comes down to meet me, and we both head to the laundry room where he empties the machine. He seems rushed, I spend my time examining him as he does his laundry. His head is shaved(bald), he has a grey goatee, very handsome masculine look, dressed in a tank top and sweatpants, he's in good shape. He really is a perfect match. Perfect Daddy. I wonder if he's high already, but I think he isn't How will he be with me, what will I do when I'm high? "Positive thoughts" I keep telling myself in my head. Positive thoughts. We enter his apartment, it's nice, big, he leads me to the bedroom. A large bed is covered with rubber sheets, to the left of the bed on the floor is a large duffel bag, filled with all kinds of sex toys. To the right is a computer and desk, on the desk lay some syringes. Now my heart starts to race a little. "Do you want to have a look through the toys?" "Sure". He shows me his collection, rubber cock and ball rings, rubber anal inserts, large buttplugs(one shaped like a sperm), sounds kit(makes me wince), rope, cuffs, things that I couldn't even identify. "That's an impressive collection" I say, wide-eyed. "Yeah. So I'm thinking we get you in a harness" He instructs me to take my clothes off. Then he puts the harness on me and tightens it. I feel infinitely sexier. I've never worn a harness before or since, but it felt great. He began to explain the benefits of said harness. "So when I'm fucking you I can just grab it like this, and pull you towards me" he says as he demonstrate by grabbing the shoulder straps and pulling me towards him, this makes me horny. "Hmm, a rubber jockstrap." He then takes a jockstrap from his bag, again, I've never worn one before this. It fits well and covers up that dick of mine. I'm slowly being transformed into his toy, there is only one thing left. He talks me through the whole experience, what it will feel like, how he preps the meth by pouring hot water until the crystals have fully dissolved, etc etc. He then shows me about 4 or 5 videos of slamming, and explains what the person might be feeling. "Ok so are you ready?" "Have you ever done this with someone for the first time?" "No, never introduced anyone" I sit on the cold rubber bed, he props two pillows behind my back. "Hmm, hang on." He goes to the bag, and takes out two of those, I actually don't know what they are called. Like small leather hoods that go over your hands. and leather cuffs. He loosely ties me to the bed. ​"It'll be interesting to have you tied up for your first slam" My heart starts to pound faster, the nerves are coming in hard and fast. Should I look at the needle going in? Maybe not. Everything will be fine. He holds the needle up to the bedside lamp. "They're full dissolved, see? Let's see how hard it is to find a vein." He runs his finger over the inside of my elbow, a vein comes up immediately. He then puts on the tourniquet and waits a few seconds. Wipes my arm with a pad and sticks the needle into my vein. He pulls back I look, see red inside the needle, then look away. "Ok. Now tell me if you feel any burning or stinging in your arm." I look again, he slowly pushes the plunger until the meth is inside me. He then snaps off the tourniquet and looks at me. I feel nothing. He gives me a look as if to ask how I feel. "Nothing?" I say, smiling nervously. He looks in disbelief. "Nothing?" "Nope" "Are you sure?" "Yeah I don't feel anything" "Hmm, that's crazy. Maybe I didn't give you enough" He turns around to look at the syringes on his desk. I let out a nervous laugh. "Maybe if I moved around a little" I say as I bend my arm up and down(as much as it will go with the restraint) Then I feel a sudden tingle in my legs, reminiscent of the first time I tried E(which I was the last to come up on then too), then BAM! This indescribable rush goes through me, my breathing becomes heavy and I blow out a long shaky "woah" I look at Tom, he seems excited. "OK....nowitsworking" I say in a short burst. I start to feel myself and wish these restraints vanished. I start to feel as if I could make them disappear if I really wanted to. Tom sees me squirming in ecstasy on the bed. "Now I know it's working." He then turns around and straps up his arm and gets ready to slam himself. I writhe around feeling everything with my body, everything tingles in such an amazing way. This is too good for words. I'm loving this, nothing has happened yet and I'm loving it already, I think of a thousand scenarios of what will happen throughout the night in the space of a second or two. My mind is well and truly fucked! It's very hard to focus on anything, everything has a shudder effect. I hear Tom exhaling heavily I look over and he's whipping of the strap from around his arm. "Fuck" "Fuck" I say almost at the same time. He seems very controlled, I don't know how he does it. "Do you have sensitive nipples?" "Not really" I answer. "You will". He then straps two sucking cups to my nipples and pumps them until they stick. "Thank you so much for this" I gush, I feel forever in his debt. I become overtly grateful and complimentary, he smiles knowing it's the drugs doing their work. He also becomes very talkative, he asks me about the first time I had sex. He raps my legs around his waist and I start to grind against him as I describe my first time. "Tonight will be a night of firsts" He tells me in that calm and hushed voice. For some reason we both feel the need to half whisper to each other. "Ok let's get these off" He removes my restraints as I thank him again for being so generous to have me over and get me high. He thanks me for coming. "God if we met earlier? I'd send you home stupid". After some talking, he takes my head and buries it into his armpit. I lap away at it as he moans. He takes the suction cups from my nipples and twists them as I start to suck on his. I still don't feel sensation in my nipples, however the rush from the meth was too much to notice if I did. This was perhaps the most sexually confident I had ever felt, I had to constantly remind myself, this is actually happening. I move down to work his cock. He tells me to suck it hard, so I do,gripping with my like and sucking down on his soft veiny dick to the balls, he grabs both balls and pushes them against my mouth "open" I try to accommodate for both cock and balls but it proves too hard, even though his cock is only semi erect, his balls are far too big. I settle for one ball and a dick in the back of my throat, my mouth is stuffed. He likes the feeling as I gag and retch. Eyes water, stomach knots, body squirms. Next I take both his balls in my mouth which is another mouth-filling task, his dick lays on my face with his wet helmet resting on my right eye. I feel like a good little slut. He tells me to smell his dick, which smells of precum. After sucking his dick some more it becomes hard enough to fuck with. He puts a rubber cock ring and ball separator on himself and tells me lie back. I put my legs in the air and present my hole for fucking. "No." he says. "Put your feet here" he motions to his chest. I place both feet on his chest and he slides his cock into my ass. At first my hole rejects him, pushing him out when he gets into a rhythm. It's the Tina, it has made my ass tighten up. However, I have an idea. I get up and take out a bottle of poppers out of my bag and lay back on the bed. "Maybe if you choke me" I suggest. He places his open palm against my neck, just under my Adam's apple, then moves up and down to find the strongest pulse. I take a huff of my poppers and raise one hand in the air(this is a safety technique I use at first with some guys, when the hand drops, I'm out and they should let go. Any longer and it could become quite dangerous). He presses down, not too hard, but enough to make my feet tingle. Everything goes tunnel vision. I'm back in Ireland doing something menial or talking to a friend or something. All of a sudden a man's face appears from nowhere, then a room behind him, where am I? Confusion. I feel a heavy tingling and something moving in and out of my hole. It has a similar feeling to pins-and-needles. Then I remember where I really am, in an apartment in New York, high on meth, being fucked unconscious by a complete stranger who could have killed me with little effort. The rush of realization is incredible. My breathing becomes heavy "Wow! Oh my God" He leads in to make out with me, his dick is now in my ass without me pushing it out. "Did you have a little dream, baby?" "Yeah, how long was I out" "Only about 5 seconds, don't worry." He fucks me harder and although his cock isn't rock hard it feels incredible. I could feel the rubber of the cock ring against my hole. I wanted everything he had inside me. "I think I can get my balls in you" he lets out in a grunt as he thrusts back and forth. "Yeah?" I ask with some scepticism, the drugs have taken away any pain the fucking may have caused, but it in no way made my ass wider, in fact it had a tightening effect on my hole. This problem was solved with a little force, or a nice choke-out. "Yeah, I think so. Hang on." He rolls me back so my ass is in the air, he then stands over me and squats down. I feel him pushing against my hole and decide to push out, hoping it will let him in. This works and he pushes his balls inside me. He pulls them out "Oh fuck" he lets out in pleasure. He pushes just his balls into my hole a few more times, dipping them in and out until it becomes easy. He then pushes his sloppy cock into my widened hole, followed by both balls. Everything is inside me. It has to be the best feeling I've ever had during sex, it's incredibly hard to describe that pleasure, knowing you're connected to another man by both his cock and balls, they fit tightly into your hole. You are being completely used as a place for him to rest his dick and balls. The feeling of his pelvis pushing against your ass, knowing there is nothing further that can go in, he is as deep in you as he can possibly go. Amazing! I feel with my hands to ensure everything is in. I rub his taint while he grinds against me. He stops moving, but I continue to grind in a circular motion, churning my insides with his balls and dick. "Hold still" he tells me, he looks focussed and stares into the distance. "You feel that?" "Nope" "I'm pissing inside you" "Oh fuck!" I concentrate on the feeling, a tingling in my lower back, I'm being used as this guy's urinal. "Ugh, it's hard to piss in this position". He only pees a little in me before slowly pulling his balls and cock out of my piss-filled whole, he keeps me propped up with one hand. "Don't move boy. Fuck yeah" he spits in my gaping hole. Then reaches into his bag of toys for a large butt-plug. He spits on it, and pushes it against my ass lips, it's not going in as easy as it should. He calmly instructs me to breath in and out, eventually the rubber plug slides right in, filling my ass completely. After about 30 minutes of playing, I go to the toilet to take out the plug and push out the piss. I feel very wobbly on my feet but very happy also. I notice that when the plug comes out there is no more piss up my ass. I feel around to check. Either my ass has absorbed the little piss there was, or it's gone a lot deeper than I can reach. The next few hours become a blur. I get slammed again which is so much stronger than the first, I cough and it hits me like a euphoria freight train. This turns Tom on greatly. We make out more, fuck, suck toys and attempted fisting. He could slide four fingers but not past the knuckle. I found it extremely hard to concentrate on what was going on, everything spun and shuttered, I felt fantastic, almost a state of frenzy. When Tom is on top of me he sweats so much it dribbles down onto my face and chest, almost like a tap. Our sweat has a distinct smell, a chemical smell because of the meth. He takes me to the shower to cool off. I check the time and hours have gone by. It's about 10.00am the next day. "My boyfriend will be home soon" What? Oh no, "is this going to get awkward?" I think. I say nothing. "It's ok though, we could always go to the bathhouse" First time for everything. I let him know I'm up for this adventure and he tells me to get dressed and meet him at the nearby subway, while he cleans up and gets dressed. I walk to the nearest subway, it's a hot day out and people are up walking to work. I'm very aware of my movements, not to act like a tweaker. He eventually meets me and we head towards the bathhouse. It's not long until we are there. I'm becoming paranoid that people will know I'm high. Tom seems fine. We get our locker key and head to our room. After stripping, I head to the locker with our clothes. To large black men check me out in my jockstrap(given to me by Tom) the place seems pretty empty, which doesn't surprise me given the time. I put away my stuff and head back to our booth/room. I'm tingling all over and moving faster than usual. I get in and Tom lunges at me, jamming his tongue down my throat and shoving his fingers up my hole. I turn to liquid in his arms, the feeling is very hot. He has a small bag of toys with him. He takes out a large metal buttplug. It's very wide, "Guess where this is going" he says as he slaps it against the palm of his hand. "No way" "Get on all fours" I climb onto the bed on all fours. He squirts some lube onto the top of the plug, then pushes against my ass. I feel there is know way this will fit. I try to push out to open my ass up. "Breath, relax." He instructs. It's hard to do so, even though there is no pain at this point(from the drugs) I'm still nervous of damaging my ass. I breath in and out. Then take a big hit of poppers and repeat. I feel it enter my hole, it begins to hurt. "Damn, is this nearly in" I think to myself, then my ass retracts. "It's in" he tells me, before leaning in to gently kiss my ass cheek and tell me "good boy". He slaps the base of the plug and every time he does is sends an extremely pleasurable shiver up through my insides. He lays me back on the bed and spreads his ass cheeks. "Stick out your tongue" I do, then he sits down hard on my mouth. I work my tongue slowly up and down he asshole, trying hard to push my tongue deep. He lets out a series of moans and groans to indicate he loves the sensation. He then grabs the back of my head and really pushes me into his hole. He wants me to go deeper and I can feel his hole pushing out against as my tongue slides deeper. My tongue is stretched out to the point of pain, but knowing the pleasure it gives him causes me to endure it. This goes on for a few minutes(with a few air breaks) before he lifts his hot ass from my face. He hands me down a rubber butt plug. "I want you to put this up my ass" "Can you pass me the lube?" "No just use spit" He opens my mouth and slides the plug all the way down to the end, I gag, he pushes further, fucking my throat with the plug. This gets him off. He sits on the end of the plug and forces it down my throat with his ass. I'm now being smothered and choked. I cough up some spit. and he takes the plug out and turns it around, facing his hole. I take it off of him and push. It takes some force and I worry about hurting him, but he seems to be fine. It eventually goes up his hole. I smack the end of it as he done with my and he groans in ecstasy. We make out for a while with plugs up our asses, I then go to give him a blowjob. After some time sucking his semi-flaccid cock I feel it's time to take the plug out. I leave our room to walk to the toilets. I get a few propositions on the way, but ignore them in a chemmed out haze. I enter one of the cubicles and try to push out the plug. This is more difficult and painful than getting it in. I finally manage to pull the metal plug from my insides and the thing is hot. Really hot. Hard to hold. I have to run it under a cold tap before I can carry it back to the room. By the time I get back he has jerked his cock hard. And places me on all fours before fucking me for quite some time. "Shit I've got to go to work soon" I wonder how he can even think of working, as my mind is so confused and fried from the meth, I could barely see straight. I guess this guy is well used to this kind of activity. This worries me slightly. Maybe all isnt as it seems with him. He edges himself with my ass a number of times but is too uptight to cum. "Wanna meet me later on, say 7pm?" "Ok". We both head to the showers. As we wash up he tells me "I think I have to piss" "Can I drink it" "Sure, get down there." I get down on my knees and open up. He shoots hard, like a fire-hose down my throat. It tastes extremely strong but I swallow every drop. As we walk back to our room to get dressed it hits me hard. It had totally slipped my mind that his piss was filled with strong chems, and it sent me flying high. "You feel it?" He asks me in a hushed tone. It really tickles him that I'm high as a kite in public. We get dressed and leave the bathhouse. I get home(somehow) and try to get some sleep. This is impossible. I am shaking like a leaf and sweating buckets. I go to the bathroom to have a cold shower. I look in the mirror. My face frightens me, it looks so different to what I usually see. There is a deadness in my eyes. I try not to focus on it, and shower and change. By the time this is done it's almost time to head out the door again. I get to Tom's apartment again, his eyes are red. He looks like he's just shot up. "Hey baby, come in" I come in and undress. "Ready for another slam?"
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    This was in October of last year. I met a man off of barebackrt.com. I went to his apartment, he greeted me at the door wearing only his underwear and kissed me right away. Then he led me to his bedroom where there were three other men fucking on the bed. As I took off my clothes I watched as one came inside the other. Then they both said they had to get going. That left me with two guys still left to play with. My host removed his underwear and laid on the bed. I kneeled on the bed in front of him and started sucking him off. His cock was huge and I was drooling all over it when his friend got on the bed behind me. I raised my ass up, offering him my hot hole. He immediately started rimming me, lubing me up with his spit, spreading my cheeks wide. My cock was throbbing and my pulse was quickening as he pulled his mouth away and I felt the head of his cock against my hungry fuckhole. I pushed back against him eagerly taking him deep in my ass. It was my first time being spit-roasted and it totally exceeded my expectations as I got filled with cock at both ends. I sucked my host's cock with the same rhythm as I was being fucked. Then I heard "I'm gonna cum" from behind me and I paused, keeping the other cock in my mouth, wanting to appreciate every spurt of hot jizz filling my ass. After a moment he pulled out and I had my host lay down flat on the bed so I could ride him and take his load next. My ass was slick with cum, which helped me take the monster cock beneath me easier. I took him balls deep and rode him hard, gyrating my hips and moaning with intense pleasure. It didn't take long before his penis twitched inside me, spraying thick gobs of cum deep in my bowels. I felt like a perfect slut and I loved every second of it.
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    I hadn't seen my step dad for about two years give or take, although there were some phone calls here and there. One day at work I received a text from him saying he was in the area and wanted to catch up for coffee. On my lunch break we did just that, he's in his late forties has an unshaven scruffy look. He's covered in tattoos and he's quite slim but has a toned kind of body. He's balding so he has a buzz cut and striking green eyes. We sat down and he asked me how my mother was, his ex wife, I told him she was good but I didn't talk to her all that often. My mother got married to a man who moved her to New Zealand, so I rarely see her. I asked him how he was doing and he said his business was hitting a bit of a low point but it always picks up again around tax time (he's a carpet layer by trade). He asked if I had a boyfriend and I laughed, "do you think I could settle for just one guy" he laughed as I said it. Our coffee came to an end and I had to go back to work but he said we should catch up that night for some drinks and I agreed. There's a bit of a backstory between my step father and I, fill in the blanks. That night he came over with a bottle of bourbon and we started drinking. He looked over at the gloryhole and laughed "bet that gets a work out" he said, "it does I had to turn down a visitor tonight because you were coming so you better make it worth my while" I said. I went to grab myself another drink and he came up behind me pushing me up against the bench. I didn't say anything as he pulled my pants down to my ankles, I heard him unbuckle his belt and felt the head of his hard cock press against my ass. "You gonna fuck me?" I asked, he didn't say anything he just put his hands on my hips and pulled my ass closer to him before his other hand pushed my head down onto the bench. He spat in my ass and then I felt his cock head up against my hole as he pushed his hung dick inside me. "Fuck me!" I said and he started to thrust in and out of me. He didn't say a word as he pumped my hole full of his meat, I could hear and feel his balls slapping against me "fuck me daddy!" I said, "fuck me!" I repeated. He went harder, faster, he slapped my ass with one of his hands and then grabbed my face and put two of his fingers in my mouth. I sucked on his fingers and he started to moan, he pushed hard up against me and my body was pushed hard into the bench as I felt warm shots of cum fill my ass. His whole body dropped against mine as if he were exhausted, his cock still inside me I moved my ass around wanting to feel it in me while he was still hard. He pulled out of me "push it out" he said and I started to push his cum from my hole, "yeaaaaah" he said as I caught some of it with my finger and tasted it. "Tastes good" I said, "clean my cock" he demanded and I turned around and dropped To my knees to start sucking him clean. I sucked him until he was flaccid again. "Good work" he said and I looked up at him pleased with myself.
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    It was Friday. A bit slow at work so I hopped on Scruff and Grindr trolling for dick. Couldn’t really find anyone that could host. I went to lunch and decided to head to the store to run some errands. While I was there I got hit up on Scruff by this guy that said he was an older porn star. I looked him up; he was in his 50s and indeed a bareback porn star. I was so horny from the AM that I figured what the hell. A load is a load. I said sure, I’m down to head over, where at? He was staying at a hotel down the street from my office; I headed over and messaged him when I was in the hotel parking that I was on my way up. I had already been here before at this hotel, gotten fucked a few times in the rooms and the bathroom in the lobby. I got on the elevator, hit the 8, walked down the hall and knocked on the door. An older gentleman looked in his mid-50s and total dad bod opened the door. He let me know, closed the door behind me then walked over to the bed and lay back. He was already fully naked. I walked over to the table and set down my phone and keys and got undressed. “Come over here, suck daddy’s cock.”….I crawled up the bed between his legs and took his cock in my mouth, he smelled soap fresh. I sucked on his cock, it was still soft but I could feel it start getting bigger and thicker in my mouth. “Play with daddy’s tits, don’t stop working my cock.” He started to moan while he face fucked me, he then took me by the head and put it on his right tit, “Don’t bite, just suck”…He was moaning while I worked on his tits, he would alternate me from one to the other, and sometimes reach over and just slide a finger in my ass. I was on all 4s just servicing this daddy. “You ready for this daddy cock? You want me to breed that pussy if yours?”…”yes sir, that is what I am here for, to serve and take cum.” He got up and kept me on all fours, he spit on my ass hole and just slid it in. He started pounding me, calling me a slut, a cum dump, how I was only made to take his cum. I could feel his cock slamming in and out of me and I moaned in pleasure. He said I sounded like a bitch in heat when I moaned, and he loved it. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, flipped me over and spat on my hole again before he slid his cock in. He held my thighs down, making sure he had access to my pussy. He would pull his cock out to the tip and slid it back in. I was in my own little pleasure world when he let go of my legs and told me to suck on his cock, “I want you to taste your own ass slut.” I looked down at his cock and just swallowed it to the pubes. I could taste myself, I didn’t care, he told me to get back on the bed and show him my pussy. I laid back and held my legs up, offering him my hole; he spit in it and just took it. “You want this seed slut? You want daddy’s cum.”….”yes please sir, breed my hole.” And in one more thrust he started cuming. He shot rope after rope of cum up my ass. After he was done he pulled out and had me lick his cock clean. I quickly got dressed and left. As I was ridding the elevator down I pulled out my phone and made one note: 3/24 #38 Old Porn Star
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    I went up to the next level into the swing room, a guy was following me but I didn't turn around to see who it was, I got into the swing and was ready to take any cock that came in. A guy around 40 was first he stood above me looking down on me, I saw his cock and I said "fuck me! I wanna feel that dick inside me". He smiled and started unwrapping a condom "bareback" I said, "what?" He asked, "go in me raw man" I said. With that he lubed up and put his cock inside of me, I just lay there in the swing as he had his way with me. Another guy appeared behind him a real bare looking type, he grabbed the guy fucking me's ass and encouraged him to fuck me harder. I lost control I was moaning like never before it felt so good, his trusts got harder and I knew he was about to nut in me. "Here it comes" he said and started blowing a load deep inside my ass. He pulled out, "more!" I said and the bare wasted no time shoving his cock into my cum filled hole, "oh fuck yeah keep adding those loads" I said. The other guy stayed in the room watching as the bare slammed into me hard, "you like that?" He asked, I couldn't talk now I was so lost in it I just nodded and moaned "yeah he fucking loves it" the other guy said as the bare pumped me full of more cum. "You want more?" He asked and I just nodded my head. He pulled out of me and walked out of the room to get someone, while he was gone the one standing in the room started licking my ass and the cum oozing from it. "What do we have here?" I heard a masculine voice say, the guy licking my ass loved aside to let a big, built very musclear bare pound me. He even had hair on his shoulders and I would imagine his back, but when he rammed his cock into me there was no mistaking the fact that this guy was hung. With the other two watching this guy fucked me so hard I thought I was going to throw up (but in a good way). He dumped a load write in my guts, I don't think anyone had ever been that deep inside me before... I loved it. "Who are you?" He asked after pulling out "Jordan" I said as he helped me out of the swing, "you want more?" He asked, "yes" I said and he took me to a dark room. The dark room was kind of like a maze, I had never been in this part before, I couldn't really make out faces but there were a fair few cocks in the room and I had another three guys fuck me and dump a load into my cunt. I was so horny and I wanted more, but I was also getting a bit tired and decided to stop for a minute and get a drink. I went up to the top level which is a no sexual activity area, it's a bar where you can get coffee and drinks. Up there I found the guy I met when I walked in, "hey come have a wine with me" he said and I joined him. "Are You having fun?" He asked, I smiled and said "too much fun!".
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    I Heard from William again. He called,said he needed me for the night and be outside my apartment in 15 minutes and he would pick me up. He also said to be nude with my cock ring and collar on. Great, like no one would see me. Not only that but I was still covered with marks and some welts from last week when I saw him last. I stood out in front waiting for him, of course he was late. People stared, honked horns, took pictures, and whatever could be done tro embarrase me. He showed up, I got in with a raging hard on, he took my head and stuffed his 10 inch dick into my mouth as he drove. I sucked and sucked, licked his huge swollen balls and moaned. He pushed me away, and I noticed another naked guy in the back seat. 9 inch dick, real swollen and rock hard, pre cum dripping from his tip. I was told to suck his asshole, so I climbed into the back seat and sucked and licked away. His asshole was soaked in cum and William said he had been fucked by 20 guys in last 3 hours so keep sucking. lots of cum in there! Goo dripping all over my face & lips, my cock rock hard, he groaned and moaned as I licked his hole and rubbed his dick. William told him to lick my asshole, he did and then stuck his cock up my ass! Been 3 days since I had been fucked in my ass, I was missing it-I was now a male whore/slut, would do anything I was told to do. He came in my ass, a HUGE load, I could feel it splashing on my prostrate, and he came and came. He fuck me some more, I was starting to really lose it, and he came again, cum dripping down my legs, all over my balls, I was a mess. He pulled out, grabbed my face and stuck his cum covered, ass juiced covered dick in my mouth and I cleaned him off. William said "we are here" and parked the car. He took us out of the car, and we both stumbled and fell up to the house, my cock ridiculosly hard, my balls very swollen. We went in, 30-40 people inside, lots of guys, some women and we were tied by our wrists to chains hadnging from the ceiling. Over to the side two women were hanging by their wrists. They had been badly beaten, welts and scratches all over their tits, stomachs, legs, ass & backs. Both he and i were hung by our wrists by chains and 6 women started to whip us They used telephone wire, canes, whips, riding crops and small thin metal chains-we were whipped senseless, across our chests, stomachs, ass, cock fur, thighs, feet and backs. Both of us were nearly unconsious, dripping with sweat and covered with nasty marks, many that were bleeding. William had us released and we fell to the floor where the women pissed all over us. We laided there, soaked in urine with monstorous hard ons. One women sat on our dicks, the other on our faces. their cunts were full of cum, male and female, and our dicks were covered with cum and our faces and mouths were flooded with cum. The women left us and we were surrounded by a dozen men, all jerking off onto us, covering us in thick cum all over our faces, stomachs and dicks. We then had large cocks jammed into our assholes and mouths, dripping with cum and were fucked hard and long, with dicks coming on and in us le.more replacing the used ones. this went on for hours. I passed out many times but was continued to be used, even unconcious. I woke up, laying in a puddle of cum, covered in cum, between my toes, on my chest, cock, faces, oozing out of my mouth and asshole. i was in cum overdose. I needed to cum badly. I crawled over to the other guy laying on the floor. saoked in cum, i started to lick his body, and sucked his huge swollen cock-I swung my body around and we 69 one another, sticking our fingers in each others asshole. I screamed as a HUGE orgasm rocked my body and I passed out again, this time with his cock in my mouth with his cock shooting huge cum globs into me.
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    Once, on vacation, I was on my back, legs in air, getting pounded by some guy in a hotel. In walks his buddy... with 2 more guys. They stand there watching, laughing. "Told ya he was a slut." At first, guy riding me was self-conscious, but he started to get off on being watched. One guy elbowed another, "Go on. You said you needed a blowjob. Look at him. He's a fuckin slut. Here, I'll go first." I left there... and went str8 to the fuckin bathhouse! Lined up to get in the bathhouse, I kept giggling and telling everybody who'd listen about my loose, spermy butthole and my sore nipples. Several of the guys in line ended up using me later inside the bathhouse.
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    About four months ago I met William in a bar and we started talking He was Bi and invited me to a party later that night, said things would be quite interesting. I am not gay but had wanted to suck a cock for a long time and had dildos up my ass in the past so I said what the hell, lets go! Bad mistake. we got there, probably 30 guys and there were three women, bit tits, thick bushes, good looking if you could see them thru the cum on their faces As soon as I got in the house I was told to strip, my clothes were taken, a cock ring(real tight) was put in with a thin collar around my neck I was taken outside to the barn, tied by my wrists to an overhead beam, was told to kneel and was pissed on by about 12 guys, absolutely soaked head to toe, drank quite a bit My cock was rock hard and I was stood on my feet, dripping piss, covered in dirt and was whipped nearly senseless across my chest, stomach, pubic hair, thighs, ass and back. I was covered in welts, scratches, cuts and bleeding from at least a dozen welts, I nearly passed out I was released and fell to the dirt where I was put on my hands and knees and had a large cock stuffed up my ass. One of the women from the house laid down in the dirt/mud(so much piss on the ground now) opened herb legs and jammed her pussy into my mouth, it was soaked with cum, male and female, as was her asshole. They started to whip her large tits as she laided there, and then three guys used her mouth and shot huge loads all over her face and tits The guy in my ass shot a huge load into me and another took over, bigger than the last one. The guy that had been in me grabbed my head and stuck his cock into my throat, my face covered with cum from the woman, He never got soft, and came all over my face and neck with another huge load. By now, I had at least four cocks cum up my ass and another starting. My cock was rock hard and purple but no one touched it and i was too busy now. I was impaled on a cock by laying on top of him, another cock f***ed it way into my loose asshole so I had TWO cocks in me! Nipple clamps had been put on me, I was sucking three guys at once and was jerking off two others, two other guys were using my dirty feet and toes to jerk off onto. Cum splashed onto my abused body, all over my chest, stomach, cock, balls, legs. I was covered in cum, probably had drank at least a quart of it, and every time a cock moved in my asshole gobs of cum oozed out. My cock was leaking cum all over but no one touched it, I was in agony, needed to cum. The women that was here was strung up and six guys started whipping her. mostly with canes, leaving horrible marks all over her badly beated/abused body I was left laying in the dirt at her feet, she was barly consious. and was told to eat her holes and make her cum, again I held onto her ass cheeks and ate her, she came again and again, shooting out cum, my beard had so much cum on it it was barely able to be seen on my face I passed out
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    I gotta toot my own horn. I got a blog post published on another site! As you can imagine, given what I like to write about (being a proud Bareback Cumslut whore), there aren't many sites I'd want to write for or who would publish me. Other than blogs I've made on my own or here (thanks BreedingZone for being awesome and having a blog feature!). Anyway, if anyone is interested the Post is A BATH HOUSE GUIDE FOR NEWBIES and is published on FagMaster.com. One of my two favorite sites ever (BreedingZone being the other, obviously). I'd actually submitted one post previously describing how I created MY OWN PRIVATE GLORYHOLE which He posted and gave me credit for. But that was a trial run because he never allowed anyone else to post before. This new one is the first with me being an official, acknowledged, contributor! Of course I didn't get paid, and didn't expect or ask to. The owner is an Alpha Master. I am a faggot whore. It's my privilege to serve however I can, after all. I just wanted to get my slutty words out there. Now I have! I hope you like the post. I'd really love to get some positive reinforcement feedback on here from fellow sluts, and Superior Alpha Studs, if you happen to like it. =)
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    So I wonder what constitutes a 'full-fledged' initiation into the bareback brotherhood? Random, isolated raw hook-ups? Hardly! Dozens of dudes? Hundreds? Raw bondings in public witnessed by multiple bystanders? Raw gang-bang participation? Indiscriminate acceptance of any willing breeder and his load? Being the bottom and cum-dumpster in a ritual, anon breeding session? Certainly a true bb-player takes virtually ANY load, right? And keeps it to full absorption!!!? Right?
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    My stepfather wound up staying at my place for a few days and we got caught up in fucking, so much so that I had neglected to respond to some of my regulars who had messaged me wanting to use the hole. I was having a shower after work and my stepfather came into the bathroom. "You know a Nathan?" He asked, I told him I did and then asked why. He said that Nathan had messaged me on my phone wanting a blowjob and that he had told him to come over. I got out of the shower and asked what my step father would be doing while I was sucking Nathan's dick. He told me he wanted to sit on my side with me and watch me work. We set up and waited, I eventually heard the sliding door and looked out the hole to see Nathan walking towards it. He had a cap on, a black zip up jumper and baggy jeans on. His shaggy dark hair hung from either side of his cap. "It's been a long time" I said before sticking my tongue out in anticipation, "yeah you gonna make it up to me right?" Nathan asked, having no idea my step father was sitting on the other side with me. "I am get that dick out" I said and watched him pull his jeans to his ankles. There it was his hard uncut cock, wet and with a nice trimmed bush surrounding it and his ballsack. He stuck his cock through and I started to suck, he tasted good like his cock had been trapped in his briefs a day or so without showering, not dirty but that manly smell and that cock taste I can't describe. "Deepthroat it!" Nathan said, and I felt my step fathers hand push my head down on Nathan's cock, I heard the sound of my stepfather fapping as I slurped on Nathan's beautiful uncut rod. Nathan pushed hard against the wall, I could hear the creeping of the Timber as he fucked my open mouth. "Take that fucking dick! Oh fucking take it! Take it!" Nathan said. I started to massage his balls, "lick my fucking balls" he said and I did. "Taste good, you like my fucking sack?" He asked, "YES!" I said before devouring his dick. "That sack his full for you slut, get that cum! Get that fucking cum!" Nathan said and started pushing harder up against the wall until it came off the hinges. I pushed it up in place "oh shit!" Nathan said pulling his cock from my mouth, "no, no it's fine it's fine put your cock back in my mouth! Please come on" I pleaded and he slid his cock back through. I sucked and sucked while trying to keep the wall stable "this is it!" Nathan said, "OH SWALLOW MY FUCKING LOAD!" He said and started blowing in my mouth. I moaned like crazy as I collected his sperm "keep going man, fuck keep sucking" he said and I did until he pulled his cock out. He pulled his pants up thanked me and said sorry about the door before leaving. I stood up and moved the wall which was completely broken. I still had Nathan's jizz in my mouth. "How's it taste?" My stepfather asked, "so fucking good" I said. My stepfather pushed me to my knees "open your mouth I'm gonna add to it" he said, I opened my cum filled mouth and my stepfather jerked another fresh load into my mouth. "Gargle it" he said and I did before swallowing it all down.
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    Saturday morning I received a text message from "Imsuperior" informing me that he would be down in Sydney that night with some mates and he wanted me to come join them at the hotel he was staying at. I didn't hesitate in saying yes, there's something about him that I just can't resist and the prospect of meeting like minded individuals, or men like him was too hot to pass up. I waited and waited for the call or text to tell me when to arrive, eventually he sent through an address and I was on my way. I took an Uber and the driver asked me what I was up to, something I didn't reveal but had a laugh to myself about. I arrived at the hotel and a man named Elijah met me in the foyer "you Jordan?" He asked and I said that I was, he was built with tight jeans on and an addidas oversized hoodie. He had a buzz cut and was quite good looking in a rough sort of way. He took me up to the room and I could hear laughter before I entered, the door opened and they were all standing around drinking and chatting amongst each other. "Here's the faggot" I'm superior said, I said hi to everyone and I'm superior said "that's enough small talk", Elijah stood behind me and lifted my top up and over my shoulders, he then pulled my pants down so I was completely naked. I stepped out of my pants and kicked my shoes off when another guy pushed down on my shoulders bringing me to my knees. There was a hard cock in my face "open your mouth" he said and I did. While sucking two other large cocks appeared either side of me and I started taking turns sucking them. I noticed the others undressing and saw I'm superior looking on stroking his cock as I jerked two cocks and sucked another. Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me up throwing me onto the bed "show me that hole" I heard a voice say, so bent over with my ass up I pulled my cheeks apart. Without warning I felt the head of a cock go in me dry, I made a noise as my head was pushed down into the mattress "the pain will go faggot" I heard someone say. They were cheering whoever was fucking me on, my head was in the mattress and I was enjoying the feeling of a random cock fucking my hole as well as knowing that everyone was watching. "Load one here I go" the guy fucking me said before hearing a loud drawn out grunt and feeling warm cum fill my hole up. "Fill him up" someone said before the cock left my asshole and another cock slammed inside of me, "oh it's warm" this guy said as he pumped me. I lifted up my head but someone pushed it back down, "head down faggot" I heard Imsuperior say, "your just a hole for us to fuck" I heard another say. Load two squirted inside of me, that cock pulled out and a third was rammed in, this one particularly hung "custard brothers" the guy fucking me said as others laughed, he blew a load inside of me. Then the forth, fifth and sixth guy nutted deep in my "slut guts" as they said. A hand wrapped around my neck and another cock entered me, it was Elijah, "you love all this cock fag?" He asked and I just moaned in pleasure. "I'm gonna fucking cum in you, load fucking seven" he said before more warm cum entered me. Elijah pulled out of me and Imsuperior flipped me over and held my legs up trusting into me. "Bet your mouths jealous" he said looking down at me as he fucked me hard. "What are you?" He asked, I just looked into his eyes as he pounded me, "what are you?" He asked again, "I'm a slut!" I said before he blew the eighth and final load deep inside me. "Take it!" He said and I did. When they were done they walked around naked proud of themselves as I put my clothes back on full of sperm. It was leaking from my well used hole, "thanks slut" Imsuperior said as I left the hotel.
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    total sub bottom cum slut in Plant City , FL currently neg but really want that changed. NO load refused , NO dick turned down . if it comes from a penis I swallow it . Sit on my face and feed me , I have NO limits
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    Well actually I can believe it. So in my last post I had talked about how I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting thinking about meeting up with an undetectable hiv guy. I had been chatting with a guy on bbrt for the week and I was really looking forward to meeting up with the guy for some great sex. Our conversations were hot getting to know each others like and wants from our first meeting. The only thing I didn't want to do was get drunk before having sex. I didnt mind if he wanted to have some drinks before having sex but for me I wanted to be sober for this one and he said he understood. So we chatted back and forth throughout the day on Saturday. The time and place were set and agreed upon. Show up about 15 minutes early excited and scared at the same time. An hour and a half past our meet time and a couple attempts at getting in touch with him and no answer. So needless to say I was disappointed but with internet hookups I guess that is what should be expected. So I decided to have a few drinks before heading out to the bookstore to see if I could relieve some stress. Got to my favorite bookstore and it was slow but I did manage to suck a couple of cocks before calling it a night.
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    The guy in the shower was tall and lanky, and had a nice piece of uncut meat hanging between his hairy thighs. He stepped out of the shower, still dripping wet, and walked over to us. "Get to work, pig!" I ordered. The hungry Asian turned on his knees and swallowed the new meat in one gulp. "Fuckkkkkk," the guy from the shower moaned, reaching up and tweaking his nipples. "God that feels good," he said, grinning at me. "Ya got some piss for 'im?" I reminded him about the pig's thirst. "Yeah... he okay with a few .....uh ..... enhancements?" he asked. "Most definitely, man," I smiled back. "Tryin' to keep him as fucked up as possible!" The shower guy chuckled. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I could tell he was trying to concentrate on getting his piss to flow. I yanked the leash on the pig's collar, letting him know to quit the sucking, and just let his mouth become a urinal. A soft exhale from shower guy, and I knew that the pig was getting a nice, warm drink. Pig squirmed a bit, and I could hear him swallowing the warm, yellow liquid down his throat. "That's it, boy. Take the man's piss. No need for a urinal, when ya got a willing mouth," I said, placing my hand on his throat so I could feel the swallowing action. A calm smile spread across the shower guy's face. "That's all I got for now," he said. " Wish I had a 6 pack of beer to fill up on." "So, what's in your piss," I half whispered to him, drawing close to his stubbled face. "Oh, a little T, some G, X - - - actually, a lotta T!" he grinned, slyly. "Good," I said, rubbing the back of my hand up and down his hairy abs. "I wanna keep his hole hungry!" "Mmmmm....." shower guy growled, grabbing his towel and looking the two of us up and down. "Maybe I'll see y'all a little later," he said, giving his semihard cock a serious tug. "Yeah, man. We're always lookin' for cock!" I said. "Got some V, if ya need it," I added, grabbing his cock and balls and giving them a friendly squeeze. "Get up, PIG!" I ordered. He obediently stood, keeping his eyes downward, hands clasped behind him. We walked the halls of the third floor, me in the lead, checking out any open doors for cock. I enjoyed the looks we were getting - a big, masculine, leatherman taking his chemmed up pig out for a walk. Some were in shock or disbelief - others wanted to be part of the scene. Occasionally, I would stop and order the pig to his knees to suck my semihard cock. This definitely made some guys sit up and take notice. I made sure they got a good look at my large PA as it glimmered in the dim light. As we rounded the corner to the hall with my room, we ran into Trent from earlier. This time he was solo, and had switched from the bathhouse towel to a black jock. "Hey man," I greeted him. "Where's your buddy?" "Oh - he got all pissy and left. I told him if we came here, I was gonna wanna play. But he didn't believe me. Anyway, I'm kinda glad he left," he said, casually massaging the bulge in his cotton pouch. "You parTy?" I asked. "Yeah - but I didn't bring anything, 'cause I was with Miss Prissypants," he said. "Wanna come in an' smoke a bowl?" I asked, rubbing my free hand over his chiseled pecs. "Hell, yeah!" he perked up. He followed us midway down the hall to my door. I fidgeted with the key in the clock while trying to remember how I had left the room. I really hadn't thought about anybody but the PIG coming back with me, so I'm sure it was a sloppy mess. -------- I was right! The black rubber sheet was a gooey mess of jlube and Crisco, with two huge dildos laying in the middle. I HAD managed to stash the bags of T in my boot, but the glass pipe was right next to the TV on the table beside the bed. I pushed the PIG in first and unhooked the leash from his collar. He promptly crawled onto the bed and sat in the pool of lube. "Sorry. The place is a kind of a mess," I apologized to Trent. "Fuck! I think it's hot!" he replied. "This is why I come to the baths - - - to get fuckin' messy an' twisted an' - - - you know - - - dirty!" he grinned. Now he had his hand inside his pouch, and was unashamedly stroking his cock. "Allright PIG!" I said gruffly. "Service his cock!" PIG eagerly slid to the edge of the bed and pealed the waistband of Trent's jock down. My eyes bulged when I saw the mammoth piece of meat that fell out! Miss Prissypants should not have let this one go.... I shut the door and fished around in my boot for one of the baggies. I pulled out a half empty one and pulled the seal apart. Got my pen cap and scooped out a nice-sized rock and loaded it in the pipe (along with the unsmoked residue that was still in it .​ "Make yourself comfortable, man," I said, gesturing to a dry corner of the bed. Trent sat down, one leg cocked up and the other on the floor, so that PIG could continue eating his cock. I flicked the torch (which reflected in the mirrored walls and really lit up the room in a sort of drug-induced, leather dungeon way), and waved it in circular motions under the round glass bowl of the pipe. Trent stared like an animal that hadn't eaten in weeks. I watched as the rock liquefied and pooled in the dirty glass bowl. Then the thick white cloud started easing its way up the glass stem. I held the pipe to my lips and inhaled slowly and deeply. Hold it - - - hold it - - - hold it. I knelt down and placed my mouth over Trent's and shotgunned the hit into his hunky, hot body! I could tell he'd done this before, 'cause he didn't lose a puff of smoke! Our lips stayed sealed for what seemed like ten minutes, while we passed the smoke back and forth between our lungs. His right hand found my leather pouch and squeezed the greasy package inside. Finally, I pulled my mouth off of his, and handed the pipe to him. He held it out while I warmed the bowl again, and then he took his own hit directly from the pipe. When he was done, I motioned for him to shotgun the PIG. While they were shotgunning, it gave me a chance to get my mouth on Trent's cock. It WAS a beautiful piece of meat - thick, slightly veiny, uncut, large head and a slight upturn when erect to hit all the right spots! For me, one of the benefits of Tina is that it lessens my gag reflex. I was able to force the head into my throat and hold it for a few seconds until the spasms got too bad. I pulled off, gasping for air. "Fuck - - - nice - - - cock - - - man," I panted, catching my breath and drooling on my own chest. "Thanks - got no complaints," Trent said confidently. "You wanna fuck this pigwhore?" I asked, finally being able to talk. "I got 'im tweaked up pretty good, an' he loves big things in his hole." Trent wrapped his fist around the thick shaft and stroked until the foreskin pulled back and revealed the large head. "He take it raw?" Trent asked. "Only raw," I answered, lightly slapping the PIG's muscular butt. "Lemme give 'im a bump to get ready for you." My middle finger was already wet from being in the PIG's hole, so I just dipped it in the baggie and the crystal stuck to it. PIG slid a little toward me on the bed, positioning his ass so I could get a good aim without spilling any of the crystal. "PIG want a bump in his hole?" I asked, wanting him to beg. "Yes SIR! Please bump my hole, SIR!" he answered. "You want me to give your whore fuckhole to this hot stud, PIG?" I teased. "Yes SIR! Please SIR! I need fucked - - - please!" I inserted the T-covered finger into his battered hole. He didn't even flinch - just gyrated his hot ass around my finger. I wiped the insides of his burning rectum, digging the sharp shards of crystal into the delicate lining. The burn must have been delicious for a methpig like him. I pulled my finger out, and made a production of shoving it in my mouth and sucking the combination of ass juice, cum, lube, Crisco and Tina off with my tongue. Trent sneered in approval, slapping his hardening cock with an open hand. It now looked like an angry club, ready to beat this shameless PIG into total submission. I got up off the bed so that Trent could take my place behind the PIG. He positioned himself right behind the hunky Asian, and laid his fat cock in the crevice of his ass. "Damn, you're gonna rip him apart with that thing, man. You're fuckin' huge!" I said. In response, he slapped the big dong on PIG's cheeks, and took several warning pokes at the wrinkled, purple assring. I got down next to the PIG's ears and said, "Take a deep breath, and when I pinch your nipples, let it out." Trent caught the gist of where I was going - getting the PIG to relax for the giant cock. I pinched the PIG's nipples as hard as I could and nodded to Trent. He pushed forward, and the entire length and width of his giant cock disappeared into the Asian's hole. Two loud moans came from the hot men - I think both were in absolute ecstasy! I moved over to one of the mirrored walls, and propped myself up on the two cheap pillows they give you, and watched the show. Trent was a good fucker - taking his time, but making the PIG feel every inch of his cock. I found the baggie of T, and couldn't resist giving myself a hefty bump! Damn, the burn felt great in my hole, as I slid my T-covered finger in and out to deposit the meth. "Fuck him, man! Fuck his nasty pighole!" I chanted, while fingering my own. Out of habit, I grabbed a nearby dildo, and easily inserted it in my twitching hole. The chems allowed me to have a sort of "out of body experience," looking at the scene in the mirrors and imagining that I was living in a hot, BB sex video. I slid over next to the PIG and started deep kissing him. This gave Trent a chance to grab the dildo in my ass and start ramming it in and out in rhythm with his own fucking. At one point, I looked up at the mirror on the ceiling, and saw this amazing picture of muscle, skin, leather, rubber, lube and chrome - all enhanced by some very good drugs!!! After a good hour, Trent collapsed on top of the two of us and begged for a break.
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    Those of us who are POZ are often asked if we know who converted us. Having been a barebacking SLUT since I had my first man, it could be any one of hundreds, if not thousands. One guy in particular, does seem to be the most likely candidate and the scene I'm about to relate should tell you why. Back in the Spring of '92, Key West had a reputation of being Gay Disney, and I planned a vacation there to see for myself. While exploring the island, I learned of a Leather Party being held that night. After dinner, I returned to the guesthouse where I was staying and changed into proper attire....a biker cap, harness with spikes on the chest straps, fringed chaps over a plain beige jockstrap and a leather fannypack to hold my essentials. One of the staff suggested I take a cab and he had one there in a few minutes. At the door, I paid a $10.00 entry fee and went inside. Next to the bar, there was a sign saying that this event was an AIDS benefit and there would be a "Leather Contest" with a prize being awarded by a photographer from Drummer magazine, with his picture posted. Below that was a pad for those who wanted to enter the contest. I've never been the "Drummer" type, though at the time I was trim and toned, but I decided against entering the contest. I grabbed a beer and scoped out the place. Most of the men were clad in bar vests. Some wore leather shorts and only 2 others wore chaps over 501s. From behind, I felt a hand on my ass. "That is one HOT ass!" a voice, raspy and maculine said directly in my ear. "Do you like to get fucked?" "Long, hard and often!" I replied. Turning around, I instantly recognized the man as the Drummer photographer. In the dimly lit space, what I could make out was a rather skinny guy, bar vest over a bare, hairy chest, 501 cutoffs, short black hair, full beard n stache, all in all, my kinda guy. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but given your job, I wouldn't think I'm the type you'd go for." "Feel this and tell me you're not the type I go for!" He grabbed my right hand and shoved it down the front of his cutoffs. What I felt was the proverbial beercan thick cock, throbbing and leaking precum. "This is what will be fucking you...long, hard and often, but only if you agree to my terms. You're free to suck off as many men as you want tonight, but I will be the only one to fuck that ass. Agreed?" "Most definitely!" I said, squeezing his cock for emphasis. So thick it was, I couldn't get my whole hand around it. Gathering his precum on my thumb, I withdrew my hand and brought it to my mouth, making a show of licking it off. "Drummer is just my job and I make it a habit never to mix business with pleasure," He said. "Aside from the fact that I'm not attracted to that type of guy, most of them are too into themselves. I like to fuck ass, and while I haven't gone without during my stay here, none of the asses I've fucked were as hot as yours!" Once more, his hand was on my ass, this time, a finger parted my buttcheeks and explored my hole. Removing his finger, he brought it to his lips and licked it. "Man, if your ass fucks as good as it feels and tastes, I'll be spending alot of time in it tonight. Go circulate, but remember, tonight your ass belongs to me! When you hear the announcement that the contest is about to start, find your way over to me. Once my contest duties are done, I'll make my excuses and then we'll head to my place, after I make sure no other cock has been in your ass! Understood?" "Understood!" I replied, my hole twitching in anticipation. I circulated, not because he told me, but because being a SLUT, it's what I do naturally. Making my way around the room, I was propostioned by quite a few men. With my bare ass showing, they all wanted to fuck me, but I let them know that my ass was spoken for. I decided to check out the back patio, and as luck would have it, I saw some action there. One guy was on his knees, getting skullfucked. A skinny twink had his pants around his ankles, while a musclebound guy was plowing his ass. "Such a waste!" I said to myself, noticing the condom on the muscleguy's cock. "Hey there, sweet cheeks!" This tall and toned, furry redhead said, rubbing a hand over my butt. "Your ass looks good enough to eat, but I want more than that, and the way you're dressed, I think you do too! Interested?" He undid the top few buttons on his 501's and out flopped a soft uncut cock and a huge pair of bullballs. "Someone else has plans for my ass tonight, and he specifically told me not to let anyone fuck me." I replied, my mouth watering. "Believe me, if you let me suck your cock, you won't be settling. I want your cock in my mouth and your cum in my belly!" "Mmmmm! Now, that's a tempting alternative!" He said, tapping the yellow armband on my right bicep. "If you drink from the tap and do a good enough job draining my bladder, I'll get an idea of your cocksucking skills. Are you thirsty?" "This should answer your question!" I said, dropping to my knees. "No need for you to skin back. I can handle a heavy stream and it'll also add some extra flavor when I suck you off!" "Drink it!" He said, grabbing me by my ears and placing my mouth over his shrouded cockhead. Almost immdeiately, the piss began to flow and I was gulping it eagerly and noisily. It was warm, bitter with a definite taste of beer. With my right hand, I tugged on his balls and with my left hand, I massaged his bladder. "Oooooh, you know what you're doing!" He moaned. "Pissing never felt so good. Nearly done!" He announced as I felt his stream diminish to a trickle. Digging my tongue under his foreskin, I relished the extra flavor I'd mentioned earlier. Less than a minute later, his cock way fully hard and to my delight, he still had full coverage. "Suck my cock!" He said, forcing my head all the way down. I gave him my deepthroating best, continuing to tug his nuts as he fucked my face. Maybe five minutes later, the telltale swelling and pulsing signaled he was at the brink. "Uuuuuugh!" He grunted, as thick ropes of creamy, salty cum filled my mouth. I savored it on my tongue before gulping it down. Reluctantly, he withdrew his cock from my mouth and helped me stand back up. "Thanks!" I said. "You have a great cock and it gives hot piss and yummy cum! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!" "Enjoy would be an understatement!" He exclaimed. "I'll never be able to piss again without wishing your mouth was on my cock. When you said I wouldn't be settling if I let you suck me off, I had my doubts, but you're a man of your word. Honestly, you're in my top ten for blowjobs! Any chance I can fuck you some other time? I'll be here a few more days." "More than a chance!" I said with a wink. "I definitely want to feel your cock plowing my ass! You can also count on me to drink your piss again, too! Look for me around town, since I never know where I'll be." From a few feet away a voice asked, "Can I get me some of that? Unless you got something against black guys." He was about 6', shaved head, goatee n stache, wearing sweatpants that were partially down, revealing a throbbing 7" cock, dripping precum and lowhanging balls. Always the smartass, I said, "I got 2 things against black guys. My nose against a black guys bush and my chin against a black guy's nutsac. Bring yourself over here and I'll give you some of that!" He was with us in 2 seconds. "I came out here to get a buzz on, and when I saw the 2 of you going at it, I forgot all about getting high, whipped out my dick and started jacking. Was real close to shooting when you guys finished, so I figured I had nothing to lose by asking." "Let me take care of that!" I said, dropping to my knees again. Up close, I saw the shaft of his cock was thickly veined, and his bush was glistening with sweat, 2 things that can inspire the cocksucker in me. "You're in for a real treat." My redhead friend said. "I can't remember when I had such a fantastic blowjob! He knows how to use his mouth and tongue on a cock. Fuck his face and if you don't agree with me, I'll buy you a drink!" My ears were grabbed as his cock thrust into my open mouth. Pistoning in and out, he found a rhythm that worked for both of us. A few times, he was all the way in, and the smell of sweat on his musky pubes was even better than poppers. "Fuckin hot!" He moaned. Apparently, he was telling the truth about being real close to shooting. In midstroke, his cock erupted like a volcano, spewing cum into my mouth. When his balls were drained, he pulled out and helped me to my feet. Instantly, his mouth was on mine and his tongue was headed for my tonsils. Either the 2 loads of cum washed down the piss I'd been fed, or this guy didn't care. "You kiss as good as you suck dick!" he said, breaking the kiss. His hand reached around my back and he stuck a finger in my hole. "Damn, you got a nice ass. What are my chances of getting in there? No need to buy me that drink, but if you guys want to get a buzz, I have some potent weed and this joint should make the 3 of us feel real nice!" "Someone else has dibs on my ass tonight, but if you guys will be in town over the next week, I definitely want to get fucked. Actually, if you guys are up for it, we can make it a 3some, but it's gotta be bareback. I've NEVER had a condom on or in me and I don't intend to start. Fire up that joint." Lighting the joint, my new friend said, "I'm cool with the 3some and bareback. Unless it's bareback, it ain't real fucking! How about you, man?" He asked the redhead as he took a hit off the joint and passed it to me. "Count me in on that bareback 3some," the otter said. "I have plans for tomorrow night that I can't cancel, so if it's good for you 2 guys, let's meet up at The 801 on the following night at 8 o'clock and if we still wanna do this, we can take it from there."
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    I hung up my phone. Angry, yeah. Very! My brother called to gloat about something very personal and I couldn't do much but listen. Two weeks ago, my 19 year old son came home looking sad and a little puzzled. He said he needed to talk to me in private. This is sort of a strange request and even more strange because we never have any sort of private talks. I just fuck him. That's all I need to say. I get my paternal cock up inside that faggot's deep cunt and I bang his head against the wall while I'm drilling into his fucking cunt until I cum. I pull out, I slap his ass a few times and I wipe my cock off on his bed sheets. He usually stays in the last position I nailed him in until I leave. That's the way daddy does it and there's nothing to discuss. So why the talk now? He sat on the bed just about eye level with my cock. I can't help myself. I walk into the fucker's room and my cock just gets bone hard and fuck ready in seconds. I don't pull my cock out just yet. He looks up at me...another thing I don't usually tolerate but I still want to see what's going on. "Dad, I just got back from the clinic and they told me that I am HIV positive." I looked at him and then I started to smile. He really had no clue the whole time. I spent a year dumping load after load up his high school cunt just so I could be one of those dads who had the balls to stealth his own son. And now I get the news. He looks like he's gonna get a beating. I just pull out my super hard cock. "Open up you stupid cunt. Don't you know that faggots like you are made for breeding and you only got what I had expected you to get in the first place." He was already throating my cock while I laughed and looked down at him. He knew I did it. I could see the look of disgust in his eyes. He just started swallowing as fast as he could. I was just about to slap his head to stop him from trying to pull my load out when I lost it....I screamed. "Swallow your daddy's poz load, baby boy. I'm so proud of my cock for giving my son my own DNA once again. Now you won't have to worry about what kind of cum is blasting up your cunt." So my brother found out about the event and he acted like he was all good with it. He even fucked the faggot with me just to help me belittle the fuckwad. I can't imagine what the fuck he was thinking when he took the kid away from me and brought him out west to do porn. He said that I ruined him so he thought he'd take advantage of the kid's new status and get him into some really raw bareback porn. Actually, he confessed, he was going to be one of the many cocks that would be fucking the kid. And he'd be sure to send me a copy. I was so pissed off. All I could think of was who the hell I was gonna plow my raw cock into. I guess the time is right to start on my younger son. He's not a faggot but he'll do just fine.
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    Another Real Experience (x 2!) - the Porn Star and the Trucker I was watching a Classic Pre-Condom Gay Porn Vid this evening and it brought back two very hot (and very different) experiences. The vid was 1986′s “Oversized Load” about the sexual exploits of some young truckers - and it brought back BOTH the many times I played with one of its’ stars, Scott O’Hara, AND the first time I partied with a trucker in his rig. For those who never saw any of Scott O’Hara’s movies (”Hung and Horny”, “Stick Shift”, “The Other Side of Aspen 2″ and especially “Head Over Heels”) he was a blond cross between an All American Boy type and a Midwestern Farm Boy in looks during the height of his career, was given the label “Biggest Dick in San Francisco” for his very large (and gorgeous) endowment, and his ability to blow himself… which he did frequently in films. He was born a year before me in 1961 and died from AIDS related complications in 1998. I knew him in the 1990s when no studio would hire him anymore because of his status, and he had reinvented himself as an author, publisher and activist - he was also by this time sporting a skin-head ACTUP queer look and was the first person I knew to have any tatoo related to his illness applied to his body. I even wound up writing a number of articles for his magazine “STEAM” which was an unapologetic paen to cruising, recreational and anonymous sex at a time when saying such things aloud invited VERY public scorn and condemnation. I was introduced to him by the photographer I was frequently doing nude shoots for (see the black & whites I posted of myself some months back). Though now in my thirties, I still sported a short blond somewhat military cut (suitable for playing parts like Lt. Cable in “South Pacific”) and just like it used to happen to the hot stud I was about to meet, my clean cut look made many of the pigs “in the scene” underestimate my kink/pig side. Hell, I’d been going to NYC’s leather bars since I was 18! But if you didn’t know me… Anyway, sure enough, the first of the photographer’s parties he invited me to I met with that reaction until the guests learned better… including Mr. O”Hara. I had to go over some details for an upcoming shoot with the host that slowed down my stripping compared to the other guys - there was now a room full of (remember the time period, mid-90s) lean, vascular, shaved guys with either buzz cuts or shaved head and lots of piercings, while a guy (me) who looked like an Army Captain or Police Sergeant was still mostly dressed. I thought the guy who was introduced to me as “Scott” was the hottest of a room full of hotness, and then he turned and I saw the “HIV+” tattoo and growled “fuck yeah”… Scott turned to me with a look of surprise and a smile and said “Man, lookin’ at you I would have expected you to zip up and head out the door, not have THAT reaction!’ I responded that I was full of surprises as my clothes came off revealing my full leather harness, metal cockrings and chrome and leather arm bands. “Told you guys he’d more than fit in,” I heard my host and photographer say. As things were getting comfortable and we were progressing to the sex, Scott stayed by me surreptiously doing some lines and giving me some - probably about ¾ of the guys were doing enhancements, but not everyone was down with it, so the rule was keep it low-key. Considering the way I was reacting, it was probably NOT the coke I thought it was at first (tina was not all that regular at that time - I’d first had it with that pilot back in the 80s - “Karmic Chemfuck” - and only one other time up until this point). There was also a bit of K around and good poppers and Max Impact. Scott was really curious why I wasn’t scared of his tatoo… and I quietly told him I tested positive back in early 1985, and I kept it very quiet for my performing career’s sake - he sure related to that! At that point, even my host didn’t know I was poz - just my partner (who, now after 26 years together is STILL negative) and my doctor. Scott was very turned and and sticking another line of K my way, he looked me in the eye and said “Fuck yes. So you and I can bareback each other tonight - its the only way a man should fuck or be fucked!” Whoa! Bareback… now when sex started for me, everything was bareback (the term itself didn’t even exist) but in order to keep up my slut lifestyle in the 90s, a condom was mandatory and though I hated them I was good at using them as a top… as a bottom they really slowed me down as I always get an allergic reaction to condom style latex. I had thought I’d never feel that ecstasy again, but this absolute satyr of a man caught me at just the right level of “enhancement” that reservations I would normally have had were tempered by his very logical argument and his very hot cock and attitude and his very good party favors. We agreed. The lights in the photography studio went to psychedelic, trance music played and the group went at it. My tongue found other tongues, hot cocks - many with PA’s and some of the hottest manholes I’d encountered with my mouth in a while. There were about 8 of us in total (small compared to some groups) but all hot and all piggy. While we both played with every other guy there, Scott and I also spent a bit of extra time with each other - we dove into an anal 69 seemingly trying to get our whole heads up each others hot chute. We pulled off into a hot kiss and I felt him press something up into my hole - it burned a bit as he put something in my hand and said “here, do me”. I pressed the rock salt like stuff into his hole and we stopped to do another line of it and a hit of poppers and he rolled back onto a waist height wooden block and whispered “slide that poison stick in the poison hole”. It was so wrong, but so right. My cock slipped in easily and I was ballistic with pleasure. As I fucked him and rolled him further onto the block, he smirked at me and took his own cockhead into his mouth, lewdly tonguing it. THAT’s when it finally hit me. I subtly hissed down to him “holy fucking shit - SCOTT is it? You’re Scott O’Hara, I fucking love your movies.” He seemed really pleased at that and after a few more minutes of me pounding his manhole, he called out “switch!”. A quick couple of glugs of fluids, and another something pressed into my butt, making it SCREAM to be filled, and he pushed me back into the position he’d just been in. He gave me a shot of poppers, sprayed some Maximum Impact on someone’s jock that was lying around, shoved it in my mouth and said “here it comes.” JEEEZUS! The first raw cock in my hole in over six years, and it’s that gorgeous giant! It hurt a bit ‘till I stretched around it, but I was so excited and so tweaked, and so relieved to not have latex fucking me that it soon settled in and felt friggin’ amazing. Our host, who knew my play style well glanced over and remarked “I never thought you’d take that monster that easily, if at all!” and then squinting to look closer, realized there was no condom. His eyebrows shot up, but before he could say anything else, he was distracted by a SECOND latex sheathed cock sliding up next to the first in his own hole, and his attention was drawn elsewhere. There were more fucks with the other guys for each of us, both as tops and bottoms (and one other guy who had noticed us also barebacked each of us and let us bareback him). There was also lots more hole-play, some fisting and w/s, a bit of b/d here and there and toy play, and always, lots of rimming of really hot holes. Scott and I had to keep our holes to just us and the one other guy at the end as we’d each blown off up each others fuck chute. I had gone home with a load in my hole and that much joy in years - and oddly, though I played enough times after with my photographer it wasn’t until almost 18 years later that we finally barebacked each other! After that I played with Scott a number of times - a few group scenes, but mostly either as a three-way with our photographer bud (still using condoms on him) or one on one, where he’d get me high and we’d get wonderfully nasty. He hired me to write a number of columns for his “Steam” Magazine between a few more wild fucks. After that night, when I was playing “extracurricularly” I more and more sought out other poz for BB and less and played with those requiring a condom… I’d regained so much physical joy, and if I wasn’t hurting myself or someone else, then there was finally SOME kind of silver lining for this stupid disease (that I’ve now been dealing with for 30 YEARS). Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the first time I partied with a trucker in his cab! For more about Scott O’Hara: http://likeahornyboy.blogspot.com/2012/06/scott-o-hara-is-too-big.html?zx=5fbde5ac859bcb2
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    It was now getting on toward 4 in the morning, and I heard the keys jingling in the hallway again. It was Ryan from across the hall. He went straight into his room and shut the door. In a few minutes, the door opened, and he was standing next to the bed holding a glass pipe! He stared at me, expressionless, while he waved a torch back and forth under the small bowl until a thick white cloud started to travel up the stem of the pipe. Holding the pipe an inch from his lips, he inhaled deeply. I could see the white column travel from the pipe into his mouth. It was so fuckin' hot watchin' him show off like that! I reached in my bag and fished out a rock and dropped it in the small hole over the bowl of my pipe. When I looked back at him, he was finally exhaling a shitload of white smoke. I repeated the process for him, making sure I took my time heating the bowl and filling the glass tube with a hit. He fingered one of his nipples with one hand and played with his cock with the other while he watched me suck the parTy drug deep into my lungs. I'm not sure what it is, but it's so fuckin' hot parTyin' with another hot guy. Maybe it's the illicitness, or the idea that it's gonna lead to some mind blowing sex, or just the 'badboy' image that some of us crave. And then, of course, there's the actual physical effect of the drug - duh! Ryan moved forward 'til he was filling his door frame, losing some of his earlier inhibitions. He was proudly standing naked in the doorway, stroking his cock to erection, and reveling in the effect of the smoke. I dipped a spit-moistened finger in the bag and pulled out a crystal-covered fingertip (the leftover powder from the bottom of the bag. Spreading my legs, I made a show of sliding my finger deep in my ass, and massaging the drug into the inner lining of my rectum. "Fuck, man," Ryan said in a gravelly voice, as I pulled the finger out of my ass and sucked the juice and any remaining "T" under my tongue. There was a slightly metallic taste to it, so I knew I was getting the full force of the drug into my system. Ryan turned briefly back into his room, but then returned holding his towel, keys and a black leather shaving kit. He shut his door and slowly walked across to my room. "Looks like you were successful," I grinned, nodding toward the leather bag. "Ooohh, yeah," he said, comfortably flopping down on the bed facing me. "So, whadidya get?" I asked. He handed the bag to me to check. "Damn!" I said, after I unzipped the bag. I counted at least eight little bags of "T," about six syringes, and some smaller bags with individual pink pills in them. I pulled one out and held it up with a questioning look on my face. "X," he answered. "I already took one, so it should be kickin' in any time now. "And these?" I held up one of the syringes. "Yeah. I like to slam every once in awhile," he answered a little sheepishly. "Fuck. That's hot!" I said, putting everything back in the bag and handing it to him. "I did some "X" earlier, too," I grinned, flexing my pecs and rubbing my hands over my pierced tits. Without a word, Ryan moved between my legs, pushed my ankles over my head and started eating my hole like a wildman. "Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmph! Mmmmmmmph! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" he moaned, as his thick tongue dug into my tingling fuckslot. Fuck - - - I can still taste my cum - - - and a little "T," he said, looking into my eyes and licking his lips. "Fuckin' chemwhore, man! - - - - Love it!" he grinned, before he dove back down in my hole. I reached over and grabbed a pair of jap clamps - used a paper towel to wipe off my sticky, sweaty tits, stretched the skin with the piercings and clamped the rubberized teeth on my aching nipples. Ryan took a break from munching on my butt, and noticed the clamps. "Fuck yeah, man! You're my kinda pig!" he said, unzipping the side of his bag and pulling out his own set of clamps. He expertly snapped them into place, the chrome connecting chain hanging between his sexy pecs. "X drives my tits crazy, man!" he snarled, swinging his upper body back and forth so that the wait of the chain tugged on his nipples. More confident than before, he sank his fat cock into my wet hole, without even asking (my kinda fucker!!!). But he seemed to enjoy it more this time, slowly pulling out while watching my stretched asslips hug his thick meat. "That looks soooooo hot, man!" he drawled, clearly falling under the spell of the party drugs. He fucked slower this time, not like the frenzied fuck earlier. Now he was clearly here to PLAY!!! "You like my big fuckin' dick, doncha?" he growled. "If I didn't know better, I woulda figured you for a top guy. Leather. Muscles, an' all that," he rambled, drilling my hole good. "Oh, I'll top if I need to," I said. "But I like my sex rough, so I figure I better look the part," I grinned, tugging on my titclamp chain. "Yeah, I know whatcha mean. I like to get fucked, too. 'Specially when I party. My ass gets so fuckin' hungry, man - - - I could take on this whole place," he said, letting his cock slip out of my hole. "Ya wanna smoke some more?" he asked. "Ya don't haffta ask me twice," I grinned, stretching my legs out on his broad shoulders and then tracing the V-shape of his torso with my feet on the way down. Our pipes still had some residue in the bottom of the bowls, so we each heated up our own and did three hits apiece. I offered him a water bottle, which he gladly took. (I always bring a couple with me to keep hydrated. Refill them from the drinking fountain by the stairs.) "Damn, this is some good shit Rex had," Ryan said, holding up his pipe. "Yeah, he always manages to get the good stuff. I bought some crap from some guy at Club Dallas a coupla years ago - made me sick as a dog for days!" I answered. "Smoke?" I asked, holding up a pack of Camels. "Sure," he said, pulling one out of the pack. We lazily smoked our cigarettes while flipping through the various XXX-rated porn channels. I found an old one with Corey Jay fucking himself with a big dildo - I think it was from the "Link" Series. "He is sooooo hot," Ryan moaned, flicking the clamps on his tits with his thumbs. "You ever seen him fist?" I threw out, testing the waters of my new FFriend. "Oh yeah - 'Dr. Goodglove' - that was fuckin' hot," he replied. "Bet you'd look hot in leather," I suggested. "I got some in my room. Hold on - I'll go get it," Ryan said, flexing his abs as he sat up, the clamp chain still hanging from his tits. He went across the hall to his room, leaving both of our doors open. I watched as he put on a leather harness, two leather armbands, a biker's cap and boots. While he was doing this, a built Hispanic guy walked by, checking out both of our rooms. (Hmmmm - things were continuing to look up!) I slipped on my socks and boots, and added a pair of red and black leather armbands to the harness I'd put on earlier. Ryan closed his door and came back across to my room, shutting the door behind him. He stood, posing in the mirror a bit. "Whaddaya think?" he asked, still looking at himself and flexing his pecs. "I'd let you fuck me," I teased, bringing a smile to his face. "Oh yeah?" he said, kneeling on the bed and spreading my legs. He pushed his cock back in me, ramming it hard a couple of times to re-establish his dominance. "Yeah! That's it! Fuck me, Daddy!" I said, loud enough to be heard outside. "Take it, pig! Take my raw dick!" he yelled, getting into it. "Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" I grunted loudly with each thrust, hoping to catch the attention of the guy who had walked by our rooms. Then Ryan pulled out, stepped up on the mattress, straddled me and squatted over my face. "Eat my hole, pig!" he ordered. I eagerly buried my face intoo his sweaty asscrack, finding his wrinkled sphincter with my tongue. God, he tasted good. Sweaty, but not shitty. I was hoping that maybe he had douched earlier. The more I tongued, the more his hole opened. "Yeah! That's it! Eat it, fucker!" he responded, grinding his ass in circles on my face. Ryan leaned forward on his knees, completely exposing that beautiful ass, and said, "Bump me, man." He had reached into his black bag and was handing me one of the 'crystal' baggies. I coated my index finger liberally with shards of "T" and made sure I didn't have any loose pieces that would fall off. "Open up, pig!" I let him know I was ready. He reached around and grabbed his muscular cheeks, pulling them apart and exposing his hole. This was no pink 'boi-hole.' He was shaved smooth, but this hole had definitely seen some use. He pushed his assring out, exposing a partial rosebud. I quickly sank my 'medicated' finger into the red inner folds of his anus. "Uuuuunnnggghhhhhhhhh!" Ryan sighed/moaned, feeling the initial burn as the chems hit the delicate lining of his insides. I held my finger steady, until he started grinding his butt from side to side. I knew the 'burn' was starting to give way to slutty pleasure! I finally pulled out, sticking my finger under my tongue - enjoying the dregs of the "T," as well as the sweet taste of Ryan's superclean hole! He rolled off to one side, and carefully unclamped his nipples, moaning as the blood rushed back into the unclamped tissue. "You mind?" I asked waving the baggie near my dripping hole. "Not at all, man. Not at all," he smiled, wetting his finger with the juice from my ass and dipping it in the baggie. I lifted one leg up, and pulled my hole open with the other hand. "Hell, yeah!" I yelled, watching this hot, leatherman booty bump my hole in the mirrored ceiling. I could feel him wiping his finger inside me, trying to deposit as much of the 'crystal' as possible before pulling out. Like me, he stuck his finger in his mouth, licking off the remaining drug and the juices from my ass (which probably still had a little of his cum mixed in!). "You are sooooo much fun, man," Ryan said. "I usually don't get this comfortable with a guy so fast," he added. "Well, I just try to be upfront about what I'm looking for - ya know - skip all the games and get right down to what we're here for," I rambled. "You ever have a problem with 'Tina-dick'?" I asked. "Man, you do get right to the point," Ryan laughed. "Yeah, I guess so. But usually by that time, all I want is to get my ass worked over," he sighed, staring at our images in the mirror on the ceiling. I reached in my bag and pulled out 2 Levitras. "You ever try one o' these?" I asked, waving it in front of his eyes. "What is it," he squinted. "Levitra," I answered, popping one in my mouth and swigging it down with some water. "Hell - why not!" he said, holding out his hand. He tossed the orange pill in his mouth, and followed it with water. Ryan rolled over on top of me, grinding our cocks against each other. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth, our tongues digging deep, two more sex organs tasting each other. My tit clamps slipped off, from all the sweat between our bodies - probably time to give them a break anyway. His steaming body felt so good on top of me - my hands slid up and down his muscular back, pulling him closer. I used my right leg for leverage and pushed, forcing us to roll over - winding up with me on top. He didn't resist, so I backed up on my knees, forced his legs back and dove into his musclebutt. "Yes - Sir!" he hissed, rubbing his hands up and down my arms. "Eat my fuckin' hole!" I reached for the bottle of J-lube and drizzled a little on his pucker. Then started working two fingers inside. I would twist a little - then pull out. As he relaxed, I added a third finger - - - and finally a fourth. "Oh my fuckin' God!!!" he moaned, grinding his ass obscenely - fucking himself on my fingers. "Mind if I open the door?" I asked, wanting to make sure he was cool with this. "Uh - sure - - - I guess..." he sounded a little unsure. "If you don't want to, it's okay." I reassured him. "It's just - well - sometimes I get off on being watched." "Fuck! You are twisted pig!" he said, staring up at me. I wasn't sure if that was a 'yes' or a 'no.' A minute or two passed. "What're you waitin' for man? Open the fuckin' door! Let's show these guys how real men fuck!"
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    I love fucking married men. Something so nasty and perverted about sticking my raw cock in the ass of a man that will be going home to his wife and kids with my semen churning in his guts. I have fucked more married men than I can count, some started safe and then progressed to bareback after some time and trust. Others were bareback from the start, condoms never discussed, just the desire between two men to fuck raw. One of the best breeding sessions I had with a 40 something married man was at a hotel in the afternoon. I fucked him raw for the first time after we decided to forgo condoms online the day before. I fucked him gently in the missionary position at first but then my desire overcame me and soon I was fucking him like he had been taking my dick for years. In reality, he said I was the only the second cock he ever had and he'd never been bred before so he was hungry for it. I came deep inside him and he ejaculated without touching his cock less than a minute after. He told me later that it was the mental thrill of having a man ejaculate inside him that made him shoot. He is one of those bottoms that will sometimes feminize the act of anal sex beteween men. He tells me that when I am fucking him, his ass is no longer masculine, that it is now a pussy receptacle for my sperm. He also gets off on the mental thrill of being "knocked up". Obviously he knows better, but he has also told me that he gets a special thrill knowing my sperm are swimming around in his hole looking for eggs to fertilize. In our "relationship", I am the dominant male that does the fucking and he's the submissive that allows his holes to be used by my cock. He's a total cum addict and he insists that every drop of sperm I shoot with him goes in either his ass or his mouth. I've even made him cum hands free simply from letting him suck my cock while sitting at a park and ride off the interstate. We also both get off on cum sharing and felching. I regularly felch my load out of his hole so I can feed it back to him in his mouth. We snowball my load on the rare occasion that he sucks me to completion. At this point, we both know anal sex is on the menu when we get together and he craves my cock and cum like a starving man. It gets me so hot and horny knowing there is a man out there that needs my cum in him to be happy. About 30 minutes after I bred him for the first time, I was back at his ass, pounding away and on the verge of shooting a second load in him when his phone rang. It was his wife calling to let him know their oldest son, a teenager, had just gotten suspended from school. He let me finish in him quickly before running off to deal with the problems from his other life. I imagined he was sitting in the principals office discussing with his son did with two loads of my cum inside him. Fucking married men is the best.

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