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    I thought pozzing was my biggest turn on.... I blew some clouds earlier and it reached deep down into my dirtiest parts. I WANT AN AIDS LOAD!!!! Getting poz loads is so filthy and I love it; but I want to get spun and have someone make my dick truly toxic! I want to beg and moan and pray for that AIDS load. I want them worshipping my toxic cock while it infects me, taking a strain from every load they've ever taken. Them have them beg to be bred by my now deadly dick. FUCK! I want to be tatted, and pierced, and roided, and have an AIDS daddy give me everything and more.
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    I got fucked and bred by a neighbor recently. We’ve flirted on Scruff, but I finally got a chance to go over to his place while his boyfriend was gone, shed my jacket and sweats (which was all I wore) and climb onto their bed on all fours. “I’ve been wanting to bareback you for a long time,” he said from behind me while thrusting his raw cock in and out of my hole. He then flipped me over and pumped while we stared smiling into each other’s eyes. We sniffed poppers and discussed status (I’m positive, he’s negative) while we fucked. “I fucking love your cock,” I said. “My ass is yours to breed!” Then he said the most wonderful thing: “Next time I want your poz load up my neg hole.” Oh, damn. That really got me going. “Yeah,” I said, “how ‘bout I take a bunch of loads one day and then blast mine inside you?” “Charge me up.” “Fuck yeah.” “I’m getting close.” “Go for it. Breed me deep like I'm gonna do to you when you take my poz load after I've taken several." That did it - he let loose inside me.
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    This happened last week when I was in NJ for business. I had been horny all day and my cock kept getting hard. I was busy with a work meeting but I was having trouble ignoring the growing lump in my pants. After I was back at my hotel I started to search for some hot ass to breed on BBRTS. I came across a cumdump ad from a guy that was taking loads a few miles from where I was staying. He was in a local Adult theater and was taking loads. I sent him an email and asked if he'd like some additional loads. He sent me a message that he was taking some loads from 3 cocks and as soon as he was done he was happy to come over and take mine. Sure enough, about an hour later he arrives. Hot guy late 30's 5'10" hairy chest and ass, and a wet hole. We started kissing and he got down sucking me hard. I couldn't wait any longer and pushed him on the bed on his back with his legs in the air. I sank my cock deep in that hot wet hole. OMG it felt so good with the other loads inside. I fucked his hole hard for a short time before my first load shot out of my balls and into his ass! "don't you dare pull out" he said. DUH I had no intention as I pushed further inside to let him feel my cock explode. He stayed with me for several hours and over that time I fucked him and seeded his ass several more times. I'm lucky, my dick isn't huge but its kinda thick and I can cum mutiple times. He was a greedy cumdump and took everything I had. Honestly I was spent and very happy. He left my hotel room about 4am with a very happy wet dripping hole! I want more! I love it and am addicted to breeding hot ass!!
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    In typical Hansen family tradition, Matt was carrying out his fatherly task of fucking his oldest son Matt Jr. JR, as he preferred was very aroused by his father's huge cock this particular morning. At first he was purring and then moaning and now he began to start barking and slowly fucking himself onto the cock that made him. He was so fucking horny and he knew dad's cock was the only cock that could make him cum from his cock and his cunt. Matt's mind was much more focused. Today is the day that JR's breeding must come to an end because his younger brother, Thom was just bragging about puberty and Matt knew his responsibility. Stealth breeding JR was actually a bit of fun and came quite naturally to the older perverted father. The worst situation was missing JR's talented and well shaped cunt. Sometimes more delicious that his wife's meatball dinner. Actually, always more delicious. As he began to unload, he started talking about everything but his cock sprayed hard against the p-spot as the head punched in and out of the second door which triggered the two orgasms that JR was grunting and calling to God for. He never heard the news. Matt sat down and, in between cunt lapping, he told his son he was poz. JR laughed and said that was not true. Matt told him that he was Full Blown for many years and not on meds. He told JR he knew how fertile his cum was. But dad, I'm on PreP...........................
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    Last night I was so fucking horny. I'd been working all day and had dick on my mind from the moment I got up. I was texting fuck buddies all day long, but nobody was really taking the bait. I fucking hate it when you're that riled up and nobody is feeling the same. So I decided at 10pm to go to Slammer in Koreatown. I'd been a couple times before, but really, just to suck and watch, hear. Last night was different. I had that natural internal buzz of fear and anticipation going on. I knew I was going to get loaded. I stripped down to my jock, walked through, so guys could check me out and then went and got on all fours on the fuck bench in the dark room. Already there was a ton of shit going in that small sweaty room, but within a minute I had facial hair and a warm mouth all over my man cunt. I was being eaten out like never before. He was stretching my hole with his mouth alone, getting his tongue in deep and licking me out like an ice cream cone that had some melted contents deep down. I was loving it. Groaning and moaning. I was offered some poppers and took a couple of deep hits. Shit I thought I might just pass out from the ecstasy of both sensations going through me a the same time. My dick was so hard I thought it was going to break through the fabric of my jock. I think he must have been down there for 10 to 15 minutes just eating the fuck out of my ass. There was lots of sucking going on in the room. I heard a guy say, "is he ready yet" and the ass eater pulled back. I'd decided I wasn't going to look at who was fucking me prior to going into the room - it was to be a "no load refused" session - something I have never done before. So the next thing I feel is blunt force of a huge dick pressed against my hole as the dude leans over and whispers in my ear - "ready for daddy"? My ass just opened up automatically and he slid right in to the base in one slow but deliberate push. I just knew he was black - from his voice and his girth. I've never been so open to getting fucked as I was in that moment - it just felt natural. He was fucking me slowly but with force and it felt amazing. My legs were trembling, my body was quivering and I was moaning out load, so loud that I could actually hear myself as though it wasn't me. He probably fucked me a for a good 5 minutes before I could hear guys asking for their turn. He pulled out and within 5 seconds another guy was in me. He was smaller and more of a jackhammer fucker - I'm guessing a white guy by the sound of him. He was eager to cum, I could tell. He loaded my ass up pretty fast. He pulled out and another dude was in me. This guys was thicker dicked and the sperm for the prior guy was great lube (another first for me) - was smelling sperm - and getting more and more turned on. Then another guy, then another guy, then the original guy, then another guy. I don't know how many dicks or loads I took, because I was so poppered up and lost count after 4, but it must have been close to 12 loads I took home with me. I had to sit in my car for a good hour when I left just come down from the popper high. I'm on PrEP but eager to see if any loads knocked me up - my next blood work is in 3 weeks. I'll keep you guys posted. One thing is for sure - there's no going back. Taking loads anonymously is insanely hot and I'm addicted.
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    I got pozzed the day after my 35th birthday... ok, ok, I was chasing it for a couple of years. I needed that bug in my hole so damn bad! It really did free my hole and soul to finally be able to fuck completely bareback, and finally without that nagging little voice that freaked her ever loving shit every time I took an anon cock. I remember talking to so many fellow chasers on the forums, and I figured once I bugged up, it would be a free for all of Buggery! I'm not sure where the shortage is... Gifting tops or Chasing bottoms? Before my conversion, it was damn near IMPOSSIBLE to find an unmedicated top gifter that was not shooting those wretched blanks! Now, after having had my fuck flu for thanksgiving last year... I find myself with a shortage of holes to convert! Even with a silent HIV epidemic going on in Kern County, its a challenge to find those tender clean holes to destroy! Sure we have the stealthers around here, and the "I didnt know" bi married guys... but where are my horny slutty bugchasers at?? Was i the only one around here? Im even staying purely unmedicated so i can (Hopefully) become as notorious as BBSeroMan in his continuing count of confirmed conversions! (BBSeroMan 4 Prez!) Well, since there seems to be a lack of need around my area, I'm going to broaden my horizons a bit more... If there are any desperate NEG holes out there, that need their bug, we can discuss, and plan, for you to take a trip to me out here in Central CA (we have an airport) OR if you have the means financially, I would be willing to be "invited" over to deliver it personally, and probably even just stick around breeding and/or bloodslamming you till i'm sure youre pregnant with my AIDS baby! Fingers crossed that I can finally get what it was that I was really chasing after... a firstborn Son, and an entire bloodline to claim as my own
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    It's been a tradition in the circle of breeder tops that I fuck with. One anonymous bottom gets a good pounding without anyone knowing who he is nor does he know who is loading him. Each month, one of us decides and arranges the event and one of us usually has to provide a fuck space. We all got together a long while ago when were bitching to each other online. The amount of cunt out there that needed seeding was exhausting us and few bred boys were willing to begin seeding for themselves. Instead we were breeding more boys to breed. They would bring their friends, brothers, uncles, next door neighbors, mailmen...it seemed like everyone wanted the seed of a handful of us. I had a breeding party once a month. Those who needed breeding were selected by me to be the bottoms at the party. Some parties included up to 6 bottoms and some only 1. The bottoms had to pay to get in and had to take a certain amount of loads before they left. There were often many guest tops and walk in cocks that would enhance the cum drenched parties. I loved the whole attitude of these parties because it allowed me to control who got my seed. I have always been particular who I give my seed to. I admit I wasn't always like that. I stealthed along for years when no one would actually admit that they wanted loads. I would drop a load in any str8 or married dude in a second. I have had many "accidental" unloads in the guys who could easily be my own sons. Many guys tried to encourage all of our sick fantasies about seeding our sons, our best buddy, our brother-in-law, the local fuck, any homeless guy under 20,...well, we realized that we were pretty free and easy with the definition of morality and what some might call taboo. Back to our once a month party. The anonymous bottom was restrained, hooded, gagged and I guessed knocked out for the first hour or so. Only one of the guys knew who he was. The rest of us spent a lot of time checking out how much he'd been fucked, prepped his cunt for a long night of fucking, spent a few rounds of eating him out. We didn't always do that but this boy was just asking for a wet tongue, even after getting fucked. Round and round we spun this piece of fertile cunt. Every spin found his cunt presented to another dripping cock edging itself closer and closer to its first blast. The thing that we all knew was a fact was that once the first top let go, we all followed suit. It was just to hard to hold back after feeling your cock fuck into the cunt with cum soaked inside and now sliding up and down your shaft. It's always my thing to be able to feel enough loads in a cunt to get some splash back on the top of my cock...I just loved dipping my tongue into a nice full one too. At the end of the evening or I should say, at the end of the next evening, as we all knew we had to recharge and get back to the real world again, it was time to unwrap the bottom and let us know who we all fucked and let him know very clearly that he had not been just fucked but had been thoroughly knocked up. He was never blindfolded so that we were never revealed to him. All eyes were on me as I became aware of who this impregnated bottom was and the feeling of guilt, surprise and the bone that cranked up at the same time.....
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    Total pigs and cumsluts like me do not make for the best of faithful partners - sure we are great sex, that is why our partners are with us - but it takes a special kind of top to tolerate being in a relationship with a pig that constantly craves cock and seed. We can't help our cravings - it is what we are born for - to take cock and seed and that need permeates every fibre in our body. My current partner is a great man and I love him heaps - he is great sex and I get plenty of it from him - but that insatiable need for hard cock inside me always wins out over everything else. We have only been together a short while and he is a one on one man and up until recently I lived within the rules. Then, oh fuck - Mardi Gras fortnight came along. For years I have spent those two weeks taking cock and seed from all over the world and absolutely loving it. This year I was going to try and keep a lid on my slutting out - until my partner told me he had to go to Melbourne for four days for work. He did the worst thing he could have done the morning he was leaving, he threw a good 20 minute fuck into me before he left for the airport. Suddenly I was alone., naked in bed, with a load seed in me and horny as fuck. I knew I needed more cock (or dildo - which I resort to at times to satisfy myself fully) so I thought I would hook onto BBRTS and see if I could get "just one more fuck". I threw up a quick connect ad and within 25 mins a middle aged American man, hairy chest nice fat cut cock was talking to me. He was looking for a pig and I knew I was looking for a pig fucker, so in no time at all really we arranged a hook up in his city hotel. I told him my partner had already loaded up my mancunt and he told me not to get rid of the load as he wanted it for lube. In no time I was on the train and headed for town. He was a great fuck, he rimmed, fingered and fucked me for a good half an hour. It was like old times for me, my legs open and a strange cock in me and me enjoying every thrust of his gorgeous cock and the feel of his large balls slapping against my hole. As he blew I arched my back and worked his cock so hard with every muscle in my hole. As he pulled out he reached for the towel, which I quickly pushed aside and went to work to complete the job, cleaning his cock and balls and ensuring what never went in my hole went down my throat as I stuck my tongiue in his piss slit to make sure I got every filament of his seed in me. After some small talk he said ÿou want more". That was music to my ears as I certainly did want him to fuck me again. But, I was misreading what he was saying he meant did I want to fuck for a group. He got back on line and shortly said to me - another top is five minutes away - he wants you blindfolded on all fours. Just like old times I got really excited and knew I was in for a day getting banged. He blindfolded me and I heard the buzzer ring and he left me in the room while he went down to retrieve the top to fuck me. As they walked in he was tellin the top there were already two loads in me. The American slapped my arse and asked me to push some seed back for the top/. I obeyed. I could hear the sounds of undressing and within a minute or so I could feel a cock probing at my hole. In one thrust a good sized cock was buried to the hilt in me - and the hard fucking began and the yank cheered him on from the sidelines. "You like that cock piglet"and "fuck him hard"and "breed the cunt"and "make the pig squeal" were among his verbal onslaught. The top obviously loved it as he fucked me really hard digging his fingers into my hips before finally letting out a guttural groan and unloading in me. "pull it out and let the pig clean you up"the yank said. I immediately spun around and felt for his cock - it tasted wonderful with that lovely pungent taste of three seeds mixed on it. He left and the yank offered me a beer. I accepted as I was hot and bothered and then he told me had organised an Asian and white guy couple to come over and fuck me. He started fingering my sloppy cum filled hole and asked me if I was up for more cock. The dormant slut in me had risen fully and I was ready for the entire city to fuck me. I said yes. Within an hour they arrived the white guy about 50 salt and pepper hair and a hairy chest with a nice average uncut cock, his Asian partner slim, hairless, about 35, average cut cock and I immediately set to work getting them hard. The Asian guy fucked me first and within five minutes he was groaining and busting his nuts in me. His boyfriend immediately took over. The Asian boy walked to my head so I could clean him while his partner fucked me doggy style. After I cleaned the Asian up the yank stuffed his half hard meat in my mouth and I was relieved as I knew I was going to get another serve off him. "Hey piglet do you think you could take both our cocks" he asked. With a mouthful of his now hard thick cock I nodded yes. When they DP'd me I was in heaven, there is nothing nicer for a bottom pig than to feel that full of cock you feel like you are being split in two. I stayed as still as so I could keep both cocks in me as long as possible and let the tops fuck me how they wanted and in what position. The yank had the best of it as he was on top while the white guy was under me and after about five minutes the yank said Ï am going to breed your pig cunt" - he thrust hard and blew in me and all over the white guys cock in me. He slipped out and rolled on to my chest and the white guy pounded me for a few minutes before he too unloaded in me. I loved the verballing I got off both the white guy and the yank - they reminded me of what I was - a fucking cumdump pig. After I cleaned up all the cocks, I felt so complete, so happy and so used - but at the same time thrilled to be filled with loads. My yank friend said he had a dinner date and I got dressed - conscious of my dripping cunt and headed home to suburbia. When I got home I immediately put a butt plug in me to keep all the seed in me for as long as possible. Like all true cumdumps - I had a spring in my step.
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    I hung up my phone. Angry, yeah. Very! My brother called to gloat about something very personal and I couldn't do much but listen. Two weeks ago, my 19 year old son came home looking sad and a little puzzled. He said he needed to talk to me in private. This is sort of a strange request and even more strange because we never have any sort of private talks. I just fuck him. That's all I need to say. I get my paternal cock up inside that faggot's deep cunt and I bang his head against the wall while I'm drilling into his fucking cunt until I cum. I pull out, I slap his ass a few times and I wipe my cock off on his bed sheets. He usually stays in the last position I nailed him in until I leave. That's the way daddy does it and there's nothing to discuss. So why the talk now? He sat on the bed just about eye level with my cock. I can't help myself. I walk into the fucker's room and my cock just gets bone hard and fuck ready in seconds. I don't pull my cock out just yet. He looks up at me...another thing I don't usually tolerate but I still want to see what's going on. "Dad, I just got back from the clinic and they told me that I am HIV positive." I looked at him and then I started to smile. He really had no clue the whole time. I spent a year dumping load after load up his high school cunt just so I could be one of those dads who had the balls to stealth his own son. And now I get the news. He looks like he's gonna get a beating. I just pull out my super hard cock. "Open up you stupid cunt. Don't you know that faggots like you are made for breeding and you only got what I had expected you to get in the first place." He was already throating my cock while I laughed and looked down at him. He knew I did it. I could see the look of disgust in his eyes. He just started swallowing as fast as he could. I was just about to slap his head to stop him from trying to pull my load out when I lost it....I screamed. "Swallow your daddy's poz load, baby boy. I'm so proud of my cock for giving my son my own DNA once again. Now you won't have to worry about what kind of cum is blasting up your cunt." So my brother found out about the event and he acted like he was all good with it. He even fucked the faggot with me just to help me belittle the fuckwad. I can't imagine what the fuck he was thinking when he took the kid away from me and brought him out west to do porn. He said that I ruined him so he thought he'd take advantage of the kid's new status and get him into some really raw bareback porn. Actually, he confessed, he was going to be one of the many cocks that would be fucking the kid. And he'd be sure to send me a copy. I was so pissed off. All I could think of was who the hell I was gonna plow my raw cock into. I guess the time is right to start on my younger son. He's not a faggot but he'll do just fine.
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    A guy who has been breeding me on and off for years sent me a text message last week, asking if I was free Friday night. Normally that "just" means he wants to fuck the hell out of my ass with cock, fingers and dildos and give me a load or three, but apparently this time it was something else he had in mind. He was going to have 3 friends over for dinner and a night of getting drunk and high, and they'd arranged for a twinky little bottom to join them after dinner but he had chickened out so they needed a replacement. Well, you can be insulted at being "second choice" - or you can imagine four tops going at your ass all night long and get an instant hard-on!!! Of course I said yes, and on Friday evening at 11pm I arrived at his apartment and was instantly told to get naked and offered a drink and a line of coke. Well, I don't really do anything stronger than gin and tonic and poppers, but if the other guys wanted to do drugs that really wasn't any concern of mine. As it turned out it perhaps turned out to be a bonus, actually... Pretty soon I was shuffling around on my knees, the guys all sitting with their cocks out and me sucking one cock after the other... They were all in their 50's, but the sort of men that were pretty much heading for the silver fox category, so definitely handsome and worth making an effort for. And quite a range of cock sizes, ranging from medium to XL - the guy who invited me has 21cm / over 8 inches - but they were all pretty thick, which boded well for the night. Eventually, of course, there was a tongue lapping at my hole, getting me wet while I was busy socking a hard cock and the two others were watching. It feels so slutty to have people watching and it really gets me going as much as any amount of poppers! And of course there was then the discussion of who should have the first go at my hole - I wasn't part of that discussion, as my mouth was full of cock - and in the end the host called dibs, lubed up and then shoved his cock balls deep inside me, the three other guys almost cheering as I yelped in pain... But oh damn! I love that huge cock! He fucked me hard for just a few minutes, but I could feel him constantly changing angles and there was no doubt he was doing his best to open me up for his friends - and pretty soon they were taking turns fucking my ass! I was just lying there on my knees with my head on the floor and my ass in the air as I took what was coming and doped myself on poppers. The guys were sitting around watching, drinking and occasionally sniffing a line, when they weren't fucking me themselves, and occasionally there'd be a slap or two on my ass cheeks or somebody would call me a slut or a whore... Seriously, I was in bottom-slut heaven for a few hours, getting fucked hard and deep by a range of cocks... Then finally I got my first load from one of the guys, causing the other three to almost have an argument about who would get to fuck my sloppy, wet hole first... So I was a bit of a naughty sub-bottom and asked if I could have two... I mean, I'd been fucked for a few hours, so... They were kind enough to grant my wish, so one guy laid down on the floor, I sat down on him and then the host - that would be the huge cock! - started pushing up next to the first cock... Oh, damn! I'm NEVER ready for a double-fuck, but it's still SO GOOD!!! I was moaning and whimpering and begging for more poppers, but I took it. Cum was leaking out of me as they both moved in and out in my hole, so at least there was plenty of lube as they pounded me hard... Again, the guys took turns, doublefucking me in more or less every combination and completely wearing out my hole... They were all kept wide awake by doing drugs, of course, but I was getting rather tired by then... Well, we all knew that was going to happen; they were planning on partying through the night, but we had agreed I was allowed to go to bed when I was worn out - on the condition that I slept on my front with a plug keeping my hole open. Throughout the night I'd wake up as the plug was pulled out and replaced with a hard cock, and as I was half-asleep I never really knew which of them was fucking me or whether the others had come into the bedroom to watch... By 8am I was sort-of awake and begging for a cup of coffee - hey, even a slut-bottom deserves a cup of coffee after a hard night's sluttiness, right? The guys weren't done yet, though, so they kept plowing me until 10am when they started wearing out and each blew their last remains of cum in me. I really have no idea how many loads I took that night and morning, but the guys told me they had each blown their load 3-4 times in me, so it was quite a successful night for this little cum-hungry slut-bottom... I was still gaping when they were done with me - and I was leaking cum in my underwear as I was driving home, even though I tried my best to keep it in...
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    I am 29 right now and have been chasing AIDS since I was 24... I really wish that I had been successful at getting AIDS years ago when I first began chasing AIDS. I'd probably look like a AIDS pig should after nearly 5 years with the med resistant strains doing their work on my body. I know that I would have gotten the diagnosis and proof I got the full med resistance that my AIDS pig had to share. Just thinking about it makes my current attempts to get infected with AIDS all the more important to succeed and get AIDS now. I think I am better prepared for the lifestyle change that is coming once I get AIDS now. I want it much more than ever before and have plans in place to make it happen. My friends and family are less of a concern to me after I get AIDS and start becoming more toxic every day. There's not going to be any reason I'd regret this or want to back out of my decision to get infected with AIDS for once and for always. I am more open to getting other infections along with AIDS and never treating them as well.
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    Source: Satanic Devil Worship
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    Last week I was online at bbrts and was horny as hell. I was looking for some close hole to breed and seed. One of my neighbors that I have fucked and seeded before was online and he hit me up. He said he was in a rather slutty mood and wanted to get bred and seeded. Ok! count me in! He said he had a few others coming over to breed him and was that ok? HELL YES. I love the feel of a wet cummy ass when I slide inside. That wet gooey feeling is the best ever. I love sloppy hole. I said sure I would be over shortly. When I arrived the door was unlocked and I heard him say come on in. When I entered the room there was another guy naked on top of him banging away at his hole while both were hitting poppers. Of course my cock got hard immediately. He said he already had a load deep inside and was looking for more. The guy fucking him said he wanted to take a break and did I want to fuck.. Of course. I undressed quickly and took a few hits of poppers. I rubbed around his wet hole as my cock got harder and harder. OMG I so love that warm wet feeling. I was able to slide my cock nice and deep and started fucking. He was in my favorite position. He was on his stomach while I was on top. Both of us hitting poppers and I was kissing his ears, neck and back as I was fucking deep. I let my first load go! Fuck it felt so good and it mingled with the other load that was already there. I later found out the guy came and left real quick as he was late for work. After my load was planted deep I continued to fuck until the other guy said he was so turned on he had to go back inside. I got off and the other guy climbed on top. His cock slid inside and they both moaned as he felt my cum load deep inside. That is such a turn on. Trading off with another top as we plant loads deep inside. Nothing better than cum for lube. I watched as the other guy drove his cock inside deep and both were moaning and groaning with pleasure as the top shot a huge cum load deep inside..That got me turned on again and when he was done I went back in for another turn.. That silky feel of a man's wet hole never fails to drive me over the edge. I so love it. Fucking for me is so much better than oral. I shot another load deep inside. My neighbor grunted in appreciation. I got up to get dressed as there was another knock on the door and the next guy came in. When I left he was mounting my neighbor and I'm sure there was another load planted deep!
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    I woke on Saturday and spent a few hours exploring Berlin’s museum island. I absent-mindedly poked around the Bode Museum, the Pergamon and a craft fair/flea market but my mind was on the Fickstutenmarkt coming up that evening. I noticed a lot of good looking guys, some with their wives/girlfriends, a few gay couples and some single guys and wondered if any of them would be fucking me that night. The Fickstutenmarkt, if you haven’t heard of it, is a gay horse fair. Bottoms (mares) arrive at the event early. They strip nude, have their hands bound, and are blindfolded with a sack/hood that is colour coded. White sacks stand for safe sex and red sacks stand for bareback. When all of the mares are in place and waiting, the Tops (stallions) arrive and are free to fuck or “cover” any mares they choose. There are a number of rules, but the top one is that mares cannot refuse any stallion who wants to fuck them. From reading the Fickstutenmarkt web site and thanks to other posters on Breeding Zone (like Bottomhole and DanishAss), I had some idea about what to expect at the event and also knew that it was important to arrive early as a mare to get a good spot. I arrived back at the hotel at 2 a couple of blocks from the venue and was aiming to be in the queue when it opened at 5:30. I spent lots of time cleaning out and getting ready. I stretched my hole a bit with an inflatable, and lubed up with Swiss Army silicone. I slipped on a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and my black lace-ups with short blue socks and walked the two blocks to the entrance, with my stomach in knots. I hadn’t eaten anything for about 36 hours at that point so, as usual before a big night out, I wasn’t sure whether what I was feeling was nervous butterflies, hunger or low blood sugar. The Berlin Fickstutenmarkt is held at the Kit-Kat Club but it uses a different entrance. A Berlin underground metro stop is right below the building and there is a nondescript door – something like a fire door – that opens right off the steps down to the metro. I arrived later than I intended; it was about 5:45, and there were about 10 guys ahead of me in the queue. I exchanged smiles with a couple of guys but everyone seemed a bit nervous like me and there was no conversing. When there were only about 4 or 5 guys ahead of me I could hear the door attendant switching between German and English as he asked each mare whether he knew what the event was about, that they would be blindfolded and fucked anonymously. Each guy said yes, paid the $10 or $12 euro fee (I can’t remember now which I was). And then the pattern stopped as I heard the attendant say “I’m sorry, we don’t have room for you tonight” to one guy. My heart stopped for a minute as I reviewed the thousands of dollars and kilometres that I had invested in this weekend that were going to waste. I had arrived 15 minutes too late. The guys ahead of me stayed in the queue so I did the same, hoping that there might still be some hope. There was a bit of back and forth conversation and then the guy who was turned away made his way past the rest of us as the queue started moving again. He was in his 60s with grey/white hair that needed cutting and I suddenly realized that he had been refused entry based on his appearance. I had read on the website that this was possible, but hadn’t expected to witness it. I started feeling quite sad for the fellow, thinking that a haircut could have made all of the difference, but didn’t have time to finish the thought as it was my turn at the door. “Do you know what the event is about” I was asked. I said yes. “Do you know that you will wear a hood and can’t see anything while you are fucked?” Yes. “Have you read the rules on the web site?” Yes. “Okay” I paid the fee and went through another door. Before my eyes had a chance to adjust to the very dim lighting, I was approached by a stall helper wearing a white tank top like I’d seen in pictures on the website. He handed me an empty garbage bag and my hood, told me to strip off everything but my shoes, and then take the bag down a nearby staircase. He patted me on the ass and gently pushed me toward an opening in a black tarp-like wall. Inside there were about ten other guys, half already naked and holding their hoods, and the rest in various stages of undress. I took a deep breath, pulled my t-shirt over my head, kicked off my shoes and pulled my sweats off. I re-tied my shoes and threw my clothes in the bag. There were a few guys ahead of me making their way down the staircase. At the bottom right was a doorway covered by a black curtain. On the left there was an open door with light pouring from it. As I arrived at the bottom of the stairs, three stall helpers were waiting. One took my garbage bag, tied a tag on it while another held me by the waist as he turned me from side to side to let the third guy write a number (37) on each shoulder and my upper back. Finally, they turned me to face away from the door as I felt the smack from a large rubber stamp on my ass. I didn’t have time to look at it before they tied a piece of white rope to my right wrist and pointed me back up the stairs. Back on the main floor I remembered others’ advice to get a good spot early and avoid being placed standing up somewhere. I quickly found the large square padded platform that I had seen in the X-tube fickstutenmarkt video. There were already guys holding spots at each corner and one in the middle of 3 of the 4 sides. The fourth side was the furthest from the entrance, but I took it. I was between two guys in their 30s, both cute and nicely tanned, which contrasted against my very white skin. I had been in the sun on my deck a few times over the summer and had a slight tan line but in this dim lighting I didn’t know if it was visible at all. Along the perimeter of the room on two sides were padded bench-style chairs. There were a few open spaces but most were occupied. Overall, the bottoms in the room were really good looking and masculine. Quite a few had chest or facial hair, and were nicely endowed. My relatively small package seemed to have shrunk from the anticipation or just being nude, and it fought my frequent efforts to casually pull it outward for better presentation. I figured that since I was number 37 and there had been at least 10 guys behind me in the queue to enter, there were at least 50 mares in the building by the time I climbed back up the stairs. More guys were steadily entering and undressing, so I think there must have been at least 100 bottoms by the time it started. We waited in silence on my side of the padded bench for what seemed like an eternity but must have been about an hour. I noticed that the guy on my right had a watch and wondered if I should have worn one given some online comments from others about losing track of time at the event. Then I realized that I’d have a hood over my eyes anyway so a watch wouldn’t help once it started. Finally, the music seemed to get a bit louder, the lights dimmed a bit and the stall helpers made their way around the perimeter of the room to bind mares’ wrists and tie their hoods in place. I realized that the wrist binding was mainly symbolic since most bound mares still had 30-40 centimetres of play between their hands. But I noticed that the hoods went on much tighter. If mares could see anything, it was very little. I suddenly noticed a bit of a scramble around my platform as the others grabbed lube packets from the centre of the bench and lubed or re-lubed their holes. I stood and managed to grab a packet and finger some into my hole just before one of the helpers tied my left wrist to my right and quickly pulled the sack down over my head. He deftly rolled the edge of the sack over a few times so that a thick band was across my eyes and the bridge of my nose and pulled it snug. He was an expert. The band was tight enough that I couldn’t open my left eye under the sack. I could open my right eye with some discomfort as the sack squished my eyelashes. But the best I could see was downwards across my right cheek to my chest. My heart started thumping as I realized just how helpless I was. I was going to be fucked and I wasn’t going to know by who. The event rules went through my head, “a mare cannot refuse a stallion, must always surrender to him and let himself be mounted.” After months of anticipation, this was suddenly very real. I told myself this is what I wanted and it was too late to back down now. I tried to relax and got myself in position with my head down, elbows on the bench, feet on the floor and ass in the air. It took a few minutes for the helpers to finish tying and blindfolding the mares and while I waited I found that with my limited vision in one eye and my head on the mattress I could see down across my chest, and between my legs toward the wall behind me. It was not much and I wouldn’t be able to see anything beyond crotch height, but I’d know if someone was standing behind me. The music was suddenly much louder. I waited. Time was really hard to gauge. I had a moment of panic. What if a guy fucked me with a PA and ripped me up like Bottomhole experienced? I’d started Truvada back in August and took it religiously so I wasn’t worried about HIV, but what about Hep C? I tried to focus on the feeling of being exposed and the gentle wafts from the ventilation system on my hole. And I also remembered several guys who said that they didn’t get fucked that much at Fickstutenmarkt. Maybe I’d just stay here, bent over until I’d had enough waiting and decided to call a helper to help me leave. A guy somewhere around me moaned like he was feeling a bit of pain and then I felt the cushioning of the bench flex nearby. The guy to my left let out an “ahhh.” I opened my eye and looked down between my legs. There were at least two guys behind me. One moved out of sight but from what I could see of his thigh (it was fairly defined and had a bit of hair), the remaining guy seemed to be facing toward me. I waited for a bit and looked between my legs again. He was still there. I was just picturing him standing behind me surveying the room when I felt a finger slide in my hole. It pumped in and out a few times then withdrew. I felt a large knob at my hole. He pushed in so that the head popped past my sphincter. It was my time to moan and just as I did that he slid all the way in. I could feel his pubes on the edge of my hole and I was glad I’d stretched it earlier. He fucked me in a nice medium rhythm for a few minutes. Once in a while he’d thrust extra hard and I’d experience a moment of pain, but it felt so good. Guys all around me were moaning. Our shoulders were rubbing together as we bent over toward the centre of the platform. My first fucker withdrew and I felt that moment of emptiness as the head popped out of my hole. I don’t think he had cum, and I figured none of the tops would want to do that so early in the evening. As he patted my ass and moved away, I raised my head and grinned. I was at the Fickstutenmarkt surrounded by good looking guys getting fucked. I had had my first fuck and was ready for more. Any doubts from a few moments earlier were all gone. Another cock was at my hole and hilted in one swift motion. I could tell it was thinner and longer than the last one. He wasted no time and fucked fast and hard. It hurt on every inward stroke and I found myself making “AhhhhAAhhhhAhhh” moans in time with his movements. While the first guy hadn’t touched me with anything but his finger and then his cock, this top held on. First he held my hips in an iron grip and then he put his hands below my armpits with his fingers locked on to my pecs. The guy on my right must have been experiencing a similar intense fuck. He was very loud and with his head near my armpit and facing toward me I could feel his breath as he vocalized with every thrust. The painful fuck went on for some time and I’m ashamed to say that at one point I started to lean more on to the platform to try to reduce his penetration. It didn’t work. He stopped thrusting just long enough to grab the top of each shoulder and haul my ass backwards and deeper onto him. After that it felt a bit like he was punishing me by really fucking deep. His cock wasn’t in the least spongy. It was 20-something wood. He could have been a youngster or it could have been Viagra. Whatever it was, he used it like a bit of a weapon. Like I said earlier, time was really hard to gauge, but I’m guessing his fuck lasted 10-15 minutes. When he finally thrust in a couple of times and held himself there, I think I felt some pulsing very deep in my guts. When he finally withdrew with the same quick intensity it felt a bit like I was being pulled inside out like a sock. He smacked my ass hard. Before I could get my breath, another cock slid inside. He felt shorter and wider and was a nice easy fuck. He had a nice pattern to his fuck and it felt like he used his abs and his hip flexers to give his cock a nice upward tilt on each drive. I wanted this fuck to keep going. It felt great and was a really nice way to recover from the previous stallion.
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    So one Sunday I decided last minute to get a hotel and place some ads on Craigslist, Adam, and BBRT to take some loads all night. Low and behold I got some responses pretty quick to my surprise and it started out with a regular buddy who is usually the first to load me on most of my slutty events and he came they and lubed me up pretty good with a nice 3 day load from his white 8 cut dick. Left it in till it went limp so I got every drop. The next was a craigslist guy the hit me up and came thru about 20 minutes after this first guy left. Mid 20s aggressive black guy walked in pulled his 9 inch thick dick out I got on my knees took a huge hit of my poppers and went to suckin and thrusting his dick as much as I could and he started forcing me to gag on it while talkin to me. Callin me a nasty faggot boy and tellin men next time he would be pissing down my throat and up my ass first thing. I then got up took a few big popped hits and bent over and he shoved it in pretty quick and hard and began pounding. Talkin and pounding for 10 minutes then asked me to taste my ass and nut off his dick so of course I did. I just love eating loads out of my hole off a dick. Slurping all that dick up for a bit then bent back over and he went to town till he exploded so deep in my ass. Telling me "take that nut man." And my phone was makin all kind of noise from email notifications so before he even got out of my hole I was on my phone replying back to potential loads and got 3 guys that were ready with nice dick pics all about to come my way. Next guy comes in and just starts eatin my freshly fucked and loaded ass. I was ass up when he came in as he requested. Pulled his dick out and just started to fuck me. Decent size and my hole was nice and cummy. He can pretty quick put his stuff on and left. And before I could even stand up the next guy gets there and is naked and hard as a rock. So I started suckin and there's a knock at the door it's another guy and I'm gettin really excited. Starts takin big hits of my poppers and gaggin on dick then the new guy starts talkin to me and askin how many loads I got I said 3 and he was like " damn boy I got to get in that sloppy hole" I booted my ass up on the bed and he slid right in with what had to be the bigges dick of the night so far. He was pounding and I was suckin this nice thick 8 and my hole was makin that noise that I love so much. Fuckin loved it! Then they switched and the big guy put that dick in my face and too me to get that nut off boy. While the other guy was fuckin me I was eatin that dick up good and the big dick guy asked if I wanted to take em both at the same time. I said fuck yeah. He got on the bed and I sat on his dick then the other guy got behind me and started puttin it in and next thing I knew it was in and I had 2 in me for the first time ever. The big dick guy was talkin to me while the other guy was workin my hole and pounding way. Next thing I known the guy pounding is Breeding me and damn near screaming. He claims off and I start riding the big dick guy and my hole I so warm and sloppy now the. He cum in about 2 minutes. I roll off and put my face in the pillow. I feel so good. 5 loads and I just took my first dp I was thinkin this is a great night. they left I got back on my email and had a few guys hittin me up that I responded to and got the one I was hopin for verify. A 10 inch cut BBC and said he was close. Told me he wanted the room dark and wanted me ass up. Gets there about 7 minutes later and gets naked and starts playin in my hole with his fingers. Talkin to me askin me how many loads I told him 5 and took his fingers out of my hole and put em in my mouth and told me to "taste that seed boy" so with every once of my being I did and it tasted so fuckin good. Takin a big big hit of my poppers I got off the bed got on my knees and started workin his big 10 dick and talked back to him tellin him I wanted him to wreck my hole with his dick and fill it up good. He asked for a hit of my poppers took em and then told me to bend over gave me my poppers back and said hit em and hold it boy. I took the biggest hit I had all night and he started sliding in and I opened up so big for him he was so fuckin hard I could tell he wasn't gonna last too long. My hole was gushing and he was callin me a fuckin dirty pig boy and I was saying fuck yeah man tear my ass up. After about 5 minutes he was exploding in my hole and I felt every pulsating shock in my ass as he dumped and I liked every drop I could. He slide out wiped off and said man we have to do it again. I said for sure man and he left. 6 loads so far and I'm like "wow maybe I can get passed 6 tonight" never gotten more than 6 and always wanted to so I checked my email with no results and went to bbrt and placed another ad but this time stating that I was 6 loadsnin and wanted more and had a few guys respond in like 15 minutes. Guy comes over and just wants to taste my ass then eat it. So I am letting him and I see he has a below average dick but I don't care cause I want that seed. He was eats for a bit then gets in there and is done in about 10 minutes so I'm happy I got my record 7 but then I had another guy hit me that I played with before and he wants to swing by so ha come in and we start right way. He goes to take a piss and I go with him an kneel by the toilet and catch some of it suck him up good and he bends me over the toilet and starts pounding. Cum is leaking all over the floor. He stops me and tells me to get some of that off the floor boy and put it on my dick. So I do and shove it back in my hole. He pounds me for about a good 15 and we go to the bed. He lays me down on my back puts my legs up starts kissing me then slides his dick in and raises up and starts pounding. Whilenpounding he says open your mouth for me boy. Then he spits right in my mouth then starts kissing me again so fuckin nasty and I love it. Turns me over I take a big hit of my poppers and then he's filling my hole good. Shaking everywhere his whole buildup goes limp as he's exhausted it seems. And I'm damn sure wore out. He leaves and next thing I know I'm waking up it's 8 in the morning and my hole is so sloppy. But I'm excited cause I got 8 loads and so glad I could do it. Next goal will be 10. Hope soon.
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    Back in January I spent one Friday getting fucked by four men throughout the night as their "after-dinner entertainment". Well, on Saturday I got a text from the host, saying he'd be having his friends over again, and since they had liked my hole he thought I should come over again. I didn't need to consider that for very long - obviously! So I showed up around 10pm, got naked and went into the sitting room to face the four men who'd be fucking me as many times as they wanted until 10am Sunday morning... They must have agreed on how to proceed in advance, because two of them grabbed hold of me and pushed be down across the coffee table and held me down as the other two took up places in front of me and behind me. I felt a gob of spit land on my hole, and the host behind me rubbed his cock around in it for a bit and then told me to open my mouth. The two cocks went inside me at the same time, each pushing all the way inside, so the one in my mouth was making me gag while the one in my dry ass felt like it was splitting me wide open! Damn... And I hadn't even had a chance to take a few hits of poppers to prepare for this! It was deep, hard fucking in both holes, and meanwhile I was being held down by the two other men who seemed to enjoy pushing me hard down on the coffee table and eliminating any risk of me trying to pull away from either cock. I would have begged for more spit or a dose of poppers if I could, but with a cock fucking my mouth and throat that wasn't really possible. So I hoped and prayed that this would just be a short warm-up, but it wasn't. Both kept going and going in my holes until they finally dumped their loads in me. Now, normally when I get a load I'm just happy to get a load, but this time I couldn't help thinking that at least my ass was now lubed up with cum before the next fuck, and anyway I had been fucked by the largest cock in the room so the next cock would be smaller and fucking a wetter and more open hole... That I got a load in the mouth was perhaps a shame - I prefer taking loads in the ass - but on the other hand it was hot to get loaded up in both holes at the same time! The men switched places so the two that had been fucking me were now holding me down and the other two positioned themselves to fuck my holes - and I only just had time to beg for some poppers, so the host gave me the choice between no poppers at all or being a poppers bitch for the rest of the night and taking hits whenever he ordered me to. Well, I was horny and my ass was sore and I needed some help to push through, I thought, so I accepted him controlling the poppers. I was told to take six deep hits to get started, and boy... OH BOY! Complete rush, and my body went limp and I instantly begged for cock! I got it... They repeated the style of the first two men - hard and deep and continuing until I had one more load in each hole! The poppers was again placed under my nose and I was told to take another six hits. After that I was completely helpless and probably couldn't have said "no" even if I had wanted to. They almost had to lift me off the coffee table and lower me unto the cock of the host who had laid down on the floor. Sheer gravity forced his cock balls-deep in me, and then I was pushed forward so I was lying on his chest. I guess it's no big surprise what happened next; nobody in their right mind would expect a bottom woozy on poppers to be able to ride a cock satisfactorily, right? The last time they had taken turns fucking me for hours before I got DP'ed, but apparently they had less patience this time - or just wanted to challenge my greedy hole... Having been fucked twice and taken two loads in my ass, clearly I wasn't exactly tight or dry, but still... Ouch! But then, I do like getting fucked so I can FEEL it, and I definitely felt it! I was moaning and yelping and writing around as they fucked me hard. And basically that's how the night continued; hard and deep fucking in my increasingly wet and sloppy ass. No more deepthroating, but fuck after fuck after fuck while I was being kept on a permanent poppers high. At one point they were talking about going online to find random guys to fuck my used hole, but they gave up on that idea - and to be honest they were more than capable of using me without external help... Whenever somebody came in my ass I simply had no idea if he'd be followed by another fuck or by a DP - it was unpredictable, and I didn't have a say in it anyway. I had come there to be used and to do as I was told... Seriously, every slutty bottom should have a session like this every now and then. It's a good reminder that if you just give up control you can take a LOT of cock for a LONG time! Who cares if your tight little hole is a sore, open, wet, sloppy mess towards the end of it... And believe me, I was a mess, leaking a continuous flow of cum and gaping when there wasn't a cock or two in me. The gaping led the host to try and fist me, but he couldn't get his big hand in me - so they compared hands to find the one most likely to succeed in fisting me, and eventually... Well, I have rather slim hands, so the host pulled one of my hands around to my hole and began fingerfucking my ass with my own fingers, directing me to add more and more fingers until all five fingers would fit - and then he started pushing on my hand. He fucked me fast and hard with my fingers, slow and easy - and any pace in-between, working out what worked the best in getting me to open up. I love the feeling of my own sloppy hole when it's completely fucked open, but this was challenging! (Also for my shoulder; it takes quite a lot of flexibility to attempt self-fisting, even if somebody else is directing your hand!) I was lying there on the floor, trying to open up to take my own hand - and the only word I knew how to say seemed to be "FUCK!" And then, after another large dose of poppers, I suddenly felt my hole slowly contract until it was squeezed around my wrist! I've never fisted anybody before, so I had no idea what it would feel like to have my hand in a hole - let alone my own hole... It was insane! I was jiggling my fingers around in my gut while I was flexing my hole around my wrist! That didn't last long, though, because the host pulled out my hand and then instantly pushed it back in again, beginning to fuck me properly. The other men were sitting around watching, laughing each time I gasped or moaned, urging the host to fist me wide open with my own hand, but then the host let go and told me to go on by myself; to put on a show for their entertainment. I did my best, but it's a hell of a lot harder to force your own hand up your ass than to have somebody else force it up! I did my best, though, and perhaps they enjoyed it all the more because they could see I was struggling... Finally they resumed fucking me, and to be honest an 8" cock feels like a relief after even a slim hand... More fucking, more loads; you know how it goes... By 10am I was told to get dressed and take my fucked-up ass somewhere else. (So I did... When I left I texted another fuckbuddy who loves sloppy seconds, so I figured my hole in that state would be just the thing for him - and it was!)
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    About two years ago, I got into bare backing. Love the feel of a hot load up my ass. I was still selective and would only play with guys who, "said" they were undetectable. Unlike many here, I was not looking to get bugged, but I guess that's when it happens. I am not sure if I have been gifted yet. I had some blood work done, and found out I have Hep C though. Running another test to se if its active. I don't shoot up so if it is active, pretty sure it came from a poz top. Dr. is retesting to see if Hep is active, and also for HIV. Dr. says if bugged, it may just not be showing yet. I know my body is feeling something. Have been feeling fatigued, and running a 100+ fever for 3 days now. Could it be the Fuck Flu? From what I see guys bodies react different when first bugged. Several have asked how I feel about being converted, and honestly I don't know. I loved the suspense of knowing that it could happen to me, and if converted, that will be lost. On the other hand, it would open up a new world for worry free sex. I'm a total bottom but several other bottoms told me it has opened up a new world of being a top, so they could spread their toxic seed. Will that happen to me, not really sure. I guess when it comes down to it, I'm excited about the possibility of being converted. Thanks to all that have privately chatted me regarding it., and your blog feedback is welcome also. I will continue this blog as my journey continues! So they journey continues on 2/27. Went for my Hep retest. If its a recent infection, being retested for HIV in a month.
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    He was an online hookup, can't remember if it was craigs or someplace else... We had a fairly brief convo, he sent me a dick pic that looked really nice and I invited him over for a bj or maybe more. He showed up and he was young and fit. Good looking with a nice smile, smooth dark skin. We sat on the couch and I made him a drink. Tried some small talk but I wasn't getting much of a sense of personality out of him, and we didn't appear to have much of anything in common. I didn't want him to lose interest so I decided to go straight for the main event and reached over and started rubbing his crotch. I felt an immediate reaction, and in just a few seconds he was pulling his pants down. His cock was as beautiful as in the picture and bigger than I expected. I couldn't wait to taste it and gave it a few licks and then started sucking on it properly. He was really enjoying it, moaning and smiling, and it continued to grow. I was already so turned on I couldn't think straight, sucking on this big beautiful black cock, feeling it get bigger and harder by the second. By the time he was fully erect, it was a good 10" and thick, with a nice mushroom head and a slight upward curve. I sucked on him for what seemed like hours, practicing my deep throat technique, which isn't normally that good, but I was so turned on by this guy that I was able to take it all pretty well. Obviously he was having fun, but I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied with just sucking. I kept hoping he would make a move but he didn't so finally I stopped, looked up at him and said "I really want you to fuck me." He looked a little surprised, but said "okay" and stood up and started removing the rest of his clothes. I took him into my bedroom and lay him down on the bed and went back to my duties. He still wasn't making any move towards giving me what I wanted so finally I took his hand and placed it on my ass for him. He finally got a clue and started playing with my ass but that didn't lead to anything else. I finally realized that as long as I was sucking him he'd be perfectly content and I wouldn't get anything. So I stopped and looked him in the eyes and said, "I really need you to fuck me." At that point he stood up and reached for the lube which I had made sure was clearly visible. I got on all fours, (doggy is my favorite position, top or bottom). He lubed up his shaft and started fingering my hole, and again there was hesitation. At this point I was completely out of my mind with lust and was really begging him for it. He finally started poking the head of his cock around my hole and I took a big hit of poppers and said, "Stick it in, stick it in!" He finally gave a push and his hard thick cock started it's way inside me. I let out a gasp of pain mixed with pleasure and he asked if I was okay. I was nervous but not about to back out now, so I just said "Yes, fuck me!" In a few seconds, he was balls deep. He paused for a second and then started with long slow strokes. The pain quickly subsided and the feeling of his thick shaft sliding in and out of me was amazing. I moaned and groaned and told him how much i loved his big cock. When he started picking up speed I urged him on and got louder and louder to match. I have no idea how long he fucked me, but I was in heaven the whole time. When he told me he was close to cumming, I said "Yeah, give it to me!" and started pushing my ass back against him so he'd know he could go in for it hard. He really started thrusting, with long powerful strokes. It was starting to hurt again as his cock started throbbing but I didn't mind. He had a long, loud orgasm and didn't stop stroking till he was completely spent. He pulled out, told me I had a great ass, collapsed on the bed, and was almost instantly asleep. Well I was certainly not expecting an overnight guest, but he'd certainly earned his rest as far as I was concerned so I left him alone. After a while I fell asleep too for a few hours. When I woke up, he was still dead to the world and I was horny. I let him sleep till sunrise and then decided it was time for him to earn his keep. I carefully pulled down the bedsheet to expose his soft, but still big and beautiful cock and balls and started carefully licking. He didn't even stir. After a few minutes I started kissing on the head of his penis and it started to swell. Once it was partially erect i started moving down to the shaft and I heard a groan. I looked up and he was slowly waking from a deep slumber, and clearly confused about what was going on. I kept working on giving the best head I could, and soon he was fully erect and awake. Once I knew I had him completely turned on, I said "you are going to have to fuck me again". Again, he seemed genuinely surprised by the demand. He just looked at me and said "Really?" I had no intentions of letting him out of this, so I grabbed his cock with my hand to demonstrate how hard it was, and said "yes, I need you to give it to me again." Before he had a chance to protest I had the lube and was greasing his pole. I got back in doggystyle position and in a few seconds he was mounting me. I was sore from the first time around, but I guess still stretched out, so I took him all the way in without difficulty. He gave my ass a couple of slaps and started rhythmically pumping. It felt great and I made sure he knew it. After a few minutes he paused, and I was worried that he was already done, but then he rolled me over, pulled one of my legs up and started fucking me sideways. He ended up giving it to me in several different positions, really testing my flexibility. He ended giving it to me missionary. His whole body was slick with sweat and dripping down on me as he held my legs apart and thrust his cock into me. I was sore all over but could really feel every hard inch of him sliding in and out of me. When he announced that he was going to cum, I clenched down hard so I could feel his cock twitch and throb inside of me. Afterwards, I made him stay inside me while I told him what an amazing lover he was, which made him really smile, and then he slowly pulled out and went to clean up. We talked for a little bit before he left, but again we didn't seem to have anything in common and his personality seemed a bit dull. Over the next few weeks we messaged back and forth occasionally, but never managed to hook up again. Eventually we lost touch. Shame...I've had plenty of BBC since then, but he's still one of the best.
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    In 2016 I took 146 loads. My goal for 2017 is to beat that. As of today 03/07/2017 I have taken 33 loads. I am going to tell you about the latest, #33. It all started on Snapchat, we had been going back and forth for a while. He would hit me up to see if I was free or I would hit him up but our schedules never matched up. Until this past Tuesday. I sent him a snap and turns out he was free. Gave him my address and told him to message me when he was outside. I live in the back house of a duplex and it’s always easier to go out and get the top if I am hosting. Especially because one idiot knocked on my neighbor’s door once. So a little about the guy, his name is Joseph. He is black, 6’3. He is a bit on the thick side, but because of his height he carries it well. And he has a 9 inch black cock to match. He said he would be at my place in 20 min. I made sure to put out my poppers by the bedside and some lube just in case. I threw on a jock and checked one last time to make sure I was clean. 20 minutes on the dot he sent me a snap that he was outside in a white mustang. I brought him inside to my place, back to my bedroom. He was tall, I am tall but he was taller, and it was hot. He immediately reach out, grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him. He started to kiss my neck. I was to focused on the feeling I guess I was just standing there because he took my hand and put it on his crotch. I squeezed and could feel the thickness. I unbuttoned his jeans and they feel to his knees. He was wearing boxer briefs, Hanes or fruit of the loom. It was definitely a chub pack. . I pulled the waist band down and his cock popped up, hit his stomach. I got on my knees and immediately took it in my mouth. I swallowed him whole until my noose hit his pubes. I could taste the musk on his dick. He started to face fuck me, I gagged a bit. The good part though was that his cock was getting coated in spit. He pulled me up and he started to take the rest of his clothes off. I got on the bed on my stomach and waited. He came up behind me and climbed on me. Lined up his cock to my hole and just went for it. He did not ease in. Thank god I had lubed him up with spit and I had been wearing a butt plug earlier or I would have been in pain. He wrapped his arm around my neck and started to fuck me while slowly choking me. He kept asking me if I liked his black dick and to tell him how much I loved it and wanted it. He totally got off on the whole interracial thing. I sort of liked it, it was hot, and it helped that he was very dark skinned. He flipped me on my side and fucked me at an angle; I raised my leg and gave him deeper access. I took a hit of the poppers and just let him tear up my ass. I could feel him stretching me and I loved it, I didn’t care. My hole was made to serve and it was going to do its job. He then flipped me over and I found myself on top, ridding him. I crouched and started bouncing on his dick. I could see his cock sliding in and out of my ass in the mirror behind me. It was so hot to see the dark skin against the brown skin just stretching. He got me on all fours and really started going to town. “how bad do you want it boy, tell me how much you like this black dick.”,”I want it so bad sir, I love having your big black cock stretching my pussy. I can’t wait for you to breed my hole.” I could see him in the mirror twisting his nipples while he fucked me. All I heard was “I’m gonna cum, take this nut you fag.” And his hands left his nipples and he grabbed me by the hips, he pulled me back onto his cock. I could feel it pulsating in me with every cum squirt. He pulled out and got off me. We made small talk while he got dressed and then he left. I pulled out my phone and made a note: 3/7 #33 Joseph from Snapchat
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    North St. Louis is the place around here where nasty black tops seem to live. I mean, the hardcore, crack dealing brothas and last Saturday night a couple of them set up a gangbang for me. I drove to the address but parked in a strip mall across the street from the address I had and hid my keys, well, I won;t tell you where. I walked over to the building and it was boarded up (I was told to expect this) and I went around back and went in and down into the basement. Four black guys were there and they had put an old, fuck-stained mattress in the middle of the room and told me to strip and get on the mattress. I was naked on my knees in seconds. They started passing the pipe and I started sucking any cock pushed toward my face. I was really getting turned on. One guy said not to worry, a lot more men would come by and load me up. For the next three hours, I had about eleven or twelve hard black cocks slamming my battered asshole while they kept me high as shit. They all came in my ass, some twice, and made me eat the sperm that I pushed out of my worn hole. After getting fucked till I could hardly stand without support, three guys hosed me down in piss before I was left there alone. I think I was called "faggot slut" several hundred times, which I loved. It took me a half hour before I could get dressed and walk back to my car. I was still turned on and can't wait to be bred again.
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    I have been on this site for about a week now and this seems kind of odd to me but I find myself getting addicted to it. I have to admit when I first logged on and browsed the different content on here I was totally shocked. However as I get to reading more and more of the different things this site has to offer I find it very interesting and educational also. I thought I knew a lot about sex and peoples different sexual preferences. After reading and observing this site I found out there is a another world of people. I am not a judgmental person, I never have been and don't see myself ever being one. God only knows some of the things that I have done in my life that some might look at and think hmmmm.... "what the hell is wrong with that boy"....lol. I am of the belief that even thought what one does isn't something that is for me or something that I would do, it isn't my place to judge them and tell them they shouldn't. Because one never knows, one day what doesn't sound good, might one day later on in life. Like for me the first time I heard about rimming. I have to admit at first the thought of licking or sticking my tongue on or in someones asshole was one of the most disgusting things I had ever heard of. Now 30 years later, I find myself licking, kissing and getting my tongue all up in someones ass and loving every bit of it. And if I am being completely honest there have been a few times while rimming a Tops ass I have secretly wished he would let me taste his shit. But after the session is over and the orgasm is done I think to myself "Whew I'm glad he didn't" ... lol. Funny how a guy can think pre-orgasm and post-orgasm. I can't remember how many times something sounded so good before the orgasm and then after the orgasm I would say to myself "What the fuck were you thinking". But over time I have learned to live with the things I have done and move on. So I have done enough rambling about finding this site. A little about me, I am a total bottom guy. I love cock and lots of it. I love sucking cock, getting my ass fucked and if the Top is inclined and wants to suck my cock then so be it. I am or should I say can be submissive with the right guy. For me to completely submit myself to someone there has to be a level of trust. I won't just blindly submit to anyone. When I do find a guy that I trust completely there isn't much I won't do or try for him. I just love the feeling of being available to a Top for his sexual pleasure and nothing pleases me more than when he is fucking me and right at the point he is ready to cum he pushes his cock as deep inside of me as he can as he shoots his cum as far in me as he can. That to me is the ultimate feeling of sexual satisfaction. I don't know if any of this makes any sense but I have rambled on enough for now but I will post more of my thoughts and experiences.
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    It was Friday. A bit slow at work so I hopped on Scruff and Grindr trolling for dick. Couldn’t really find anyone that could host. I went to lunch and decided to head to the store to run some errands. While I was there I got hit up on Scruff by this guy that said he was an older porn star. I looked him up; he was in his 50s and indeed a bareback porn star. I was so horny from the AM that I figured what the hell. A load is a load. I said sure, I’m down to head over, where at? He was staying at a hotel down the street from my office; I headed over and messaged him when I was in the hotel parking that I was on my way up. I had already been here before at this hotel, gotten fucked a few times in the rooms and the bathroom in the lobby. I got on the elevator, hit the 8, walked down the hall and knocked on the door. An older gentleman looked in his mid-50s and total dad bod opened the door. He let me know, closed the door behind me then walked over to the bed and lay back. He was already fully naked. I walked over to the table and set down my phone and keys and got undressed. “Come over here, suck daddy’s cock.”….I crawled up the bed between his legs and took his cock in my mouth, he smelled soap fresh. I sucked on his cock, it was still soft but I could feel it start getting bigger and thicker in my mouth. “Play with daddy’s tits, don’t stop working my cock.” He started to moan while he face fucked me, he then took me by the head and put it on his right tit, “Don’t bite, just suck”…He was moaning while I worked on his tits, he would alternate me from one to the other, and sometimes reach over and just slide a finger in my ass. I was on all 4s just servicing this daddy. “You ready for this daddy cock? You want me to breed that pussy if yours?”…”yes sir, that is what I am here for, to serve and take cum.” He got up and kept me on all fours, he spit on my ass hole and just slid it in. He started pounding me, calling me a slut, a cum dump, how I was only made to take his cum. I could feel his cock slamming in and out of me and I moaned in pleasure. He said I sounded like a bitch in heat when I moaned, and he loved it. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, flipped me over and spat on my hole again before he slid his cock in. He held my thighs down, making sure he had access to my pussy. He would pull his cock out to the tip and slid it back in. I was in my own little pleasure world when he let go of my legs and told me to suck on his cock, “I want you to taste your own ass slut.” I looked down at his cock and just swallowed it to the pubes. I could taste myself, I didn’t care, he told me to get back on the bed and show him my pussy. I laid back and held my legs up, offering him my hole; he spit in it and just took it. “You want this seed slut? You want daddy’s cum.”….”yes please sir, breed my hole.” And in one more thrust he started cuming. He shot rope after rope of cum up my ass. After he was done he pulled out and had me lick his cock clean. I quickly got dressed and left. As I was ridding the elevator down I pulled out my phone and made one note: 3/24 #38 Old Porn Star
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    ANOTHER REAL EXPERIENCE - ELBOW DEEP PARTY IN HARLEM About a month ago, my candy-man and his roommate were having some issues with their landlord and asked me if I could maybe come down to their place, look over their lease and give them some advice. I had finished my appointments for the day so I told them okay. I got to Washington Heights in less than 30 minutes and sat down with them to examine their lease. They filled a huge water pipe with lots of magic crystals and proceeded to have me blow clouds with them while we discussed their problem at length. In 90 minutes or so, I had outlined a way for them to resolve their differences with their landlord that would satisfy both sides, and they were ecstatic. Now they'd kept me hitting the pipe quite generously and gifted me with a nice amount of tina to take with me as a reward. I was now somewhat tweaked, very horny, and in Manhattan late afternoon on a Saturday. Unfortunately, neither of them was up for pnping, as they each had non-sexual appointments they were on their way to. Before we finished our puffing festival, I checked Chempigs.com on line to see if anyone was nearby and up for hosting. Fortunately, there was someone only 20 blocks away - a guy I'd been trading messages and emails with on the site for some time, always hoping we could play, but never being able to make our schedules match. He invited me to his place immediately and I hopped in the car and headed to Harlem. It took only 5 minutes and amazingly, I got a street space only a half block from his building. I gave him a call when I parked as he needed to come to the lobby to let me in. Good thing I found that close space as it started to rain for the first time in weeks as I was heading to his building. Clayton met me at the lobby door and escorted me to the elevator and up to his apartment. It was a nice - and really large - apartment, and it peaked my interest that it seemed like there was someone else home. Clayton led me to his room and shut the door behind us, looking me up and down and nodding while saying "finally". As mentioned we'd messaged and cruised each other on line but timing had never worked out before. Finally was right! I pulled out my supplies and filled his water-pipe with some quality crystals, and we puffed and shot-gunned as we stripped each other and got things started. Clayton turned out to be 40-ish, and very tall - at least 6'5" or so, to my 6' - and very lean. He's Trinidadian, beautiful cafe au lait skin and a light dusting of hair on his chest leading down in a treasure trail to his pubic patch, which framed a long cock, not quite as thick as mine but definitely longer! His long legs led up to a perky bubble butt also with a light dusting of hair. He really went for my hairy chest, legs, balls and ass and my pale skin. After making out and puffing and getting each other hard as a rock, we had to break so I could quickly clean up in his shower. As I was about to go, he asked if I'd be interested in his roommate joining in a couple of hours, and I told him that it sounded like fun to me. He smiled and picking up the pipe, said "Let me introduce you guys before you hit the shower." Going out into the long hallway, we passed the front door and the bathroom and continued down to what looked like a workroom filled with (unusually for New York City) hand tools and hardware. And also filled with Clayton's very hot roommate, Rod. Rod was facing away and on the phone, dressed only in leather shorts, boots and a harness. He turned hearing us enter and quickly told the person on the phone he'd call back in 5 minutes. Rod was probably around my age (just turned 53), and a shorter, stocky, muscular African-American guy with much darker skin than Clayton's, and he looked awfully familiar. We traded shotguns off the pipe while Clayton introduced us, and we both mentioned that we were convinced we'd met before. Rod told us that he needed to get back to his client and do another two hours of work then we could join him in his much larger play room. We headed back down the long corridor and I jumped in the bathroom with my kit to do a quick clean up and out. I had my travel-ready straight pipe and took a few hits to aid the process, gargled a little mouthwash and headed back to Clayton. He was naked and puffing, stroking while he watched some bareback leather porn I brought. I guess Clayton had been tweaking for a while before I got there, as he was totally AMPED and ready to go... so enthusiastic that I had to imagine he'd been frustrated from playing for at least several hours. In a minute we were on the bed locked in a 69 hotter than any I'd had in some time. It was a beautiful cock, and long, and thank god, I was on top during this segment since although I deep throat well, that amount of length might have been an issue if he decided to face fuck me from above. After long mutual suck jobs, we hit the pipe again shotgunning every hit, and making out between. Finally, we each took a huge hit, followed by each taking a nice huff of Maximum Impact and slid back down to a 69-Rim session, this time with me on the bottom with my neck boosted by a couple of pillows. He had a hot tasty hole that blossomed under my eager tongue; from the sounds he was making, and the enthusiasm with which his beefy tongue was raping my hairy hole, he was a very happy camper. Once our holes were getting sloppy and open it was time to get them filled. While he hit the glass cock, I got behind him and sank into that hot warm chute and starting a slow grinding fuck while he spun out his clouds. He definitely was going for my girth, and asked to turn on to his back for deeper penetration. As face-to-face is my favorite position to both top and to bottom, I was more than willing to comply. We fucked for a while with me on the bed with him, then I got down on the floor to stand with his long legs over my shoulders while I really wailed on his hole at his request. All this time we were either furiously kissing or biting and sucking the others nips and neck. More clouds and we switched... it took a little patience, and maximum impact, but he got that entire length into my hole and fucked me in several positions, making me feel incredible the longer we went. For another hour we would literally pull out of each other and without moving switch top and bottom, filling and being filled. It was heaven. Time came for a break and to join Rod. Some piss play and a quick rinse in the shower and we were moving all our equipment and materials to the very large room at the end of the apartment. Rod had his king size bed and all sorts of leather, restraints, dildos and toys, lubes and porn screens in there. I filled his water pipe and we got spun some more as Rod stripped the leather shorts off to reveal a flaccid cock as thick and long soft as mine is hard. Now I normally have no issues with my endowment - it is average length and greater than average width and I very much know how to use it - but there are times when I'm playing, especially with African or Latino guys that I just have to kind of sit back and marvel, and get over a minute or two of feeling inadequate! The rest of Rod was worthwhile to, a very hot muscular ass and he appeared to be naturally smooth all over... well, he probably did shave his head a bit, but not the body. I brought out some G and we drank some, smoked more, and began to get down to more chemmed up man-sex. Each of us fucked the others, and I was lucky that Clayton had gotten most of my stretching done prior as Ron went in without pause and started his fuck on me. After the mutual all around fuck we broke for a bit more refreshment and clouds and that's when Rod and I remembered where we'd met. A mutual friend of ours on Central Park West used to host Tuesday Afternoon pnp parties about 10 years ago and we'd encountered each other there a number of times. That also reminded Rod that I was a Fisting top, one he very much enjoyed getting hand-balled by, and we knew what would happen next. Working with Rod's "special lube" - a private combo of crisco and j-lube laced with tina and tina piss, I began working fingers into his hole. He was flat on his back on the edge of the bed (a waist high bed) while I alternated sitting on a fuck stool or sitting on Clayton's cock as HE sat on the fuck stool. Very shortly, I was stretching Rods opening alternating four fingers on each hand, determining which arm would be better, finding it to be the left, I sank all five fingers in to his welcoming manhole. He was literally squealing with delight over the attention to his hole, and I pulled my special maneuver. Being double jointed and still flexible from my dancer days, I can rotate my wrist 360 degrees without much problem - by stepping over my arm, now butt to butt with my fistee, I can continue the turning in the same direction. Stepping over with my second leg, I return to facing my fist-bottom and can still complete the rest of AN ADDITIONAL 360 degree turn. 19 out of 20 fisting bottoms seem to go nuts over that! And then of course, I can reverse direction and do it again the other way, bringing myself back to where I was. During the session, Clayton went from fucking me from behind to sitting on Rod face while I blew Clayton or kneeling so Rod could blow him and I could rim him. Anytime I went for deeper penetration, Clayton went behind me again so I could assure eye-contact with Rod. We played several more hours in various combos and I headed home, promising to come back for both more group play and one-on-one's with each hot man. The following Tuesday, I got to do so with just Rod - I arrived at about 11AM - this time Rod took care of the party favors. We blew clouds, had a bit of G, did booty bumps and began a day long session. It was a wild day - though I fucked Rod on and off, most of the time I spent as a top I spent fisting since he was so delighted with last time. I was in his unbelievable hot muscle ass up to my elbow on my right arm, and just past my elbow on my left. And I got both hands in at the same time past the wrist. In exchange, Rod fucked me pretty frequently with that big thick cock of his. And get this... he gave me four loads. FOUR LOADS. I kid you not. Since I spend more time in most sessions topping, I don't get to be bred too often. So, even once is special... but FOUR? There were a few large group parties in my long career of man-sex where I was bred three times, and once or twice four... but always by different guys, never four loads from one! And between the chems and the company his huge cock not only didn't hurt, not only felt good, it felt GREAT. We were two happy pigs when I left with promises to return. I hope to rendezvous with Clayton soon, and get them both not too soon after!
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    This past Friday I decided to work from home, which I like because it allows me to have a bit of fun during the day. I responded to all urgent emails and then started scrolling through Grindr and other apps. I got hit up by this Latin guy who asked if I was looking and he sent three pics. A face pic, body, and penis. I always love guys that are direct. He was cute so I was totally down. At the same time this other cute white boy hit me up as well. He was also totally down to get together. I liked that he had an old school 70s pornstache going so I asked if he was down for a threesome. I sent him the first guy’s pics and he said sure, that he had actually been chatting with the guy too. I then hit the first guy back and asked if he was cool and he was down too. The Latin guy got to my place first. He was way hotter in person and I loved the outfit, basic t-shirt, black socks, shorts, and sneakers. His cock pic I actually took so you can see the pics below. I took him to the bedroom and immediately kneeled down and buried my face in his crotch. I love the musk smell. I pulled his shorts and undies down and deep throated him. I was already super horny so I was sucking up a storm. Once he was hard he told me to get up on the bed on all 4s. Beyond that he was rather quiet. I had prelubed myself before he got there and with the spit on his cock he easily slid in. Fuck it felt so good. I squeezed my ass muscles to milk his cock and he just groaned. Right then I got a text from the other guy that he was outside so I had to get dressed and get him. We both came up and I just got down on my knees and started sucking off the white guy while I jerked off the Latin guy. I went back and forth between both cocks and balls while they made out with each other. I was then told to get up on the bed and the Latin guy resumed fucking me while the white guy got in front of me and I swallowed his cock. They got a rhythm going and started fucking me on both ends. The white guy then pulled out of my mouth and went over and switched out with the Latin guy. They started to make out while the white guy fucked me and the Latin guy jerked his cock. They kept switching out. Finally, the Latin guy said he was having a hard time cumming and just decided to go (not sure what happened here cuz he ghosted me on grindr after.) The white guy stayed behind and we started making out. He started getting aggressive and had me get back on all 4s so he could ram me. He started fucking me, but mid fuck I felt him slip a finger in next to his cock. He asked me if I was cool with it, I said fuck yes! I handed him the lube and he inserted a second finger. He pulled his cock out and started working his fingers up my ass, stretching me out. I took a hit of poppers and just felt my ass hole ring stretch. He got half his fist up there; he then pulled out and started to just ram fuck me. From time to time inserting fingers into my ass along with his cock. I started him to beg him for his load when he finally shot up my ass. I could feel his cock jerking as he squirted cum up my pussy. I squeezed my ass to get every drop of cum out of his cock while he pulled out. That’s when he apologized for making me bleed. I looked down and I could see a pool of pink juices. I looked at his hand and noticed his long nails. “It’s cool, probably your nails, don’t worry about it.” I licked his cock clean, he got dressed and I ushered him out. Since the first guy didn’t actually cum, I pulled my phone and added one note: 3/10 #34 Pornstache white guy
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    Those of us who are POZ are often asked if we know who converted us. Having been a barebacking SLUT since I had my first man, it could be any one of hundreds, if not thousands. One guy in particular, does seem to be the most likely candidate and the scene I'm about to relate should tell you why. Back in the Spring of '92, Key West had a reputation of being Gay Disney, and I planned a vacation there to see for myself. While exploring the island, I learned of a Leather Party being held that night. After dinner, I returned to the guesthouse where I was staying and changed into proper attire....a biker cap, harness with spikes on the chest straps, fringed chaps over a plain beige jockstrap and a leather fannypack to hold my essentials. One of the staff suggested I take a cab and he had one there in a few minutes. At the door, I paid a $10.00 entry fee and went inside. Next to the bar, there was a sign saying that this event was an AIDS benefit and there would be a "Leather Contest" with a prize being awarded by a photographer from Drummer magazine, with his picture posted. Below that was a pad for those who wanted to enter the contest. I've never been the "Drummer" type, though at the time I was trim and toned, but I decided against entering the contest. I grabbed a beer and scoped out the place. Most of the men were clad in bar vests. Some wore leather shorts and only 2 others wore chaps over 501s. From behind, I felt a hand on my ass. "That is one HOT ass!" a voice, raspy and maculine said directly in my ear. "Do you like to get fucked?" "Long, hard and often!" I replied. Turning around, I instantly recognized the man as the Drummer photographer. In the dimly lit space, what I could make out was a rather skinny guy, bar vest over a bare, hairy chest, 501 cutoffs, short black hair, full beard n stache, all in all, my kinda guy. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but given your job, I wouldn't think I'm the type you'd go for." "Feel this and tell me you're not the type I go for!" He grabbed my right hand and shoved it down the front of his cutoffs. What I felt was the proverbial beercan thick cock, throbbing and leaking precum. "This is what will be fucking you...long, hard and often, but only if you agree to my terms. You're free to suck off as many men as you want tonight, but I will be the only one to fuck that ass. Agreed?" "Most definitely!" I said, squeezing his cock for emphasis. So thick it was, I couldn't get my whole hand around it. Gathering his precum on my thumb, I withdrew my hand and brought it to my mouth, making a show of licking it off. "Drummer is just my job and I make it a habit never to mix business with pleasure," He said. "Aside from the fact that I'm not attracted to that type of guy, most of them are too into themselves. I like to fuck ass, and while I haven't gone without during my stay here, none of the asses I've fucked were as hot as yours!" Once more, his hand was on my ass, this time, a finger parted my buttcheeks and explored my hole. Removing his finger, he brought it to his lips and licked it. "Man, if your ass fucks as good as it feels and tastes, I'll be spending alot of time in it tonight. Go circulate, but remember, tonight your ass belongs to me! When you hear the announcement that the contest is about to start, find your way over to me. Once my contest duties are done, I'll make my excuses and then we'll head to my place, after I make sure no other cock has been in your ass! Understood?" "Understood!" I replied, my hole twitching in anticipation. I circulated, not because he told me, but because being a SLUT, it's what I do naturally. Making my way around the room, I was propostioned by quite a few men. With my bare ass showing, they all wanted to fuck me, but I let them know that my ass was spoken for. I decided to check out the back patio, and as luck would have it, I saw some action there. One guy was on his knees, getting skullfucked. A skinny twink had his pants around his ankles, while a musclebound guy was plowing his ass. "Such a waste!" I said to myself, noticing the condom on the muscleguy's cock. "Hey there, sweet cheeks!" This tall and toned, furry redhead said, rubbing a hand over my butt. "Your ass looks good enough to eat, but I want more than that, and the way you're dressed, I think you do too! Interested?" He undid the top few buttons on his 501's and out flopped a soft uncut cock and a huge pair of bullballs. "Someone else has plans for my ass tonight, and he specifically told me not to let anyone fuck me." I replied, my mouth watering. "Believe me, if you let me suck your cock, you won't be settling. I want your cock in my mouth and your cum in my belly!" "Mmmmm! Now, that's a tempting alternative!" He said, tapping the yellow armband on my right bicep. "If you drink from the tap and do a good enough job draining my bladder, I'll get an idea of your cocksucking skills. Are you thirsty?" "This should answer your question!" I said, dropping to my knees. "No need for you to skin back. I can handle a heavy stream and it'll also add some extra flavor when I suck you off!" "Drink it!" He said, grabbing me by my ears and placing my mouth over his shrouded cockhead. Almost immdeiately, the piss began to flow and I was gulping it eagerly and noisily. It was warm, bitter with a definite taste of beer. With my right hand, I tugged on his balls and with my left hand, I massaged his bladder. "Oooooh, you know what you're doing!" He moaned. "Pissing never felt so good. Nearly done!" He announced as I felt his stream diminish to a trickle. Digging my tongue under his foreskin, I relished the extra flavor I'd mentioned earlier. Less than a minute later, his cock way fully hard and to my delight, he still had full coverage. "Suck my cock!" He said, forcing my head all the way down. I gave him my deepthroating best, continuing to tug his nuts as he fucked my face. Maybe five minutes later, the telltale swelling and pulsing signaled he was at the brink. "Uuuuuugh!" He grunted, as thick ropes of creamy, salty cum filled my mouth. I savored it on my tongue before gulping it down. Reluctantly, he withdrew his cock from my mouth and helped me stand back up. "Thanks!" I said. "You have a great cock and it gives hot piss and yummy cum! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!" "Enjoy would be an understatement!" He exclaimed. "I'll never be able to piss again without wishing your mouth was on my cock. When you said I wouldn't be settling if I let you suck me off, I had my doubts, but you're a man of your word. Honestly, you're in my top ten for blowjobs! Any chance I can fuck you some other time? I'll be here a few more days." "More than a chance!" I said with a wink. "I definitely want to feel your cock plowing my ass! You can also count on me to drink your piss again, too! Look for me around town, since I never know where I'll be." From a few feet away a voice asked, "Can I get me some of that? Unless you got something against black guys." He was about 6', shaved head, goatee n stache, wearing sweatpants that were partially down, revealing a throbbing 7" cock, dripping precum and lowhanging balls. Always the smartass, I said, "I got 2 things against black guys. My nose against a black guys bush and my chin against a black guy's nutsac. Bring yourself over here and I'll give you some of that!" He was with us in 2 seconds. "I came out here to get a buzz on, and when I saw the 2 of you going at it, I forgot all about getting high, whipped out my dick and started jacking. Was real close to shooting when you guys finished, so I figured I had nothing to lose by asking." "Let me take care of that!" I said, dropping to my knees again. Up close, I saw the shaft of his cock was thickly veined, and his bush was glistening with sweat, 2 things that can inspire the cocksucker in me. "You're in for a real treat." My redhead friend said. "I can't remember when I had such a fantastic blowjob! He knows how to use his mouth and tongue on a cock. Fuck his face and if you don't agree with me, I'll buy you a drink!" My ears were grabbed as his cock thrust into my open mouth. Pistoning in and out, he found a rhythm that worked for both of us. A few times, he was all the way in, and the smell of sweat on his musky pubes was even better than poppers. "Fuckin hot!" He moaned. Apparently, he was telling the truth about being real close to shooting. In midstroke, his cock erupted like a volcano, spewing cum into my mouth. When his balls were drained, he pulled out and helped me to my feet. Instantly, his mouth was on mine and his tongue was headed for my tonsils. Either the 2 loads of cum washed down the piss I'd been fed, or this guy didn't care. "You kiss as good as you suck dick!" he said, breaking the kiss. His hand reached around my back and he stuck a finger in my hole. "Damn, you got a nice ass. What are my chances of getting in there? No need to buy me that drink, but if you guys want to get a buzz, I have some potent weed and this joint should make the 3 of us feel real nice!" "Someone else has dibs on my ass tonight, but if you guys will be in town over the next week, I definitely want to get fucked. Actually, if you guys are up for it, we can make it a 3some, but it's gotta be bareback. I've NEVER had a condom on or in me and I don't intend to start. Fire up that joint." Lighting the joint, my new friend said, "I'm cool with the 3some and bareback. Unless it's bareback, it ain't real fucking! How about you, man?" He asked the redhead as he took a hit off the joint and passed it to me. "Count me in on that bareback 3some," the otter said. "I have plans for tomorrow night that I can't cancel, so if it's good for you 2 guys, let's meet up at The 801 on the following night at 8 o'clock and if we still wanna do this, we can take it from there."
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    A man named Bill Wolf introduced me to BDSM, S&M and FF and woud tie me naked to his 4 poster bed, finger my hole with some crystal meth and use me sexually for a few hours before his friends would arrive, then he'd let them have me for a couple of hours. sometimes 4 or 5 men would have me and the Tina always made me crave more. Bill would experiment on me trying new things. Bill offered to collar and own me but wanted me to stop bareback anal. when I said I didn't think I couldn't stop even if I wanted, he said he wanted me castrated to make me more submissive and obedient. I told him I could not agree to total castration but would agree to having one testicle removed. He agreed and has my right testicle in a jar of vodka on his trophy shelf. every time I shower, I reach down to my scrotum and touching my empty sack (the remaining testicle has shrunk quite small). My remaining testicle became absorbed into my abdomen and disappeared, then my scrotum became very small. My testosterone declined, my tits grew much larger and I began to feel like a nymphomaniac who craved cock, cum and wanted to be fucked by every cock I saw and wanted bareback more than ever. Bill caught me fucking one of his friends bareback and punished me after they left. we both realized I was masochistic when the more I was punished, the more aroused I became. He would stand on my cock wearing boots, slap me, fist me, and apply CBT in various forms. The more he did to me the more I wanted to experiment and went online trying to understand my cravings which led me to demonic and *****ic sites which captured my attention. I am a born again christian and believe god, ***** and demons are real, and the thought of giving myself over in sexual ways has gripped my soul for a long time. One of the dark cravings I usually don't mention is being fucked by demons and impregnated with demon seed and used for *****ic ritual sex. Your alternate screen name brought that back to mind and I can't get it off my mind. I'd be delighted to CRAVE your body and follow you. I'm already very attracted to the way you think about cock, cum, seed and breeding men like me. I like when others are in control of me. It usually scares me, but some vodka beforehand usually removes my remaining inhibitions.
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    I am a man who loves chem fueled sex. Most times I never have sex unless I am on some substance or another. Well this afternoon, I had a guy over who has been wanting to get with me for quite some time, I would always put him off because I did not have any chems around. But today, I said to come on by. I wanted to see where this would go with only poppers. I let this bear dude of a man into my apartment and I knew it was for business. I sucked his thick cock while he fingered my ass with huge bear paws. Two fingers, then three, four and I felt the hilt of his fist pushing against that first ring and as I stared into his eyes, I let the hand slide right in to the wrist. I was not high and I hit the poppers and continued to stare into his eyes and allow him half way up his forearm. Ordinarily, I would have been saying things like, "take it easy" or "go slow" or some other controlling phrase, but I just stared into those blue eyes and just moaned, "oh daddy". Since I have not been having sex this way in the past, when he pulled out I was a bloody mess. We stopped, he and I both got cleaned up. He said to me, 'You see I like it rough and I think you do too." At that point I knew he was telling my truth. I said, "yes, I do." So I ask, what advice for training my ass to get into rough sex, whether it be fist, toys or what ever. I want this guy in me again and I don't want to have to stop because I am bleeding like a virgin. I am okay up to 12 to 14 inches, but where I want to go is in the 18 - 20 range. I now know that I want to be a rough power bottom. I ultimately want to be fist punched and show an incredible rosebud at the end. I want to hear from tops and bottoms.
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    I met this white guy online, a4a…I never bother with names….he listed on his profile that he barebacked so I hit him up. we started chatting a bit and I found out he was poz and not on his meds. He had a high viral load. I am poz but I am on my meds so it freaked me out a bit. Being the slut I am it also excited me. He asked me if I was cool with being barebacked and that he would pull out when he was about to nut, I said sure and headed over. When I got there, we started making out and he pushed me down to my knees to suck on his cock, it was decent, a good 7 inches. He got me on all 4s on his bed and ate my ass a bit to get it nice and wet. I prefer to use spit as lube, all natural. Once he got my hole nice and wet he slid his cock in and started to fuck me. pretty soon he was whispering in my ear: “you like this poz fuck stick in your hole? Are you gonna take my poison seed? Can I shoot my toxic spunk in your pussy?.....you like this poz cock don’t you?” He kept fucking me, his pace picked up, “im gonna shoot” he said, I reached back, grabbed his ass, and pulled him into me as I pushed my own ass back onto his cock, “give me your load”….we all knew this was going to happen, who pulls out? and turns down a load? It was hot, the fact that I took a high viral load bare in my ass make me so hot. He emptied his nut into me, I got dressed and left. I texted him after telling him how hot it was that he had given me his poz load. He felt bad and said he shouldn’t have. I told him not to worry. I see him online still, we haven’t had a chance to get together again, but I would be down to take his load again no questions asked, why bother asking, its not like it matters.
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    On Saturday I was able to seed my BF's lovely clean arse with my big Scottish dick. As usual I relished the tight, warm, wet hole wrapped around my raw cock. One of these days I am going to use a rubber, just for the pleasure of taking it off and feeling how wet and warm it feels. Anyway, as I was fucking I realised I needed to piss. I had often wanted to try this but had never done it. I went real slow, reducing my fucking to a snail's pace. Then I stopped, pretending I was just enjoying being inside him but secretly pushing on my bladder. I took some poppers and managed to squirt some hot piss out. Then I got some more out and then it began to flow. I reckon I gave him at least two thirds of a pint. I only told him about it when I had cum and I tried to stop his ass with a pair of my underpants but it was too late and he got a glob of piss on our IKEA sofa. Fucking hot!
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    I love fucking married men. Something so nasty and perverted about sticking my raw cock in the ass of a man that will be going home to his wife and kids with my semen churning in his guts. I have fucked more married men than I can count, some started safe and then progressed to bareback after some time and trust. Others were bareback from the start, condoms never discussed, just the desire between two men to fuck raw. One of the best breeding sessions I had with a 40 something married man was at a hotel in the afternoon. I fucked him raw for the first time after we decided to forgo condoms online the day before. I fucked him gently in the missionary position at first but then my desire overcame me and soon I was fucking him like he had been taking my dick for years. In reality, he said I was the only the second cock he ever had and he'd never been bred before so he was hungry for it. I came deep inside him and he ejaculated without touching his cock less than a minute after. He told me later that it was the mental thrill of having a man ejaculate inside him that made him shoot. He is one of those bottoms that will sometimes feminize the act of anal sex beteween men. He tells me that when I am fucking him, his ass is no longer masculine, that it is now a pussy receptacle for my sperm. He also gets off on the mental thrill of being "knocked up". Obviously he knows better, but he has also told me that he gets a special thrill knowing my sperm are swimming around in his hole looking for eggs to fertilize. In our "relationship", I am the dominant male that does the fucking and he's the submissive that allows his holes to be used by my cock. He's a total cum addict and he insists that every drop of sperm I shoot with him goes in either his ass or his mouth. I've even made him cum hands free simply from letting him suck my cock while sitting at a park and ride off the interstate. We also both get off on cum sharing and felching. I regularly felch my load out of his hole so I can feed it back to him in his mouth. We snowball my load on the rare occasion that he sucks me to completion. At this point, we both know anal sex is on the menu when we get together and he craves my cock and cum like a starving man. It gets me so hot and horny knowing there is a man out there that needs my cum in him to be happy. About 30 minutes after I bred him for the first time, I was back at his ass, pounding away and on the verge of shooting a second load in him when his phone rang. It was his wife calling to let him know their oldest son, a teenager, had just gotten suspended from school. He let me finish in him quickly before running off to deal with the problems from his other life. I imagined he was sitting in the principals office discussing with his son did with two loads of my cum inside him. Fucking married men is the best.
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    there is a park not far from where i live here in york, pennsylvania where black dudes go to get their dick sucked. imma regular there-sucking everything that cums my way. one night this "redbone"nigga comes thru, sexy as fuck & built like a ford truck-i could tell he was there for one thing & only one thing-and that was to find him a "sissyboi". he saw me sucking cocks & when i was up for air he grabbed my arm & took me over to the slide in the park where he quickly unzipped & hauled out his curved red dicxk. this thing was HUGE! i sucked it as best i could though. mostly he was trying to choke me with it & i kept pulling off of it. i guess he got tired of me trying to suck it(like he wanted) & forcibly grabbed me by the arm & pushed me down on the swing on my back, pulled my pants down & with no warm up or warning, shoved his thick nigger dick in my ass. he proceeded to fuck my hole like he was raping me. i tried getting more comfortable in the position i was in but he held me down. while he was screwing me he told me to call him "daddy'. i complied. i guess the fucking lasted about 8 or 9 minutes, until he busted his nuts in my ass. he zipped up & left the park. i went back to sucking dicks until another guy-i guess he saw me getting fucked-grabbed me pulled my pants down & stuck his dick up in my juicy ass. by the time i went home(the sun was coming up)my briefs were warm & sticky with man loads. i love being a whore &a slut. it's my duty to let any guy fuck & cum in me.
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    Lets get some talk about "after breeding" activity. I get off on felching cum filled hole when it's overflowing with seed loads. The taste and aroma of pigsex and hole juices, piss and cum is so fucking hot. Love to share the loads with the bottom I just fucked.

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