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    I grew up in a small farming community in Nebraska. I have 5 older brothers and from early on I was treated different by my parents as my brothers are big 6'2-6'4 with big mussels and I'm 5'7 with a string bean build. On the farm when not in school you are working from an early age. Where my brothers went to work after High School I applied to College and received many offers. I knew I did not wanted to stay in Nebraska. I think my parents knew before I did I was gay and when I told them they did not seamed shock and when I was pick on my youngest brother would defend me as he is just 16 months older than me. I knew where ever school I went to would have been near a large Gay community so it was either NYC or San Francisco. I visited both and the school in NYC bowled me over with the best offer I could get. It would not put a major Financial load on my parents or me and I would not be left with big students loans.As I wanted to pay my own way as running a farm cost big money I would try to find a job to cover my living expensive at school. I moved to NYC into the dorms and the first thing I said to my self did I make a big mistake of my life as everything is so tight here. My room mate was ok at first but in a few weeks turned into a real ass hole tell me all the time who he fuck he is not Gay. Not knowing NYC and really being a farm boy I'm in a new world as I know it's out their but I can't get into the Gay bars I pass by of find so I know it's out there. My sex life is giving someone a blow job once when we visit the big city near us in North Platt Nebraska. I'm fed up with my room mate and I have to do something fast or I feel like going back home and work the farm for the rest of my life. As I have to find away out of living in the Dorms as the commute is 20-30 minutes either way by the bus the school has or by me on my bicycle. Every place I look is way over my limited budget or the room is smaller than I have now. One day I look at Craigslist of all places and find a room for rent for a male only and when I hear where the address its BINGO 1 block from where most of my classes are. I get on time and it's a very old building, I get to the door and when it opens and I see the guy at the door I think I was struck by lighting as we look at each other for a long time. He's 5'8 maybe 125 in a tight tee shirt and I can see the out line of his nipple rings. He ask me in and the place is huge , with wire walls with pictures of MEN in full leather or men with boys arm in arm. The pictures stop me in my tracks as I don't know to run or keep looking. I do notice James eyes have not left me as I just look around and takes me by the hand to the room he is renting out. This bed room is very big also with a king size 4 posted bed that does look very gothic. When I ask him how much I say to him how much and I'm saying to my self it's going to be to much, but James ask how much can I afford and when I give him the number he says that's perfect. I gave a number more than I could really afford but I said to my self I will make it here some how.somehow I get the use of the kitchen , bathroom that has all these long hoses off the shower head and free wifi. I could not be happier. I ask if I could start to move over the weekend and he shoot back I have a friend with a truck and it can be done in one run. So I move in and settle in and I love the quite this place is but I look at the pictures on the wall and I get as hard as a rock and even pre cum is coming out. I try to hide how hard I am but James is always walking around half naked as goes late every night. I never ask what he does but is mostly at night. As James goes out late to work most evening and is back in a few hours or comes home early morning as I'm leaving for school it really working well for me with school but my life is empty in some ways. After a month James wants to talk and ask if I want to hang out with him this weekend, I remind him I'm under 21 and can't get into any bars, he says it's no problem where are going as he knows the doorman real well. I tried of looking at the books and I'm way ahead of my school work and it's a Friday. We get waved right in at Pyramid Club and once inside the music hits me and so many hot looking guys around, it take me a few minutes to understand what is going on as my head is spinning as James gives me a soda and says let's dance. On the floor it's more like a grope fest as James and I get closer and closer and when our lips lock my arms are all over his body as he takes off my shirt, my bare chest is rubbing up against him as I feel his nipple rings hitting my nipples. Something comes over me as I go down to kiss his nipples. The rest of the evening there was one big blur of passion & heat form everyone I met at the Club, what I thought was 1 hour turned out to be 5 hours. As we left the sun was coming as we grab a taxi home our hands were all over each other. Once we made it up stairs what cloths we have come off as we head to the bed. It's my real first time of having sex with any one unless you say giving someone a blow job is sex. James is the first one to take my anal cheery and I thought it would be very painful but he was so gentle with me it was pure pleasure. I wake up and James is sipping coffee and looking at my naked body as all he has on is a tong with a hard dick showing. He ask how I'm doing I get off the bed and get on my hands and knees and take his dick out and start to suck, as he's about to cum he picks me up and takes me to the shower. In the shower I find out what all thous hoses are for. He is making love to me wile he's working over my hole. I come out of the shower clean on the out side & inside. We spend Saturday & Sunday fucking going to some clubs and I'm having the time of my life not hiding who I am but living what I am. I no longer live in my room but in James room. As I get near the end of the school year my funding will not be available over the summer and my part time job will not be enough to support my self in that time and I don't want to leave James as I'm in love with him and he with me. When I tell him that I will have to go back home for the summer and work on the family farm he says he has an idea how I can stay in NYC and make enough money to stay here with him. He ask how I feel about doing what he does, my being so fresh off the farm , I say I really don't know what he does at night and he is Laughing. He says he works as an escort a he showed me his profile on Rentboy. I'm shock and say you get paid to have sex with other men, he says that I could do very good but I will have to be a Top as that is where the real money is. He tell me he has a very good client who would love me. James tell me we will go over and double team him as he will really like that. I'm scared to death but if I can stay in NYC for the summer with James I'm willing to do it. We get to his home and I don't know what to do but James leads me by the hand an tells me what to do. I can see on the client face he is very happy that I'm came, as once I'm naked he says to James is he legal, James responds do you really care. He is on his knees sucking my dick in a second as James starts to lube his hole up. Right before I cum James pulls him off and turns him onto his dick and hands me a condom to put on and tell me to fuck him hard.
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    In typical Hansen family tradition, Matt was carrying out his fatherly task of fucking his oldest son Matt Jr. JR, as he preferred was very aroused by his father's huge cock this particular morning. At first he was purring and then moaning and now he began to start barking and slowly fucking himself onto the cock that made him. He was so fucking horny and he knew dad's cock was the only cock that could make him cum from his cock and his cunt. Matt's mind was much more focused. Today is the day that JR's breeding must come to an end because his younger brother, Thom was just bragging about puberty and Matt knew his responsibility. Stealth breeding JR was actually a bit of fun and came quite naturally to the older perverted father. The worst situation was missing JR's talented and well shaped cunt. Sometimes more delicious that his wife's meatball dinner. Actually, always more delicious. As he began to unload, he started talking about everything but his cock sprayed hard against the p-spot as the head punched in and out of the second door which triggered the two orgasms that JR was grunting and calling to God for. He never heard the news. Matt sat down and, in between cunt lapping, he told his son he was poz. JR laughed and said that was not true. Matt told him that he was Full Blown for many years and not on meds. He told JR he knew how fertile his cum was. But dad, I'm on PreP...........................
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    Last night I was so fucking horny. I'd been working all day and had dick on my mind from the moment I got up. I was texting fuck buddies all day long, but nobody was really taking the bait. I fucking hate it when you're that riled up and nobody is feeling the same. So I decided at 10pm to go to Slammer in Koreatown. I'd been a couple times before, but really, just to suck and watch, hear. Last night was different. I had that natural internal buzz of fear and anticipation going on. I knew I was going to get loaded. I stripped down to my jock, walked through, so guys could check me out and then went and got on all fours on the fuck bench in the dark room. Already there was a ton of shit going in that small sweaty room, but within a minute I had facial hair and a warm mouth all over my man cunt. I was being eaten out like never before. He was stretching my hole with his mouth alone, getting his tongue in deep and licking me out like an ice cream cone that had some melted contents deep down. I was loving it. Groaning and moaning. I was offered some poppers and took a couple of deep hits. Shit I thought I might just pass out from the ecstasy of both sensations going through me a the same time. My dick was so hard I thought it was going to break through the fabric of my jock. I think he must have been down there for 10 to 15 minutes just eating the fuck out of my ass. There was lots of sucking going on in the room. I heard a guy say, "is he ready yet" and the ass eater pulled back. I'd decided I wasn't going to look at who was fucking me prior to going into the room - it was to be a "no load refused" session - something I have never done before. So the next thing I feel is blunt force of a huge dick pressed against my hole as the dude leans over and whispers in my ear - "ready for daddy"? My ass just opened up automatically and he slid right in to the base in one slow but deliberate push. I just knew he was black - from his voice and his girth. I've never been so open to getting fucked as I was in that moment - it just felt natural. He was fucking me slowly but with force and it felt amazing. My legs were trembling, my body was quivering and I was moaning out load, so loud that I could actually hear myself as though it wasn't me. He probably fucked me a for a good 5 minutes before I could hear guys asking for their turn. He pulled out and within 5 seconds another guy was in me. He was smaller and more of a jackhammer fucker - I'm guessing a white guy by the sound of him. He was eager to cum, I could tell. He loaded my ass up pretty fast. He pulled out and another dude was in me. This guys was thicker dicked and the sperm for the prior guy was great lube (another first for me) - was smelling sperm - and getting more and more turned on. Then another guy, then another guy, then the original guy, then another guy. I don't know how many dicks or loads I took, because I was so poppered up and lost count after 4, but it must have been close to 12 loads I took home with me. I had to sit in my car for a good hour when I left just come down from the popper high. I'm on PrEP but eager to see if any loads knocked me up - my next blood work is in 3 weeks. I'll keep you guys posted. One thing is for sure - there's no going back. Taking loads anonymously is insanely hot and I'm addicted.
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    Total pigs and cumsluts like me do not make for the best of faithful partners - sure we are great sex, that is why our partners are with us - but it takes a special kind of top to tolerate being in a relationship with a pig that constantly craves cock and seed. We can't help our cravings - it is what we are born for - to take cock and seed and that need permeates every fibre in our body. My current partner is a great man and I love him heaps - he is great sex and I get plenty of it from him - but that insatiable need for hard cock inside me always wins out over everything else. We have only been together a short while and he is a one on one man and up until recently I lived within the rules. Then, oh fuck - Mardi Gras fortnight came along. For years I have spent those two weeks taking cock and seed from all over the world and absolutely loving it. This year I was going to try and keep a lid on my slutting out - until my partner told me he had to go to Melbourne for four days for work. He did the worst thing he could have done the morning he was leaving, he threw a good 20 minute fuck into me before he left for the airport. Suddenly I was alone., naked in bed, with a load seed in me and horny as fuck. I knew I needed more cock (or dildo - which I resort to at times to satisfy myself fully) so I thought I would hook onto BBRTS and see if I could get "just one more fuck". I threw up a quick connect ad and within 25 mins a middle aged American man, hairy chest nice fat cut cock was talking to me. He was looking for a pig and I knew I was looking for a pig fucker, so in no time at all really we arranged a hook up in his city hotel. I told him my partner had already loaded up my mancunt and he told me not to get rid of the load as he wanted it for lube. In no time I was on the train and headed for town. He was a great fuck, he rimmed, fingered and fucked me for a good half an hour. It was like old times for me, my legs open and a strange cock in me and me enjoying every thrust of his gorgeous cock and the feel of his large balls slapping against my hole. As he blew I arched my back and worked his cock so hard with every muscle in my hole. As he pulled out he reached for the towel, which I quickly pushed aside and went to work to complete the job, cleaning his cock and balls and ensuring what never went in my hole went down my throat as I stuck my tongiue in his piss slit to make sure I got every filament of his seed in me. After some small talk he said ÿou want more". That was music to my ears as I certainly did want him to fuck me again. But, I was misreading what he was saying he meant did I want to fuck for a group. He got back on line and shortly said to me - another top is five minutes away - he wants you blindfolded on all fours. Just like old times I got really excited and knew I was in for a day getting banged. He blindfolded me and I heard the buzzer ring and he left me in the room while he went down to retrieve the top to fuck me. As they walked in he was tellin the top there were already two loads in me. The American slapped my arse and asked me to push some seed back for the top/. I obeyed. I could hear the sounds of undressing and within a minute or so I could feel a cock probing at my hole. In one thrust a good sized cock was buried to the hilt in me - and the hard fucking began and the yank cheered him on from the sidelines. "You like that cock piglet"and "fuck him hard"and "breed the cunt"and "make the pig squeal" were among his verbal onslaught. The top obviously loved it as he fucked me really hard digging his fingers into my hips before finally letting out a guttural groan and unloading in me. "pull it out and let the pig clean you up"the yank said. I immediately spun around and felt for his cock - it tasted wonderful with that lovely pungent taste of three seeds mixed on it. He left and the yank offered me a beer. I accepted as I was hot and bothered and then he told me had organised an Asian and white guy couple to come over and fuck me. He started fingering my sloppy cum filled hole and asked me if I was up for more cock. The dormant slut in me had risen fully and I was ready for the entire city to fuck me. I said yes. Within an hour they arrived the white guy about 50 salt and pepper hair and a hairy chest with a nice average uncut cock, his Asian partner slim, hairless, about 35, average cut cock and I immediately set to work getting them hard. The Asian guy fucked me first and within five minutes he was groaining and busting his nuts in me. His boyfriend immediately took over. The Asian boy walked to my head so I could clean him while his partner fucked me doggy style. After I cleaned the Asian up the yank stuffed his half hard meat in my mouth and I was relieved as I knew I was going to get another serve off him. "Hey piglet do you think you could take both our cocks" he asked. With a mouthful of his now hard thick cock I nodded yes. When they DP'd me I was in heaven, there is nothing nicer for a bottom pig than to feel that full of cock you feel like you are being split in two. I stayed as still as so I could keep both cocks in me as long as possible and let the tops fuck me how they wanted and in what position. The yank had the best of it as he was on top while the white guy was under me and after about five minutes the yank said Ï am going to breed your pig cunt" - he thrust hard and blew in me and all over the white guys cock in me. He slipped out and rolled on to my chest and the white guy pounded me for a few minutes before he too unloaded in me. I loved the verballing I got off both the white guy and the yank - they reminded me of what I was - a fucking cumdump pig. After I cleaned up all the cocks, I felt so complete, so happy and so used - but at the same time thrilled to be filled with loads. My yank friend said he had a dinner date and I got dressed - conscious of my dripping cunt and headed home to suburbia. When I got home I immediately put a butt plug in me to keep all the seed in me for as long as possible. Like all true cumdumps - I had a spring in my step.
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    The jizz in my ass had been feeling lonely all through dinner and I was gagging for more loads. The bars were busier tonight, everyone hanging around outside again chatting and cruising away the hot evening. At the end of the street, in front of Queenz bar, was a gaggle young lads, fairly cute but with that annoying overly-preened plucked eyebrows look going on, they were handing out flyers, selling drugs and selling themselves. Coke is the drug of choice over here it seems. We get given flyers for Union that includes a free shot, it's a dance club and the music is good but there are only 4 other people in there besides us. We have our free shot (Vodka mixed some Lemoncello type liqueur) and go to DSB Dark Bar opposite. This is more like it. A long thin place, cute barmen with their tops off, porn and seating down one end near the entrance to the toilets and darkroom. We get a drink, the largest gin & tonics you've ever seen, and I go off to explore the darkroom. There's an open seating space in the middle with a big screen playing porn, the rest is little cupboards for 1-2-1s but there don't seem to be glory holes. Down the very end is a sling and just outside are 2 guys making out. I get my cock out and a guy who must have followed me from the bar gets up close and starts feeling my ass. I pull my pants down and can feel his hard cock pushing on my ass cheeks. Condom? He asks. I lube my ass with spit and guide his cock to my hole. Spunk in me I reply, and he pushes his cock all the way in. I sniff my fingers and can smell Nate's load from earlier, mixed with sweat and ass juice. This gets me going more than the hit of poppers which I've just been handed by one of the 2 guys opposite who have stopped making out now and are watching me take this guys raw cock. The one who handed me the poppers is trying to get the other lad to get his ass out so he can fuck him. Lad number 2 isn't keen. The guy inside me doesn't take long before the tell tale grunts start and his thrusting gets faster. I look behind and say yeah to reassure him he can dump inside. Yeah he replies and his cock starts to spasm in my ass. He pushes hard and my face is pinned up against the wall, his babies flooding my cumhole. He pulls straight out and won't let me suck his cock clean. Just zips up, pats me on the shoulder and goes back out to the bar. This is obviously not what the one guy opposite is into and he walks off leaving the other guy, the one whose been trying to fuck him, with a hard dick and no one to play with. He comes straight over and rams his dick up my spunk dripping hole without a word. Arrhh yeah. It's bigger than the previous cock and I can feel the cum inside me making my hole sloppy, stretching to accommodate his width. He begins with long, sensual strokes which make my hole feel so good. He takes a hit of poppers and offers me the bottle so I have big sniff and feel like I'm in heaven. Fuck yeah breed me man I cry out and hand him his bottle back. He's inside me, pleasuring his dick with my asshole, churning up the seed inside, for around 10 mins before, without warning, he groans and dumps his wad of jizz deep in my ass. He stays inside making sure I get every last drop and I have to stop wanking my cock as I'm really close to cumming. I pull off his cock and he shudders a bit and sighs. Cheers mate I say and go down on him, sucking off the spunk and ass slime coating his still hard cock. He smiles, zips up and walks back to the bar. I wander around the rest of the darkroom but it's empty now so I go back to the others and my G&T. We all go outside for a smoke and Nate says he came to see what I was up to but I seemed to be busy. Yeah, getting 2 loads I explain. Yes I saw he replied. We go back in but the place seems to be thinning out. Everyone is doing the typical Spanish trick of having one drink in each bar then moving on. I'll just have another quick nose in the back before we go I say to everyone. It's still empty in there so I guess it's time to follow everyone else and move on. Just then Nate taps me on the shoulder and indicates toward the sling room. Erm ok then. I strip off and so does Nate, we put our clothes in a heap on a stool next to the sling. My cum dripping hole is now exposed and at just the right height for Nate to pound me. He goes at my ass for about 15 mins and his big cock is all very nice and all but he's got a condom on and it's just not doing it for me. Different guys pop their head through the open doorway to see what's going on and one comes in and brings his cock up to my face so I can suck him while I get fucked. Do you want to spunk up my ass I say. He doesn't say anything but Nate pulls his cock out and indicates to this guy that he can have a go if he wants. The guy doesn't move so I say I think I need a break (more about this guy in the write of the next day). We have a last drink in XXL and everyone else is ready to go back to the apartment. I'm gonna see what's happening down the beach I say, I'll see you in bed I say to my bf. Be careful he says. I get a small beer and chat to some English guys outside for a bit then make my way up to the darkroom. I do a bit of sucking but no one is up for dumping load number 4 in me so I head down to the beach. My head is spinning a bit by now so I sit on the same bench as the previous night and wait for trade, watching the waves and listening to the sea while slowly stroking my cock. A guy comes down the steps to the beach and notices me, he stands there watching for a while then walks off to the opposite side of the beach wall to another bench. I follow him with my cock still out and my trousers and pants near my knees, my ass exposed and ready for action. He gets his cock out so I can suck him, he's circumcised and his cock is all bronze from nude sunbathing. I get him hard in my mouth and ask him if he wants my ass. How many loads you got already he asks in foreign accent I can't place. 3 I say. You want more? As many as I can get I say as I lean over, resting my arms on the wall and pushing my ass out toward his cock. I'm gonna breed your cunt boy he grunts as he wanks his fat cock and pushes the head onto to asshole. Push some seed out to lube my cock he commands. I do as I'm told and coat his dick with seed which comes gushing out of me in a big loud fart. Fucking filthy cumwhore he says and rams his cum coated jizz stick up in me with one hard thrust that takes my breath away for a minute. He starts pounding away at my ass and another guy comes down and sits on the bench next us. I feel for his cock and try to suck him but he says he just likes to watch. I'm getting long, hard strokes from my top now and he's clearly getting close. You want it don't you slut he gasps, loud enough for everyone to hear. Yeah knock me up I plead with him. He thrusts really hard, nearly knocking me off balance, and cries out, I'm fucking cumin in your cunt boy, take that fucking load. Arhh breed me man I whimper. He pulls out and demands I suck him clean. Mmmmm I don't need telling twice. His cock tastes great, covered in his own load mixed with all the other seed from my ass. I fucking love that taste. I carry on sucking, pulling his dick for any last drops of cum, sticking my tongue into his piss slit. I'll be here tomorrow night if you're ready to dump again I say. He smiles, says maybe, zips up and walks back up the stairs. I stick my finger up my ass and can feel all the guys sperm swimming around inside. I sniff my finger, fuck yeah, it smells so strong and ripe, I lick my finger and taste all the gooey mess and stick it back up to get more. Ass spunk has to be the best smell in the world. You like getting fucked, the guy whose been watching asks. I love it, you sure you don't want to use my ass I reply. No, I don't fuck men he says but tomorrow will be busier, I'd like to watch you take more. I'll be hear after midnight I say. I'll show you where you can get the most cock he helpfully assures me. Nice one I say. Laterz mate, I walk along the beach back to the apartment checking down on the sand all the way in case there's any more action I can join in with. Unfortunately it's all very quiet.
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    At the baths a couple weeks ago - doin' my regular party, leather, whore thing. I guess it was around 3 am on Saturday morning when I saw these two leather guys in one of the double rooms. The 'boy' was probably around 30, built, pierced nipples, leather harness and chaps. His 'Daddy' was closer to my age (mid 50s) good shape, but thinner, also in a leather harness and chaps. They were kicked back on the bed smoking cigarettes - looked like they were takin' a break. We all nodded at each other, and then I moved on down the hallway toward my room. Fuck! I couldn't decide if I wanted to fuck the boy, or get fucked by his Daddy - and that was assuming they wanted a third party.... I shut the door to my room, grabbed my glass pipe and started warming the bowl with my torch. There was still plenty of T left in the bottom - and in less than a minute I was inhaling a thick column of white smoke deep into my lungs. I lay back and fingered my warm hole while the drug leached into my bloodstream - a combination of cum and lube oozing out onto the black rubber sheet I'd brought with me. My cock wasn't totally ruined by Tina, but it sure wasn't rock hard either. I sat up and fished through my duffle bag until I found the brown pill bottle that held an assortment of favors - X, V, K and more T. I shook a half of a 'little blue pill' out and washed it down with some water. Now I needed to wait about 30 minutes. I took off the two cheap rubber cockrings that I was wearing to make sure my cock had plenty of blood flow, but left the heavy chrome donut ring in place. Even soft, I had to admire the thickness of my pierced cock. It had made many men happy over the years. And even though I consider myself more of a bottom, I still like seeing my meat disappear into a hot man's fuckhole! I laid back with a cigarette and watched Corey Jay fuck himself with a huge dildo on the tiny TV in the room. It was some sort of jail/cop scene, and he was showing the rest of the prisoners how to take cock. Fuck, he's hot! Wish I'd brought my portable DVD player and some BB movies. Nuthin' gets me hornier than seein' big, gapin' muscleholes drippin' cum, or takin' a leatherman's fist. The Viagra was startin' to kick in - my cock was fillin' out with no effort on my part! I smeared some grease on my balls and cinched a leather ballstretcher tightly around them. Pulled my leather harness over my head and snapped on some wide leather armbands above my biceps. Damn! Seeing my reflection in the mirror, I looked pretty fuckin' hot! "Fuck yeah!" I said quietly, boosting my confidence before going on the prowl. It was late, and I was on the 3rd floor, so I didn't worry about walkin' around without a towel or jock. Hell, I wanted everyone to get a good look at my swollen meat. With the cockring, ballstretcher and "00" gauge PA, it was one mean lookin' fucktool. And the Viagra gave it a mind of its own! One last look in the mirror, and I headed out into the hallway. I passed a coupla young twinks who gave me the onceover and giggled nervously as they ran on past. I stuck my head in a few open doorways where a muscled ass would raise off the bed begging to be bred. One room had a guy leaning back against one of the black-painted plywood walls while a hungry cocksucker on his knees slobbered all over his hard cock. I nodded my approval to the top, and he grinned back, sharing the brotherhood of power that a man's pulsing cock holds over a hungry pig. I was almost to the end of the hallway where my boy/Daddy duo had the corner room. The door was still open, and a couple of guys in towels were standing just outside checking out the occupants. They weren't bad looking, but it didn't look like they were into the leather scene (though looks are often deceiving...). My cock twitched at the thought of the 'boy's' rounded ass, framed by his black leather chaps. Being taller than the two guys at the door, I was able to look over their heads into the room. Daddy and boy were still propped on the bed, occasionally taking a drag off their cigarettes. The fluctuating light from the X-rated video gave a kind of strobe effect on their bodies, allowing only bits and pieces to be seen at any one time. They were both slowly stroking their cocks - not really jacking off - just keeping them semihard and showing them off. Daddy was closest to the door, but I think boy noticed me first. He leaned over to Daddy and whispered something in his ear. Daddy slowly nodded and whispered something back. Daddy got up and walked over to the door, reached between the two gawkers, and pulled me by my harness into the room! boy scooted over on the bed, making room for me, while Daddy shut the door and dug through one of their bags on the floor. I was quickly pushed down on the bed and boy swallowed my Viagra-stiff cock in his warm mouth. We were in a 69 position with my boots on the floor and boy's thick cock dangling in my face. I wrapped my hands around his muscular, leather-wrapped thighs, and took his cock in my mouth. In the near-darkness, I could hear Daddy moving around the small room, occasionally growling words of encouragement as he watched his boy service my cock. "That's it boy - suck that big cock. Show 'im what a whore you are. Fuckin' leatherpigwhore! Yeah...that's it! Get it good an' wet... polish that ring, boy...damn he's got a big dick!" I felt Daddy's hand wrap around my leather-wrapped nutsack and give it a slow tug. "Mmmmmmmm," I moaned, not able to say anything with cock stuffed in my mouth. The tension from his hand and boy's sucking made my cock throb to full hardness. My hands wandered from boy's thighs inward to the crack of his musclebutt. He adjusted his legs a little, giving be better access to his butt, and my right index finger found his lubed hole! Just as my finger slid in the boy's hole, Daddy slid his finger in mine. I faked a flinch and a moan of pain, trying to give the effect that I didn't get fucked - much. The more I worked the boy's hole, the more Daddy worked mine. He pulled out for a few seconds, and when he slid his finger back in, I felt that familiar burn! "Oww!" I said, tightening my greasy hole. "Oh, sorry," Daddy said calmly. "I didn't mean to hurt you." The burn spread throughout my hole, turning into a throbbing warmth. I had just been stealthbumped! Our little game continued, with two more booty bumps that I faked not knowing about. I was really hungry now, and needed his cock in my hole. It was all I could do not to throw the boy off, and take his Daddy's cock in me. It wasn't long before I felt the fat cockhead poking my buzzed sphincter. I thought I'd have a little more fun - reaching down, I stroked his fat cock, feeling its heat. "Ya got a rubber, man?" I mumbled, with the boy's cock thumping on my chest. He paused; then reached over to the bedside table and grabbed one of the cheap, foil- wrapped condoms provided by the bathhouse. I glanced toward the wall, and could see him stretching the thin rubber with his thumb until it broke! He rolled the thin rubber onto his cock, and let me feel the ridge at the base of his meat. Satisfied...I spread my legs and let him slide into me. "Fucccckkkkkk!" I moaned, not so much out of pain or ecstasy, but more out of satisfaction that I finally had an almost raw cock fucking me. boy sat up, straddling my face and pinning me down with his muscular ass. I could tell they were kissing, obviously satisfied that their stealth bumping and stealth raw fucking had worked. Daddy picked up the pace of his fucking, and it felt like the shredded condom was rolling back on his cock like a cockring! "Yeah Daddy! Fuck him! Fuck his whore hole!" boy chanted, enjoying watching his Dad's thick cock breeding a strange fuckhole. "Oh fuck! Yeah! Fuck me! Yeah! Unggh! Fuck! Unnggghhh!" I panted, enjoying every deep thrust from the hot leatherman. I heard the two of them whispering, but couldn't hear what they were saying - but I was soon to find out. boy had grabbed the bag of "T" and sprinkled some on his Daddy's cock. More burn as he slid back in - I didn't care now - just enjoying the ride! "I think he likes your dick, Dad!" boy observed. "Yeah! He's good 'n' open now, son. Ya wanna give him a try?" he offered. boy climbed off my face and walked toward the edge of the bed. I was sad to give up the sweaty/cummy smell of his ass, but couldn't wait to get that young, hard cock in me. He was hung thicker than his Daddy, and had a beautiful, thick foreskin that covered his cockhead even when hard. A thick vein ran down the top of the shaft, making it look even thicker. Damn, I needed that dick in me - - - NOW! As Daddy pulled out, I looked down at the remains of the condom hanging from his cock. I tried to give a horrified look - to which he just gave me an evil grin. He knew that I was too fucked up to protest, as his boy pushed my legs back and sank his uncovered cock deep into my pulsing chute. "Holy shit!" I hissed, staring at the two of them with unblinking, drugged eyes. "Fuck!" was all I could say, as my tweeked body gave in completely to the stealth chemfuck! The boy's cock was everything I could have hoped for - rock hard, beercan thick, and burning hot in my ass! The two studs took turns pounding my ass for what seemed like hours. Both had also been partying (I found out later), so neither was able to load me with cum. But on an occasional break, they would open their door to the hallway, and invite strangers to come in and fuck me. Any loads were fucked in deeper by Daddy or his boy. - - - "You havin' a good time, pig?" Daddy asked. "Fuck, yeah!" I grinned back, fingering my vibrating hole. "You know why you're havin' such a good time?" he asked. " 'Cause I'm with two hot guys?" I answered dumbly. "Well, there is that," he grinned, leaning over and kissing his boy deeply. "But, we've been feeding your ass with crystal meth the whole time, an' you are so fuckin' high right now, that you'd do anything to get your hole plowed!" he said, holding up a nearly empty baggy of white crystals. "An' you remember how worried you were about gettin' fucked without a rubber? Well, you've been takin' both our raw poz cocks since we started - - - plus all the guys we brought in here to fuck you are buddies of ours - an' you're full o' poz cum right now. Whachoo think o' that, pig?" he snarled. "I don't fuckin' care, sir. This is the best fuckin' time I've ever had - - - an' I want more of it!" I said staring deeply into his black eyes. "That's my boy!" he grinned, licking his index finger, dipping it in the baggy and shoving the bump up my hole. When I heard my room number being called for renewal, I asked if they were going to be around for awhile. "Yeah - we're here for the weekend - maybe longer," Daddy replied, stroking his glistening cock. I excused myself, and went back to my room to get my towel and go downstairs to renew for another 8 hours.On the way back, I stopped in my room, drank a whole liter of water, smoked a cigarette and fired up my glass pipe (like I needed it!). Amazingly, the Viagra was still working, and my cock was still pretty hard. I went back to their room, and we continued playing on and off until Sunday afternoon. By that time, I had fucked both of them, and we had progressed to dildos and fists - - - and the occasional hung stranger . I never let on that I knew about their stealthing from the beginning - - - knowing that it helped to fuel their fantasy about turning a safesex puritan into a raw, Tina whore!
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    Hey guys. Thanks for checking out my new blog. I've been posting on various threads on Breeding Zone for a few years and thought it was about time I got organised and kept everything in one place. This is my adventures in cum gluttony, written asap after they've happened. I've just returned from 6 days in Sitges, Spain, about 30mins along the coast by train west of Barcelona and widely seen as the gay capitol of Europe - although Berlin might have something to say about that. Following a 3am start to get to the airport the first night was a lazy one, eating and sleep. I was keen to get started taking cock so after a siesta and dinner me and the bf have a drink at El Horno and I pop upstairs to the darkroom in XXL opposite to see what was going on. Everyone was outside drinking in the street so it was quiet inside but there were 2 guys watching porn just outside the little maze of dark cubicles and corridors. I go and in and get my cock out and start wanking to get hard. One guy follows me in and I start sucking him, the other guy wanders in and watches us and jerks his cock. As it hardens the cock in my mouth grows thick and my asshole starts twitching in anticipation. Clubs in Spain, as in Berlin, don't provide lube so I pull my trousers and pants down to expose my hole and let both guys know it's their's for the taking, I lube it with spit. The guy I'm sucking is rock solid now so I turn round and push my hole onto his thick bell-end coated with my spit. I feel him slip in and he starts pumping away. He keeps it deep inside, constant little strokes, no pulling out all the way and shoving it back in with this one. I start sucking the other guy, he's got a smaller cock that tastes a bit of soap, which is unfortunate. The guy in my ass starts groaning and I look over my shoulder and say yeah, go for it, to indicate I want him to finish off inside me. The guy in my mouth obviously isn't into breeding and zips up and leaves, his loss. The strokes in my ass get longer and the guy pushes even deeper in me and lets out a low, gutteral sigh and I feel his cock pulsating as the jizz floods my guts. Fuck yeah. I leave him inside while the last of his nob juice enters me then turn round and suck his cock clean. Cheers I say, I'm here all week, he says something in Spanish, zips up and walks out while I savour the taste of the seed off his cock. I go back outside and tell the bf I've got something for him to suck out later. Urgh, no thanks, he replies and says he's going back to the apartment if I'm gonna be in the darkroom all night. He doesn't like to know the details of my ass whoring and is tired from an early start. I won't be long I say. I get another drink from the bar and go back outside, eyeing up guys as they go inside to the toilet or the darkroom, they're next to each other upstairs so you never know which. A group of guys keep looking over and laughing, I assume one of them is the guy who just dumped in me, I smile at the them thinking I wonder which of you is next. I need a piss so head for the toilets. There are more guys watching porn now, one guy sitting naked on a bar stool stroking his cock, mmmm. The urinals are even more cruisy than the darkroom. There are 6 guys wanking or pissing, glancing at each others cocks. The toilets smell of piss and poppers and I can feel my cock getting hard inside my pants. I take my place at the urinal, piss as well as I can with a hard on then pull my trousers down to expose my ass. The guys either side of me have a good look and one starts feeling my ass. I stick my finger up and get it coated with the fresh load swimming around inside and let him smell my cum coated finger. He licks it off and smiles and we go into the darkroom together. It's busier inside now, lots of sucking going on but no one offering their ass around as far as I can see. We both get our cocks out and I start sucking the guy. I pull my trousers and pants down and point my ass towards the corner where most of the guys have congregated for their wank and suck session. A guy quickly comes up behind me and gets his cock inside, I don't look around but continue sucking the cock in my mouth. The guy in my ass is pounding away and before I know it the cock in my mouth is spurting warm cum down the back of my throat. It's a lovely, tasty, creamy load and I savour and swallow it all down. The guy in my ass slows his pounding and I can feel he's gone soft. I turn around and suck his cock and can taste cum on it. Is it coated with the seed already in my ass or has he just dumped another big load of babies inside my cumhole? Unfortunately he can't tell me as he speaks no English and I speak no Spanish, he zips up and leaves. Back outside it seems to be thinning out. I've heard the place to go is on the beach by the wall up against the promenade. There are a few guys on benches clearly after some fun and others chatting in groups. I walk along and give them the eye, rubbing my cock and making it as obvious as possible that I'm interested, find some steps down to the beach and sit on a bench on the sand. A guy I eyed up walks down and stands at the bottom of the stairs staring at me so I start rubbing my cock. He walks the other way and stands by the wall so I follow. He's hard already so I offer him my ass. He's got a lovely thick cock, not massively long but good girth and a nice stretcher for my mouth and ass. He gets out poppers, thank god there are some people with poppers here as the bars don't seem to sell them, we both have sniff and he enters my cum dripping ass. Can I cum in you he says. Fuck yeah you better I reply. He fucks gently going in deep, using all my ass to pleasure his cock. He carries on for a good 10mins savouring my warm hole. Every so often other guys walking along the promenade look down over the wall and watch me whoring my ass to this hairy muscle guy. I smile at them and hopefully let them know they can be next if they like what they see. Just as gently as he's been fucking me he dumps his seed inside, no big stokes or violent spasms, he just coats my ass walls with his slime in a relaxed, controlled ejaculation. I suck his cock clean and we chat as he walks back to the guy I assume is his bf sitting on the bench opposite. He's Latvian but lives in Barcelona and is going back in the morning. I thank him for his load and wander back along the front. I go back down to the beach and hang around but guys seems to have gone home now. There are a few lads on benches who I'd happily suck off or give them my ass but they don't seem interested so I make my way home. Not bad for a quiet first night and a Wednesday. Result: 2 possibly 3 ass loads and 1 in my gob. Next days write up to follow shortly - I get 19 ass loads in 6 days in total :-)
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    So one Sunday I decided last minute to get a hotel and place some ads on Craigslist, Adam, and BBRT to take some loads all night. Low and behold I got some responses pretty quick to my surprise and it started out with a regular buddy who is usually the first to load me on most of my slutty events and he came they and lubed me up pretty good with a nice 3 day load from his white 8 cut dick. Left it in till it went limp so I got every drop. The next was a craigslist guy the hit me up and came thru about 20 minutes after this first guy left. Mid 20s aggressive black guy walked in pulled his 9 inch thick dick out I got on my knees took a huge hit of my poppers and went to suckin and thrusting his dick as much as I could and he started forcing me to gag on it while talkin to me. Callin me a nasty faggot boy and tellin men next time he would be pissing down my throat and up my ass first thing. I then got up took a few big popped hits and bent over and he shoved it in pretty quick and hard and began pounding. Talkin and pounding for 10 minutes then asked me to taste my ass and nut off his dick so of course I did. I just love eating loads out of my hole off a dick. Slurping all that dick up for a bit then bent back over and he went to town till he exploded so deep in my ass. Telling me "take that nut man." And my phone was makin all kind of noise from email notifications so before he even got out of my hole I was on my phone replying back to potential loads and got 3 guys that were ready with nice dick pics all about to come my way. Next guy comes in and just starts eatin my freshly fucked and loaded ass. I was ass up when he came in as he requested. Pulled his dick out and just started to fuck me. Decent size and my hole was nice and cummy. He can pretty quick put his stuff on and left. And before I could even stand up the next guy gets there and is naked and hard as a rock. So I started suckin and there's a knock at the door it's another guy and I'm gettin really excited. Starts takin big hits of my poppers and gaggin on dick then the new guy starts talkin to me and askin how many loads I got I said 3 and he was like " damn boy I got to get in that sloppy hole" I booted my ass up on the bed and he slid right in with what had to be the bigges dick of the night so far. He was pounding and I was suckin this nice thick 8 and my hole was makin that noise that I love so much. Fuckin loved it! Then they switched and the big guy put that dick in my face and too me to get that nut off boy. While the other guy was fuckin me I was eatin that dick up good and the big dick guy asked if I wanted to take em both at the same time. I said fuck yeah. He got on the bed and I sat on his dick then the other guy got behind me and started puttin it in and next thing I knew it was in and I had 2 in me for the first time ever. The big dick guy was talkin to me while the other guy was workin my hole and pounding way. Next thing I known the guy pounding is Breeding me and damn near screaming. He claims off and I start riding the big dick guy and my hole I so warm and sloppy now the. He cum in about 2 minutes. I roll off and put my face in the pillow. I feel so good. 5 loads and I just took my first dp I was thinkin this is a great night. they left I got back on my email and had a few guys hittin me up that I responded to and got the one I was hopin for verify. A 10 inch cut BBC and said he was close. Told me he wanted the room dark and wanted me ass up. Gets there about 7 minutes later and gets naked and starts playin in my hole with his fingers. Talkin to me askin me how many loads I told him 5 and took his fingers out of my hole and put em in my mouth and told me to "taste that seed boy" so with every once of my being I did and it tasted so fuckin good. Takin a big big hit of my poppers I got off the bed got on my knees and started workin his big 10 dick and talked back to him tellin him I wanted him to wreck my hole with his dick and fill it up good. He asked for a hit of my poppers took em and then told me to bend over gave me my poppers back and said hit em and hold it boy. I took the biggest hit I had all night and he started sliding in and I opened up so big for him he was so fuckin hard I could tell he wasn't gonna last too long. My hole was gushing and he was callin me a fuckin dirty pig boy and I was saying fuck yeah man tear my ass up. After about 5 minutes he was exploding in my hole and I felt every pulsating shock in my ass as he dumped and I liked every drop I could. He slide out wiped off and said man we have to do it again. I said for sure man and he left. 6 loads so far and I'm like "wow maybe I can get passed 6 tonight" never gotten more than 6 and always wanted to so I checked my email with no results and went to bbrt and placed another ad but this time stating that I was 6 loadsnin and wanted more and had a few guys respond in like 15 minutes. Guy comes over and just wants to taste my ass then eat it. So I am letting him and I see he has a below average dick but I don't care cause I want that seed. He was eats for a bit then gets in there and is done in about 10 minutes so I'm happy I got my record 7 but then I had another guy hit me that I played with before and he wants to swing by so ha come in and we start right way. He goes to take a piss and I go with him an kneel by the toilet and catch some of it suck him up good and he bends me over the toilet and starts pounding. Cum is leaking all over the floor. He stops me and tells me to get some of that off the floor boy and put it on my dick. So I do and shove it back in my hole. He pounds me for about a good 15 and we go to the bed. He lays me down on my back puts my legs up starts kissing me then slides his dick in and raises up and starts pounding. Whilenpounding he says open your mouth for me boy. Then he spits right in my mouth then starts kissing me again so fuckin nasty and I love it. Turns me over I take a big hit of my poppers and then he's filling my hole good. Shaking everywhere his whole buildup goes limp as he's exhausted it seems. And I'm damn sure wore out. He leaves and next thing I know I'm waking up it's 8 in the morning and my hole is so sloppy. But I'm excited cause I got 8 loads and so glad I could do it. Next goal will be 10. Hope soon.
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    I am 29 right now and have been chasing AIDS since I was 24... I really wish that I had been successful at getting AIDS years ago when I first began chasing AIDS. I'd probably look like a AIDS pig should after nearly 5 years with the med resistant strains doing their work on my body. I know that I would have gotten the diagnosis and proof I got the full med resistance that my AIDS pig had to share. Just thinking about it makes my current attempts to get infected with AIDS all the more important to succeed and get AIDS now. I think I am better prepared for the lifestyle change that is coming once I get AIDS now. I want it much more than ever before and have plans in place to make it happen. My friends and family are less of a concern to me after I get AIDS and start becoming more toxic every day. There's not going to be any reason I'd regret this or want to back out of my decision to get infected with AIDS for once and for always. I am more open to getting other infections along with AIDS and never treating them as well.
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    Last week I was online at bbrts and was horny as hell. I was looking for some close hole to breed and seed. One of my neighbors that I have fucked and seeded before was online and he hit me up. He said he was in a rather slutty mood and wanted to get bred and seeded. Ok! count me in! He said he had a few others coming over to breed him and was that ok? HELL YES. I love the feel of a wet cummy ass when I slide inside. That wet gooey feeling is the best ever. I love sloppy hole. I said sure I would be over shortly. When I arrived the door was unlocked and I heard him say come on in. When I entered the room there was another guy naked on top of him banging away at his hole while both were hitting poppers. Of course my cock got hard immediately. He said he already had a load deep inside and was looking for more. The guy fucking him said he wanted to take a break and did I want to fuck.. Of course. I undressed quickly and took a few hits of poppers. I rubbed around his wet hole as my cock got harder and harder. OMG I so love that warm wet feeling. I was able to slide my cock nice and deep and started fucking. He was in my favorite position. He was on his stomach while I was on top. Both of us hitting poppers and I was kissing his ears, neck and back as I was fucking deep. I let my first load go! Fuck it felt so good and it mingled with the other load that was already there. I later found out the guy came and left real quick as he was late for work. After my load was planted deep I continued to fuck until the other guy said he was so turned on he had to go back inside. I got off and the other guy climbed on top. His cock slid inside and they both moaned as he felt my cum load deep inside. That is such a turn on. Trading off with another top as we plant loads deep inside. Nothing better than cum for lube. I watched as the other guy drove his cock inside deep and both were moaning and groaning with pleasure as the top shot a huge cum load deep inside..That got me turned on again and when he was done I went back in for another turn.. That silky feel of a man's wet hole never fails to drive me over the edge. I so love it. Fucking for me is so much better than oral. I shot another load deep inside. My neighbor grunted in appreciation. I got up to get dressed as there was another knock on the door and the next guy came in. When I left he was mounting my neighbor and I'm sure there was another load planted deep!
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    Most of this story is true some of the details may have been changed as it has been a long time since this happen. This took place in my last year of high school. I was around 17 at the time, but had been crusing the beats for a couple of years before this took place. A couple of day before we fucked I had meet this travling sales man at a local beat. He was about 5"6 slim bluid, a nice amount of hair over his toned body and a 6' cut cock. I sucked him for a little bit before one of the older local interrupted us and we left the beat. I followed him to his car where he invited me to come back to his hotel. I refused being young, scared and having never done that before. He told me that he would like to finish what we had started and he would be finished early in a couple of days. I told him if he was here in a couple of days I would go back to his hotel room with him and we could finish what we had started. I was back there in a couple of days but there was only a few regulars there. As I was about to leave he turned up again and offered to take me to his hotel. I accepted and we headed back to the hotel. I was so nervous but he was such a nice guy that I soon relaxed while we chatted on the way back to where he was staying. As we parked in the hotel carpark I noticed the wedding band on his hand. I didn't think much of it coming from a smalll town I had sucked and fucked many of the local married men so this was just another fuck for me. We got into his room and we weren't even though the door before he was kissing me. We stripped each other off and end up on the bed I slowly went down and started sucking his rock hard 6 inch cut cock. Slowly I slid my mouth over his head and down his shaft sucking his cock while he enjoyed the plesure of my mouth. He then grab me flipped me onto my back and started on sucking my 7 inch uncut cock. After a short time he grab me knees and forced my hole to his face and was rimming my hole. He was in heaven as he stuck his tongue deep in my virgan ass, and was enjoying his expert rim job (I never wanted it to stop). After a long rim job he slowly lowered my ass to where my knees were resting on his shoulders and my ass was resting near his cock. We started to kiss and I felt a slight pressure on my wet hole slowly he started to shove his bare cock into my willing hole opening it with each gentle push all the while he never stopped kissing me. Slowly my ass opened up to his gentle pressure giving me a pleasure I had never felt before. I had never had a cock in me yet alone having bare cock inside me (up to this point the only I had only ever fingered myself). He fucked me slowly and gently opening me up with each stroke of his rock hard cock. We fuck like this for what seemed like forever my pleasure increasing with each stroke of his cock. Then suddenly without warning he plowed the full length of his cock deep in my hole grunting with each shot he pumped into my open ass. As I felt his head throb with every shot of his seed I couldn't stop myself from blowing my load over my stomach and chest. After he had seeded my hole we lay there for a while before we dressed and he dropped me near my home his load still deep in my hole.
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    Early this morning, I'm on Grindr and I'm smoking and the more I smoke, the more uninhibited I become. I then saw a guy with a hot body and a screen name with devil in it. He hits me up, "you bottom?" I replied, "Sure." Address? 16 minutes later he's at my door, I have it dark. He walks in takes me to the bed pushes my head toward the center of the bed while positioning my legs and ass where he wants me. In the mirror I see this 5'7" chiseled stud with a red beard and a beautifull huge fat cock and above it his cock below the band line is a bio tat. I took the can of Maximum Impact and sprayed it into a sock and inhaled deeply. As I felt the world exlpoding around me he was fucking me so intently he began to explode inside me! I reached back and with both hands, I pulled his body as close to me as possible and he pushed his poz cock as far up inside me as possible and he moaned. It was so fucking awesome.
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    A friend of mine and I used to fuck each other every now and then a while back, but we're both really bottoms so we've stopped that. Still, we're both pretty big sluts, so occasionally we share stories or recommendations for good tops. Well, he called me the other day and asked me if I'd be interested in a threesome. He'd recently been fucked by a guy who had expressed interest in having more than one ass to fuck, and my friend new I might be interested - especially as he promised me it really WAS a big cock! 23cm / 9" and with a matching thickness... Damn... Yup, I'd be up for that! The top wanted us to be ready for him, blindfolded and lubed up next to each other on the bed when he arrived, so last night I arrived at my friend's and we got ready - and waited... When the top arrived he instantly got naked, had a bit of a feel of both asses and forced a couple of fingers roughly inside me, and presumably also in my friend, judging by his moaning. And then the top moved on to the bed and my friend REALLY started moaning, and before long I could hear the sound of the top slamming pretty aggressively into my friend's ass! Fuck, it was so hot to lie there, naked and blindfolded and horned up on poppers, listening to my friend getting a rather rough fuck right next to me! And all I could do was wait, sniff some more poppers and hope it would soon be my turn, because judging by the sound of my friend it sounded like it would be worth the wait. Oh, boy... Oh, boy, was it worth the wait! After a while he shifted over behind me, and I've got to say that cockhead was pretty impressive! Damn, I was definitely not in doubt that this was a big cock that was being rammed inside me. I was definitely grateful to my friend for sharing such an amazing cock with me. The top fucked deep and hard; it was kind of painful when he went balls-deep - which was more or less every stroke! - but also just an amazing feeling of having such a large cock just hammer away at my insides. God, I love it... He switched back and forth between our holes quite a few time, and when he was eventually ready to cum he asked which of us bitches wanted to take his load... My friend was a good host and offered it to me - and I certainly didn't say no to it! A few quick, hard thrusts, and then he held his cock in me, buried to the hilt as he unloaded every last drop of cum in me. Then he pulled out, got dressed and left, and my friend and I kind of started giggling at the slightly absurd situation as we pulled off our blindfolds. I felt a bit guilty for my friend not getting any cum, so I offered to dump a quick load in him if he wanted to. You've got to be a gentleman about these things, right? Also, I was REALLY ready to bust a nut, so why waste it? A few thrusts in my friend's gaping, sloppy hole and then I shot in him - though for obvious reasons I wasn't able to deliver my load quite as deep as the top had done in me. (7" or so is all I can muster.) But damn, I was waving a flag in space, putting my cock in a hole that had just been fucked open by a 9" cock! I commented jokingly on this when I pulled out - so he got curious and ended up fucking me for a minute or so as well before adding his load to the top's in me... - So that was an interesting evening!
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    After a day at nudist beach staring at cock, in particular one large cock that kept getting hard each time I bent over in front of it and flashed the guy and his bf my ass tattoo, I was horny for a dark room again. Some friends had arrived on a flight from London and got to the beach just after lunchtime. We were staying in the same apartment complex so there were 4 of us on our balcony for post-beach drinks and for helping each other apply after-sun in those hard to reach crevices. One of the guys, Dan, is a good friend and occasional fuckbuddy, the other, Nate, neither I nor the bf had ever met before. Nate turned out to have a lovely big thick cock, which I discovered on the beach when I rubbed sun-block on his back and my hands wandered a little, first to his asshole then round the front. He didn’t complain and his cock swelled in my hand. It was all I could do to stop myself sucking him then and there on the sand in front of everyone – unfortunately the beach is mixed and there aren’t any hideaway spots for fun. So the 4 of us are back at the apartment, sitting on the balcony, drinking Sangria and chatting. Talk gets round to what we got up to last night so I tell them what the dark room at XXL and beach are like for cock. I’m sure it’ll be busier tonight I assure them. I get up to get the after-sun and my towel falls off, ooops, I quickly pick it up inadvertently sticking my ass in Nate’s face. He notices my ass tattoo straight away and pulls my cheeks apart for a closer look, sticking his finger up my hole in the process. That doesn’t touch the sides I say, come and stick something bigger up it in the bedroom. Nate follows me into the bedroom and we both strip off. He’s tall, dark hair, with a slim, hairless torso that’s well defined for someone who I find out later has never been to a gym and thinks they’re a waste of time. I get to work sucking his semi-hard cock, a nice mouthful with large bellend. It’s a shame he’d showered already as I bet it would have smelt well ripe after an early flight and a day getting sweaty on the beach. He reaches back and starts playing with my hole, licking his fingers and coating my hole in spit. He turns me around so my ass is sticking up in the air and starts rimming me, getting his tongue deep inside, slurping, sucking and chomping on my sticking out ass lips. You got condoms and lube he says. Arh, I don’t have either. I still need to find a sex shop to get lube and poppers, you’ll be fine with spit and you don’t need a condom I say, I’m clean and I want your spunk inside me. Turns out he has one long term fuckbud he barebacks and uses rubbers with everyone else. He’s obviously well horny and ready to cum so starts wanking, his bulbous cockhead hitting my asshole with each stroke. I reach back with both hands, stick first 2 then 3 fingers from each hand in either side of my hole and pull it apart for him. I can feel it gape wide open and I urge him not to waste a drop but get all his seed inside my cum hole. I can feel his jizz hit the sides of my hole as he jerks big wads of bollock juice into my wide open stretched cunt. He scoops up some dribble from around my hole and pushes it inside. He groans as I turn round and suck the remaining spunk off his still hard dripping thick cock. It tastes fucking fantastic. Welcome to Sitges I say, as I push a finger in my hole and feel his babies swimming around deep inside. I pull it out and lick my finger, savouring every sperm. My bf comes in for the aftersun and says you’re not getting cummed in already are you? Yeah, I reply, come and suck it out. Try as I might I never managed to persuade him to play with the loads I take, he’s just not that into jizz, oh well. We finish off our drinks, Dan and Nate go back to their room and we all have naps and meet up later for dinner, cleaned out, showered and ready for cock.
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    It was Friday. A bit slow at work so I hopped on Scruff and Grindr trolling for dick. Couldn’t really find anyone that could host. I went to lunch and decided to head to the store to run some errands. While I was there I got hit up on Scruff by this guy that said he was an older porn star. I looked him up; he was in his 50s and indeed a bareback porn star. I was so horny from the AM that I figured what the hell. A load is a load. I said sure, I’m down to head over, where at? He was staying at a hotel down the street from my office; I headed over and messaged him when I was in the hotel parking that I was on my way up. I had already been here before at this hotel, gotten fucked a few times in the rooms and the bathroom in the lobby. I got on the elevator, hit the 8, walked down the hall and knocked on the door. An older gentleman looked in his mid-50s and total dad bod opened the door. He let me know, closed the door behind me then walked over to the bed and lay back. He was already fully naked. I walked over to the table and set down my phone and keys and got undressed. “Come over here, suck daddy’s cock.”….I crawled up the bed between his legs and took his cock in my mouth, he smelled soap fresh. I sucked on his cock, it was still soft but I could feel it start getting bigger and thicker in my mouth. “Play with daddy’s tits, don’t stop working my cock.” He started to moan while he face fucked me, he then took me by the head and put it on his right tit, “Don’t bite, just suck”…He was moaning while I worked on his tits, he would alternate me from one to the other, and sometimes reach over and just slide a finger in my ass. I was on all 4s just servicing this daddy. “You ready for this daddy cock? You want me to breed that pussy if yours?”…”yes sir, that is what I am here for, to serve and take cum.” He got up and kept me on all fours, he spit on my ass hole and just slid it in. He started pounding me, calling me a slut, a cum dump, how I was only made to take his cum. I could feel his cock slamming in and out of me and I moaned in pleasure. He said I sounded like a bitch in heat when I moaned, and he loved it. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, flipped me over and spat on my hole again before he slid his cock in. He held my thighs down, making sure he had access to my pussy. He would pull his cock out to the tip and slid it back in. I was in my own little pleasure world when he let go of my legs and told me to suck on his cock, “I want you to taste your own ass slut.” I looked down at his cock and just swallowed it to the pubes. I could taste myself, I didn’t care, he told me to get back on the bed and show him my pussy. I laid back and held my legs up, offering him my hole; he spit in it and just took it. “You want this seed slut? You want daddy’s cum.”….”yes please sir, breed my hole.” And in one more thrust he started cuming. He shot rope after rope of cum up my ass. After he was done he pulled out and had me lick his cock clean. I quickly got dressed and left. As I was ridding the elevator down I pulled out my phone and made one note: 3/24 #38 Old Porn Star
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    I went to the local bathhouse and rented a room. I was horny as hell and I needed more than just a one-on-one hookup. Once I got to my room, I stripped and lubed my ass to get ready. I practically had my whole hand in my ass, playing with myself and fantasizing about all the hard cocks I was going to take. My first stop was the glory-holes. I walked in closed the door behind me, got on my knees and waited. In no time, a hard cock appeared in the hole and I got down to business. I sucked hard, drooling all over it, and pushed my face up against the hole so he could fuck my throat until he squirted his load. I sucked three more cocks in a row, swallowing every drop of cum they had to give me. After that I left the gloryhole booth and went into the next room. It’s an orgy room with a big elevated cushioned area and a TV showing porn. I went and laid down on my back with my legs up and my ass just hanging over the edge and started fingering my asshole. An older man came over and replaced my fingers with his own. He licked his fingers and got me good and wet and then I pulled him close with my legs and let him put his cock in me. It felt so good going in. I guess he thought so too because he came inside me after only a couple of strokes. Not nearly enough of a fuck to satisfy me. I started walking around the place with his load still in me, looking for more. I found the sling room unoccupied and decided to try it out. I didn’t wait long before a man came in and started licking my freshly fucked hole. He got pretty excited when he tasted the cum that was already there and I begged him to fuck me and add his own to the mix. He happily obliged but shot his load on the outside after he’d fucked me for a few minutes. He pushed his spunk in with his cock but I wanted more deep breeding. I went back to my little room and wiped down a bit before opening the door wide and positioning myself face down ass up on the mattress. I didn’t have to wait too long before a stocky and very well-endowed man came in and closed the door behind him. He fingered my fuckhole and found I was all lubed up and ready. I told him I wanted him to fuck me hard and breed me. He climbed up on the bed and positioned his cock at my hole and I pushed back against it immediately, opening up for him, taking him deep. He didn’t need anymore help after that as he fucked me as hard as I’ve ever been fucked. I was a moaning, wild cumslut for him as he pounded my ass. My prostate was radiating hot flashes of pleasure every time he thrust into me, squeezing out thick gobs of precum or cum, I don’t even know at this point. And then his strokes got shorter and faster and he grunted as his cock burst inside me filling me with hot fresh seed. That was exactly what I needed.
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    Yeah so my profile basically gives away that, in comparison, to my more 'advanced bros' I'm basically a 'virgin' with 'promising prospects'. Harmless, anxious to be fully initiated. That will require a 'team-effort' and I suspect me 'being a good sport' and hop in the sling and take one for the team. I'm still in awe watching guys tell their raw exploits on here. I'm a late-comer who only 'poached' the bb-bros from the side-lines. Amazed at how easily the guys would let you breed them balls-deep and have a care in the world. At least not past the customary 'lipservice'! You 'clean' bro? Right'? Topped the easily compliant and made a decent reputation for myself as one 'he who GETS AROUND'. But then those were prudes, jealous about my alleged 'promiscuity' which I would have denied! Honestly, the total score in the early years was at best 100! ! In earnest I only jumped the 'fence' to the reckless bareback rodeos just several years back, after a long hiatus, letting a mere dozen or so bucks stick it to me raw and remembering virtually every one of them... then my new man ( a popular twink) 'introduced' me to the poz-world. No tear was shed but sex became 'habitual and boring home-body-style. Until I caught my man lewdly fishing for tops on grindr and scruff. And finally that fence of fear came down. There is a whole, wild, seedy and thrill-seeking underground of players; ready to engage at the drop of a hat. Gone are the formalities, the jealousies and the BS. Now I'm craving anon, promiscuous players who want to top and speak few words if any. A total JERK, an arrogant, conceited fuck would be nice; a fucking liar who cheats on his BF for all I care. The first sex-party was a bit of a let-down. Me too anxious to get back home after 'scanning the buffet' instead of being slung into the sling as the host of the 40-some attendees was getting me to get center-stage. I bailed early, with a brief relapse of guilt. And more than half the dudes were nothing I would consider... until I embraced the 'no loads refused' policy! I practiced with a loathsome 'man-bear-pig' I rustled up on bbrt and put on a good show and gave him verbal cues that had him shoot his copious load right up my ass. Dick wasn't that big but it was a 'new frontier'... close enough for anon sex. Today is a rerun: same sex party underground. My man is out with the girls, watching fucking chick flicks and what-not. He cleaned his ass before he left so he might be getting some dick before or after. Or just be ready for the grindr-rush later on... it turns me on when I smell another buck on him! So my fellow bb-bros: what should be my approach? Don't laugh but it's a bit like my first audition in Hollywood, not like the NEXT/REJECTED 100 times routine as it is for most actors. Well this is an amateur production and I can put on a show. I intend to hog the sling and let every jerk who looks randy breed my hole. That would be only fair after bb-breeding the dozens and dozens of cute twinks during the 'harmless phase'... and letting flirting pretty boys fuck me raw. Now I'm ready for the 'indiscriminate, anon, promiscuous scene'. I hope I won't flinch.
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    I get a chat request on Skout and all it says is: "Do u swallow?", I check out his profile, he's an attractive stocky guy 21 years old, I responded with "of course". He wasted no time he asked for my address, I gave it to him and he said he was on his way. One of the briefest conversations I've ever had on Skout. I got into my hole and waited on my knees, eventually I get a message saying he's here and asking how he can get in, I told him to come through the back and that the sliding door was open. I know nothing about this guy, I'm excited. He walks in "where are you cocksucker?" He asks, I let him know where I am and he sees the hole and walks over. He was wearing comfy clothes, a button up hoodie, some grey trackie shorts and Nike shoes. He pulls his shorts down revealing he has no underwear on underneath, his cock was semi hard, he was hung! A big cut veiny dick with a somewhat hairy nutsack. He was all man, not into trimming and defiantly not a metrosexual. He stuck his cock through the hole "blow me" he said, "with pleasure" I said and started massaging his balls watching his cock grow. "This will work better for me if you don't speak, I'm not gay" he said, I didn't respond I just put his cock in my mouth and started doing what I do best. "I just came from footy, that's a 100% straight dick you got there" he said and I just kept sucking. He tasted like he had been running around, he smelt good to not dirty but manly. "Oh yeah" he said as I got his entire length in my mouth. "That's how straight guys like it, I bet you like footy boys" he said, and I just kept sucking. He didn't want me to talk so I wasn't going to. I got some pre-cum out of him and moaned, I couldn't help it. "Oh you love my cock can't wait for the prize I bet" he said, and I just moaned as it to say yes. "Like that, keep going like that" he advised me. I heard his hands slam up against the wall, his cock was pulsing and I knew he was close. I deepthroated him before slowly working my way back up to his head while firmly sucking as I did. He started to mumble something, I couldn't make it out but felt that Squirt of nut enter my mouth before he moaned in pleasure. I put my hands back onto his balls and massaged them making sure I had got all his cum. "Stop, stop!" He said and I let his cock go, he had become too sensitive for me to keep sucking. "Thanks for that" he said before pulling his shorts up and leaving. I kept his load in my mouth for a bit enjoying it and playing with my own cock before swallowing it.
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    Sex is and always has been a challenge for me, the challenge to be the best bottom I can possibly be. To do that it is important to have that innate sense of what a top wants, how you can best please him. how you can make his orgasm fabulous so he blows his load in you - which I see as my ultimate reward. I don't care if it is the first cock in me for the day or the tenth the work to get that man's seed begins the minute his cock enters me. If I fuck well - he won't pull and I get bred - so we all win. I have always enjoyed fucking partnered gay men or married straight men - and have fucked several gay men in front of their partners and loved every second of giving their partner what they obviously don't. Yesterday I was bored, home alone and by midday I knew I had to get bred so I hooked on line. If that had failed I was going to get the train to the city and go to the naked party at HQ so whatever happened I was going to get fucked - and when I am in that mood only one things satisfies me - cock and seed. I got hit on by this 50 year old hairy chested "married, discreet bisexual," He unlocked for me and his weapon was fab - a real cunt buster - cut, thick and about 8". But the pic made it look really thick - and I love thick cocks - width is wonderful. Chit chat over,I told him I could host so he said he would be over. I douched and got ready, darkening the apartment lighting a few candles and waiting. He was a big man - about 90kgs, solid, hairy and very strong. When he squeezed me - it was wonderful, and being a short, slim submissive bottom pig, I love strong, big men that dominate me and use me holes for their pleasure. In no time we were naked and I was chowing down on that beautiful thick slab, which was even more beautiful than in the pic. As I was sucking him he said ""Ï love getting head." I told him I am sure with a cock like that he could get as much head ad he wanted, at the same time hoping that he was not going to just lay there and let me suck him off. I would have, but I wanted his cock and seed in my mancunt . He told me his wife hated giving head and just didn't do it. That made me suck harder and more thorough. I paused and said to him "I need you in me." He said nothing, which I took as his assent - so I immediately lubed up his pole took a hit of amyl and lined him up. I lowered my hole onto him and pushed his cock into me in one thrust - it was sublime. I began to ride him like the cockpig I am and I could tell by looking at hisd face he was enjoying it. I told him I wanted to give him everything he never got at home so take control of - and he did. He fucked me in five different positions for a good 20 minutes and I was in heaven - he threw me around the bedroom like a rag doll at one point picking me up in the missionary position and then spinning me round like a Catherine wheel on his cock. He finally laid me on my back on the edge of the bed and told me he was going to cum in. That was music to my ears - and as he began to blow I began to blow I began to use my cunt muscles furiously to ensure I helped the orgasm and drained as much seed out of his shaft as possible. He lay on top of me sweating and panting - and I felt wonderful - he was a great fuck and I had given him what he wanted. As he pulled out I slid to the floor in front of him and began to clean his cock and balls while he stood there and moaned in delight. He left with a promise to return and I said text me and I will service him whenever he needs it. That's what I am there for - to take care of a top's needs.
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    Heading to Raleigh nc tonight will be stopping at a truck stop in the area.
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    Memorial day weekend. Of course I get super horny when everyone is out of town. Spent a few hours online hunting, had a few nibbles but nothing really interesting. Things were slow even once I decided I was going to have to be "generous" to get anything. Finally heard from a guy who said he would give me what I wanted for a reasonable price. I invited him over. He showed up right on time. Good looking dark skinned guy. Tall, nice body. He sat on my couch and we chatted for a minute. Then he asked if I was ready, I said "sure". He got undressed and lay down on my bed. He had hinted at a ten inch cock, and even soft it was bigger than most and pretty thick. I started sucking on it, he was clean and tasted great. Even soft it was big enough that it was fun to suck. I continued for a few minutes though and there were still no signs of life in it and I started to get worried. I switched my technique around, trying to figure out what would flip his switch. After a few more minutes I took a short break from sucking and just started licking it along the underside of the shaft up to the head. It was then that some blood started flowing down there. I continued working on it and it ever so slowly started to grow and harden. When it was about half erect, he suddenly jumped up off the bed and grabbed my ass. He was ready for the main event. I took my pants off and watched as he stroke himself to full erection. Soon it was proudly pointing straight at me, a good 9" at least and thick from the dark brown base all the way up to the caramel colored head. I bent over and put as much of it in my mouth as I could. Nothing is hotter than sucking on a rock hard cock, knowing it's going to be in my ass soon. I would have liked to suck on it longer but he started fumbling with the lube, obviously ready to get down to it. I got on all fours at the edge of the bed and he positioned my ass the way he wanted it. He quickly slapped a light coating of lube on his shaft and immediately pushed the head of his cock into my sphincter. As I said he wasn't using much lube, and he was pretty thick, and I was pretty tight, having not bottomed in a good while. I could feel every inch of his thick cock forcing it's way into me as I took a big hit of poppers and prepared for the whole thing. He paused for a second and then as soon as I was at the height of my popper rush he let out a loud groan and shoved himself all the way inside. I let out a loud moan of pain and pleasure as he pulled almost all the way out and then shoved back in again. He was going in with such force I really had to push back to keep from being knocked over. We continued like this for a minute, doggy-style with me bracing myself for every stroke and letting out a loud groan every time he slammed balls deep into me. His thick cock was really stretching me out, and the limited lube meant I could really feel the burn as he forced himself into me. Pain and pleasure. After a minute, and without warning he suddenly jumped up on the bed, pulled my ass straight up in the air and started pile-driving straight down into me. Fortunately I had another hit of poppers at the ready and I took a hit so big I nearly passed out while he pounded my ass from above with the full speed and force of his weight. Just when I didn't think I could take anymore, he slowed down and asked if he could try the poppers. I was glad for a brief pause while he took a big hit of his own. He quickly started up again though and once the poppers took hold he was pounding my hole with wild abandon. He was going so hard I couldn't maintain the position any longer and slowly he pounded me all the way down onto my stomach. I though the might stop, but the poppers had him close to cumming. He spread my legs and held my arms down so I couldn't squirm away as his huge cock continued fuck my sore ass like a wild animal. Soon his breathing quickened and he finished by pounding me even faster than before and he let out a boyish yelp as he loosed his load deep inside me. I was completely worn out, couldn't move, think or speak, as he pulled out and said "You weren't expecting that, were you?"
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    Fridays are a bit slow for me at work. I put an ad on craigslist advertising for a top that could host. I didn’t get a lot of traction there so I decided to hit up a regular of mine that lives nearby when I saw him on Grindr. He said he was free and was totally down. When my lunch came, I grabbed my keys, my wallet, and my trusty poppers. On my way there I kept checking Grindr, you never know when another guy might hit you up, and sure enough, this guy hit me up. We chatted back and forth for a moment, told him I was a bareback bottom. I parked and sent him a message on Grindr that I was there and walking up. The other guy had messaged me and said he was down, I asked him to send me his address and I went walked up to the first guy who had walked outside with no shirt, just shorts and sneakers to greet me. We walked through the courtyard of his apts, this kid that was outside playing asked him who I was, and the guy replied, “He is the plumber, he is just here to work on a pipe.” I snickered and just walked into his apt, heading for the bedroom while he closed the door behind us. I set my sunglasses down on the table with my keys and got undressed. He immediately grabbed my head and pulled me to his cock. I swallowed it and gagged a bit on it while I tried to swallow him whole. This guy is black, late 20s, fit, skinny with a nice cock. He was face fucking me with no mercy; spit just dripping from the sides of my mouth. He then pulled me up and told me to get on the bed on all 4s, he pulled the covers back and there was clearly a wet cum stain on the sheet, I bent over and licked it. He pushed me over and spit on my hole. Wasting no time getting into my ass. He was not a gentle fucker. He started pounding my ass hard, got up on his hind legs so he could drill me deeper. My ass was up at an angle giving him full access. I could feel his ass stretching my hole. He would slide is cock out to the tip and then ram it back in. The last thing I heard was, “get ready for this nut slut.” And he blasted inside me, rope after rope. He pulled out and left me there to clean up on my own. He came back into the room and walked me out. I opened my Grindr and saw the other guy had replied with his address. I said I would be there in 10 min and headed over. When I go there, I walked up to the door and knocked but nobody was opening, I messaged him and said I was outside but no response. I was about to leave, sad I didn’t get a second load when he messaged me, said he had been in the shower. Told me to walk up the driveway to the back. The gardeners had just arrived as I walked up the driveway, one of the guys just looked at me. I wondered if he knew what was up. I would so do him too, he wasn’t cute, but I was in cum slut mode and a load is a load. The guy opened up the door in a white towel. He was also black, younger 20s though. I walked in, he took me into the bedrooms and he dropped the towel. I got on my knees and started sucking him. His cock wasn’t big at first, but after sucking on it, it got bigger and thicker, he was definitely a grower and bigger than the first guy. He got me up on the bed on all 4s, and he started eating my ass. I wondered if he could taste the other guys load. I had never told him I had a load in me, but he must have. He was going to town digging deep with is tongue. After he got my ass nice and wet he took a hit of poppers and slipped in me. I gasped, even though I had already been fucked, he was definitely bigger and he stretched me, he put the bottle of poppers under my nose and had me take a whiff; I relaxed and let him in. He proceeded to fuck the shit out of me. His closet that was next to the bed had full length mirrors and he loved watching himself perform. My ass was getting a raping. I kept picturing the first guy’s load just being fucked into me. He told me he was getting close, I told him to go ahead and cum, not to worry about me, and to just breed my ass. He picked up speed and with one final plow busted his nut up my ass. He pinned me down while he shot rope after rope of cum up my ass. He pulled out and I got up and got dressed. Walked out, told him to hit me up sometime. I got back to my car, turned on my phone and made a note: 3/16 #36 Bust a nut #37 New Black guy, big cock PS. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t ask a lot of questions, so when I note the guys it’s usually just a description.
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    I had given him the condom and then got on all fours like he told me to. I didn’t actually see him put it on; being nineteen I just assumed that everyone used them. I expected him to start fucking me but instead he began to rim me and holy fuck that felt amazing, no one had ever done that to me before. After a few minutes he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me, between the moans I managed to get out a “fuck yes” and I felt the head of his cock pushing up against my now wet puckered hole. He entered me slowly but this felt a lot different…warmer, slicker; my tight hole resisted his slow thrusts but there was a lot less friction. After about five minutes I reached back to cup his balls and my fingers grazed his shaft pumping my hole…I didn’t feel any part of the condom. I was caught off guard and didn’t know what to do or say, my ass squeezed his cock and I felt myself trying to push him out. He noticed, moaned, and on an in stroke stopped. “What’s wrong?” “ Dude, where’s the condom?” “Right here, I thought you would like this better…you want me to stop?” At that moment he began to slowly fuck me again. I let out a low moan and grunt, relaxing my ass a bit and he knew my answer. I couldn’t believe I was letting him fuck me bare, I was told to always use condoms, but this just felt so incredibly amazing. About twenty minutes had passed and I knew that he was close. I had gone this far, fuck it, I wanted him to cum in my ass. I started to jerk my cock. “Fuck man, I’m going to cum!” I said A few more strokes and then his pushed in as deep as he could go and said, “Fuck me too man!” I felt it. Five squirts filling my ass with cum for the first time. At that moment I knew I was never going to get fucked with condoms again.
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    That's what he wrote to me... And like many sluts I have both slutty profiles and perfectly respectable "I'm looking for a coffee date that might lead to a relationship" profiles... This was sent to the "respectable" profile! Apparently even my face looks like somebody who needs a hard cock! I couldn't say no, of course. His pictures were purely of his cock, hard and thick and absolutely tempting! And while his profile said very little about what he was into, his messages quickly turned towards raw, hard, rape-like fucking. When he entered my house I was lying naked on the living room floor, legs firmly together so he could see my ass but would have to force my legs apart to get to my hole. Damn, I longed for him to force them apart... I had blind-folded myself, and there was a bottle of poppers hidden under my chest, so I was as ready as I could be. I heard his car in the drive, then the front door opening and closing and then the door to the living room. I knew he could see me then, so I pushed my ass a bit up, just to make it as tempting as possible. I could hear him taking off his clothes, and then suddenly I felt a gob of spit land on my ass, hitting the spot just above the crack... I think that's where I lost the plot! I got out the poppers, took three deep hits of it and then the rape scenario was basically ridiculous because I really had to restrain myself not to spread my legs wide open and beg for his fat, hard cock! I didn't need to beg, though... When he was naked he forced my legs apart, spat a few times on my hole directly - and then he rubbed the head of his cock up and down my crack a bit, moistening it before he pressed it hard against my hole and forced it inside me! Oh, fuck... Yup, it was as fat as it looked in the photos! He went balls-deep in one slow push, and then he pulled out completely and got up. I briefly wondered if I had somehow done something wrong (though really, I had done nothing but moan as he forced himself inside me!), but then he moved in front of me, knelt down and lifted my head up and made me suck his cock. At first I did my best to suck him, but clearly that wasn't good enough as he soon grabbed my head tight and started fucking my mouth, clearly with the intention of getting some deep-throating going... I'm just not good at deep-throating, though, and this was a fat, hard cock so no easy task... I managed to take it all twice, but actual deep-throat fucking was clearly not going to happen. He got up again, and I took a few hits of poppers to recover from the ordeal. And then he was at my ass again. He went in fast and deep! And then he pounded. Hard. Every stroke went as deep as he could, and within a few minutes he quickened the pace and finally shot his load in me. Damn... Too soon... Then I heard a chair being pulled across the floor to somewhere behind me and then he spoke to me for the first time, demanding that I play with my cummy ass for him. Fingering myself in front of another is a mix of humiliation and hotness - perhaps the humiliation adds to the hotness? - but I took a few deep hits of poppers and then I obeyed... I started out with one finger, but he quickly ordered me to add one more. And then after a while yet one more... After his cock it felt quite suitable with three fingers in my ass, but when he demanded a fourth finger up there I was struggling a bit, so I had to pull out the fingers to unscrew the lid of the poppers bottle and top up my high before obeying and forcing four fingers inside myself. I did my best to put on a show for him, lifting my ass in the air and fucking myself as hard as I could with my fingers. It wasn't enough, though, because suddenly I heard the rustling sound of a plastic bag and then something cold landed on my thigh... "Fuck yourself with this", he said, so I reached back and found a dildo. My ass was pretty well lubed with his cum after I had been fingering myself, so I pressed the head of the dildo to my hole and pushed it inside me. I moaned loudly when my hole gave in and the dildo went inside... It felt so good! (In messages after our encounter he told me it was one of those "make a replica of your cock" DIY dildos, so basically it was a clone of the cock that had just been inside me - no wonder it fit so well in my ass!) I fucked myself with it for a while, obeying his orders about when to go faster or slower, deeper or shallower... I had promised him my hole would be his, so clearly I had to use the dildo as if he were handling it. Then he suddenly grabbed my hand with the dildo, pulled the dildo out and replaced it with his cock. Oh, damn! I love a good dildo, but there's nothing like a hard cock! And he pounded me fast and furiously, stopping only intermittently to order me to take more poppers. All I could do was moan and whimper and writhe in ecstasy as he used my ass hard! And this time it wasn't a matter of counting minutes - he went on and on and on! Hard, fast, deep... And it just continued! My hole was getting sore, which sort of turned me on even more - after all, if you've agreed to a rape scenario it's sort of part of the deal that it's not meant to be 100% pleasant for the bottom, and unless something freaky happens the bottom definitely shouldn't say "no". And I didn't. I took the heavy, prolonged pounding. I knew it was what I needed. I knew that was what my ass was made for. And eventually he came in me again... He pulled out, and once again he moved in front of me and forced me to suck his cock, this time with a distinct taste of cum and a hint of my own ass. I kept sucking and licking until he had gone completely flaccid, and then he pulled out, got dressed and left. He had fucked me so thoroughly that I ended up falling asleep there on the floor, blindfold still on and cum dripping out my ass... When I woke up a few hours later I realised he had left the dildo behind. He says he'll be back to pick it up soon, but that I'm free to use it as much as I want until then.
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    I was on Skout hoping some straight men would start chatting to me asking if they can come visit the hole. I talked to a few guys that kind of fizzeled into nothing, and some thought I was a woman (even though it clearly states I'm not) and blocked me as soon as they figured out Im a gay man. Eventually this young Arab guy starts talking to me, general chit chat at first and then he writes "I've never had my dick sucked" and I said there's a first time for everything and I'd be honoured to be the first person to pleasure him. He said he has a girlfriend that's strict about not having sex before marriage, I wrote "your 20 you should be having lots of sex, are you a virgin?". He was far too good looking and fit to be a virgin. "No I'm not but I've only had sex once at a party" he said. "Are You hard?" I asked and he said he was and I gave him my address, at first he was hesitant he didn't want to cheat on his girlfriend but I reminded him that it's just a mouth. I waited a little over an hour and he finally arrived, he walked up to the hole. He was wearing a black jacket with a white tee underneath and some skinny leg black jeans with skater shoes. "Hey" he whispered, "hey" I said back. He started unbuttoning his jeans and then unzipped and pulled his jeans down to his ankles, "do I just stick it through?" He asked, "yeah, give me that cock" I asked. He pulled his briefs down to reveal a really big uncut dick that curved to the left. It was beautiful. He put his cock through and I could smell his dick before I got close to it, it smelt amazing. I looked at it, pre-cum was already dripping from his cockhead. "Beautiful" I said, "what?" He asked, "I said your cock is beautiful", "tell me if it tastes good" he said and I smiled before licking and sucking on his balls. His cock flexed and I knew it was only going to take a few sucks to make him cum, he was loaded and ready to go. I wrapped my lips around his knob his pre-cum oozing out as a perfect appatiser, I knew his cum was going to taste incredible. "You taste good" I said, before taking his whole length in my mouth, I could feel him pulsing and he started to moan. A moan that was more of a gentle quiver, I slowly worked my way back up to his head when he suddenly said with volume "I'm cumming! Oh fuck yeah I'm cumming!" And his warm watery sperm started filling up my mouth. I was rock hard it was so hot and so fucking tasty. I collected it all and just kept sucking on his head but he was too sensitive and pulled out. "Oh my god" he said, as I swallowed his cum. "Whenever you need it, message me ok I'll give you my number" I said. He just kept breathing and standing there, I looked at his cock "there's a bit more cum buddy come back" I said, he put his cock back through and I slurped up the remainder. "Thank you" he said before leaving with my number.
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    You know when you just need another cock, you need another mouth full of hot creamy cum! I am so grateful for every cock I get. This guy messaged me on Skout saying he had just finished drinking with his mates and was after a good bj. So I invited him over. When he arrived he was a lot more intoxicated then I thought from his messages, he walked in and said "where are you cocksucker?" And I told him to look my way. "You hungry for some cock faggot?" He asked and I said I was badly. Most guys don't undress completely but as I watched him through the hole he took all his clothes off except his shoes. He was stocky, footballer kind of build, really hot! He smelt like cigarettes and beer and he stuck his meat through the hole. Thick and juicy, cut and hard I showed him how thankful I was by worshipping his dick. Fuck he tasted good to, he was oozing pre-cum and had that musky kind of odor. "Suck that dick faggot!" He said and I did, I sucked him passionately. "You like how that dick tastes?" He asked and I just moaned yes. "Good slut, keep sucking" he demanded. I got carried away with this guy I was trying to make myself gag on his cock, getting him nice and wet as I worked for what I wanted. "You want that load faggot?" He asked, I stopped sucking for a moment "YES!" I said loudly before taking his length back down My throat. "Come on!" He said and then louder "come on suck faggot! Suck!" So hot hearing him talk to me like that. "Your about to get what you want" he said, his voice quivering as he started blowing. I rammed my face down on his dick, some of his load running right down the back of my throat, the rest I collected on my tongue. "Fucking slut!" He said before pulling his cock out. "Thanks faggot" he said before leaving. I stayed there for a moment swirling his load around in my mouth, before downing it. Perfect way to end the night.
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    "Imsuperior" informed me he was in Sydney and out drinking with some mates of his. Having gone to his house the last time around he was interested in seeing my private gloryhole. While I waited for him I went to a local cruising area but absolutely no one was there. On my way back I thought I'd swing by a parking area where people obviously park and get up to no good. There was a car parked there with some guys inside but I think they were smoking up and not after any kind of action. As I headed back to my house I noticed two used condoms near the parking area. I picked one up and it was full of cum, I picked the other up and it was full to and still warm. I couldn't wait to get home and drink the contents, it had been a while since I had found a used condom. When I got home I sat the condoms on my coffee table and took my clothes off. I was hard as, I sat down and started jerking a bit before picking up the less full condom. I poured the cum onto my tongue and kept jerking as I tasted the load. Tasted good, I love having no idea who was responsible for it. After swallowing that I picked up the condom that was still warm when I found it, now this load tasted good! I made sure I got every drop of semen out of it, and kept it in my mouth for a while as I beat my meat, I didn't want to cum, but I was so turned on. I eventually swallowed that load and then made my way into my gloryhole hoping I would get a message from Imsuperior soon. I had a long, long wait! Just before midnight I got a message from Imsuperior saying he was on his way. He walked in and wasted no time in walking straight up to the hole. "So this is where you feed is it slut?" He asked and I said "Yes!". "How bad do you want my cock? Huh!? Beg for it faggot! BEG!" He said/demanded. I begged, I sounded pathetic and he liked it. He was wearing jeans, vans and a plain black tee. He unzipped his perfect cock and stuck it through. "There you go faggot! Eat up!" He said and I started servicing his cock. "This is more then you deserve isn't it slut?" He asked but I just kept sucking, I stopped for a moment to catch my breath. "Did I say stop? SUCK!" He demanded and I got straight back on his length. I sucked on him for about 15 minutes as he told me what a slut I was until he finally filled my mouth with a fresh load. "Show me that cum in your mouth" he asked and I stuck my mouth out the hole to show him before swallowing. He then told me that next time he may bring some more guys with him, which I'm obviously very excited about.
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    This security guard is 25 years old, fit, blonde, kind of short in height but fuck he has a nice 6in uncut cock. I love sucking this guys dick! It started a year or so ago on Skout. My profile name is "Gloryhole cocksucker". In my description I say that I'm discreet, he sent me a chat request telling me he needed his cock sucked and asked how it worked. I explained that once I give him my address he just walks in my side door, looks to the left and he'll see the hole, he slips his cock through and I will make him cum! I've been sucking his cock on and off ever since. This morning he sent me a text saying he wanted to visit before work and I told him to come over. I was getting ready for work but was more then happy to be late if he meant servicing this guy. He walks in up to the hole, unzips his work pants, pulls them down to his ankles and slips his cock through. He's always boned up before I even wrap my lips around him. I like to start with his balls, he smells like such a man and I love it! While sucking on his balls this morning he says: "I don't have a lot of time SUCK!" So I got straight to it, getting a nice taste of his uncut meat and some pre-cum before working his shaft. "Come on suck!" He said again while I was deepthroating him. Its such a turn on when they are verbal, and he was really in a rush today he normally likes me to take my time and really worship his dick...but not today. "SUCK!" He demanded, "SUCK!" He said again and I sucked harder and harder each time he said it. "That's it! Thats fucking it! Don't stop!" He said and I kept going at the same pace for him, getting more of his pre-cum in my mouth. I started massaging his balls and I could feel he was getting close. "Don't stop!" He said again, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fucking cum!" He said before moaning and grunting loudly and filling my mouth with his warm sperm. "Dont stop sucking!" He demanded and I kept going making sure I didn't lose any of his nut in my mouth. His cock head grew sensitive and he pulled his dick from my mouth. Savouring the taste of his cum I watched him pull his pants up and leave before swallowing his load. I went to work happy but incredibly horny for more.
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    I hadn't done anything sexual for a couple of days because I knew I had an STI, I waited in the doctors office for him to tell me what I already knew. He walked in and informed me that I had Chlamydia, he gave me the whole "no sexual activity" speech and gave me a script for antibiotics. As I was leaving I thought well my ass has an STI, but my mouth doesn't. I jumped onto Breedingzone later that evening and saw I had a notification from a user called "Imsuperior" he was from Dubbo but traveled to Sydney from time to time and was keen to get his cock sucked. I started messaging him and asked when he would be down and he wrote: "If you want my cock so bad you come to me faggot"...so I did, I drove all the way to his house in Dubbo. He has an incredible body and a stiff rock hard 6in cock, he's cut and has a handsome face, but looks like a mean guy. He was very arrogant but it was really arousing. I knocked on his door and he let me in "sorry it took so long traffic up here was shit" I said, he shut the door behind me. At this point he was wearing just jean shorts with his briefs hanging out the top, he had no shoes or tee on but was wearing a cap. "That's enough small talk don't ya think?" He said. "Sorry" I said admiring his body, "get on your fucking knees!" He said and I dropped to my knees as fast as I could. Looking up at him he started grabbing at his bulge and started waking away from me, "where..." I started to say when he cut me off "crawl! Crawl to my cock like the dog you are" he said. And I did, he walked to the end of his hallway and stood there waiting as I crawled to him. He took his shorts and briefs off revealing his beautiful cock. I couldn't wait! I wanted it so badly! "Suck my fucking cock faggot!" He said and I did, I started sucking like you wouldn't believe, moaning like a "bitch" as he said. "I thought you said you were a slut! A faggot! Come on deepthroat that dick, I want my knob touching the back of your throat!" He demanded and I made myself gag on him, his cock tasted so good, he was full of testosterone and his attitude was just...the whole experiance was amazing. "A lot of fags say they swallow but they don't, your gonna swallow aren't you faggot?" He asked and I nodded my head as I sucked on his cock. He slapped the side of my face, "SUCK!" He yelled, "Come on work for that load FAGGOT!" He yelled and suddenly he started shooting that sperm down my throat. What a fucking meal, what a load! I'm hard just thinking about how good he tasted. I swallowed his cum but kept kissing and sucking and worshiping his cock until he was flaccid. "You know the way out" he said. After leaving he sent me a message on here saying he would be down the coming Friday, and I was so excited I hope he becomes a regular.
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    It's well and truly summer here, and today I spent most of the time naked in my garden. I rather like being naked outside - and my garden is secluded enough for me to do that without bothering anybody, so why not? But the trouble with being naked in the sun is that it sets off all sorts of hormones, and before you know it you're desperately horny and craving a large, hard cock! So I found one and invited it and it's adjoined man over... I was naked on a blanket on the lawn when he arrived, ass in the air and legs apart so he had a full view of what was on offer. He seemed to approve, because fairly soon he was kneeling between my legs, lapping at my hole with a wet tongue... Damn, my hole needed that attention! It was literally twitching with horniness as his tongue passed over it again and again. I knew all I had to do was to take one sniff of poppers to become a willing little slut, begging for cock - but he was so good with his tongue that I tried to put it off for as long as possible. My entire ass crack was wet with his saliva when he started getting more insistent with his tongue, pressing it into my hole as he sucked on the rim, loosening me up and giving me a solid tongue-fucking! So good... I was pushing my ass up against his face and spreading my ass cheeks for him as I begged him to get that tongue as deep inside me as possible. He pulled me up to a doggy position and I could hear him unzip his trousers and start jerking his cock behind me, so I took three deep hits of poppers - and we all know what that does to me... I begged for that cock!!! But at first all I got was two fingers, as he kept jerking himself fully hard while finger-fucking me. I wanted that cock so badly... He had said online that it was "large" but that can mean so many things, depending on personal perception. Well, it FELT large when he finally rammed it inside me! One quick, hard push until he was balls-deep in me! Ouch... I've got to say, that hurt a lot, and by sheer reflex I moved a bit forward but he held my hips and made sure I couldn't get away from the cock I had begged for! He was the sort of fucker who just hammers away in a hole, keeping a firm grip on the bottom's hips so I couldn't get away from the severe ploughing. Not that I wanted to, of course; I had invited him over to fuck me, and fuck me he did! Oh, fuck, he fucked me! Hard and deep and relentlessly. And then he slowed down, but still with long, deep strokes until he finally moaned and I could feel his cum squirting out into my sore ass... So satisfying! I expected him to pull out, zip up and leave, but instead he stayed inside me for a while, softening only a little before he resumed fucking me! "Are you going to double-load me?", I asked, but he didn't reply. He just quickened the pace of his fucking to full jack-hammer level and within 5 minutes he deposited a second load in me. And THEN he pulled out, zipped up and left, and I was lying on a sunny lawn with cum leaking out of my ass...
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    So there is a top buck from out of town at the hotel who isn't popping up as 'checked in' at the hotel yet, a BB-Sex-party in the country, and my man being a putz, unwilling to be a sport. I'm yearning for some anon JERK cum up my hole... maybe I need to go to the bars. So WHERE and HOW can I get a BREEDINGZONE T-shirt to make sure I give the seedy crowd enough clues as to what I'm up to? SO UPDATE: my (much younger) man had a change of heart as the 'ring-leader' of the sex-party texted him too. Suddenly him in primp-mode, what to wear to a sex-party? It's a long drive out into the country, deepest rural Tennessee, right at the border to Mississippi. You would never expect that something like that exists out here. My 'coming out' to the 'promiscuous bareback scene' is still all very recent and just saying THE WORDS is almost like a magic spell that suddenly 'opens doors into a dark seedy world'. As a novice you realize that there are those who 'practice TABOO magic' and those who are just muggles! A child-like excitement that is hard to follow for the more hardcore bros on here I'm sure. Two of my first 'scores' while hunting on bbrt were there at the party: both with big dicks and Prince Alberts. I remember hooking up with them and relishing the banter I had: loudly and openly discussing assorted exploits of theirs, swapping tales of swapping cum with total strangers between here, Atlanta and New Orleans. All conquests the vanilla bar-cruisers would hush-hush about and probably deny. One of them even casually admitting to the 'pitfalls' of the dark-trade, something nobody would do if they were bragging. He said he likes to be bred by 'packs of black guys' and loves getting fisted like a fiend. Realizing I was a novice stunned and startled, he was like a bro who 'guides' the new-comer: "You gotta be careful with these Memphis blacks!" he warned "Half of them are thugs on drugs and may come back any time of day and night and hit you up for money and steal you blind!" But he said he sure 'loves black cock' and laughed loudly as he admitted 'coming up with another disease' he catches and that he frequently over the years walks into the health department like a regular at a service station. Well anyway, he was the embodiment of the 'dangerous players' I used to avoid. After fisting him like Thanksgiving turkey (first and last time I ever did that) he ravaged me with his eight-inch cock and the monstrous PA and verbally relished the fact that I took his POZ load like a champ... Well at the party were about ten guys: half of them naked. Among them were the two PA monsters who I had fucked before and the younger BF of the 'ring-leader' whose dangling dick-knob I was admiring as he was making drinks. My favorite thing was to eat his ass as he threw himself into a sling and everybody got to watch... my man got so turned on he made me step aside so he could breed him. And here just a couple hours ago he was 'a putz' wanting to 'stay in and eat chili'. It was a back-and-forth, a free-for-all, my man sticking his fat cock in every Tom. Dick and Harry as I like it and him being puzzled as I'm discussing with a heavily tattooed porn-producer letting me be the 'BB-penata' in an 'amateur porn' as only three states in the union allow the 'professional' production of porn. "But everybody likes AMATEUR porn, non-scripted!" 'Close-up shots of being bred, no pulling out, no 'jerking on the ass', loads delivered BALLS-DEEP, no 'proof for dummies' just dripping cum!" HELL YEAH! My man and the bred host BF were later making plans of 'US FOUR' spending a 'seedy weekend' at a gay resort near Nashville soon... dark-rooms and all! The thing is: when we got home, my man still didn't have enough! He summoned up some closet frat-boy, a hunky very articulate black 'kid' who claims to be 'straight' but is on grindr all the time. My man accommodated him with a blow-job forever until I had to make noise to let him know 'time is up'. Dude didn't want to fuck, but CUDDLE, he didn't mind! Fuck that! I already got that part out of the equation because after half an hour 'a standard hooker goes into over-time' and I started snooping: watching my man make his magic demon-tongue work along the long shaft of the frat-boys cock after I presume he nutted at least twice already. So after my man had been a genuine slut, with more scores than I have EVER seen him add to his belt in a night, he breed me and gave me a full load. My favorite thrill: TRAMP LOADS! The night would have been perfect had he not gotten sloppy drunk and fallen asleep with his half-eaten bowl of chili on the couch... but he is learning!
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    Like I said in my last blog entry it has been a couple of weeks since I have has any cock because of work. So I get off work on Friday and head for home to fix something to eat and get cleaned up to head out hunt for some cock. I get home put dinner in the oven and placed an ad on craigslist looking for cock before getting into the shower. I get done with my shower get all freshened up and start eating dinner. While eating dinner I sorted through my craigslist replies to the ad I placed. After sorting through all of the "hey"'s and "What's up"s, I hate that when guys reply to my ads like that. Anyway I found one guy that looked promising. After a few emails back and forth I found out he was a total Top that loved to have his cock sucked, he loved to eat ass and really like to pound a nice ass. I thought I had found a perfect match for what I was looking for and got directions to his hotel room and agreed on a time. I show up at his hotel room door and knock softly. A nice looking man in a bath robe a few years older than myself answers the door and lets me in. He shuts and locks the door and while he walks past me towards the bed we get the hello's and how you doing conversation out of the way. He tells me to get comfortable as he drops his robe and lays on the bed. I take that as a cue that he wants to get things started right away so I strip down and walk to the bed and crawl between his legs and start stroking and sucking his cock. His cock is soft at this point but it is a nice cock. I suck him for a short time and I can feel his cock start to get a little harder but I couldn't get his cock hard enough to stand on its own. I work his cock and balls and still can't seem to get him completely hard. I ask him is everything is feeling good and he assures me that I suck an amazing cock and he is just tired from working a long shift. He has me roll over and starts sucking my cock and working my nuts making me feel real good. Then he moves down and starts to rim my ass. Damn this guy can really make a guys ass feel good with his tongue. My cock is fucking hard as a rock as he eats my ass. I'm am so ready to get fucked at this point I am guessing he realizes this as he moves up my body and I wait to feel his cock head against my hole. I feel for his cock and it is still soft and he starts rubbing his soft cock against my raging hard cock as his mouth finds my nipples and he starts sucking and gently biting each nipple. Then I feel him move up more and feel his hand on my cock guiding it towards his ass and starts to push back. My cock head is starting to push inside of him. I'm thinking to myself what the fuck is going on here. This guy tells me that he is a total Top and he is the one with a cock up his ass. So as my cock is sliding in his ass I ask him about being a total Top and he told me that he can be a total Top but he usually likes to bottom. Now at this point I am kind of pissed because I know this is just another one of the fucked up craigslist hookups. The guy told me what he thought I wanted to hear to get me there. The more I thought about it the less interested I was in finishing what had started. At this point my cock started to go soft because I was now more turned off than turned on. So at this point the fucking had stopped and I was getting ready to exit this scene. He told me that he was sorry for not being completely honest and so on. I got dressed and left the hotel. Now I wasn't totally piss but I just hate it when shit goes down like this. I absolutely hate it when guys aren't honest about what they want. I can't begin to tell you how many guys have told me they are total Tops and yes some of them will Top but really they are the ones looking to get cock in their ass. I don't really have a problem with that but if they are looking for a flip fuck then I feel they should say that up front. I really like to bottom and many times I have flip fucked but for me to fuck a guy I have to really be horned up and that helps me get horny to fuck a guys ass. So after leaving the hotel I stopped by the ABS and was able to suck a couple of cocks through the gloryhole but didn't find a cock to satisfy my ass. I ended up going home and figured I would continue my hunt for cock on Saturday.
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    tranny needs gangbang breeding she needs to suck cock, and have her asspussy filled with hit juicy cum to till it drips out
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    It was a very random night, my coworker, Will, who I rarely see outside of work called me up and told me to come join him and another work buddy downtown. I never cared much for my coworker, Will, but I've always had a huge boner for our other coworker, Cal. They're both very straight, with wives and kids, but they know I'm gay and it's never been a secret plus they also know I like my X and mdma. I just recently turned 30, have always been in decent shape, trimmed body hair, nice chest, broad shoulders, always loved my beer though so no six pack of abs, just an average cub kind of guy. So I guess they'd been to a concert. The day before, Will asked me to hook him up with a bit of X - he was no stranger to the drug scene so I wasn't really surprised. Cal, however, was a huge surprise. He's an athlete outside of work, always in marathons, iron man competitions, and is the father of a fairly young family too. So when I showed up to find Cal totally wired up on ecstasy which I provided, I was shocked... and pretty excited. I didn't think I'd be getting anywhere with Cal sex-wise, but I was planning on getting my hands all over that chiseled manly body of his and make him feel as good as possible. They were both wasted and flying so I suggested taking them out to a club and let them add some booze to the mix. They were stoked on that idea and said they wanted to see what kinds of clubs I go to... and before I could describe my preferred scene Will demanded I take them to the cheesiest clubby gay bar I could think of. Great. I hate those bars. So off we went, to a stupid pretentious bar full of young queerios and their overdone fag hags. It was ok though, Cal was already clinging to me for dear life, like I had become his safety anchor - his fingers fidgeting and digging into my skin, he was so wound up on the x - it turns out this was his first time trying it. He didn't seem to mind that my hand was wandering down his back and feeling the crest of his muscled ass cheeks. I slipped my hand between his jeans and his boxers and gave a little squeeze. He is a manly hairy guy - thick and muscular, with crisp frost blue eyes and black curly hair, just turned 40 and has that distinguished salt and pepper sort of look with a fucking hot 5 o'clock shadow. Fuck I wanted him so bad. I barely paid any attention to Will, he was getting obnoxious, as usual and trying to start fights with the bouncer... his favourite thing to do is piss people off. Cal and I hung out in an upstairs area. I stood behind him while he sat and overlooked the busy dance floor. I started giving him a shoulder massage and could see the shiver of delight jolt through his body when I touched him. I wrapped my arms around his chest from behind, I felt up his bulging pec's and could feel the coarse hair of his manly chest through his shirt. His nips were rock hard and he was rolling his head back into my neck and nuzzling his lips along my cheek. He was obviously enjoying himself. All I could think of was to get him back to my place, so I suggested we get out of there. I warned him that he probably shouldn't go home to his wife (who is known to be a total conservative and uptight bitch) - but of course I was gracious enough to extend an invite to my place and let him sleep it off. He agreed, the mention of his wife nearly sobered him up - and to my surprise, he asked me to compose the message to her on his phone because his vision was so messed up he couldn't see the font! I sent a letter off to her pretending I was Cal - explaining that "I" couldn't get home tonight, that my idiot friend Will promised to DD and decided to drink. So I was going to crash at a work friend's place. Perfect. Done. Cal is now mine for one whole night. Who the fuck ever knew I'd have this kind of luck randomly land on me? Fast forward through one very obnoxious cab ride home with Will screaming out his window at anyone walking along the sidewalk - we made it to my place. Will is a total drunk, so the second we got into my quiet house, he hit a couch and was out cold for the night. Cal was a bit anxious. He didn't seem to know what to do with himself, he'd asked for another pill just before we left the club and I could see it was just kicking in now. The shivers, the eye rolls, the tensed up shoulders and clenched jaw. He was rollin alright. I loaded up my bong and got him to take a hit. Again, he's so fresh to the scene I had to actually hit the bong and do half of it for him. He knew Will was down for the count now, and that it was just the two of us. He suddenly seemed to get a bit more confident and sat down on my knee where I was sitting. He straddled my legs, facing me. Huge smile on his face, ran his fingers through my hair and all he could say was.... "Hi....." and then he kissed me. Open mouthed, full on kiss, and suddenly I found my mouth full of his tongue. He sat like that and made out with me for several minutes, before he stopped and regained his composure. He stood up and started pacing around again, becoming a little more anxious. I think he was freaking out a little, battling his ego and what he was doing. So I got up and grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom. I told him to take his shirt off and lie face down in my bed and I'd make him feel relaxed. I started off innocent and harmless. Just a superficial massage to relax him and make him feel warm and happy. As I progressed down toward his butt cheeks I really worked around his hip muscles, an area that I know feels amazing... and while I was there I slid my fingers underneath his front hips and was sure to brush by a very noticeable bulge. He let out a moan. I knew I had him. I continued onto his ass cheeks, this time though, pulling his pants and boxers right down and exposing those beautiful pale globes of furry delicious ass cheeks. I rubbed and kneaded and manhandled that ass for a good ten minutes. He was in heaven. So then I got a bit braver. I spread his cheeks apart and ran my thumbs side by side down his crack, just barely grazing his hole, and continuing right past it and over his taint. I heard him gasping for air. He was in heat right now and didn't even know what to do about it. So I just went for it. I buried my face in that hole. I could taste his sweaty musky flavour immediately. It was the perfect mix of fresh shower, but had been out dancing and sweating just enough that he tasted like a fucking man! I worked my tongue into his hole, slid it in and out and snaked it all up and down his crack, and down again right to the backside of his nutsack. Mainly I worked my tongue, diving in and out of that sweet puckered hole of his. I couldn't get enough. I quickly kicked my pants off and sat on top of him, my throbbing dick resting in his ass crack, oozing precum all over him. I leaned forward and began massaging him again, rubbing his neck and scalp, making sure he kept this euphoric high tingly feeling while at the same time I was discretely rubbing my dick back and forth all around his hole. I felt him arching his back a little, indicating he was liking the sensation. So I slide back a bit to get a better view of his hole, my legs still straddling his, leaving him pinned under me to do as I please. Again, I spread his cheeks wide, I had a sweet view of his tight pink rosebud, lined with a bit of his masculine dark hair, all wet and slimy with my spit and precum. I started to nuzzle the head of my dick into his pucker. He didn't even ask me about a condom, and I've always been safe, so wasn't worried about giving him anything. I really preferred it bb anyway. Again I could hear his breathing grow sharp and panicky. So I shushed him, told him I'd be gentle as possible and to just bury his face in the pillow if he needed. His hole was so warm and tight. The entire head of my 7" uncut cock was inside him now. Slowly creeping further and further. Each time I felt it get a bit dry, I'd pull out, apply more spit and continue drilling into him. Finally, after 10 solid minutes of working my way in, I was balls deep. I leaned down and rested on top of him for a minute - just savouring the moment, feeling the pulse of my cock ticking inside him because it was so fucking hard. He even mentioned it - "is that your cock twitching? You didn't cum yet did you?" - I said "No, but it isn't going to take long because you're ass is so tight and you've made me so horny." He looked pleased that I was happy with his hole. So on that note I began to take long slow strokes. I could tell he was still a bit uncomfortable and kept clenching, causing himself some pain. Over a few minutes though I could feel his inner muscles give up and relax. Now I could go to town on this guy's virgin hole. All it took was a couple minutes of pounding before I could feel a tingling in my balls and before I could even say anything I felt my thick rope like sperm jetting into his asshole, balls deep and as far as my shaft could reach, I unloaded inside him, pinned him down so tight that he grunted and tried to move, but I wouldn't let him until the last pulse of my jiz was in there. Finally it ended. I rolled off him and felt my dick slide out with a noticeable "pop" noise as his hole slammed shut behind it, trapping my sperm inside. The idea that I left part of me in there is just so hot. I don't care for the whole bug chase and pozzing fetish, but I understand the breed and seed fetish and it totally turns me on. So now it was his turn. I flipped him over and started blowing him. I thought about letting him fuck me too, but before I could even go there he threw his head back and grabbed the back of my head. He thrusted his 6" THICK uncut man meat so hard into my throat that he hurt one of my front teeth with his pelvis... but of course I didn't say a word. I just let that sweet gooey cum spurt into my mouth and swallowed every last drop. Exhausted and spent, we passed out, curled up into each other. He was little spoon and I was big spoon. We woke up in the morning and I drove him home. His shades were on and he was silent most of the way. When we pulled up, his wife was waiting by the kitchen door. She waived at me with a big phoney smile on her face. I could tell she was ready to rip him a new one - too bad I beat her to it! This is a true story, except I changed their names for privacy. Sadly it's never happened or even been spoken of again since that night. He's still really nice to me, and we talk like we always used to at work. So even if he doesn't want to acknowledge what happened, I'm glad that at least it isn't awkward for us. I still jack off all the time thinking about his warm hairy manhole. Maybe again one day.... who knows.
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    Well since I just joined this might be a handy way of keeping track of my exploits for a while. I'm in my early 30's in Dublin, Ireland and don't get a massive amount of sex although what I do get is always raw. Met up with a guy a few days ago from BBRT, mid 40's, slim, shaved head lovely freckled shoulders, quite handsome. He came around to mine, even though I had slept hardly any I still went ahead with the meet, great decision! Had a cup of tea and chatted for a while before we got down and dirty, he had a lovely cock on him, not too big, but large enough. After some kissing and fondling (I know straight away if the sex will be good from the kissing) we stripped off and went to my bedroom before my housemate came back from work (he's a sleazy poz pig also). As usual the kissing was followed by some oral, he went down on me, great mouth for it, I'm not a monster cock, but I am very happy with what I have and he done it justice! Then I swivelled around so we could suck each other off and fuck each others mouths. After maybe 15 minutes, he grabbed me, threw me around and lubed me up before he started fucking me, like I said before, great cock and he knew what to do with it. I have always been told I am a very responsive bottom and he soon had me moaning and grinding on his cock until I got devious and wanted to repay the favour. Slipping off him, I threw him the bottle of poppers and got behind him to finger his hole, very tight for a guy in his mid fourties. This would usually put me off as I prefer a sloppier hole to fuck but I gave it a go. After I got the head of my cock past his entry point I found the sort of hole I like and gave him as good a fucking as he gave me having to stop myself when I felt myself getting close to cumming and we took a quick break. After the break we done a quick repeat, kissing, 69ing, he fucked me and then I wanted to shoot my load up him. I love fucking, but hate a bottom that is too tight and find it hard to cum through fucking, although I think if I had not had been so tired and wanked off about 4 hours previous I might have managed it. Instead I settled for wanking off and shoving my cock up his hole while I was cumming. Looking forward to trying to do it properly next time though! He came while I was cumming up him, so I had to make do with scooping it up and shoving it up my eager hole, again next time I hope to get it deep up me the proper way. I logged onto BBRT to find a message from him today hoping we could play again, yes pig, count on it!

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