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    May 2015. Three months into me using chems and being a bottom slut. I arranged to hook up with a guy I’d had a couple of hnh sessions with who was also a dealer. When I got to his place, we blew some clouds then he said he had to deliver to a client nearby. We headed over there and it was a group. I thought we were just dropping off but my mate got chatting to the client in the hallway and the pipe kept getting passed around. We ended up going through to the main room where the group was in action. 5 guys, all younger than me with a couple of real hot ones: an Arab with a big dark cut dick and a very young looking white guy, also hung. Lots of chems passed around in short time including G and K as well as plenty of pipe. At some point I find myself on all fours in bed, kissing my mate who is directing the others to take it in turns on my hole. And what sends me over the edge first time is hearing them talk about how hot my piggy ass looks and feels. I’d shaved it first time ever that week.
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    This is my first time doing one of these so be nice if you're commenting... This is PART ONE about the first time I had fun with KL I was scrolling through Fab and spotted this profile, Said he was a 20 yr old guy and says he was looking for some fun with an older guy. He wasn't far away at all. Hmmmm I thought to myself, well why not try, I'm a chub man, I'm used to rejection and if he doesn't like me then I'll block him or he'll block me and we move on. I sent him a hello message, brief introduction and asked what kind of guys he was looking for. Very quickly I got a response with a private picture attached; he was a smooth twink, little to no body hair, some facial hair, and was looking for a fuck after work. He finished working in a local shop at 11pm. It was now 10:20pm. He said he was in the mood for an older guy tonight, wanted to get fucked and have some fun. I sent back my pics, cock shot, ass shot and full body shot, didn't want him chickening out when we met so full disclosure that I was a large chub man. He responded to say my cock looked tasty and could I pick him up after work? I lived less than 15 mins from where he was working, told him I could and told him I could drop him home later on. Deal was done... but before we disconnected he asked did I fuck bareback? It was one of the ticked YES items on my profile, and it was on his too. I told him yeah I had gone BB before. Then came the words I was thrilled with "Would you like to go bareback tonight?" I didn't need to be asked twice, but I played it cool and said I'd pick him up at 11:15pm in a local park over the road from where he worked and we'd take it from there. Short time later I was driving into the park and over towards the back under a street light was a nice looking lad, backpack, hat and jacket. I parked up and got a message asking was that me. He hoped into the car and said hello, he was quiet and we made small talk as we drove back. He told me he wasn't into kissing or poppers but up for everything else so that was my open to ask the question. Me: You mentioned you were into bareback? KL: Yeah it feels good to do it, been doing it a while. Get tested obviously and I'm clean, I saw on your profile you mention you were tested last month ME: Yeah I was tested last month he smiled and looked at me as I did to him while we sat at traffic lights You wanna go raw tonight? KL: Yeah I do, no problem doing it with you as we've both been tested Back to my house a few minutes later and straight in the door, I took him by the hand and brought him up to the bedroom. I removed my shoes and hoodie as he walked over to me and got on his knees and started sniffing and playing my cock through my track end. I dropped my pants and jocks and let my uncut cock loose as he swallowed with ease He released my cock from his mouth and stood up. I grabbed him and held him close to me, grabbing both his ass cheeks through his jeans, he pulled off his t-shirt revealing a hairless body, thin but nicely formed. "nice looking body kid" I said "glad you like, wanna see more" as he stood back and dropped his jeans to the floor revealing a decent cock, tidy pubes and hairy legs. Whatever way he looked at me I just felt the need to ask "What age are you again?" "I turned 18 recently" was his response as he climbed onto the bed and lay on his back showing me his tight little hole
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    ANOTHER REAL EXPERIENCE – Unsuspected Pnp’ers Who knew they partied? A recent series of posts on Breeding Zone, discussing whether or not your friends are aware of your partying activities got me thinking about the times I discovered someone I knew and would never have expected indulged, was instead well-acquainted with enhanced sex. For 16 years, I've managed to keep my party life from interfering with my two careers or other "normal world" day-to-day activities. Some periods I attend pnp parties once or twice a week, some periods a few times a month, sometimes only once a month. In answer to your question, CERTAIN friends know I party (certainly my husband knows I do, though he does not - our open sexual relationship for the past 27+ years and our opposite work schedules mean I do so only during those times he is working which he is cool with). Only one of my straight friends knows I party, and select gay/bi friends. Usually those are friends I've either met "in the scene" who have crossed over into being actual real-world friends that one could rely on, rather than just pnp-buds (who are fine too, so long as one realizes the limitations and true parameters of that kind of interaction). However, every once in a while I'm surprised to discover someone I never expected is a partier, and I always get a kick out of hooking up in a situation like that. When my husband and I lived in Hell’s Kitchen in the 90s, directly across the air-shaft that sank through the center of our apartment building lived two guys who like us were musical theater performers – these guys were both hot and ripped African-American dancers (my hubby and I are Anglo – and like them I had a muscled dancer bod). It got to the point where we would all do 3 ways and 4 ways together… the catch being that either one or both of them would come to our place, or I would go to theirs by climbing across the airshaft 4 stories up! (My hubby, an opera singer, could not do the same). To be fair, the ventilation shaft was shaped like a hexagon <=> and we crawled across where in the angle where the two windows met. Like us, one of them was really kinky and the other pretty vanilla so no enhancements were ever included. They eventually moved out to LA to do music videos. Then, a few years later, after I had started to pnp a bit more, I bumped into Craig, the kinky one, at a buddy’s afternoon chemparty and finally got to play with him in a supercharged way – we did so several times during the time he was back in New York for a show – it was great to finally fuck that beautiful hot ass bareback and get fucked by his fat black cock the same way, along with some major hole play between us. There was a hot but conservative couple I knew that for years were very vocally anti-party - we'd played together, but it took longer for me to get to their place then the un-enhanced sex would actually take, and so I didn't go out often. Then one day out of the blue they had a total switch and my numerous sessions with them since have been very hoT - I've written about them in my true experiences blog on this site. The same for an actor/director I knew only professionally - we'd starred in two productions together and he'd directed me in a third... what a Christmas Present it was when this guy - a married guy with kids who had a TV series in the 80s and is in a ton of movies we've all seen - got me alone at a rehearsal for "A Christmas Carol" and told me he was bisexual and a 'mutual friend' had assured him that I could mentor him in the T-fueled gay sex scene which I gladly said I would... this was made even more ironic in that I was playing Bob Crachit and he was playing Ebenezer Scrooge at the time. Imagine if you will seeing Crachit and Scrooge naked, blowing clouds and booty bumping, with Crachit topping and breeding a leather restrained Scrooge and giving him chem piss... yeah we played that up in our first sex session (even used the British accents...). One of our other first sessions took place in his house one evening, in his office/library room while his soon-to-be ex-wife was out – we swapped pipe hits while fucking on his desk and blowing clouds on the family pics on his desk. When they separated, he took an apartment in Upper Manhattan and we pnp’d there frequently. Another surprise was recent and very, very welcome. During the '90s when I lived in Hell's Kitchen, there were a number of regularly scheduled sex parties in NYC. There was one I attended very frequently where the guys running it would not charge me the entrance fee if I would come early and get the sex started (having no inhibitions). One of the event runners, Bill, was one of the hottest guys I'd ever had sex with and we'd frequently save our last encounter of the night for each other when we'd flip-fuck, both of us having spent the rest of evening topping others. While I would do some bottoming on some nights, he never did at all, except for me and one other guy and only at the end of the party, because the other guys in management didn't want his big cock and butch leather reputation to be sullied among the other customers/guests - apparently, they felt, correctly it seems, that the possibility of being fucked by him brought lots of guys back week after week. Bill and I also very naughtily broke the “always use a condom” pledge that was part of the event rules somewhat frequently… however, it was usually so late that there’d be no one to notice who ever would have complained or reported it, and hell, he was one of the event runners! Anyway, these parties were very much NOT chem-friendly so how would I know he was into it? After 12 years without seeing each other, he read one of my "real experience" blogs on Tumblr, and as he said "I knew immediately that had to be you!" and sent a message. Funny, he was afraid I wouldn't remember, or that I'd not be interested - WRONG!! I nearly fell out of my chair trying to respond immediately - it's nice to know that someone you think was one of the most amazing sex partners EVER thinks the same of you! The first time I saw him after those 12 years, I met him in midtown to introduce him to my candyman. After sitting around with a few other guys and blowing clouds with them, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other – and since nothing was going to be happening where we were for at least a few more hours – we found a nearby hotel room, raced over there, got naked, loaded up our pipes and dove all over each other. We both ate hole for what seemed like hours, since we’re both addicted to rimming and we each do it VERY well. It was a very hot, unexpected surprise (we hadn’t planned on playing until the following week) and though it was only a couple of hours, it was just so much fun to really LET GO with this kindred spirit. Just this past weekend, I introduced him to a hot versatile couple I play with sometimes in the Bronx, and it was the first time I saw him slammed (he’s done so very infrequently)… it was amazing to watch him truly relax and just have FUN while the four of us flip fucked and enjoyed each other all around. So we've now partied together - one on one, which is unusual for me - several times now and the sessions have been awesome. We also relate on a number of other levels including having husbands with physical disabilities, and its great to have someone to talk about that with as well - its been double bonus time for both of us!
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    It's been quite a while since I was last fucked, so yesterday I decided to do something about that. Fortunately BBRTS.com quickly yielded a result, though I had to wait for today... So by 3pm I knocked on a door in the suburbs, and though I think I had been fairly honest about basically being a cock-hungry bottom slut they seemed surprised that as we were saying hello I had already started undressing so I was standing stark-naked in front of them within seconds! I'm not good at playing hard-to-get... They didn't mind, though, and I was immediately lead into the bedroom and told to get on hands and knees on the bed. The younger of the guys then lubed up and began pushing side me at one. Who needs foreplay when there's a hard cock and a willing hole, right? The older guy was just watching as his boyfriend fucked me hard with his 7" cock, apparently quite pleased to see his boyfriend plough the ass of some random sluff the internet... And then they swapped places - I know I'm a complete size queen, but there really IS a big difference between 7" and 8"... The first cock fit my ass perfectly, but the extra inch on the older guy? That was enough to make me squirm and moan and take some extra-deep hits of poppers! While he was fucking my ass deep and hard he directed his boyfriend in front of me so I could suck his cock, though in reality I did very little sucking. With every hard thrust in my ass my mouth was forced down on the cock in front of me, so all I had to focus on was to stay on my knees and elbows. The younger guy had opened me up nicely, though, so my ass felt open and sloppy even around his boyfriend's larger cock - and when I reached back to feel the shaft pump in and out of my hole I could easily slide two fingers up alongside his cock... I came SO close to beg them to try to double-fuck me, but because it's been so long since I last got fucked I didn't do it - I'd hate to ask for it and then not being able to deliver! Of course now I regret it... They swapped places a few more time, and finally the older guy started grunting and gave a few last thrusts as he unloaded in me and collapsed on top of me. Well... I wasn't going to miss a single drop of cum, so I began clenching my ass around his softening cock, milking out the very last of his load until it became too much for him and he pulled out, making space for his boyfriend to fuck his load into a froth in my ass and finally add his own. (Of course I milked him dry as well!) Fun fact: They live in the same building as another couple that have occasionally fucked me... Both couples just want to share a willing bottom guy, so a 5-some is unlikely - but I can't help fantasising about first servicing one couple and then walking my loaded ass down the corridor to get fucked by the next couple!
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    Went surfing this morning it was nice and quiet. I like surfing at this particular beach because it’s always nice and quiet and not many people around. There was just me and this other guy. From a distance I could see he’s got a hot body and in his 20’s like me. We were both surfing for about an hour and exchanging smiles every time we looked in each other’s direction. I wanted to get his full attention so I went to sit on the beach and see what he would do. As I expected he came to say hello. We started talking about how good the water was and other things. I learned that he just moved into the city recently. We were talking with our tops off and he’s got such a hot body and nice bulge getting bigger by the second just like me. I grabbed my cock and he did the same. I got closer to him and he immediately kissed me and pushed me against the sand. We started making out like crazy, him on top of me. I could feel his big cock trying to burst out of his shorts. I grab his shorts and pulled it off him and he did the same to mine. We were both naked our lips locked, bodies pressed against each other and cocks rubbing leaking with precum. I got on top of him and started to kiss his neck down to his body and his nipples and made my way to his balls. He’s got really big balls and I licked them while my hand plays with his big cock. I like to start with the balls before I make my way to his big cock. I licked his balls and up the shaft and started sucking his big cock. It mush have been 9” long straight and fat just the way I like it. We were both super horny as fuck! I could taste his precum and it turned me on even more. I stood up and he started sucking my cock and balls and he turned me around ate my hole like it was his last meal. Damn he could eat ass! My hole was nice and wet and sloppy from his spit. He started to work his cock on my hole while kissing me at the same time. I could feel his big cock making its way in my ass and I felt like I was on meth! Wish we had some. He fucked my ass while we were both standing, him behind me while we were kissing. I wanted to ride his cock so I got him to lay on the sand. I started riding his big cock and we were both making all kinds of noise. We switched positions now I was on my back and he was on top of me drilling my hole. He started fucking me faster and harder and he said he was close to cumming. I told him so was I. He continued to pound my hole and he starts to say FUCK I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING...... All I could say was FUCKING CUM IN MY ASS BABY BREED MY ASS FUCKING FLOOD MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM and at the same time he shot a huge load in my horny slutty hole and I shot a huge load on his body and mine. He kissed me while his cock is still buried in my hole our bodies covered in cum and sweat pressed against each other. We spent the next few minutes just sitting on the sand and talking. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. We’re meeting again tonight. I got home took a shower and went to work. This happened just a few hours ago. I’m at work and I could feel his cum leaking out of my hole! It’s fucking hot! It’s making me hornier and hornier and really looking forward to seeing him again tonight......
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    Lets get some talk about "after breeding" activity. I get off on felching cum filled hole when it's overflowing with seed loads. The taste and aroma of pigsex and hole juices, piss and cum is so fucking hot. Love to share the loads with the bottom I just fucked.
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    So I started taking random loads before PrEP came out. And then just around the time that it was approved by the FDA was when I finally got comfortable with the idea of being a cumdump, taking any and all loads, and eventually getting pozzed. I went to a few sex parties, bent over and took loads from anyone who'd fuck me. But then I realized I could be a cumdump and stay neg if I went on PrEP, so that's what I did. That was the spring of 2013 – nearly 5 years ago now. But I gotta say there's something really anti-climatic about PrEP. I miss the risk – whether I'm taking the risk or the bottom I'm fucking is taking it. And honestly, when you get to the point where you're OK with converting, that grows on you over time to the point where now I actually want to be poz. I'm not to the point of actively chasing – more like I want to take significant, calculated risks. A few weeks ago I saw an article on Poz.com that, among other things, mentioned that there was still >90% protection a week after people stop taking PrEP. That got me thinking… I had a trip scheduled to Key West at the end of October – maybe I should just not take any PrEP with me. I'd be down there for 8 days. So based on the data, that means I'll still have about 90% coverage. BUT, even now, I don't take PrEP every day. So my protection will be a bit less. And it turns me on that I don't know how much less. My goal for that week is to get 100 loads of cum up my ass. Give at least one load a day. And manage to get a fist up my ass. (And workout, go to the nude beach, etc.) Basically I'm there to be a slut. I'm a little worried about the 100 load goal, so I might start my week early by going to a bathhouse the day before I leave. In that case if I can get at least 5 loads at the bathhouse, I'll skip PrEP that day too. That put me up to 9 days skipped. And then I was thinking if I've taken PrEP within 24 hours of having sex, then I'm not really "off PrEP" when I'm taking those loads. So I'm tempted to skip another day, but I'm thinking 10 days is more risk than I'm comfortable with. On top of that I posted a #neg4poz gangbang party ad on BBRT for the last night of the trip (in Ft. Lauderdale). I'm telling guys to pretend their toxic even if they aren't so I don't really know what I'm getting up my ass. I figure that should give some anonymity to the tops who really are toxic. If there's lots of poz talk and everyone is saying they're blowing a toxic load and infecting me, then the truly toxic tops can mix into that and there's plausible deniability for them – that they're lying just like everyone else. But the idea of taking toxic loads when I'm 8 or 9 days off PrEP is both a turn on and a worry. A small part of me is saying "life is good, why are you doing this?" but the bigger part of me is just sorta numb and wanting it to happen. I want this to be a reoccurring thing – once or twice a year I go somewhere to be a slut and don't take my PrEP with me. I'm in the 2 week period before going where I should be taking Truvada every day and getting my serum drug levels up. But I've already skipped a day or two. I'm telling myself I only get PrEP when I do significant exercise (a half hour + of weights or cycling). But the last 4-5 days I will take it every day regardless. So the plan is in motion. Who knows? Maybe in a month I'll have fuck flu. But more likely I'll still be neg. I like not knowing… [I'll try to keep blogging during this whole adventure. I want to log my thoughts and feelings…]
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    Last Friday, I woke up incredibly fucking horny. I was masturbating in my shower. Then when I got out of the shower I was fucking myself with my dildo. I couldn't believe how horny I felt. I went out for a bit. But I wore my jockstrap under my clothes to keep my horny buzz going. After I got a few errands done my craving for cock was just too strong and I stopped into One-In-Ten, the gay video/toy store on Bank Street. I paid $10 to go in the back room and went into booth #5. I stripped down to nothing but my jockstrap and waited on my knees while cruising profiles on squirt.org on my phone. Eventually an older fellow came in and found me. He unzipped and presented his uncut cock through the gloryhole, still soft, but looking pretty promising. I took the whole thing in my mouth and started sucking slowly, feeling it stiffen and fill my mouth up, the head pushing its way down my throat. I steadied myself against the wall and deep-throated him, letting him fuck my throat. He pulled back a couple of times and reached his hand through to touch my nipples. I directed his hand down my body to my lubed up asshole. He fingered me briefly and said he wanted to suck my cock. I said I wasn’t there for that and went right back to sucking him. I bobbed up and down on his cock for a good 20 minutes, breathing hard, drooling all over him, when finally I was rewarded with a sweet flood of cum on my tongue. I kept him in my mouth for every twitch and spurt and swallowed it all down. He said thanks, zipped up and left. I got dressed and went straight home. As soon as I got home, I stripped down to my jockstrap again and started fucking myself again with my dildo. Meanwhile I cruised squirt and posted a couple of really slutty ads on Craigslist. Eventually I had a couple of good prospects on squirt. I gave the first one my address and he said he’d be over in 15 minutes. I waited with the door unlocked, the lights dimmed and my ass lubed. When he opened the door I was on my knees right away and pulling his pants down. He stepped out of his pants and pulled off his shirt as I started working his stiffening cock with my mouth. I’ve been really getting into sucking cock lately, and I can deep-throat really well now, which in this case helped to get him rock-hard in record time. I got his cock soaked with spit before I stood up and bent over, presenting my ass for him. He plunged it into me balls deep with the first stroke. I leaned over the couch and begged him to fuck me hard and breed me deep. He did just that. I was grinding my hips against him. My fuckhole hungrily opening up for every deep stroke of his cock. I adjusted my angle just a little so he was hitting my prostate with every thrust and I felt my jockstrap getting wet with my own precum as he kept fucking me. Finally he pushed into me deep and held still as he unleashed his hot load into my asshole and finally pulled out, spent and dripping. He wiped himself down with a towel, got dressed, said thanks and left me with his hot cum oozing out of me. After the first guy left I logged back on to squirt and found another guy eagerly messaging me. I asked him if he'd mind using another guy's cum as lube when he fucked me. That seemed to turn him on, so I gave him my address and he said he'd be over in about 20 minutes. While I waited for him, I laid on my back, fingering my ass, dipping my fingers in, scooping out some of the cum and tasting it. I love the smell and taste of fresh cum. When he arrived, I greeted him more or less the same way I greeted my previous visitor. I was on my knees, deep-throating his cock as soon as his pants were off. His cock was bigger than the last guy by almost an inch and I was really excited about feeling it fill my ass, but first I gagged on it a little, covering it with spit. Then I bent myself over the couch and presented my hungry and sloppy fuckhole for him. He positioned the head of his cock and then effortlessly slid it into me up to his balls. He loved how wet and slick it was and he took full advantage, fucking me hard and fast, making loud squelching noises with every thrust. He pulled out for a moment to appreciate the sight of my creamy hole and I took the opportunity to switch positions. I laid down on the couch and put my legs over his shoulders. He really leaned into it now. He pounded his cock into me for a good ten minutes, making me groan and grunt with intense pleasure. I was begging him to breed me. Begging for him to fill me with his hot cum. I wanted his seed inside me. And he was more than happy to give me just what I wanted, squirting what must have been a load saved up for days. I felt every twitch of his powerful cock as it filled me up. He left me on the couch, his semen overflowing from my used and satisfied fuckhole, got dressed quickly and left.
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    "When can I flood your hole with sperm?" That was his first message to me... Well, I was hooked! I showed up at his place a few hours later, got naked immediately and was led into the bedroom and ordered on hands and knees at the edge of the bed. He told me to take a couple of deep hits of poppers, and then it began... He had warned me in advance that he had no interest in fucking a dry hole, so he had been saving up loads in his freezer and they were now thawed out and about to be injected into my hungry ass with a plastic syringe. As he slowly loaded me up he informed me that the syringe held 10 loads, and I was literally moaning with excitement as I felt my hole get wet and ready... He rubbed the last drops around my hole, and then he began pushing his hard cock inside me. He ordered me to be still while he entered me - but I couldn't resist the cock and roughly pushed my ass backwards, taking him all the way to the base of his cock. He didn't seem to mind, though, and began encouraging me to fuck myself on his hard cock. So I did! Pulling slowly away from him and then slamming hard back, giving myself a rough fuck and enjoying the sound of his hard cock in my wet hole. Cum was leaking from my hole, slowly trickling down my balls. I was in heaven! Suddenly he gave me a couple of hard thrusts and then pulled out. Again I felt a syringe at my hole, and this time he told me there was another 8 loads - so that was 18 loads in me and he hadn't even cum yet, so I knew I'd get one more. I was struggling to keep them all inside me, but fortunately he soon plugged my hole with his cock again - and this time HE was in charge of the fucking! A firm grip on my hips, and then he went to town on my ass, slamming into me hard and as deep as he could get! The feeling of a hard cock banging away in a hole soaked in cum is just amazing - and as he kept changing the angle of his thrusts I slowly became not only wet but also sloppy and open, giving very little resistance when he hammered into me. Finally he began groaning as he added a fresh load to the 18 I already had in my ass... So fucking hot! He ordered me down on my stomach so the loads wouldn't leak too much, and to my surprise he forced a medium-sized butt plug inside my hole and then told me to leave and keep the plug in my hole through the night so I wouldn't waste his sperm! So now I'm sitting with a plug and 19 loads in me as I'm typing. Soon I'm off to bed - and he has ordered me to send him a pic tomorrow morning of the plug still in me. Eventually I'm to return the plug to him - and take another fucking and however many loads he happens to have saved up by then...
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    Early this morning, I'm on Grindr and I'm smoking and the more I smoke, the more uninhibited I become. I then saw a guy with a hot body and a screen name with devil in it. He hits me up, "you bottom?" I replied, "Sure." Address? 16 minutes later he's at my door, I have it dark. He walks in takes me to the bed pushes my head toward the center of the bed while positioning my legs and ass where he wants me. In the mirror I see this 5'7" chiseled stud with a red beard and a beautifull huge fat cock and above it his cock below the band line is a bio tat. I took the can of Maximum Impact and sprayed it into a sock and inhaled deeply. As I felt the world exlpoding around me he was fucking me so intently he began to explode inside me! I reached back and with both hands, I pulled his body as close to me as possible and he pushed his poz cock as far up inside me as possible and he moaned. It was so fucking awesome.
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    Twisted taboo no limit perving chat on kik (cumwhoreslut5432) or wickr (cumslut5432)
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    This morning I was laying in bed jacking off to porn on my phone and I just had this intense urge to stop taking PrEP – to just be done with sitting on the fence and choose to actually be poz. I know if I go off it now there's a good chance I'll get pozzed when I'm in Key West & Ft. Lauderdale. I mean I'm advertising for toxic tops, so there's a greater chance risk will find me… So my heart wants to be poz, but I think my rational side will prevail – at least to a point. I'll skip my pills today (as I have a few days in the past week), but then take it the next few days before leaving on the trip on Sunday (and leaving my pills in NYC). That'll give me at least minimal protection. But a big part of me is asking if I'm willing to go this far, why not go further? Then the question is how much PrEP I'll take when I get back from my trip. There's the question of the first day or two, and then what to do moving forward. We'll have to see what feels right at that point. I'm not sure there's any point in taking it the first day or two. I probably won't have having additional sex those days. Truvada is designed to stop HIV from infecting you, it's not designed to stop replication. So if I'm infected on the trip, I don't know that Truvada could stop the infection – just slow it down. But I do go in for my quarterly PrEP screening the day after I get back (including an HIV test)… Though I doubt that test would come back poz even if I were infected since it's so soon after exposure. Right now I think I'll move forward with pretty minimal PrEP. I'm thinking never more than 2 days in a row. And only take it when I have sex. So if I've been a good cumdump and have taken anonymous loads (or loads from guys who I know little about) in the past 10 days, then I'll be allowed to take it the night before I have plans to take multiple anon loads. Otherwise just take it the night after taking a stranger's load, and the following day if I didn't take it the day before and I got multiple loads. So basically never more than 2 in a row, 0 pills for known fuck buds who are shooting blanks (undetectable or on PrEP), 1 pill after a single load, and 2 pills for multiple loads. I've also been thinking about my 50th birthday which is coming up in a month or two. There's a CumUnion party the night before. I'm thinking I'll go so I can ring in my birthday with a cummy ass. And no PrEP will be allowed for that night of sex (or a couple days before). After all, if someone wants to give me a birthday gift, taking PrEP would be like refusing their gift, which is sorta rude…
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    I went to a gangbang yesterday. I'm vers and love seeing cumdumps take anonymous loads, love the feel of a cummy hole on my dick, etc. Yeah, I wish I were the one taking the loads, but the next best thing is giving one to a hot cumdump. So I get there and there are already 3 other tops in the room. One of the tops (an older daddy) pulls out and lets another of the tops (a smooth muscular guy with a curved dick) fuck the bottom. Then that top pulls out and lets the 3rd top (a black guy) fuck the bottom. Then while he's fucking the bottom a 5th top joins the group. He's jacking his dick but having problems getting hard enough to fuck. When the black guy cums and pulls out, the new guy (who's still soft) takes over the bottom despite the fact that there are 3 of us with rock hard dicks who are ready and willing to fuck the bottom. He starts rimming / felching the cumdump while the 3 of us are just standing there jacking rock hard cocks. That's a total no-no in gangbang etiquette – the most ready person is the one who fucks the bottom, and if guys are equally ready, the one who hasn't had a chance to fuck the bottom (recently) gets to fuck. You absolutely don't monopolize the bottom's hole when you're not ready to fuck. The bottom is there to get loads, not there to get felched. (Or at least be really quick about it). The smooth muscle guy starts playing with the daddy, aiming the daddy's dick at his ass. I don't think they actually fuck though. Meanwhile the smooth guy is playing with my dick and starts rubbing his ass on my dick. Since the bottom was busy getting rimmed / felched by the guy with the soft dick, I stick my dick up the smooth guy's ass. I had no intention of giving him a proper fucking, and definitely not a load – that was reserved for the gangbang bottom, but it was nice to get my dick wet – even if it's not in the gangbang bottom's ass. Then the daddy starts playing with my ass. He's taller than me, and the smooth guy is shorter, so I have to get on my toes a bit to get the daddy's cock in my ass (good thing I cleaned out before going). That sorta pulls my dick out of the smooth muscle guy. The daddy isn't in me but a couple of seconds when the guy with the soft dick finally lets one of us take a turn. I need to run and I knew I'd cum quickly, and I was the only one in the room who hadn't had a chance to fuck the bottom, so I stepped forward and I blew my load in under a dozen strokes. All I could think about was that I wanted to be a poz cumdump like the guy I was fucking. There are times when I'm a good cumdump, but I don't get anywhere near the number of loads that guy gets. He's younger (can't do anything about that), and has a better body (that I'm working on) so more guys wanna fuck him. And he's poz… There's something After I was done one of other tops stepped forward and fucked the bottom. My dick refused to go down, so I slipped it in smooth muscle guy again for a few strokes and then went on my way. I needed to get to the gym and then get to a bar to have drinks with friends. You'd think the story would end there, but I'm at the gym doing my first set of hammer curls and I feel a bit of a wetness like water was coming down from when I douched. But I didn't douche all that deeply, so I was a bit confused. I finished all 3 sets of hammer curls and went to the bathroom. I wipe and I get a clear viscous fluid. I smell and I'm 90% sure it was cum! So the daddy managed to breed me for the few seconds he was in there! That was an unexpected (pleasant) surprise. Now I think it's bad etiquette for the daddy to have bred me unless he had already given a load to the cumdump. Even if it was his second load it probably should have gone in the cumdump, but the cumdump was busy (sorta – a more take-charge top would have pushed the soft dick guy aside and given a 2nd load to the cumdump). Maybe it was bad form for me and the smooth muscle guy to get fucked, but we were just killing time waiting for the limp dick guy to get done hogging the bottom. I would never have cum in the smooth guy, so I feel like what I did wasn't all that horrible. The gangbang bottom managed to get 40 loads after just 4 hours, so none of the etiquette failures mattered this time around. I gotta say I'm totally jealous. I want to be just like him – fitter / more muscular, and maybe even poz! 😈
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    I hadn't planned on it, and didn't expect it. Well - I didn't expect it. I was cleaned out, and lubed up. What I planned on, or at least hoped for, was a pleasant encounter with some willing top who might like the look of me and have some fun. You never knew at this campground, but it was a gay campground, so the odds were good, and even if the goods were sometimes odd, I didn't much care. But it was a crapshoot, because I was there alone, and it always seemed like the action happened to the guys who arrived with friends. Groups begat groups, action happened more readily within groups, and action begat... well, begetting. A guy alone found it harder to get noticed, to get selected, to become a focus of, shall we say, attention. Not that I'm ever looking for 'attention'. I don't care if they ever even see my face. For that matter, I don't care if I ever see theirs. One of my greatest memories from that place is the dark night where an unknown guy fucked me deliciously for a good ten minutes before he blew, then handed me over to another who plugged right in. The first guy then paused by my head and said to the first, a stranger to him, "You'll love that. He's got a fantastic ass." He left, and I never saw his face. This time, I wandered around for a while, finding no joy, and at last made my way into a shed where they kept a fucking bench. Two men stood nearby touching each other, and others stood in conversation around the walls. No one particularly noticed me as I stepped over to the unoccupied bench. I pulled down my underwear and bent over with my belly against the leather and my elbows and knees against the rests, not really expecting anyone to take the unasked-for offering. Nobody did for a few minutes. But then the two men touching each other suddenly began touching my ass, and soon, fingering my hole. Without a word, one of them lined his cock up and slid it forcefully inside; it was just the right size to stretch me open without much pain. His vocals turned heads. After a few minutes I felt him fill me, and then his friend swapped out and did the same. By the time he pulled out, I was glowing - two for the price of one! I started to raise up, but suddenly felt two fingers at the small of my back give me a little push back down. Slowly, I resumed my position on the bench. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the two guys standing beside me and the bench. They weren't moving to jump back in again, but I couldn't tell what they were doing. I only knew they wanted me to stay there. A few wordless minutes later, a different set of hands spread my ass apart and stroked my taint up and down across my hole, the finger probing inside, smearing cum in and out to lube the opening. Then an larger cock entered, and began fucking. The grunting was more gutteral than before, lower and quieter - a bigger man, who finished more quickly, but filled me just the same. After he pulled out, I started to raise up - but there it was again, a little push. This time, a pair of eager, uncertain hands. Hands that weren't sure quite what to do. Hands that kneaded my globes and my calves, a cock that smacked against my hole repeatedly, a cockhead that jabbed the wrong place a couple of times before getting it right, hips that pushed with a lot of energy. Some barely legal kid, probably. He blew in a few seconds, but it kept on going. He finally pulled out. Men clapped. When I was sure he was done, I raised up - A little push. This time, an older man. You can tell sometimes, because the hands stroke your ass with reverence, with appreciation, with gratitude for the gift they know they are about to receive. Fingers knew what to touch, and where. I know I gasped, and I know my face betrayed the reactions running through my body (it always does - remind me to tell you about the time with the lumi-lights). The fingers (multiple) took the time to visit my prostate and then stroke me to dripping before he mounted me. Viagra or no, he had no problem staying hard or completing the act, which he did with a shuddering sigh and pulses that I felt all through me. When he was done, there was silence in the room, and no one seemed to move. I felt a wave of contentment. I had not anticipated the chance to serve so many, nor the exquisite rush of having a roomful of eyes watch me do it. I pushed my torso up from the bench - A little push. What? A built guy positioned himself in front of me with his cock at mouth level. "Suck it," he said. I couldn't raise my head enough to see his face, and he was insistent enough that as soon as I opened my mouth even a little he jammed his cock into it. I lavished my tongue all around it, let it explore the hollow of my throat, but he quickly pulled it out again. "See this cock?" he said, turning it sideways so I could examine its thick, veiny purple size. "This is going into your ass, and then it's going back in your mouth." He disappeared from in front of me and I quickly felt his strong hands cleave me apart and position his cock to piston into my cunt. He was rough, and he took his time. My head bobbed up and down and my back arched from the brutality of the raw fuck. When he finally burst, he did it with a barking shout and yanked my hips back as hard as his muscled arms could bury him into me. After the pulsing stopped, he circled back around, panting, and said, "This was in your ASS," and thrust it into my mouth, tasting of cum, sweat and ass. I cleaned it off with my tongue. When he left, he smacked me on the ass. I lay there for a few moments, worn out. Not only unexpected, but more than I had had in mind. I gratefully got up - A little push. In all, twelve men fucked me on that bench. I have to assume the first two in some way silently invited the other ten to use what they had appropriated as their free giveaway cumhole. I don't understand the dominant male mind that finds such a thing a turn-on... I'm just glad they do. I wish more did. I wish more men would feel free to give me a little push. That's all it would take, any time. If you're a top who would enjoy doing something like that, can you explain what that feels like for you? Why you would enjoy doing it? I really want to understand. And if you're a top who wants to try it...
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    I am in Plant City FL , I want to be Brutally Gang Raped . Tell me where to be and when and I show up and ALL the men there use me with NO mercy at all
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    I got AIDS from barebacking. Not just HIV - AIDS. As in, I didn't just get the unstoppable, irremovable virus in my body, it actually had time to eat me alive. HIV destroyed my body's ability to defend itself from disease, an ability that it had developed over the course of my entire life. By the time the doctors diagnosed me, every random bacterium, virus, and fungal spore had an odds-on chance of killing me. Some of them tried. Pneumonia, fungal meningitis. The latter almost finished me off by causing two small strokes in my brain. I would have died, too, if I hadn't been lucky enough to have a complete Circle of Willis - a circular path of blood vessels in the brain - that kept enough blood flowing to the blocked area to keep me alive. Even after I pulled through and started ART, I got an onset of molluscum contagiosum around my cock and balls - normally this is easily resisted, but it took months to clear. Then an old friend returned from childhood: chicken pox, in the form of shingles, activated because my immune system started to recover. That was misery squared for about three weeks. My CD4 count inched up slooooooowly, and I had to take prophylactic doses of antifungals and antibiotics until the count reached around 200. It's now around 300 after three years, where it ought to be at least 500, and it may never get that high again. I started on Atripla, then Triumeq, and now Genvoya. Every. Single. Day. Atripla sucked because it had to be taken at the same time each day, coordinated with meals, so there were times when I could, and could not, eat. It also made me gain weight, and shifted that weight to unattractive areas of my body. It has taken a long time, a complete change in my lifestyle, and a heartbreaking change of diet to alter that. Most recently, my doctor informed me that, as a result of my medication, I have developed a low-grade case of diabetes. Yep, you heard that right - meds-induced diabetes. Why am I bringing all this up? Because these are the consequences. I'm alive. I'm relatively healthy. I'm not sick, my viral load is undetectable, my chance of infecting someone else with HIV is very, very low, and my chance of getting another opportunistic infection is also very low as long as I take my HIV meds daily. But that doesn't mean I don't have to pay a price for my barebacking. From now on, I have to live very carefully. Until science catches up with this enemy virus, I have to live with diabetes. I have to watch what I eat, knowing that badly prepared food could do far worse than give me a bellyache. I have to work extra hard to keep my body from changing shape into something I don't want to look at. And I have to live with the understanding that my life expectancy, even with these miracle meds, is my mid-70s. That's at least 10 years less than I should have had. Now, I never particularly wanted to live to be an 80-year-old, so that's no great loss for me, but in a general sense, is the feeling of a raw cock up your ass worth ten years of your life? I can't answer that for you, because I can't answer that for me. Even after everything I've said above, I'm still not sorry for the day I took 34 loads in my ass. I wish I could do it again tomorrow, and the day after that. Being that kind of bottom completes me. I've accepted that part of the reason I'm here is to serve other men in just that way, and it gives me great joy every time a man experiences his climax inside me. I feel as though what I lose in quantity of life I perhaps gain in quality of life at that moment. I only wish I had more opportunity to give. But maybe that's what these HIV meds do, after all - not more opportunity to give the virus, but to give ourselves.
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    In July 2011 I got pneumonia. No big deal; I went to the doctor, got treated. The odd thing was, the next month I got it again. My doctor said, "Nobody gets pneumonia twice." But he treated me anyway and sent me home. Later in August I got a cracking headache, worst I've ever had. My brother had to take me to the emergency room, but they sent me back home. By the next day, I was at the doctor again, and an astute nurse spotted the signs of possible meningitis. Back to the hospital. Long story short, by early September I had been diagnosed with fungal meningitis, and had nearly died from two small strokes related to it. I lay in my hospital bed and one morning a small United Nations of doctors from different nationalities lined up by my bedside and delivered their verdict. "You have AIDS." "What?" "You have AIDS." "Are you saying I have HIV?" "No, AIDS." (The guy didn't pull any punches.) My C4 count stood at 49. My new infectious disease specialist put me on ART immediately. I've been on Atripla, Triumeq, and now Genvoya. I've had shingles, and watched my body shape change as a result of the meds, and have had to change my lifestyle because the meds have given me a case of med-induced diabetes. Many things about all this suck ass, and not in a good way. I tried to figure out how this could have happened - I had gotten tested regularly. My tests had been negative. There had been no indication at all that I had had HIV in my system that could have turned into AIDS. I had been careful. But not careful enough. I knew that. I had no idea who had given me this, and would never have any way of knowing. There had been too many men. The most likely time had been the day I took 34 loads in my ass, probably without a single condom; there was no way of knowing. There had been other times, many other times, but every time I had been tested, the tests had resulted in negatives. Not all of these were over-the-counter tests, either. Two years earlier, my doctor had hospitalized me for a mystery illness that he chalked up to some unnamed virus that came and went. At the time he gave me a full-bore HIV test, which came back negative. Yet I'm now certain that that "mystery illness" was my seroconversion. I quizzed my doctor later: How could this have happened? I had been under his care for years - how could HIV have flown under his radar long enough to have turned into AIDS and nearly kill me without his seeing it? He explained that the problem with modern HIV testing isn't just false positives, but also false negatives. The truth is, the science just isn't good enough yet to give us certainty in diagnosis. I was just unlucky as I could possibly be. On the other hand, I was as lucky as I could possibly be. I survived. I've now been undetectable for over a year, and have not missed a single dose of medication since I began three years ago. My cell count is now at 300, which is not too bad for someone my age, and it may improve. I don't hold any bad feeling toward the man who gave me HIV. I hope he discovered his infection soon enough to be treated before it wrecked his immune system. In honesty, I can't say that I regret the behavior that resulted in this, because the day I took 34 loads was a highlight of my sexual life. I would do it again in a moment. What I will never, ever do again is top anyone. I will put no one at risk. I will not be the one who passes this down the line. This blog is called News From The Front Lines because we are at war with an Enemy, and I am committed to fighting that enemy inside my body, and in the world outside. I will use my words, and I will use my body as the means to fight, and if I can prevent even one person from ending up where I am now, then I will have justified my survival where so many others have died. More dispatches to follow.
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    I love my tiny limp cock.....my wife tells me im nothing but a gay ass bitch. Gets thst way when we sk8.......i love it...just want hard blAck cock in my hole
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    Start off with my latest sexual adventure! Happened on Friday Oct 6th 2017, like most of my bathhouse adventures start in at gloryhole. Sucking is my favorite sexual activity, the feeling of a mans cock throbbing in my mouth as I suck him to completion the feeling of his warm load filling my mouth, savoring the taste of him is incredible! I spent 3hrs sucking, swallowing 14 loads. After 3hrs and a nice amount of cum swallowed I wanted to get fucked, I never set out with a goal of how many loads I want I get what I get as long as I'm enjoying it and giving the tops around me pleasure I'm satisfied! As any good cum obsessed bottom I do try to get as many as I can! As the evening moved into night and the night moved into the morning I got fucked in the sling, fuck bench, sauna, private room and the hallway with a total of 26 loads not including those I swallowed, I only count loads dumped in my ass. After getting home and crawling to bed I was still way too horny to sleep and went on Grindr and found two tops to fuck me, adding 2 more loads bringing my total loads to 28! Load count: Swing 6 / Fuck Bench 8 / Sauna 3 / Private Room 7 / Hallway 2 / Grindr 2 / Total Loads 28 I also share on my twitter @18plusmen
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    After being totally monogamous all my life, and having had hardly any sex over the past 7 years since I became single, I decided in June that I would put myself out there for having sex. Getting fucked was never a priority for me, as I hated all the un-horny issues around condoms. I was only interested in relationships and forming along term connection with a single guy. Deciding to look for sex for the hell of it came after me realising that single monogamous relationships are not the best thing for me. Having lived alone now for over a year, that freedom of making my own decisions about what I do has been a real opener and eye-opener to who I am. I joined a few ordinary gay dating sites, and soon got to arrange a meet with a married bi Top who was about 15 miles away. I went to his house while his wife was out, and as soon as I was through the door, he had my clothes off and he eased his small to medium sized cock into my hole as I stood there. Soon, my head was taken to a whole new place I'd not experienced in a very long time. I was feeling a 'completeness'... being used by a man, with him inside me. He pulled out, then led me to a bedroom and pushed me back onto the bed, pulled my legs up over his shoulders, then eased back into me as I looked at him with absolute awe and deep feelings of submission. He pounded me with his eyes closed - probably thinking of something different from the faggot he was using. That just made it even more horny and a head fuck for me. I realised that it was this that I had been missing all my life. My sub nature having always been wanting to focus on one man, the previously unthinkable truth was being fucked into my ass and my mind. "I'm a slut for any man to use and enjoy."... It was so simple and so natural. His thrusts suddenly increased pace as he started groaning. My ass had been opened up for the first time in over 15 years, and by a total stranger with whom I hadn't even spoken. It was absolute bliss, as I felt his cock go rock solid inside me, then the pulsating as it pumped his Cum and DNA into what he obviously saw as my cunt. That was my 'road to Damascus' moment. This married man cheating on his wife was like the voice of God revealing my purpose to me. As soon as he had delivered his Load into me, he was out, out of the room and to the bathroom where he cleaned up his cock. I got off the bed, my head so fucked over by these sensations and thoughts. I went and got my clothes back on quickly, as I realised he wanted me out of there as soon as possible. I thanked him as he smiled and showed me the door. The drive back home was a daze to me. I was in heaven. I needed it again... I needed to look for more men to give me that experience of my total submission to their pleasure. As soon as I got back home, I was on the computer, hunting for the next breeding. My conversion to this new 'faith' had happened, and I was on my new journey to becoming a slut. Pics are in my photo album.
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    Sup guys, so I guess I'm making this my introductory post. I'm Dogmeat. I'm a White Trash, Sagger, Drug Whore, who's got a constant craving for cock. I'v discovered I have no real limits, and some interesting fetishes (Melolagnia - check that shit out). I love sagger boys, drugs, consider myself white trash and live the life to some extent. I've done some twisted, fucked up shit and still have lots I want to expereance.
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    This was in October of last year. I met a man off of barebackrt.com. I went to his apartment, he greeted me at the door wearing only his underwear and kissed me right away. Then he led me to his bedroom where there were three other men fucking on the bed. As I took off my clothes I watched as one came inside the other. Then they both said they had to get going. That left me with two guys still left to play with. My host removed his underwear and laid on the bed. I kneeled on the bed in front of him and started sucking him off. His cock was huge and I was drooling all over it when his friend got on the bed behind me. I raised my ass up, offering him my hot hole. He immediately started rimming me, lubing me up with his spit, spreading my cheeks wide. My cock was throbbing and my pulse was quickening as he pulled his mouth away and I felt the head of his cock against my hungry fuckhole. I pushed back against him eagerly taking him deep in my ass. It was my first time being spit-roasted and it totally exceeded my expectations as I got filled with cock at both ends. I sucked my host's cock with the same rhythm as I was being fucked. Then I heard "I'm gonna cum" from behind me and I paused, keeping the other cock in my mouth, wanting to appreciate every spurt of hot jizz filling my ass. After a moment he pulled out and I had my host lay down flat on the bed so I could ride him and take his load next. My ass was slick with cum, which helped me take the monster cock beneath me easier. I took him balls deep and rode him hard, gyrating my hips and moaning with intense pleasure. It didn't take long before his penis twitched inside me, spraying thick gobs of cum deep in my bowels. I felt like a perfect slut and I loved every second of it.
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    Sunday turned into a very freaky, yet totally stimulating experience for this little piggy. I have been chatting to this guy on Grindr for about three weeks on and off - and had got to the stage that I thought he was just coming on line for some dirty talk, wadding and then disappearing. He asked me questions that interested me, like "are you a real pig" and "what are your limits" etc. We swapped a few pics and he was very me - nice solid man, little bit overweight, hairy chest, unshaven appearance with a beautiful 8" uncut cock and lovely big low hanging balls. My mancunt twitched just looking at the pics. I got even hornier when I sent him a couple of pics of trade fucking me when he said "so you like bareback". Like it - I fucking love it, I told him. We went through the where are you etc and it turns out he was in Wollongong (about 50 kms from me) but he could not host. I told him I could host but he said he preferred outdoor sex scenes. Gee, in my time I have been fucked just about everywhere, but in recent years with the advent of backrooms, apps, and naked sex parties I have not done much of the outdoor or beat stuff. Yes, in my early days I spent so much time bent over in beats taking any cock I could get and sucking off a million cocks that came at me through holes in the wall - but things have moved on. Nonetheless I at least entertained the idea, and we kept chatting. He told me he wanted to take me into the bush and use me properly for a couple of hours where we could be "totally uninhibited". The more he told me the things he wanted to do to me the more excited I got - and the more powerless I became. All I could think of was surrendering myself to him and I knew that I was going to be up for this as I was beyond horny and when that happens I just have no control at all. Eventually he asked if I was up for being his "pig in the bush" for a session. I agreed. He gave me directions to a place which is total bushland (I knew the area) basically halfway between his place and my place. I douched, got ready and I was off as we agreed to meet there in 1.5 hours. He kept texting me to ask if I was on my way (obviously he has had, as we all have, plenty of fakers) so I kept texting yes. He told me to pull up and take a photo of my whereabouts to send him so he knew I was on the way which I did and then he texted me this lovely pic of him sitting on a blanked next to a back pack with nothing but a cap on and half a horn, a thick cock ring on in this bush setting. My heart skipped a beat and my mouth went dry - I soooo wanted this beefy piece of heaven to fuck the hell out of me. He texted me and told me that when I got to the turn off the sealed road onto the dirt track about 1.5 kms along I would see a yellow t shirt tied to a tree. I had told him I was a totally submissive, cum dump bottom and was always at my top's command. I bumped along the dirt road, saw the yellow T-shirt. I pulled over and texted I was "there." He then told me to take off all my gear bat my leather jockstrap and boots, and leave them in the car then walk past tree through the bush for about 100 metres and I would come to him. I was nervous, excited, horny, it reminded me of all those times in cubicles in beats when you did not know who was going to be in there, friend, foe or fucker. I was just too horny not to obey. I made my way through the bushes then all of a sudden my heart nearly stopped when I heard this voice behind me say "beautiful arse pig boy". I turned around and he was standing behind me half leering and half satisfied with what he had been offered. I walked towards him and my eyes fell on his beautiful white as cock - he was ranga. As his head was shaved in the photos it was hard to tell he was a red head - but he was red as. What happened next was the best hour or so I have spent for ages. While I was driving there he had unpacked his backpack, he had dildos, butt plugs, a Japanese cock sheaf (gel covering for his shaft with stimulating needles), handcuffs, lube, tit clamps - all spread out on this huge picnic rug. He took both my nipples in his hands and near lifted me off the ground by the tits and said "ready to surrender to me pig". I said the only words I know how to use with dominating me "yes sir". Well for the next hour and a bit this man treated my holes with the contempt they deserve that gives me the total pleasure I need. He fucked me (breeding me twice) in several positions, he fingered me, fisted me, put dildos in me, blindfolded me, nearly choked me. slapped my face good and hard, gave my arse an insane belting with his hand and he was a big strong man. After he bred me for the second time I knew it was over the way he sat back on his haunches and gasped for air. He slowly got his feet, as I got to my knees and began to clean his cock and balls. I was still in heaven as I ran my tongue under his foreskin searching for elusive filaments of jizz as I did not want to waste one drop of him. Eventually he said "you are no fake pig boy - pone proper whore" - that was music to my ears as I knew I had pleased him. "you need fucking and belting every day pig boy." I agreed with him hoping he would want to use me again. As he packed up he began to put on his jeans when he said "get off the blanket and lay on the grass."I did as I was told and he came and stood over me and began to piss all over me. He kept spraying on me head to toe and I just lay in the grass savouring is final act of degradation. He packed up and walked in the opposite direction to the way I had come in which led me to believe there was another track and that is where his car was. "I will be in touch if I want to have another piece of your cunt" he said as he walked off still. I lay there for about 5 minutes and felt my mancunt, it was gaping and dripping with his seed and lube mixed together. I was still wet from his piss but I was one satisfied little piggy, although I could have done with more cock. I made my way back to my car and got my clothes on and drove home. This beefy man knew exactly what pigs are for and how they should be treated.
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    So got myself all HnH this weekend, got chatting to a 20 year old guy on grindr. Turns out he was a part time rent boy. Never paid for sex and wasn't starting now but as we chatted it turned out he'd always wanted to try meth.... So I invited him over and shared a pipe or two of meth with him. Then I bred his ass several times. He was still there this morning and I gave him another one for luck before packing him off home!
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    It was one of my friends birthdays and after a busy day at work I had to go home quickly get changed and then arrive at her house ready to party the night away. By the time I got there, there were a few people who had already drunk too much and I needed to catch up. I caught up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and eventually got to talk to the birthday girl who was stumbling around, it wasn't even 10pm yet. I went out into the backyard because I couldn't find a friend of mine who I thought might be out there. There was a very good looking built guy sitting down having a cigarette, he was wearing a button up blue shirt and some black jeans, he had an excellent body. He was clean shaven but you could tell he was just dressed up for the occasion and probably wouldn't normally dress that way. "Have you seen Julia?" I asked. "No mate, I'm Liam by the way" he said. "I'm Jordan nice to meet you" I said. I went back inside and the night got to a point where most people wanted to go out, but the birthday girl was already passed out in bed. A good portion of the people left the house while a few others stayed behind to keep drinking. "You smoke?" Liam asked me, "very rarely, like next to never" I said, "no one fucking smokes anymore I need a smoking mate" he said laughing. "I'll come outside with you" I said happily. We went outside and he explained how he knew the birthday girl, we were just chatting and he explained he had just split up from his girlfriend because she was trying to get him to propose and things he wasn't ready for or willing to do after only three months of dating. "You have a missus?" He asked, "I'm gay" I responded, "I thought maybe you were didn't wanna assume or be rude you know" he said. "I don't have a problem with gays hey like I'm not a homophobe or nothing" he assured me. "So how come you don't have a boyfriend?" He asked, I explained I wasn't exactly the boyfriend type that I had one a few years back and I had to break up with him because I wanted other men and he wanted us to be exclusive. "You like sampling other meat" Liam said laughing, I laughed to and said that my favourite thing to do was to suck cock. "Is that right?" He asked, "If there was a dick in front of me right now, which I wish there was I would suck it like you wouldn't believe" I said both being honest and also trying to see if I could bag this guy. "Mate I haven't had my dick sucked for months" he said, "didn't your ex?" I asked, "Na she did the whole I'll do it if you want it but I don't want to do it shit, not fun if there not into it" he said. "Your such a strong, hot manly man...you deserve to have your cock sucked" I said. He gave me a weird look and slammed his beer bottle down on the table I thought he was about to rip into me or go off. "Fuck yeah I do" he said. I hesitated for a moment I didn't want to scare him or piss him off but I was so taken with him, then I looked at him as he stood up and my eyes went straight to his fly. I could see a bulge, he wasn't hard but I knew I'd rather get punched in the face and fail then not ask. "I can suck you off" I said. "I'm not gay Jordan" he said, "I know I just, you deserve it, I hate that your the kind of man you are and you haven't been taken care of" I said. "Far out man" he said, "I do really need my dick sucked" he continued. He sat back down and I assume was thinking about it when he drunk the rest of his beer. "We can't do it here and I don't want no one knowing" he said. "No one would know, I respect a man, and I respect cock" I said with a smile. "Where then?" He asked. "The backdoor is shut we would hear anyone coming out, we can just go to the side of the house, no one would ever know" I said. He stood up and started walking over to the side of the house and I followed. We got behind the wall and he leaned up against it and unzipped his jeans as I got down on my knees. "Thank you so much" I said, "you got a lot to be thankful for" he said as I pulled his jeans down a bit and then his briefs and a hard uncut cock flung up to salute. "Fuck yes" I muttered to myself. I started sucking him while using my other hand to grab his balls and gently massage them. I felt his hand cover the back of my head and he slammed me down onto his dick, I was in heaven. Holding my head down on him he started to pump my mouth and I was loving every minute of it. He released me for a second but I just went back down on his cock. He was easily about 7in and thick and I love uncut cock. "You like it?" He asked, "yes" I said focused on making this man cum! "Where you want it?" He asked and I stopped sucking for a moment "I want to swallow it, I want to taste it" I said "good answer always swallow a man's cum" he said as he got close. "You ready for my load, it's gonna be a big one" he said and I moaned a little as he slammed my head back down on his cock and started spraying. I felt his nut hit the back of my throat but I let it go down and kept sucking I managed to get some into the front of my mouth so I could really savour the taste of his cream. He had finished unloading but I kept sucking the feeling of his dick in my mouth with his cum on my tongue was intoxicating. I finally let go and swallowed his load before kissing the head of his cock. "Did you like that? Did it feel good?" I asked. "Yeah lets go before someone comes looking for us" he said. I hope that isn't the last I see of him.
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    I woke on Saturday and spent a few hours exploring Berlin’s museum island. I absent-mindedly poked around the Bode Museum, the Pergamon and a craft fair/flea market but my mind was on the Fickstutenmarkt coming up that evening. I noticed a lot of good looking guys, some with their wives/girlfriends, a few gay couples and some single guys and wondered if any of them would be fucking me that night. The Fickstutenmarkt, if you haven’t heard of it, is a gay horse fair. Bottoms (mares) arrive at the event early. They strip nude, have their hands bound, and are blindfolded with a sack/hood that is colour coded. White sacks stand for safe sex and red sacks stand for bareback. When all of the mares are in place and waiting, the Tops (stallions) arrive and are free to fuck or “cover” any mares they choose. There are a number of rules, but the top one is that mares cannot refuse any stallion who wants to fuck them. From reading the Fickstutenmarkt web site and thanks to other posters on Breeding Zone (like Bottomhole and DanishAss), I had some idea about what to expect at the event and also knew that it was important to arrive early as a mare to get a good spot. I arrived back at the hotel at 2 a couple of blocks from the venue and was aiming to be in the queue when it opened at 5:30. I spent lots of time cleaning out and getting ready. I stretched my hole a bit with an inflatable, and lubed up with Swiss Army silicone. I slipped on a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and my black lace-ups with short blue socks and walked the two blocks to the entrance, with my stomach in knots. I hadn’t eaten anything for about 36 hours at that point so, as usual before a big night out, I wasn’t sure whether what I was feeling was nervous butterflies, hunger or low blood sugar. The Berlin Fickstutenmarkt is held at the Kit-Kat Club but it uses a different entrance. A Berlin underground metro stop is right below the building and there is a nondescript door – something like a fire door – that opens right off the steps down to the metro. I arrived later than I intended; it was about 5:45, and there were about 10 guys ahead of me in the queue. I exchanged smiles with a couple of guys but everyone seemed a bit nervous like me and there was no conversing. When there were only about 4 or 5 guys ahead of me I could hear the door attendant switching between German and English as he asked each mare whether he knew what the event was about, that they would be blindfolded and fucked anonymously. Each guy said yes, paid the $10 or $12 euro fee (I can’t remember now which I was). And then the pattern stopped as I heard the attendant say “I’m sorry, we don’t have room for you tonight” to one guy. My heart stopped for a minute as I reviewed the thousands of dollars and kilometres that I had invested in this weekend that were going to waste. I had arrived 15 minutes too late. The guys ahead of me stayed in the queue so I did the same, hoping that there might still be some hope. There was a bit of back and forth conversation and then the guy who was turned away made his way past the rest of us as the queue started moving again. He was in his 60s with grey/white hair that needed cutting and I suddenly realized that he had been refused entry based on his appearance. I had read on the website that this was possible, but hadn’t expected to witness it. I started feeling quite sad for the fellow, thinking that a haircut could have made all of the difference, but didn’t have time to finish the thought as it was my turn at the door. “Do you know what the event is about” I was asked. I said yes. “Do you know that you will wear a hood and can’t see anything while you are fucked?” Yes. “Have you read the rules on the web site?” Yes. “Okay” I paid the fee and went through another door. Before my eyes had a chance to adjust to the very dim lighting, I was approached by a stall helper wearing a white tank top like I’d seen in pictures on the website. He handed me an empty garbage bag and my hood, told me to strip off everything but my shoes, and then take the bag down a nearby staircase. He patted me on the ass and gently pushed me toward an opening in a black tarp-like wall. Inside there were about ten other guys, half already naked and holding their hoods, and the rest in various stages of undress. I took a deep breath, pulled my t-shirt over my head, kicked off my shoes and pulled my sweats off. I re-tied my shoes and threw my clothes in the bag. There were a few guys ahead of me making their way down the staircase. At the bottom right was a doorway covered by a black curtain. On the left there was an open door with light pouring from it. As I arrived at the bottom of the stairs, three stall helpers were waiting. One took my garbage bag, tied a tag on it while another held me by the waist as he turned me from side to side to let the third guy write a number (37) on each shoulder and my upper back. Finally, they turned me to face away from the door as I felt the smack from a large rubber stamp on my ass. I didn’t have time to look at it before they tied a piece of white rope to my right wrist and pointed me back up the stairs. Back on the main floor I remembered others’ advice to get a good spot early and avoid being placed standing up somewhere. I quickly found the large square padded platform that I had seen in the X-tube fickstutenmarkt video. There were already guys holding spots at each corner and one in the middle of 3 of the 4 sides. The fourth side was the furthest from the entrance, but I took it. I was between two guys in their 30s, both cute and nicely tanned, which contrasted against my very white skin. I had been in the sun on my deck a few times over the summer and had a slight tan line but in this dim lighting I didn’t know if it was visible at all. Along the perimeter of the room on two sides were padded bench-style chairs. There were a few open spaces but most were occupied. Overall, the bottoms in the room were really good looking and masculine. Quite a few had chest or facial hair, and were nicely endowed. My relatively small package seemed to have shrunk from the anticipation or just being nude, and it fought my frequent efforts to casually pull it outward for better presentation. I figured that since I was number 37 and there had been at least 10 guys behind me in the queue to enter, there were at least 50 mares in the building by the time I climbed back up the stairs. More guys were steadily entering and undressing, so I think there must have been at least 100 bottoms by the time it started. We waited in silence on my side of the padded bench for what seemed like an eternity but must have been about an hour. I noticed that the guy on my right had a watch and wondered if I should have worn one given some online comments from others about losing track of time at the event. Then I realized that I’d have a hood over my eyes anyway so a watch wouldn’t help once it started. Finally, the music seemed to get a bit louder, the lights dimmed a bit and the stall helpers made their way around the perimeter of the room to bind mares’ wrists and tie their hoods in place. I realized that the wrist binding was mainly symbolic since most bound mares still had 30-40 centimetres of play between their hands. But I noticed that the hoods went on much tighter. If mares could see anything, it was very little. I suddenly noticed a bit of a scramble around my platform as the others grabbed lube packets from the centre of the bench and lubed or re-lubed their holes. I stood and managed to grab a packet and finger some into my hole just before one of the helpers tied my left wrist to my right and quickly pulled the sack down over my head. He deftly rolled the edge of the sack over a few times so that a thick band was across my eyes and the bridge of my nose and pulled it snug. He was an expert. The band was tight enough that I couldn’t open my left eye under the sack. I could open my right eye with some discomfort as the sack squished my eyelashes. But the best I could see was downwards across my right cheek to my chest. My heart started thumping as I realized just how helpless I was. I was going to be fucked and I wasn’t going to know by who. The event rules went through my head, “a mare cannot refuse a stallion, must always surrender to him and let himself be mounted.” After months of anticipation, this was suddenly very real. I told myself this is what I wanted and it was too late to back down now. I tried to relax and got myself in position with my head down, elbows on the bench, feet on the floor and ass in the air. It took a few minutes for the helpers to finish tying and blindfolding the mares and while I waited I found that with my limited vision in one eye and my head on the mattress I could see down across my chest, and between my legs toward the wall behind me. It was not much and I wouldn’t be able to see anything beyond crotch height, but I’d know if someone was standing behind me. The music was suddenly much louder. I waited. Time was really hard to gauge. I had a moment of panic. What if a guy fucked me with a PA and ripped me up like Bottomhole experienced? I’d started Truvada back in August and took it religiously so I wasn’t worried about HIV, but what about Hep C? I tried to focus on the feeling of being exposed and the gentle wafts from the ventilation system on my hole. And I also remembered several guys who said that they didn’t get fucked that much at Fickstutenmarkt. Maybe I’d just stay here, bent over until I’d had enough waiting and decided to call a helper to help me leave. A guy somewhere around me moaned like he was feeling a bit of pain and then I felt the cushioning of the bench flex nearby. The guy to my left let out an “ahhh.” I opened my eye and looked down between my legs. There were at least two guys behind me. One moved out of sight but from what I could see of his thigh (it was fairly defined and had a bit of hair), the remaining guy seemed to be facing toward me. I waited for a bit and looked between my legs again. He was still there. I was just picturing him standing behind me surveying the room when I felt a finger slide in my hole. It pumped in and out a few times then withdrew. I felt a large knob at my hole. He pushed in so that the head popped past my sphincter. It was my time to moan and just as I did that he slid all the way in. I could feel his pubes on the edge of my hole and I was glad I’d stretched it earlier. He fucked me in a nice medium rhythm for a few minutes. Once in a while he’d thrust extra hard and I’d experience a moment of pain, but it felt so good. Guys all around me were moaning. Our shoulders were rubbing together as we bent over toward the centre of the platform. My first fucker withdrew and I felt that moment of emptiness as the head popped out of my hole. I don’t think he had cum, and I figured none of the tops would want to do that so early in the evening. As he patted my ass and moved away, I raised my head and grinned. I was at the Fickstutenmarkt surrounded by good looking guys getting fucked. I had had my first fuck and was ready for more. Any doubts from a few moments earlier were all gone. Another cock was at my hole and hilted in one swift motion. I could tell it was thinner and longer than the last one. He wasted no time and fucked fast and hard. It hurt on every inward stroke and I found myself making “AhhhhAAhhhhAhhh” moans in time with his movements. While the first guy hadn’t touched me with anything but his finger and then his cock, this top held on. First he held my hips in an iron grip and then he put his hands below my armpits with his fingers locked on to my pecs. The guy on my right must have been experiencing a similar intense fuck. He was very loud and with his head near my armpit and facing toward me I could feel his breath as he vocalized with every thrust. The painful fuck went on for some time and I’m ashamed to say that at one point I started to lean more on to the platform to try to reduce his penetration. It didn’t work. He stopped thrusting just long enough to grab the top of each shoulder and haul my ass backwards and deeper onto him. After that it felt a bit like he was punishing me by really fucking deep. His cock wasn’t in the least spongy. It was 20-something wood. He could have been a youngster or it could have been Viagra. Whatever it was, he used it like a bit of a weapon. Like I said earlier, time was really hard to gauge, but I’m guessing his fuck lasted 10-15 minutes. When he finally thrust in a couple of times and held himself there, I think I felt some pulsing very deep in my guts. When he finally withdrew with the same quick intensity it felt a bit like I was being pulled inside out like a sock. He smacked my ass hard. Before I could get my breath, another cock slid inside. He felt shorter and wider and was a nice easy fuck. He had a nice pattern to his fuck and it felt like he used his abs and his hip flexers to give his cock a nice upward tilt on each drive. I wanted this fuck to keep going. It felt great and was a really nice way to recover from the previous stallion.
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    Hello everyone. Thought I would try this. Where does one start. I am older gentleman, bear like, geek, can play the daddy but don'[t really see myself there. I am generally straight with bi leanings. Currently sober for 41/2 months. I just moved overseas. My thoughts on all of this are very mixed. Being overseas I like though I do miss my friends and family. I moved overseas in Mid Sept. I live in Israel. More interesting is I have been clean since July 7th there about. I really had no desire for a good 2 1/2 months. Right as I was starting to make my move overseas, My desires to get high and slam starting filtering back into my fantasies. Always my first clue that I am wanting to do some tina again. I started to log back in here and other sites and have been trying to live vicariously through the stories I read and some online chats and even zoom rooms. It's when I am high that I am normally seeking cock to fuck me, and breed and just use me as i need to be. A few to no limits tina slut. One might suggest to me just go out and find it. Well I have kind of explored but not really. One option was to maybe have someone mail me some and I would order some points from Amazon if they did. Just very nervous to do that. I know people do it. I am just not sure. My second thought is if I could find anyone near by. I know there are people near by but there must be other sites more prevalent then this one and a4a etc... My third thought, try to ignore it. I have been successful off and on. My fantasy's and jo sessions are mostly revolving around pnp fun right now. JO is just not always satisfying as we all well now. So I am starting this blog. This way I can talk about what's happening with me. If anyone decides to visit the White City also know as Tel Aviv, maybe let me know. It has been voted several times over the last 5 years as the top gay vacation spot to go beating out Amsterdam and Berlin. Just saying lol. If you do come lets chat about pnp if you want too. My last possibility is to strike out and try and make some connections on my own. It is here I know that. I keep hearing that a person can find anything in Tel Aviv in particular South Tel Aviv. I don't know if thats true or not. I do know there is most definitely a criminal element. My smart phone was ripped off last weekend in Tel Aviv. No I don't live in Tel Aviv. I am south of there about an hour. if anyone knows anyone here please talk to me. My door is always open if anyone comes to visit. Last entry for now. I miss my friend. We were pnp buds with many of the same likes and lusts when we slammed. We are not close friends but I always considered him someone I could talk to about anything. I tried to be there for him and am aware I was not always. He tried to always help me out as able too. We have had our moments as well. Be it knowing one was partying and the other could not join in. Issues of being safe with other people who might take advantage. I think he worried for me on this issue more then me on him. I am naive and trusting person more then I should be. When I wanted to do something crazy/wild he was there to make sure i didn't go overboard. I respect my friends privacy and will not name him though I am willing to bet some of you here do know him. To my knowledge he is not on this site though I may be wrong. To my friend, pnp bud, fuck bud thank you and I hope we can again meet up in the future some time.
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    Another Real Experience - Jersey Boy Gives In To Temptation I used to play fairly regularly in and around Jersey City, for a while there were a good number of party guys living there with a lot of excellenT group scenes. It became evident after a year or so of playing with several guys down there regularly that despite being New Jersey's third largest city, AND directly across the Hudson and only a one stop PATH train ride from Manhattan, that it was still a pretty small pnp community where every guy knew everyone else. I played a lot with a guy in Journal Square, a hot guy I'll call Trace who was an exotic dancer/escort/masseuse. He was of mixed Greek and Native American heritage, wore his very black hair long with a full beard, looking very much like a pirate - but a pirate that was 5'6". That said, he had a ripped body and a big cock that looked even bigger on his small frame. He hired out exclusively as a top but when "off-duty" he liked to switch off - he liked my leather daddy style and we would blow clouds or get to the point and then play with our mutual fetish gear, get very oral and then he'd want to get fucked. Being a bottom and the whole "cleaning out" process was new to him, so this sometimes resulted in some unpleasantness, but we generally had fun, and soon enough he had other guys coming to join our sessions. Since group scenes are very much my favorite, I was pleased. Frequently these additional guys include Donnie, his candyman, a light skinned African-American kid who claimed to be more straight than bi or gay, and generally got blown while he was there or he topped one of the other guys... ocassionally though, if he was done his business for the evening he'd get very spun and would suck cock or even ocassionally get fucked. He never let Trace fuck him, claiming his cock was too big. Again, this only happened if he had no more business and around guys he knew very VERY well. There were other times when he'd bring guys with him - straight guys from the neighborhood who had done a lot of business with Donnie. White, Black, Latino, Asian, all kinds of guys but generally young, a bit street tough (which doesn't impress me, but works for lots of guys) and were tweaked enough that the offer of a long hot blowjob was irresistable to them, even if it was from another guy. Three of Trace's regular play buds - Jake, Aaron and Carlos - were totally into this. They loved getting on their knees and sucking off these "guests" of Donnie's. Trace and I would do some good oral work as well, but it was understood that we were NOT the subservient type and would brook NO disrespect or trash talk. We'd often wind up topping Jake, Aaron or Carlos while they performed oral duties on the guests, and some seemed to get off on it. Carlos was a thin somewhat effeminate latino with a heart of gold who was a devout bottom who could ocassionally throw an amazing fuck himself; Jake was a white blond buzz-cut gas-station attendant with a goatee, tats all over his ripped hairless body an amazing ass and small but generally hard dick; and then there was Aaron, whom I knew from before meeting Trace - a closeted divorced white Italian bi-guy - cute face, dark hair, a trifle chubby but sexy, with a beautiful ass that could take any cock or hand or arm or toy or (yes) baseball bat! And he was raising a 9 year old son on his own, living with his parents and working for a bank where they though he was the straightest guy on the planet. One of the "guests" that showed up a few times was a Construction Worker named Ralph. He was actually Jake's cousin, and got into this whole thing accidentally - somehow stumbling into Jake and Donnie and being introduced to Miss T, only to discover that his cousin Jake - so butch and dangerous looking - enjoyed getting high then sucking dick and getting his ass plowed bareback by whatever cocks he could get. Stunned, Ralph apparently just watched the first two times but then agreed to come to Trace's place for some head and good T. Ralph was 25 at the time, a tall trim white guy about 6'3", shaved head and scruff patch below his mouth, hairy body (reddish blond body hair) a lot of tats, nice arm and leg muscles with a long thin cock and a high muscular ass. (Regular readers will know where this is going...). There was supposed to be a girlfriend around somewhere. He very much turned me on, and I would be first to suck him each time he came to Trace's - he seemed to enjoy my oral attention as well as BJs from Trace, Carlos, Aaron, and even ocassionally Donnie - but never his cousin Jake. Ralph would watch while I fucked the other guys and ocassionally got fucked myself. The first time he watched Trace fuck me, and saw me actually enjoying getting that big piece in my hole, his eyebrows nearly went over the top of his head. He coughed out a cloud of T smoke he'd been inhaling, and said, "seriously dude, you LIKE that? I thought you only played the man's part, not the bitch's part!" I told him that first, yes, I liked it; second, yes I preferred to top but really, really preferred both in the same session; and third, never call me a bitch if you want to keep all of your teeth. "If a guy WANTS you to call him names like that, it's cool, but getting fucked doesn't make you any less a man." He seemed very thoughtful. I noticed he also watched very intently whenever anyone was being rimmed. Eventually Trace's place was too small for some of our gatherings and Aaron presented us with a solution - his parents would be out-of-town for a week and we could come play in their basement that first Friday night as soon as his kid went to bed. Jake had let us all know that Ralph would be coming and thought he might be brave enough and ready enough to top someone that evening. We met up at Trace's place and got our supplies together, and all took some little blue magic to stay hard while blowing clouds with a few of us trading shotguns as we waited for Aaron to call and let us know his son was asleep and we could come over. The call came sooner than expected, and we headed out to the two cars - mine and Jake's - and somehow I wound up driving Ralph and Donnie while Jake drove Trace and Carlos. During the drive Donnie got Ralph higher while we talked about what he might be into doing that night. He was obviously very turned on and his inhibitions were almost completely eliminated - mentioning that he had really cleaned up in the shower so he could have someone rim his hole. We wound up arriving at Aaron's parents' house first - a suburban split level with the lower level playroom all set up for a sex party... sling, rim-seat, play mats, toys and gay bb porn on the big screen. (I kept wondering exactly how Aaron would ezplain this if his kid woke up and came down for a glass of water...). Jakes car arrived about 10 minutes later. Seems that he picked up a couple of other guys, Tyrell and Matt, two somewhat thuggy down-low types, one black the other white. We all got naked and blew clouds some more clouds , and I wound up by chance or someone else's design with Ralph mostly to myself while Trace, Carlos, Jake and Aaron played up to these new guys and Donnie busied himself preparing all of our enhancements for the evening. Ralph even accepted some shotguns from me, and when I got him to sit in the rimchair, he inhaled some Maximum Impact while I gave him his first salad tossing. He had a beautiful ass, clean and great-tasting, and we both really enjoyed it. We moved over to a couch to let others use the chair and I gave Ralph a nice blowjob while he sucked down somemore clouds. He told me to stand up while he stayed seated, and then looked up at me and said softly, "I better try this before I chicken out", then took the head of my cock and part of the shaft into his mouth. It was only for a few minutes, and it was very inexpert, but he was enthusiastic and I was so turned on by the situation that I almost shot. Amazingly, Donnie was the only one to notice this and sauntered over holding something behind his back with his cock dangling in front. Ralph actually sucked it in for a few licks before he looked up at me and told me he wanted to fuck me. Donnie pulled the two needleless syringes from behind his back and said that a booty-bump each would get us in the mood for fucking, saying he'd do me while I did Ralph. I got down on all fours in front of Ralph and pushed his legs up. I started to rim the young stud's hole again while Donnie rimmed mine and then I inserted the syringe in his hairy pucker while Donnie inserted one into mine. A minute or two later and Ralph and I were soaring. Donnie told us he'd be back and went to do some more chemistry. Ralph asked me to "sit on his dick" and I responded "gladly". He remained seated on the couch and picked up the Tina pipe as I straddled him and aligned my hole over his very hard - thanks to Vitamin V and his enthusiasm - supposedly straight cock. He pulled my head into his and blew his cloud into my mouth. As I sank to his balls he hissed "yessssssssss". We started a slow grinding fuck, that frankly felt amazing, and sure enough the shotgunning turned into face-sucking deep kissing. I told him he felt amazing and smiled but asked like before "and you really like that?" I responded enthusiastically "yes". We fucked like that for quite a while, eventually just slowly pumping as he spoke again. Speaking softly, he told me that this whole scene he'd been watching these few times turned him on immensely and he was constantly thinking about it. He had thought he might be gay when he was in his early teens, but the only gays he knew were very flamboyant - which was not him at all he confessed - and that his father and brothers and buddies all considered gay guys to be beneath contempt, failed men who wanted to be women. Since none of this seemed to apply to him, he decided that he could not be one of THEM and tried to forget his interest and just concentrate on girls. Having watched us these couple of times, and having been lectured by me, he realized that gay sex was no threat to his masculinity. He'd been hoping that tonight he'd get high enough and brave enough to try it all, and said he'd even looked up how to clean his hole out, and had practiced a few times sticking something up his butt. I looked him in the eye, squeezing his cock in my hole, and said "are you saying what I think you're saying?" and looking like a lost little kid he said "I know my ass isn't as hot as Carlos' or Trace's or Aaron's but do you think you'd want to fuck me for my first time?" Seriously? He had to ASK? And personally, I thought his ass was HOTTER. Donnie had quietly moved back our way and caught the last part of this. He leaned down and whispered to us that he could make that easier on Ralph but first told us to suck his cock between us - Ralph looked at the caramel colored tool between us and smiled, we kissed it and traded sucking it for a few minutes until Donnie said he'd better go get what Ralph needed for his virgin ride. "That gives me time to finish fucking YOU," Ralph said and suddenly started a piston fuck that despite me being on top nearly blew me off his lap. Donnie returned with some cups with a bit of G and juice which we all downed, then points - he did me first, then Ralph and then himself - Ralph coughed and then whispered "do me man". I knelt on the floor with him on the edge of the couch. Pulling his long legs up, I tongued his soon to be cherry-popped manhole while he moaned and we heard Donnie cough. Bringing Ralph's legs to rest over my shoulder, I quickly used just a bit of lube and placed the head of my cock against his now pliant hole. Donnie had him suck on a cloth covered with Max Impact and slowly but surely my cock sank into his warm snug hole. Ralph began to moan as I slid in, taking a few minutes, but finally feeling my balls slapping on his butt. His own cock was back to being rock hard and felt amazing pressed up against me. I started to pump slowly when he nodded at me, and shortly he sighed "so good"... that's when I felt a welcome invasion between my own legs as Donnie knelt behind me and slid his shaft into me. We fucked like that for a few minutes, until Ralph said he was a bit uncomfortable and could he sit on me the way I did on him? Donnie pulled out of me and Ralph sat on my lap and onto my cock - a bit too fast if the wideness of his eyes was any sign - but Donnie was there putting the glass cock to our mouths and we all traded clouds as Ralph rode my cock and really started to enjoy himself. Donnie presented his cock for our inspection and again we spent time kissing each other and the cock between us. After a bit, Ralph turned around to a reverse cowboy so he could suck Donnie's cock much more efficiently and deeply. This was when the other guys FINALLY noticed what was going on (see what two big thug cocks can do to distract some guys?)... there were a number of gasps, and some complaints that we were "ruining a top", but they eventually got over it. We did mix and match more after that - I fucked Trace, Aaron, Jake and amazingly, Donnie, and got fucked by Carlos (!), and by Tyrell and Matt who were wonderfully large, but lacking a bit in finesse. I think I blew and rimmed everyone at some point, and got fucked by and fucked both Ralph and Donnie again. I got to watch Ralph turn insatiable, sucking every cock there (if not expertly) including his cousin - getting into a hot 69 with his cousin Jake while getting fucked by Donnie while Jake was fucked by me. Ralph also fucked Aaron and then fucked his cousin Jake - and he GOT fucked by not just Donnie and me, but by Carlos (again surprising) and briefly by Jake and Trace. Tyrell tried to get in him, but was just too big, and Ralph was just a bit too sore - the spirit was willing but the flesh was just too new at this! On the way back to Trace's at 4:30AM or so, I told him to try a good soak in the tub either now or when he got up the next day, and to not be surprised if his ass was really sore from all this. Amazingly, I got a call from Ralph early the next afternoon saying he "needed more". I drove down to Jersey City and met him at Trace's and the three of us fucked round-robin style for a few more hours, blowing some clouds, watching bb porn and reliving Ralph's amazing experience the night before. Ralph eventually wound up getting into a relationship with a Realtor friend of mine in Hoboken before they moved to the Keys. His deflowering will always be a great memory for me!
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    I love going to the park and finding dirty trolls, homeless, fat guys, wasting looking, guys (the sleazier and uglier the better), fuck my hole and drop a load. I get off so much on having my ass full of their cum and going around the park till there's no one left. Then going online to fund more. The other day I went to the park and got 2 loads from 2 different guys who I swear were homeless. One had a huge black dick and the other small and uncut. Then found this big overweight guy and he made me start sucking his dick. I was bent over showing my ass to whoever was around. There were 3 guys who fucked me while my head was down on his dick. I never even saw them but they all dumped their loads in me. After they finished I turned around and lifted the fat guys stomach and put his dick in my ass. I felt like such a nasty whore with his belly resting on my back and his dick pushing in all the strangers cum. I then walked around a little more and this short fat ugly Mexican wanted to fuck me so I let him use my hole and dump his load in too. It started to die down a bit but I found a really old thin sick looking guy who was very timid. I went right up to him, dropped to my knees and sucked his fat dick got it real hard. He then turned me around and I let him dump his toxic load in me... it was so hot. After that it didn't look like anyone was left, so I came home, went online and found 2 tops that wanted to do an anonymous scene. I went over, stripped naked, put on a blindfold, and let them use me as their cumdump. Totally gets me off thinking they could be these total ugly fuckers that no one would ever let fuck them and I freely give my hole to them. I wish I knew of a place that had gloryholes in my area that I could anonymously put my ass on the hole and take all the loads people want to give me. Does anyone else get off on letting nasty trolls and dirty guys dump their loads in you? I'd love to hear more about it.

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