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    I was picked up by a Black Guy, We went to a hotel and He got me fucked up and I passed out, I woke up when the Black guy was slapping my face He said wake up slut, I tried to get up But I was restrained to the bed, I'm going to breed that ass, And turn you into a white Slut for any Black male"s to use, He spit on His Black Dick and said, These are sounds a white male makes when He’s being broken and realizes that soon he will never ever be able to use His little pee pee again to penetrate a hole, It well not get hard any more, When Black Cum swarms inside His guts it will get Absorbed into the Blood Stream where Chemicals and Hormones in the Black Man’s Cum will, Over time with enough dosages, alter the white bottoms brain structure to make Him more Docile, Submissive and Sensitive to Anal Stimulation. His white dick well no longer get hard, After this white bottom gets this last load of Cum, He should be able to be Caged and Plugged with Zero Resistance, My Black Cum is Potent, It should only take five or six Loads of my Black Cum to Affect your white brain, Enjoy That hard on, It well soon be your last one, Than you well be begging for any Black Male to penetration you, With His Black Dick, Now that my Black load is in you, I'm going to bring a few Black Males to inseminate you inject there Black Semen in your ass, When I'm done with your ass, It well be a ass pussy, You well be attracted to Black Males only,
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    So during my chasing journey, I realized that I made several fatal errors in contacting potential breeders. 1.) Messaging them during the "Wait do I really want to be poz" jerk off and not respond to them. (I'm sorry if I've done this to you literally punch me in the face) 2.) Messaging guys who are only looking for other poz guys. They won't breed neg guys for various reasons. 3.) Being too desperate. (self explanatory. I am desperate fml) 4.) Going on BBRT right before bed when you know you can't go out at that moment. 5.) Going to sex clubs and being fully clothed. 6.) Freaking out when a guy asks you if you're clean. 7.) My biggest mistake is doubting myself on whether or not I want to become poz. Every time I test neg I don't get a sigh of relief like most people. I get frustrated and angry. I just want to punch a wall til my knuckles bleed. My ritual ended up being going to get tested and going straight to a sex club and bend over bare ass up in a dark room and getting a little aggressive with guys who look like they are poz. I let all my holes be filled with all kinds of nasty cock. I'm sure there are a lot of neg guys who go through the I want poz cock and after they jerk off have second thoughts. Those second thoughts faded away and now I even after I cum I think about poz cock and how much I want the next load I shoot to be my last neg load.
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    I came home from the bar a little bit drunk and was cruising the Master and Slave sex site, When I got a message from a guy that said he was a white Master looking for a slave, Are you alone I said Yes .... We talked and I send some nude pics He said He was looking for a slave, He said his cam was broken, And would send me some pics tomorrow. The next day when I got up I checked my emails , There was one from my Master from last night, There was a pic of a good looking Black Guy in leather with a nice Black Dick, He said that he wanted to find out if I could follow orders, He said to reply if I understood, He answered back, that I was a good slave And to expect a email from Black Master tomorrow, The next day was Friday there was a email from Black Master, It read You followed my orders so far, Now let see if you can do it again, I got you a hotel room for the weekend He gave me a address and said to show up a 4:00pm Go to the front desk to check in, Tell the clerk Your name is Mr Black , The room is already payed for, There well be further details once I got in the room, It was called the Executive Hotel, When I showed up at 4 went to the front desk and said I'm Mr Black, I have a reservation for a room, The Black clerk said You'll be staying in the Jungle Room, Your in room #69 He handed me the key and said , The Jungle Room is located in the back of the hotel, If you need any thing just push 9 on the phone and ask for Tyrone ! I went to the back of the hotel and found my room, And entered the room, It was a nice room with a king bed, It had mirrors on the wall and ceiling, With a jacuzzi in one corner of the room, A large flat screen TV and a Computer in the room, I turned the computer on But could not get on line, So I called Tyrone and said I'm trying to get on line, Tyrone said they were having problems with the wifi and he would be right down to fix it, There was a knock on the door and it was Tyrone He put a code in the computer and I was online. There was a instant message that came up; From Master It said; I see you found the hotel and you all ready met Tyrone, Tyrone knows what to do ! Follow His Orders ! Tyrone Said Type Yes Master , As I did I was wondering what I had got myself into, Tyrone started to fill the Jacuzzi, He turned the lights down, Tyrone said to Strip and take off all my clothes ! Tyrone watched me as I took off my clothes, He said Hand me your clothes, and he put them in the safe and locked it, As Tyrone turned around I noticed a bulge in his pants, Tyrone unzip his pants, And pulled His Uncut Big Black Cock out, And moved over to where I was at, And said Get on your knees , Suck It Slave, I started to suck His Black Dick As I pulled His skin back and saw that he had Smegma a cheesy secretion that was under the foreskin, I found the smell to be arousing, I was sucking His BBC up and down his shift, I was just starting to get in to it, When He pulled His Black Dick out of mouth, And said that's enough for Now, Tyrone said that Master had posted a ad on a dating site for me! He put a bottle of lube on the desk, And a bottle of fresh Poppers, And closed the door, The thought of me on a sex site excited me, I gabbed the lube and put some on my dick and just starting to jerk off, When there was a knock at the door, I opened it and there was a Black Guy standing there, He entered the room and checked out my body, He took off His clothes and told me to give Him head, I sucked Him hard He was about 7' He moved over to the bed and had me lean over the bed and He entered my ass and fucked me fast after 20 min He came, He quickly put his clothes on and left.. After about 30 min, There was another knock at the door, I opened the door and there was a Tall Black Guy He entered the room and immediately took off His clothes and set on the bed, And told me I was bad for not being Dressed the way He wanted, He pulled me over His knees and proceeded to Spanking my ass, Till it was red, Then He Told me to stand in the corner, He picked up the phone and hit 9 And proceeded to tell Tyrone what He needed, In a few Tyrone was at the door, With a bag full of stuff, Tyrone said to guy, Well that be all ? The Black Guy said No ! Get this Slut dressed as I requested, Tyrone took me into the bath room where He opened the bag and said try this on, He had me put on a Bra, He taped my man hood all way down, So I looked like I had a Pussy, Lace Panties, Lace baby doll Lingerie, Sheer Stocking, and a Wag He than put some make up on me and some lip stick, And I was a She Male, Tyrone grabbed my hand and took me out of the bathroom, Yes That what I Ordered ! Tyrone said well that be all ? The Black Guy said Yes, The Black Guy had me lay on the bed he kissed me long and deep, Than He Had me suck His Black Dick It was about 8' He was making love to me, He pushed my legs up, Over His shoulders and aligned His Black Dick to enter my pussy ass, He slid right in MMMM That's good,, Its been awhile sense had some ass, My girls all ways on the rag and won't let me Fuck her in the ass, He kissed me some more, I moaned with pleasure, As His Black Dick pounded into to my Hole, After a while he pushed into me deep and held still, I could feel His Black Dick pulsating in my ass, He was cumming in me, The Black Guy rolled off of me, I'm going to hop in the jacuzzi and get cleaned up, I watched His Black Body as He got in the jacuzzi, He said come here Bitch get me some soap, I got the soap and returned to the jacuzzi, He told me to rub it on Him, I soaped Him up, And reached down to soap His Black Cock, Get a towel Bitch and dried your Man off, As I dried Him off His Black Dick started to grow again, He order me down to my knees and pushed His Black Dick into my mouth, After a few Mins He pulled out and jacked His Black Dick till He was Cumming all over my face, He got dressed and said Your going to be my regular bitch Now ! As soon as He left, I started to remove the female gear, I felt dirty, And I got in the jacuzzi and washed off , As I looked into the mirror at my self nude and dirty , When the door opened It was Tyrone again, Tyrone went over to the dresser and opened a drawer He pulled out some leather gear, A leather hardness, some restraints, A collar, And a Cock Cage, Tyrone Dressed me in the Leather gear, And put the Cock Cage on my Dick and locked it in place, He put the leather Collar around my neck, He put the key around His neck, And said He would be the key keeper from now on , How that feel ? He than took off His All His clothes, Revealing a very sculpture body, He locked my hands together, And tied them to the top of the bed, He that put some Tit Enlargers on my Tits, He said The sucking on my nipples would make them bigger! He kissed me, Than He put a Mouth Gag on me, It was make to keep my mouth open, He said it was to keep my teeth covered, Look in the mirror, See how you look, with the Mouth Gag in place, Then He put His Black Cock thru the hole and started to fuck my Mouth and down my throat, I could do nothing but except his Massive Black Cock.. His Smegma the cheese started to come off in my mouth, You like that cheese going to put you on a steady diet of Smegma every day , He Fucked my Mouth for a while, He rolled me over, He spread my legs apart, And positioned Him self to enter my hole, His Black Dick slid inch by inch till He had all 12' of Black Dick in my hole, He fucked like a rabbit fast in and out, Finely He was getting close He pulled my ass cheeks apart And put His full weight into his thrust and His BBC was buried deep, He grabbed me by the neck, And said I'm going to Cum OOOO YYYEES He held His place and I could feel His Black Dick jerking and throbbing in my hole, Giving you the Gift, Than I felt Him Coming squirting His Black Baby in me, Can you feel my Black Poz Seed in you ? That What You Want, Them Boi are Swimming there way up your intestinal track, ? I Own You Now ! He than gave me a shot, Of something I went out , I woke up to Tyrone slapping my face, I asked him what happened ? You fell a sleep, You'll been a sleep for a day now, While you were passed out, I called a Black buddy over, And did some bartering He put two tattoo on your ass, And in return He gets your ass two times, You well met Him this week, I went to the mirror and looked There was a tattoo on my ass It was a bar code :Black Owned: and on my right arm :For Black Use Only : He got up and jumped in the jacuzzi, He had the remote, in his hand He said hows it feel to be a prostitute ? I looked at Him.. Yes your body was sold Fri night, Two paying tricks and the second nigger Wants you as a regular every week end, A few clicks of the mouse and up came a prostitute web page, Tyrone hit another link, And there was my prostitute ad, The ad specified that I was for Black Use only, For Black Man wanting the interracial experience, It said Anything goes, Ask for the Bare Back special, There was pic of my face, And some nude pics of my body and ass and dick In a Cock Cage, I started to protest, And Tyrone Slapped my face, I told you that , I Own You Now , You life as it was Has passed , You were bore again on Fri , Now Your Black Owned ! You Are My Property Now ... I'm Your Black Master, Do you understand ? I reply Yes Sir
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    I take cock from all sorts of guys. From young bucks to retired old men. If they have a cock (and live up to basic hygienic standards) I'll take it. Preferably raw, but a rubbered cock is better than no cock. But sometimes something better comes along... I've been exchanging messages with a guy on a more "conventional" dating site, and he seemed both handsome and charming, so for a while we've been talking about meeting up for a movie night some time - and last night it finally happened. Well, that is to say... On Saturday night we were apparently both sitting at home, sharing a bottle of wine with ourselves, and you know how alcohol can reduce inhibitions... So the messages went a bit beyond flirty and became very explicit in terms of what each of us were into. So when I showed up at his place for a movie night I knew what I was in for! I was immediately poured a glass of wine and shown a chair where I could put my clothes, and then I knelt down naked and leaned in over the coffee table where he had put a few cushions so it would be comfortable for me. It was going to be a movie night, so he put on a movie (a Scandinavian noir thriller) and I had a perfect view of the TV from my position. And then he began. Basically he rimmed my ass for the duration of the movie! He on seemed to stop to come up for air, but otherwise he kept on relentlessly licking and eating out my hole while I tried to watch the movie and drink my wine. That tongue had some SERIOUS stamina!!! The movie was good - but the rim-job was exceptional! After nearly two hours of tongue, my hole felt wet and supple and BEGGING for cock! He got up and undressed, and then he went in front of me and offered me his hard cock, glistening with pre-cum. I did my best to repay the attentions he had given to my hole, but I was distracted by the fingers of his right hand reaching over my back to play with my hole... Pretty soon I had a cock in my throat and three fingers in my ass! That nice-looking young man who had written such intelligent and witty messages to me was now telling me what a good cocksucker I was and how I was soon going to take his cock in my ass... AND I LOVED IT! Eventually he pulled his cock from my mouth and moved behind me, somehow managing still to keep his three fingers in my ass. He then told me to take three deep hits of poppers, and when I finished the third hit he roughly pulled out his fingers. He gave my hole a couple of wet licks, and then he put the head of his cock to my hole, told me to take another couple of hits of poppers, and then he pushed all the way inside me in one deep thrust. FUCK YEAH!!! He fucked me hard and deep for a while, and then he pulled me down on the floor for a 69 with his cock in my mouth and his tongue in my ass. Then he had me on hands and knees on the floor, switching back and forth between my ass and mouth again and again before he finally dropped a load in my hungry ass. Of course it didn't stop there. I did my best to keep all of his sperm inside me, but his tongue still managed to felch out a fair bit - and then he pulled us both up standing and kissed me, the taste of his cum heavy on his breath... And... That was our first kiss? I swear, if we end up dating, that is one heck of a first-kiss-moment! He then topped up the wine glasses, put on another movie and then we spooned on his couch - and when I felt him hardening against my buttocks I reached back and guided him inside me where his hard cock just stayed still as we watched the movie, sipped wine and chatted... When I finally left it was with three loads in my ass. We've agreed to meet for coffee in a café next time to make it less horny and more of a classic date... (But I'll be wearing a jock strap under my respectable clothes! And I'll know where his tongue has been...)
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    I was the new kid in town after my dad left the Army and we settled down to civilian life. My circle of acquaintances was pretty much limited to my class mates at college and night life in my new home town consisted of a few pubs and one night club, and that's where I met Mark. He was just chatty and friendly and it felt good to make a new friend my own age. It was him who suggested going to see a band playing at the Teacher Training College. Afterr the concert he invited me to sleep over at his place to save me having to walk 3 miles to get home. He told me his bedroom was above a detached garage so we could play music and smoke weed without fear of interruption before we slept, but we would have to share the queen sized bed. After a few hours of getting stoned and listening to records Mark told me he was ready to sleep, but since he always slept naked he hoped I was okay with it. Without thinking anything of it, since I always sleep naked, I said as long as I could sleep naked too. So far absolutely nothing to suggest what was to come. I rolled to one side of the bed and soon fell asleep, but after some time I was woken up because I felt like I was close to cumming. As soon as I woke I realised that the reason I was about to cum was because Mark was sucking my cock incredibly well. It felt so good I didn't want it to stop but my mind was trying to deal with the fact that a guy was sucking my dick and I wasn't gay. I rationalized it by kidding myself that if he did all the work I wasn't being gay when I blew my load in his mouth while he kept sucking and swallowing. After he finished sucking me dry he asked me to snuggle against his back to sleep, and since the warmth of his body against mine felt good I agreed. It didn't take loIm long to start rubbing his ass against my cock until I was rock hard again and dripping precum. Once again it was all him so I let myself enjoy it without doing anything. He put his hand between his legs and pulled my cock between his thighs so he could rb the tip while using his thighs to squeeze my shaft. I was enjoying what he was doing so much that it was disappointing when he pulled away so my cock slid out from between his thighs but I soon found out why he did as he guided my cock head into his ass and pushed himself back onto me. As son as I felt myself inside him I knew I had to cum but I didn't want to be gay, so I convinced myself again that if he did all the work I wasn't being gay as I came and came and came inside him. That was how I lost my virginity with a guy I never even suspected of being gay when I would never have once thought of myself as being gay.
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    So, I’ve always had a deep desire to go to another city, check into my hotel, and open the door for men to use me anonymously. I fantasize about being blindfolded and naked on the bed waiting for random men. The problem is I’m not sure how to set it up. I made my first attempt last week while away on business. I was all ready and nervous as I thought about how to notify tops. First thought was Craigslist but that’s gone. So, turned to apps. What a wasted attempt. Lots of hits trying to get me to fuck them, lots of chatty dudes, and only 1 dude actually into anon fucking. Unfortunately it was less anonymous than I hoped. In my mind there would be no face pics, no stats, just guys hitting me up and me giving the room number. I settled for my first attempt being less anonymous as I’d seen the tops face. I dimmed the lights and got into position with the door ajar. Soon I heard the door open and shut. A hand on my leg running up to my ass. Then a hard dick against my butt, slowly grinding against me. The sound of the lube cap clicking then I felt his cock head on my hole. Slowly he pressed in. He held my shoulders down as he began to fuck me, harder and faster. I could feel his nuts slap my taint with each thrust. It was amazing. Soon he leaned in and whispered in my ear, “you want my load?” And I moaned yes, please. He fucked harder and then thrust deep, pausing as if felt his cock pulse and he moaned “I’m fucking breeding you, you’re taking my nut”. He pulled out and I waited on my stomach until he was gone. I can’t wait to try again but need to better set up the flow of tops. Hopefully next time I’ll have multiple tops deposit loads. I’m planning a trip to Philadelphia in October and think that’s me shot to fulfill the full fantasy of being an anon hotel cumdump. Bigger city might be better. I even wonder about finding a top into whoring me out so I’m sure to not see the tops before they fill me. Hell, if there’s a sauna I may try that too. Just wish I was better at setting things up. I guess that will come in time. Until then I will have time to read posts and blogs here to get ideas. I’m looking forward to the possibilities
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    I’m sitting here now with a rock hard cock thinking about the great unprotected sex I had in my hotel room on Thursday night... I had met Az through an advert I posted on Craigslist the week before. I am due to be in Dublin for a few nights next week so was seeing could I arrange a few hook ups while I was there. Let me go back and tell you a little about me; I'm a big chub man and not to everyones taste but I enjoy cock and when I can I'll take it... I prefer to btm but when I top it's usually for younger twink guys and when I btm I enjoy, really enjoy, raw sex. Az responded to my advert and within a few short hours we were messaging each over via KIK having exchanged details. He was very discreet and didn't disclose too much about himself at the beginning but we kept chatting over the app and after a while he opened up to me, he was not from this country and from what I could gather had either a religious or social standing/reason for keeping his gay sex very very discreet. I am fine with that and each to their own! During out KIK chat he brought up the subject of kinks and had I any, I asked him to tell me about his and see what we could make happen and then he just came out with it "I've always wanted to try BB with a guy" Music to my ears... and we agreed that when I come to Dublin in a few weeks he'd be welcome to call around and see what happens A few days ago I had to head up to Dublin for something on Friday morning so I choose to drive up on the Thursday night to avoid an early start with a lot of traffic on the Friday morning. I told Az over KIK that my plans to come to Dublin had come forward but I'd only be up for one night and if he was around I'd like to meet. He was very anxious about it but wanted to meet up. I exchanged my hotel details and he said he'd be over around 9pm By this stage he had exchanged a few cock shots and one body shot but I still had no idea what he looked like other than that, I didn't care, if I was not turned on by him I'd ask him to leave and call it a night. I took a chance and I'm glad I did. Az messaged to say he was enroute by taxi and would be in the lobby of my hotel soon. It was coming up to 9, I had douched and showered and was ready for action. I had an unopened bottle of poppers and a bottle of lube by the bed. I had another bottle that I gave a few huffs off when he messaged me to say he was downstairs. A few minutes later, I was answering the door in my t-shirt and jockstrap to this stunning man. He was 5"10 tall (I'm 5"6), lovely tanned complexion, well kept beard all wrapped up in a big body of muscle and a little fat. He came in and we made small talk and he asked could he use the shower as he wasn't long out of college that evening. I said sure and in he went. I lay up on my knees on the bed and opened the new bottle of poppers to have a huff. Within a few minutes the shower stopped and the bathroom door opened and out came Az just wearing a towel and looking so sexy with a nice hairy chest all puffed out and ready for some fun. Without saying anything I stood up and he walked over and behind me and placed his hands on my ass cheeks, I took some more poppers as he reached around, dropped the towel and his cock teased my body. I dropped to my knees as I handed him the poppers and was staring straight as his uncut, solid cock. Not huge but oh a nice size and very thick. Without hesitation I wrapped my mouth around his manhood and slowly gave him a welcoming BJ. He moaned in pleasure as he took more poppers. After a few minutes he was leaning over and running his fingers down my back, he signalled for me to stand up and as I did he turned me to face the bed as he stood back and admired my ass. He pushed me forward and I got on the bed into a doggy position and then I felt the fantastic feeling of his tongue inside my hole... This was going to be a good night!
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    Welcome to my new and very first blog anywhere. I hope that this can be a place where others share their feelings and beliefs and be respected. No topic is banned other than those that are not acceptable to this web site. It is hoped that what is written here is read with an open mind and responded to with courtesy. We live in a republic where each person's beliefs are of worth even if we totally disagree with those beliefs. That is a basic tenant of a republic. With all that in mind, does anyone have a topic that they would like discussed or even a rant to air?
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    [I want to preface this entry with a word to any readers whose heritage is Native American. The experiences I describe below are a true account, and my narrative of them is as objective as I can make it. My interpretation of the meaning of the events is naturally filtered by my own cultural lens, but also by my professional role, one that has to a degree sensitized me to the history, realities, and sensitivities of Native Americans. I assure you that my contemplation on the nature of the experience derives not from crude stereotyping or assumption but from my observations and from a spiritual sense inherent to myself that I find difficult to describe but that I can only swear to be genuine.] I once hooked up a few times with a Top who was a nice guy, but when he fucked me, a strange sort of change came over him. He was, as it happened, a Lakota, and each time he started dicking me down he would suddenly become very aggressive, grab me by my neck from behind with one hand and grab a handful of my hair with the other and force my head down flat sideways on the bed, my torso stetched out so that my pelvis was ground under him for deepest possible penetration. Then he would lean over and start saying angry, harsh words in my ear in Lakota, but which I couldn’t understand, and he would punctuate each phrase by spitting on me - on my back, on my ass, on the back of my neck. After some of this, he would then fuck me savagely until he came, then yank my head back by my hair as he let me go. The next moment he was exactly the same as before we had started, almost as though a different person had walked into the room (naked). I realize this sounds spacey and all New Age and shit, (never mind race stereotyping) but I always felt as though that guy wasn’t actually the one fucking me. It felt as though the person fucking me was full of rage, and these fuckings were actually rapes counted as coup for far worse wrongs done to helpless people generations ago. It was the spitting - something I really don’t like anyway - the hate and ferocity embodied in each blast, each one bursting through tight lips like a knife blade into my naked back as he stabbed me repeatedly lower down, that told me this wasn’t about sex. Lying there under the domination of his hands, listening to those unfamiliar, berating words spat at me, followed by the smack of his saliva, feeling cruel force ravage my body and then triumphantly fill me with itself - I could not escape the thought that this man must be channelling the spirits of some warrior of the First Peoples come to claim justice for his people from mine. Not long ago I took one of the AncestryDNA tests to find out where my people came from. I’m basically 100% British Isles. No wonder I ended up the target ass for his justice fucking. And do you know what? I’m okay with that. My ancestors did horrible, horrible things to people, rape included. Maybe I’m nuts and this is all in my head, but if raping my ass can give a few of those poor souls their rest, then let them rape me. The bill is overdue. I just wish they wouldn’t spit.
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    A white boys risky gay hook-up goes in wildly unexpected directions. There was a book store that I had heard about it had Glory Holes , My heart was pounding. A mixture of fear and adrenaline made him breathless. He consciously took a deep breath then walked in… He’d first heard of a few months ago. Mark, A Black guy at his work mentioned it as a place to avoid. But while his workmates laughed and sneered at the description and the warnings, Jay's interest was aroused. He’d come out here a couple of times to scout the place out. There was distinctly unusual traffic at the Book store. For starters, it was in a relatively remote location, And definitely in a seedy area, During the day, there were always plenty of visitors of course, But Jay was surprised by the number of Black men that continued to visit as evening drew on. And the nature of the visitor changed as well, no longer were they white But Black guys, The people who came by after 6 exhibited a different tempo, some nervous, some cautious, some eager, And now, after three days of surveillance from his car, Jay was ready to take the plunge. He walked into the brick building. You walked in the door and you where than looked over by the Black clerk and then he buzzed you into a second door, Where you payed the clerk to enter the back booths, There were five men inside, all much older than me, And all of them turned to look at me. Each of them looked Jay up and down and smiles appeared on their faces. Jay knew what it was like to be looked at like a piece of meat: flattering. He knew he was decent looking, with a good body. He played it cool. He walked past the men into the end booth and pulled the door shut, locking it behind him. He looked the booth over. It had a glory hole in the wall, Where fags go to suck each other off. They go into the booths and stick their dicks through glory holes in the wall then strangers blow them.” But Jay found the prospect unbelievably exciting. He wasn’t out about his sexuality, and even among his closest friends only a small handful knew that he was gay. He listened carefully as Mark explained to his sneering work mates about the book store. To a young guy who was just coming to terms with his sexuality, the place sounded like a dream: just stick your dick through the glory hole in the wall and a stranger blows you, no attachments, no complications, and the guy didn’t even know who you were. To Jay it was a perfect tentative, anonymous first step into the world of gay sex. He decided that if he was here for a blowjob, it made sense to have his pants down, then dropped his pants, Jay looked around the booth. The walls had some of the usual graffiti “For a good time call…” as well as random graphics and logos. But it wasn’t the wall scribbling he was here for. He looked to his left and there as expected, was a hole in the chipboard partitioned wall. It was four inches across; larger than necessary. Jay looked at it with a mixture of trepidation. He didn’t want to initiate anything or get up close and look through the glory hole, Three fingers protruded through the hole from the other side. Jay looked at them with excitement. The fingers thrummed up and down on the rim of the hole. Jay didn’t know what to do so he leaned forwards and played with him self. A low voice said, “Put your dick through if you want a blowjob.” It was clear from the tone that the speaker’s mouth must be close to the hole. This was it. It was now or never. He lifted his penis towards the hole. Nervousness had robbed it of its ability to get hard, But Jay had no doubt that it would respond to a hot mouth. He’d never had a blowjob thru a Glory Hole, But he’d imagined one many times and he was eager to experience it. His glans brushed the back of the fingers resting on the base of the hole and a little shiver of excitement coursed through his Cock. The fingers withdrew then he felt them lightly gripping his snake, Pulling him through. He moved close to the wall, Pressing his pubis against the painted wood. “Nice,” the man on the other side murmured. “Stand a little higher.” A vision of the man on his knees, getting a crick in his neck reaching forwards to suck him flashed into Jay's mind. He grinned and straightened his legs until the top of his cock was just touching the upper rim of the Glory Hole. To his surprise, fingers reached through the Glory Hole, hooked behind the neck of his scrotum and pulled his balls through the Glory Hole too. He felt the man on the other side slowly rolling his large nuts in his fist. Jay had never experienced testicle play and it was surprisingly erotic. He let out a soft sigh and thrust his groin towards the hole so that the guy would have as much to play with as he wanted. Jay knew from experience that when he got excited, His balls were going to retract towards his body. He felt a tongue on the head of his Dick. He inhaled sharply, a shuddering, staccato breath that signified his surprise at how good even that first warm, wet touch felt. The tongue slid across his glans then returned and repeated the motion. Jay imagined his benefactor holding his prick and licking its head like a lollipop. His breathing came faster and he felt his penis rapidly responding to the tongue. The unknown man’s mouth closed around his thickening cock now, His lips encircling the rear of Jay's glans. It was all Jay hoped it would be and the man was only just getting started! He felt his penis straining within the man’s mouth. Ordinarily Jay’s balls would be climbing upwards, in preparation of an orgasm, but the man held them firmly in his fist, Preventing them from rising. Jay started squirming. He was already at fever pitch, Close to blowing his load and the person on the other side had been blowing him less than a minute. Jay started insistently thrusting his Cock forwards, Trying to compel the man to suck faster so that he could blow his load. He didn’t know what the etiquette was for Glory Hole ejaculation, but he doubted 90 seconds from start to finish was considered good form. But he didn’t care, all he cared about was personal gratification. He strained forwards, pressing the palms of his hands against the cubical dividing wall, Turning his feet outwards so that he could get as close as possible. “Faster,” He urged quietly, his face pressed against the wall. On the other side the man grinned. “Easy tiger.” Jay felt his balls being pulled downwards, Slowly but firmly, trapped in a tight fist. He groaned at the aching in his nuts. Then he felt something strange; Something cool pressed against the neck of his scrotum. The fist released him but his nuts remained low, Tugged four inches below the hole. The mouth moved away from his Cock and he felt fingers touching his stiff meat. They were wrapping something; A band of some sort embedded with plastic-cool objects on four sides. The fingers moved down and wrapped two more straps; One around each nut, also embedded with plastic. Then the fingers were gone and just the bands with their objects remained. Then suddenly a buzzing and a rapid but shallow vibration on all four sides of his glans. Jay squirmed as the delicious feeling elevated his libido once again, bringing him to the very brink of orgasm, But somehow the buzzing was not quite enough to push him over the edge. The buzz was accompanied by a deeper, more powerful one in his nuts, Stimulating him in ways he’d never even considered before. He tried to with draw back pulled and twisted, Pulling his groin ready to thrust back in, but he couldn’t withdraw. His cock and balls were trapped on the other side! Although he couldn’t see it, the second booth had been fitted with a 6 inch long hinged metal bar designed precisely for this purpose. The new meat would poke their eager dicks through the Glory Hole, and then they would be unable to pull their balls back out. Jay heard a sound to his right. He turned and saw the door sliding open. His eyes widened. He struggled harder to free himself, yanking on his Dick and Balls, But unless he was prepared to tear his own nuts off he was stuck securely against the wall. The door opened and two Black men entered carrying nylon ropes. One grinned. “Welcome to the club ! Who are you? What are you doing?” Jay demanded. The speaker moved behind him. Jay tried to turn his body but he was pulled tightly to the wall and he could only move his shoulders. Suddenly, both Black men pounced on him, Each tying a thick nylon rope around his wrists. The ropes were hooked over to the corners of the wall, And Pulled tight then tied off. “What are you doing!!” Jay demanded more loudly. “What you want,” The grinning Black man said. “But first an initiation to the club.” “I don’t want THIS!” Jay said. “Really? Then why stick your boner through a Glory hole in the wall?” “I… I…” Jay couldn’t think of a good answer. The truth is, He DID want some excitement. He wanted to have some kind of sexual adventure with a Black man, And he wasn’t all that discerning who or how old that Black man was. The Black men pulled his trousers and underwear off, Roped his legs and pulled them apart so far that Jay was forced onto his tip toes, Feet barely touching the ground at all, And all his weight on his arms, Before tying the ropes to the corners of the booth as well. Now Jay stood, naked and spread eagles, Pressed tightly against the stall wall. He struggled furiously and he could feel his rigid erection bouncing on the other side of the wall, Kept hard by the ceaseless vibrations of the milking machine strapped to his Dick. But for all his struggling, He was utterly unable to free himself. The talkative Black man produced a small lubricated Black dildo. He showed it to Jay. “Something to get you warmed up.” Jay’s eyes opened wide. “No, no. I don’t need warming up. Keep that away from me.” The man spread Jay’s Ass cheeks then knelt and examined the boy’s Asshole. A pristine starfish winked back at him. There was no redness, No signs of stretching, No bruising, just a tight puckered star of virgin flesh. “Looks to me like you do. Where no Black man has gone before.” He smeared lube from a tube onto the pinch of flesh. Jay flinched away from the touch. “No, no!” he repeated. Then he felt the head of the Black dildo against his hole. He tried to resist but it was almost impossible with his legs spread that wide apart. The man twisted and wobbled it until, despite Jay’s best efforts, It slipped inside him. Jay grunted. “Uhnnnn nnnnn.” Then the Black man turned a dial on the end of the Black dildo and it also started buzzing. Jay understood in an instant why Black men and liberated breeders Enjoyed having things in their assholes. In many ways, This was everything he had hoped gay sex would feel like. Except with a Cock, and not secured in a remote book store, Jay squirmed desperately, As his hole and genitals were gently vibrating, Forcing him to the sort of ecstasy He had hoped to experience. The Black man took out two small clamps, Like rubber coated bulldog clips, But with very little bite. He reached around the right side Jay’s chest and tweaked a nipple between his index finger and thumb. “Ow!” The nipple stood up pert and the Black man quickly attached one of the small clamps. Jay felt it pinching his nipple, a sharp pain that quickly lost its edge. A second clamp joined the first on Jay’s other nipple. The sensation was uncomfortable but bearable, and it added something to the stimulation his other erogenous zones were experiencing. “How you enjoying this white boy?” The Black man asked, leaning close. “What’s your name?” Jay,” the young man replied, Not thinking to make up a lie. “I’m Hunter. It’s good to meet ya Jay.” The Black man kissed Jay on the cheek: A slow sensual kiss. Jay instinctively recoiled, Expecting something disgusting, But the kiss was actually surprisingly tender and the Black man smelt clean, With a mixture of mild soap and quality after shave. Two days of stubble brushed Jay’s smooth face. “Aww don’t be like that. You came here for a reason with your hard Cock and your virgin Hole. You came for an adventure and you’re gonna get one. But there’s no need to worry.” Jay exhaled heavily as the Black man told him that he was going to get home safe, He’d feared that maybe he would die in this small booth, Now that this clean Black man in a Seedy place reassured him that he was not going to die tonight. “Thatta boy. Relaaax. You’ll actually start to enjoy it. That is why you came here isn’t it?” As he cooed reassurance into Jay’s ear, Hunter pumped the Black dildo in and out of the Jay’s Asshole. Jay frowned. He was so hard. “Y… yes. I guess so,” He affirmed. Then he made a weird strangled sound and started struggling. He struggled frantically for 30 seconds then slumped against the ropes that held his arms. His feet barely touched the floor. “Did you just cum boy?” The Black man enquirer. Jay didn’t answer so the Black man looked in the next booth. There was white liquid sprayed into the milking machine. Hunter smiled. “Many more like that before the night is done Jay.” Jay frowned, Surprised at how easily his body could be induced to give up its Seed completely against his control. “Did you like that?” Jay’s frown deepened. What would it mean if he said yes? He already knew he was gay. He wasn’t ashamed of it. He was simply private; circumspect about who he told. But here, at a book store, Milked by machine and this stranger. What kind of fucked up weirdo did that make him. But he couldn’t deny the power of his orgasm. In spite of his trepidation, There was no doubt that he HAD enjoyed feeling the small Black dildo slipping in and out of his hole, As well as the powerful orgasm it had produced. Jay gave a curt nod, admitting to Hunter what was already obvious. “Good. Then you’re going to enjoy the next few hours a whole lot more.” The man produced a small brown bottle. It had a lively font that spelled the word “Locker Room aroma” against a bright red back round, Hunter showed it to Jay. “Poppers. It’ll make your Orgasms better. Hunter unscrewed the lid and wafted it under Jay’s nose. “Good. Sniff.” Jay took a small sniff. His nostrils were filled with an acrid scent and he almost immediately felt light headed. Hunter attached a nose gag and poured the liquid into the nose gag , Every time I would inhale thru my nose I would get a good hit of Poppers, Hunter unbuttoned his jeans and dropped His boxers and jeans to his knees. Jay strained to see. The man’s Black cock was as clean as the rest of Him, Nine inches of uncut Black meat. Hunter gripped his flaccid cock and with just a dozen quick tugs his Black cock was almost as hard as Jay’s. He rolled a rubber onto it, Then shuffled up behind the young man. “This will be an experience to take back with you,” He whispered. Hunter turned and his accomplice was standing by the door already hard. The other Black man was watching intently. Hunter nodded to him and the other Black man left the booth. Hunter removed the Black dildo and slowly replaced it with his larger Black cock. Jay tensed, anticipating pain, but the Black dildo had loosened his sphincter and Hunter’s Black cock slid easily inside. The Black man started to pump slowly, enjoying the tightness of Jay’s virgin hole. Jay had no choice but to stand, Legs splayed wide as the Black man took him, But even if he could have walked away, he was no longer sure if he would have. The situation was erotic beyond the bounds of his limited imagination, And it wildly exceeded his hopes. A few moments later, Jay felt hands on his rigid Cock and they removed the vibrating beads. His cock continued buzzing as the amyl nitrite in the Poppers liquid constricted the blood vessels. His cock felt even harder than when he had ejaculated and he could almost feel the blood coursing, Tingling through his tightened blood vessels. The fingers continued touching his throbbing member and Jay correctly surmised that the hands were sliding a condom onto him. But he was beyond distracted, His attention being torn in multiple directions, not the least of which was the Black penis that was now slipping in and out of his virgin hole. Hunter was thrusting with long, smooth strokes, Letting Jay experience every one of his nine inches. Withdrawing all the way, then re-penetrating the young man on every stroke. At this stage, He was fucking as much for Hunter as for himself. Every time Hunter’s Black dick head bumped past the Jay’s sphincter and Jay's hole snapped shut, Jay felt a thrill as the nerves in his rear responded to the stimulation. Then a moment where he could feel Hunter’s glans pausing against the outside of his hole, His glans surprisingly hard and hot, Then it was followed by the sensation of his hole spreading and enfolding the Black man’s Cock once again. Hunter’s fucking was leisurely, enabling Jay to focus on every part of the experience. Jay had never been so aware of the physiology of his anus, Both inside and out, But now it felt as though Hunter’s Black cock was a pioneer, Casually exploring his hole inside and out. At the inner limit of each stroke, Hunter’s glans rubbed against something inside Jay’s anus. Jay felt a thrill, A little rush of excitement as the head bumped over it, Then a feeling of pressure deeper in. He realized that this must be the prostate that he’d heard about, And know he realized why it was so highly regarded. Each time Hunter’s glans touched it, Jay felt like he was going to cum – Not the massive full body experience of his earlier Orgasm, But a different sensation in his testicles and somewhere inside him, A quick welling of excitement that was gone the second Hunter’s glans was past, Leaving him craving the next touch in that deep place. And all the time that buzzing, Vibrating feeling deep in each testicle, Distracting as much as arousing, Yet making him feel like his balls were somehow being activated, Charged, Primed by the incessant vibrations. Yet it was a strange kind of distraction, Both frustrating and tremendously arousing. The testicular stimulation had a secondary effect that Hunter was only too well aware of; it was forcing Jay’s penis to new levels of hardness. The vibrations were transferring to the root of his penis, Increasing the pulse rate, While the amel constricted the blood vessels, Reducing the rate at which the blood could leave his cock. The circumcised head strained upwards away from the shaft, bloated and deep crimson. The shaft was hard to the touch, Tiny veins purple just behind the head, leading in minute delicate delta maps towards the shaft. Larger veins corded along its length, vascular as a ‘body builder. Even his testicles had already grown by 50 percent, Ready and eager to spread his seed. No longer were they the soft orbs that hung in his pants as he went about his day, They were firm to the touch, engorged with blood and semen, His nut sack stretched thin and tight over each large oval. Jay’s head was pressed against the partition wall, His face turned to the open door as Hunter slowly screwed him, Gathering pace now. Then Jay felt something he did not expect; warmth against his cock. But not the warm wetness of a mouth, Somebody was forcing his cock into their own hole. He’d fooled with people before, jacked them off and been jacked in return, But he had always wondered if he was going to prefer being a top or a bottom. He was a passionate sportsman, but not aggressive by nature. Yet the idea of going down on his knees and being taken seemed a little submissive to his tastes. But now he was experiencing the very best of both worlds simultaneously. His hole being plowed with his cock was engulfed in a hot hole that was sliding back and forth along its length. On each inward stroke, The cheeks of the man’s rump spread on the wall, pressing firmly against Jay’s trapped and swollen balls. It was another new experience. Mildly uncomfortable, Causing a slight ache in each nut, Yet the pain also added to pleasure, Making Jay acutely aware of the connection between his nuts and his libido, Dissolving the barriers between pleasure and pain. Now that he was sure that muscles in Jay’s sphincter had relaxed sufficiently not to injure, Hunter began to fuck Jay more aggressively. No longer did he fully withdraw, But instead he pulled his hard Black tool halfway back, Before ramming it back with jackhammer force, Drilling the kid to the wall. Jay tried to look over his shoulder but Hunter put a hand on the boy’s cheek and turned him away, Forcing the side of his head into the wall again. Jay understood that he was Hunter’s play thing now. That this was Hunter’s time to have fun. On each thrust of Hunter’s hips, The entire partition wall vibrated with a thud. Jay had toyed with rape fantasies while masturbating, But they usually involved white guys. He’d never even considered the possibility of Black men old enough to be his father. But now the limits of his imagination were being revealed. With tattooed arms and a wife beater t-shirt on, Hunter looked like he could be a trucker. On the other side of the wall, a puffy guy in his fifties was riding Jay’s cock like he was at the rodeo, Using the vibrations of Hunter’s fucking as a metronome and bouncing at twice the speed. Jay could hear the Black man gasping and groaning as he pleasured himself, Using Jay’s dick the way a desperate housewife uses a dildo. Jay realized that that’s all he was to these Black men – a hole and flesh dildo, And it felt great! No longer was the question whether he wanted to be a top or a bottom, But how his body could be used in the most gratifying manner. He was happy to be both, and neither. He was powerless, Just a human sex toy. Behind him, Hunter pounded into him. The man grabbed Jay’s hair and pulled his head back, becoming more aggressive the more aroused he became. Jay wondered who would cum first Hunter or the other guy. The way the pudgy man was moaning it was going to be him, But surely Hunter couldn’t keep this thudding pace up for long without losing it? As it happened, It was neither of them. From out of nowhere, Jay came again hard. “Ahh ahh ahhh ahh ah!” He moaned and panted and squirmed, Squirting hard into the hole. Hunter pulled the boy’s head back further so that his head faced the ceiling, But the guy could see nothing, His eyes were clenched tightly shut as his second orgasm, Even more powerful than the first, carried him away. The guy heard Jay cumming then felt the squelching wetness as the condom filled in his own hole and that was all it took to trigger his own orgasm. He panted, short and fast in a high pitched voice like a little girl having a nightmare, But all he was feeling was ecstasy. Breaking a new boy in was a privilege, And he was enjoying riding this guys six inch meat immensely. Hunter thudded his cock faster and harder into Jay’s hole, Finally allowing himself to go over the edge. There was nothing prissy about HIS orgasm. He snarled like an animal, Clawing at the back of Jay’s left shoulder, drawing blood as he let loose and filled the condom he was wearing with a massive load. When he finally stopped cumming, Hunter withdrew his cock from the boy’s asshole and carefully pulled the condom from his hard cock. He lifted the condom and dangled it in front of Jay’s now open eyes where the boy could see it. It hung heavy with a viscous, semi-opaque Black load that looked more like something a horse would produce. “Open up,” Hunter said, holding the neck of the condom against the young man’s lips. Jay declined to comply. Even in the heat of the moment that was too much for his Christian upbringing to cope with. Hunter released the his hair and squeezed the sides of his cheeks, Pushing them painfully into his teeth. Jay opened his mouth instinctively and the moment he did, Hunter poured the contents of the condom into the boy’s mouth; Quarter of a cup of fresh spunk. Jay tried to turn his head, but Hunter held him in place, immediately placing his hand over Jay's mouth so that he couldn’t spit the slimy deposit back out. “Swallow.” “Mmm mmm,” Jay responded, Trying again to turn his head. Hunter pinched the boy’s nostrils shut. Now Jay couldn’t breathe. “Swallow,” Hunter repeated calmly. “I’m not letting you breathe again until you do.” Jay still refused. Hunter stroked the guy’s throat. “Swallow. It’s really not that bad, Black Cum well make your Body Stronger, It’ll make your Balls and Dick Bigger.” Jay forced himself to take a small gulp and as soon as he did, Hunter released his nostrils. “All of it.” Jay took two more gulps and he felt Hunter’s massive load sliding down his throat. This was insane. It was like he was two separate people. In the other cubicle, His cock was still hard, Straining, His own cum sloshing around in the condom that had been placed on him. That part of him was horny, Eager, Its fat balls thrumming with sexual energy, his glans bloated like a mushroom cloud a top his rigid tool. And on this side, He was still fighting against decades of religious programming, All of his conscious intellect screaming against the debasement of his body. But it felt so good. So, So good. Hunter released Jay’s head and lay against the guy’s back exhausted. They were both drenched in sweat. Hunter released Jay’s face and Jay lowered his head. Jay stared out of the cubical door and there were three more Black men standing there watching, Positioned so that they could see into both booths simultaneously. Two of them had their Black cocks out and were maturating slowly, And the third had a large lump in his pants, But was recording the scene on a video recorder, Jay realized that he had become the main attraction at the Club and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His arms and legs were still spread wide, Making him look like a horizontal starfish. “Thanks ,” Hunter said from behind him, And ruffled his hair as he left the booth. Another Black man walked in as Hunter left. Jay’s eyes widened. Again? Another one? But he was exhausted, sexually drained. He couldn’t possibly… Two hours, 15 cocks and 8 ass holes later, Jay’s mind was in a haze. He could barely think straight. He was horny beyond his most fevered imaginings and his cock was still rigid and eager for attention. He’d lost track of how many times he’d cum in the milking machine? Then someone arrived and it was like a bucket of cold water to the face. It was Mark from work. The 24 year old sauntered in. “Well look who it is. That story always gets someone.” “M… Mark! What are you doing here?!” Mark grinned. “Same as you. Well, not exactly the same obviously. Welcome to the club!” Mark opened his pants and pulled out a monster. It flopped out like an Anaconda, Flaccid with a huge arrow-shaped glans. A porn star Black Cock. Greasy looking; dark brown; dangerous. He reached into his pants and hooked out a pair of nuts that were as impressive as his nuts; A heavy pair of bull balls, Each the size of a large chicken egg, hanging low in a loose sack. Jay looked at Mark’s genitals with a mixture of awe and fear. Mark saw Jay’s expression. “Yeah, I get that reaction a lot,” He said with a cocky smirk. He started to massage the head of his gargantuan Black penis. It rapidly filled with blood, adding another three inches to its length. Now fully hard it was 12.5 But what was making Jay’s heart pound was its thickness; thicker than a deodorant spray can, and just as long. It was undoubtedly the thickest Black Cock he’d ever seen and Mark watched a LOT of gay porn. The dark glans was huge, Its upper trailing edge sloping far back, Like the barb of a whaling spear. Jay had once seen a documentary where biologists theorized that the shape of the human glans was an evolutionary development designed to scoop any mating rivals’ sperm from a female’s vagina. Looking at Mark’s Black cock head, Jay didn’t doubt the theory. It looked capable of scooping pints out of any woman unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end. Mark did not put on a condom. It was doubtful that even a magnum could cope with his penis. Jay had long since resigned himself tonight, To the fact that his asshole was just a receptacle for a seemingly endless line of cocks to drill, But this was different. This was a freak of nature. A beast. It was surely going to rip him in half. “I can’t take that!” Mark grinned. “Yeah, They all say that. Cunt's can't take it either, That’s why they called me last. After my go the new meat is ruined for everyone else. But it’s not so bad. It’ll hurt, But you’ll be surprised just what you can do if you put your mind to it!” Mark moved up behind Jay, And Jay expected the Black man to simply ram his way in. There was something about his tone and demeanor that hinted at cruelty. To his surprise, Mark was calm, Patient, just as Hunter had been at the start of the evening. He pushed slowly, Allowing Jay’s hole to stretch at its own pace. Jay felt his hole gradually opening for the huge intruder, But after a few minutes of firm but careful pushing, His hole was at its limit. Mark realized that Jay’s hole was open to his maximum extent and leaned on the boy with all his body weight, Forcing Jay’s sphincter to admit him. “Gahhh! Stop, it hurts, it hurts. You’re killing me.” Mark ignored Jay’s pleas. He’d heard them dozens of times. They always protested. Sometimes their assholes stretched, And other times they simply tore. If it was the latter, They’d heal, And they’d always remember the time they were fucked by the biggest Black cock they’d ever see. Jay’s hole stretched. It was burning, Stinging as the skin expanded far beyond its normal elasticity. Tiny superficial micro tears appeared in the surface, But the skin of his sphincter largely stayed intact. Suddenly Mark’s huge love missile passed the sphincter and slipped inside. Jay’s hole was monstrously stretched but at least the pain didn’t get any worse. He was peripherally aware that another Black man was riding his cock but his entire focus was on enduring the assault on his rear. Mark started to pump, moving slowly to avoid causing unnecessary damage. He knew that if he went hard, It would take little effort to tear the Jay's ring. He pulled Out And sprayed some numbing spray on my Hole. Mark said He didn't like to use the stuff, Because it made Him fuck forever, Mark pushed his Black Cock in gradually, But this time it slid right in, For Jay, the pain was acute, But he was also preoccupied with the overwhelming feeling of fullness. Of course, the stretched circumference of Mark's cock left Jay in no doubt about the man’s immense girth, but as the massive Black meat forced its way into him, His rectum was forced to enlarge to accommodate it. At first, It just felt as though he had to take a large dump, But the longer his bowels remained full, The more uncomfortable the feeling became. His stomach ached and the internal discomfort gradually morphed into the stomach cramp that arises from holding crap for too long while wearing too-tight jeans or a belt. Mark fucked him at a medium pace for fifteen long minutes. During that time Jay ejaculated twice while on the other side of the wall, The milking machine sucked his loads. Jay was only peripherally aware of the sucking, His attention switching from the milking machine for a few moments before returning to the reaming of a lifetime he was receiving from his Black shift leader. Jay started to morn, Jay pushed His ass out to give Mark total access to his hole, Mark realized the numbing spray was working, He could now pull all the way out, And push His Big Black weapon all the way in, Jay was in total ecstasy now, Yes Fuck Me, Fuck my Hole, Y..Yes Cum in Me, Even when Mark came, It felt like something was happening to a body, He was barely connected to, With the main event happened on this side of the wall. As the 20 minute started, Mark picked up the pace and filled Jay’s hole with twice as much jizz as Hunter had earlier and made the Jay drink. As he reached the vinegar strokes, He rammed his Black beast home in short staccato strokes. He buried His Big Black Cock all the way in my hole, Mark took His hands and pulled my ass cheeks apart, And pushed deeper, Mark slid passed Jay's second Hole, Mark held His Black Cock Deep, He leaned forwards speaking through gritted teeth with a tone of contempt. “You make…” thud “a great little…” thud “fuck toy!” thud thud thud. You want this Gift ?? I'm going to give it to you! My Fuck Toy , I could feel His Black Cock Throbbing, As He was Cumming, Finally spent, He pulled his Black Cock out. It swayed, like a javelin in front of his body. Jay’s hole remained wide open, a battered flesh tunnel that would be unable to close for days. Cum dribbled out and down the inside of his legs, Cooling the second it hit the fresh air. Mark left the stall without another word or a backwards glance. As soon as he was out, Hunter and another Black man came in and started to untie Jay’s arms and legs. The moment Jay’s arms were released, He slumped, and Hunter had to catch him. The man reached around around pulled off the nipple clamps. “Easy guy. Feeling a bit wobbly? Mark has that effect on the new meat.” In the other stall, somebody removed the vibrators from Jay’s balls, And the bar that had trapped them on that side. Without the constant stimulation Jay’s cock immediately started to wilt. He felt punch drunk, As though he had just undergone ten rounds in a boxing ring. Hunter and his assistant helped the staggering guy out of the booth into the main lavatory where half a dozen men stood grinning. Jay didn’t notice but the nylon ropes were still wrapped around his ankles and wrists. Hunter and his helper lead me to the urinals and sat him on the floor between two urinals, Jay was still too dazed to realize what was happening, But when they pulled the ropes around his wrists wide, Tying them off on the pipework of the two urinals next but one to him on each side, He realized his ordeal was not yet over. “No more. I can’t take any more.” He moaned. “Sure you can,” Hunter reassured him. “Sure you can.” Jay looked around and everyone he looked at was grinning. Then he saw the Black guy with the video recorder again , At first he thought that they were the grins of men who Had a good time, But now he realized that they were the grins of men expecting one, Like a lion looks at a wounded wildebeest. As Hunter and his assistant tightly tied Jay’s arms into a T shaped crucifixion pose, two more Black men worked on his legs. Each grabbed an ankle rope and pulled them out to the sides, Pulling Jay’s legs apart until he yelped And started trembling at the strain. Then they eased off just a touch and tied the ropes off on the metal girders that formed the supports for the stalls opposite. When Jay was tied down, Hunter produced a face mask from a backpack in the corner. There were straps that passed around the head, and curved metal strips that would hold Jay’s mouth wide apart. “Open wide,” Hunter said. Jay shook his head like a stubborn child. “Come on, Let’s not go through this again.” Hunter looked down at the Jay’s flaccid genitals. Jay’s heavy, still-swollen balls rested on the floor like two eggs in a withered balloon. Supporting his foot on the heel, Hunter put the toes of his heavy boot on my nuts and carefully rocked his foot forwards. Jay’s nuts were immensely tender from hours of stimulation and endless orgasms. They bulged around the side of Hunter’s boot. “Open wide,” Hunter repeated, increasing the pressure. Jay resisted as long as he could, But after five seconds he caved. “Ah, ahh, ahhh,” Jay yelped, “Okay okay, get off my nuts.” Hunter brought the mouth spreader to Jay’s mouth, maintaining the pressure on my balls. “Wider.” Jay opened as wide as he could and Hunter pushed the spreader in then strapped it into place. Then he removed his foot. No long term harm done, But Jay’s nuts were seriously aching. “Unnnnnhhh,” he groaned. Hunter walked forwards holding his flaccid cock in his right hand. Jay wasn’t averse to sucking a dick but it had to be the cock of somebody he liked not one that had just turned his asshole into a red-rimmed cavern. Hunter wiped the head of his flaccid dick across Jay’s lips, Leaving a snail trail of his after-jizz on Jay’s lips. Jay turned away and the watching men laughed. “Oh Im oh unnuh,” Jay said, as though his unintelligible words meant anything. But Hunter had no interest in a blow job so soon after filling Jay’s asshole. Instead he pissed on me letting loose like a donkey, And turning the guy’s head so that it went into his mouth, His eyes, his hair. Jay whipped his head back, reviled at the debasement and cracked his skull against the tiled wall. For a moment he was stunned and Hunter continued pissing, undeterred. When Jay came around, He was covered in piss from his hair to his pubes and Hunter was grinning down at him as he continued to direct the last of his urine at his face. “Aww what the fuck man!” Jay said, blinking against the urine that was stinging his eyes. “You’re the designated bitch for the day Jay,” Hunter informed him. “What?! For fuck’s sake.” Jay spat the urine from his mouth but then one of the watching men approached and grabbed him by the sides of the head. Jay struggled expecting more urine, But instead the man thrust his hard Black cock into his open mouth. Jay gagged but there was nothing he could do to prevent it. The Black man slowly face fucked him, thrusting and pulling the head onto his Black cock in time. As the man moved closer to orgasm, He increased the pace of his fucking, Jerking Jay’s unwilling face onto his Black dick harder and harder. He squirted his load directly down the back of Jay’s throat, And compared to the urine it was not particularly unpleasant. The Black man kept fucking until he was dry, Forcing his load down his throat. Then he lightly tapped his nuts with the toe of his sneaker. “Thanks .” He was immediately followed by another Black man, And another, And another. More coming in from outside, Until 14 men had emptied their loads into stomach, And each tapping him in the nuts, Or lightly rubbing them with shoes before leaving – Not hard enough to permanently injure, But by the last his sack was turning a rosy pink and his nuts were aching constantly. Hunter approached and pulled something from his bag. A contraption. Jay didn’t recognize it. He knelt between Jay’s spread legs. Jay’s drained cock was small, Flaccid, languishing in a curve to the side over his pink balls. Hunter picked up the little dick and forced it into a short metal tubular chastity device. Three inches long. A little longer than Jay’s cock now at it most shriveled. He clamped a bar behind it trapping Jay’s testicles in their wrinkled and tired-looking scrotum. Then he inserted a padlock into a metal ring that held the cross bar in place. Now the device would be impossible to remove without Jay pulling his balls off. His cock was completely encased in metal, With just a narrow slit at the end to piss through. There was no way to touch your self. “That’s a titanium Cock Cage. Impossible to cut off, Even with an industrial angle grinder. Same with the lock. Can’t be cut or ground off, And it’s an EVVA lock with a dual magnetic key. Impossible to pick. If you want to get to your cock, You’re going to have to come here again. Your a white slave Now ! Just like your white ancestors owned Black slave's that they used for Breeding and manual labor Now the Black race His evolved into the Dominant Black race, And started to Own white slave's for sexually use ! You know what to expect. We’ll Ungage it from time to time when were braking in a new white slave, I think you’ll agree, It isn’t entirely unpleasant. And if you try to involve the cops, they’ll never get the key. I can wipe it with a single click, Then you’ll be trapped in that cock cage forever.” Jay nodded to two Black men and they untied the cords from Jay’s wrists and ankles while they removed the mask. And one more thing, Mark's My Cousin, Now Mark is not your shift leader anymore, He Your Manger Now ! Your going to promote Him tomorrow ! And following His promotion! You well take off your clothes and show Him your Caged Cock, And Beg Him Fuck You Again ! Tell Him He Owns you now! He's your Black Master and Your His white poz slave! My eyes went wide open,, I started to protest, Hunter slapped my face hard, Yes I said Poz slave, You were Bred by Him.. Mark gave you the Gift ! As you are Now ! And if you don't please Mark sexually, You know that recording we made of you last night, Its my first insurance policy, It well go over the world wide web! Unless you take care of my Cousin real Good, And the second insurance policy is your DNA from the milking machine, In case we need it to frame you for a sexual crime, The brothers in lock up, Well like you, They well make you a Bitch, You well be Raped every night by Black brothers ! They well pass you around like a white whore! Before long it's almost gonna be like you can't go a few hours without His Black Dick ! That's right you're going to be addicted to Black Dick ! And Jay clambered to his feet and hastily dressed then stumbled towards the exit without a word. “Same time next week slave?” Hunter said grinning as the Jay reached the door. “Unnnn,” Jay grunted non-noncommittally. He saw years of incredible ecstasy and humiliation stretched out before him, He was a Poz slave now and he was uncertain whether it excited or sickened him. But he knew he’d be back the following week. Being owned is both humiliating and comforting when the person takes care of you and protects you. There is even a great deal of sensuality in being humiliated.
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    THE NEW BLACK MASTER Meeting -1 The first meeting was arranged pretty fast. Several messages on the sex site then a few texts to arrange the details and the meeting was on. His latest text informed me he was on his way and would arrive in 20 minutes. I had showered and was clean and fresh. I had the motel room ready. Towel folded on the chair. Poppers ready. All I had on other than my chastity cage was my Black jockstrap and my nipple clamps. I'd been pumping them for a couple of hours a day they were swollen up nicely, over a half inch long and thicker than a pencil. The clamps felt good as the chain pulled and swung. In the cage, my cock throbbed and swelled as much as the down curving steel cage allowed. It's always nerve-racking, meeting a Black top for first time. He was new to the site, something I am always wary about. His pic though had swayed me to take the leap. His Black cock looked impressive. Long and thick and hard. It was only planned to be a short visit. An introduction. Just oral this time. He said he wanted to give me a good deep face fucking. All he had time for. I wasn't going to complain. I took off the tit clamps and thumbed my tender swollen nips. I heard the throbbing sound of a car engine. I took a quick look out through the blinds, saw what must be him parking in the close. My pulse quickened. A text arrived. 'Here.' was all it said. I quickly replied. "Ready sir. Door unlocked." And hit send. I had already told him where I would be in the hotel room and nub. I took up position on my knees facing the door. Heart beating hard in my chest. I heard the front door open, his feet on the tiled floor, the door closed and lock turn. He filled the doorway. He was a well build Black man. Tall and pretty good looking. 50 and fit. He looked me over as I knelt waiting. He kicked off his shoes without talking or smiling. Just stared at me as I knelt submissively pulling and rolling my nips. He undid his trousers. They came off quickly. Boxers with a big bulging outline of his Black Cock! He looked hard already! A good sign he liked what he saw. He stepped up and offered his bulge to me. I didn't hesitate. I pressed my lips to his bulge, licking and mouthing the length of his hot fat Black Cock through the cotton, feeling it twitch and throb as I worked along the length. I wasn't going to be disappointed, I knew! In no time my saliva had darkened the grey cotton outlining his meat. He hooked his thumbs in the waist and tugged them down. As he took them off I admired the big 9" cock bobbing as he moved to take his boxers right off. I sensed that he was a bit nervous too. Not greatly experienced. But I could see a real fire smouldering behind his eyes. He straightened up pushing his hips forwards. I opened my mouth, letting out a soft moan as I took him in. Fuck he tasted good! Clean. Freshly washed but smelling of man. I worked my mouth, lips and tongue down about half way, getting the spit going. I bobbed taking him deeper. His hand hooked the back of my head firmly! Pulling my head and pushing his hips forwards, he fucked his Black Cock all the way in and down my throat! I gagged noisily! I'd told him that I gagged easy. He'd said that was good, he wanted to hear me gagging on his Black Cock! He made me gag alright! Holding me down. Fucking his hips forwards and back! Fucking his Black Cock down my throat! My eyes watered. He eased up, let me gasp in some air. Saliva drooled down wetting my face. When he was I had my breath back, he pushed his Black Cock back into my open mouth and down my throat again. "Yeah! Fucking gag you Black Cock Whore! Gag on my big Black Cock!" He growled, holding my head with one hand while the other reached down and grabbed the nearest nipple, pinching and pulling on it. I moaned and pushed my chest forwards for more! He fucked my throat steady and relentless. "Fucking Cock Sucking Pig! Take it!" He growled. He eased back to allow me to take a breath. Thick saliva coated his gorgeous Black Cock and strung out to my panting lips as I gasped, open mouthed ready for more! "Like that? Like gagging on my Black Cock, Cock Sucker?" He growled down at me. He sounded more relaxed now, more in control. "Yes sir! Love your Black Cock Sir!" I managed to pant before he Fucked it again down my throat! He held me down, leaning right over me, running his hand down my spine to my framed Ass. He rubbed a work-rough finger across my puckered hole, sending a thrill up my spine! Was he going to change his mind? 'Slap! Slap!' His strong Black hand came down with stinging cheeks. He straightened up, let me gasp in air. A fire burned hot in his eyes now! "Where do you want it cocksucker? Face or mouth?" He said, his voice tense with excitement as his Black Cock twitched ready to go back in my mouth. "Both sir!" I gasped. He shoved it back in my mouth, gripped my head with both hands and fucked my face hard and fast! I gagged and spluttered, spit spraying and spilling down over my lips! If he was inexperienced, he was overcoming it fast! I could hear him breathing hard, growled rumbled from his throat! Soon! He pulled back from my mouth! "Finish it!" He snarled! I gripped his throat slime soaked Black Cock and worked it with my hand, mouth wide-open ready! His knob was dark, swollen, piss slit already gaping for release! The first rope landed right across my tongue! Salty-sweet and thick! The next hit my cheek More, across my nose and forehead. Lips and tongue! He shoved his pulsing cock back in my mouth, gasping and groaning, pulling me to him, forcing his cum spitting head down my throat! He bucked. Twitched! Shuddered! He relaxed his grip and I eased back and carefully milked and sucked the last of his cum from his Black Cock. I know how sensitive his Black Cock felt! Went easily on his wonderful Black Cock as he panted and gasped and flinched as I licked the last drips of spunk from his piss slit. Looking up, I let his Black Cock slip from my mouth and licked his Black Cock softly, clean and dry. I could feel his spunk on my face. I would leave it there for the rest of the day, feeling it dry and crust and smell it on me! He stepped away, the slightest of smiles on his flushed face. "There's a towel if you need it sir." I smiled at him as I looked up with his spunk all over my face and in my belly He wiped his Black Cock on the towel. "Was that okay sir?" I asked as he picked up his boxers and pulled them on. "Very nice cocksucker. You well make a good Slave , I will definitely see you again for more of that. Might even fuck your Pig ass too!" He said as he pulled on his trousers. "I would like that Sir. Lots more." I smiled, happily. Re-dressed, he gave me the briefest of grins the walked out. I didn't move until the front door closed behind him. He texted me later and said he had really enjoyed it. Had loved finding me on my knees waiting for him to face fuck. Had loved hearing my choke and gag on his Black Cock. Seeing me take his spunk in my mouth and on my face. I told him his cum was still there, that I was wearing it as my prize. He liked that. Following texts discussed future visits. What he would like to do. I didn't protest to anything he suggested, even responding with suggestions he might like to do, that I would certainly let him do. He seemed more than happy with my suggestions and said he would consider all I had mentioned on his next visit. MY NEW BLACK MASTER MEETING -2 I had the Motel room ready. A clean towel. The wooden paddle, two foot long, two inches wide, it says SLAVE on it with grip handle! Nipple clamps. An elasticated bungee cord. Poppers. Dildo! And extra lube. I had told him what I was setting out in readiness. He had been evasive as to what he would and wouldn't use, not wanting me too prepared for his plans, to leave him the element of control. I was freshly showered. Cleaned out thoroughly. Shaved in the right places. Ready for whatever Black Master would decided. Chastity cage locked on under the black jockstrap. Suckers on my nipples, where they had been for a solid hour now! He'd told me he didn't like ass that was too tight, that I was to work it with the Black dildo to loosen it just enough to relax it but not too much. He hadn't actually said he was going to to fuck me, that he would decide that on the day. My hole was greased ready just in case. I heard the now familiar sound, a quick check confirmed it was him. The Motel door was open and so was the door to the shower room. The front door opened! I heard him enter and lock the door. "Shower room slut!" I heard him say loud and firmly. He stood by the side of the shower stall unzipping his fly! I quickly moved into the stall and knelt with my mouth open ready! His Black Cock was close to half hard! Pointing at me! I clear drip of piss appeared at the tip! Then a jet hit my chest! Hot piss! He guided it up until he was pissing into my open mouth! I gulped down mouthfuls as more cascaded down my chest and soaked into the black jockstrap. He moved closer til his Black knob brushed my lips! I swallowed his hot acrid piss down! The flow began to ebb and his Black Cock stiffened right up as he wiped the last drips of piss on my face. He like this! He was enjoying it! "Front room!" He growled down at me. I stood and walked quickly back to kneeling. He followed already pulling off his clothes. I watched as he stripped naked. I opened my mouth. "Not yet you dirty fucking cock slut!" He said with a sneer in his voice as he leaned down and took hold of the suckers on my nipples, pulling and twisting! I moaned softly unable to take my eyes of his big hard Black Cock, a tear of piss or was it juice at its tip? He worked the suckers off. My nips stood out long and fat from the suckers. He eyed them a moment before his fingers closed on them! I groaned as he pinched, pulled and twisted on them, hard. "Sniff poppers slut." I grabbed the bottle and took some big deep sniffs. He'd said he wanted to see me high on them, have me totally compliant so he could do so much more to me. The throbbing buzz washed over me. He pulled and twisted my tits even harder! I moaned and pushed my chest out, offering my tits up for more! He gave me more! Then he let go, told me to sniff more as he picked up the title clamps. I sniffed. The jaws bit down! The pain was delicious! Even more when he pulled on the chain stretching them, out, up, down. "Fucking dirty little pain slut!" He sneered as I just moaned and sniffed more poppers. He let go the chain. "You like pain so much piss slut, get over and offer that fucking ass up!" He growled, picking up the two foot long, two inches wide paddle. I scrabbled over the bed and sniffed some more before capping the bottle. Crack! The stick landed perfectly right across both cheeks! I gasped loudly as the sting really sunk in! He waited. We had agreed safe words. Traffic light system. Red, stop. Amber, close. I remained silent! Crack!..................... Crack!................... Crack!............. Crack!............. Crack!...... Fuck he didn't hold back! Six good solid strikes! My cheeks burned red hot! I knew I was going to be wearing the bruises of the paddle that said slave for a couple of days at least! I was breathing hard, feeling the heat sink in. "Six more?" He asked. The edge of concern and hint he was liking this! I opened the poppers and took a few big sniffs! "Yes sir!" The second six landed one after another, hard and we'll placed. Maybe a week of bruises, I thought as I blinked the tears that blurred my eyes! I flinched as his hand explored his handwork. I could hear his increased breathing! Oh yes! He was enjoying this! He liked his roll as my Dom master! I gasped as he drove one of his long thick fingers right up my ass! He twisted it side to side and fucked it in and out! I sniffed poppers, pushing my ass back onto his finger as he fingered my hole with it. His knees nudged my feet! Oh yes! He was going to fuck me! He pulled his finger out. "Spread your ass slut!" I grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart! I gasped as he lined up, pushed and fucked his Black Cock all the way in, in one long push! Fuck it felt good! Perfect length and stretched me wide! I heard his groan of pleasure as he filled my hot hole with his big fat Black Cock! Then he was drawing back! He grunted as he drove it back in! He fucked me, hard, deep, gripping my hip and shoulder to ram in me hard, making me gasp and grunt! He picked up the speed! Breathing hard and raspy! "Fucking Black Cock Slut! Take me Black Cock! Mmmmm! Fuck! Yeah! Gonna fucking breed you, you fucking bareback slut! Fill your fucking pig cunt with cum!" He was racing to the line! In fuck frenzy now! The fuck probably lasted only 5 minutes but it was fucking intense! With a roar he drove in Black balls deep and I could feel his Black Cock flexing and twitching, his spunk shooting deep in my ass! Stillness! Just us both panting! A few twitches as he milked his Black Cock inside me! I felt hollow when he pulled out! Empty! "Lie on your back you fucker!" He growled breathlessly! I rolled on my back on the bed, head banging down! His Black Cock, slimy with his cum and lube moved towards my open mouth! "Suck it clean cock slut!" He panted, shoving it in my mouth and right into my throat! "Fucking........... dirty............ cock sucker!" He sneered as he fucked his cock in my throat! I started to gag! His hand closed on my throat, squeezing just hard enough to feel his Black Cock moving in my throat! I heard him moan in delight! I was gasping when he moved away. The taste of Black Cock, cum and ass in my mouth! I saw him checking the time. He got to his feet and used the towel to wipe himself. "I need to take a piss!" He said. I quickly got up and knelt, mouth open. He gave a chuckle as he stepped up close. "My own personal urinal! Ha ha ha!" He held his Black Cock, the head between my lips! I looked up as he looked down, looked submissively into his dominant eyes as a trickle of salty hot piss awoke my taste buds. I swallowed quickly. The smile of satisfaction and domination as he slowly filled my belly with his piss. The flow slowed to a dribble which he let soak into my face before squeezing the last drops and wiping them round, particularly under my nose with the head of his Black Cock! "Keep that on your face slut, all day." He said as he dressed and I stayed where I was. "Wear my dried piss on you. And keep my spunk in your ass as long as you can." "Yes master." I smiled. He turned and walked out, leaving me wearing his mark and scent. His texts afterwards complimented how well I took pain. He asked for a picture of my bruised bottom which I duly sent him. He loved how I was marked with slave on my ass. "I look forward to our next session very much slut. You will take more next time. I'll make sure I have more time so we can have a longer session." MY NEW BLACK MASTER MEET-3 The bruising took about 5 days to go away and the imprint of SLAVE was on my ass . I had enjoyed the tender sore discomfort. Now I was again kneeling in the front room in my usual attire waiting my master's arrival. I had prepared to his instructions much as before and had the same items ready as before. I waited on my knees. At last, I heard his car outside! My pulse quickened. Unlike before, this was an evening visit. He had a few hours free! I heard the motel door opening and smiled in anticipation and excitement. He walked in and looked at me in my now familiar pose. He dropped a plastic carrier bag on the bed and walked up to me, taking hold of the suckers on my nipples which he pulled and twisted roughly, making me moan in pain and pleasure. After several minutes of this he removed them. I took some hits from the poppers, a fresh new bottle for the occasion, as he picked up the nipple clamps. He stared into my submissive eyes as he spread the jaws and lined them up onto my nipples, letting them close and bite on my fat pumped darkened flesh! I groaned as they bit in. He toyed with the chain, pulling and stretching my tits in all directions and making me moan. "Fucking pain slut!" He snorted letting the chain fall. He turned and rummaged in the carrier bag? He turned around, holding in his hands two brass weights from an old fashioned kitchen scales! He held them up so I could see the small hooks he had fastened to them! My pulse quickened and I sniffed more poppers as he walked up to me! He had a sneering half smile on his lips as he fed the hooks through the rings on each clamp! His eyes bore into mine! I gasped! He let the weights go! Letting them tug down sharply on my nipples! Oh fuck! Oh sweet agony! Inside the chastity cage, I felt my trapped cock twitch and pre-cum pulse out and wet the jockstrap material! "Get me a small pair of scissors slut." He says firmly. I quickly get to my feet and with the weights tugging and swinging from my tits, I return to kneeling on the bed and hand them to Black Master . He takes a sandwich box from the carrier, takes the lid off and puts the box on the shelf where I cannot see what's inside. Scissors in one hand and standing over me he reaches into the box! "I've been round all the dogging sites and cruising sites and toilets collecting these!" He sneers holding a used condom with the heavy with spunk! He dangles it before my face, letting me see the thick cum in the rubber! He moves it up and my head follows! He has a cruel grin on his face as he moves the sharp scissors towards the rubber! He snips! The cold pungent spunk from some unknown cock pours down onto my face! I shiver as I feel it running down my face, soaking into my face. It could be hours or days old! He grins as he wipes the still oozing hole across my top lip and under my nose! The smell is strong! Ammonia! Cum! He drops it on the bed. Reaches for another! "Amazing how many I found on my travels! Hundreds dotted around in some places!" He dangles another one over my face! There's less in this one! He snips and the watery contents spill and splash on my forehead and down my nose! "Some had obviously been off ages ago. All dried out." He said dropping it and picking another much fuller one from the box! "But I managed to find plenty of fairly fresh ones!" Snip! And a gush of cold clammy cum soaked onto my upturned face, cascading over my lips and into my mouth! I felt my stomach lurch but didn't move! He wanted to humiliate me! Degrade me me! He dropped the slimy rubber onto my forehead, letting the last drop seep and run into my hair. "Who knows what the men who left them were like? He . Who cares." He chuckled, taking the next and snipping the rubber letting the thick heavy load pour out, working it all over my face! He dropped it, first onto my tongue to let the last ooze into my mouth. Without moving my head I quickly took a few sniffs of poppers! I needed them! The next was the fullest yet! The level must have been a quarter of the way up! "That's a big load!" He said in mock surprise! "This was from the toilets near the park. Hung on the paper holder. So it should be pretty fresh I reckon. Guess where this one's going slut?" He grinned, moving it directly above my mouth! Snip! It slithered out like a thick fat white oyster and landed full in my mouth! Fuck! I couldn't help it! I swallowed it! Cold and foul! He laughed! "Fuck! You filthy fucking cum slut! Ha ha ha ha!" He squeezed the last drops out onto my face right under my nose so I could smell it! He put the scissor down and picked up the camera I had left out! He turned it on. Aimed at my face. The flash was blinding as he took several closeups of the spunk covering my face and running down my neck! He put the camera down and undressed, putting his clothes on the chair out of the way. His cock was rampant, the head wet with his juice. The activities so far had obviously excited him greatly. He looked at me with a steering grin. I felt my face redden with shame and humiliation. He reached into the bag and took two lengths of red rope! "Put the poppers down. I'll keep you going." He said. I placed the bottle down. He knelt beside me and tied my right wrist to my right ankle. Then my other wrist was tied similarly. He stood in front of me and jiggled the chain, making the weights swing and bounce from my nips. I groaned. He opened the poppers, held them to my nose making me sniff over and over until I had to pull away as I was going dizzy! He moved close and swinging his hips from side to side slapped his Black Cock back and forth across my face. It spread the cum even more and soon coated much of his Black Cock. He touched the wet tip to my lips. "No!" He growled, pulling it away when I tried to take it in my mouth! "You suck when I tell you slut! You just open your mouth and don't fucking move!" He snarled authoritatively. I opened my mouth and stayed still. He again moved close and let the tip of his Black Cock just rest on my bottom lip! He stared down at me, knowing I was high and struggling to resist the urge to suck him! Then I saw him reach over, pick up the scissors and take another cum filled used condom from the box! The corners of his mouth twitched as he dangled the rubber right in front of my eyes! It had a big load inside! "Don't fucking move slut!" He growled! He moved the scissors and made a small snip in the end of the rubber! The cum began to drop down, onto his Black Cock! He moved it back and forwards, dripping the anonymous spunk the entire length of his shaft and hot engorged knob! I could see the thick slimy cum slithering down the sides! He grinned down at me as he made sure there was lots of it on his Black Cock head! He then poured out the last of the cold spunk right on my tongue! He pushed his hips forwards feeding his slime covered Black Cock into my mouth, dropping the empty rubber and scissors and gripping my head firmly. A wide sadistic grin on his face, he fucked his Black Cock deeper! I gagged! He pushed on in ! "All the fucking way bitch! I'm gonna push the spunk right down your throat!" I grabbed and spluttered but could not fight or resist him! His slimy Black Cock broke through and buried itself down my throat! His big balls mashed against me wet chin! "Yeah you fucking spunk whore! Feed on that anonymous cum you pathetic slut!" He sneered, grinding my face into his crotch hard! After holding me down until I feared I was going to vomit or pass out, he pulled my head back roughly! I gasped for air and coughed! Cum and throat saliva joined his Black Cock and my gasping mouth! He grabbed me and pushed me until I was bent over the bed! His knees pushed my ankles, tied to wrists apart! He used one hand to press down on my back, the other guided his Black Cock between my cheeks! "Aaaarrgghhhhhhh!!! Fuuuuuuuuckkkkk!!!!" I shouted as he drove his slimy Black Cock balls deep in one brutal thrust, right up my ass! "Fucking take it! You wanted to be be used bitch! Wanted me to fucking Dom and own you! Well now I fucking do you fucking disgusting perverted piece of shit!" He snarled as he fucked his big hot cock in and out of my helpless ass! I cried out! Whimpered and gasped as he fucked me fast and furious! One of these rubbers most have some Poz cum, "I'm gonna fuck you so fucking sore your ass will be raw! Had a wank earlier so your in for a fucking long drilling cunt!" He sneered through gritted teeth. His big open palms began to slap my cheeks leaving red hand prints on my skin! After about 10 minutes pounding me relentlessly, he started pulling right and spearing his big rock hard Black Cock into my gaping hole! I was past any pain now, my hole broken and unresistant as he pile drived my ass! He continued slapping me and giving me verbal abuse no matter how breathless he was. It must have gone on for half an hour before he roared out in pleasure and bred his hot spunk in my ass! He pulled out and lay down on the bed panting hard! It was several minutes before he could speak. "Get over here bitch and clean my fucking Black Cock!" He growled. I managed to struggle round and crawl over to him. He spreads his legs and I moved up and began to lick the cum and ass juice off his now glacier but still big Black Cock. "I need a fucking piss!" He growled, making no move to get up. I sucked his Black Cock into my mouth and held it there, waiting for his flow to start and swallowing it down as it filled my mouth over and over. His bladder emptied he eventually sat up and pushed me away. He picked up the poppers and held them to my nose until I was good and high. He moved me so I was kneeling, ass up, face on the floor and gave me twenty hard strikes across my cheeks with the stick! I remained there, panting, my ass on fire when he picked up the Black dildo and drove it into my wrecked ass, right up to the molded balls! He chuckled as he dressed. He walked out and left! It took me a hour to get my wrists free!
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    Yesterday I did the usual when I got home from work, showered, douched, hooked onto the sites and hoped I could get a fuck somewhere. Out in the suburbs where I live you get a fair bit of safe sex cock but not too much raw cock - I usually have to go to BBRTS on the weekends and go to the city to get seeded. Within a few minutes a message popped up on Grindr from Tony - which was a pleasant surprise. The previous week he had hit me up and asked me if I wanted to suck him off and could I host. I said yes on both counts so he came over. He was fucking beautiful. 19, blond and a great body. He told me he was not really into the gay thing and kissing and "all that shit" he just liked to get sucked off. In no time I threw some straight porn on, sat him on the lounge and went to work on his cock. Lovely thick cut cock and after 10 minutes of giving him the best head job I could he flooded my mouth with a bucketload of is beautiful seed. Gee he came a heap and I licked up every drop and kept sucking and licking and squeezing every last filament of seed out of his cock until he got up put his cock away said "thanks" and left. He was the type of young man you dream about, washboard stomach and pecs and very fit. I thought that would be the last I saw of him. "Want to suck another load out of me" he asked. I said why not - that's what I am here for. 20 minutes later he arrived. This time I put the porn on in the bedroom. I undressed him and while he was laying on the bed I went watching I went to work on his cock. I was enjoying sucking him off but my mancunt was craving his cock. He started groaning and was obviously enjoying himself and I thought I would take my chance. I slid my shorts off and straddled him, aiming his cock at my clean lubed up hole. IN one thrust I sat down on him. He sort of look startled but said nothing as I started to suck his cock off with my mancunt. In no time I was riding his beautiful stiff cock like there was no tomorrow. He laid back and put his arms under his head and seemed to enjoy having his cock immersed n my pink heat. I did not want to change the mood or position and I kept riding and suddenly he grabbed my hips and gave three really hard thrusts into me as he pumped me full of his seed. I kept rocking on his cock for a minute or so and then slid off. I immediately went to work to clean him up and gave his cock and balls a beautiful polishing. As he got dressed he seemed a little surprised at what had happened and said to me "you take cock good man". I smiled. I did not want to pressure him but told him anytime he felt the need to bust his nuts I am always available. "That's the first time I have fucked arse man," he said walking towards the door. "Won't be the last," I thought, hoping he will come back and fuck me again. He left and I was totally rapt. I just love young tops - they are so energetic and they come so much. His cum was good lube as I got two rubbered fucks (one from a regular) later on so I had a ripper night.
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    So I’ve just got home from 36 hours of pigging out. My piggy cunt is so, so sore. It’s also full to bursting. I’ve been playing at the place of a young black guy who I randomly chatted up on BBRT. He said all the right things about perving and pigginess, but you never know for sure until you meet, right? He didn’t disappoint. Before I even get to the perv and pig stuff, he was my perfect type: legal young, black, average height, a bit toned, hung with a swinging curved cut monster, top, a little dominant when he needed to be. But even better than that, he gave me exactly what I wanted - the Trinity that my pig cunt worships: 1. Cum He gave me 3 poz loads in 36 hours, which isn’t bad for a boy on meth. 2. Blood Each time he slammed, he drew some blood back out, then squirted half direct into my hole and half onto his cock before fucking me. 3. Piss Twice he pissed deep in me. He did strong slams so his piss was like a mega booty bump each time. He made sure that I could make the most of these gifts by never using lube to fuck and by rough fingering my cunt intermittently between fucks, using his nails to open up my skin to take each gifts as fast as possible. So here I am, my pig cunt still full of those three, sore from so much raw, lubeless fucking and stinging from all that poz cum, toxic blood and chem piss is soaking into the cuts on my roughed up insides. I love it: this is the real me.
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    How I was Turned Into A Male Prostitute, Now I'm Owned By A Black Master, Part 2 The prostitute web site that Tyrone had set up Was getting some hits, Then one day someone Had answered my ad, He said his name was DeShawn He said He was from New York, And was over the snow and was coming to town for two weeks, And wanted to rent me for a week, He said He was into Bondage, And He Had Black football play build, And was Poz, And He Had a Big Black Dick 11' Uncut, When He asked how the Executive Hotel was ? I reply it was a nice adult hotel, When He came into town, Tyrone had set Him up with a nice room, The honeymoon suite, I knocked at the door, He opened the door, He was tall '' 6 foot 5. And must of been 300lbs He said come in, I'm DeShawn Why don't you take your clothes off, I want to see your body, When I remove my pants and shirt, I was nude, He looked at the tattoos, A bar code, Black Owned, And on my right arm For Black Use Only He asked what made you get them ? I explained that Tyrone had drugged me and had a buddy put them on me why I was sleeping, Than He asked about my Cock Cage? I said that was Tyrone idea too, Tyrone put it on me and said, He was my Black Master, DeShawn said He was into bondage, For extended periods, DeShawn pulled a sleep bag out and told me to get in it, He that put a Catheter in my dick, No need to piss, I Had no control of my Urinal Now, Just a Urinal Bag, He Said the Sleep Bag material is similar to spandex but 10 times stronger. The design is very effective in restricted movement, And will stand up to all futile attempts to escape, I got in it, And DeShawn pushed me on the bed, He hooked a Pump up the bag, And slowly the air was sucked out of the bag, Making my body size a lot smaller, He put a Leather Hood on me and inflated the Mouth Gag, I could not hear or say anything, The next day I was carried to a car and put in a trunk, Don't know how long I was in the Sleep Bag, But it must of been for days, Finely I was carried in to some where, I felt a needle stick me and I went out like a light, When I woke up and opened my eyes, I was in cement building 30 by 30, There was no windows It was cold and damp, I was nude there was a Wrist and Leg Irons on me, A Iron collar was around my Neck, A Cock Cage that was Riveted on me, To make coming off impossibility, I was put in chastity to help grow my hole into the only sexual organ that matters, A custom belt, That was heavy Leather Belt, That had a Lock on it, So it wouldn't come off, A hook on the Belt was Attached to a long chain that hooked to a wall, There was Mirrors on the walls and ceiling, So I could see my self, With the Irons on me, There was a toilet in the room, And a shower, And a mattress on the floor, And some steps that when up, DeShawn came down the steps, Carrying a bowl of food, He set it on the floor, You must be Hunger, I asked where I was ? He said your in Baltimore your new home, I said Tyrone well be mad you took me to Baltimore, He said no He won't, I bought you, I own you, I needed a slave to go in my Dungeon, I well put you isolation cell that I built into my Dungeon, If you ever bring up Tyrone again, Your a subhuman Loser with zero self esteem and certainly no self dignity or respect, There was Bondage Gear covering the walls, Hood's and Muzzles, Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bars, Blindfolds, Dungeon Irons and Handcuffs, Suspension equipment, Arm binders, There was Fucking Machine System, A Sling hung from the ceiling, One corner of the room, Sleep Sacks, Strait Jackets, Hospital Restrains, Pony and Puppy things, A Steel Puppy Cage, Trainer Shock Collar, Electro sex Gear, Chastity Devices, Whips and Floggers, Medical Instruments, Milking Machine, Fetish Clothing, A wood Saint Andrews Cross, And a king size Bed was over in one corner of the room, There was Video equipment, And all kinda of Equipment that I had never seen, He said there were Surveillance Equipment all around the room, There was four big flat screens TV, He put on a Leather hood, So no one would know it was Him, He turned the Video camera on, And We were live on the TV, Broadcasted on the web, You well get used to being on camera, When your in the Shower Or taking a Shit, You'll be a Video, Welcome to world of Virtual reality, DeShawn said I created a fully active Web Site, And for a price they could follow you, And watch you, Where my follower could request certain sexual activities to be performed for them, And for a price they Could interact with me, If they wanted to Fuck me, They would put a device on there Cock, And I would put a device on my ass, And strap it in place, Then when they thrust there dick forward, The device on my end would thrust the dido forward into my hole, There movements would be the exact movements that I felt on my end, As there end, With the Virtual headset on they would See and Feel and Hear you moan, Give them the real life Experience of fucking, He said He needed the first day recorded, For your new web page, I stared to protest DeShawn just laughed, Your in a cement building sound proved And under ground, And chained and shackled to the wall, We can do this the easy way or the hard way, You decide, And with that He pushed a button and There was a shock in my Dick I gabbed the Cock Cage, And I screamed, Accept your place bitch, You’re just a sex toy for alpha Black Bull. You exist too serve Black Men, Be abused and then disposed of when the customer was done, I'm going to make you feel really really bad about itself, I think I well call you Tyler ! Come over here and Give your Black Master a Blow Job, I sucked His Black Dick, And then His Nuts, That's right swallow that Fucking Dick Faggot! Good Bitch boy, Choke and Gag on that Superior Black Master Cock, Like the good Fucking Slutty Pussy Whore you are, Gonna split your Cracker ass open, Now sit on this Black Dick Bitch, Hell yeah. Let’s put on a show! I positioned my self over His Black Dick, And slowly He penetrated me, He grabbed me by the Hips, And Drove that Black Dick all way in my ass, Take that fucking ass Fucking , He Made me ride His Black Dick up and down, I started to squirm and resist, But once He started pounding my Cunt, I wanted to surrender completely, He fucked me hard and deep, Till He was ready to cum, I'm going to bred you with this Poz Seed, He Held me down on His Black Dick, Balls Deep, Yes I'm Cumming, I'm pumping this Poz Load in your Ass Pussy, I was Begging Him to knock me up, I could not resist, DeShawn said I told you that it would fit inside of you, I have a Black room Mate You well have to Take care of, His name is Willie, He doesn't like white people much, So Hes a bet of a Sadist, When it comes to whites, He well want to Humiliation & Degradation you disgusting white fag, But if your good to Him He mite Fuck you, He has a overwhelming desire to sexually torture you, He a Sadism at heart. And well want to beat you, And Whip you, And well get off on controlling you, He's going to be insulting You, Demeaning, Dehumanizing and Pissing and Spitting all over you, You stupid fag, So you well have two Black Masters to deal with, I'm going to Buy a Black slave, Then my customers well be able to experience a true interracial experience, For now we just have you, I've been shopping around for a black slave, But he's got to be hung with 12' black dick, That night I was introduced to Willie, He hooked me up to the Suspension equipment, And He Whipped me, I begged Him to stop, I Keep screaming like a Bitch, Willie said that’s actually Hot, Sometimes I will cry. It’s part of the process, Your pain is my pleasure, No one gives a shit if your boi pussy gets permanently wrecked, Then I begged Him to Fuck me, Willie said one day you well get the privilege of this Black Dick, But for now you well just have to settle for this Black Dido device, He positioned it above my ass, He flipped the switch on, He spread me out on the bed, With the Wrist and Leg Irons hooked to the bed, Willie Said this well Permanently Elongated, Puffy Pussy Lips, No one will ever confuse this with an asshole ever again, Willie said now you wait ! Some guy well want to Fuck you, With Virtual reality headset on, There no escaping, DeShawn well be up in the morning and wanting some ass, A faggot’s training is NEVER done! So get some sleep for now, Your going to full fill some guys fantasy tonight, It’s a New Way Of Life. I fall a sleep, When the Black Dido came to life, The Device started to move, The Black Dido penetrate my ass, The TV and spot lights came on, I moaned, I looked up at the TVs And saw a Black teenager on the TV, He said I just want to get a Nut before bed, He began to Fuck His Device, I felt the Black Dido going in and out of my ass, The Black teenager Fucked me for about 10 min, I'm cumming He said, Then the Black Dido squirted some liquid in my ass, And pulled out of my ass, The Device than when back to it original Position, Ready to be inserted with the next horny Guy, The next morning DeShawn came down, The TV and light were on, And the Device was Fucking me again! Dam I wanted to get my nut,, But your busy making money for your New Black Master ...
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    As a white male, I love black cock more than any other. But, why do I worship black cock? Let's see... Black Cock feels so great sliding in and out of my ass pussy, Black guys know how to fuck the best, There Black Cocks are all ways erect, And all ready for action, Black Thick Cocks are all ways the Biggest, Of all races. Black nut is by far the tastiest of all, Black pheromones make me do weird things, A pheromone is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting like hormones outside the body of the secreting individual, to impact the behavior of the receiving individuals. Black Hormones are special chemical messengers in the body that are created in the endocrine glands. These messengers control most major bodily functions, from simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, In the white male breathing The Black Hormones cause the white male to become submissive and have emotions and mood changes. The Black Hormone that regulate physiology and behavior in white males. Causes the white male to be come submissive in nature, white male produce estrogen but at higher levels When exposed to Black Hormones, Making them more feminized, The Black Male be comes Aggressive and Dominant, and the white male be comes more feminized, The white male is hypnotized by the Black Hormones, The white male is unable to control them self, Finding the Black Cock and swallowing it, The Black Male puts a leather collar his slave! The white male falls to the bed face down, The Black Male seizures the opportunity and grabs the white male by the hands and ties his hands and legs spread eagle to the bed, He puts a mouth gag on the white male slave, Your a slave now ... And I want you to remember your a slave, So I'm going to paddle your ass Till I can see the imprint of SLAVE on your ass from this paddle on your ass ! And with that he let go on my ass with his paddle , He wanted me to count out every time he gave me a whack one, two, three, four, Ten, When he was done He said that's a nice ass Your going to have SLAVE imprinted on your ass ! Your going to get this BBC now boi ! The Black Male Very quickly slides his Black Cock into the white ass, The pain is intense at first, I was thrashing around as much as I could, But being restrained to the bed limited movement, He said soon you well like getting fucked You'll be begging for this BBC soon enough ! Most of my white slave's only resist for the first few times ! I have to restraint them at first, But soon this Black Dick well give you pleasure, You can call me Black Master from now on! Black Master is fucking his ass pussy like there's no tomorrow, Black Master says you wanted to be a Bitch, Now you are one! Your my white Bitch now! Any time I want this ass pussy! Your going to give it up to me. You hear me ! Did I tell you I'm Poz ,, I'm going to give you this Poz Cum ! Now I'm going to breed this ass with my Poz load ! Yes I'm cumming ! Can you feel that load of Cum in you ? Your my Poz cum dump now! I own this Poz pussy now, His Black nut dripping out of my white asshole, His BBC was not going soft , It was pulsating in my hole than I could feel it getting larger and longer as he fucked me, I'm hitting your second hole, I'm going to take this mouth gag off of you now, I want to hear you moaning and begging for this Poz load , If I hear any thing other than you Begging for my Poz load I'm going to put the mouth gag back in and go to sleep with my hard BBC in you all night long ! Under stand ! He removed the mouth gag And stated to fuck me hard , I started to moan and I felt his BBC growing again, It was deep in my ass, I said Please give me that Poz load ! I feel his BBC Pulsating cumming He removed his BBC and I felt empty , He pulled my head around and put his BBC into my mouth And said clean it up bitch .. I got a Black Brother on his way over that wants to fuck and Breed a white boi Hes going to break you in real well ! He has a Black Dick the size of my arm ! He put the mouth gag back on me, He said his Bro was some kinda of star And he wanted to stay anonymous , He added a leather hood and ear phones Playing a tape That said you are a slave now Your ass belongs to BBC with no rights , It was a end less loop.. Than I felt a body touching my ass hole It was replaced with a BBC This dick was fat it was stretching my ass open And then started the deep fucking, He fucked me for a long time He picked up his pace and then i felt him Cumming And he left ...
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    I got AIDS from barebacking. Not just HIV - AIDS. As in, I didn't just get the unstoppable, irremovable virus in my body, it actually had time to eat me alive. HIV destroyed my body's ability to defend itself from disease, an ability that it had developed over the course of my entire life. By the time the doctors diagnosed me, every random bacterium, virus, and fungal spore had an odds-on chance of killing me. Some of them tried. Pneumonia, fungal meningitis. The latter almost finished me off by causing two small strokes in my brain. I would have died, too, if I hadn't been lucky enough to have a complete Circle of Willis - a circular path of blood vessels in the brain - that kept enough blood flowing to the blocked area to keep me alive. Even after I pulled through and started ART, I got an onset of molluscum contagiosum around my cock and balls - normally this is easily resisted, but it took months to clear. Then an old friend returned from childhood: chicken pox, in the form of shingles, activated because my immune system started to recover. That was misery squared for about three weeks. My CD4 count inched up slooooooowly, and I had to take prophylactic doses of antifungals and antibiotics until the count reached around 200. It's now around 300 after three years, where it ought to be at least 500, and it may never get that high again. I started on Atripla, then Triumeq, and now Genvoya. Every. Single. Day. Atripla sucked because it had to be taken at the same time each day, coordinated with meals, so there were times when I could, and could not, eat. It also made me gain weight, and shifted that weight to unattractive areas of my body. It has taken a long time, a complete change in my lifestyle, and a heartbreaking change of diet to alter that. Most recently, my doctor informed me that, as a result of my medication, I have developed a low-grade case of diabetes. Yep, you heard that right - meds-induced diabetes. Why am I bringing all this up? Because these are the consequences. I'm alive. I'm relatively healthy. I'm not sick, my viral load is undetectable, my chance of infecting someone else with HIV is very, very low, and my chance of getting another opportunistic infection is also very low as long as I take my HIV meds daily. But that doesn't mean I don't have to pay a price for my barebacking. From now on, I have to live very carefully. Until science catches up with this enemy virus, I have to live with diabetes. I have to watch what I eat, knowing that badly prepared food could do far worse than give me a bellyache. I have to work extra hard to keep my body from changing shape into something I don't want to look at. And I have to live with the understanding that my life expectancy, even with these miracle meds, is my mid-70s. That's at least 10 years less than I should have had. Now, I never particularly wanted to live to be an 80-year-old, so that's no great loss for me, but in a general sense, is the feeling of a raw cock up your ass worth ten years of your life? I can't answer that for you, because I can't answer that for me. Even after everything I've said above, I'm still not sorry for the day I took 34 loads in my ass. I wish I could do it again tomorrow, and the day after that. Being that kind of bottom completes me. I've accepted that part of the reason I'm here is to serve other men in just that way, and it gives me great joy every time a man experiences his climax inside me. I feel as though what I lose in quantity of life I perhaps gain in quality of life at that moment. I only wish I had more opportunity to give. But maybe that's what these HIV meds do, after all - not more opportunity to give the virus, but to give ourselves.
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    I have always been a bottom, but during the 90's I was a good little pig and always made sure to use condoms. Anonymous sex really turns me on, and I spent a lot of time in public toilets sucking and being fucked. To be honest, I didn't really care what they looked like, although I have the hots for older daddies, as long as they had a nice stiff cock. During that time, I got to know a middle-aged Indian guy and we played a lot together and with other guys in the local toilets. I think he saw something in me, because he encouraged me to give myself more and more to anyone around, and kept talking about doing it bareback and how he knew I was really a dirty boy and I really wanted it. One night, he took me to a toilet near some playing fields. It was an old, brick block set back amongst some bushes. There was no light inside and I felt anxious as he led me towards the black doorway. Inside, it was quite small with a long urinal on one wall and two cubicles on the other. The only light was from an occasional passing car and I saw several shadowy figures standing quietly against the urinal. We went up and stood beside them and my friend unzipped my trousers and dragged my cock out. As he bent to suck me, I felt hands caress my arse through my jean and horny fingers squeezed the base of my cock. "Nice" I heard someone whisper, their stale breath behind my ear. The indian guy's fingers were on my belt as he sucked me, and suddenly he dragged my trousers and pants down. A finger ploughed between my cheeks, probing my hole. I was getting a bit scared. I couldn't see anything, and the hot, sweaty bodies closing in on me made me nervous. Suddenly, a bottle was thrust under my nose. "Take a deep sniff, kid." I sniffed the poppers, and the bottle was withdrawn. I felt giddy, warm, and relaxed. The Indian guy stood back and someone dragged my head forward and thrust a fat, slimey cock into my mouth. I was suddenly really horny and then some cold, slippery lube was applied to my mancunt and I thrust back to meet the scaley fingers. A forefinger ploughed up me, and I winced as the rough nail scratched me on the way in. "Man," came a whisper " He wants it bad." The indian said. " Give him the poppers and fuck his arse" The bottle appeared under my nose as I sucked. I sniffed, my head swam, and suddenly I felt a fat cock-head nosing into my cunt. I reached back and realised he wasn't wearing a condom! I started to rise, but a strong hand pushed my shoulders back down and a hoarse voice said "Easy kid, you know you want it." The cock pushed against my hole, and suddenly slid up me in a delicious, slippery rush. "Oh yeaah!" He said, his fat, hairy belly against my cheeks and his cock buried to the hilt. What was I doing! How could I let some stranger I couldn't even see fuck me bare? But his cock started to slide in and out of me, and it felt so good I could only groan with pleasure. "Give him the poppers" he breathed and more fumes filled my nose. His thrusts were deep and urgent and I realised he wasn't going to pull out. No! I shouldn't do this! But it felt soooo good and so wrong that the excitement was unbelieveable. Suddenly, his whole body spasmed and shook and he gasped "cumming!" as he spurted in me. WHAT HAD I DONE? He could be poz! The Indian guy's face was next to mine and he whispered. "There you go. His spunk's in you now." I heard a low chuckle and the man said. "Yeah, knocked him up good!" I felt my blood run cold and yet it felt so dirty, so incredibly sexy that I just remained bent over, my hands on the cold wet wall as the indian guy said "I knew you wanted it!" I felt his hands reach over and spread my arse cheeks. I couldn't see a thing it was so dark, and yet , and yet... " Who's next" He whispered. A short, fat cock slid into me and fucked me quickly in short, urgent thrusts and in seconds it swelled and spurted in me. I was lost, literally giving myself to the darkness as my indian friend stroked my face and whispered encouragement as cock after cock bred me until the sperm ran out of me..... 10
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    When I got back to the room with the fresh J-lube (nice and warm), and refilled bottles of water, the hall was silent. I made some noise with my key in the lock to let Ryan know I was back, and then went in and shut the door. Fuck! It'd be just my luck that I'd get all ready for a good fist session, and then my fuckbuddy runs off with the new guy! (Paranoia, guys....stop overthinking when you're high...) I straightened the room up a bit, picking up stray pieces of paper towel and putting them in the plastic trash bag I'd brought along. Put a fresh rock in my pipe. Dried the lube off my titclamps. Straightened the black rubber sheet I'd brought for the bed. Reorganized the dildos. - - - Decided to drop another tab of "X," since it'd been about 10 hours since my last. Did a medium hit off the pipe to keep from crashing. Lit a cigarette and flipped through the porn channels. 'Tap, tap, tap,' came a sound from the door. I jumped up and headed to the door, my semi-hard cock still sliding around in the leather codpiece. I had to tear off a paper towel to grip the doorknob - still some lube on my hands... It was Ryan, with a wide smile and unblinking parTy eyes. He pushed his way in, and flopped on the bed with his leather bag. "Look what I got!" he said excitedly. I shut the door and sat down on the edge of the bed. He opened the bag and pulled out two syringes, each loaded with a slam. "Ya wanna fly?" he asked, holding the thin rigs in the palm of his hand. "You think he's safe to do it with?" I asked, a little nervous (and paranoid) about the guy he'd invited. "Yeah - He came by while I was makin' these up," Ryan said. "Told me his name was Victor, and he was gonna go downstairs and get his own shit. Sounded okay to me." "Well, let's keep our stuff hidden 'til we see his stuff. He's probably okay, but I don't wanna get arrested," I said. "Good idea - but I don't think a cop would be walkin' around in a rubber bikini - just sayin'," he smiled, rubbing the back of my neck. "I've never slammed before, so you'll have to show me what to do," I admitted. "No prob. I'm pretty good with the needle, so I'll do you first - then me," he offered. I showed him the fresh J-lube and the can of Crisco. He slid out of the borrowed jock, his cock still massive and hard. "By the way, thanks for the fuck downstairs. You felt great in my hole!" he chattered, reaching over and unsnapping the codpiece from my jock and freeing my cock. "That PA was awesome! You wanna fuck me some more?" he was really spun! I had just gotten between his muscular thighs and entered his warm hole, when we heard a knock at the door. He stared up at me, looking like a kid that was about to get into some BIG trouble! "Let's do this!" I said, and got up to open the door. "Hey, man. I'm Jim," I said to the 5' 9" guy standing in the doorway. "Victor," he said, flashing a blinding smile of perfect white teeth. He was even hotter than I remembered - built like a fireplug - short and compact - he had a thick upper body tapering down to a narrow waste, supported by short, but muscular legs. He had brought some leather, too, and was now wearing a leather harness, leather-studded armbands, a biker's cap and boots. He had a small backpack slung over one shoulder, and was still wearing the revealing rubber bikini. "Come on in," I stood to one side, letting him enter the room and set down his gear. "Fuck! I been watchin' you guys since I got here," he said, taking in the mirrors, toys, Crisco, lube - - - and Ryan. "Didn't know if y'all played around, or if you were a couple." "We actually just met," I jumped in to keep things from getting awkward. "Cool," he responded. "Looks like you clicked pretty fast." "Yeah - We're definitely into a lot o' the same stuff," Ryan joined in. "So - - - you guys like to party?" Victor broke the ice. "Depends on what you like to party with," I hedged. Victor looked at Ryan, and Ryan gave him a knowing nod. "Oh - yeah - uh - Tina, X, 420, K - - - I like it all." "So'd you bring your own stuff?" I asked, hating to be such a hardass. "Oh, sure man. I'm no moocher," he answered, unzipping his backpack and pulling out a glass pipe and a baggie full of crystal. "Thanks, man," I said, placing a hand on Victor's tattooed shoulder. "I'm just real paranoid about the cops and everything." "Oh, don't worry. I ain't no cop," he laughed, reaching down and squeezing my cock. "Unless - - - maybe you want me to be," he winked. "So, how long have you been into fisting?" I continued with my interrogation. "Oh - three years, maybe," Victor answered. "Kinda started when I started the Circuit scene - You know - meth and fisting kinda go together," he smirked. He had scooped a large rock out of his baggie with the top of a bic pen, and dropped it into the bowl of his pipe. I pulled mine out from under Ryan's loaned jock, and passed it to Ryan along with the torch. The two pipes fired up and I relaxed as these two exceptionally hot, total strangers proceeded to get high in my room. Ryan handed me my pipe, careful not to hand me the end with the recently heated bowl. I flicked on the torch and moved the flame back and forth until I saw the solid mass melt and start to vaporize. Then I took a long, deep hit into my lungs. In the background, we could feel the throbbing beat of the techno music, and the occasional buzz from the downstairs door as another customer was let in. Yet, Victor, Ryan and I were in our own little world, about to descend to another level of sexual excess. Ryan retrieved the two rigs from his bag, along with two rubber strips for constricting our arms. He straddled me while he tied the rubber strip just below my bicep. "Okay - now squeeze your hand," he instructed, tapping the crease at my elbow, looking for a vein. "There!" he smiled, tearing open an alcohol swab and cleaning the area he had identified. "Okay - You ready?" he looked into my eyes. I nodded back, placing myself completely in his hands. He pulled the orange tip off the rig, tapped it to release any air bubbles, and positioned it on my arm. "Okay - small pinch." I looked down, and saw the syringe start to turn red with my blood, signifiying that he was in. "Relax - This is gonna be fun," he said, as he slowly pushed the plunger in. It was just like everybody says - a warm tingling up my arm - spreading quickly throughout my whole body - a shortness of breath - blurred vission - an uncontrollable cough. "Oh fuck!" I managed to get out. I was floating and vibrating and pulsing. My hole felt like it was hanging loose and open and I needed something to fill it. I could see Victor and Ryan watching me, looking for signs that I was okay - but all I could register was that there were two seriously hot men with me that I wanted to crawl up my fuckhole. "You awright?" Ryan asked, holding my arm above my head. "Ohhhhhhh, yes! More than all right!" I answered. He bent down and kissed me gently on the lips. It felt so tender, so soft - like we were melting together. While Ryan got himself ready, Victor started in on me. A ball of Crisco was pushed inside my pulsing hole, followed by a syringe of J-lube. The fresh, warm, lube felt incredible as it filled my vacant insides. I glanced over, just in time to see Ryan insert the needle in his arm. "Gettin' ready to join ya, buddy!" he smiled. He pushed the plunger, ripped the rubber strip off and coughed. "Fuck, yeah!" he yelled, tensing in a sit-up position, and then laying back and spreading his sexy legs. Victor already had a ball of Crisco ready for Ryan, and had refilled the syringe with J-lube. We were definitely in experienced hands! As soon as Ryan's ass was ready, Victor began working his hands into each our holes. Thanks to the previous assplay, a pair of experienced holes - - - and a slam of meth - - - Victor's hands slid in easily. The pressure felt so incredibly good - it was like my entire body had become a fuckhole! Ryan and I were squirming on the rubber sheets in two pools of sweat, Crisco and lube - happy as two pigs could be! Time passed like scenes in a slide show. Victor fistfucking us. Victor taking off his rubber bikini and taking turns rawfucking both our holes with his incredibly thick, uncut cock. The black 'thug' from the maze taking turns with Victor fucking our hungry holes. The door to the room being open, and guys that I'd never seen before coming in to fuck us and dump a load. The short bald guy (who had a really fat cock!) fucking and fisting me! I even seem to remember Ryan fisting me while Victor was getting fucked by the black guy. I even think I remember Ryan and I getting into a 69 chempissdrinking scene. When things started to come back into focus, the room had cleared, and Victor was preparing a slam for himself. I sat up - and realized I had my XXXlarge buttplug in my hole. "You up for fisting?" Victor asked. "I need my hole worked real bad!" I looked around for the Crisco and J-lube - found them - and cleared a space on the bed for Victor. He inserted the needle in his arm like a pro, pushed the plunger, his eyes rolled back and he coughed -twice. It was so hot seein' this muscle hunk beggin' to get his hole punched. My fist was in in 30 seconds, and he was buckin' up and down like a bitch in heat! "Oh, yeah! Fuck me! Fist my fuckin' hole!" Forget about easing into it. I was punchfucking his musclebutt with a closed fist in no time. "Put both hands in!" he said frantically. "Stretch my fuckin' hole!" My left hand gripped my right wrist, and slowly worked its way in - the whole time Victor kept begging for more. Ryan finally started to come to, and when his head cleared, he joined in, chewing on Victor's eraser nipples and tonguefucking his mouth. When he couldn't take anymore, I would pull out with a nasty sucking sound, and admire the gape of his open hole. I worked different combinations of dildos in him, all which had been previously used by me and Ryan, still greasy with Crisco and lube - - - and cum. Watchin' Victor pig out after his slam gave me an idea of what a slut I must've been after mine!!! Just made me want more! Ryan left briefly, and came back with refilled water bottles, which we all needed desperately. After about two hours of workin' over Victor's hole, he was finally beginning to come down a little. We all took a break and smoked a cigarette, tugging on our Tina dicks and fingering our slimy fuckholes. "Room 209 - Room 209 - Check out or renew - Room 209 - Check out or renew," came the voice over the intercom. "Hey man - What room are you in?" I asked Victor. "Two-oh-nine," he answered, staring blankly at the porn on the TV. "They just called your room, man. You gonna renew?" I asked. He forced his eyes to blink, trying to comprehend what I had just said. "Shit! Already? I can't leave like this," he babbled. I asked Ryan if he was gonna renew. "I'll stay, if you do," he answered - - - fueling co-dependency.... We all kinda pulled ourselves together and walked into the cool air of the hallway, made it downstairs to the front desk, and added another eight hours to our rooms. On the way back up, we stopped in the single shower on the 2nd floor and rinsed the recent round of piss, lube, grease and cum off our bodies. I had to take a leak, and Victor got down on his knees and eagerly drank my chem-laced piss straight from the tap! When we all got dried off, Victor said, "Hey, let's check out the sling!" Ryan and I had no objection, so we followed him down the hall toward the maze. Victor skipped the maze and headed straight for he sling. It was unoccupied, and he was up and in it like he was right at home. Obviously, the effects of the slam were still present! He was digging his fingers into the warm flesh of his fuckhole, while Ryan and I each took a nipple to suck on. "Fuck, yeah!" Victor moaned. "God, I need fucked! Find me a cock. Hole's so hungry! Fuck!" Amazingly, the water, and the walking up and downstairs, and the laying off drugs for a bit, and the Levitra, and the hot piece of beef in the sling had roused my dick a little. "Ya want my cock, boy?" I hissed in his ear. His hand drifted down to my crotch and reached inside my leather pouch. The feeling of a firm grip, from a hand that was not my own, was enough to make my dick jump. Victor pulled roughly, as my cock expanded to a respctable thickness. "Fuck, yeah, Daddy!!" he grinned. "Damn! Fuck me, man!" he pleaded. I moved to the end of the sling, placed my cockhead against his brown pucker and pushed in. Thank God he was open and loose, 'cause my party dick might not have been hard enough to split a real tight hole. "Fuck!" Victor said, smiling and staring into my eyes. The warmth of his gooey hole felt great - enough so, that I even started to get harder! The more I fucked, and the more he moaned, the harder I got! "Your ass is amazing, man," I said, enjoying a slow, steady rhythm of drilling Victor's sloppy hole. "Fuckin' slimy fuckhole, man! You like gettin' your hole worked, doncha? Like gettin' fucked in a sling? Fuckin' cockwhore!" I chanted while he nodded in agreement. Ryan was leaning against the black, plywood wall getting his cock sucked by some stranger who'd wandered in. I could see that he was regaining his hardon like me. "Hey man, " I spoke up to get his attention. "Ya wanna fuck this loose hole?" Ryan pushed the cocksucker's head off his dick and walked over to take my place at Victor's juicy slot. "Ya wanna fuck 'im? Ya wanna fuck 'im with that big dick?" I taunted him. I moved out of the way, and Ryan sank his meat deep into Victor's gut. "Oohhh, fuccckkk!" Victor moaned. The cocksucker disappeared into the darkness of the maze. When Ryan started to slow down, I motioned a time out, and we all grabbed our towels and headed back to the third floor.
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    First post, figured I'd finally give this thing ago. No pomp and circumstance, just some musing, as the title implied. Most of what I'll post here will be probably be that way, though usually accompanying raunchy stories of my exploits since the previous post. Well, I guess a little about me would be a good place to start. I have a near insatiable sex drive, and I've barebacked since day one. I'm mostly a bottom, though do on occasion top. When it comes to hook-ups, I'm a very laid back guy. The only few requirements I have for those who wish to breed me: 1) Have a pulse, 2) Must enjoy getting wild and animalistic, 3) Don't pull out when you cum. I do have a bit of native american in me, a group of people who often used psychedelics and other mood altering substances to get in touch with their more animal side, the side too often repressed by civilization. Don't get me wrong, I love my AC, drive-thru food, etc. But several hours after a good slam when me and my partner of the moment begin to come back to our senses, man there's nothing like it. There's literally a moment when you start to come back down from a really good high, where you're staring at your partner with an almost evil grin, and he's staring right back. You ache in places humans shouldn't ache, but you're sated in a way that only our animal sides can deliver.

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