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    I don't normally travel into the city during the week looking for cock - I am a slut from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. That's when I just let loose and try and get as much cock and seed pumped into me as possible. During the working week if I get a stray fuck off Grindr or a raw fuck or two off a regular - I am happy and it keeps the hole partially satisfied for the weekend. Yesterday I had a day off in lieu of overtime and by 10.30 am I could feel that need to get fucked senseless being to wash over me. when I get that feeling only one things suffices, raw cock and loads. I hooked onto all the sites and got ready as I knew I was going to get fucked. I am lucky being one of those no cock or loads refused bottoms. And INdian top hooked onto me on bbrts - swapped a few messages so I took the half four drive to his house. By the time I pulled up a couple of other tops (one who had fucked me before a few times) hooked on and my day was starting to look like it could be good. I booked them both in for different times and went upstairs to get opened up and filled with a load that could be lube for the others. The INdian guy was no oil painting - a little bit stocky, very solid and hairy but boy did he have a beautiful 7" thick uncut cock. I just love thick cocks. In no time I was chowing down on him. He fucked me good and proper for 20 minutes in different positions before he whimpered and pumped a load into me. I cleaned his cock and we chatted for 5 mins and he asked if I would like to stay awhile. I had a 15 minutes drive to my next top and now I was horned up and opened up the next cock was badly needed. I told him I had an appointment he asked if I wanted to come back later. I said "text me". Top No 2 was a nice Caucasian guy 50 ish and he was hot to trot as he opened the door to his apartment with only a towel around his waist. In no time I was sucking on his average 6" cut cock. He asked had I already been fucked and seemed real turned on when I said yes. He led me to his bedroom and to my delight I spotted an array of toys on the bedside table. He was ne of those tops I just crave - a top that loves manhole. He fingered me, rimmed me, felched me out, fucked me with his cock, a vibrator and a dildo. I left and headed and headed for top No 3 - a guy that has fucked me at least 20 times before at hlis place, my private sex parties and a few times at Headquarters sex parties. I love his cock a good 8" uncut cock and he has always been an aggressive and hard fuck - which I love. I love men to make me feel their cocks, make me know I am getting fucked good and hard. He had, as usual left the side door opened and I walked into find him naked in the loungeroom. As I got undressed he said "knowing what you are like I have invited one of my mates to come around and have a piece of your arse as well." "I knew you wouldn't object being the fucking slut that you are." That was music to my ears. Within 5 minutes his mate arrived, and Mike said to me meet Trevor. When Trevor walked in I was sitting on the floor, Mike on the lounge and I was between his legs, gently fondling his cock and balls and in no time Trevor was undressed and seated on the lounge next to him so I had two cocks and two sets of balls to knead, lick and suck. Trevor was a solid and hairy bear while Mike is slim, balding and smooth. Their cocks were very similar one uncut one cut. An hour and a half later I had two loads each from them and they were both sitting back on the lounge where we started and I began to clean up their meat and balls. Both cocks had thick buttery frothy cum bands around their bases and I just lloved licking every bubble of baby batter from their cocks. When I got in the car I was feeling terrific, satisfied and my cunt was leaking cum which felt good on the leather seat in the car. I texted my Indian friend to see if he wanted another fuck - as after all - he was on the way home. He said sure. "I texted him to get naked and I was on my way for more that thick black cock." He did as I asked and answered the door naked. I slid out of my jeans and T shirt and he began to fondle me when he suddenly said "your hole is wet - have other men been fucking you." I told him I had five loads pumped into me since I left him that morning and he got really turned on by that. He seemed to lose his shyness from the morning. He said things like aren't you a little whore etc. I told him that is why my handle is littleslut. As I was sucking his cock which was rock hard again, he started to take photos "do you mind" he asked. I told him not at all. He then asked if he could video him fucking me. Again I said not at all. H filmed not only the fuck but my cleaning his cock and balls afterwards. The white cum froth around the base of his black cock looked fabulous and tasted even better. He was far more aggressive and dominant the second time around. He was also more verbal. Calling me a "whore" a "pig" etc. After 20 minutes he pumped his second load into me for the day. BY the time I got home there was huge wet patch of leaked seed in the back of my jeans and I felt almost sacrilegious taking them off. I took them off had a lick and held them to my face. I felt my hole - it was gaping and leaking. Great way to spend a Wednesday!
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    The Adult theater was on a main road that I use to drive thru on the way to work. It was in a run down area I would drive by on my way to and from work. I would see lots of Black Guys going in and out and wondered what it was like. One night I was let off of work early. I was driving home. As I passed the theater I saw a well dressed tall Black guy standing in front of the theater, I pulled around the block and stopped across the street from the theater. And looked at the Black Guy, He was well dressed, suit and hat, He was groping His Black Dick constantly and looking at the cars when they went pass the theater. He spotted me looking at Him. He walked over to my car, And was eye ball me. And crabbed His Black Dick and said what you looking for ? I said I was checking the theater out, As I looked at His Crotch , It started to grow. He said come inside and check the theater out. I said I didn't have any money And the Black Guy said No problem I can get you in for free, We walked up to the ticket booth And the Black Guy said something to the Black Clerk and He buzzed us in. We walked into the theater and it was dark We sat down in a seat , It was a interracial movie that was on. The white guy was taking care of the Black guy , The Black Guy pulled His Black Dick out of His Pants and started to stroke it. It started to grow bigger It looked to be 11' uncut My eyes were on His Black Dick Before I knew it He was gabbing my head and forcing it down on His Black Dick, Then He got up and through me over the seats in front of me, And started to fuck me, Another Black guy came around and rammed His Black Dick in my mouth, Till he was cumming I took a few loads in my mouth And the Black Guy that was Fucking me Came too,' I was exhausted I went in the bath room and washed up The Black Guy followed me in, As I was washing my Ass off with a piece of paper towel I pulled my shorts up . The Black Guy walked out with me. The next day was Friday When I got up I was still horny and I decided to go back to the theater and suck some more Black Dick. I got there around noon. The Black Clerk had just opened the theater, He looked at me and said "Your The Jack of Spades" I heard about from last night ! He buzzed me in for free . I didn't know what He was talking about.. But I saved $15.00 dollars. I said What ? The Black Clerk came out of the ticket booth, And said His name was Daniel, He Said that His clean up guy had not been showing up for work And asked me if I wanted a job ? He reached down and gabbed His crotch and rubbed His Black Dick, I said ' Yes Sir' He took me in the back of the theater, It was a storage room. He gave me a pair of white shorts and a white t shirt And said these should fit., All the white boy have to wear them. He stood there and watched me undress, The shorts and t shirt were tight and had a logo on them saying "Jack Of Spades" He Put a Leather Collar around my neck. He said to where this lock on the Collar . He was very demanding boss. But just to me Not to the other Black employees. I could never do any thing right. He said that I was part of a inferior race, He shamed me every chance He got, But I continued to do my job, It got worse, He would scream at me, And tell me I was a dumb Ass, Than one day there was a mess in the bathroom And Daniel Told me it needed to be cleaned up right away. As I was cleaning it up, Daniel came in the bathroom And said I was doing it wrong, He called me a stupid white Hunky, He throw His cigarette on the floor and told me to pick it up, I bent down to pick it up and Daniel took His shoe and pushed me down to the floor, My face was right next to the bottom of the urinal. He told me to stay there and unbuttoned His jeans and pulled His Black Dick out and started to take a Piss, I watched Him taking a Piss, He called me a Hunky again, Than He swung His Black Dick over my way and His Piss sprayed all over my face, He shook His Black Dick off, And said "You'll learn" Jack Of Spades , When He left I took my tongue and rubbed it over my lips. I was going thru the theater when I got a feeling deep in my gut, I was Horny, Than I saw a Black God jerking off. I licked my lips and dropped to my knees, He motioned for me to come over and swallow His Black Dick. He Told me to stand up He pulled my shorts down and placed His Black Dick at my hole and slowly pushed His Black Dick in even further Till He was Balls deep in me, I spread my cheeks with my hands and said Fuck me Deep ! He used my Ass just like in the movie, He put His Black Seed in my ass, Than He turned me around and put His Black Dick in my mouth, Yeah clean if up ! He zipped up and left, That night when I went in to get payed Daniel handed me the envelope and it said , "Jack Of Spades " on it, Daniel said check your schedule. He handed me the schedule He dropped the paper on the floor, When I bent down to pick it up, Daniel gabbed my Ass, There was a line crossed over my name With a new name "Jack Spades " Daniel said it totally normal and natural for most white males to feel a deep hidden sexual attraction to Black males. These feelings are totally normal. I said thxs and left. The next day when I got there Daniel said there's a mess in the theater, "Clean it up Jack" I when in with a mop and bucket and cleaned it up , There was a Black Guy jacking His Dick, He moved His hand away from His Black Dick, To give me a eye full, Bring those lips over here white boy, He spread His legs wide apart and I fell to my knees and swallowed His Black Dick, He Jammed it into my mouth , Suck on that Black Dick,.. It got bigger and thicker before I knew it He was coming in my mouth, I swallowed His Black Seed, And pushed the bucket to the rest room to put it away, There was a Black Guy in the Bath room He said What's Up. He pushed me into a stall and said you like Black Meat don't you ? I shook my head Yes" He Pulled down my pants, He laughed when He saw my little white dick, He pushed me down to the floor. He put His Shoe against my dick and then pushed it down on my nuts. I grabbed His leg and said Please Sir " I'll do anything, Anything ? He put me in between urinals , Get on your knees. Kneel down, He took my hands and tied my hands to the other urinals on my right and left. Then He pulled out a magic marker and started to write all over my body Cum Dump, Black Dick here, I want your Black Load, He put a bag over my eyes. And left me there, A couple of guys make me Suck them off, The Guys that Had all ready cum Pissed all over me,, One Black Guy removed my blind fold, It was the Pimp that brought me into this place, I begged Him to untie me, He said if I would swallow every drop of His urine He would untie me, He placed His Black Dick in my mouth and told me to get ready for His Piss, In a moment He let lose the yellow stream, I drink the yellow Piss, When He was done peeing He told me to relax my throat and to let His Black Dick in, All the way in, I felt Him growing Bigger in my mouth and down my throat. His Nuts were Bouncing off my chin, He untied my hands, and backed His Black Dick out of my mouth, I saw how Big He was, It must been 11 inches long and uncut, He turned me around and I felt His Black Dick hitting my hole. He was very verbal, He brought my submissive side out, Be for I knew it The Black Pimp , Had lifted my body up and rested it on His Black Dick. Then I felt His Black Dick start to enter my ass. It slid in like it was meant to be there , I moaned with pleasure as He moved it in and out of my ass. He was Muscular and Dominant. He moved my body around to Hit His Black Dick just right , The way that He mounted my hole, Made me feel like a real pussy . He moved my body up and down on His Black Dick. The Pimp had me reach around and pull my Ass Cheeks apart, So He could get His Black Dick all the way in,my Ass. He removed His hands from my waist and moved them to my neck, All the while He was fucking me , And then as He started to squeeze my neck, I couldn't breathe, He was choking me. My body started to convulse, I started to suffer violent involuntary contraction of my muscles, The Black Guy liked the feeling of my ass pulsating on His Black Dick. He tightened His grip on my neck, And I started to shake violently, He rammed His Black Dick into my Ass hole, He tightened His Grip even more around my neck, I Couldn't breathe, My arms and legs started to move uncontrollably, The Black Guy was Fucking me relentlessly As I was shaking, His Black Dick slid pass my second hole, He Held me there and said I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming, Breeding this white hole good with this Alpha Black load. Than He released His hands from my neck, And I was Chocking and trying to catch my breath. He smiled at me and said You've been Cunted Now The result of getting Fucked and Bred so relentlessly and violently by an actual Black Man, that it makes a fag’s butt hole become a sloppy Cunt. Abolishing any remaining part of masculinity from the faggot. Let's do this tomorrow night .. On the Stage.. For everyone to see I can Fuck for hours with out Cumming The next day came soon enough. I kept my self busy The Reggie came in and asked if I was ready to put on a show ? I said No I didn't want to have Sex on Stage.. Cum on Don't be scared. I got what you need a Booty Bump' I asked Him what that was ? It's just like Coke but Better. Come on try it , A Booty Bump. . He pulled a Syringe out with out the needle, He ripped my shorts down, I said I didn't want to do that. He fingered my Hole,, Stop I said ! He took a Syringe and pushed it up my Butt Hole and injected some liquid in my Ass, I said Stop It. But it was to late. He rubbed my Ass Hole and said You'll do just fine. The solution that He put up my Butt Hole was Meth. He told me to pull my short up. And Drag the bed frame out and put it in the center of the Stage. It only took about 5 mins for the Meth to start hit me. He dragged me out on the Stage and removed my shorts so everyone could see me. He Had me lay on the frame and than put restraints on my wrists and ankles, He put the Blind fold on me. I could feel the Meth was hitting me, He put a Mic so everyone could hear me Begging. He toughed my back and I moaned, Reggie said Legs Spread wide open, Ass Up.. Your Back is Arched, On all fours waiting for Black Dick ! He put His Black Dick up against my hole and I backed up and He enter my Ass and I Moaned , Be for I knew it His Black Dick was Deep in me, Balls Deep in my Ass. He eased His Black Dick in and out. He said my Ass was my Pleasure Zone, That's all I could feel, I was nothing but a Hole, For Fucking. Reggie new He would be feeling the Booty Bump too. He was Fucking me waiting for the Meth to transfer from my butt to His Black Dick, It only took a few Mins for the Meth to enter His Black Dick. He could feel the Pleasure, The Meth was focusing on His Groin area. All I could do was to Beg Him for that Black Dick to Fuck me, He Fucked me silly, I wanted more of Black Dick, I was experience a sudden "rush" of pleasure a prolonged sense of euphoria, as well as increased energy, confidence, sexual prowess and feelings of desirability. I said Give me more, My voice was going across the sound system. I was begging for That Black Dick , Reggie lifted me and placed my Ass Hole on His Humongous Black Dick. It slid on in my Ass, He said is that what you want ? How do you like that Black Dick ? I was so high, I was experiencing a surge of dopamine, intense rush of pleasure. I didn't know what I was doing or saying, I said "Give me that Nigger Dick" It Boomed across the Speaker. Reggie slipped my face , I said it again and He slipped me Harder, And Pulled His Black Dick out of my Ass, He grabbed my head and rammed His Black Dick into my mouth, Making me silent other than the Moaning and Groaning, The Ass juices that were once in my Ass, Now were in my mouth. He Fucked my mouth, But He wanted the Meth Hole, He wanted to Feel what I was feeling. My ass was on fire, Reggie started to got really Weird, It was if the Devil came out in Him. He wanted to do all these "crazy" things and was extremely forceful and aggressive. His Black Dick Had a mine of it's own, Reggie said I"m going to Rape You Bitch, Reggie suddenly had me hog-tied. I was crying out for Him to Stop. He had become Really aggressive and demeaning. It was as though, I was only there for Him to enact some kind of rape-type fantasy! He got physical and rough. He was playing the role now, He was the Black Master and I was His white slave. He was Fucking me rough All the way out and then all the way in, Than He said what do you want ? I said Give me that Nigger Dick ! Again and again I screamed out , He struck my Ass, Again and Again He put His hands around my neck. And tightened His grip, He was Choking me. I was struggled to breathe, He tightened His hands around my neck. This is my Ass Now He said, "Your my Slave", Call me Master , I said Your My Black Master ! This must of turned Him on. He Choked me Harder, I couldn't Breathe, I started to Shake and Convulse. He got more intense His Black Dick was growing Bigger and Longer, I could feel His Black Dick in my Gut, I was Shaking uncontrollably! Than He started Humiliating me, Talking down to me, He wanted me to feel like a slave! He said Your not a men ! You could never compete sexually with a Black Man ! You'll Never be a man ! Nature never intended for you to be sexually Dominate the way a Black Man is ! He rammed His Black Dick into my Hole. Nature intended for me to be dominated ! Your Like a Bitch ! Like my slave! I'm going to show everyone how to convert a white guy. Make Him a Bitch for Black Dick! No need for Rubber's because you can't get Him pregnant ! Your Black Master is going to try. You want your Black Master Cum , I'm going Bred you slave, Shit I'm Cumming , I could feel His Warm Black Seed entering my hole, At that moment When He was Cumming, I started to Shake, I felt myself Cumming too, My Black Master pulled His Black Dick out of my Ass, He grabbed my head and put His Black Dick in my mouth and ordered me to clean it ! The audience was clapping .. Than He pissed all over my body Your a "Jack Of Spades "
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    Shortly after high school I took up residence in an apartment complex, I was Bi sexual But Had never been with a Black Guy before. Next door lived a Black Guy named Anthony He was in His mid twenties, He lived to party and always Had white women over to His place. It was obvious that He liked interracial sex. One night He had a blonde girl about twenty who came over in slut-wear, short shorts and tank top. That night they Had the most intense Fuck session with moaning and screaming. The headboard was banging up against the wall that separated the two apartments I could not sleep, I began wondering what it would feel like to be in her place, Getting Fucked by Black Dick. I reached down and began to stroke my white Dick. During high school there were a few Black Guys who proudly flaunt their Man Hood in the locker room. It was as if they were making a statement to white guys, The Black Guys would talk to each other and grope there Black Dicks. Anyway the next day after coming back from the gym , I noticed Anthony door was not completely shut. So I stopped at the door, I listened at the door But did not hear anything, So I stepped inside and saw Anthony laying on the couch no Shirt in His Boxer briefs, His Black body was lean and muscular it was glistening, "Hey are you alone ? I asked. "Yeah the Dumb Bitch just left. She couldn't even close the door right. She was a noisy Bitch' I could hear you thru the walls last night. "Yeah I bet you were probably getting off on it" He said, Looking at me slyly. I said I was, Had to Masturbate after to get rid of my hard on. I tore her Pussy up real good. I wanted to Fuck her in the Ass, I had her talked into it, And I put my Black Dick in her Ass and she screamed and said it was too big" He groped His Black Dick and started to rub His Black Dick thru the Boxer Shorts, So did you finally screw her in the Ass ? I asked. "Nah, she kept Screaming that it hurt too much, So I ended up Spanking her white Ass real good for teasing me with that Shit. Hey, All this talk is getting me Hard again, He got off the couch, His Black Dick was swinging in His Boxer Shorts. He walked over to the door and closed it and locked the door. And put the dead bolt on the door. He groped Him self, and looked at me. I started to get Nervous and knew that if I stayed I was in for trouble. I said I had better be going, Anthony said whats the rush, He was groping Him self, Anthony was moving close to me, I started backing up into the corner of the room. "Why don't you check out the action down here? He said With His hands on His hips, Displaying a Huge tent in His Boxer Briefs, He Rubbed His Black Dick and pulled His Boxer Shorts off. His Black Dick was Huge, As He walked over to me and said, I've done it with white guys before. He asked if I had done it with Black guys before ? I said No "never" He reached out and grabbed my head and planted a Kiss on my lips. He stuck His tongue in my mouth deep, I opened my mouth wide to gave Him total access to my mouth. He told me to take my clothes off, I hesitated, Strip, He said, I want to see what your body looks like, I removed my shirt and shorts. I was standing there in my Jock Strap, Covering my crotch with my hands, He told me to leave the Jock on. Turn around I want to see that Ass. I turned around and showed Him my Ass. Get on your knees, He said. I Nervously got on my knees, His Huge Black Dick was Uncut and thick, His Foreskin was completely covering His head, It looked like a nipple, He pulled His Foreskin back and showed me His head. You like that chocolate Dick ? I didn't respond, He slapped my face and He pulled the Foreskin back covering the head. And pulled my face closer to His Black Dick, He pulled the Foreskin back uncovering the head. Kiss it , Kiss the head, He said. I Kissed the head, That's good, Now lick the head. I started to lick the head, Than down to His Nuts, I swallowed His Huge Nuts, And than took as much of His Black Shaft down my throat, "Yeah suck it white boy, that's it. "Take it all." I fought the gag reflex and felt the head push way into my throat. This was what I had wanted for so long and it tasted good. After Fucking my mouth for a few minutes. He asked if I had ever taken a Black Cock up my Ass before ? No I said yes but nothing that Big. The thought of that Huge Black Cock plunging up my hole was very tempting But scary. He pushed it down my throat again, And said your a Black Cock Slut! It well Hurt at first, But the Hurt well feel good ! You know you been wanting this Black Dick for a while, I've seen you looking at me. You know you want me to pump your white Ass Don't you ? After breaking you in you'll be Begging me for my Black Dick' He rubbed my Ass hole, That a nice Ass boy. He stuck His finger in my Ass hole. Bend over Bitch, He pulled my Ass cheeks apart, And licked the Hole, And stood up. Your Ass belongs to me Now, Understand ? I nodded, And He instructed me to lie on my back with my legs in the air while He rubbed some lube into my Asshole, First with one finger that another. He positioned His Black Dick against my Ass hole and pushed.. I screamed against the sharp pain. Several more inches went in before I screamed out again. Anthony looked angry, He slapped my Ass Hard. Look white boy you know you wanted me to Fuck your white Ass for a long time. Don't fight it or I'll really tear that Ass up. He pulled off my Jock Strip and pushed it into my mouth. Assume the position boy! I obeyed and this time after the initial thrush He pushed all ten inches up my butt, My Ass was on fire but it felt good at the same time, His Black Dick was stretching my hole wide open. " Yeah boy give that Ass up for your Black Daddy!' Just relax, And let this Black Dick in, He started to ride my Ass good and twisted me this way and that way, Open that Ass up, Occasionally slapping my Ass. He came in my Ass at least three times, He was insatiable. After He was done Fucking me, He reached in His drawer and pulled out a pair of Silk Panties, And said Put these on, These are lady's panties I said, I know You took my Black Dick like a real Bitch. So I'm giving them to you. I slipped them on, There was a bulge where my dick was. He said nice, Your going to be my Bitch now. That day was a new beginning for me, I was a white sex slave for Black Cock! After giving up my Ass to Anthony, He decided that my Ass with just like Pussy, Anytime He was horny and needed a piece of white Ass, He would just come over. He would come over even when I Had company. And made it quite obvious that I was His submissive white boy, By coming over and being very Domineering and occasionally even slapping my Ass in front of other people, One day He took my keys when I wasn't looking and make a duplicate front door key. He said it was to make sure that I was accessible to Him at all times, I started to object, But in a demanding tone, He said I was His property, And there was nothing to talk about. And threw me on the bed, And pulled my pants down, And held me down, And roughly Fucked me, I felt His Black Dick getting bigger and I felt Him Cumming in my Ass, When He was done, He slapped my Ass, And went into the bath room to clean up, I pulled my pants up. How did this happen? It was bad enough that He made me service His Black Dick, But now He Had keys to my place, He could come and go at free well. How did I get my self into this jam. He started to leave His clothes over at my place, And expected me to wash His clothes all the time. When there were not clean He would go into a rage that is Boxer or shirts was not clean. He became more demanding, Anytime He needed money He would want me to spot Him some cash. There was a tall Black Guy that moved in across the hall from me, His name was Jay. He seemed friendly enough and would say Hello as He passed me in the hall way. Anthony became friends with Jay, After that Jay looked at me differently and acted differently, One day I was down at the Jacuzzi, When He saw me, He came over and asked how I was doing? He said He Had been at the gym working out, He Had pulled a muscle and He should get in the Jacuzzi and see if that would help with His sore muscle. Before I knew it He was taking off His shoes and shirt and than came His Sweatpants, He was supporting a nice size Black Dick, And got in the Jacuzzi, He said the Jacuzzi felt good, He asked me to rub His leg ? I said sure And started to rub His leg, He kept saying higher, My hand toughed His Black Dick and He said Yeah that's the spot. I moved my hand away, He gabbed my hand and placed it on His Black Dick, That's the spot, He said. I massage it for a moment, And said I have to go now. As I was getting out of the water, Jay noticed the Hard-on in my briefs. He was getting out of the water too, He Had a Big old Hard-on too sticking straight out too. As I bent down to pick up my towel, He reached out and pulled my briefs down exposing my Ass, He pulled me closer and pushed me down to my knees, He grabbed His Black Dick and said "Suck it " I said I couldn't, Why is it because I'm a Ex-con, ? No I said I'm involved with someone, And I left and went back to the apartment, Anthony came in and asked what I had been up too? Nothing I said I went down to the Jacuzzi for a while. Jay was in the Jacuzzi too, Anthony said did He try to pick you up ? I said No , Why are you lying to me Anthony said, "I'm not lying" Jay said you were down there and you sucked His Black Dick ! I have to Punish you for lying to me, Got to teach you a lesson.” He tried my hands to the bed posts, He pulled my pants down to my ankles, And ripped my t shirt off of me. He removed His Leather Belt, And swung the belt, Striking my torso and Ass repeatedly, I was screaming as the blows mount, It seems that Anthony's vigor increases each time the belt strap strikes my Ass, I started crying . He whips my Ass harder and harder with the belt, clenching His teeth and growling with effort. You’re hurting me, I was sobbing like a little boy, Please, you’re hurting me. He suddenly stopped, And He untied my hands, My back and Ass were red I had marks all over my Ass, Anthony said, I had to do it .. You need to learn ! He got some lotion and put it on my back, Than He rubbed some on my Ass, His Black Dick was Hard, He slipped the head into my Ass, I pushed my Ass back to let Him slid in my Ass, He Fucked me long and deep, He deposed His load in my Ass, And left. The next night we were coming home, When we passed Jay in the hall way Jay was dressed in Leather outfit, I had to take a second look at Him, Anthony saw the way I looked at Jay. When we got inside my apartment. Anthony asked if I liked Jay's Leather outfit, I said Yes" It Sexy' Anthony told me to put on a Jock Strap So I went to my dresser and pulled a Jock out and put it on. He placed a video camera on a tripod and Had it aiming on the bed. When I came out of the bed room, I saw the video camera, And asked what that was for? It's for training, So you can watch the video and improve ! I started to worship His beautiful Black Cock as usual by Deep throating His tool and licking His Balls and Asshole as well. That night He put on a cowboy hat and said He was going to ride my Ass like I was a pony. He Fucked me mercilessly, torturing my Ass with his thick power tool, Fucking me from side to side, stretching my Ass til I thought I couldn't take it anymore. He gripped the Straps of my Jock as He rode and Slapped both of my Ass cheeks with a Strap til they glowed hot red. He Had placed a mirror by the bed so I could see myself worshiping His Manhood and being put through the paces of being His sex slave. He told me that He liked Fucking my tight Ass more than the Cunts of the white women He used to come home with and I believed it from the quantity of Cum that He shot up my bowels. After punishing my Ass quite thoroughly He allowed me to touch myself and after pumping my Cock for just a few seconds, I must have shot over my head with His Black Cock Deep up my Ass. The next day when I got home, There was some Leather siting on the bed with a note. "Where going out tonight, I had just come out of the shower. When Anthony came over , He helped me get dressed, He put the Cock Cage on me and Locked it in place, He put the keys around His neck, Than came a Lather Jock Strip, Than came a Leather body Hardness, Than the Leather Chap's, And a Leather Collar with a leash and finally a pear of Leather boots, And Leather Restraints, He told me to bend over and spread my cheeks And He than carefully jammed a Bullet up my ass, I asked where we were going? And He said to a Leather Bar ! Anthony locked my hands behind my back, And put a Molly in my mouth. And put a Leather Hood over my head, He talked to people and dragged me around the bar by my Leash, A long the way He ran into Jay in Full Leather, He said I see you got your Slave all dressed up, Anthony said you want to see it dance ? He pushed the button on the remote and there was a jolt in my Ass I tried to scream but with the mouth Gag in place I couldn't , Jay reached out and gabbed my Ass , Jay said He was interested in taping my Ass, We got in a Uber to go home. The driver was a Black Guy too. Anthony told Him the address, And we left Anthony and Jay did not remove any thing, excerpt my mouth Gag, Jay unzipped His pants and pulled His Black Dick out In a drunken stupor, He forced my head down to His Black Dick and jammed it into my mouth, Jay Had the remote and gave me a jolt every once in a while causing me to swallow more of His Black Dick down my throat. The Uber driver was getting excited and said how about I drive you for free and you let me in on your slave ? Anthony said sure. When we got home the three Black Guys dragged me into the apartment. They pushed me on the bed and unlocked my heads and re locked them on to the headboard so I was spread eagle. I was so high , Jay sat on my face and told me to eat His Ass hole. And lifted my legs up exposing my Ass hole, The Black driver who's name was Marcus spit on my Ass and put His Black Dick in my hole and slid on in inch by inch slid in my hole, He started to Fuck me slowly, Anthony turned the egg on slowly at first It started to buzz deep in my hole. Marcus was enjoy the Buzzing in my Ass and was Fucking me, Anthony increased the speed of the egg, Which turned Marcus on even more, My Ass was now a vibrating hole now, I was sticking my tongue in Jay Ass hole and swishing it around, Anthony turned the egg up to full blast, My innards were vibrating, My hole was a vibrating pussy now, Marcus was Fucking my hole Deep, He pushed it in my Hole Deep and said I'm going to Cum , , I could feel His Black Dick throbbing in my Hole. He pulled His Black Dick out of my hole, and switched places with Jay, Marcus came up to my face and pushed His Black Dick into my mouth, and I started sucking His Black Dick, Jay slid on in my vibrating Ass pussy, And Fucked me silly, He was calling me a white Slut, And telling me to take His Black Dick, Marcus Black Dick got hard again and started to grow bigger , He put His Load of Black Cum down my throat, Jay was Fucking me like I was a peace of meat, He liked my vibrating Ass Pussy' Than He dropped His Black Seed Deep in my Ass, Marcus was putting His pants back on, and handed Anthony His number and said anytime you need a Uber Just call and we can take it out in trade, Jay was putting His paints on, And He told Anthony That some of His Black Buddy's could use me. And Anthony show the Guys out. Anthony came back into the room, He untied my hands and rolled me over on my stomach, The Guys liked your vibrating Ass so much that I'm going to put another egg in your Ass, He forced another egg in my Ass, And said He was going to Fuck me now. He slid His Uncut Black Dick into my hole And moaned as He Fucked me. He turned the egg's back on and my Ass started to vibrating like crazy, He Moaned again. And pushed His Black Dick in the Hole. He pushed the second egg in my Hole Deep. I could feel the egg's vibrating in my gut as His Black Dick was Fucking me good. He was getting Verbal Saying that I was His white Slave now for Black Men, He turned the egg's up to high speed, And said I'm going to Cum in your Pussy! I felt Him Cumming in my Ass, He turned the egg's off, and went to sleep, His Cock was still Hard when He started to snore, That night He woke up and started to Fuck me again, When He flipped the egg's on, He Fucked me rough and fast , I could feel my self getting ready to Cum, My Ass started to twitch and my Hole started to convulse and my Dick was Cumming, That was all Anthony could stand He Screamed out I'm Cumming too, He released me, and I took off my Leather outfit, When I got to my Jock it was covered with my Cum, Anthony said He loved it. Now I know what they mean "Once you go Black You'll never go Back" The Black guys I have been with have been mostly straight but they sure got off on Dominating a Hot white guy and turning me into their Bitch for the night. Only I have been honest enough to give in to what I really want which is a Hot Black Stud Fucking the Cum out of my hot white Ass. "Opposites really do Attract".
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    Sundays can be a bit dead, if there is no naked party at HQ, I usually hit all the apps early hoping to get some raw cock or at least get same safe cock out here in the burbs, On Sunday, a guy who had chatted to me before at a time inopportune for him, hit me up with the "I'm horny", "wanna fuck you" etc. I am always straight to the point and told him I was howling for raw cock (as I had not been fucked since Friday night) . It was going to be one of those I am totally not fussy days, I will drive wherever to get bred. He said he worked in a petrol station and was free to fuck that evening as he finished work at 4. I could come to his house if I wanted. Fuck that is a long way off I thought. However I agreed I was in the mood and nothing salves that mood but raw cock and men's seed. Luckily around lunchtime a local guy, and one of the very few guys out here who bareback, hit me up and said he wanted to bust his nut in me - so in 20 minutes time he was over. He knew the rules, he walked into my apartment I was in the loungeroom in my G-string and within 10 minutes he was hammering my hole with his nice 7" cut cock. He has always been a blow and go guy (I suspect he is married or committed but I never ask as that is not my job, my job is to take his cock and seed when he wants to give it to me and be grateful.) Over the past three years he has probably fucked me 30 times and they have all been doggy, no kissing, he just fucks, blows and I turn and clean up his cock and he goes. He has a nice cock, fucks hard, so all good with me. My afternoon fuck texted me his address and said I could be there at 7. I was there right on time. He was a nice beefy guy in his late 40's with a shaved head and quite a deal more handsome than his photo. I love beefy solid men using me. I already knew he had a nice big thick uncut cock as he had texted me pics of it. op get to his room we had to walk through the living room where he stopped and briefly introduced me to his two gay housemates, Mike and Hisham. He explained they were a couple and were all cool with him having his fucks at home as his room was pretty much the other end of his house and had an en suite. Thankfully we indulged in no small talk and we went straight to Gavin's room, he put on some CD's for music, already he had some porn playing on mute on his TV and I quickly stripped down my G-string. Naked he was just beautiful - and thankfully a real hole man. As I kissed and licked him all over he had two fingers firmly planted in my chute. "you already been fucked today you little slut," he asked? I told him yes, He said he knew as I was nice an open and moist. He said he loved "used hole" and he loved "sluts" and I told him I had come to the right place. We fucked all over his room for two hours, When we finished after he had pumped two loads into me I just lay with my head on his chest with his cock in my mouth, cleaning under his foreskin with my tongue while he has happy to finger my well frothed up hole. He asked me to stop over but warned he had to start work early at the petrol station. I fine with that and went to sleep wrapped firmly in this beefy man's arms. I was awoken by the feel of his rough fingers poking and kneading my hole, I moaned and he whispered "you want a morning glory". I didn't answer just pushed my butt as hard as I could backwards against his beautifully erect cock. He rolled me on my stomach and long dicked me, pulling right out (which I love) every seven or eight strokes and driving it straight back in. In 10 minutes he was thrusting another beautiful load into me. I again cleaned his cock and he headed for the shower rushing to get to work. "Mike is still home - he does not start work till after midday" so if you want to have a shower before you go he will see you out," Gavin said. He left and I pulled on my jeans and T shirt and went into the kitchen. I was a bit shocked as Mike, a very tall man, about early 50's was n the kitchen in a short dressing gown which was rtotally undone and his nice thick cut cock was clearly visible. "Morning" he said. I said morning back and he said sit down he would make me a coffee and asked how I liked it - making no attempt to pull the drawstring on his gown. As he put the coffee on the table in front of me - his cock was virtually in my face. The slut in me needed no further invitation - I gently took hold of his half hard cock, kissed the know and placed it in my mouth. He started to wooden up immediately. "I am surprised you want more cock after a night with Gavin, he usually wears bottoms right out," Mike said. "There is never enough cock for me," I said returning to his shaft with mu mouth. As I was sucking hos cock he was telling me he and his partner heard us fucking last night and at least he managed to get his partner to put out for a change. It aroused me to know that I was cleaning his cock after he had fucked his other half. He led me to the bedroom and in no time I wasa riding his cock and an hour later I had extracted two laods out his balls into my hole. As I cleaned his cock, he said his partner would never do that. I stopped cleaning and told him that I loved servicing committed men and doing the things to with them that they don't get at home off their partners. He said all the right things and said he never discussed his extra marital fucks with his partner. He asked if I was happy to give him my number so he could fuck me again at a time that suited him. I obliged. As I was leaving he said "Gavin and I have shared the odd bottom with each other - would you be up for that?" I said "Mike I will service you and Gavin anytime you like and together would be wonderful for me - you are both very good fucks and I would just love to get DP'd by both of you - that would fucking take me to heaven." "I"ll chat to him" he said. Later that evening I got a text from Gavin - Mike had told him he fucked me twice after he left. "We wanna fuck you next Sunday night," he texted. "Done deal" I texted back - and fully looking forward to having both of them fuck me and hopefully DP me.
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    I found my self traveling in Atlanta when my car broken down, The mechanic was a Black Guy, He looked to be about 25 , He said it would be a few days to get the parts for my car being that it was Friday He said it should be ready by Tuesday, I said okay, He gave me His business card, I said I was just passing thru Atlanta and asked Him if there was any cheap hotels in the area ? He said there a hotel up the street it's called the Cheshire Motor Inn, Sure I said , That my car over there We walked over to His car, And He said Get In, We Had some small talk on the way there, He said His name was Willie, His hand went down to his crotch as He adjusted His Meat, His hand stayed there touching Him self, As I glance at His crotch I could see that His bulge was getting bigger, We passed a video arcade The sign say Southern Nights video and gifts, He saw me looking at it and He said That's a good place to get a blow job ! I said Yes it looks that way, I glance over at His crotch and noticed His bulge getting bigger and longer down His pants leg, It must of been at least 10 inches, As we pulled up to the hotel It looked like a nasty place, He said He would wait and make sure that I got a hotel room, The Black clerk at the front desk was nice, He said they only had a few room left, And the rooms were 69.00 He asked how long I would be staying ? And I said 5 days, He said I would be in room 229 and said Thank you, I went back to the car and said I got a room 229 and grabbed my bags and said thanks for the ride Willie, As I reached out to shake His hand, He said not so quick ! He pulled me close to Him, And said I'll see you later, I said sure, I went up to the room. It was a older property The decor was dated, but it was clean, I took a shower and desired to get something to eat, There was a restaurant in the parking lot called Colonade restaurant, So I went down to a get a burger. When I return, there were Black Guys hanging out all over the parking lot They were cruising the parking lot, Gabbing their Dicks and looking at me, I went up to my room, And I looked out the crack in the drapes, And studied what they were doing, Were they selling drugs ? There was one good looking Black Guy He was tall and skinny, He kept garbing His Cock, I wondered what it tasted like, And how big it was, Willie Had me so horny, After seeing His Black Dick, I kicked my self in the ass For not reaching out and grabbing His Dick, Now I was stuck at the hotel , I Took another shower, And put on a Jock Strap, And went back to peeking out the drapes, All the Black Guys were pulling on there Dicks, I wanted to know if they were Big or Uncut, My dick was getting hard in the Jock Strap, I was playing with my self, As I was looking out the window at the Black Guys, I could hear the room next store, They were have sex ! I couldn't tell but one of them was getting Fucked real good, Than I hear the Top saying take my Nigger Dick, This make my dick stand up, Then the room got quiet, Then I turned on the computer there was a Pop up ad for some gay interracial porn site, I tried to decide if I wanted to go to the peep show, Or place a Ad on Craig's list, Craig's list won, I placed a sex Ad, My phone rang, It was Willie I asked if there was any new about my car ? He said no .. He asked what I was doing and if I wanted to go out for a drink? I said sure come on over, And hung the phone up. With in a minute There was a knock at the door, It was Willie, What happening ? He asked, Before I could answer Him, He saw the bottle of vodka, And said you've partying, He said Pour me a drink, I didn't expect you to be here that fast , I reached down to gab my pants and Willie said No Need for them ! Leave them off, He settled in the chair As I poured Him the drink, When I Handed it to Him, He reached out and gabbed my Ass, Than He said You have a White Soft Smooth Skinned Ass , White fagots are created by nature to serve Black Men, This is embedded in your nature, I saw how you looked at me, How I look at You, White boy are whore's , Vagina for Black Members, Now Get on your knees and pleasure this Big Black Cock ! I hesitated, He said Now Bitch, Get On Your Knees, I did as I was told and fell to my knees, I reached out and unbutton His pants, He pushed in my mouth swallow that Black Dick, Yeah that's right, I started to Suck His Uncut Black Dick, It started to grow, When He was fully Hard, I could only swallow about half of His Black Dick, I asked Him How Big was His Dick ? He said What we got here is 13' of prime USDA choice Black Meat ! On my good day I can add a add another inch to it, 13 by 6 He remove His shirt and pants, Get on the bed He said ! Ass up and Face down, Assume the position He slipped my ass hard on the ass, Don't move ! He reached out and pulled the phone cord from the wall, He used the cord to tie my hands together, Spread those legs, He spit on my hole, And slide a finger or two in my hole, He spit again, I let out a moan as He was fingering the hole, Than He said Have you been Fucked by a Black Man before ? I said No Never ! He said You got a Virgin ass If you never Had Black Meat, You'll in for a treat than, I'm going to take care of that Now, He buried His tongue in my ass, And got it wet, He pulled the foreskin back and placed His Big Black Head against my ass hole, And pushed the head in my ass, I screamed ! He took His Hands and gabbed me by the neck, Go ahead and scream, He pushed His Black Dick in even further, I moaned again, I can't take it, It's to big, Take it out, He took a bottle of Poppers He reached down and grabbed His Boxer shorts, And poured the poppers on them, He took the Boxers shorts And held it to my nose, And said breathe deep, Can you smell the aroma of a Black Man, Breath Deep, Causing a rush of blood to the head, He let His fingers go into my mouth, Suck um ! Make love to them fingers, I was so busy smelling His scent, That didn't even notice that my sphincter muscle was so relaxed, That my Ass had started to swallow His large Black Dick, He was Balls deep in me, He poured some more poppers on His Boxers shorts, And put it under my nose, Breath, Smell my Black Balls and my Big Black Uncut Dick, Just keep Breathing ! I was smelling His Black Dick, He started to Fuck me slowly, Breath, Breath, My hips started to move to His rhythm, He pulled all the way out And than He drove it all the way back in, He started to Fuck me Faster and Harder, You Like my BBC ? Yes I said, He poured some more poppers on the Boxers, And said tell me you want my Dick ! I want your Black Dick, I would have said anything, He said Is this my Ass Now, Yes, Yes Sir, It yours, I said Fuck me ! Fuck me Deep, Give me that Black Load ! I felt His Black Dick get Bigger and Longer and Harder, I was losing control, Of my Body and Mind, All I could think about was His Big Black Dick, I wanted this moment to last forever, How wonderful it felt, Please Fuck me, Fuck me Deep , I could tell He was about to Cum, Than with one last push He buried His BBC Deep in my ass, And than I felt His Dick swell and throb , He said I'm Cumming I'm Breeding your Pussy, I'm Cumming, I'm Knocking you up Bitch.. I body was shaking uncontrollably, I was being Bred by a Black Man, As he put the Last few drops of His Black Load in me, He fell on my back, His Black Dick was still hard in side me, We stayed in that position for about 5 minutes, His BBC buried in my Ass, He untied my hands, I tilted my head, And gave Him a big Kiss, He Pushed His tongue deep in my mouth, I opened my mouth wide open to gave Him full access to my mouth, That was all He needed , I felt His Black Dick getting Harder and Longer again, You like this Black Dick ? Don;t you ? Yes Yes Sir, He took the Boxer and poured some more poppers on them and put it under my nose, Before I knew it He was pounding my Ass again, He pushed my legs under my arms and Told me to hold them in place, Not to move, Now my ass was fully exposed ! He slid His Black Dick into my well lubed hole, And started Fucking me Fast and Rough, He pulled my ass cheeks apart And pushed His Black Dick all way in, Your Ass feels so good, And His Black Dick got longer He was Hitting my second hole , He was Deep in my colon, He Fucked me for 30 minutes, Then His Big Black Dick started to pulsate and throb in my ass, I knew He was ready to Cum, Cum in my ass, He was putting His Black Seed deep in me, As His Black Dick Throbbed, As He was Cumming, I was Cumming with out even toughing my self, Cum was coming out of my dick, He wiped my Cum up with His fingers And said open your mouth, Lick the Cum off my fingers, He slid His Black Dick out of my ass, He looked down at me and said Suck it clean, I sucked His Black Dick Clean. That some good ass, I like you. He put His pants on and gabbed the Boxer shorts And Handed me the Boxer shorts said Put these on, I put on the Boxer shorts, He slapped my ass, I'm going to the Peep Show to buy you some things, He said He would be right back, When He Came back He had a bag with Him, He opened the bag and pulled out a Cock Cage, He pulled my boxer down, And squeezed my balls thought the Cock Ring, And then pushed my Dick thru the Cage and locked it in place, What that for I asked ? No more erection for you with the Cock Cage you can't get hard any more, You'll still be able to Cum, But Your like a cunt now, Now that your wearing my Boxer shorts, I figured I would get you a Leather Collar , That He took out a Leather Collar, And locked it around on my neck, It said now your Black Owned ! Your my slave now ! The Collar is to show everyone know that your Owned ! And the Cock Cage is to keep you celibate, Willie looked at the computer There was reply's to the my Ad There was a few replays from white guys He deleted the post, No more white guys ! Your a Jack Of Spades Now ! Only Black Men, Tonight you well learn that, He hide a Video cam in the room, And hooked it to the computer And .He posted a new Ad Jack Of Spades Available For Black Tops Only Bare Back only Cheshire Motor Inn ... Now,, room 229 .. .. One night only,, We need some Pics to post too He got out His I phone and started to take pics,, He took 1 of My body, 1 of My face, 2 of my ass, And one of my Cock in the Cage, He picked out 5 pics, and attached them to the Ad. Willie said That's a Ad And He hit send .. In a few minutes My Craig's list Ad was on line and getting responses, He said He was going down to the parking lot Where He could monitor the action, The place is a cruise area for Black gay men. He said The curtains at the front window would only close with about a 1/2 inch gap remaining. Black Men could go by the window and peek in, I got my share of Black Dick that night, All sizes of Black Cocks, It was a revolving door One would leave and another would enter I lost track of how Black Guys I had done, At about 4 a clock Willie came back in, He deleted the Ad , He looked at my body, How was the Black experience ? He striped off His clothes and hopped into the bed, He was hard, I'm just going to watch your Video, You do all the work, I want you to ride this Black Dick, I Straddled His Big Black Dick It slid in my ass pussy, I Moaned With pleasure, My ass pussy was raw, Up and down I went on His Big Black Dick As He watched The Video, Lay on your stomach, He slid His BBC in my hole , He put His Black Load in my Ass Pussy, He didn't tell me but He recorded the hole session, Get some sleep The next day After we shower and got cleaned up, I asked Him to remove the Cock Cage, No maybe tonight, Put on the Boxer Shorts , Put these pants on, I said they were to big, Willie said they look good with the Boxer shorts, He pulled the pants down low ..And exposed my ass, Now the Boxers were showing, I was Sagging, In baggy trousers with boxers on, Willie said You been in lock up be for ? No I said , I Was He said When a white would come into prison I would put a claim on Him, By having you wear your pants down low, For easy access, And to show everyone that your my property, From now on you are to dress like this, Always sagging them pants, Your a Wigger now, Your my property Now..
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    How I was Turned Into A Male Prostitute, Now I'm Owned By A Black Master, Part 2 The prostitute web site that Tyrone had set up Was getting some hits, Then one day someone Had answered my ad, He said his name was DeShawn He said He was from New York, And was over the snow and was coming to town for two weeks, And wanted to rent me for a week, He said He was into Bondage, And He Had Black football play build, And was Poz, And He Had a Big Black Dick 11' Uncut, When He asked how the Executive Hotel was ? I reply it was a nice adult hotel, When He came into town, Tyrone had set Him up with a nice room, The honeymoon suite, I knocked at the door, He opened the door, He was tall '' 6 foot 5. And must of been 300lbs He said come in, I'm DeShawn Why don't you take your clothes off, I want to see your body, When I remove my pants and shirt, I was nude, He looked at the tattoos, A bar code, Black Owned, And on my right arm For Black Use Only He asked what made you get them ? I explained that Tyrone had drugged me and had a buddy put them on me why I was sleeping, Than He asked about my Cock Cage? I said that was Tyrone idea too, Tyrone put it on me and said, He was my Black Master, DeShawn said He was into bondage, For extended periods, DeShawn pulled a sleep bag out and told me to get in it, He that put a Catheter in my dick, No need to piss, I Had no control of my Urinal Now, Just a Urinal Bag, He Said the Sleep Bag material is similar to spandex but 10 times stronger. The design is very effective in restricted movement, And will stand up to all futile attempts to escape, I got in it, And DeShawn pushed me on the bed, He hooked a Pump up the bag, And slowly the air was sucked out of the bag, Making my body size a lot smaller, He put a Leather Hood on me and inflated the Mouth Gag, I could not hear or say anything, The next day I was carried to a car and put in a trunk, Don't know how long I was in the Sleep Bag, But it must of been for days, Finely I was carried in to some where, I felt a needle stick me and I went out like a light, When I woke up and opened my eyes, I was in cement building 30 by 30, There was no windows It was cold and damp, I was nude there was a Wrist and Leg Irons on me, A Iron collar was around my Neck, A Cock Cage that was Riveted on me, To make coming off impossibility, I was put in chastity to help grow my hole into the only sexual organ that matters, A custom belt, That was heavy Leather Belt, That had a Lock on it, So it wouldn't come off, A hook on the Belt was Attached to a long chain that hooked to a wall, There was Mirrors on the walls and ceiling, So I could see my self, With the Irons on me, There was a toilet in the room, And a shower, And a mattress on the floor, And some steps that when up, DeShawn came down the steps, Carrying a bowl of food, He set it on the floor, You must be Hunger, I asked where I was ? He said your in Baltimore your new home, I said Tyrone well be mad you took me to Baltimore, He said no He won't, I bought you, I own you, I needed a slave to go in my Dungeon, I well put you isolation cell that I built into my Dungeon, If you ever bring up Tyrone again, Your a subhuman Loser with zero self esteem and certainly no self dignity or respect, There was Bondage Gear covering the walls, Hood's and Muzzles, Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bars, Blindfolds, Dungeon Irons and Handcuffs, Suspension equipment, Arm binders, There was Fucking Machine System, A Sling hung from the ceiling, One corner of the room, Sleep Sacks, Strait Jackets, Hospital Restrains, Pony and Puppy things, A Steel Puppy Cage, Trainer Shock Collar, Electro sex Gear, Chastity Devices, Whips and Floggers, Medical Instruments, Milking Machine, Fetish Clothing, A wood Saint Andrews Cross, And a king size Bed was over in one corner of the room, There was Video equipment, And all kinda of Equipment that I had never seen, He said there were Surveillance Equipment all around the room, There was four big flat screens TV, He put on a Leather hood, So no one would know it was Him, He turned the Video camera on, And We were live on the TV, Broadcasted on the web, You well get used to being on camera, When your in the Shower Or taking a Shit, You'll be a Video, Welcome to world of Virtual reality, DeShawn said I created a fully active Web Site, And for a price they could follow you, And watch you, Where my follower could request certain sexual activities to be performed for them, And for a price they Could interact with me, If they wanted to Fuck me, They would put a device on there Cock, And I would put a device on my ass, And strap it in place, Then when they thrust there dick forward, The device on my end would thrust the dido forward into my hole, There movements would be the exact movements that I felt on my end, As there end, With the Virtual headset on they would See and Feel and Hear you moan, Give them the real life Experience of fucking, He said He needed the first day recorded, For your new web page, I stared to protest DeShawn just laughed, Your in a cement building sound proved And under ground, And chained and shackled to the wall, We can do this the easy way or the hard way, You decide, And with that He pushed a button and There was a shock in my Dick I gabbed the Cock Cage, And I screamed, Accept your place bitch, You’re just a sex toy for alpha Black Bull. You exist too serve Black Men, Be abused and then disposed of when the customer was done, I'm going to make you feel really really bad about itself, I think I well call you Tyler ! Come over here and Give your Black Master a Blow Job, I sucked His Black Dick, And then His Nuts, That's right swallow that Fucking Dick Faggot! Good Bitch boy, Choke and Gag on that Superior Black Master Cock, Like the good Fucking Slutty Pussy Whore you are, Gonna split your Cracker ass open, Now sit on this Black Dick Bitch, Hell yeah. Let’s put on a show! I positioned my self over His Black Dick, And slowly He penetrated me, He grabbed me by the Hips, And Drove that Black Dick all way in my ass, Take that fucking ass Fucking , He Made me ride His Black Dick up and down, I started to squirm and resist, But once He started pounding my Cunt, I wanted to surrender completely, He fucked me hard and deep, Till He was ready to cum, I'm going to bred you with this Poz Seed, He Held me down on His Black Dick, Balls Deep, Yes I'm Cumming, I'm pumping this Poz Load in your Ass Pussy, I was Begging Him to knock me up, I could not resist, DeShawn said I told you that it would fit inside of you, I have a Black room Mate You well have to Take care of, His name is Willie, He doesn't like white people much, So Hes a bet of a Sadist, When it comes to whites, He well want to Humiliation & Degradation you disgusting white fag, But if your good to Him He mite Fuck you, He has a overwhelming desire to sexually torture you, He a Sadism at heart. And well want to beat you, And Whip you, And well get off on controlling you, He's going to be insulting You, Demeaning, Dehumanizing and Pissing and Spitting all over you, You stupid fag, So you well have two Black Masters to deal with, I'm going to Buy a Black slave, Then my customers well be able to experience a true interracial experience, For now we just have you, I've been shopping around for a black slave, But he's got to be hung with 12' black dick, That night I was introduced to Willie, He hooked me up to the Suspension equipment, And He Whipped me, I begged Him to stop, I Keep screaming like a Bitch, Willie said that’s actually Hot, Sometimes I will cry. It’s part of the process, Your pain is my pleasure, No one gives a shit if your boi pussy gets permanently wrecked, Then I begged Him to Fuck me, Willie said one day you well get the privilege of this Black Dick, But for now you well just have to settle for this Black Dido device, He positioned it above my ass, He flipped the switch on, He spread me out on the bed, With the Wrist and Leg Irons hooked to the bed, Willie Said this well Permanently Elongated, Puffy Pussy Lips, No one will ever confuse this with an asshole ever again, Willie said now you wait ! Some guy well want to Fuck you, With Virtual reality headset on, There no escaping, DeShawn well be up in the morning and wanting some ass, A faggot’s training is NEVER done! So get some sleep for now, Your going to full fill some guys fantasy tonight, It’s a New Way Of Life. I fall a sleep, When the Black Dido came to life, The Device started to move, The Black Dido penetrate my ass, The TV and spot lights came on, I moaned, I looked up at the TVs And saw a Black teenager on the TV, He said I just want to get a Nut before bed, He began to Fuck His Device, I felt the Black Dido going in and out of my ass, The Black teenager Fucked me for about 10 min, I'm cumming He said, Then the Black Dido squirted some liquid in my ass, And pulled out of my ass, The Device than when back to it original Position, Ready to be inserted with the next horny Guy, The next morning DeShawn came down, The TV and light were on, And the Device was Fucking me again! Dam I wanted to get my nut,, But your busy making money for your New Black Master ...
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    I came home from the bar a little bit drunk and was cruising the Master and Slave sex site, When I got a message from a guy that said he was a white Master looking for a slave, Are you alone I said Yes .... We talked and I send some nude pics He said He was looking for a slave, He said his cam was broken, And would send me some pics tomorrow. The next day when I got up I checked my emails , There was one from my Master from last night, There was a pic of a good looking Black Guy in leather with a nice Black Dick, He said that he wanted to find out if I could follow orders, He said to reply if I understood, He answered back, that I was a good slave And to expect a email from Black Master tomorrow, The next day was Friday there was a email from Black Master, It read You followed my orders so far, Now let see if you can do it again, I got you a hotel room for the weekend He gave me a address and said to show up a 4:00pm Go to the front desk to check in, Tell the clerk Your name is Mr Black , The room is already payed for, There well be further details once I got in the room, It was called the Executive Hotel, When I showed up at 4 went to the front desk and said I'm Mr Black, I have a reservation for a room, The Black clerk said You'll be staying in the Jungle Room, Your in room #69 He handed me the key and said , The Jungle Room is located in the back of the hotel, If you need any thing just push 9 on the phone and ask for Tyrone ! I went to the back of the hotel and found my room, And entered the room, It was a nice room with a king bed, It had mirrors on the wall and ceiling, With a jacuzzi in one corner of the room, A large flat screen TV and a Computer in the room, I turned the computer on But could not get on line, So I called Tyrone and said I'm trying to get on line, Tyrone said they were having problems with the wifi and he would be right down to fix it, There was a knock on the door and it was Tyrone He put a code in the computer and I was online. There was a instant message that came up; From Master It said; I see you found the hotel and you all ready met Tyrone, Tyrone knows what to do ! Follow His Orders ! Tyrone Said Type Yes Master , As I did I was wondering what I had got myself into, Tyrone started to fill the Jacuzzi, He turned the lights down, Tyrone said to Strip and take off all my clothes ! Tyrone watched me as I took off my clothes, He said Hand me your clothes, and he put them in the safe and locked it, As Tyrone turned around I noticed a bulge in his pants, Tyrone unzip his pants, And pulled His Uncut Big Black Cock out, And moved over to where I was at, And said Get on your knees , Suck It Slave, I started to suck His Black Dick As I pulled His skin back and saw that he had Smegma a cheesy secretion that was under the foreskin, I found the smell to be arousing, I was sucking His BBC up and down his shift, I was just starting to get in to it, When He pulled His Black Dick out of mouth, And said that's enough for Now, Tyrone said that Master had posted a ad on a dating site for me! He put a bottle of lube on the desk, And a bottle of fresh Poppers, And closed the door, The thought of me on a sex site excited me, I gabbed the lube and put some on my dick and just starting to jerk off, When there was a knock at the door, I opened it and there was a Black Guy standing there, He entered the room and checked out my body, He took off His clothes and told me to give Him head, I sucked Him hard He was about 7' He moved over to the bed and had me lean over the bed and He entered my ass and fucked me fast after 20 min He came, He quickly put his clothes on and left.. After about 30 min, There was another knock at the door, I opened the door and there was a Tall Black Guy He entered the room and immediately took off His clothes and set on the bed, And told me I was bad for not being Dressed the way He wanted, He pulled me over His knees and proceeded to Spanking my ass, Till it was red, Then He Told me to stand in the corner, He picked up the phone and hit 9 And proceeded to tell Tyrone what He needed, In a few Tyrone was at the door, With a bag full of stuff, Tyrone said to guy, Well that be all ? The Black Guy said No ! Get this Slut dressed as I requested, Tyrone took me into the bath room where He opened the bag and said try this on, He had me put on a Bra, He taped my man hood all way down, So I looked like I had a Pussy, Lace Panties, Lace baby doll Lingerie, Sheer Stocking, and a Wag He than put some make up on me and some lip stick, And I was a She Male, Tyrone grabbed my hand and took me out of the bathroom, Yes That what I Ordered ! Tyrone said well that be all ? The Black Guy said Yes, The Black Guy had me lay on the bed he kissed me long and deep, Than He Had me suck His Black Dick It was about 8' He was making love to me, He pushed my legs up, Over His shoulders and aligned His Black Dick to enter my pussy ass, He slid right in MMMM That's good,, Its been awhile sense had some ass, My girls all ways on the rag and won't let me Fuck her in the ass, He kissed me some more, I moaned with pleasure, As His Black Dick pounded into to my Hole, After a while he pushed into me deep and held still, I could feel His Black Dick pulsating in my ass, He was cumming in me, The Black Guy rolled off of me, I'm going to hop in the jacuzzi and get cleaned up, I watched His Black Body as He got in the jacuzzi, He said come here Bitch get me some soap, I got the soap and returned to the jacuzzi, He told me to rub it on Him, I soaped Him up, And reached down to soap His Black Cock, Get a towel Bitch and dried your Man off, As I dried Him off His Black Dick started to grow again, He order me down to my knees and pushed His Black Dick into my mouth, After a few Mins He pulled out and jacked His Black Dick till He was Cumming all over my face, He got dressed and said Your going to be my regular bitch Now ! As soon as He left, I started to remove the female gear, I felt dirty, And I got in the jacuzzi and washed off , As I looked into the mirror at my self nude and dirty , When the door opened It was Tyrone again, Tyrone went over to the dresser and opened a drawer He pulled out some leather gear, A leather hardness, some restraints, A collar, And a Cock Cage, Tyrone Dressed me in the Leather gear, And put the Cock Cage on my Dick and locked it in place, He put the leather Collar around my neck, He put the key around His neck, And said He would be the key keeper from now on , How that feel ? He than took off His All His clothes, Revealing a very sculpture body, He locked my hands together, And tied them to the top of the bed, He that put some Tit Enlargers on my Tits, He said The sucking on my nipples would make them bigger! He kissed me, Than He put a Mouth Gag on me, It was make to keep my mouth open, He said it was to keep my teeth covered, Look in the mirror, See how you look, with the Mouth Gag in place, Then He put His Black Cock thru the hole and started to fuck my Mouth and down my throat, I could do nothing but except his Massive Black Cock.. His Smegma the cheese started to come off in my mouth, You like that cheese going to put you on a steady diet of Smegma every day , He Fucked my Mouth for a while, He rolled me over, He spread my legs apart, And positioned Him self to enter my hole, His Black Dick slid inch by inch till He had all 12' of Black Dick in my hole, He fucked like a rabbit fast in and out, Finely He was getting close He pulled my ass cheeks apart And put His full weight into his thrust and His BBC was buried deep, He grabbed me by the neck, And said I'm going to Cum OOOO YYYEES He held His place and I could feel His Black Dick jerking and throbbing in my hole, Giving you the Gift, Than I felt Him Coming squirting His Black Baby in me, Can you feel my Black Poz Seed in you ? That What You Want, Them Boi are Swimming there way up your intestinal track, ? I Own You Now ! He than gave me a shot, Of something I went out , I woke up to Tyrone slapping my face, I asked him what happened ? You fell a sleep, You'll been a sleep for a day now, While you were passed out, I called a Black buddy over, And did some bartering He put two tattoo on your ass, And in return He gets your ass two times, You well met Him this week, I went to the mirror and looked There was a tattoo on my ass It was a bar code :Black Owned: and on my right arm :For Black Use Only : He got up and jumped in the jacuzzi, He had the remote, in his hand He said hows it feel to be a prostitute ? I looked at Him.. Yes your body was sold Fri night, Two paying tricks and the second nigger Wants you as a regular every week end, A few clicks of the mouse and up came a prostitute web page, Tyrone hit another link, And there was my prostitute ad, The ad specified that I was for Black Use only, For Black Man wanting the interracial experience, It said Anything goes, Ask for the Bare Back special, There was pic of my face, And some nude pics of my body and ass and dick In a Cock Cage, I started to protest, And Tyrone Slapped my face, I told you that , I Own You Now , You life as it was Has passed , You were bore again on Fri , Now Your Black Owned ! You Are My Property Now ... I'm Your Black Master, Do you understand ? I reply Yes Sir
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    .. but I have to: " I cannot take it more". This afternoon I had a chance to leave work earlier. Whenever this happens means only one thing: my ass is going to take some good pumping. I was horny as hell and I starte cleaning and playing with my black 19cm dildo. I was so horny that I just turned on my cam on Skype and soon a bunch of guy joined the conversation, enjoying me, playing with my toys. 5 pm I move on my bed and tale with me the 30 cm dildo: I want to give those guys quite a show. I suck no stop my ass with that huge toy for almost one hour. Whenever I felt to stop I did it pushing the dildo as deep as possible and relaxing. I am trying to get my body used to this toy and take it balls deep soon. 6:00 pm. Everyone left the conversation, Mr 30 cm still in my ass. I log in in the chat and leave a message: slut, gaped ass, blindfolded, ready to receive. lots of messages and finally the doorbell rings. I open the door, put on the blindfold and wait naked (and caged) on the bed while someone is reaching my floor. I hear the door closing, a hand touches my ass and I turno horny as hell, pre-cum dripping from my cage. In a second the guy shoves his not so clean cock in my mouth. Was not too smelly but I am too horny to complain. I suck him then he grabs my hairs and put me doggy. He pounds my ass so good before changing position. I am on my back, hands pushing my ass up and my legs firmly pushed against the wall. He is close and asks where to cum. I beg him to cums inside my ass and he makes me happy. He puts his dick in my mouth to get cleaned and in a matter of a minute he is hard again. I suck him deep and he finally make me swallow his second load. He leaves. I check the time, it's 6:45. I am again on the chat. A regular finds me and tells me that he is really horny and into for some ass-play. He comes in 5 minutes and starts playing with my toys. I have to say that I can take them really good when I play alone but is totally different when someone pushed them deep into me. I have to stay focused to relax and let him play with my ass. Hi decides to fist me. lubes his hand and keeps alternating dildos and hands until finally his hand slides in. It is so fucking huge. I am not used to get fisted. He starts moving his hand and I get an anal orgasm, leaking cum, pissing a bit and few seconds later he pushes his hand deeper. I took it 10 cm down his wrist, moaning like a bitch, begging to go easy. He takes it out. I am surprisingly not clean now so we go under the shower. He relax on my bed and I suck him deep until he cums in my throat. 7:30 I say good bye to the guy and hit the shower. I try to clean and use the small dildo but my ass is too sensitive. I decide just to take a shower and relax a bit on the bed while I chat with more people. 8:00 A guy sends me a message, he wants to come and fuck me. 15 minute later I find myself again doggy on the bed and the guy is fucking the hell out of my ass. It is hurting, sloppy hole pounded hard, 18cm fat cock. I almost regret it. Untrue, I loved it, I feel raped, sore, gaped, exhausted. the guy leaves his whatsapp contact, wants to come again. 8:30 I receive a message from the last guy. His friend is in need of a cumdump slut they are outside the building. Married guy, around 45, nice dick, he fucks me on my back while his friend keeps my legs open... He goes deep and i hate and love it at the same time. My ass is sloppy and sore like a pussy after giving birth a child. The previous load is splattered around with every thrust of the guy. He cums and I cant leave the bed. they help themselves in the toilet and leave. it's 9:30 I take another shower. I lay on the bed, take my laptop and I am quite sure that after posting here... i will be online again. Who knows who will be the lucky one to fuck tears out my eyes...
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    Lets get some talk about "after breeding" activity. I get off on felching cum filled hole when it's overflowing with seed loads. The taste and aroma of pigsex and hole juices, piss and cum is so fucking hot. Love to share the loads with the bottom I just fucked.
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    After the Black guys left, I cleaned myself up and went to bed. I woke up early the next day and drove home. I'm glad it wasn't too far of a ride because I was tired. I sent a text to Jamarico the next day. I wanted to thank Him for a good time and let him know I wanted to do it again sometime. He wrote back Saying "You well "Your My Bitch Now" He sent me a pic back showing me Sucking His Black Dick From now on you'll do what ever I want. Not unless you want these pics going out to your family. Then He sent another pic of me taking Tay's Black Dick in my Ass. Tay likes this pic. Make your self free on Saturday ! I got scared. Would He really show the pics. I knew there was a lot more pic, Showing me taking Black Dick in the Ass every way possible. When I didn't answer right away, He send another pic Of me drinking His Piss, and said Should I send this to your Job? I was shocked. I answered back right away And said No" What ever you want, I well do it, That's more like it Bitch. I asked Him what He's got in mind ? He told me He will call me shortly. About 30 minutes later He called me. He sounded cool on the phone. He told me he had fun. And after they left, they hung out for a bit and Tay didn't know what we were doing before He got there. Tay thinks it was the weed that got us all horny. Jamarico told me He wanted to do something really Nasty and Dirty with me. He told me He wanted to sit back and chill while watching me put on a show for Him. He told me He is still not sure about Fucking me because He only Fucks pussy. Jamarico Told me He wanted me to come to the motel and do whatever He says. Hearing Him talk on the phone got me so turned on that I would do anything for Him. I pulled my Dick out and started to rub one out while we were taking. He Told me He would get the Motel room this time. But I was His Sex slave. And I was to do anything He wanted. No questions asked. He told me He didn't want me to cum until Saturday. I let go of my Dick. And stopped playing with my self. He Told me I could play with myself But not enough to bust a nut. Before He hung up He said "don't worry, it's going to be fun." Call me Black Master You are my Sex slave. Also He Told me He wanted me To clean my asshole out as much as I could. He wanted me to Douche and to make sure that my Ass Pussy was squeaky clean. Maybe He was going to Fuck me this time. We ended our conversation on the phone and I thought about jerking off but Jamarico told me not to jerk off all week. The next day I got a text from Jamarico, It read, "I'm sending you the list now. remember, No questions". A minute later, I got the list and it said. Bring these items. #1. Bring a large bottle of wet platinum lube #2. A case of beer in a cooler and on ice. #3. Bring both dildos. #4. Bring around $25.00 in case we get hungry and decide to order a pizza. #5. Bring a Leather Collar. #6. Bring 4 or 5 towels we can get dirty and an extra blanket for the bed because it might get dirty. I sent Him a text back and told Him I received the list. He sent me telling me to plan on being at the room by 5pm on Saturday. I started getting excited wondering what He is going to do to me and decided I would start getting what I could packed. I packed the towels, blanket, dildos and put the money in the bag. I went out and bought a large bottle of lube. All I had to do was get the beer on the way. He never said anything about bringing the J-Lube which is good, because His hands were too big. I thought about what He said. He said He wanted to get Nasty and Dirty. I started getting nervous but knew I couldn't ask Him what he meant by Nasty and Dirty. All week I would edge myself but stopped before I got too close to cumming. On Saturday, I woke up early and started to get myself ready. Shortly after noon, I get a text from Jamarico and it said Room #69 and be here at 5. I shaved myself nice and smooth and started filling my hole up with water to clean myself out. I cleaned my hole at least 6 times. And decided to head to the motel. I knew I would get there early but figured better early than late. At 5 pm sharp, I sent Him a text letting Him know that His slave was here. Jamarico opened the door and let me in, I carried everything in that He wanted.. I heard Jamarico shut and locked the door. I put the cooler down and looked at Jamarico. He was only wearing just a pair of basketball shorts. I could tell He had no underwear on and I could see the outline of His Bulging Dick. I smiled at Him and offered Him a beer. He said I'm your Black Master now and your my white slave. He smiled back at me and said "You're going to do whatever I say, right? I smiled back at Him and told him Yes Sir, I would do whatever He says. He took me down the street to a barber shop. The sign on the door said closed. He knocked on the door And a Black Guy unlocked the door. Jamarico new the Black guy His name was Louis, Jamarico told Louis to take it all off I want to see Him bald. I tried to object And Jamarico took out His phone to remind me that He owned me. Louis told me to strip nude and to take my place in the chair, He didn't use a cape. I looked at the Louis When He finished with my head. He had me bend over And He when to work on my Ass and Cock Making it as hair less as my head, Jamarico made me give Louis a blow job. When we were done I put my clothes back on We when back to hotel. Jamarico smiled at me and said "GOOD SLAVE, Take off all your clothes off now!" I took my clothes off while He stood in front of me watching and smiling. I removed everything Jamarico Had me put a Nasty Pig Jock Strap on. And the Leather Collar around my neck. Once I was dressed He ordered me to my knees and to suck His dick.. He lowered the front of His shorts just enough to get His Black Dick out I sank to my knees and reached up to play with His Black Dick, But He stopped me and Told me to use my mouth only. I got my mouth on His Black Dick and started sucking. (I've only been here for 5 minutes and I am already naked and sucking His dick.) He grabbed the back of my head and slowly started Fucking my mouth in a gentle but Aggressive way. He spoke up loudly and said "You gonna be a Good slave for your Black Master and do as I say?" I took my mouth off His Black Dick and said "YES Master!" Jamarico smiled back down at me and said "GOOD SLAVE, He snapped a Leather leash on my Collar. Now crawl over there and get us a beer!" I started crawling to the cooler and I heard someone behind me, Coming out of the bathroom. I turned around scared and saw this Hot looking Thug Type Rican. Must of been maybe 23 years old and had a little goatee. He Had dark skin, He was fully clothed and Had a Fucked up grin on His face and it got me worried. I started to get up off my knees when Jamarico laughed and pushed me back down and told me it was cool and to stay on my knees and get them each a beer. Here I am, naked on my knees crawling to get them beers. Doing it in front of Jamarico was okay but it was embarrassing doing it in front of this other Guy I never met. I gave them their beers and Jamarico speaks up and says "This here is my cousin Aburto." I looked at Aburto and nodded to Him and He said something in Spanish which I couldn't understand. Jamarico laughed and said "Aburto doesn't speak any English and its His Birthday today. He called me 2 hours ago bored on His birthday and wanted to hang out with me. I Told Him that I Had a Birthday Gift for Him... I didn't want to cancel our fun so I kind of invited Him over." I looked at Aburto and then back at Jamarico as He continued His story. He Told me He Had to tell Aburto that I was a faggot, A Slave who likes Black Dick and will do whatever He wants. Jamarico told me "tonight," Aburto is going to have fun with you. He Told me tonight I have to do whatever He and Aburto tells me to do. If we Tell's you to do something, You do it. Just follow our instructions and go with the flow." I was wondering how Nasty He was going to get and Told him I wasn't into any Shit play or Heavy Pain. Jamarico said were both your Masters tonight. He laughed and Told me not to worry because a Slave Has no limits. I looked at Jamarico and Told Him to just go slow. He slapped my Ass hard and said You have no say your my slave, Jamarico smiled back and said, "Good Slave, Go grab me a beer, He guzzle it down!" Aburto said something in Spanish which made Jamarico start laughing. Jamarico stopped laughing and says to me, "Dude, trust me, you're going to love it!" I grabbed a beer and started drinking it as the 2 of them sat down and lit a blunt and chatting in Spanish. I noticed Aburto every once in a while rub His Dick thru his pants. He caught me looking at His crotch and He started rubbing it more roughly. Aburto said something in Spanish and Jamarico said something back. Aburto then stood up and lowered His pants and sat back down with His legs spread wide. Aburto then looked at me, waved His Black Dick at me and said something in Spanish. I looked at Jamarico to let me know what Aburto wants and Jamarico laughs and says "Get over there and suck His Black Dick." I crawl over between Aburto legs and start sucking His Black Dick. Aburto pulled on my Collar. They were talking in Spanish to each other while I was sucking Aburto Dick. Aburto Black Dick grew to about 8 inches and I was trying my best to swallow as much as I could. Aburto pushed me off His Dick and said something in Spanish. Jamarico looked at me and said "go get us beers"! I went to stand up and Aburto grabs me and pushes me back down to my knees. He grabs my head and looks right in my eyes and says something in Spanish and spits all over my face and laughs.. Jamarico laughed and said "He called you a Faggot and said stay on your knees." I crawled and got beers for them and Jamarico told me to put the blanket on the bed as well as the towels and the Black dildos because Aburto wants to see me play with myself. I got everything all ready and Jamarico comes up to me and tells me to go in the bathroom and take out my dentures because I wouldn't be needing them. When I came out of the bathroom, the blanket on the bed was hanging off on one side. Jamarico speaks up and says "On you're back with your head over the edge!" Now I knew why they moved the blanket. I got into position and Jamarico walks right up to my face and slid His Black Dick in my mouth. Then I felt Aburto get on the bed between my legs. I felt lube being poured on my hole and a dildo sliding in. Jamarico Had His Black Dick in my mouth as He held my legs open for Aburto to play with my Ass hole. I can hear Jamarico telling me things like, To relax my pussy, Moan like a Bitch slut, etc. Then He would say things in Spanish and whatever He was saying, Was turning Aburto on and Aburto would get more aggressive and Dominant. Aburto must have used a lot of lube because my hole felt like it was getting sloppy. Jamarico pulls His Dick out of my mouth and I look up and see Aburto stroking His Black Dick. Aburto said something to me and smiled an evil grin. Jamarico laughs and says to me "Aburto wants to make love to that pussy." I gave Jamarico a look of discomfort and He smiled and Told me not to worry and that Aburto knows how to treat pussy.. I then felt Aburto push up against me and aim His Black Dick at my hole. He then slowly pushed causing His Dick to inch its way in my ass. When He was all the way in, He just stayed still so I could get used to it. Jamarico walked to the cooler and got them each a beer to drink while they used me. They were both taking their time sliding in and out while chatting in Spanish and drinking a beer. I felt like I was a see saw and 2 guys were riding me like I wasn't there. Jamarico looks down at me and smiles and says "Are you ready?" I nod a yes to Him not knowing what He was talking about. He reminded me that Aburto won't know what we are talking about. Jamarico Told me He needed to Piss in my mouth without His cousin knowing. I told Jamarico I wasn't sure about that but He convinced me by telling me if His cousin finds out then both will be Pissing in me. Jamarico smiled down at me and said "Be a good slave for your Black Master. Get ready for my piss." I slowly reached up and grabbed the base of His Black Dick. Jamarico said something in Spanish to Aburto. I squeezed His Dick a little and started to feel His Piss coming out. At the same time Aburto started Fucking me really slow But all the way in and all the way out in a slow rhythm. I tried to swallow as fast as I could to get it over with but Jamarico told me to go slow so Aburto doesn't find out. He once again reminded me that if Aburto knew I swallowed His Piss, He would be using me the same way. They were chatting to each other and laughing. Abouto slowed down His Fucking so much. If felt great the way He was working my hole. I started taking my time swallowing slowly so Abouto wouldn't know what I was doing. As I am nursing on this Black Dick like a bottle, I started thinking about Abouto. What would His Piss taste like? How much does He Piss? when was the last time He Pissed today? Was He Pissing in the bathroom when I got here? Once Jamarico was done pissing, He pulled His Black Dick out and lowered His Balls onto my mouth and I could feel Him stroking. Abouto picked up His pace and started fucking me harder. He was pulling out of my hole and pushing all the way back in. He then slammed all the way in and felt Him starting to get bigger and swelling in size, Than He was shooting His Cum deep in my hole. After He was done shooting, He left His Black Dick buried in my Ass to let it soften up. But He stayed hard, I tried to grab my Dick to stroke off but Jamarico wouldn't let me. He Told me when the time comes, He will let me.. I then felt Jamarico stiffened up and He Told me to Open my mouth. When I did, He pushed His Black Dick in and starting shooting His Cum in my mouth. As He was filling my mouth with His hot Load, I felt a warm feeling in my gut. It was then that I realized Abouto was Pissing in my Ass and He was filling it up with His piss. He pulled out and said something in Spanish. Jamarico pulled His Black Dick out of my mouth and stepped away from me, Only to let Abouto have access to my mouth. Abouto grabbed my head by my ears and forced His Black Dick into my mouth. And let lose His piss in my mouth. He was pissing so hard that I couldn't swallow it all, He was Pissing in my mouth! Does Jamarico know? Should I say something? Before I decided, Abouto finished His Pissing and pulled out. Abouto said something to Jamarico and started getting dressed. Jamarico looked at me and said "Abouto wants you tomorrow night. Sunday, I told Him I was and Abouto said He will send me the address tomorrow and He didn't want me jerking off. I agreed and He told me to get the fuck out. I got dressed and left to go home. I got in my car and realized I still had Piss in my ass which gave me cramps. My face had cum all over it and my mouth tasted like Piss. I cleaned myself up a little and stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom. The next day I got a text from Jamarico telling me I did good and Abouto really liked my skills. He sent me an address which was only about a 30 minute ride. Jamarico Told me Abouto wants to see me again Next Sunday at His place. He would text me the address and to arrive at 6pm. Jamarico Told me to bring lube, A dildo and my large butt plug. Jamarico also Told me Abouto wants me to leave my upper dentures in the car. I told him I was and He asked if I jerked off yet and I told him no. I got another text from Him telling me He won't be able to make it. And I told Him that's okay, We can do it another time. Jamarico Told me no, it's still on but He won't be there. He Told me to just do whatever Abouto Tells me to do. I Told Him I wouldn't be able to understand Him because I don't speak Spanish. Jamarico sent a text back telling me not to worry, That Abouto will be able to show me what to do. I cleaned my Hole out good all day and got a text around 4 from Jamarico telling me to have fun and do what Abouto wants. I left around 5:30 to go to the address. It must have been an apartment building because it was apartment 3-a. I arrived a few minutes early and sat in the parking lot. It wasn't in the best area But the place looked clean. I took my upper teeth out like I was Told and left them in the car. I was just hoping nobody would stop and talk to me. At 6 pm I buzzed His apartment # and He buzzed me in. I got on the elevator and the elevator smell awful. I got off on the 3rd floor and just to my left was apartment 3-a. I knocked and about a minute later the door opened......... The door opens and Abouto pulls me in side and shuts the door and locks it. I look around and there are 4 other guys in the apartment. They were all young and Spanish. With dark features, The place smelled like they were smoking weed all day. I notice on the Tv they have a porn playing and a white Girl is sucking Dick and guys are shooting Cum all over her face. Abouto says something to me in Spanish but I don't understand what he is telling me. The other guys are also saying things in Spanish and laughing. Abouto then grabs the bottom of my shirt and yanks it up Trying to Tell me to take my clothes off. I removed my shirt and the guys all started laughing and saying things I can't understand. Abouto then motions me to remove my pants. I slowly remove all my clothes and Pedro grabs the back of my neck and pushes me to an area where there is blankets laid out on the floor. He pushes me to my knees. I try to cover my dick with my hands but Abouto slaps them away and says something in Spanish which I learned He didn't want me to touch my dick. The guys started smoking more weed and was watching the porn. One certain guy scared me. He was young about 18 and Had this look about Him. He Looked like the tough type. He kept looking at me and saying things in Spanish while groping His crotch. His Dick looked big under his shorts. One of the guys who was maybe 20 years old, stands up and grabs the bag I brought with me and pulls out the lube and dildo. He walks over to me and starts talking to me in Spanish. All the guys were laughing at whatever he said. He hands me the dildo and slowly takes His Dick out. I look at His Dick and He opens the lube and pours some on the dildo and in Spanish started telling me to get it in my ass. I can tell that's what He He was looking at me. I slid it under me and slowly worked it into my Asshole as all of them were laughing and saying things about me. The guy in front of me grabs my head and pulls me into His Dick and I open my mouth. He grabs my hand and puts it on His dick and says something and all of a sudden I felt Him pissing. I squeezed His Dick because He was pissing too fast. I was taking my time trying to swallow His Piss when one of the other guys got up and grabbed the Butt plug from my bag. The first guy finished Pissing and when I looked around, All the guys were naked. Stroking there meat I looked at the guy who scared me and His Dick must have been 11 inches long. The guy looked at me and said puta de mierda Abouto got me to turn over on my back. The guy holding the Butt plug got between my legs and put His Dick at my hole. He poured a little lube on His Dick and pushed it in. Another guy got up and kneed down by my head. He slid His Dick into my mouth and took my hand and put it on His Dick. He started pissing saying things in Spanish. puta de mierda, toma mi pis The guy that Had His Dick in my ass was staying still. He was also Pissing but in my ass. When He was done, He pulled out slowly and once His Dick was out, He pushed the Butt plug in. He slapped the plug and walked away. When the guy stopped Pissing in my mouth, He pulled out and they all sat watching the porn and playing with themselves. I got up on my knees again. I looked at Abouto and He had a wicked grin on His face and instructed me to follow him. He took me into the bathroom and pointed to the toilet. He must have known I needed to get that Piss out of my hole. He shut the door and I cleaned myself out and went back into the living room. Abouto looked at me and pointed to the blanket. He wanted me back on the blanket again. I got on my knees on the blanket when the tough guy that scared me got up and walked over to me. I looked at His Dick and went to grab it but He slaps my hands away and spits in my face and heads to the refrigerator and grabs beers for everyone except me. The first guy who Pissed in my mouth stood up and came over to me and grabbed my head and pulled me onto His Dick. He held my head tight as He started shooting His load into my mouth forcing me to swallow. Once He was done shooting, He slowly pulled out and spit on my face and called me a PUTA. He got dressed and left. That left Abouto and 3 other Hot guys. The guy who Pissed in my ass stood up and fed me His load , Got dressed and took off. Now I am down to Abouto and 2 other guys. Not one of them was speaking English. I spoke up and asked if any of them spoke English. The one that scared me, speaks up and says "Shut the fuck up faggot!" The other guy who pissed in my mouth was jacking off fast and stood up and came over to me. I automatically opened my mouth to take His load. He already pissed in my mouth so why not take His load. He got dressed and said His goodbyes and also left leaving me with 2 of them left And the guy who worries me the most. and Abouto were still there. Later I found out His name was Jose. Once He left, Jose lit up another blunt and Forced me to smoke it. They took turns on giving me something called a smoke shot. I was so high at that point that I couldn't think straight. Jose then stood up and said "ready for some fun faggot?" He didn't even give me a chance to answer Him and He was telling me to get between Abouto legs and suck His Dick. I got between Abouto legs and took His Dick in my mouth and Jose got behind me and I can feel His Big Dick rubbing my hole. Abouto said something in Spanish and Jose leaned on me and said "Abouto needs to Piss before you suck His Dick." I grabbed Abouto Dick with my hands and He started to let it go. At the same time, Jose got behind me and I can feel Him trying to push His Dick in my hole. He got it in and started a steady motion Fucking my hole nice and slow. I continued to swallow Abouto Piss while Jose was fucking my Ass. Jose started saying things to me that turned me on but yet got me worried. He was saying things like "I can make some money on this Pussy!" "You're a Nasty Faggot!" "You will do anything for a good dick, won't you Bitch!" I was so turned on that I was agreeing to everything Jose said. My hole felt relaxed and I loved the way Jose was fucking me. Jose then turned me over onto my back and lifted my legs over His shoulders and said "Time to Fuck you like a Bitch!" He slid His Dick in and it hurt. He stopped for a second and pulled out a little and pushed back in Deeper. He started fucking me hard. Abouto sat on my face to stop me from screaming out. Cómete mi culo I could tell Abouto was cheering Jose on because Jose would laugh a little and Fuck me Harder. All of a sudden, Jose pushed all the way in and I could feel Him filling me up with His Cum. After He was completely drained, He left His Dick in my hole while Abouto started jerking off much faster. Jose smiles and says "get ready Bitch, get ready for His Load. Abouto quickly gets off my face and shoots His load all over my face. Some got in my eyes and I reach up to wipe it but Jose slaps me and says "Don't you dare wipe it off faggot!" At that moment, I felt Jose pissing in my asshole. I moaned and said Give me that Piss and backed my ass up to take His Piss. Abouto got up and Jose just kept pissing. Jose said something to Abouto in Spanish and Abouto handed Jose the butt plug. Jose pulled His Dick out and pushed the Butt plug into my Hole. Once it was in, Jose stood up and Told me to get dressed and get the fuck out. I asked if I can use the bathroom first and Jose laughed and said I can use the bathroom when I get home. I got dressed and knew I wouldn't make it home without shitting myself. Jose must have pissed a gallon in my hole. They pushed me out with all my stuff and shut the door. I wiped my face with my hands while I waited for the elevator. I was walking funny because I never walked around with the plug in my Ass let alone with my Ass full of Piss. I made it to my car and after I got situated, I drove home. The urge to shit the piss out settled until I got home. Once I got home, I jumped in the shower and pulled the plug out and a huge amount of piss came out. I was so turn on by it, I almost got on my knees to lick some up. I can't wait for Abouto to call me again.
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    We arrange to meet at his place for a dark room fuck, cum, and go. That was my first time and I must say I was very nervous. It was at a second floor of an office building. A staircase was leading toward a door, so I timidly walked toward it and opened it. It was pitch black and I was not able to see but just a diffused silhouette in the room. When I turned to close the door, I felt a pair of hands gently grabbing my hips and heard a whispered “hi, let me help you” from behind. I said nothing, I closed the door and slowly pulled my pants and undies down. Knowing that as a “go” signal, he started caressing my ass with his hands very gently. I was getting turned on so I bend over a little moving my ass toward him. He stopped for a couple of seconds to grab some lube (at least, what I think it was). I felt the cool feeling of creamy-covered fingers going over my cheeks and finding their way to my hole. As soon as he started playing with my rosebud from behind, I reached over to him and to find his cock. I was slowly massaging it when, grabbing my hips from behind, he made me move to the side of the room, toward a sofa that was barely visible in the dark. He gently made me bent over more, making me to put my both hands in the couch’s arms. I could sense him getting on his knee behind me putting his hands on my cheeks. Grabbing me gently from behind, he opened my asscheeks and started licking my hole with his wet tongue. I was so turned on that I move ass against his face, feeling his tongue pressing against my opening, and fucking me. Before I knew it I was completely bent over on the couch. After a few minutes, he stood up, and started rubbing his cock all around my crack and hole. I think at that point I was moaning something (probably “fuck me”). Without anything else to say, I felt his dick head pressing against my hole. He was able to get it inside me with a single slow gentle push. I do not know how big it was, but the feeling of it getting slowly inside me was unbelievable. He started fucking me at a steady pace up for a while and then all of a sudden he was fucking me faster and deeper. I could hear him groaning more and more heavily. Suddenly, grabbing me by my hips, he strongly held me against his body as he came, unloading all his load well inside me. He had seeded me !!. We stood very steady for what I thought was a minute or two. I loved the sensation of having his cock inside as if it was part of me. No longer after, his cock was getting smaller, so he pulled it out of me. When stood up, my rosebud was gapping and beating like crazy. I suddenly felt something warm leaking out of my ass and dripping all along one of my legs. All the cum that was inside me, was getting out. I tried to squeeze my cheeks to hold it. I wanted to keep it forever inside me!!, but it was in vain. My rosebud was wide open after the wonderful pounding session. As I stood up, I turned toward him, and while caressing his cock and balls very gently I whispered to him a gentle “thanks for making me yours”. I pulled my undies and pants up, and I left the room. When going down the stairs and toward my car, and still feeling the cum getting out of my hole I realized I was hooked and was a bareback cumdump!
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    I was picked up by a Black Guy, We went to a hotel and He got me fucked up and I passed out, I woke up when the Black guy was slapping my face He said wake up slut, I tried to get up But I was restrained to the bed, I'm going to breed that ass, And turn you into a white Slut for any Black male"s to use, He spit on His Black Dick and said, These are sounds a white male makes when He’s being broken and realizes that soon he will never ever be able to use His little pee pee again to penetrate a hole, It well not get hard any more, When Black Cum swarms inside His guts it will get Absorbed into the Blood Stream where Chemicals and Hormones in the Black Man’s Cum will, Over time with enough dosages, alter the white bottoms brain structure to make Him more Docile, Submissive and Sensitive to Anal Stimulation. His white dick well no longer get hard, After this white bottom gets this last load of Cum, He should be able to be Caged and Plugged with Zero Resistance, My Black Cum is Potent, It should only take five or six Loads of my Black Cum to Affect your white brain, Enjoy That hard on, It well soon be your last one, Than you well be begging for any Black Male to penetration you, With His Black Dick, Now that my Black load is in you, I'm going to bring a few Black Males to inseminate you inject there Black Semen in your ass, When I'm done with your ass, It well be a ass pussy, You well be attracted to Black Males only,
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    I had always been a nasty fuck and even though I've mostly been bottom, I've always like licking a perfect hole. That perfect whole not bleached, its nice and natural brown, it looks somewhat used, not to stretched or open, its inverts slighly with some skin to make a small wall. Your tongue gently slides in and as your whole gets narrower, you taste that amazing salty, dry sometimes sweet taste. But most of all, the perfect whole usually has just that extra few pieces of skin to make pretty or you feel small pieces just past that sfinkter STDs interested me way before HIV - My perfect hole is what I wanted. ANAL WARTS, a slightly dangerous looking but risk taking hole I knew that I had developed them a while ago, but only today I decided to inspect them properly, as I opened up my ass, these beautiful pieces popped out. It was fucking beautiful. I have not felt such a fantastic feeling going through my cock - I had a mini orgasm without touching myself. I took a quick pic, but I hve invited someone over to take decent pictures to post when I can street my ass properly My Chasing experience has been he most erotic and rewarding experience in my whole life. Give me your thoughts on this beautiful used hole..
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    It is 6.19 am on Sunday morning and I have just got home – after a night – which I wish would never have ended. Funny how things that don’t look promising can end up way better than you had dreamed of. Yesterday I was howling for cock and seed, so hooked onto all the apps and sites and did not care who fucked and bred me as long as it happened. I am like that all the time anyway but once the need for cock comes over me – nothing but cock and plenty of it, satisfies me. A guy who has fucked me 5 or 6 times before hit me up on Grindr – I know he is a safe sex fuck – but my hole needed feeding and he would do to start the day off. Nice hard thick cock, a good 20 minute pounding and I ended up with condom full of seed, which I greedily drank after he left. That was it, the senses got heightened even more with the lovely flavor of seed rolling around my taste buds – so I knew I needed more of both – cock and seed. A guy hit me up on BBRTS, sounded promising so I thought WTF and headed into the city to his apartment. He was a good sort – tall, with a beautiful thick uncut schlong that oozed plenty of poz precum. He had “partied” and he kept losing it every couple of minutes – so we would have to do a fair bit of work to get his cock hard again. After an hour of stopping and starting and him still not having bred me, I suggested things might be better in a group. Lucky he did not live far from one of Sydney’s saunas so we went there. Immediately we were naked and in the dark room. Soon a small audience gathered and a few hard cocks were ready if he went soft – which is exactly what I was after. Within minutes I had cock in my mouth, in my mancunt and in my hand – so the night was picking up rapidly. My top was just standing there half hard playing with himself and urging the tops on. Within half an hour I had three loads in my hole and one in my mouth and pig heaven was arrived at. One top with a harness on asked if I wanted to go to the sling room. What cockpig can knock that offer back. He fucked me so hard with his large pole you could hear me cheering him on from all over the premises. In no time we had an audience and no sooner as he blew his load in me another cock was straight in. In all I had nine loads pumped into my hole and the beast in me was satisfied. I lost my top when I went to the sling room so I got dressed and headed for the station only to find I had missed the last train back to the suburbs. “Fuck” two hours to the next train. My hole was dripping seed – I could feel the wet patch at the back of my jeans as I sat outside the station and had a smoke. That actually turned me back on. So I headed up the road to a glory hole joint. I thought I may as well suck some cock and get some more seed down my throat – better than sitting there doing nothing. Four guys pumped their loads down my throat (even though I got to suck quite a few more cocks) before I headed home. I am now sitting naked in my study with my arse gaping, leaking a bit of seed still and one very happy slut. Time to put the buttplug in and keep as much of their DNA in me as I can. It was my kind of Saturday night!
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    Sitting here with my chasers hot wads of cum leaking out of my chub hole after a quick fuck session that finally ended in him seeding me... It's been a long time coming, he's been a regular fuck for over a year, we've gone bareback before but he's never blown his load inside me and would always pull out after a few minutes. He prefers to wrap up when we fuck. He had been messaging me most of the day, arranging a fuck session when he took his break tonight. Plan was he wanted me waiting in my Nasty Pig jock strap, poppered up and gagging for his cock and he wanted to fuck me without lube; he fucked me before a few weeks ago without lube and he loved my reaction when I squirmed to adjust as he forced his wrapped cock into me. I had recently purchased the thin feel condoms just for him, it was the closest thing to bareback he'd allow. I got myself ready, showered, douched, put on the jock and started huffing poppers when he gave me the notice he was ten minutes away. He's a very fit young man, he's 25 and has a large uncut thick cock, decent length and well able to fuck. He's got a nice but not overly hairy chest, low hanging balls and a broad chest. He's got a girlfriend and I don't care about that as long as I'm getting cock now and then which is the way it's worked for over a year now. I assumed the position and took my last hit of poppers as I heard him open the door and walk up the stairs. He walked into the room and started to undress as I motioned on the bed and presented my hole to him. "Oh that's a nice sight, you dirty pig slut, waiting for my cock" was his opening words to me "Yes sir, I've been gagging for it all day" I replied as he climbed up onto the bed and teased my hole with his cock (no condom so far) He was rock hard as he slapped his cock off my ass and grabbed my jock strap and teased my hole with his cock, resting the cock head at my hole but as I pushed back he pulled away. He lay down on the bed and told me to eat his hole, he loved to be rimmed and he had a perfectly shaped bubble butt and pink hole that I enjoyed eating out. After some time he turned over and reached for the condom while I went down on his cock and balls "Get off my cock and lick those balls you pig" were his instructions, I worshipped his low hanging balls full of his seed as he wrapped a thin feel condom over his manhood. I must admit my hardon flopped a little as I saw the rubber go on but I knew this wasn't going to happen otherwise. "Get your mouth over that and wet that johnny now as that's all the natural lube we're using you pig" were his instructions as he lay there, balls naked with his thick cock standing proud but wrapped. I went down on him, the taste of the rubber was horrible but I needed to wet it and get it reasonably ready for my hole. While I was down over the rubber I thought this could actually work to my advantage, having read about stealthing before I thought if I could use enough force I could break the condom and get his seed. I stopped sucking him off with spit and just used my lips as they seemed to dry the condom. I sat up and whimpered a little so he'd know I was doing this against my will and wanted to use lube. He lay there as planned as I slowly positioned my big chub body over him and started to sit down on his cock, I adjusted his cock to my hole but at the same time played around with the condom and tried to stretch it just before he penetrated me. I eased onto his cock, with some pain, but not as much as I expected and we started to fuck. He grabbed my hips and started to push up and down inside me, he slapped my fat ass as we started to get into a rhythm and I began to moan with enjoyment, he started to call out how good it felt inside me and within 15 mins he told me he was close. I started to really go for it, wanting to make him blow a hot load but not knowing would I feel it or would the evil rubber catch it all. I was bouncing on his cock now, harder and harder as he opened his eyes and gave a roar and shot his seed... he grabbed my hips as he pushed deep into me and at that moment I felt the warm sensation of cum inside my asshole. I said nothing as I enjoyed the moment and he continued to blow until he pushed to ease me off his cock. "Fuck that felt good" he said as I dismounted and felt my hole was wet with cum "Ah shit, the condom broke" he announced as we both looked at his cock, erection now slowly going down, and there was a fine tear where his cum should be... "Sorry man, I didn't mean for that to happen" he said "it's okay, I get tested regularly, don't worry about it, I guess that's what happens without lube" I responded as I lay down on my bed and pretended as much as I could that this wasn't meant to happen. He got up and went into the bathroom off my bedroom and I turned over and felt my hole, his hot seed was there alright and I pushed what was leaking out back inside me where I wanted it. After a few minutes he came out, apologised again for the rubber snapping, got dressed and left... I'm starting to wonder did he enjoy the feeling of his seed blowing into me more than he cared to admit it; we all know it feels better than blowing into a nasty sheet of rubber! I'll sleep well now tonight
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    I started watching interracial porn online and then wound up moving to interracial specific sites. I chewed through everything they made in probably under a month. They were the first porn sight I subscribed to and, so far, the last. They weren't making videos as fast as I was consuming them so I looked elsewhere. Then I learned about the entire Queen of Spades scene; women who only slept with black men. It was hot. Really hot. Eventually it was all I could get off to. After a while, I started to admire those women. Not 'admire' in the way you admire someone's beauty but in the way you wish to be them, or at least in their position. I dreamed up with elaborate ways to seduce a black man and have him dominate me. But that's all they were, fantasies. At least at first. I had started browsing an interracial sex blog. They mostly posted porn but sometimes they would post general lifestyle stuff. I was scrolling through the blog with my cock in my left hand and the mouse in my right when I saw a post about temporary tattoos. Jack of Spades often have tattoos that subtly hint they want to have sex with a black man, I hovered over it for a minute and thought about my fantasies. "What the Hell." I thought, "Worse case scenario i throw them out." I hit the link and the page blinked to an online store. There were the usual Queen of Spades tattoos at the top and some more extreme stuff at the bottom. I chose a black, curly spade with a white 'J' in the center. For Jack. I was about to head to the checkout when I started thinking about the stuff further down. I could feel my ass get hotter as I thought about them. Maybe... just a peek... I was largely disappointed by what I saw, most of it seemed over the top and grotesque. Then I saw one and my heart leapt. This one, this was one. I slammed on the 'add to cart' button and went to checkout. But after I bought them I came harder than I had ever cum in my entire life. A few business days later they arrived and I totally forgot about them. It was one of those things that's really hot when you're horny but you're immediately ashamed of when you cum. I considered throwing them away but I couldn't, it would be denying a part of myself. "Maybe I'll go out to a gay bar and wear them at a bar or something?" As soon as I thought it my stomach tightened. What if I run into somebody I know? What if the guy I meet knows someone I do? What if he knows family? No. No way I'm risking that. I couldn't keep them, But I couldn't throw them away. Then I had a stroke of genius, I'd keep them in my fag bag, that way if I'm ever out of town or got a Hotel room alone I've got them right there. I pulled my black fag bag out of my closet and slid them carefully into the small front pouch, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few months later I got a hotel room, So I went and got a cheap motel room. My room was completely red with white sheets. It had a heart shaped jacuzzi in the room. I pulled out the Chastity Cock Cage and put it on, I changed into a jock strap and some sweats and a tee shirt and watched TV. When I got a hankering for a coke. I counted out a couple bucks in quarters and headed for the ice machine. Standing in front of the ice machine was a man straight out of my dreams. His skin was the color of Mahogany and he looked as sturdy, dense muscles stretching beneath hairless skin. He was huge, easily 6'2" with broad shoulders and huge pecs all barely hidden under a grey hoodie and blue jeans. "Hey," he said, "You have a quarter I can borrow?" I realized I was staring and stammered out some kind of affirmative before handing him a quarter. "Thanks." He had a tattoo on his body. I smiled and walked back to my room, conscious of every step. My heart pounded in my chest and I swallowed hard. I'd always had a reaction around tall black men but nothing like that before! Then I remembered the tattoos. I opened my door a crack and peeked out. He just entered his room; 25, right next to the ice. This was it. This was the perfect moment. I yanked the tattoos from my bag and ran to the bathroom. I put the smaller one, the Jack of Spades, right on my arm, I put the second, larger one on my right butt cheek. It needed all the room i could give it. After a few dozen times checking them in the mirror I took a deep breath and knocked on his door. "Just a sec." He opened the door and rose an eyebrow at me. "Hi." I said, I could feel my ass getting hotter. "Hi." He responded a little sarcastically. I swallowed hard and put all my effort into not shaking. "The phone in my hotel room doesn't work and I was going to call the front desk and find out how to get on the web, Mind if I barrow yours?" He looked me up and down and shrugged, "Sure, come on in." I murmured a thank you and and walked directly to the phone and started dialing. His room was a carbon copy of mine, down to the red walls but no. Whoever cleans this motel deserved an award. I put my hand to the receiver and turned to him, "They put me on hold." "Makes sense," he said, "It's Saturday night. Probably a lot of people getting rooms ." I cradled the phone in the crook of my neck, pointing my tattoo on my arm at him, and acted like I was making idle conversation. "So what's the tattoo for?" He smiled a little, revealing perfectly straight teeth, "It's nothing much, I've just been pretty lucky in life that's all." I nodded approvingly. "What's yours?" "What this?" I pointed to it, "Nothing it's too weird." "No come on, tell me." "No I can't. It's too weird. You'll laugh at me." "No I'm serious!" I smiled mischievously, "Google it." He rolled his eyes and pulled out his iPhone. Just then the front desk answered, I said I'm in room 41 and wanted to get the code for the web, being extra sure to say the room number a few times to front desk, "Any luck googling that?" I said as I opened the door. "Yea just one-" He trailed off and his eyes narrowed. He read over it a few times and looked at me in disbelief. I smiled my best," A few minutes after I returned to my room there was a soft knock at the door. My heart hammered in my chest as I opened it. I held the door open as he entered and said, I think I figure out the tattoo" He took off his hoodie, stretching out his chest and back as he did, "You know I think I did." As he rubbed his dick, I moved down to my knees and pulled down the waistband of his sweats. He looked surprised but he smiled. I reached in to his boxers and my heart skipped a beat. He was way bigger than I thought. I pulled it out and it was almost one and a half times as long as my dick hard. And thick. So thick I could barely wrap my hand around it. I ran my tongue all the way from the base of his shaft to his head, reveling in the taste of his cock. "Good." I said and slid his cock past my lips and all the way into my throat. I held it there for a moment, pressing it to my throat before I pulled it out again. I gasped when I pulled it out, but he gently gripped me by my hair and put my mouth back around his cock. Slowly he startled fucking my throat until his balls were hitting my chin. I gagged but let him fuck me. I wanted to please him. Finally he pulled out and rested his gigantic saliva-covered cock on my face. "You like that don't you ?" He asked again. ? I was still gasping around his meat, so I just nodded and caught my breath. He grinned and forced his cock back into my mouth, fucking my throat all over again. He pounded and pounded until his cock started to twitch and his balls sucked into him. I closed my eyes and waited for the salty taste of black cum. But he yanked himself out of my throat and grabbed my scalp with his left hand. I closed my eyes just in time to feel loads of warm cum splash onto my eyes, nose, lips and open mouth. He squirted over and over until my entire face was caked with his Black Seed. I felt him shake off his last few drops onto my outstretched tongue. My cock was so hard and pressing against the cock cage, as I swallowed the load in my mouth and then set about sweeping the cum off my face and into my mouth, gratefully swallowing every drop. When I opened my eyes he was still hard and I instinctively stretched my tongue toward his cock. "Nope." He said, lifting me to my feet. "That was just a warmup." I took off my shirt and climbed onto the bed. I immediately felt his hands on my waste band and he yanked down my sweats in a frenzy. He smiled when he saw my cock cage, And said you are going to be my slave, Once my pale ass was exposed he stopped, and chuckled at the black ink on my right cheek. The second tattoo read, "Black Cock Only" I felt his massive head force its way into me. It hurt, a lot. I couldn't handle it. I begged, pleaded him to stop but he just pressed harder and deeper. When I started to squirm away he held me down. I didn't just feel the pain in my ass, it jolted over my legs and through my very spine as though I was being split in half. I grunted in pain and his massive black hand covered my mouth and he took my ass by force. My tears mingled with the cum glaze he left and flowed over his thick fingers as he made my ass his. Not tears of terror, tears of pain and pleasure. He released his grip on me when he realized I was backing my ass into his cock. He said, This ass is mine now, Eventually the pleasure weighed out the pain and I couldn't keep myself from moaning. Long, deep animal noises in a voice that was not my own. His cock slammed into my bowels in long, deep strokes until I could feel his massive balls slapping mine, dwarfing them. Suddenly he grabbed my hips and pulled my ass toward him. I could feel his Big Black Cock pulsating inside me, sending waves of pleasure ripping through me. He was cumming in my ass. Marking it as his own. I could feel his load filling me, and I came with him. He withdrew his massive BBC and his sperm leaked out of my ass and over my balls and already-limp cock. He smiled and rested his cum-covered meat in between my ass-cheeks, knowing I wouldn't -or couldn't- resist. "This," He squeezed my ass like it was a new toy. "This is mine now." I own this now" Unable to speak, gasping into the pillow, I merely looked back at him and nodded. I rented the room all weekend, I stayed in all weekend, And he owned my ass for the weekend That started a reg thing for me renting a room, And taking care of Black Men ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Once, I got genital warts, but because I'm a cocksucker, I got em IN MY THROAT. The clinic sent me to a specialist in Infectious Diseases. I didn't recognize the name when I made the appt. I didn't recognize him till he walked into the examining room. It was a str8 guy I went to college with. A str8 guy who couldn't stand me in college. And there I sat on one of those paper-covered exam tables - a referral from the public STD clinic downtown. With genital warts. IN MY THROAT. Who the fuck gets that? Taking a cue from me, he pretended not to recognize me. But his smug grin got bigger and bigger as he examined me. Playing dumb, he began asking questions. I turned red and stared at my feet, avoiding eye contact. "So I take it you're a homosexual?" Me: "Yes." He grinned. I'd just confirmed what he'd accused me of in college. "And you... engage in oral sex with men?" Me: "Yes." Him: "That's how you got genital warts in your throat?" Me: "I assume so." Him: "You assume so? Could you have contracted them some other way?" Me: "No. No, it couldn't have been any other way." Him: "So your partner had penile warts?" Me: "Some of them did, yes." Him: "Some of them?" Me: "Yes." Him: "So you've had multiple partners?" Me: "Yes." Him: "How many partners would you say you've had? 10? 20? More?" I was silent. "So, more. Would you characterize yourself as... promiscuous?" I stayed silent. He repeated, "You're promiscuous?" Me: "Yes." Him: "Extremely promiscuous?" I stayed silent, then whispered, "Yes. I'm... extremely promiscuous." He snorted. "Typical homosexual. Typical homosexual. Where do you meet men?" Me: "In adult bookstores." Him: "Oh, classy. Very classy! You do it right there IN the adult bookstore?" Me: "Yes." He put his head back and laughed. "Like a farm animal. Just out of curiosity, do you perform oral sex on... black men?" Me: "Yes." He snorted again. "Figures." He dropped all pretense of not recognizing me. "You've worked on it, but you still have that lisp. Bro, you have ended up the lowest of the low. Tell me, Randy, is it genetic? I mean... was your mama a slut like you? Did your mama like dick like you do?" When I came back a week later to have the warts removed, he used a device to go down my throat and shave them off, cauterizing as he went. I was 'twilighted,' not anesthetized; I remember seeing flashes of light. That was the cauterizing part. I kept squeezing the nurse's hand, fighting down panic. I swear I heard the doctor sneer, "You'd think he'd be used to having a big hose down the back of his throat." Even though she was squeezing my hand and comforting me, the nurse laughed, too.
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    I grew up in ST Louis but now live in burbs of KC. I became poz about 30 years ago and I became the sober good safe sex guy but after my lover died and then all my poz friends had gone back to barebacking when the new HIV meds came out. Although I have relatively good looks, negative guys would turn me down because I was poz and poz guys just wanted me to give up being sober and bareback anyone anytime. I was confused and horny. My friends in AA said you will met the right guy but it wasn’t happening. I started going to sites like BBRT and Breeding Zone. I finally broke down one night and went back to the baths. It was great to fuck without rubber to feel my cum go down a guy’s ass and to take loads too but now guys were offering me serious drugs. Pot made me goofy but I always fantasized about doing Meth. All the stories in Breeding Zone made it sound incredible but there were also the risks. I finally decided I didn’t care and I hooked up with a guy who was having supplied delivered to house. He wanted to help him slam and I agreed if I could smoke some Tina. He got out the glass cock pipe put a few shards in and lit the torch took a hit and showed me how to do it. Soon I was shotgunning with him and was incredibly horny. I tried to slam him but his veins were bad so his supplier came in and slammed us both. He started to give me the same amount as my new found Tina friend but I told him this was my first time. He slammed with a much smaller dose and then the supplier slammed himself and gave us some extra Tina if we would fuck together. My partner and I agreed and we were up from 7 at night until 4 in the afternoon fucking and fisting. We had Gatorade and lots of water and took some vitamins earlier. I felt tired and had a bit of a headache but I am kicking in big time for the stash next week. I don’t know where this road will go but I am enjoying the ride. I cannot pretend to think I will be a normal user but who knows? http://www.asspig.com/home
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    A guy hit me up tonight decided to go to his place, nice modern apartment about five miles away. He was a good kisser with a hard body and tight ass.
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    This morning I was working on a job near a cruising area I sometimes use, I got finished just before 12 so I decided to go and see if anyone was about. There was just one car in the parking area a guy about 40 in a business suit, I looked straight at him I hadn't seen him before but he held my glance so I got out of the van and walked along the track that leads into the wooded area. I heard his car door open and close. I walked on for fifty yards to a clearing where there were sone cut trees piled up and waited, he arrived in seconds we said hi and started kissing. I told him to turn around drop his pants and lean on the logs, I dropped my overalls lubed my cock, he was ok with it raw so I slid my cock into him and started fucking. I only lasted about five minutes then I unloaded into him. I pulled out of him turned him around and sucked him off, he cleaned himself up as I pulled my overalls back on and I had a piss against the logs. Then we went back to the parking area swapped mobile numbers and left. The whole thing took about fifteen minutes.
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    Friday my favourite day and I was finishing work at 12 so at break time I got on my mobile and logged into barebackrt and struck it lucky, a 30 year old poz bottom who was available about 1.00 would take me an hour to get to him. It actually took me a good bit longer so it was 1.30 when I arrived. He was a good looking guy and we made out in the kitchen while he made me a coffee. We sat naked drinking coffee and making some talk but after a few minutes we were on the floor 69 ing my cock in his mouth and my tongue rimming his hole. He smelt and tasted a bit strong but that and his mouth were making my cock harder and me eager to get into him. We headed through to the bedroom and I lubed up my cock and I got some onto his hole. He was on all fours and my cock found his hole and I was all the way in with just a few thrusts. He hole felt hot maybe he had a bit of a temperature. He was a good fuck moving well as I thrust into him and gripping my cock as I moved back. We only lasted about fifteen minutes then he said he was going to cum, I told him to hold on a few seconds, it takes me about six I'd eight thrusts to orgasm, I told I was ready then he came I felt his ring tighten on my cock as started to shoot , I missed the first one but then managed to match him on the rest, I shouted out a bit as I came it was a good strong orgasm and that load went in deep. We lay on for a bit kissing and me fingering his hole my cum running over my hand. He told me he had been single to a while, so I am sure we will get together again, he's a bit far away from me about 30 miles, I don't go that far usually but I think I will for him.
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    I have been fucking this poz guy for about six months now, he has a real tight hole and he's my favourite fuck at the moment. I mainly top although I do enjoy getting a fuck now and then. I arrived at his house right on time and as soon as I got in the door we started kissing, I pushed his head down unbuttoned my pants and felt him take my cock in his mouth, I was already hard and oozing precum I could feel him lapping it up with his tongue. After about ten minutes of great head I told him to get into the bedroom, I stripped off the rest of my clothes as we walked though, and followed him onto the bed where he lay on his belly with some pillows under him so his hole was nice and high. He is really tight this guy and as usual it took me a few minutes and a load of lube to get my seven inches into him. My cock is rather thick as well so he was moaning quite lot before getting comfortable with me fucking him. I was fucking him steadily not too fast and not too slow, after about fifteen minutes I had him sweating and I was licking it off his shoulders and neck, he had used the poppers a few times so i moved them away from him and stuck them between the pillows. After a few more minutes i felt my balls tighten, usually I would hold it off, but I had decided if he didn't shoot his load while I was fucking him I would take it off him. I just let myself come, as usual I gave him a few hard thrusts and then spreading his thighs with mine I thrust deep up into him and emptied my balls, It felt really good. I pulled out of him and rolled off him and onto my back. After a couple of minutes he turned into me and we kissed I felt down for his cock it was hard, not as thick as mine but almost as long. I didn't say anything, I just reached over for the lube and put some on my hole and on his cock. Then he got between my legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. I had been thinking about this for a few weeks and funnily enough I didn't feel all that excited or worried about it. I relaxed my hole and felt him pushing into me, I am not as tight as he is but he was a nice fit and i could feel the length of his cock as he thrust in and out, I gripped him each time he pulled back and I knew he wouldn't last long, after a few minutes I felt him shorten his thrusts, then the throb of his cock as each shot of cum came out of him. We lay there for another ten minutes then I got cleaned up to go back to work, I texted him later to say thanks.
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    In part one I should have explained a little what Dick Dock is. I was at a BareBack party last night, and was surprised how many guys had never been to Provincetown. I’m not going to be exact on location, even though its certainly no secret it’s there and most will figure it out. I actually never knew its exact location for many years. Commercial St in Ptown is the main drag, all the shops,bars/restaurants and guest houses are along this street or right off it. On one side behind these is the beach, that is maybe 40 feet or so to waters edge. During high tide access to dick dock is almost cut off by the water. Dick Dock is located down a small alley like boat ramp on one side of a very popular hotel. There is a cement sea wall, and the hotel has a huge deck that goes past the wall with support columns holding it up extending into the water. So its very dark under there, but with just enough light to sorta see whats going on once your eyes adjust. Maybe you can see more, but I can’t see well in the dark! part 2 I’m guesstimating the time now was around 4am. These guys are following me back closer to were the action is, whether they were following or just going back I wasn’t sure. But I had a load in me and they had watched. I already knew the place was bare back friendly from walking around earlier, and wanted more. I stop at the edge of the middle where all the action is, next to a guy giving a blow job. I kinda wanted to know if the guys were following me or just going back to where the action is. So a little group around the cock sucking starts to form and one guy, that followed, is rubbing my ass through my shorts. I push back and loosen my zipper a bit more so he has better access. At some point I’m handed poppers to sniff on. Oh, I forgot to mention i had smoked earlier that night too. So poppers,pot, and drinks w/shots really has my head going now. The guy behind me pulls out his cock and slides in using the last guys cum for lube. I’m bent over a bit while this guy is fucking me in this group of guys who are also sucking or jerking off each other. While I’m bent over I’m sucking some random guys cock, never bothering to look up to see a face. I really can get off being a pig and getting used like a slut when I get in that zone. My head was flying so I as in that zone! When I moved closer to the guy fucking, there was a space between me and the cock sucker action. There was space to other side of me and the guy in my ass. So guys would stand there against the wall to get a closer look. You know they were looking to see if a condom was in use. The guy turns to the one between the cock sucker and says “you want some? You can fuck him raw” Now I’m going crazy, I love when that happens. Its like a porn story. I kinda turned to look back, but was still bent over so all I saw was legs in the dark. Now this other guy is fucking me, its late so most of the guys are gone, anyone left has lost all inhibitions. This guy is going to town on my ass, he is the third dick, with a load from Brazilian, so i’m easy entry and cum slicked. The guy that offered my ass up starts acting like he is pimping my ass out. Again fantasy shit for me, I’m loving it and don’t care who’s in me. The guy starts talking shit like “you like that? he already has a load from some other guy”, “Go on shoot your load in him”. This just gets the guy in me going more and me too. He leans over and asks me if I like it, do I like getting it raw. Then he is encouraging the guy to cum, leans down and again and says “you’re taking his load” He said it as a statement/order. Some other guy is in front of me and i have my hands on him using his body to stay standing in the sand. I had been sucking him but now he is holding me up, as the guy is getting close to cumming and pounding me. This guy was into watching now, and didn’t care about getting blown. After some more encouraging,he guy in me cums, then he just pulls up and leaves. I’m sweating and my head is flying, I never saw the guys face. At some point the guy getting sucked left. There was a guy squatting against the wall in the sucking position and i guess watching a close up of the action. I stand up straight and this guy moves in to try eating my ass. The control guy says “No not yet, I still need to go”. Now control guy is fucking me, He is just as verbal fucking me as he was with the other guy fucking me. Asking if I’m ready for his load. Saying this would be the third one,He must have been getting off on the scene too, almost as soon as I say “Ya, give it to me, I want it”, he starts blowing in me too. He just pulls out and tells the squatter to go for it. He came, so I guess he was done giving instructions for my ass, but the squatting guy didn’t need any. I stand a bit, not realizing he is still there so i turn to him and say you want it? He moves in and starts eating the loads out of my ass. I wasn’t sure how long he was there, so now i’m getting off telling him its 3 loads. I’m jerking off and so is he as he is eating my ass. We both cum, my ass is cleaned out except for the cum that got pushed deeper. That guy bolts, so I never really see who he was either. I pull up my underwear and shorts. Fuck! the Brazilian ripped off the button to my shorts when he yanked them off! LOL Got back to the motel around 5:30 quiet as I could to not wake my friends. I didn’t want to wake them with a shower so I just crawled into bed covered and loaded with guys cum. I had to stink, but my friend never said any thing.The next morning before I shower, i’m sitting outside the room drinking coffee, i find dried cum and sand matted to my legs, and don’t know who’s it was. Hope you guys liked it, its a true account of last Saturday night. I’m not a writer, so sorry for grammatical errors. Some of my tabs don’t make sense denoting a paragraph. This was intentional, when i read posts with out an indent or paragraph break, my eyes get lost on the page making it hard to read. Thanks, AJ
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    This past week I went to Bear Week in Provincetown. These events are always touted as meet new friends, catch up with others, etc.. Sure I like that, but its still usually a big ole fuck fest too. So my secondary goal was to get fucked-alot! Over the years I have found that the bears almost all like to fuck bare, no questions, no discussions. This is a true story, no embellishments, no fantasy. We had a long day of travel, but I knew the bars closed early, and soon "Dick Dock" would be humming This was my first night there and I was ready for it. After the bars closed I did the usual Spiritus thing with the 2 "main stream" guys I went there with. While just hanging out, I got picked up by some cute cub. Not what my real goal was, but he was a twenty-something, cute as hell kid. (cute cubs are my kryptonite!) He told me he's staying a few blocks away. So I'm drunk and horny, and figure ok, why not. Dick Dock is usually more my type of place later on anyways. At around 2:00-2:30 the cops come down and roust everyone out, sometimes a couple times. But never past 2:30-3:00. Most guys don't realize that it fills right back up. One thing I hate is if you freakin lie to me! We were walking forever, i kept asking how much further. He kept saying a couple more blocks. Once again i'm thinking "Drunk,Horny,Cute Cub" We finally get to his place and he tells me we have to be real quiet, he is staying with lesbians and sharing a room?! WTF? Ok now I'm out of there! I'm always polite, so I give the kid a kiss and tell him it's later and further than I thought. It took me forever to get back to Dick Dock. I get down there after 3am, sure enough, there are guys, and they are primed by now. So I do the walking back and forth thing looking. TIP: it's hard to hit a moving target guys, just stop near something going on and something usually happens. I stop off at this group of guys, you know the scene, one guy is on his knees servicing or getting fucked, others standing watching jerking off. Someone behind me is rubbing my ass, i take a quick glance back and its a really hot Brazilian. I'm so ready for this so I'm pushing back, giving the signal to go forward. I like to go a bit slow to really get them committed, usually gets them to go raw too. I do the reach back to feel his dick and work my way down into his pants. The guy is still rubbing my ass and leaning his head into my neck grinding into me. I have no ass so its easy to half slide my shorts down just a bit. I've worked my way getting his cock out, its my favorite, that smooth spongy type thats uncut. I start rubbing his cock on my ass crack,pushing my ass back on to it. I turn and bend over to get a taste. Bending over to suck a guy gives a mixed message, but is a good tell about the guy you are sucking. If he grabs your head or even caresses it, he probably just wants a blow job. He keeps one hand lightly on my head/shoulder area, and the other is snaking down my back towards my ass, rubbing along my crack working his way to my shorts. Of course in that position some other guy has already started rubbing my ass. Brazilian works his way down the back of my pants kinda having a little territorial battle with unknown guys hand. He has reached in now getting close to my hole. This move causes him to bend a bit pulling his dick a bit further away. Now I know this guy wants to fuck a hole. I stand up so we can make out, and he can get his finger where he wants it. We do this bump and grind a bit with him rubbing his fingers around my hole. Now my shorts and underwear are down on my thighs, ass exposed. I'm pulling him in tight so he can get a better reach. I spit on my hand, reach back to lube my hole for him. I take his hand, put his fingers in my mouth to suck and wet them. Then guide his fingers back to my ass. I pull his forearm forward letting him know to go for it. The entire time we are making out and i'm reaching between us rubbing his cock getting him harder. My ass it getting gropes as guys walk or stand near, so I turn and start grinding my bare ass on his exposed dick, rubbing and guiding it towards my hole. He kinda stops and says lets go over to the end. I guess he doesn't like a show like I do. We go further down and there is a dark recess in the wall I never knew about. By this time he is in total control like many hot blooded brazilians get, not rough, but they are taking it their way. he turns me from him,kinda pushes me a bit in there and yanks down my shorts. then says"i'm going to fuck you raw so didn't want an audience". He bends me over and starts working his way in me. Then starts fucking me just the way I like it. No ramming or jack rabbiting, but not slow and easy either, its that nice middle road, forcefulness I like. I can feel his his foreskin doing that grip and slide uncut dicks do, and my favorite thing about uncuts. It doesn't take long and he starts grunting. There is no more of that passionate shit or whispering anymore, now i'm just a hole in the dark. He is holding tighter to my hips then does that pull in tight and hold still as he is unloading. No warning, no announcement, no asking. He just blew his load in me, gave what I call a few "courtesy pumps". He pulls out, pulls up his shorts and leaves quickly. I'm rocked now! still a bit drunk and dizzy from bending over trying not to get my hands in the sand while balancing. I pull up my underwear to half over my ass, then pull up my shorts a bit higher,but unbuttoned so I can go back on the hunt. If someone reaches down they will know i'm ready. When i turn around I see 2 guys that must have come over to watch. I start making my way back to the center feeling nice and slutty with the watchers following me, letting my shorts slide down as i'm walking........yup, i'm in a slutty mood. I'll tell the rest in part 2

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