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    Sounds like you and I have an extremely similar mindset. I hope we can both get it~ 😈 😈 😈
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    I hope you don't do meds once your confirmed poz. Just allow that infection to take over your body. Also you should consider topping once your infected, so many guys are looking to non med HIV tops to cum in them.
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    Well, what's stopping you? ;-) You should definitely try out "more-somes"; it's so hot to be the only bottom in a group of tops!
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    No idea, really... Enough for me to wake up in my hotel room the next morning with a wet patch on the sheet where I had leaked cum while sleeping!
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    24 cocks and how many loads?
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    Several years ago I relocated from L.A. to San Francisco and the only apartment available for immediate move-in was a flat on Central Ave. across from Buena Vista Park. I didn't know the park was a popular cruising spot until I took a short cut through the park while walking home from the Castro Street Fair and saw dozens of horny guys on the hunt for sex. Played with a few guys, then hooked up with a hot young jock with a shaved head (he was on the swim team at Stanford) and brought him back to my flat. Throughout the 4 years that I lived in San Fran, Buena Vista Park was always a great place for sex - mornings, afternoons, evenings, late nights after the bar, early mornings after the club, whenever.
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    This is a subject that is a source of great fascination. Imagine for a moment all of the millions of people who have seen their HIV infection progress into that final stage called AIDS. The agony, fear and suffering experienced is well documented and well understood. Yet some men, and I am one of them, are drawn not to just becoming infected with HIV, but truly desire to experience AIDS. No doubt, the thrill of fucking during a chase is hot. Many of us find POZ on POZ sex to be extremely erotic. But we still want more. We want to feel our bodies change as the disease destroys our immune system as it takes control of our lives. For whatever reason we have huge desire to live with the viral time bomb of AIDS lurking within our DNA. I am not sure I fully understand that desire. But, I know that pull is very real. It was real before I started chasing. It became more real as that first POZ cock drove a toxic load deep into my faggot ass. The heat of that desire became hotter with each POZ cock and erupted into flames as I tested POZ. And now, two years after I submitted to the allure of diseased dick, that fire burns even hotter. For some it may be part of some sort of a death wish. I do not subscribe to that. Rather, it is a recognition of mortality and a desire to understand that. It may be a desire to be connected to the generations of brother queers who have experienced AIDS first hand. It may be more of the same sexual fetish that chasers and gifters share. For me, each day is a day closer to that diagnosis. The virus in my body is not hindered by medication. I am actively seeking super-bugs to insure my goal is achieved. I know those who have suffered with AIDS, who have lost lovers and family to AIDS, who have seen first hand the wicked power of that final stage of our illness may never understand. But for those few of us who are so inclined, the pull is stronger than you could ever imagine.
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    I remember the slammer. After my first real conversion party I was bloodslammed and that'd what did it. I was told to go to the slammer sex club and take no less than 15 loads . My dealer was basically all the sleazy places connection. He gave me 4 rigs and told me not to go anywhere after I got the right number. He hadn't decided where I would be pimped out that night. All I remember is the owner and these Nasty old men putting me in a neckchain and lining up guys . My hole was so lose and my.arm covered in track marks . It was hot
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    I gotta say, this is the ONE circumstance where I envy bottoms. I really enjoy being a top but what I would give to be able to GIVE 25 loads in a row the way a bottom can TAKE 25 loads in one session. It's a fantasy that my balls just can't live up to. A guy only has so much sperm to give up in a single night.
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    My ex would totally dominate my sex life by whoring me out in back rooms, holding sex parties at home with several other tops. Now I am totally addicted to cock just cannot say no to stiff dick and I crave men cumming in me. I once had 14 different men fuck me at a naked sex party and I enjoyed the 14th cock as much as the first
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    Well, I'm too tired to write it up now, but I'm definitely sore... I took 24 cocks - though obviously some might have been repeats; what do I know...
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    Incest and pedo porn are hot. Got to skate the edges and just drop hints. Or find a good hot site that doesn't monitor or give a fuck. OR trade stories with like-minded pervs. There is nothing illegal with narrative stories about pedo. Several years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that child porn can only be illegal if it involves actual depiction of underage children, which it says inherently is harmful to the child. But open discussion of sex with, rape of, or other abuse of children or anybody else is not in itself illegal. That is not to say that the morality police won't take note and watch for specific illegal activity, like trading pics. Nifty has a good selection of incest stories and has started relaxing its limits. Pics are dangerous, even if privately traded.

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