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    I have felt the knot twice. A fuck bud had a friend who raised dogs for fighting (a nasty concept...but basic part of story). He also was training some to fuck humans. First time I went there I just watched the proceedings as a guy got his ass hammered. A few weeks later I was invited back to "help out" with a "demo" (He had some customers in to consider buying one). Anyhow, I had barely stripped and gotten into position when they brought the dog in....and beautiful boxer. That dog was there to fuck and I was hardly prepared. But he mounted me and found my hole like a master. Once he found the mark, he fucked like the animal he was. He blew a load kind of quickly and swelled up his knot to seal the dog cum in my ass. The knot was intense and he was bored. He kept trying to pull off---and seemed to be intent on ripping my asshole out with each movement. Eventually he settled down and we stayed tied for almost 20 minutes. Once his knot was less intensive, he went back to fucking and gave me a second load of puppy seed. A month or two later I got invited back. Another demo, but I was more prepared. The dog this time was not as well trained. It took him some time to find my hole and even longer time to find a way to get his dog prick inside. Once he got hooked up in my ass, he gave me a nice fuck.....compared to the boxer. Actually, for whatever reason (maybe my own preparation) it was a pretty great experience. He started to knot once he flooded my ass with his seed, but never really fully tied into me like the first one. Not sure it is something I need more of, but am glad I experienced that in my past. Would still like to do a donkey show sometime.
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    You've got a perfect bf. That's totally what i'd do, whore my bf out, make him take loads after loads until he can't get anymore. And churn all that mix once back home. Leave him plugged for the night, until all these loads get absorbed in his body.
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    I don't see how being whored out by ones partner is punishment. If anything I would consider being whored out to be a reward.
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    Well I did it! Went to the sports-fuck party in fashionable sneakers and an ass-open red jock-strap and scanned the players! Two had already bred me in the past, OFF CAMPUS, in private and one (at the party) ran with me as my 'wing-man'... still early in the game but I was eager to be the early worm that gets eaten by the bird! Still being fussy... a bearded redneck looked kinda appropriate, but not cocky enough! My opening line seemed too aggressive, in full view of everyone at the bar... in the dark this farmer-type would have probably gone for it! One total stud-muffin walked in like a pro, looked like he would be 'out-of-my-league' and an out-lyer in the company present. I'm 'toned-and-tan' but he was a show-buck muscle-dude, shorter than me, but built like a brick-shithouse, rippling abs and whatnot. Possibly a conceited fuck who habitually cheats on a hunky BF, you know the look! A promiscuous fuck who can't ever get enough! PERFECT! After 'circling the prey' and assessing the 'order-in-the-food-chain' I determined TODAY I will reach for the stars!! Still learning the ropes of the 'rough-trade' with as few words as possible. My wingman, noting my interest, said: "He was here last time and got his nut fast and was gone. You better move quick!" I have a way of coming across TOO COCKY and confident to possibly reveal I'm a willing bottom now, an aggressive cum-dumpster eager to make up for years of depriving myself of potentially UNSAFE loads. You know how you have been WARNED of the 'forbidden raw oysters' during the passionate summer months... alien, sketchy DNA, RAW from the shell, a grotesque venue for the vanilla boys who like everything cooked and packaged. Potentially lethal fugu, sashimi and raw oyster, the RRRAW and WRRIGGLING pleasures are not for everyone. But THE SKETCHY and danger becomes an addiction for the 'lost boys' who play the primal rutting games! Like over-charged bulls in the pasture who take turns on each others shit-hole... (don't say 'gross'! I have read grosser on here) Circling potential prey, slowly losing inhibitions!! Who is the first for contact sport? There was a nelly twink with one of those idiotic 'man-buns' jerking his wand like a mad magician, skipping through the dark nooks and crannies without focus... I did a courtesy-grab on his package but he skittishly backed off saying: "Oh I'm here only to watch!' Was that rejection? Nah, my wingman said, he is just a frightened chicken and that's all he ever does... 'look and jerk! Get his nut and flutter off!' Well anyway, with that pre-packaged, gluten-free chicken off the menu, I'm off to study the seasoned pork and beef... and the FUGU!!!!! I made my move when the beefy stud-muffin was in a dark room by himself - pinned him against the wall to see what would happen... found my way down his to his cock and sucked it the way I do my man... tongue on the clefted groove under his well-circumcised cock! Down the shaft, balls-deep to gagging and.... REPEAT! An audience of spectators materialized out of nowhere! I vaguely noted two who might be watching but those other ten guys will see me some time at MAPCO and know it was me who got THE PARTY STARTED. HOT! I'm getting a reputation! Hope that leads to lots of future lewd propositions and off-campus invites to 'hey, we have guys coming over - wanna join?' At some point my wingman directed me to turn around; back up against the dude's cock. Shameless bareback, still a rush every time! He stabbed it at my hole and the tight bushing offered resistance. Damn, I haven't practiced in forever... a quick application of spit and the fucker slid right in! HOLY SHIT! An intense sensation! No teenage courtesy tenderness! No restraint! Straight to catering to his selfish pleasures! My self-chosen trade-mark is not to flinch and whimper like a bitch! I hate that Armand Rizzo shit! Hell I got my nipples pierced in Los Angeles without even flinching and the seasoned piercer told me she had NEVER seen anybody be that 'nonchalant' about it! That proves that 'craved pleasure' and inevitable pain are delightfully close together! And I was determined to please that fucker like a seasoned slut would and get his first load. I 'assumed position', bent down, my hands on my knees, growling like a satyr-beast as it comes naturally. The dire discomfort from the selfish, crude rutting soon dissipated as the dude found his rhythm. I never let them know I'm rusty when I am. That would be detriment to my slut reputation. The first anon copulation of the event and it's star-buck and the novice-in-disguise getting center-stage! YEAH BABY!!! Trying to let myself reach the 'trance-stage' without going TIMBER!!! Hell I don't want to lose my balance on stage! Ten guys watching, jerking off. One bears a responsibility to ones fans! Hell I should do porn. Or should HAVE DONE! And be in Los Angeles or Atlanta doing it, not in repressed Tennessee. Well, the star-buck took his time. I love the thought of a JADED FUCKER, whose cock has dip-sticked so many hot engines he has long lost count. For all I know I'm in the 4-digit-range of his life-time scores! If I'm lucky he might remember! The more popular and promiscuous a buck is, the more it turns me on! I for sure will milk that jaded, spoiled breeder-cock for what it's worth and get all the spectator attention while I have it. Failure is not an option! Wearing out (because IT HURTS) is not an option! Not taking a load because he never told me his 'status' is not an option... that was in the vanilla days! The fucker rutted for what seemed an eternity and I never got a hard-on. Damn, that will be the next stage in my sexual liberation. Just popping a woodie as the random stranger's bare knob plunges in! Well, he got his nut and I aggressively took his sketchy, jaded DNA, grinding my ass against him BALLS-DEEP and worked his cock as good as the best porn-sluts I seen take it. Not to brag but I seem to get a reputation on that! When we disengaged, dude was more squirmy that me. My ass took his anon seed like desperately needed balsam. His dick was 'tender' by then, the post-coitus phase of intense breeding. To show my jaded appreciation I slapped him on the shoulder and wandered off like a much more seasoned cum-dumpster than I really am, with the proud swagger of the celebrated champ at the bareback rodeo. The jerking pack of fans all kinda pounced on the breeder as I left! Not sure what was coming next... I think my job was to stay and give it up for everybody else... in retrospect! Well next time! Swallow cum and take every anon stranger drooling in the spectator ranks! Him possibly just thinking of the 'star-buck' his premium jizz-lube on the cock, nutting and blending his jizz with Mister Stud. My role possibly being trivial, maybe not! But then every other guy would follow and drop a load, following the leader of the pack! What a rush that thought is! But my 'man-cunt' was sore... I need more practice...
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    You are right backpackguy. I had an ex that loved the slut I am - he used to supervise my gangbangs, pick tops for me, organise to pimp me out to regulars and it made my life so uncomplicated - just take as much cock as I was offered and as much seed as I could get in my holes. I really lose it after I have been fucked well - my mancunt just takes over and enough is never enough.
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    I dont have a BZ YET, but I do have other sites and studios related to our play... and always get some slammed pig backing up on me... YEAH
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    Just make sure the dog doesn't try to pull out before the knot goes down. Have the owner/trainer ready to prevent that. I took the German Shepard's knot. I'd do it again but the owner moved away. I have never felt so full.
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    Love sex outdoors and tops who can cum more than once. Now I have an image in my head of you getting pounded doggy in your garden! LOL. Your garden may not be overlooked but -if you have close neighbors- I hope it is soundproof too
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    Freeze it in a condom then use it as a dildo.
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    Makes you fuck his pot dealer. LOL. I'm single and not getting any younger...gonna have as much fun as I can while I can.

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