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    Incest and pedo porn are hot. Got to skate the edges and just drop hints. Or find a good hot site that doesn't monitor or give a fuck. OR trade stories with like-minded pervs. There is nothing illegal with narrative stories about pedo. Several years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that child porn can only be illegal if it involves actual depiction of underage children, which it says inherently is harmful to the child. But open discussion of sex with, rape of, or other abuse of children or anybody else is not in itself illegal. That is not to say that the morality police won't take note and watch for specific illegal activity, like trading pics. Nifty has a good selection of incest stories and has started relaxing its limits. Pics are dangerous, even if privately traded.
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    fucking hot! poz talk while getting fucked makes me cum an insane amount!
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    no matter how many POZ loads I take I love the top to tell me he is knocking me up
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    nothin hotter than nonstop pozverbal when sharing my charged AIDS/std seed..!
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    I love POZ talk while barebacking it's so fucking hot.
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    I have felt the knot twice. A fuck bud had a friend who raised dogs for fighting (a nasty concept...but basic part of story). He also was training some to fuck humans. First time I went there I just watched the proceedings as a guy got his ass hammered. A few weeks later I was invited back to "help out" with a "demo" (He had some customers in to consider buying one). Anyhow, I had barely stripped and gotten into position when they brought the dog in....and beautiful boxer. That dog was there to fuck and I was hardly prepared. But he mounted me and found my hole like a master. Once he found the mark, he fucked like the animal he was. He blew a load kind of quickly and swelled up his knot to seal the dog cum in my ass. The knot was intense and he was bored. He kept trying to pull off---and seemed to be intent on ripping my asshole out with each movement. Eventually he settled down and we stayed tied for almost 20 minutes. Once his knot was less intensive, he went back to fucking and gave me a second load of puppy seed. A month or two later I got invited back. Another demo, but I was more prepared. The dog this time was not as well trained. It took him some time to find my hole and even longer time to find a way to get his dog prick inside. Once he got hooked up in my ass, he gave me a nice fuck.....compared to the boxer. Actually, for whatever reason (maybe my own preparation) it was a pretty great experience. He started to knot once he flooded my ass with his seed, but never really fully tied into me like the first one. Not sure it is something I need more of, but am glad I experienced that in my past. Would still like to do a donkey show sometime.
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    I've been a whore since I was a boy. My stepfather got me into meth and I embraced it fully. I think that being taught as a youth freed me
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    My view is that cum belongs in my ass, not in a jar. Stop taking donations in a jar and begin using that ass for what you know you want. Present a clean ass, and it will get filled. If you feel the need to use up your current supply of donated jizz, I would pour it into condoms and freeze. Then use the frozen results as dildos. Some refer to that as the Devil's Dick.
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    you're an AIDS pig like us fuker..you'll never get enough of that hot slimy DeathSeed..HAIL!
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    You are right backpackguy. I had an ex that loved the slut I am - he used to supervise my gangbangs, pick tops for me, organise to pimp me out to regulars and it made my life so uncomplicated - just take as much cock as I was offered and as much seed as I could get in my holes. I really lose it after I have been fucked well - my mancunt just takes over and enough is never enough.
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    Yup buddy, we're just cock and cum hungry bottom pigs...never can get enough cock and sperm in our hungry holes. I'm also in a great relationship similar to yours...great bf, super sex but always horny. One of the many things I luv about our relationship is that he knows and understands my cravings and lets me play. No secrets between us.
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    you should be excited you can now take seed as much as you like and feed your inner pig and you will find like most of us bottom pigs, the more seed you get the more you will want. I found my conversion thrilling, exciting and liberating and have enjoyed the thousands of loads I have been blessed to take since I converted.
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    I hope you don't do meds once your confirmed poz. Just allow that infection to take over your body. Also you should consider topping once your infected, so many guys are looking to non med HIV tops to cum in them.
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    Try a campgrounds , Camp Mars or Sawmill ,in Central Florida. The weather is summer - like, it's nearlyApril & the breeding behaviors need get started off with a BANG! Camp Mars: Relax.... You've landed on Mars. www.campmars.com Camp Mars is the southernmost all gay campground and RV park in the USA. Explore our green pastures, lush tropical foliage, nature trails, ponds, creek, oak hammock ... Florida Gay Campgrounds - Gay Camping USA gaycampingusa.com/florida.html Florida Gay Campgrounds. Sawmill ... one of the more popular gay campgrounds inFlorida, Sawmill is a ... Camp Mars 326 Goff Road Venus, Florida ... Sawmill Resort and Campground - About www.flsawmill.com Sawmill is the premier gay and lesbian community in the Southeast. ... 21710 Us Highway 98 | Dade City, FL 33523 | (352) 583-0664 | MAP- Create .
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    you realize you've gone satanic and now crave demon cock and AIDS Lust
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    good boy your on the right road. till then keep taking loads and refuse no one. your hole is for their needs not yours. you'll get punked soon ☣️
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    And the journey continues. The HIV test was negative, but still in the window for transmission. My body is fighting something, not sure if HIV, Hep or something totally different. Seeing the Dr again today, and likely she will order more blood work, which hasn't shown a lot yet. As I said, I was never really a chaser, playing only with Prep or undetectable guys. Always knew there was still a chance of being gifted. That thrill was powerful, but not as powerful as thinking that I was gifted. Proud to say that I now consider myself a chaser! Unfortunately the Dr had me on antibiotics which, well lets just say, kept me on the run. I know my body is weak, and would be the perfect time for conversion, but don't like to play when possibly dirty. I know some guys like that, but just not my thing. I have chatted with several gifters, and was really excited about one from ATl. He has a beautiful cock, and a VL n the millions. He also wants a partner to settle down with. Call me old fashioned, but I would like that too. Its not a requirement, but would be nice. I also want to at least know who my gifter is. That at least creates a bond, rather than just being 1 of 10m possible guys at a bathhouse. I talked on phone with the guy in ATL twice for over an hour each time The convos were hit and miss. He has the "golden seed" and he knows it. Says he has gifted hundreds. We actually talked about a relationship. That's where it got a bit odd. He also likes pussy and asked if he could still breed it if we partnered. As long as Im getting it, told him I had no issues with it. Then it got odd as he said he likes to, and has created several poz children. I kinda draw the line here. For those of us seeking, that's one thing, but to bring an HIV poz child into the world just isn't right in my book. I have also chatted other gifters, but not sure how serious they are. Ill keep trying though. Thanks for all your comments here, and hope you keep following and encouraging me. And so the journey continues....
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    I do love when my bf is a sex addict. I enjoy sharing him, knowing he's been taking loads while I'm absent (or even when i'm there). Such a turn on.
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    If it happens Welcome to the club buddy!
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    flu like no other? so tired you cant walk to the bathroom? fever and drenching night sweats....g> i hear that,.. yah, sounds like it took. about 4-5 days of sickness,. then, what took hold in your body now is going to multiply ten fold....as you now have a high viral load...ready to spread it to others,,,, you dont have to go on meds right away.... time to get busy -corrupting clueless neg men....

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