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    Condoms make anal sex become a less intimate act and more of a clinical emotionless act.
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    I love that you use the term 'sexual outlaws.' The normalization of homosexuality obviously has its benefits. But, as with the assimilation of any Outsider Cultures, it has its downsides: Commodification, Taming ... Castration, really. And like nazis used camp inmate Kapos to police other prisoners, so too we see that its the PC, Mainstreamed so-called LGBTQ "community" that is often the most vocal about silencing the sexual radicals among us. After all, it just won't do to have the rainbow flag waving 'respectable Queers' tarnished by us nasty barebackers and bath house whores! It's pathetic.
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    All of the online hookup sites and mobile apps are fine for the simple purpose of meeting someone for a romp between the sheets. But it strikes me that the unintended consequence of the prevalence of online meeting, exacerbated by the slow demise of gay bars, is that there's no one to teach the next generation how to be "sexual outlaws." I recall a time when wearing leather really marked you as being on the fringe of the community -- you did things in bed that "regular" gay guys didn't do. Hell, now leather is almost a fashion accessory. The point of this mild rant (admittedly filled with sweeping generalizations) is to say that the bathhouse article fills a gap in the sexual education of lots of guys. Thanks for putting in the time and effort.
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    It is great when you realise you are a total cock and cumpig. To me nothing is as important as cock and seed. I love group sex parties, being gangbanged, worshipping cock and being a total bottom. would not havce life any other way
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    Congratulations! I read through much of it a few days ago, and there's still more of it I need to read. It was after being directed there to buy a mindfuck file that I discovered your blog entry there. From what I have so far read of it, i'm greatly impressed, and it most definitely speaks directly to me. Yesterday, i took the appropriate action.
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    i go to at least 1 cumunion a month and have for the last 6 years
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    haha. This is awesome! Actually, though, I always thought it would be hot to secretly hire sluts and studs to work the gloryholes so it would be the most popular destination for cumpigs (since there would ALWAYS) be a Cock to serve or mouth/cunt to breed.
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    He was the best slut trainer I have ever come across. When I am at bareback parties here in Sydney I see several bottom pigs that Steve both trained and knocked up. I have often shared the fuck bench at Headquarters with Lee, another graduate of Steve's slut scvhool
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    That is a great list. And though I don't drink or use recreational drugs, I have those on my listor I have already done them. I am currently woeking on trying to get into porn. One other thing I want to do is have acouple years to travel the globe just for sex. Hit baths, sex clubs, hookup one-on-one using the hookup apps, hit as many major sex events as well (IML, Folsom, Dore, Hustlaball, etc.) to maximize my sexual use and partner count pleasure.
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    there is a physiological reason for a change of feeling after you come. as you are getting into sex, getting fucked, your testosterone level soars. the moment you come, it drops. it is like the id leaving the room and the super ego coming in. I am not sure if this helps, but it helped me get over my p.i.d.s. (post intercourse distress syndrome.)
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    I think that this is the best story I've ever read, on here. Besides getting all the hot, hot details correct, it's really excellent writing.
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    Hottest sex synopsis ever.
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    I hope you don't do meds once your confirmed poz. Just allow that infection to take over your body. Also you should consider topping once your infected, so many guys are looking to non med HIV tops to cum in them.
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    hot time, sounds like it.. had similar, was traveling and saw ad in CL for bottom who wanted to be bred all nite.. I couldn't pass that up. I replied, he said he was heading over.. he arrived, turned out he was a great looking, scruffy bearded guy with great body, hairy butt and was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a wife beater.. and tennis shoes.. we went to bar in the hotel I was at.. bought him few stiff drinks, he said he was hot to get into whatever I had in mind.. I took him to my room after making him strip off in the pool area and carry a towel.. he liked that.. put his clothes in the car, made him wait with towel til I came back in.. said lets go champ.. he got up to the room, I said damn, I forgot to buy any lube or condoms (I didn't) so we needed to go to the store.. he put the towel around him, we went to the car (it was late at night) wen to store.. he walked in with the towel.. we bought what we needed and left. a few stares, so what.. back up to room and told him to find some porn on tv and to get on his stomach, spread his legs.. he did and it looked hot.. great body.. made him go get ice.. no towel. said a guy was following him back to our door.. hah.. we laughed, guy knocked.. let him in, said he was wondering what we were about. told him we were looking for porn and that I'd spend the fucking his guy..reason I wanted him naked.. guy asked to join in.. was good looking, had a big dick, turns out.. the porn was on, we greased up our guest and I took a turn fucking him bent over the chair in front of the tv.. other guy fucked him awhile.. guy said he was enjoying it.. we got him a little high. and then had him open the door 1/2 way and fucked him facing away from door, his but open to whoever walked by... we were taking turns when a teenager walked in, asked if it was ok to watch.. we said yeah.. he had his dick out and fucked our star guest a bunch of times..he walked our guy out into the hallway at one point and bent him over and fucked him.. then back inside.. we closed the door. the teen kid had a huge dick, made the guy suck dick anytime he wasn't fucking him.. was hot to fuck him while he sucked that teen boys big 8 1/2 inch thick dick.. we fucked our guest a number of times..even in they elevator, made him walk out to elevator, with nothing on, we followed and fucked him on way down and back up. we walked him out back of hotel, was a car parked with people getitng high inside.. they walked over, wanted to know why dude was naked.. we told him he likes being fucked. turns out we opened pandora's box of fucks for our friend.. they invited him over to the car.. he want over, they had some get high stuff. he did and they invited him in the car.. had that boy sucking dick for quite awhile.. then they invited us to go and drive him to rest area and park.. he was high, said lets go.. we took him behind the rest area into the woods and had him suck anybody who came back there and was fucked a lot.. at one point he went into mens room to clean up and a guy in there had him bent over the sinks fucking this naked man with the perfect butt one him.. we went in, rescused him.. helped him clean up and took him back to the woods awhile where some truckers definitely enjoyed this naked dude with the hot butt wanted to be fucked.. we finally drove back to the hotel, the guys in the car came up and we spent rest of day hanging out there, fucking our friend when the mood hit or a dick got hard.. he stayed the entire time, said he was having fun.. we tore that guys ass up.. was fun watching him being used.. the little car gang of guys toook a lot of time holding his legs up and spreading them, then putting a dick in his mouth and one in his ass and fucking him slowly and everybody taking turns.. the guy liked it a lot. I enjoyed it.. came a number of times, in his mouth and butt. no condoms were ever used.. we barebacked that dude for hours.. even the truckers at the rest area who fucked him did it bareback... all around was hot.. told him I'd be looking him up again when back there..
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