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    PART 3 Finally, Tim backed off and that slick wet tongue that had been giving my ass so much pleasure was gone. I arched my back and moaned, I just wanted more so bad. “Don’t worry Chris, I haven’t even started pleasuring your little boyhole. I just wanted you to see what your ass does to me,” Tim said rising up. His cock was rock hard. A bead of precum was dripping off the tip. I practically dove up to get to it, that massive man cock. My teachers man cock. And my mouth opened greedily to savor it. I wanted that big dick in my mouth so badly. But first I had to lap that precum up, as my tongue flicked out and licked and swirled on his big mushroom head. Lips already wet with spit, I slid my mouth down on his shaft. I lost myself in sucking him. I worshiped it with my mouth. I pulled off and licked and sucked on his balls and then returned to sucking the head. I tried my best to please him. I wanted to be a good cocksucker for him. With him standing just next to the edge of the bed, I was on my hands and knees to reach him and so when he leaned over me, it wasn’t hard for his hands to reach my ass. His very wet fingers felt cold for just a moment when they touched my hole, but quickly grew warm. It was my first time having my ass lubed, but I knew it wasn’t spit. His hand pulled away and then returned, and my hole and as crack grew slick, so slick his finger just eased into me. The pressure and fullness felt incredible and i arched my back. I sucked with even more desire, as his finger slowly opened me up. It wasn’t spoken when he pulled away and then guided me around. He spread my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed. My slick and shiny hole was presented to him, my cheeks spread wide. He slowly stroked his rock hard cock. He knew he was about to fuck me and I knew he was about to fuck me. I was still nervous but I wanted it so bad. He had driven me to the point where I just needed hot gay man sex. Nothing else mattered except this hot older guy and his giant beautiful penis. Finally, I felt it. The head of his cock. Only instead of pushing in, he was slowly rubbing the head against my hole. The slight slight pressure and the gentle tiny circles drove me crazy. It felt SO good. He had one hand on his cock and one hand keeping me in place. I knew he didn’t have a condom on. I was really aware of that and it kept running through my head, but it felt so good. And I was 18 and with a guy more than twice my age. And I knew I wasn’t gonna say anything if he didn’t. The rubbing and pressure kept making me just want him more and more. So much that when he finally leaned in and whispered “I’m going to fuck you now,” I just whimpered “Please!”. And the circles stopped and the pressure got stronger. I tried to relax. He pushed and then I felt a sharp stab in my hole and I gasped and threw inches of bare cock was inside me and I was no longer a virgin. He paused and stroked my back gently. “Relax, just relax and open up. Let that hole open up for me,” he whispered, adding “let me show you how good my cock can make you feel.”
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    I'm Parker -- 21, 5' 10, 165 lbs. of pretty lean muscle. There's nothing big about me, but my pecs are pretty defined, my abs are toned, and I pretty much stay smooth from my years on the high school swim team. I've got short cropped brown hair, and one of those faces that will stay boyish for at least 20 years, but my jaw is defined enough to give me a manly look. So I'm told. It's my third year and college -- in a small southern town -- and I came out my freshman year after getting drunk off cranberry vodkas and bud lights and jerking off with my roommate, Ben, who turned out to be a total bottom slut, despite his 9" cock. My friends all mess around, and cheat on each other, and fuck each other, but is it really cheating if everyone is ok with it? We tend to get drunk, have sex, then never talk about it until it happens again a few weeks later. There's a group of about 7 of us, and I've both fucked, and been fucked, by all of them. But up until this point in my life, I didn't really know what good sex was. Cute college guys flopping around in bed, awkwardly getting each other off, and trying to figure out sex. But all that was about to change. It was Ben's birthday, and we were headed out to the gay bars in downtown. The typical Flex bar, filled with college guys, the makeup queens, a few muscle guys, and the old daddies. Ya know, the kinda bar where you know everyone but you keep going back, hoping to meet someone new. That night, I did. When we walked in, Ben was already sloppy drunk, and looking desperate. His pale skin and blonde hair didn't really make him that cute, and he rarely hit the gym, but there was something about him that people are attracted to. And his ass is amazing. "It's my birthday, and I HAVE to get fucked," Ben said. "If I don't find someone to go home with, will you fuck me tonight?" "Sure," I said. Hoping, and praying, it wouldn't come to that. A few drinks later, I gazed around the musky bar, not seeing anyone interesting, and giving up for the night. I hit the dance floor with the boys, feeling oddly sleepy, and desperately horny, trying to blend in. Glancing over at the cages, my eyes caught the attention of a man who would change my life, though I didn't know it at the time. He was 5'11", olive skin, buzzed head, square jaw, and loaded head to toe with muscle. The rock solid arms, the big, round shoulders, and the -- what I like to call -- "fuck me pecs." You know, the perfectly round chest that you want to feel and squeeze with your legs raised in the air with a hard cock tearing your ass apart. Yep, he had those pecs, tightly squeezing through his gray crew neck t-shirt and tight bleached jeans. I could see the outline of what looked like a pretty sizable cock bulging through his crotch. I knew I wanted that. I tried not to stare. "Parker, are you ok? Why aren't you dancing?" Ben asked. "Oh, umm, sorry - do you know who that guy is over there?" I asked. "No. But he's at least 45. Why would you even be interested," Ben responded, with a bitchy tone. And that's where I'm different from the rest of the crew. They're all focused on 20-somethings, while I'm always drawn to the daddies. No, the muscle daddies. Maybe it's because of a bad relationship with my actual dad, who knows. But I know that's what turns me on. I tried not to stare at the mystery muscle man, but I kept catching his eyes. He looked at me with a sly, southern grin. But not for too long, just long enough to make me know he was interested, but not desperate. Getting lost in the music, I turned around a few minutes later, and had to pee. I walked in the bathroom and saw Eric, from the soccer team, fucking Ben at the urinal. Ben was begging for it like a bitch in heat. I felt relieved. I wouldn't have to fuck him tonight, and after seeing the mystery muscle man, I didn't want to. I made my way to the bar, sat down, and ordered a vodka tonic. I was over it and ready to go home. The bartender, Monty, flirted with me a little. He's a cute Mexican who fucked me a few years ago when I first started coming to Flex. I thought for a few minutes about trying to take him home again. But right as I was about to order another drink, I suddenly felt a warm, scratchy stubble tickling my ear. "We're leaving, I want to be inside you." I turned, and in almost shock, I saw the muscle mystery guy, grabbing me by my arm, pulling me against the wall of the bar, and kissing me deeply. I didn't know what to say, or what to do. I dropped a $20 on the bar and left with him. Turns out, his name is John.
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    PART 1 It was approximately two months before high school graduation that this happened, which is to say it was about two weeks after I turned 18. Not that I looked 18. I was lucky if people thought I was 16. Although I was 5' 10”, I only weighed 155 pounds, and given my baby face and short brown hair, I didn’t look like a man - yet. But it was men I wanted, that’s for sure. I was 18 and I had a car. It was time. Sure there were gay guys at my school, but I wasn’t into guys my age. I liked guys older than me, guys around 40. Men with big man cocks and big manly cum-filled balls. That’s what turned me on. Now I just needed to find such a man who happened to like me. With that in mind, within days of my birthday, I had my first profile up on a gay hook-up site. Initially I received messages from young guys who were quite like me, or at most a few years older. One or two were tempting but I held out. Besides a few blowjobs back and forth ealrier in the year, I had no experience with men. But in my mind, I was always the one sucking cock and always the one offering up his hole. I was a bottom before I even knew what a bottom was. Then one day he messaged me. He was older, 43, and definitely a top. His pictures didn’t have his face but what it showed was amazing to me. He was 6 1” but thin at 165. His graying hair was cut very short. And then I saw his dick. Magnificent isnt even a strong enough word. The pictures showed a solid eight and a half inch cock, with a nice mushroom head and a thick slightly bending upward shaft. His big balls hung down. They looked massive. Now, my balls are a nice size and I cum tons when I shoot, but I figured a guy with giant balls such as this guy sported must cum buckets. I couldn't see his face, but honestly didn't care. This guy's body was my fantasy come to life. I read thru his profile. And then I saw it: HIV status - positive. Still, I wanted to read his message and at least say thanks for messaging me. Just looking at his pictures had me so hard. It was too bad he had hiv. I couldn’t risk that. So I clicked on the message. “I love your pics. You seem like a really hot young guy. That sexy body. And hot little butt! I saw you like older guys. Hot older Top men, guys that can show you things, take you to places you haven’t been yet and that your body doesn’t know it needs yet. I’ve helped young men like you before. I’d love to meet you. And I can tell by your profile you are gonna want to meet me. I have a huge cock that loves attention and I love showing a young guys hole the attention a boy hole needs. I have exactly what you need. Don’t waste time and message me back. I want you in my bedroom.” wow, he had me rock hard. I mean rock hard. And shaking a little. This was real. This hot as hell man wanted me. And badly, it seemed. I was so scared of the hiv thing but I stared at those pics and read his message again and I didn’t know what I would do but I would find a way to keep safe. I had to meet him. With very very nervous hands, i typed back. “You are really really hot. I’m a little scared about what we can do because i am not hiv positive, but I can’t help it, like I just want to meet you and see you face to face. Your cock is so amazing. I have a car, so I can meet almost anywhere but I love with my parents, so can’t have anyone here.” And I hit send. Within minutes, his reply came thru. “Come over now. We are both horny. My address is 710 elm lane, by the new high school. Can you be here soon? So ready to meet you and have uou here.” I replied within seconds. “Be there in 20 minutes.” I tried to make sure I looked ok and ran a brush thru my hair and went out the door before I could change my mind. What was I doing? But I told myself nothing has to happen unless I want it to. And he was so sexy. And that huge cock. I was hard the short drive over there. I parked on the street and made my way towards his house. It was dark, so that made it a little easier. It was my first time just going to a guys house to hook up. I was nervous as hell but my cock was leading me. I was so horny I almost couldn’t take it. I walked up to the porch and knocked softly. The door slowly opened and I was face to face with my internet friend. His body was more amazing in person. Clad in just underwear that bulged like crazy, he was all his profile said and more. Then I looked at his face and he looked at mine and both of us had a shock. It was Mr Johnson, my 11th grade history teacher. I was shocked and embarrassed he would now reject me and still so horny, maybe even more so now. Mr Johnson a gay Top! All of this shock and me standing in the doorway lasted maybe 3 seconds. And then he gestured for me to come in and I did. My cock was like steel and I was determined to go further, though I didn’t know where. I just knew two things: mr Johnson was my perfect gay man standing in front of me and I had to be carful and not forget he had hiv. I felt his hand on my lower back as he guided me inti the house. The sound of the door jarred me from my thoughts. This was happening. This was really happening.
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    Part 3. After the fuck of my life, John dragged me to the walk-in shower. "Double shower heads. Nice," I said, then later feeling immature for showing how impressed I feel. I walked in the shower and got under the hot water as John dimmed the lights and turned on music that belonged on a sex playlist. He slid in behind me, pushed my chest against the cold, gray tile, and pressed his pecs and long cock against my backside. I moaned softly. Had I ever moaned before? What was happening. The hot water, the steam, and a muscle daddy caressing my body and kissing every inch of me. I was rock hard in a minute. After a deep kiss, John was fully hard again, and he forced me on my back on the tile bench in the middle of the shower. He grabbed a bottle of lube, coated my ass and his cock, and slowly slid in. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck," I moaned, as he slid in. His cock stretching open my now very sore and puffy ass. I focused on his pecs, the shadow of his face, and the warm water, and the pain eased away. Within minutes, I was getting close. I wanted his load this time, I didn't want him to pull out. So I took some initiative. "I want your cum inside me. Please breed me, daddy" I whimpered. He was silent, but I saw a smile start to creep in on the left side of his face, as water poured down his body fro the shower. He kept thrusting into me, tearing me open. It was painful but the pleasure outweighed the pain by far. He grabbed my cock and started tugging, and 30 seconds later I shot all over my chest while he just kept slamming in and out of my battered ass. I kept hoping he shoot, I kept begging, "breed me daddy. Own my ass." A minute later, he pulled out and shoved his cock down my throat and unloaded another massive load of cum, this time filling my throat and mouth. I still wanted his cum in my ass. He dragged me to bed, wrapped his arms around me, pulled me tight to his chest, and we drifted off to sleep. 2:07 AM -- that's what the clock said. I was exhausted. And a little confused. ---- 6:32 AM -- I squinted at the clock. I heard rain on the roof. I rolled off, John was lightly sleeping. At some point during the night, he'd gotten up and put on a white tee shirt. He was snoring ever so softly. I slid in close to him, pressed my face against his pecs and wrapped my hand around his cock. I drifted back to sleep. 8:07 AM -- the shower was running. John was awake. I didn't want to get up yet. I heard him the sound of an electric razor a few minutes after the shower cut off. I thought I'd keep sleeping, or at least see what he would do next. A few minutes later, I heard John back in the bedroom. He slowly pulled the covers off of me as I pretended to sleep, face down. John crawled between me, and pushed his tongue into my ass, rimming me gently and teasing my hole. I was incredibly sore from the night before, but his tongue made my hole twitch with excitement. In one thrust, he pushed his entire cock all the way inside of me. "Fuck!" I shouted. "I knew you were awake, beautiful boy," John replied. He slowly eased my ass open after that, and fucked me for a solid 10 minutes. He then flipped me over, and I could taste my ass on his tongue as he kissed me deeply. Apparently John likes morning sex. I could tell, he was getting close, and quickly. I was going to get his cum inside me. I needed it. I needed to have a piece of this man in my DNA. "Daddy?" I said. "Yes boy," John replied. "I really want your cum inside me," I said. "Oh yea? You want me to breed your boy hole?" John replied. "Fuck yea, breed me, please. Please breed me. Own my ass," I said. "I can't," John replied. Then started violently pounding my ass again. He was about to cum, I knew it. "What, why?" I questioned him. He pulled out, took three tugs on his cock, then shot all over me. "Because I'm poz." Partially in shock, partially turned on, I started shooting a volcano of cum out of my cock. John looked surprised, but dived down and slurped up the second half of my load. He was HIV positive, and I had begged him for his load. More than once, but he kept pulling out. And yet somehow, I still really wanted to feel his cum leaking out of me....
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    PART 2 i was so nervous but sex was leading down the hall, his hand gently guiding me. His room was sparse but it wa nice. He led me in and closed the door. He looked me over as I stared at him. Finally, he spoke. “Obviously, we know each other outside of this room. That’s a totally diffferent place and it’s no ones busniness what we do here. And call me Tim. That’s my first name”, he said before smiling and adding “now get out of those clothes and get comfortable.” With that, he reached and pulled off his underwear, freeing that gorgeous man cock. I was shy, but I got naked. “Let me see you. Damn, you are hot Chris. Turn around and show me that ass. What a hot ass. Spread now so I can see your little hole. Show me, show me your boyhole,” the last part coming out almost in a whisper. I had no idea what was gonna happen or what to do, but I showed him. “Hot fucking hole. What a sexy butt. Have you gotten fucked yet Chris?” He asked. I wasn’t gonna lie, so I told him the truth. “I... I’ve sucked two guys from school a few times that’s it,” I said nervously. He grinned. “We are gonna have so much fun. Just so you know what I like, I like most everything, but most of all I like to play with a young guys butt. Touch it, lick it, fuck it. Stuff I think you want badly,” he said in a low sexy voice. I just nodded. I was so excited and nervous. “Chris, there’s something I have to do. Lay down on the bed on your tummy. Yeah, that’s it now spread your legs open a little more. Perfect,” he instructed. And then i felt him climb on the bed and crawl between my legs. I had no idea what was next. I felt him lower himself and then I felt his breath, hot as it hit my asscheeks. I felt his hands grab those cheeks and slowly pull them apart. He seemed to get even closer and I heard him inhale deeply. “God your little butt smells so fucking good Chris. So tangy and musky just like it should be,” he whispered.he was so close his face was now basically in my ass crack. And then I felt it. ThAt first flick of a wet tongue, his wet tongue, sliding across my virgin hole. I gasped and bucked, but he had a firm grip as he now lashed out at it, attacking it with his tongue. His mouth was sucking and licking and it had me gasping for breath as I bucked and writhed and learned the ectasy of having a man lick my boy hole. His tongue swirled and teased. It drove strong and deep. His mouth suckled my hole, devouring it. It felt so good I was losing control and making noises I had never made before. It just felt so good. I didn’t even care about my cock. Mr Johnson, Tim, knew how to make my ass feel better than my cock had ever felt. I continued to melt with his attention. It just felt so good. All I cared about was Tim playing with my ass. Whatever I had to do to keep this ecstasy going, to make him want to give my butt attention. He was just so good. It seemed like he loved it as much as me, and I wondered if it made him hard to play with my ass like this. I wondered if he loved my hole as much as I loved him playing with it. I wanted him too. I wanted my hole to please him.
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    Part 2. "Face down, ass up." John didn't say much when we got to his townhouse on the east side of town. I'd never gone home with a stranger, and as he led me to his bedroom, I tried to take in as much as I could. White linen furniture, industrial high ceilings, and brushed copper accents all over a large townhouse that had a new paint smell. "Strip." He watched me as I nervously took my clothes off. Fuck, why does this belt always get stuck. Impatiently, John pushed me on the bed, ripped my pants off, and spread my legs, launching his tongue deep into my ass. Fuck that feels good, I thought. Thank god I prepared for this. From kissing John earlier, I knew his tongue was longer than most. It's what I first recognized. I could almost feel his tongue diving down my throat. And now his tongue was deeper in my ass than any tongue had ever been. Hell, it felt deeper than some of the pencil dick college boys I've messed around with. Slowly swirling around the outside of my ass, then plunging in as deep as he could go. I buried my head in the egyptian pillow in front of me, grabbed on to the soft tufted headboard, and enjoyed the cool breeze from the fan above as his tongue invaded my very tight hole. I felt like I might cum. I reached around to grab my cock, and he swatted my hand away. "You can touch your cock once I'm inside you. Not until then," he commanded. John flipped me over on my back, took off my shirt, then took off his clothes. I felt my ass muscles contract from the cool air as my eyes locked on those massive, plump pecs, lightly covered with a thin layer of dark hair -- that designer chest hair you see in magazines, where it all lays perfectly in the right direction. Looking up at this muscle daddy on top of me, I knew then and there, I'd give him anything he wanted. "You're so beautiful", John said to me, as he slowly kissed my face, my neck, and nibbled ever so slightly on my ears, while I wrapped my arms and legs around his dominating back and tout waist. His long, thick cock gently teasing my hole. I'd never had a bare cock in my ass. And I got nervous as I felt his mushroom head starting to invade my hole. "I'll put on a condom later, but baby I've gotta feel that velvet smooth ass of yours first," he whispered in my ear, causing me to flinch when he gently rubbed his stubble against the sensitive part of my ear. We locked eyes, and inch by inch, John slowly slid his 9" cock into me. I winced in pain a few times, and he slowly leaned down and tugged on my nipples with his teeth and wet mouth. His cock was big -- bigger than I'd ever taken -- and thick. I knew tomorrow, I'd be sore. I finally felt his meaty balls and the bristly hair around his cock press flush against my very full ass. He kissed me, and gently started thrusting in an out. "Feel good?" he asked. "Yes." I reponded. "Yes, what?" He commanded. "Yes, sir," I said. "Call me daddy," John said, giving me a sexy half smile and quickly pulling his cock out to the tip and thrusting it all the way in. "Fuck, daddy," I winced in pain, but it quickly turned to pleasure. John fucked me like I'd never been fucked before. Why did it feel so good? Was it because I'd never had a raw cock in my ass? or was it because of him? I knew later this would be on my mind, among other things. Hard and fast, John mounted me on my stomach, not letting me touch myself. He then pulled me on my knees so that his chest was pressed against the middle of my back. The arch of his cock rubbing right against prostate. He held my stomach, kissed my ear, and in a slow rhythm, my ass fully accepted his cock as a welcome visitor. "You want to cum? You've got to work for it," John said as he spun me around and pulled me onto his lap. Up until this point, I'd forgotten all about a condom. Then I panicked a little. "Should you put on a condom?" I nervously asked. "Do you want me to?" John replied. I paused, I looked down at that beautiful long cock. I slowly moved my eyes up to his pecs, and that stubbly face, and his bald head, and then his deep blue eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck and slowly got on top of him, and slid down his bare cock all the way to the base. "Good boy," John said. I rode him for a few minutes. I was getting close, and I hadn't even touched myself. I was getting close to losing control, when John reached down, grabbed my cock, and jerk it violently. "Cum for me baby boy," John said. I coated his chest in cum, splattering semen all of his pics and chin. "Lick it up," John said. I did -- slowly slurping up the quickly cooling cum from his chest -- and then his chin. Before I could swallow, John kissed me, and his stretched tongue once again invaded my mouth and throat, like he was trying to steal the cum away from me. I felt his cock pulse inside my slightly sore ass, but I wasn't sure if he had cum. John flipped me on my back, grabbed my ankles, and slammed his cock into me. He was no longer fucking me, he was pounding my ass. Relentlessly. Quickly. Owning my hole. The soreness I felt was quickly fleeting, and within 30 seconds, my cock was rock hard again. "You want my cum?" John asked. "Fuck yea, daddy." I said. "Where?" John asked. I didn't know what to say. I'd never had a bare cock, let alone cum in my ass. Did he want to cum inside me? Where else would he want to? Would it be safe? Could a man this beautiful have any wrong intentions? "Tell me you want daddy to breed that boy hole," John said, before I could respond to his first question. I tossed inhibitions to the wind. "Fuck yea, breed my daddy. I want that load deep in my ass." John flashed that sexy grin, then a few second later, I saw his sweaty pecs tense up, and I knew he was about to cum, I was about to get my first load in my ass. But right before he shot, John abruptly pulled out of my ass and sprayed cum, and I mean a lot of fucking cum, all over my chest. Some of it even hit my face and my nose. Fuck, that was hot. Fuck, I wanted that inside me. Fuck, why did he pull out? I was too scared to ask.
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    PART 14 As my heartbeat returned to normal, the combination or Tom’s cock softening and my still spasming hole forced him to slip out of me with a soft plop. As it did, the anxiety kicked back in. Only now it was more confusing. And I wasn’t sure what I felt. I know I felt some guilt over what I was doing. And some guilt for feeling guilty. Four loads of hiv laden sperm shot into me by a guy who I couldn’t seem to resist. Even now, the thought turned me on, just something so strongly attracted me to raw sex. And I was very aware that I was clamping shut in an effort to keep all of his semen in me. I didn’t want any leaking out. But a huge part of me was still screaming wha are you doing? This is so risky. HIV. AIDS. But you keep coming back, I told myself. Hell, I had TWO loads in me now and it was barely afternoon. And I had begged for it. And I didn’t notice this before, but it seemed like Tom almost liked cumming in me more than just fucking me. Like giving me his seed was what mattered most. Maybe that was just my imagination. “Earth to Chris. Are you there sexy boy” Tom joked. I guess I had been really lost in my thoughts. “Sorry, I was just thinking. It’s just, and it feels really really good, I just get nervous... your cum and everything.” I said quietly. He looked at me. “You mean, because I have HIV and you keep letting me cum in you? Is that what you mean?” He asked. I just nodded. “Well, you have had four loads now and you might already have it. Or you don’t. And Chris, this is really it, you can’t stop. Maybe. To be honest, I think you are already too hooked on barebacking. But you could stop and go back to your old life. I don’t think that’s what you want though. I think what you want and really at this point ,what you need is to keep giving in. To live with the consequences of being a cum dump bottom boy. And yeah, end up with hiv. I have friends that would love to give you what you need. I could keep you full every day. I have friends that would come over right now. I already told them about you and they are aching to fuck you. Aching to be inside you when their cocks starts pumping man cum. They all have hiv they wanna share too. I can call them now. You don’t even have to ask. Just nod if you want me too. Nod if you want strange men over here now to cum inside your boy hole.” He said hypnotically. I’d like to say i thought and weighed the options but I didn’t. His words had got me. And slowly, I nodded. And then again. And he grinned. And reached for his phone as i lay back on the bed with his sperm soaking into me.
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    Part 43   As we were coming down from our orgasms, I glanced over towards Hank. He was just groaning out his release of his toxic cum into the boyfriend of the guy who had just fucked me and I was pretty certain that new guy was going to join the poz club soon. His gaping hole was visible from where I lay and was dripping poz cum and Randy, the stripper was just walking up and had a huge hard on and his mammoth cock was ready to inject another load into that previously neg hole. As Randy got ready to ram his cock into the guy, he all at once, held up, and drove his fingers in first. He just rammed them hard and almost destroyed the poor guys hole while dragging his nails on the way out. He did this several times and I could see blood starting to flow and the guy was almost in tears. Then Randy rammed his mammoth cock in deep in one hard thrust, telling the guy, you are definitely going home with HIV tonight now. He then started to just plainly assault the guys hole, which had to tear it even more. The poor guy was whimpering but seemed to be getting almost as much pleasure out of it as pain. He was gasping for breath, also. I was so intent on watching that hole destruction, I didn't notice that Hank had crawled up between my, still wide open legs, and then all at once he stuck his cock into my dripping hole deep. I almost jumped clear off of the couch I was on. He clamped his lips to mine and his tongue invaded my mouth as he started to stroke his cock in and out of my hole. I was totally into it almost immediately and was pushing my ass back onto him on every in thrust, trying to get him deeper and deeper into me. Since Hank had cum already a couple of times that evening, I knew I was in for a long session of my hole being used. We pushed and pulled and caressed each other, over and over again. We almost broke the couch down as it was creaing under us from the pounding. Almost an hour went by before I could feel Hank's cock start to grow and get even harder and I knew he was almost ready to cum. My own cock was twitching and tickling me and I knew I was close also. Another couple of minutes later and I was yelling, I am cumming and my cock spurted and Hank told me my ass was squeezing his cock and he was going to explode and then did, erupting deep inside me and spilling me with his highly toxic cum. OMG, another load of HIV in me, I had now lost count, but wow what magnificent sex. I glanced at the clock and it was almost midnight now.
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    flag Travis pulled his dick out from my ass with slow intention. I felt empty as his thick mushroom head gradually retreated from my tender fuck chute. Once all the way out, he held me tight, sweaty body to sweaty body, my cummy, used bubble butt against his cummy, softening cock. “You know, unlike a woman, a guy can only get pregnant once. A woman can get knocked up with many men’s babies. But a man… A man can only really get knocked up once. I want you to carry my baby. I want to be the one who fertilizes you, who gives you a legacy, makes you what you’re supposed to be. Brad can’t do that for you, but I can.” His tone had taken a gentler turn than it’d been just moments before. We hadn’t yet acknowledged the bug outside of our two sexual encounters. I was still processing it: both turned on and terrified. “I don’t know if… It’s just that, I love Brad. I didn’t mean for this – us – to happen. And it can’t. I can’t…. I can’t cheat on him anymore. I can’t get HIV. I just… this isn’t who I am.” Travis kissed my neck. “It’s who you are meant to be, baby. Think of all the times we talked about raw fucking, how turned on you are by it, how much you crave it. I’m giving you the key to unlock your potential. Freedom to fuck whoever the fuck you want, whenever you want it. And to be mine. I’ve finally planted my flag in you, I’ve claimed you. Don’t turn back now.” I sat up and turned, putting my feet on the ground. I inhaled deeply, exhaled, and said “I gotta shower.” When I emerged from the steamy bathroom, Travis was gone. affix Hours later, the dryer buzzed: our sheets were finally clean. I remade the bed. My phone vibrated: Brad texted that the client was in meltdown mode, and that he’d have to be away for at least another four days. I missed him and felt bad I’d hurt him, even if he didn’t know anything yet. I looked up the clinic’s address and grabbed my car keys off of the counter. I was going to make everything all right. My phone vibrated again, only this time it was Travis. “So are you mine or not?” All my alarms were frantically ringing in my mind. No, of course I’m not, I thought. I’m Brad’s husband. And time is ticking to get treatment from this mistaken tryst, to think of how I’m going to tell Brad about all of this, and to make things right in my marriage. Travis followed up with a photo of his dick that I’d never seen before. In it, he wore a thick, tight cock. His engorged member curved up his slender stomach, veins protruding all along the way, concluding in its perfect mushroom head, which was wet with precum. I could almost taste it through my phone. I was again fixated on Travis’s fuck weapon, and I needed it: it had a power over me. “I need to be serviced. So what’s it gonna be: are you mine or not?” He followed up. I clenched my keys in my fist in mental anguish. That goddam dick. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” I said to myself again as I typed “I’m yours.” He sent me his address. Claimed I pulled into the vinyl-clad apartment complex and continued to doubt my actions. My primal desire for this man’s dick kept me on track toward this unkempt place. I knocked on Travis’s unit. He answered in a wife beater and jeans and ushered me inside. “Take your clothes off.” He said. I complied, exposing my muscular frame and tan lines to him once again. I looked down at my sculpted body and my semi-hard dick and I thought about my husband’s Adonis-like build. I then looked at Travis: a skeleton in comparison, pale, tall, lanky. He certainly had an unrefined cuteness about him, but the physical contrasts between him and me or Brad were sharp. As I stood there naked in his living room, he bolted several locks on the front door. “Bedroom’s back there. Imma grab a beer. I want you ass up, face down on the bed.” My stomach fluttered with nerves as I walked down a short hallway into a messy bedroom. The bed was not made, and the sheets looked old. I climbed onto the bed, knees spread wide, ass up, head down on a formless pillow. He entered the room moments later and grabbed my right wrist. He affixed a rope around it and proceeded to tie it to a corner of the bed. “I don’t think I want to . . . “ I began to turn to tell him that I wasn’t into being tied up. He backhanded me, and I must’ve blacked out in surprise. When I awoke, ropes constrained my hands and feet, and I was spread wide like a star fish on the bed. I felt the familiar sharp pain of dick entering my ass, and a hand between my shoulder blades as leverage. I let out a moan of pain. “Hey boy, welcome back. I’m sorry I hit you. Now don’t question me in that tone again, ok? I don’t want to have to mess up that pretty face of yours.” Travis said from behind as his dick pierced into me. “Can you untie me? I’m not into….” He pushed his dick hard into me, maneuvering his mushroom head a few inches inside me in one thrust, and slapped my ass. “Listen. You’re tied up for your own good. I know you’ve got doubts. I know you’re inclined to run. But I also know your destiny. I knew it from the moment I saw you. Do you want to be mine or not?” I was clear this was rape-like and his language was mentally abusive, but I was also clear that he was right: All of my sexual fantasies had led to this, to him. He pulled out a bit and then slammed back into me, getting closer to my prostrate. “Oh fuck, that hurts – can you slow down?” I said of the entry. “It’s got to hurt some, bitch.” He said I felt his balls brush against my ass. “Your cunt needs to get a little beaten up as sacrifice to the hurt your causing Brad. You’re becoming mine as we speak. My cells are dividing in you, growing, spreading, taking over. And tonight, I’m going to ruin you so that I can remake you.” My fat dick grew from the friction against the sheets of the fuck from behind. I felt his balls slapping against my inner thighs I felt my ass tearing in a way I’d never felt before. His monster cock was wrecking me. “You want to be Poz like me?” He asked with a shortness of breath. I hadn’t really confronted it directly -- to myself or him – yet in such terms. But I knew the answer now, like I’d heard in so many porns and read in so may stories. “Yeah, I want it. I want to be yours. I want to carry your seed, your virus. Knock me up. Make me like you. Give it to me. Make me pregnant with your baby.” I wanted to touch Travis, to touch myself, to turn over and see what this sweaty man assaulting me looked like in this moment of passion. But I was locked into place, my ankles and wrists tied to the four corners of the bed. All I could do was turn my head and glance at Travis with side eye. My dick was leaking precum on the dirty sheets. With each thrust Travis made into me, my cock humped the bed beneath, skin flexing against the mattress. With his dick balls deep in my ass, Travis moved his hips from side to side to side, front to back, up and down, slowly, now, opening my ass, getting my ass ready to be the cum receptacle it was meant to be. He was dripping sweat onto me. His eyes were closed. He was savoring being deep in my hole and just ruining it with each movement he made. Side to side. Back and forth. In and out. “Fuck yeah, baby. You are mine. You’re nothing but a cheating, Poz fuck toy now. My cheating poz fuck toy. Your ass is going to get used and abused so much by so many men after me. You want another dirty load to seal this deal?” “Yeah, give it to me. Poz me. Breed me. Remake me." I said He pulled out and resumed his final fuck pace: he was ready to blow a wad of jizz in my wrecked hole, and crescendo-ed into an intense assault of my chute. I was in ecstasy feeling totally at the control and mercy of my big dicked god. My cock began spurting cum on the sheets. “Fuuccckkk” I screamed, unable to control the flow of semen from my cock. Travis’s eyes rolled back as cum bullets shot deep into my gut, penetrating my DNA inextricably. Volley after volley of Travis’s toxic jiz filled and marked me. He screamed and I moaned in a symphony of passion. After relishing in our orgasms for what felt like an hour, Travis collapsed onto me. Sweaty bodies against one another, he whispered in my ear, “you’re mine.”
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    Part 26, Going into heat. As I entered the house and he closed the garage door, I felt him come up behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders and started to guide me through the house. When we went down the hallway to his bedroom, I felt my cock getting hard in my tight jeans. It is strange how it has been acting lately. Mr C kind of spun me around and sat me on the bed. He got on his knees and pulled my shoe off. Funny I didn't have socks on, I thought I had put them on in the morning before work. He ran his hands over my feet and massaged each one for a minute. He then stood up and moved toward the bathroom. As he entered the bathroom, he then turned around like he remembered something and walked to the night stand of the bed. He pulled out two little prescription bottles. He handed me three pills and bottle of water and said, 'here, take these'. I looked into my hand and there was one of the big blue diamond vitamins and two other big blue pills. Before I could say anything he said, 'I know you had a couple diamond vitamins this morning, but I think another would be in order and the other two blue pills are good for whatever ails you, there are some new bugs going around that one house today and I dont want you to get sick.' Then I heard something under his breath like 'well, just yet anyway...until I know it is mine'. B But whatever, I popped all three in my mouth and washed them down. I heard him running water into the bathtub and I laid back on the bed for a minute with my feet hanging over the edge. A minute later he came back in the room and I felt him undoing my pants. He raised my legs up with one hand and was taking my pants down with the other. As I looked at him a little funny wondering what he was doing, he looked at me and said.... ' You have had a rough day and I am going to pamper you and give you a great shave.' I ran my hand across my face, there wasnt even any razor stubble, being super smooth sure has its down sides I thought. I mentioned, 'Mr C, I dont think there is enough to worry about shaving'. He commented back, 'It not your face I will be working on'. He suddenly picked me up like a bride going across the threshold and carried me into the bathroom, I was totally naked and my cock was not cooperating and was hard and leaking on my belly. When we go over to the Jacuzzi tub he sat me on the edge and felt the water. He shut it off and took something that looked like soap ball and dropped it into the water and it fizzed up. He motioned for me to get in and I slid into the extra large tub. I laid there and closed my eyes. I heard him leave the room and figured by how quiet it was that he left the bedroom as well. I was laying there thinking of how amazing the last two days have been and how thankful I was for all Mr. C has done for me. I then dozed off as I laid there in the warm tub. I instantly started dreaming right where my awake thoughts were taking me. Remembering the first day of work and then I started having strange things enter into my dream. Strange, like Mr. C was dressed in leather and smoking a cigar and he was petting me and staring at me from between my legs. My body felt amazing and in my dream I started to play with myself in the water. One hand went to my cock and the other went between my legs. I was circling my hole with my finger like I was rubbing the edge of a flower. It was like a flower opening, starting out small and opening wide, into full bloom right before my eyes. This beautiful open flower. I felt this heat come over me. A few minutes I heard a voice, 'Lukas I love how comfortable you look'. My eyes flew open and I realized my hand was fisting my cock and Mr. C was standing in the doorway. I quickly pulled my hand off my cock and put it under the foam suds of the tub. 'Don't stop on my account, I know boys need relief', he said softly and turned back into the bedroom and I heard Mr C. back in the room doing something. I felt so comfortable. It was strange, a couple days ago I felt stroking my cock was dirty and a sin and now I was doing it right in front of my neighbor and friend and didn't feel self conscious about it at all. I noticed Mr. C had pulled the blinds in the room as the bedroom had gotten darker. He came back in the bathroom and got some extra towels and as he was going back into the bedroom said, 'stay there just a couple more minutes, I am almost ready for your massage and shave'. 'Massage and shave?' I asked in a questioning voice? 'I havent ever had a massage before'. 'Well this is another first for you tonight, one of several I hope,' Mr C said. My cock jumped and I noticed he had changed into a tight tank top and short gym shorts, Wow, his body is muscular and covered in that gorgeous carpet of fur. A couple minutes later, I heard some soft but very interesting music, it was soothing, yet with a base tone that I could feel in my soul a little bit at times. The lights were all off but it looked like the glow of candles in the room. He came into the bathroom and told me to stand up. As I did he released the drain and the tub started to empty. By the time I had got to my feet he had a towel and instead of wrapping it around me, he started to dry me off. I started to grab the towel and he said in a soft yet stern voice, 'no, relax boy, I got you.' Damn, my cock jumped again and I saw a snicker in his smile and a sparkle in his eye as he looked at me. He started at my head and slowly but carefully worked his way down and had me slowly turn so he could do all sides of me. 'That's really nice', I softly said. By the time he was down to by belly, he grabbed a different towel. I was crazy soft and tickled a little bit. As he dried my butt, I raised my leg and rested it on the side of the Jacuzzi. He pushed a little on my lower back and I bent over a little bit. He very carefully dried my nuts from behind and very slowly and delicately went over my asshole. He dried back and forth a few times and I felt a quick sharp pain. He softly rubbed it afterward and said, 'sorry boy, you had a lone hair there near your hole. I could have waited and shave it off, but those longer ones should be pulled out rather than shaved off, they wont grow back as fast that way.' As he motioned for me to turn around, a bit glob of precum was starting to trail off my cock head and my cock was almost as full mast. He snickered again and extended his tongue and caught the long string of precum dangling off the end of my rock hard cock. He looked up at me and said 'Damn, I knew yours would be that sweet.' And he brought the towel up to dry off more of my cock and thighs. I was looking down at him sitting on a stool next to the tub and said, 'I wondered if it was ok to taste that' 'Taste your precum?' he asked me. 'Yeah, I had some on my hand once and I didnt have a towel and I was ready for church so I didnt want to get my clothes dirty so I licked if off my hand. I thought it tasted amazing and ever since then I taste it when I jack off. Do you think that is normal Mr. C?' 'Oh fuck yes, it should be a crime not too, that is your amazing nectar and should be enjoyed. And Lukas, I have to say, yours was the best I have ever had.' 'Ever had? You have done that before? Like to who?' 'Lukas, do you know what it means to be gay or bi? 'Yeah, we learned about it in bible school and in church and my dad talked about it a lot. Like all the time. But also my friends talked about in school too and said some other things. 'Yes I am sure your bible thumping father had a lot to say about it. What do you think about it?' 'Well, one my friends at school is gay, so I mostly go by what he says. He said he has just always known he is attracted to men, he said he just always looked at them and just feels warm inside. And he said when he gets really worked up he has even done some things at a park here in town and some other guys he finds on his phone. He teases me sometimes that I should let him show me how good it can feel.' 'What did you say and think about that Lukas?' 'Well I was flattered because all the girlssay he is really hot, but I told him, I don't really feel anything toward him like that. He said he thinks it is because he is a twig. Oh wait, no, he is a twink, which means like small skinny guy. But he said he can tell I am more of a boy myself' My feet were now pretty much all dried off and another long string of precum was about to drip off my cock. He leanded in an took the strand of precum on his tongue. My cock bobbed and it accidentally slapped him on the tongue as he withdrew his tongue back in his mouth and he said 'Yes I am aware of what a twink is. What did he mean by he thinks you are a boy yourself?' 'Well according to him he watched me in class and apparently I look at the teachers the same way he does and he thinks I am one of them gays too'. As he helped me step out of the tub he said, 'what do you think of his comment?' 'I don't know, I guess I get a tingle sometimes when I see certain people'. 'A tingle?' he asked 'Yeah, like when I see certain men I get this flushed feeling come over me and my balls tingle a little. Well, sort of my nuts, but it is down a little lower.' 'Lower? Do you get that feeling when you see beautiful women? 'Well it sort of feels like my asshole tingles and flexes. Not a lot, I just get this wave of heat come over me and my asshole like tingles and tightens. And no, not really with women, mostly with certain guys only'. As we reached the bedroom, the lights were all off and there were tons of candles burning and there was something covering the bed. He walked me over to the bed and I felt it. 'It is a rubber sheet Lukas. It will make you feel good during your massage and shave and wont get the bed all dirty.' My cock is at the same height of the bed and as I stood next to the bed, my rock hard cock slide across the colder rubber sheet. It was super soft and slippery at the same time. As I pulled my cock back, it had left a snail trail of precum across the rubber. Mr C had come up behind me and said. 'Well, I have had a couple tastes already, why dont you have that one?' 'I havent ever done this with someone else watching' 'Well today is all about trying things for the first time.' And with that, I bent over, my butt pressing against his gym shorts and slowly licked my precum off the rubber sheet. As I stood up he spun me around and kissed my forehead and said 'see, that wasn't so bad was it?' 'No Mr. C, you make everything better'. 'Oh you have no idea how much I hope that is the case. Now climb onto the bed and lay on your stomach, yes, well.... more in the middle, there, yes, ok, great, very good boy' he said. 'So Lukas, did you know that I was bi when I was your age'? 'Really, you have had sex with a man?' 'Well, more than you can imagine actually, but yes. Actually I have sex with women less and less over the years as I realized I really love men and what you can do with a man.' 'Wow, I had no idea, you are so masculine. I bet you could have any gay guy you wanted. Why dont yo have a boyfriend or a husband, you can do that now you know? He snickered again and said, 'yes I had read something about that. Well, honestly, you know Uncle Terry?' 'Why yes of course. Oh wait. You mean, you and him. Is he your boyfriend?' 'Well we are partners, yes.' 'Oh wow, that's awesome, he is great. He wont get upset I am here will he? I mean I don't want him to think funny of this?' 'Uncle Terry doesn't mind at all, he has really enjoyed getting to know you better, so yes, he loves it, and you aren't really gay anyway right Lukas?' I felt this very warm liquid being poured on my back as Mr. C started to rub it slowly but steadily up and down my spine. 'Wow, that feels incredible.' I said as his hands focused on my shoulders and upper back 'I love this massage oil, he has relaxation properties and really helps your muscles relax and open up with the right pressure.' he said as he poured even more on and some ran down the side of my belly and chest and onto the rubber sheet. I laid there and we talked and talked while he massaged me. My cock was rock hard against the slippery combination of oil and sheet. And Mr C was straddling my legs and now rubbing my lower back and buttocks. The pressure on my butt cheeks felt incredible, I had never known such feelings exist in my skin. 'Oh dear' Mr C said, 'I am getting oil on my shorts. Do you mind if I take them off Lukas'? And before I could even answer, I felt him standing up, his left foot on the outside but touching my left knee, his right foot tight in next to my right knee. He must have pulled his shirt off over his head because I felt it land right next to my forehead. The then lifted each leg and took each foot out of his shorts. He tossed his shorts onto of the tshirt, just inches away from my face and nose. As he knelt back down he said, 'There, that feels better' and I could feel the hair from his butt on my knees and I could feel his heavy cock laying between my legs just above my knees. I breathed in deep and could smell his man scent coming off his shorts and t shirt and I felt his hands move more to the inside of my ass crack. '
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    PART 2 Jason had been busy at work since he had had his hot night with his new daddy, whose real name turned out to be Bill. That was two nights ago. Jason was honestly surprised, other than his throat being a little sore he hadn’t really notice anything else. He wrapped up the paperwork he was doing and clocked out for the day. Just as he got up from his chair, he got a text message from Bill. Bill: How are you doing, boy? Any symptoms yet? Jason: Just a little sore throat but that’s all so far daddy Bill: Damn. Well, it’s bound to happen eventually. We’ll give it a bit more time. I’ll be expecting to see you tomorrow, though. DO NOT make plans. Jason hadn’t made any plans yet, and since it would be the weekend, he would have the whole day off, too. He went to the bathroom one more time before his long commute home, and as he leaned against the wall and began to piss into the urinal, he noticed an intense stinging sensation coming from his cock. It was gradual at first but got stronger and more painful as he continued. It got the point where he found himself shoving his mouth against his shoulder sleeve to stop from screaming. “Fuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkk. Was that… was that IT?” Jason asked himself in the, thankfully, empty bathroom as he caught his breath. As soon as he zipped up and thoroughly washed his hands, he got on his phone and texted Bill. Jason: Daddy! I just peed, and it HURT SOOO BAD! Bill: That makes your daddy sooo happy, baby! Looks like my little bugs latched on after all! Jason smiled, not because of the new symptom, but because his new daddy had finally called him something other than boy. He had called him baby. He liked it. It felt enduring to him. Bill: Change of plans I guess. If you have plans tonight, cancel them. Come over! Jason: Yes, daddy! Jason did a little dance in the bathroom in excitement and walked as fast as he could to his car. He drove home as fast as he could, practically running a few stoplights just so that he could get home and start cleaning himself a bit faster. Once he got home, he douched (noticing a slight tingle of pain as he inserted his douche into his ass), showered as quickly as possible and texted his daddy that he was on his way over to his apartment. When he got to Bill’s apartment, he opened the door and pulled Jason in as quickly as he could. Jason looked down and saw that his daddy wasn’t wearing anything at all and was standing naked in the entryway to his apartment. He pulled Jason into a deep kiss, and they both explored each other’s mouths with their tongues. “How’s your cock feeling now, boy?” Bill asked. “Kinda weird. Like a continuous, throbbing pain.” “Oh really, now?” his daddy said as he started to unto Jason’s pants, “I bet- Ah ha! I thought so.” Bill had pulled Jason’s cock out of his pants and saw that it was dripping a cream-colored discharge. “So that’s what that feeling was. It hurt, but not nearly as much as it did when I peed earlier.” “Fuck that’s hot that you got my little bugs in you, boy. And for being such a good little boy, I think you deserve a treat.” “Oh, really daddy! What is it?” Jason said, puffing out his bottom lip for dramatic effect. “I want you to coat the insides of your daddy’s ass with your nasty gono bugs, boy!” Bill said as he pulled Jason’s pants all the way down and took off his shirt. “Fuck! Really, daddy?! That sounds so hot! I can’t wait!” Jason said as his daddy took his hand and pulled him down the hall towards his bedroom. His daddy got on the bed, laid down on his back, pulled his legs up and stuck his feet in the air, revealing his hairy, puckered asshole. “Fuck, daddy! Your hole is so beautiful.” “Well, get over here and shove that nasty boy dick in it already. Your daddy’s getting impatient.” Jason hurried up and got on the bed and positioned his daddy’s legs on his shoulders. He was still dripping discharge, so he rubbed what had built up all over his hole. “Fuck yes, boy! Rub that infected dick snot on my hole. That’s a good boy!” “Where’s your lube, daddy?” “You’re using it, boy. If you have to, use spit, but I only want you or your bug in my hole tonight. Tear my ass up and re-infect your daddy.” A glob of precum and discharge spat out and landed right on his daddy’s hole. Jason winced from the pain and only imagined the pain that he’d be feeling when he actually came. He smeared the discharge on his daddy’s hole a little more before he started to press into his daddy with his cock. At first, his hole wouldn’t open and accept his boy cock, but Jason pushed a little harder and his daddy’s hole opened just enough for him to enter. Jason had accidentally slid in about half the length of his cock with his hard thrust before being stopped by Bill’s tight sphincter. “Fuck, boy! You sure take directions well.” He said with a wince. “Sorry, daddy.” “Don’t be sorry, baby. Tear your daddy’s ass up. Fuck me hard and dump that infected seed up my chute.” It turned Jason on, hearing his daddy beg for his infected load and he, quickly, jabbed his daddy all the way to the hilt of his cock. Bill screamed in pain as he was, undoubtedly, torn up by Jason’s jabs. Jason then pulled out and dashed back in quickly like his daddy had done the other night to him. His daddy practically screamed as Jason rammed his asshole with his boy cock. Over and over again, he watched his daddy’s face wince and contort in pain as he nailed him against the mattress below. “Fuck! Wait!” Jason stopped as Bill made a “T” with his hands in front of his chest. Jason immediately stopped pumping his daddy’s ass but didn’t pull out. “Are you ok, daddy? Was I hurting you too much?” “You’re fine, baby boy. Just… your daddy needed to slow down a bit.” “Oh, ok. Sorry.” Jason said as he looked down at his daddy’s face. He felt his dick twitch as, doubtless, a glob of discharge was spewing from the end of his cock. The bugs that his daddy had given him were being reunited with their original host. He winced with the pain before he looked down and noticed that his daddy’s dick was still oozing discharge too. Very gently, Jason wiped the discharge that was coming out of his daddy’s cock with his pointer finger and slowly brought it up to his daddy’s lips. At first, Bill looked confused but saw the tenderness in his boy’s eyes. He opened his mouth and accepted the boy’s finger, tasting the tangy, silkiness of his own discharge. Without saying anything, his boy leaned down and kissed his daddy deeply, tasting the discharge his daddy had just licked off his finger. As he was kissing him, Jason began to, slowly, fuck his daddy again. This time he took his daddy’s hole gently, he probably had already done any damage his daddy had wanted to be done. The more Jason fucked his daddy, the more painful discharge he felt leaking into his rectum and coating his torn up chute. He wanted to cum, but, at the same time, he was scared of the pain he knew he was going to endure. “Daddy, I’m scared of cumming. I know it’s going to hurt so bad.” He said as he slowed down even more. “I want to, but I’m just scared.” Bill looked up into the young man’s face and saw the fear painted there and felt his responsibility as the boy’s daddy surge. He pulled Jason down on top of him and hugged him. Surprised, Jason stopped pumping in and out of his daddy’s ass with his cock. His daddy nuzzled his head against the boy’s own and ran his fingers and hand across Jason’s back. Jason felt the safest he had ever felt in his life. “You’re daddy’s here, boy. It’s going to hurt, but I’m going to be here for you, alright?” “Alright, daddy. Thank you!” “Now fuck that load into me, boy!” “Yes, sir!” Jason began to fuck his daddy, this time a little harder than before, though not necessarily as hard as he did at the start. His daddy moaned into his ear since they were still embracing. His daddy’s moans turned him on, and the discharge that his daddy’s cock was oozing unto his belly drove him over the edge. He started to feel his balls tingle with the infected cum he was about to shoot. He was afraid, but he was able to suppress his fear with the flood of endorphins that were running through his system. “Fuck, daddy! I’m about to cum!” “Yeah! Give me that infected jizz, baby. Fill you daddy’s hole with those dirty gono bugs.” “Fuck! I’m cumming in your ass daddy! My boy dick hurts soooo bad! Fuck, daddy! OWWW!” Jason nearly screamed as he flooded his daddy’s torn up rectum with infected seed. The pain was so bad that tears came to his eyes. “Fuck yes! I feel your bugs flooding into me, boy!” He held Jason against him and spoke into his ear, “You’re doing good, boy. Daddy’s got you. I’m here. Pump that load into me. Mark you daddy’s hole.” Jason gave one last jab with his infected cock and yelped as the last bit of painful, gono infected jizz filled his daddy. It was at that moment, as his boy’s cock twitched one last time, depositing his dirty load deep inside of him, that Bill noticed that he was started to have feelings for him. He hadn’t even bothered to learn his name yet, and still, he couldn’t imagine him leaving to go back home. He couldn’t imagine not being with him even for one more night. He wouldn’t say that he was “in love” with him, but he was starting to REALLY like him. It was without a doubt that Jason felt the same way, though he was quickly falling in love with his daddy. He wasn’t there yet, but he could easily see himself falling in love with the man that was holding him against his chest. Eventually, Jason rolled off of Bill, and they laid in the bed, side by side. “Fuck, boy! That was the greatest fuck I’ve had in a long while. And even hotter with the dirty deposit you made.” He said before planting a kiss on his cheek. “And look at that; your cock’s got some of my blood on it, too. Would have knocked me up for sure.” “What?” “Never mind. Say, would you like to spend the weekend here?” A smile instantly spread across Jason’s face. “I would love to, but are you sure, daddy?” “Of course I’m sure that I want my boy here with me.” He said before a smile spread across his face. He looked at the clock and saw that it was already pretty late. “Fuck, we should probably get to sleep already. We’re going to need our strength for tomorrow. I’m taking you to the bathhouse that’s around the corner.” “Wow! Really, daddy? I’ve always wanted to go, but I never had the time and-“ Jason stopped himself and started to laugh. “What?” “I was too afraid I’d catch something.” They both laughed. “Well, there’s still other stuff out there that we could catch, but at least you’ll be on the gifting end for one of them.” “What if we get more?” Jason asked as the mood suddenly turned serious. “Well… how would that make you feel?” “Honestly, I don’t know anymore. The thought of getting even one had always terrified me, but now that I have one and I have a bit of you inside of me… I don’t know. If it weren’t for the pain, I’d probably be sorry to see them go when the time comes.” “What if you were POZZED?” “You mean like HIV?! I REALLY don’t know about that.” “What if I were to POZ you?” “ARE you POZ, daddy?” Jason timidly asked. “No, I’m not. At least not that I know of. But what if I were to catch it and give it to you? How would you feel about that?” “I don’t know, daddy. That’s a HUGE decision and an IRREVERSIBLE one. Would YOU want to?” “IF I were POZ, I would love to have my DNA permanently be apart of my boy. I know there’s WAY more to it than that, but, from that standpoint alone, of course, I would want to.” Jason hadn’t thought about his daddy permanently being a part of him before, but it was still too big of a decision to take lightly. “For now, though, we still have another bug in our bed to keep us company and your cock should be cleaned before we fall asleep.” “You’re probably right. Where’s your bathroom?” Jason said as he started to get up. His daddy pushed him back down on the bed and, without saying anything, sucked Jason’s cum, blood and discharge covered cock into his mouth. He licked his tongue all around the shaft of his dick as he bobbed up and down. He swallowed the blood from his ass and even stuck his tongue into Jason’s urethra, making him wince, as he lapped up any discharge he could taste. He pulled off Jason’s cock and went up to kiss him. Jason tasted his daddy’s ass juices and blood. His daddy pulled back from him, “By the way? What’s your name, boy?” They both laughed, especially since his daddy’s ass juices were still floating around Jason’s mouth as he asked. “My name’s Jason, daddy.” “Jason, huh? I like it.” Jason smiled. “Jason, there’s only one time when I DON’T want you to call me daddy, ok?” “Ok.” “That’s when you I kiss you goodnight. You can call me by my name then. I probably won’t be too picky about it in public either, but when we’re in the apartment, make sure to call your daddy… well… daddy.” “Ok, daddy,” Jason said before his daddy leaned over and kissed Jason. “Goodnight, Jason.” “Goodnight, Bill,” Jason said as they both rolled over and fell asleep. Jason fell asleep pretty quickly but woke up when he noticed that something was in his ass. His daddy had woken up in the middle of the night and had started to fuck him while he was asleep. “Sorry, boy. It’s just I rolled up against your hole, and I knew that I’d have to plant a load deep in there before I could go to sleep again.” “Fuck, daddy. Don’t stop! I love having your thick gono cock in me. Use my asshole, daddy. Use my boy hole and give me your load!” Jason moaned as his daddy continued to pound his chute. The idea that his daddy took his hole as his property to use whenever he wanted turned him on. “Fuck, Jason. You’re going to make me cum already, baby!” His daddy said as he started to buck more wildly in and out of Jason’s asshole. “SHIT! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I’m cumming! I’m dropping more of my gono bugs inside that little boy hole of yours, Jason! FUCK!” Bill said as he spasmed against Jason’s ass. He screamed in pain as the bug tore through his urethra and flooded Jason’s rectum. Bill pulled Jason tight against him as the last of his spasms died out and before they knew it, both of them had fallen back to sleep.
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    Got a hit on Grindr... his profile didn't really say anything, but once we got chatting he revealed himself as a student in a nearby highschool who had just turned 18. Hmmm... OK, let's go for it, then - I said yes to a hookup. He arrived, a gorgeous young man, muscular type... "Do you workout"? "Well, I'm a boxer" he said... that was just .... wow. He quickly got rid of his clothes, revealing a nice cock, and as a good daddy bottom, I got down to suck it. Tasted wonderful, of course. Soon enough, he wants to fuck. Rips open a condom - imagine my disappointment - puts it on and shoves his cock in me. FUCK, the boy is horny. He fucks me hard and long - I'm almost asking for a break, when he grunts heavily and cums in the condom. I take it off and stun him by licking his cock clean. After a few days, he contacts me again. Same thing. Condom on, fucks me like hell, cums and I lick him off. Third time, I'm thinking - hey, maybe not continue this, he's cute, but the condom is such a turnoff..This time... he fucks me like hell, but somewhere in the middle, I feel the condom breaking. His pace doesn't stop - he continues fucking me hard.... and cums right in my ass... Brings the cock out and goes... "sorry" and looks guilty... I ask him - "Did you like it?" - he reluctantly agrees that he liked it a lot. Hmmm... maybe I can convert him to a real bareback fucker... Fourth time - he shows up... flops down on my bed, naked. Cock in the air, rock hard. Of course, I suck him (I'm quite good at it) again.... he tastes like heaven... precum... then he says - "I want to bareback you". Music to my ears... "Are you sure?" - "Fuck yes" No hesitation - his cock fills my cunt immediately in one swift push.... and as every young man he fucks hard, deep and fast.... and fills my ass up with delicious student cum again. Man, I'm in heaven... He's been fucking me the latest month, bare - I've made him into a barefucker extraordinaire... Latest time (yesterday) he's fucking me again.... and ... "I love you man"... Whoa. But I guess, it's the wonderful ass he's fucking....
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    Chapter 2 We arrived at Martin’s level, Martin said goodbye and left the elevator. I still had a raging hard-on and my hole needed some cum tonight. So I pulled out my iPhone and checked Grindr. There were some young guys very close but since my first sex I was into daddies. So I closed Grindr and checked Scruff instead. There was one hot daddy very close - he must have used the hotel wifi too. He was not as hot as Martin. I did not really like his smile but I liked the grey hair, the blue sunglasses he was wearing and the small belly you could see through his shirt. He must be airline staff too as this hotel was primarily used by airlines. I guessed he was senior cabin attendant. He had been offline for more than five hours, so I did not expect him to be at the hotel anymore. Nevertheless I woofed him. Maybe I was lucky. I wished the flight attendant a good night and left the elevator at my level. I had to walk quite a distance to my room, so I checked Scruff multiple times. I saved his profile as favourite as the cabin attendant hadn’t logged in yet. He used the name Bjørn on Scruff so I googled it and found out that it was a Scandinavian first name meaning bear. Did that mean he is hairy? I’d appreciate that. I arrived at my room, unlocked the door and started to undress while walking in. I usually didn’t wear any clothes at home or in a hotel room. I loved to let my pierced dick be free. About a year ago I decided I wanted to have a prince albert piercing. So after thinking about it for some days I went to a shop and got it. The first day I immediately regretted the decision as it didn’t stop bleeding - especially not if I got hard which happened very easily. Luckily after one day and with the help of a friend who was a surgeon the bleeding stopped and I loved playing with the ring. Luckily the ring usually didn’t trigger the sensors at the airport. So now I was lying on my bed, stroking my hard cock, playing with my hole when the room phone suddenly ringed. I jumped a bit as it was very late and I hadn’t expected someone to call me. I answered the phone and smiled when I heard Martin’s voice. “Uhm hey pal… I feel really awake now and thought we could do the briefing for our flights tomorrow now so we could sleep long.” I totally wasn’t interested to talk about our fuel calculations or specials about the flights at 1am in the morning but my cock told me I should go. “Sure, sounds great. I’ll be at your room in about 5 minutes.” - “Awesome! I’m looking forward to it!” I jumped into my shorts again - but this time without any underwear -, grabbed my shirt and flight bag and walked out of my room. It felt like an eternity walking to Martin’s room and my shorts were full of pre-cum when I arrived. Martin immediately opened his door when I knocked and was still wearing his clothes from our “date” at the bar. His gaze went from my face down to my bulge and stayed on the wet spot of pre-cum. He smiled when he asked me in. I realized his flight bag was still packed away. I leaned forward to open mine and my shorts slipped down a bit, giving Martin a perfect view of my ass crack. “So what do you want to talk about first?” Martin did not answer and I caught him staring at my crack. “Well… I want to be honest with you. I didn’t call because of the briefing.” I looked at him and I loved his insecurity. I stepped closer, feeling his breath on my face. I took his big palm and kissed him. It took him some time to get used to it but when the ice broke he became like a wild bear. His tongue when so deep into my mouth I had to step back a bit. Martin grabbed the back of my head and kept on kissing me deep. My cock started dripping again and it felt as if my shorts were already soaked in pre-cum. After what felt like an eternity Martin let got of me and pushed me on his bed. He took off his shirt and I gasped. “Oh fuck!” There it was - the perfect dad bod. He did not have a six-pack but a nice round belly. Above the belly there were some thick tits with big nipples. He had a healthy skin tone but that didn’t matter anyway as everything was covered with black fur - even his shoulders. I loved every inch of it and started to take of my shirt when Martin took my hands. “Let your daddy do this for you!” Holy shit. He was into dad-son-roleplay. I knew I would do everything to get his load up my ass. I did not bring any of my special condoms that used to break when the top fucked an ass. So I tried to think of any possibility to break one of his condoms without him realizing but was so distracted by the view I could not grab a thought. Martin’s left hand played with my crack while his right hand took of my shirt. When it was off he licked my nipples. I usually was not into titplay but I loved his tongue on me so I encouraged him to go on. Martin licked all over my chest and opened my shorts. He pulled them down and when my bent pierced cock jumped out he stared at it and just said “Wow”. In the next second my cock was down his throat. He easily took it all the way in and massaged it with his tongue. It felt good and bad at the same time. It was obvious that Martin had sucked cock before but not recently and especially not a pierced cock. I didn’t want to discourage him so I just closed my eyes. After some time Martin grabbed me by my hips and just turned me around. He started massaging my back which I loved as I just liked being touched by him. He kept a good pace and the perfect strength to relax the muscles. It just felt great and I realized I drifted away until he touched my butt and spread my cheeks. “Uhm Martin I haven’t taken a shower and I’m not cleaned out.” - “Good boy, I like it spicy”. He dived into my ass and started licking my hole. It was exactly what I needed. At first he just licked it but after some time he pushed his tongue into my hole and tongue-fucked it. “You like that, son?” - “Yes dad, please keep on going.” - “Push it out. I want to taste it all.” I started pushing and Martin just kept on licking. I hadn’t done anything like this before but already loved it. He licked some of his fingers and stuck them in my hole. I don’t know how long he kept licking and finger-fucking my hole but when he stopped I begged him to keep on going. “Easy boy. I think you’ll love what’s next.” I heard him unzip his trousers and wanted to turn around when he slapped my butt. “Don’t turn around boy. You will lick it clean afterwards and then you can see it!” I did what he told me and just presented my hole. He slapped his cock on my hole and pushed the head in. “Ouch!” It was too dry and hurt a bit, so he took his cock out. He spat on his hand and rubbed it all on his dick before pushing it in again. It felt perfect. It filled my hole and I never wanted it to leave it again. He kept a slow pace in the beginning. “Dad please fuck me.” - “Oh I will son. I definitely will!” He started fucking harder and harder and pressed my face down into the sheets. I felt like a worthless slut. I loved it! “Oh boy, here it comes. I will fill your spicy hole with my cum!” He groaned and I felt his cock injecting his seed into my ass. He broke down on top of me and just stayed there for a long time. I felt exhausted and empty when he pulled his cock out of my ass. “Turn around son!” I did as I was told and could see his cock for the first time. It was thick and uncut with big hairy balls and still stood straight ahead. I could see it was full of ass juice, cum and a bit of blood and it was clear he had fucked me bareback. “Lick it clean son!” I did as I was told and loved it. After his cock was clean again he took me in the arm and we just laid there until we fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night when my iPhone sent me a notification that Bjørn had woofed me and written me a message. I ignored it and laid back down on Martin’s big hairy chest. He played with my hole and stuck a finger up it before we fell asleep again.
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    "I need a new home." This is the first greeting message that I received from Grindr when I switched on my grindr at my hotel after a long day meeting near London, having traveled there from my home town some 200 miles to the north. " Sorry I'm not a local here, I probably can't help you with that. Or did you sent a message to me in error?" I asked out of courtesy. Our conversation carried on from there and we agreed to meet at a local sleazy bar for some drinks. I douched and headed my way out. I arrived at the bar. My mystery man was a cool looking daddy bear, looking slightly better than his pics, wearing a singlet for the summer. I bought him drinks, we exchanged pleasantries, and within thirty minutes he again was bitching about needing a new home. "Whats wrong with your home?" I asked out of curiousity. "It's just getting bored with my current home. I just want to live in a new home," he replied. He refused to elaborate more about his home when I tried probing further, and he stood up and twitched his neck sideway, signalling me to follow him to check out the door room area of the bar. Within five seconds of having ventured into the dark room, it was pitch dark and he was holding my hand and we found a cosy corner and started making out. He striped my shirt and threw it few feet away and, kissing me passionately, he began rubbing his spit-lubed fingers on my arse. He also unzipped his trousers, withdrew his dick and, without a word to me even suggesting I suck it, he turned me around, placed his cockhead against my hole, and dove right in with one stroke, remaining there for several seconds, flexing his dick muscle, making me moan a little. He apparently took my moan as an approval, as he began fucking me, doing so smoothly for about five minutes. Then he picked-up his momentum, his pace became increasingly ragged, and his thigh muscles tightened as he whispered in my ear "My virus needs a new home in which to live," blowing his load deep into my hole. It took me couple seconds to realise what that phrase means and pushed him away, albeit a wee too late. I pulled-up my boxers and my pants, retrived my t-shirt and went out of the dark room, but he wasn't there anymore. About five minutes later I received another Grindr notification from my phone. It was that same guy, and his message was simply "I need a new home."
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    The morning went by slowly. I saw three clients, which helped. But every unoccupied moment was consumed with the thought of what was coming. The pouch of my jockstrap was moist with precum. I had to piss midmorning and it took forever. My cock popped out of my fly rock hard and I pissed all over the place. I don't really remember what I was thinking, All I remember was the constant throb of my cock, the near continuous stream of precum, and a gut desire for AIDS cum. Chris's AIDS cum. And that's what it was - AIDS cum. Chris was no longer just a guy living with HIV. He was a full-blown, headed for death sooner than later, person with AIDS. The mere thought made my cock throb and my gut churn. It was all I could do not to wank a load out in the toilet. But I didn't want to diminish this lust. I had no desire to lighten the darkness that had invaded my being. I wanted this lust, this craving for seed, this unbridled need for HIV. And I had no doubt that after today, whether I ended up positive or not, I was destined to be driven by one thing - sex, cock, ass, semen, men of all ages and types. Sex anywhere and everywhere with anyone who would fuck me or I could fuck. I wanted college boys in restrooms, men in locker rooms, strangers in cruise parks, toilets, porno shops and baths. I did an intake with a decent looking Hispanic man, maybe 28, his wife and new baby with him. I fantasized about fucking him on my desk. Fantasized about filling him with demonseed and taking his sweet hetero cum in my own body. Converting his clean, sweet, innocent body into a vehicle of death. First him, then he would spread it to his wife, his friends, some random strangers in the parks. God, I needed to fuck, to be death-fucked and soon. And I would be. The clock hit noon and I hit the door. Lunch would be another douche and a protein shake. I still wasn't going to touch my dick. I finished my final prep and my work prep for the meeting (though I doubted there would be any work done) and it was 130. I headed to Chris's apartment. Headed into my destiny. Shaking with lust and anticipation. Fantasizing again. This time about my beautiful husband. Fantasizing about his tight beautiful body, his full sensual lips, his hard cock and tight hole. I fantasized about my cock sliding into him slowly, slick with precum and disease. Slowly into his body as he kisses me and licks me chest. Slowly bottoming out as he throws back his head and moans loudly, "I love you baby. Love you. Fill me with you." Not knowing I am murdering him, liberating him with every deep cruel thrust. Fucking him wildly my hands around his throat, squeezing until he struggles. Letting him breathe again and beg for me. Beg for my cock. Beg for my seed. Begging in his blissful trust and ignorance for HIV to spew from my body into his clean battered hole. Fuck!. I had to stop. I was gonna make myself cum without even touching myself. Worse, I was gonna run my car into a telephone pole I was so distracted. I flipped on the radio and opened the windows. I listened to some Baptist preacher yammer on about hell and salvation. I didn't care. It was something to take my thoughts somewhere other than Chris and my christening into the brotherhood of AIDS. I wanted the preacher's hell if it got me what I wanted - total abandonment to fucking and lust and base carnal desire. I pulled into the parking lot at Chris's place just in time to see a wasted looking skaterpunk entering the door of his apartment. I knew then I was doomed and would be the hole and vessel for Chris and his friends. I parked, smiled and breathed deep. Stepped out of the car adjusting my hard cock and leaving the paperwork on the front seat. I headed to Chris's door with nothing but lust and greed for cum searing my soul.
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    PART 1 URLastDaddy: You must be willing to submit to me in every way. Is that understood? MintBoy: Yes, sir. URLastDaddy: I’m not fucking around here. I’m going to push you and what I have in mind for your delicious ass is fucked up, boy. MintBoy: What do you have in mind, sir? URLastDaddy: That’s not for a little faggot boy like you to know or even ask. Are you in or not? Jason thought about it for a minute. He wanted a daddy, someone to take him in and to make him the sub that he knew he was, but his guy seemed intense. Deep down, though, Jason knew that he wanted intense. He wanted to be told what to do. He wanted to be degraded and to be called a little faggot boy so long as he was making his daddy happy. He had been alone for to long and living alone in the city was started to take a toll on him. MintBoy: I’m in, daddy. URLastDaddy: Good boy. URLastDaddy gave him his address and Jason cleaned out his ass before heading out. When Jason got to the guy’s apartment, he saw that it was actually a townhouse in one of the luxury complexes near downtown. He walked up to the door and knocked. A big man, probably 6’2”, with a silver speckled goatee, huge arms, and pecs, and only the slightest signs of a beer belly answered the door wearing leather pants, boots, and nothing else. Jason also noticed that his nipples were pierced, something he had always wanted to be done but had never made the time to do. Without saying a word, the man grabbed Jason’s shirt and pulled him inside. As soon as the door was shut, he pulled Jason down onto his knees. “It’s about fucking time that you got here! Open your fucking mouth, boy. I need to piss.” Jason had never messed with watersports but tried his best not to hesitate. He settled himself on his knees and opened his mouth as the man quickly undid the zipper to his leather pants and pulled out a thick 8” cock. The man moved too fast for Jason to notice too much, but he could have sworn that he saw some cum dripping out of the guy’s cock already. He thought it was odd, but at the same time kinda hot. He took the dick in his mouth and waited for the man to piss down his throat. What happened first, however, was the man letting out a deep growl that almost sounded painful, “fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk.” The guy's stream began to flow and what little didn’t get deposited directly down his throat began to fill his mouth. Jason tried his best to not lose any but the man wasn’t going slow at all, and there was only so much that he could swallow at a time. A few tiny drops leaked from his mouth and landed on his shirt, when he looked up though, the man didn’t seem to notice. In fact, the man seemed to be wincing as he filled Jason’s throat and mouth with his hot piss. The stream suddenly began to let up and he swallowed what was left dripping from the man’s cock. Before he took the huge rod out of his mouth, he did notice that the last few drops that he swallowed didn’t necessarily taste like piss, not cum either. It tasted more milky than anything else. “That’s a good fucking boy. Stand up and follow me.” The man said as he zipped up the fly to his leather pants and walked towards his bedroom. As soon as the door was closed behind him, the man grabbed him and pulled him into a deep kiss. The man’s tongue explored every corner of his mouth. “Fuck, boy. I can still taste my nasty piss in your fucking mouth.” The man pulled Jason closer into him, and Jason could feel his thick cock pressed into his stomach through both of their clothing. “Spit in my mouth, faggot.” Without hesitating, Jason spit in the guy's mouth and the man writhed in pleasure and swished it around his own mouth before swallowing it. “Mmm. Boy spit turns me on. Now play with my nipples and pits, boy.” Jason immediately went down and started to play with the man’s nipple rings with his tongue and mouth. The man seemed to like when Jason sucked on his nipples but even more when he pulled on his rings a little with his teeth. The man would moan and encourage him to “keep sucking on daddy’s titty” when he pulled on them and messaged his other pec with his hand. He continued to suck his nipples for a while more before he moved to his pits and made long, sweeping movements with his tongue across the dense thicket of fur that was there. He normally wasn’t into pits himself, but something about how dominant this guy was was making Jason’s cock rock hard. Suddenly, the guy pulled Jason up, went over to his bed and sat down. “It’s probably already too late for you, but I’m going to give you one last chance to back out. Once these boots come off, there’s no turning back. Are you sure you want this? You want me to own you, boy?” Without answering him, Jason slowly got onto his knees, crawled over and with one long motion, licked one of his boots from the tip all the way to the top. After it was over he couldn’t recall what had come over himself, but, at the same time, he was proud that he did something to prove to this man, his daddy, that he was all in. “Yes, daddy. Please make me your boy.” “Perfect words for this night, boy. Now, pull these boots and pants off.” To his wonder, both the boots and the pants came off way more easily that he would have expected leather to. As he pulled the pants down, and the man’s thick cock bounced out and landed on the bed below. “See that big cock there, boy?” “Yes, daddy.” “No. Really look at it, you probably didn’t get the greatest chance to study it earlier, but take your time and tell me what you see.” Jason was confused but did as instructed. He picked up his daddy’s thick cock and looked at it. It was, in his opinion, the nicest looking cock he’d ever held; a long, veiny shaft, low hanging balls, and the tip bulged out prominently. Then, he noticed what he noticed earlier again; his dick was leaking, but it didn’t look like cum now, it had a strange yellowish hue. The man saw Jason’s eyes change as he landed on the liquid coming from his dick. “Now you see it, don’t you, boy?” “Are you talking about this cum type of stuff?” “That not cum or precum either, boy. That’s discharge. Your daddy seems to have picked up a bug from one of his fellow daddies. I’ve had this little fella before so I know which one he is too. What you’re holding there is a VERY gono infested cock, boy.” Jason’s instinct nearly made him drop the guy’s dick and run for the door, but to be honest, he was too in shock to move. “You probably got a good dose down your throat already when you took my piss in the doorway. Damn did that sting, too.” The man noticed that Jason seemed to be frozen, so he pulled him up and gave him a kiss, “and you’re going to take a lot more into you before the night’s over.” “B-B-But daddy… I don’t want gonorrhea.” A line he never thought he’d have to say in his life. “I’ve never had an STD before.” “Trust me, it’s going to hurt like a mother fucker, but daddy’s going to get this bug into you and then we’re both going to have some fun. When we’re ready, I’ll take care of you; I’ll take you to my doc, we’ll take some pills, and we’ll be all better.” Jason had heard about some superbug version of gono and was going to bring it up, but knew that it wouldn’t do any good; like he had said, he had already taken a big dose of the bug down his throat earlier and probably already had it. Might as well get some fun out of it. He hated that this guy had already lied to him, though. “What does it feel like, daddy?” “Honestly, it felt like I was pissing razor blades earlier.” The thought made Jason wince as much as he had remembered the man wincing earlier. “But after, knowing that we were both going to be sharing this bug, that I was going to be giving it to MY boy, boned me up so fucking hard.” The man hissed in pleasure at the memory and, somehow the thought that he was going to be sharing this bug with HIS daddy even boned Jason up. “Before we move on I have one more request and one question, daddy? If that’s alright.” “Normally I wouldn’t allow it, but I will this time. Go on.” “I don’t mind you calling me a fagot or even using me for your piss, but please,” Jason looked right into the man’s eyes, “don’t lie to me again. I need to be able to trust you, daddy.” “Fair enough. That was a shit thing for me to do. THIS time… I apologize.” The man said before planting another kiss on Jason’s lips. “And your question, boy?” “Will you take care of me, daddy? I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve never had anyone in my entire life that’s given a shit about me and hearing you say it just-“ Jason’s words drifted off into unintelligible speech and he, for the first time of the night, couldn’t seem to look his daddy in the eyes. The man watched Jason and even though he was typically 100% a dom and wouldn’t give a shit about another guy like this he suddenly felt his own shame in what he had done earlier. Sure he was already sorry for tricking him, but now, he was ashamed of tricking his man that had come to him not just for a dom, but for a daddy. Most guys would just want him to fuck them for a while and leave, but this guy was different. This guy genuinely seemed to need him, not just his dick. “Hey, look at me.” Jason finally found himself able to look into his daddy’s eyes. “I’m always going to take care of my boy.” He leaned in and kissed Jason. “Now, let’s get this night back on track, huh?” “Right.” “Take off your clothes, boy.” Oddly enough, Jason hadn’t noticed that he was still completely clothed. In record time, he tore through his clothes and throw them all across the floor. The man had moved up entirely on the bed and, once Jason was fully undressed, and motioned for him to get closer. “Come up here and press that dick against mine.” Jason wasn’t nearly as big, 6” on a good day, so when he sat in between the man’s legs and pressed his cock against his, there was no comparison. When he squeezed them together, he noticed a bit of discharge seep out of the tip of his daddy’s cock. The man winced as his cock oozed. “Take that drip and smear it into your slit, boy.” Before he could think, Jason scooped the man’s discharge up and smeared it over his urethra before using it as lube between their two throbbing cocks. “Fuck, daddy. That stuff feels just like lube.” “Yeah? You like daddy’s discharge up in your piss slit?” “Yes, daddy. It feels so good rubbing your bug into me.” And, strangely enough to him, it did feel REALLY good. Like he said, it felt just like lube or like cum, even though he noticed that it had a more yellowish coloring to it than the pearliness of cum. “Fuck, boy. That’s fucking hot. Shit! Here comes some more. Dock your cock, boy!” The man said as he gritted his teeth through the pain of the discharge. Jason perched himself up and docked the tip of his cock against the man’s. Unfortunately, they were both cut so they couldn’t truly dock with their foreskin, but Jason still pressed his urethra against the man’s as a large glob of yellowish discharge spewed out and coated the entrance of his slit with the man’s gono bugs. Jason moaned and looked up to see that his daddy was moaning, even though the pain. “Fuck! That was fucking hot. Now clean my dick up and get it nice and ready for that ass, boy.” “Fuck yes, daddy.” Jason eagerly said as he went down and sucked the creamy discharge off of his daddy’s cock. He deep throated him until his nose was buried in the man’s pubes, getting the man’s cock as slobbery as possible. The man moaned as Jason bobbed up and down on his cock and hissed with the pain of his leaking discharge. Jason took the man’s cock to the back of his throat one last time before the man pulled him off and turned him around on his bed. Jason stuck his ass high in the air so his daddy could see his nice shaved hole. “Mmm. That’s a nice boy-pussy you’ve got there. Open your cheeks so that daddy can take a closer look.” Jason did as commanded and pulled his ass cheeks apart, opening up his puckered hole. The man dove in with his tongue and began to lick around Jason’s opening before plunging his tongue into his tight hole. Jason moaned as he was entered by the man’s tongue and had to force himself to not squirm too much and keep his ass in the air. The man began to tongue fuck him, jabbing into his asshole with his tongue and pulling it out in quick, little thrust. Jason didn’t want it to end, yet before he knew it the man had pulled his tongue out and walked himself on his knees so that his dick was pressed up against Jason’s ass. The man took his cock in his hand and began to smear his discharge-mixed precum over Jason’s asshole. Jason began to feel the man begin to poke and prod his tight, little pucker with the head of his cock. “Tell daddy you want this infected dick, boy.” “Please! Please give me that gono dick, daddy!” Jason said without hesitation. In one quick move, the man plunged his rock hard cock into Jason’s ass, all the way to the hilt. Jason nearly screamed from the explosion of pain and buried his face into the bed below. “Fuck, daddy! That hurt so bad.” Jason whined once he was able to catch his breath. “I know, boy. Daddy’s sorry. But daddy wants to make sure that his little bugs get as deep into your cunt as they can once he gives you his load.” The thought of having his new daddy’s load deep in his ass turned him on, and he forced himself to grin and bear the pain that was radiating from his ass like fire. “Mmm. Fuck me, daddy. Give me that dirty load.” The man began by pulling his dick almost all the way out and shoving it all the way back in, making Jason yelp by its unexpectedness more than any pain that he caused. He repeated that two more times before he began to truly fuck Jason’s ass. He fucked him slow at first, feeling and relishing the velvety channel of his new boy’s ass. He couldn’t wait to paint the walls of his rectum with his bug and to spread their bug around even more after that like he had planned. He couldn’t wait to knock this boy up with his bug. He hadn’t been much of a chaser before his friend, Mike, had given his this gono, but once the first signs of it showed up, he wasn’t as off-put as he had been the first time around and he thought about how hot it would be to share this experience with a sub. That was the first time when the thought of chasing the BIGGER bugs first popped into the man’s head. But, for now, he’d relish the one he had been gifted with. The boy’s ass was super tight, and the man knew that he wouldn’t last long. “Squeeze your asshole, boy. Daddy’s getting close to dumping his load in you.” Jason started to squeeze his sphincter around the man’s cock. The man moaned as his cock was gripped like a vice, bringing him closer still as he pumped Jason’s asshole with his thick cock. Jason was surprised that he was taking his daddy’s cock so well. It wasn’t extremely long, but it was still pretty thick. “I’m cumming, boy! Filling your ass with my gono seed! Fuck that burns, boy!” The man bellowed as he flooded Jason’s rectum with his infected jizz. The man hissed and moaned as the warm cum spewed from his cock. Jason felt the warmness of the man’s jizz fill him and loved the feeling of being marked, as truly being owned by his new daddy. Before the man collapsed on to of him, he pulled Jason’s head back by his hair and got close to his ear, “Your ass is mine now, boy. No one fucks it but me unless I tell you they can. Got it?” “Yes, daddy,” Jason replied without hesitation. Secretly he hoped his daddy never let anyone else fuck his tight little boy hole, regardless of how hot it would be. His daddy had marked him as his own. “Good. Now milk daddy’s cock. Make sure as many of those little bugs get in your tight little asshole as you can.” The man said. Jason began to rock back and forth on his daddy’s still hard cock, impaling himself over and over. The man hissed again as, undoubtedly, more cum and discharge was seeping from his daddy’s dick and coating his chute. “Fuck, that stings so good, boy. I can’t wait for you to start dripping like your daddy.” “I can’t wait for your bugs to take hold in me too, daddy.” And, oddly enough, Jason was excited and curious to share this (painful) bond with his daddy. He wasn’t looking forward to the pain, not at all, but this connection with his daddy. Jason had also heard about bug chasers and never understood why the hell someone would purposefully want to get sick like this… until now that is. “Good boy. Because once they do take hold of your little boy body, that’s when the real fun begins.” The man said with a mischievous grin.
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    Hey all...sorry its been a loooong time since Ive been on...so...long story short I was locked up in juvee for the past 9months ...nothing horrible...just got caught up with a couple guys I really shouldn't have been with (drug stuff)...anyway...I got caught and yeah...so anyway here I am...ankle bracelet and all lol...cant really leave the house for a couple months . Blah...whatever. Ok so...how everything ended up happening is a looong story so I wont go into how it all started and stuff...lets just say it's probably not the first time Jerrod (my case worker/PO) has done this . Anyway, every Thursday morning at 9:30 I was scheduled to meet Jerrod for an evaluation (side note, after a while on Thursdays I never used to wear undies cuz it was easier lol). Everything started out "normal" as usual...he'd ask me all the questions he had to ask and he'd write everything down and blah...and then like clock work when he finished writing in my file I would drop to my knees in front of his chair and rub his crotch and unzip his pants and pull out his cock...ugh fuck I loved his cock...it wasn't like huge huge, id say 7 maybe 7.5 or so, uncut pretty good thickness...tasted soo good tho mmm. then after a few minutes of doing that he'd stand me up and pull down my juvee issued sweats and turn me around and bend me over his desk...and while he was still sitting in his chair he would spread my ass and eat my hole out omfg it felt so good...ugh...then after that he would usually have me sit on his cock...id position it right on my hole and slide down on it really slow mmmm fuck yeah it felt soo good....then I would slowly start riding it up and down working his cock in my hole till I was loosened up....once I was opened up he would have me stand again and he would stand behind me and again push me over his desk and slide his cock up my hole again and fuck me as hard but as quietly as he could lol...god it was soo good....then sometimes he would do that till he nutted inside me or sometimes if we had a little more time we'd go over to the couch and we'd spoon or he'd lay me on my back....sorry for not a lot of detail but it all happened as quickly as possible and we really didn't have time to get into a lot lol...but fuck yeah feeling his cock pulse in my hole and feeling his hot cum squirt in my hole felt fuckin amazing omg....I swear sometimes I wished I could just go back into juvee just to see him again . anywho….again sorry for being so basic with my story but yeah...that's what happened for about 4 months
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    At the tubs last night, I entered the orgy/dark area and noticed a poz bud playing with a hot, built guy, so I joined them for some sucking and kissing, and ended-up sitting and holding the hot guy while my poz mate rimmed his hole. “Fuck, no one has ever done that before!” he whispered to me. I kissed him deeply and asked if he liked being fucked, knowing what was coming. “I’ve only ever been fucked once, it hurt like hell." “How come?” I asked. “I’m straight, only ever been here once before. My girlfriend would kill me,” he replied as his tongue moved back into my mouth. My poz bud, meanwhile, had commenced sliding his well-lubed fingers into the straight boy's ass, occasionally rubbing his cock on the straight-boy’s hole every now. After a few such hints the straight-boy quietly asked me “Is he gonna fuck me? Should I get a condom?” “Just relax and enjoy it, mate. Here, suck on my cock. It will take your mind off your ass while he slides in." By now the straight boy and I weren’t whispering because I wanted my poz bud to know it was okay to slide on in. The straight guy tensed up as his hole was forced open. "Fuck that hurts,” he remarked. "It will be okay," I replied, adding “he’ll hold there until you get used to it.” Which my bud in fact did. I meanwhile re-positioned myself so I was on my back, my legs in the air, and presented my ass saying "Lick my hole while he pounds yours.” Apparently straight-boy was only too happy to do. I let him rim me for a while before moving back to holding him while he sucked my pole. I could only just see in the darkness but I felt as much as I saw my poz bud unload in the straight-boy’s hole and I pushed my cock down his throat as I felt it. My poz bud asked "Swap?” I moved around behind the straight-boy. “You aren’t gonna fuck me too are you?” he asked looking over his shoulder as I lined-up my dick. “Yep, I sure am,” I smiled back. “You guys are turning me into a complete slut! Go slow, you are way bigger than his cock." “Of course,” I replied, sliding in to his ass no slower than I normally would. He grunted under me remarking "Damn, I can’t take it all!” “Yes you can” I said and I pushed him down from doggie to flat on his gut and really started pounding him. My cock was really well lubed from the spit and the poz load already in his guts. He was still really tight and the feeling was amazing but I wanted to fuck him for a while, hoping other guys would come and watch his conversion. As it turned out it was a slow night and it was just me, my poz bud and the straight-boy the whole time. My straight-boy was moaning and groaning and really enjoying it, he even started pushing up to meet my thrusts. After about 10 minutes of hard pumping I pushed in deep, grunted and planted my own toxic seed in his belly. I collapsed, laying on his back for a couple of minutes before I rolled onto my side, all the time holding his beautifully built body tight against my own, kissing his neck and caressing his tits. My poz bud got down and started sucking straight-boy’s cock and it didn’t take him long to blow. My now soft, poz dick slid out of his well fucked hole in the process. My poz bud came up and shared straight-boy’s sperm with the two of us as we shared a three-way kiss-and-cuddle. Five minutes later we were all in the showers chatting and washing each other, still enjoying the afterglow of a hot fuck session. The straight-boy said he had to go and headed to the change area. I held up my hand to my poz bud and he hi-5’d me as we both started grinning. “Reckon we got him?’ my poz bud asked. “Don’t know” I replied, “but either way, he’ll be back.”
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    Wow, that was more popular than I expected. Sorry I've been slow to get back, been busy as fuck with work. That being said, I got more for you guys. Enjoy. +++ I was still in a bit of a daze, trying to process everything that had just happened in the short span of a few minutes. Even now, with my dad's HIV-positive cum dripping out of my hole, I couldn't believe it, almost as if I was in the middle of a dream. My dad's hand slapping across my thigh jerked me out of it promptly enough, though, and I shakily turned over onto all fours, my limbs feeling weak under me. His hand came and hooked under my hips, tugging me backward toward him until I was a bit higher, my sore hole presented to him. He licked his lips, reaching for his phone and grabbing it. Under me, I could see my shadow suddenly pronounced, the light of his camera brightly illuminating behind me. I could feel his cock at my hole again, the head teasingly prodding at my abused pucker, then the sound of the camera snapping. Chuckling, he sent the photo off, then tossed the phone aside. Both hands went back to my hips, and with a sigh, he tugged me backward against him, his shaft sinking into my hole with a burning ache. "That's it, slide down on it, Mason," he growled, his hands gripping my midsection tightly as his hips thrust forward. The base of his cock was thick and throbbed hard as he pressed it into me, those hairy, heavy balls pressed hard against my hole. Still pressing in deep, he began to turn his hips around ever so slightly, grinding his cock around in me and pushing at the walls of my ass in every direction. Sliding back out, I could feel my hole being pulled out with him, every veiny inch tugging at my ring and making me shudder. He was no easy fuck by any measure, but at least now with a load in, it seemed to have an easier time than it did before. That wasn't to say it didn't hurt, though; I could still feel the sting with every thrust as his cum worked into my beat up hole. "Now that your cunt is nice and wet, I can take my time, enjoy it..." he groaned, slowly working his cock in and out. I could feel it, every inch of it, sliding in to me, a sick wet noise coming out every time his hips mashed up against my ass again. One hand went up from my waist to my neck, pushing it down and angling me so that my ass was up in the air, the perfect angle for him to drill in deep. One leg came up beside me, his foot planted not far from my head as he began to really, really rut me. The weight of him seemed to be pushing right into my ass, slapping roughly. His breath was heavy, clearly working to ram as hard as he could into me. The entire bed shook along with it, roughly battering against the wall. I couldn't help the small grunts that left me with his thrusts, his size making it impossible to stay quiet. Mitch had never been this rough with me, not to mention as big. It was no doubt too much for me, but my dad didn't care much. As my head was sideways on the bed, I could see him on top of me, a smiled spread wide across his face. Sweat was coating his body in a sheen, dripping through the hair and filling the room with his pungent, musky smell. My eyes were inevitably drawn to the tattoo again, watching it shift as his abs flexed with his movements. He looked down and saw me eying it, then chuckled to himself. "Like it, boy?" he said, grinning wider when he saw me look away. "Maybe we'll get you one, too... Put it right on your cunt, that way everyone knows what it's for," he said, closing his eyes and relishing the idea. As he did it, I could feel the head of his cock grinding over my prostate, my entire body twitching in response to it. He leered at me as he did it, then began to grind it over and over, watching me squirm under him. Even with the burning, I could feel my cock drooling down onto the bed. "Something tells me you're gonna love it, slut," he jeered at me as he jabbed forward over and over, pummeling my prostate until I couldn't help but cry and whimper out in time with it. "There you go, let it out. Daddy's got more to give you..." He stopped talking then, instead focusing on my fucking me literally senseless. It was too big, filling me up beyond what I could handle, but he didn't care, instead mashing my prostate repeatedly with frenzied strokes. His breaths came out in grunts and snarls, and before I knew what was going on, his foot was down on my face, pushing it into the bed as he snarled, ramming in as deep as he could. I thought he was going to cum soon, but he seemed to have other plans, sustaining the brutal rutting for a few minutes, his sweat dripping down onto my back and shoulders, his scent covering me outside like his load covered me within. Some of his cum dripped down my balls, a good bit of it squelching about and coating my ass and the hair around his groin. In the midst of the lewd, wet noises, I could hear his phone buzzing, and finally, he slowed down for a brief moment to reach down over and pick his phone up. His foot left my face then, and I got a chance to breathe for a bit while he paid attention to his phone. He put it up to his ear, only slowing down his thrusts as he said, "You're here? Yeah. No, go on ahead. The door's unlocked. We're upstairs." He hung up, and soon after, heavy footfalls began to make their way up the stairs. When they reached my room, the door opened to reveal what I could only guess was a trucker, from the look of it. He was a big bear of a man, his belly big and round unlike my dad's more muscular, dense tone. He was dressed in a leather jacket, an oil-stained pair of jeans, and a confederate flag cap. He stood a good foot taller than my dad, and as he came in, I could feel my heart race at the knowledge of what he was here for. Even now, I could see the sizable swell of his bulge in the front of his jeans. "This your new cunt?" "Sure is. This is Mason... I think I told you about him," he said with a devious grin. For his part, the newcomer seemed surprised. "Mason, say hello to my buddy Jack. Y'all are gonna get to know each other real well," he said, not missing a beat as he continued to thrust away. Jack seemed the opposite; clearly, my dad hadn't told him who it was that he'd found to stick his cock into. "Jesus, Connor, you're pozzing your own son?" for a moment, I took his incredulity to be disapproval, but he then whistled, shaking his head and reaching down to rub at his bulge. "Sure am. Caught him with his legs up like a whore, so..." he trailed off, chuckling. Jack grinned back, shaking his head. He was loving it, standing there and watching as my dad fucked away. The intensity picked back up and soon I was grunting again, my hands grasping at the sheets while I slammed forward over and over again. Jack came forward to the bed, his denim-covered groin right in front of me. He smelled of tobacco and sweat, the outline of his cock visible through the jeans. It was monstrous, even bigger than my dad's. "You know, we call Jack here Jack the Ripper, on account of his cock having a knack for tearing up a cunt when he uses it," my dad said, and I had no trouble believing him. If my dad was a tough fit, it was impossible to imagine that massive thing entering me. He began to undo his belt, the buckle loosening around his midsection and the jeans sliding down. His belly hung down over some, but even then, I could see the fat, uncut cock hanging down from it, a piercing peeking out from the foreskin. It wasn't fully hard yet, but it looked to be at least 7 inches already. "Get your mouth on it, boy." Jack was all too happy to help, reaching down with a hand to run his fingers through my hair, gripping it some and bringing my face to the base of his cock. His scent was strong there, like salt and maleness, and I could feel his cock throb against my face, grinding against it as my mouth got a taste of his balls. He held me there, forcibly burying my face in his dense pubic hair against him. After a few moments, he pulled me up, giving me only a moment to pause before the tip was at my lips, the piercing pressing in between them and making its way in as his shaft stretched my jaws open. It was a cramped fit, and the sensation of that piercing rubbing into the back of my throat wasn't helping. Jack wasn't one to care, though; every time I tried to pull back off of his cock, his hand would hold me steady, forcing me further back down instead of letting me up for air. I could feel tears in my eyes as I fought not to retch, barely keeping my stomach down before that glistening length was popped out, dripping with spittle and precum and positively huge. At full length, he was about eleven inches, the base of it looking about as thick as my wrist. Behind me, I heard my dad laugh. "I felt that... You're tightening up your cunt just thinking about it, aren't you?" It was impossible not to, and I suddenly found myself glad that my dad was still fucking me, ironically enough. The longer he fucked me, the longer I had before Jack had his turn. Almost as if reading my mind, my dad began to pick up the pace, snarling as he pounded away. "Stuff his throat again, Jack. I want him to squeeze it out..." Jack nodded, grabbing my head in his massive paw of a hand and pushing me down on his cock again, my face soon buried under his belly as his cock fucked deep into my throat, the front of my neck bulging out obscenely with it. I tugged away, desperate for air, and I could feel my hole clench around my dad's cock, a hiss coming from between his teeth as he hunched over me, his sweaty belly on my back, chest on my shoulders, breath hot on my ear. With a low grunt, he slammed in deep, his cock flexing and spewing another load into me. His weight went slack, relaxing as pulse after pulse of cum was deposited inside me. Jack finally let me off of his cock, thick strands of spittle connecting from my lips to it. "Turn 'im around,'" he grunted, and after a moment, my dad picked himself up off of me, my back wet with his sweat, then pulled his cock out of me with a tug. His cock popped out of me and I gasped, feeling the warm cum leaking out of me and the emptiness left without his cock inside me. I didn't have much time to ponder or savor it, though, as they both maneuvered me around roughly, making me turn around onto my back so that my hole was at the edge of the bed. At that point, I could see Jack above me, a cigar between his lips. He brought a lighter to the tip, holding it there till it was well-lit and glowing orange. Putting the lighter away, he stepped forward, one hand pulling his cock up then letting it slap down against mine on the bed. It was almost comical how his cock dwarfed mine, and I could tell already that it was going to be a painful fit given how heavily it lay against me. That was all the reprieve I got, though. Jack soon pulled his hips back some, that cock sliding down my balls until the piercing was pressed up into my crack. I could feel the metal pressing against my open pucker, and as I began to fidget, my dad's hands came down on my arms, pinning them down and holding me in place. "Now, now, boy, don't be rude." "Dad, please, he's too big, there's no way he's gonna fit," I begged, too terrified of that cock to worry about the fact that I was being disobedient. "Aw, hell, boy, that's what they all say," Jack said, chuckling to himself as he pushed his cock into me, no warning or preparation. I simply felt the metal pushing past my pucker, then the fat head soon following. Given how my dad had been fucking me, it wasn't too terrible of an entry, but his cock soon filled out, and I could feel my hole being stretched once more. The burn returned, soon replaced by the sharp pain of my hole being opened beyond what it was supposed to. It relentlessly pushed forward even as my hole desperately tried to push it out. "There you go... I can feel your pussy milking me, baby... Gonna knock you up with my strain too...." he said, sighing and letting smoke stream out. He wasn't even fully into me, but I already felt like I was being split in two. Before long, he seemed to hit a wall, my hole stubbornly refusing to give despite his rough jabs. He seemed annoyed by this, then reached into one of his pockets. "Sniff." He held a bottle of poppers to my nose. I knew what they were of course and I gladly obeyed, bringing my head forward a bit to put my nose at the edge and inhaled deeply. They were new and strong, and I immediately felt the rush going through me and the pain in my hole lessen. "Again." Another few hits, each time getting me more giddy than before. By the time he was done, I felt weak, the burn in my hole almost feeling distant. Jack seemed satisfied, and with a rough thrust, I felt him break in deep, his shaft sliding in the remaining few inches with relatively little difficulty. I couldn't believe the fact that he was in me... Entirely in me. I looked down, almost expecting to see a bulge in my stomach where I could feel his cock pulsing in me, as if deep in my core. I let head fall back then, almost delirious. This couldn't be happening, could it? My dad seemed to take advantage of the opportunity to straddle my face then, covering up my view of Jack. "How about you clean off daddy's cock, hm?" He said, pushing his shaft in between my lips and sliding the cum-slick length down into it. It didn't taste too bad, though I could still taste a hint of metal in it from the way he'd torn me up. No doubt Jack was only making it worse, especially as he began to pull his shaft out of me. I could feel his piercing dragging out inside of me, the sensation making me groan around my dad's cock as it hauled back and forth in me. I felt like I was being punched in the gut over and over, being stuffed so utterly again and again. "Fuck, I ain't gonna last long at this rate," Jack said to himself with a chuckle, and I could see my dad grinning above me. If I wasn't mistaken, I'd almost say he looked proud. "Yeah, I really scored with this one, didn't I?"
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    Woke I awoke Saturday morning with a splitting headache and a dry mouth. I rolled over and opened my eyes to see Travis sleeping soundly by my side, and the clouds in my mind cleared quickly: My ass was sore. This man, who’s not my husband, fucked me last night. Bare. To completion. And he’s HIV+. Fuck--what have I done, I thought. I began to sweat, as the gravity of my fuckup hit me. And then my phone buzzed on the bedside table. I rolled over to look and saw it was my husband Brad calling. “Hey baby!” I answered with a somewhat hoarse tone. “Hah – hey lover” he said, “you sound rough. How was your night on the town with our boys?” “Oh, it was pretty fun I guess,” I responded half-heartedly. “Not too eventful.” And then I felt my jock strap snapped from behind and Travis’s hands on my ass. I clinched my gluten as an attempt to indicate the touch wasn't welcome. He inched his naked body closer to mine anyway. I’d awoken the big dicked, skinny stranger with this phone call, and it was apparent he wasn’t going to make chatting with Brad easy. Travis parted my ass cheeks with his hands as I tried to ignore him and pay attention to Brad, and then Travis inserted his first finger. As he began his single finger fuck of my tight hole, the fact that his poz spunk was still buried in me was on the forefront of my mind. And then a second finger slid in alongside the first. I grimaced. And then a third finger made its way inside me. In any other situation I would have yelped in pain, but I remained silent for Brad. “What you up to today?” Brad asked, as Travis began assaulting my fuck chute with his callused fingers. He worked my hole, shoving his digits in and out, twisting them with each entry. Occasionally I felt his finger nails scraping against my tender anus wall. It was all I could do not to make an audible response to the act. And yet, my dick began to harden. “Not totally sure. Probably just laying low. How about you –- are the meetings going well?” I asked as I felt Travis’s whiskers on my neck, kissing me, sucking on my jugular. I would certainly have a hickey from this. I lost track of the conversation as I was focused on not reacting to the man molesting me from behind. As Brad began going over the list of colleagues who were getting on his nerves, Travis withdrew his fingers. I then felt his dick being guided up and down my ass crack, leaving a slimy trail of precum. “Fuck no, surely he’s not gonna try to fuck me now?” I thought to myself as I tried to move away toward the edge of the bed. But as Brad continued the monologue against his coworkers, the tip of Travis’s monster cock found my hole. Travis’s arm wrapped around me to hold me close, and I had no option but to grit my teeth and accept the entry of his big dick. Travis wasn’t in the moment for romance or to be gentle: he wanted to mark his bitch. He wanted me to get caught. He wanted to claim me as his own. He wanted to emasculate Brad. He slammed his mostly dry cock deep in me. I winced and fought the urge to scream. It hurt like hell. He withdrew most of his shaft from me and then thrust forward into my body again. And again. And again. Brad then started talking about recent discussions with his family about summer vacation plans. I was successfully masking the intrusion into our marriage by remaining quiet, with occasional banter to keep the conversation going (things like “oh wow,” and “that’s great”). Travis pulled my hair as his fuck pace increased. He wanted to cum in me before Brad hung up the phone. I instinctively ground my ass backwards into him, enabling his dick to go deeper and deeper inside me. My own dick was now throbbing and was leaking precum onto our sheets. Brad took hold of my cock and began stroking it in rhythm with his pounding of my hole. My breath was becoming short. Travis was close. I was getting close. Travis picked up his pace. Brad began to wonder about the change in my breathing. “Everything ok there?” “Yeah” I said, thinking quickly and seeing the dog bed in the corner, “Molly and I are playing tug of war with her chewey. Sorry lover, go on.” Brad continued speaking, until finally Travis slammed his body into mine and let out a guttural sound. “unnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh.” Another batch of his poz dna had been injected deep inside me. “Oh fuck” I said, and then recovered “Brad, I gotta take Molly out now. Can I call you back later babe?” “ummm – ok? Sure. " He said, unsure of what was happening on my end of the phone. " Have a great day lover and call me back later!” Brad said as we ended the call. With his dick still pulsing out poison sperm into my ass, Travis jerked my dick until I began spurting my neg cum onto the sheets. “Your pussy of a husband will never fuck you again, slut. Mark my words, slut. You’re mine.”
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    Some backstory about me: I'm a slutty late 20s guy who's played it safe sexually for most of his life, but started taking loads and breeding guys about a year ago and can't stop This happened on Thursday night. I was in one of those moods where the only thing you can think about is cock, and you know you won't be able to function normally until you get your fix of cum in your ass. I hit up one of my more recent fuck buddies and luckily, he's in town and eager to oblige my need. His name is D, and he's this sexy Latino guy in his late 30s, 5'10", stocky frame, jet-black hair and tan skin, with a thick 7.5" cock that can cum multiple times in a session. He has a smoldering intensity that really brings out my sub side -- I always surprise myself by how desperately I beg for his load. We meet up at a park near our places and end up on some of the benches in the middle of some trees that provide the perfect amount of cover. I waste no time getting on my knees and doing my best to swallow his cock whole. It's been hot in LA this past week, and his crotch is a bit sweaty and kind of musky -- but the smell and taste turns me on and he knows it because he pulls me off his cock and rubs my face all over his hairy crotch and balls. He bends over me and starts playing with my ass, and before I know it I have my nose buried in his pubes and two of his fingers in my hole. He pulls me off again, turns me around, and makes me straddle the bench. We both still have all our clothes on at this point -- just our shorts pulled down far enough to allow us to fuck. He spits twice on my hole and starts shoving his fat cockhead into me. It hurts, but I like a little pain when I bottom and as he bottoms out in me it turns into that amazing feeling of fullness you get when a thick cock is stretching your hole wide open. He wraps his arms round my chest and starts pumping my ass with long, deep strokes. I have to support most of our weight with my arms on the bench, but it forces me to arch my back and gives him the leverage to really fuck the hell out of me. The entire time he has his face in my neck, and I can hear and feel his breath on me and it. The contrast between his hot, wet breath and the cool night air around us does something to me, and I begin pushing back on his cock to meet his thrusts, trying to get every inch of his cock buried deep inside me. After a few minutes of deep fucking he starts to get close, but we see a light bobbing up and down about 300 feet or so away, as if someone's walking with a flashlight or a cellphone light. I can tell he's freaking out because he stops fucking me and starts pulling out, but I clench on his cock and start begging him to give me his load, and he gives in because he starts fucking me again. After a dozen more pumps he slams his cock into my ass one last time and lowers his entire weight on me. I can't handle the weight anymore so I'm pinned between the bench and his cock, and I can feel his cock throbbing as he shoots his load in my ass. He lays on top of me unloading for a good 30 seconds, and I push my ass back as much as I can, trying to get every drop. We can't see the light anymore, but we still think it's a good idea to book it so he pulls out, slaps my ass, and we walk back to our cars. The street we both parked on is really dark, and my car has tints, so I decide to try to get a second load out of him. I lead him into my backseat and we start making out. He has his fingers in my hole again, but this time my ass is filled with his cum so they go in easier and deeper, and I think fingering my now-loose and sloppy hole turns him on because his dick is rock-hard again. I turn around and pull down my shorts again, laying across the backseat of my car. He mounts my ass and starts pounding away, same as before except this time my entire body is pressed into the seat and I can feel every inch of his body on top of mine. It's cramped and we kept the engine off, so no AC -- the windows start fogging up and we both start sweating buckets. It all just adds to the hotness of the encounter, though -- literally and figuratively. We both have our shirts off at this point and the feel of his smooth sweaty chest on my back feels fucking amazing. He begins moaning and picking up the pace, and he goes over the edge when I start begging him to breed me, telling him to own my ass and make me his bitch. He unloads in me again, but this time is verbal about it, cussing at me and letting me know he's cumming inside me. We lay there for about a minute catching our breath, but by then it starts getting unbearably hot in the car so he pulls out and puts his clothes back on and gets out of the car. I follow him out, and he pulls me into his arms and kisses me deep, and then we say our goodbyes after we make plans to see each other in a few weeks. As he drives off, I realize that even though I got two loads in my ass, I didn't feel like I'd had enough. I'm still craving cock, and I need to get more. Luckily, it's still early, and Slammer isn't too far away. I get in my car and start to drive. -- I ended up getting one more load in me that night at Slammer, from this hot, lanky white guy in his 40s with a massive cock and the biggest bush of pubes I've ever seen, but that'll be a story for another time.
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    I didn’t set out to take multiple loads, or even to get into an anon scene. I had been chatting with a handful of guys on BBRTS Sunday, my first day in SF, and nothing really panned out (a lot of “how long are you here for?”). Monday morning I got up, checked messages, and was getting ready to head out for some meetings. One of the guys hit me up again saying how horny he was, and that he was only 10 minutes away. I figured I’d see if he actually showed, so I gave him the hotel and room number. He was fascinated by my profile ass pic, and asked if I could be in that position when he arrived. I offered to be ass up on the bed, door ajar, and he could just come right in. He was clearly into that scene. I was chatting with a couple other guys while I waited to see if the first showed. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, I”m naked on all fours with my ass facing the door. The bolt lock makes for a nice block to keep the door ajar. I heard him come in and start undressing right away. His hands were immediately on my ass. I left some silicon lube on the bed beside me. He took it and I heard him pumping the bottle. I took a nice hit of poppers while he started lining his cock up with my hole. He slid in nice and even, letting my hole wrap around his long dick. “Fuuuuck that’s warm and tight,” he said. He started a nice rythm pumping my hole. He was totally turned on, and I was feeling turned on by his energy and the fact I couldn’t see him. His anon cock felt great, and he was plugging away inside me. He grabbed my hips and was pumping, picking up a little speed as he went. I heard his breathing change, and it sounded like he was holding his breath for a few seconds at a time. “Oh yeah,” he finally said, and I knew from the rythm change that he was unloading in me. He left a couple minutes later, patting my ass, me still on all fours, wanting to cling to the anonymity of the scene. A second guy was asking to come buy. A burly bear with shaved head and goatee. He asked if I had a load in me, and i said yes. That seemed to push him over the edge and he walked over from his office building up the street. Again I left the door ajar, and was on all fours when he arrived. I love the anticipation of hearing the guy strip, unseen behind me, and then feeling his hands on my ass. This guy started fingering my hole, using the lube from the first guy to ease his fingers inside. `He didn’t wait to slide his cock inside. He was more verbal than the first, asking how his dick felt in my cummyhole. We were both grunting as he pounded my ass, more forcefully than the first guy. He was clearly here to get off. His burly body slammed into my ass over and over, and he finally told me I was getting his load. He unleashed inside, patted my ass, and left a minute later. I was feeling slutty now, and totallly turned on by the anon loads. I went back on BBRTS and chatted a bit more. I decided to post an ad for the hour, and see what happened. Another guy wanted to come by, and I agreed. He was much faster at cumming than the other two, though for me it was really about having my hole used by a third stranger. After he left his load in me, I scrolled through a few messages. One was particularly mysterious and alluring. No face pic, and not much info. His message was simply that he wanted to breed my hole. He appeared to be fairly close. His cock pic was beautiful, and a bit intimidating. It was long and thick looking. He wanted totally anon cumdump scene. Sure, why not at this point? So I gave him the room number. He came in wordlessly. I heard him undo his belt, and push down his pants. He picked up the bottle of lube and I heard it pumping out the slick liquid. While I’d seen pics of the three guys earlier, this guy was a total enigma. He was simply a series of sounds behind me, and then I felt the head of his cock pushing up into my hole. Still, he said nothing. My hole stretched wide, and I yelped. He didn’t seem concerned. His cock pushed my hole open, and I gasped at the size inside me. Long deep strokes were pushing me deeper into the bed, and he was fucking for his own pleasure. I started grunting and groaning, totally turned on by this mysterious fucker. I felt my hole expand and contract around his raw cock as he slipped in and out,His hands moved to my shoulders, and he was pulling me backward and he thrust forward. I couldn’t wait for it. “Fuck yeah! Breed my ass!” Still he pounded me without a word, keeping his strokes long and deep, and all I could do was take it. Without warning he grunted, this thrusts going deep, holding there a moment, and then thrusting deep again. He pushed his weight on me, and thrust over and over again, each one lingering longer inside me. Finally he held himself inside, panting, growling lowly a bit. He stayed there for a couple minutes, and I was just relishing the size of his cock filling me. He slowly pulled out, and I felt my hole cling to his head before releasing it with a wired pop sound. I could feel some of his cum cripple down my balls, pulled out with his cock. His slapped his cock, still hard, against my ass a few times, and wiped it off against my ass cheeks and balls. He dressed wordlessly and then I heard the door close. I was spent after that last fuck. I rolled onto my back and stoked myself slowly, relishing the feeling of the pounding I’d just taken, and thinking about the 4 loads from total strangers that were filling my ass. It’s inspired me to head out and be slutty at one of the sex clubs. Let me know if you enjoyed hearing about my cumdump morning by leaving a message or clicking the blue heart below.
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    Sorry it's been a while. Hope you guys are still interested. Part 23 I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarms going off. Thankfully I didn’t sleep through them. I still felt uncomfortably horny, especially when I tidied away the discarded dildo from last night. I had a cold shower and threw on my suit, ready to start another day of meetings. I made my way to the office building and found myself staring at hot men as I made my way through the commute. It would be a struggle to concentrate if I didn’t get a handle on my hormones! I set up the conference room, as I had done yesterday. Stew arrived before the investors and we briefly discussed our plan of action based on the previous days meeting, Stew suggested we get out of the office for todays meeting and take the investors for an early drinking lunch, make them more relaxed and let their guards down. I hadn’t much experience in these kinds of meetings, apart from the paperwork side of things, but Stew was the CEO so I naturally followed his judgment and agreed. When the investors arrived myself and Stew met them in the lobby and we all made our way to a waiting car to take us for lunch. The investors clearly seemed pleased by the suggestion and we made our way without any problems. We were dropped off in Hell’s Kitchen at a bar called Playground, it was rustic and had long benches with tables in between them, I thought it was probably popular in the evenings with the amount of seats. We found a table and ordered a bottle of wine and started to casually chat about what had been discussed yesterday at our meeting. After the first bottle was finished Stew excused himself and came back with another bottle and a jug of water. I noticed he filled his and the investors glasses with wine and my glass with water. I was glad he was pacing me, I don’t think I’d have been able to remember all the numbers if I’d continued on the wine. After an hour or so, and the second bottle had been finished, the investors seemed more willing to sign a deal. I felt quite proud of myself, as I’d done more of the talking than Stew, he’d excused himself to the toilet just as I was really getting the other two guys attention. When he returned, with another bottle of wine, I realised I had drank the full jug of water. I made my way to the toilets in the back, I decided to go into a stall incase anyone came in and seen my dick was locked away. As I stood in front of the toilet relieving myself I noticed a black card on the cistern. It had a silver ‘x’ on one side and a web address on the other. I though it was probably an X-Men thing, I absentmindedly put it in my pocket. I cleaned up and made my way back to the table, the empty jug was gone and my glass had been filled with wine. After another half hour or so the deal was done and handshakes were exchanged. Stew suggested he take the investors back to the office to have the paper work drawn up and signed. He thanked me for my work and said I could go enjoy the rest of the day in the city. I was feeling such a buzz, I wasn’t sure if it was the successful deal or the wine I’d had. We said our goodbyes as I planned on walking the couple of blocks back to my hotel. As I walked back I could feel myself getting hornier and hornier with every guy I passed. When I eventually made it into the elevator in my hotel I reached down and adjusted myself. Thats when I realised I still had that card in my pocket. Curiosity got the best of me so I took out my phone and entered the web address on the back of the card. As the page loaded I made my way to my room and locked the door behind myself. The webpage loaded, it was all black except for a silver X, like the card. I tapped on it and an instant message popped up. “Looking to get off?” I was about to close the page, thinking it was just a spam pop-up when another message came through. “Did you enjoy your drinks in the Playroom?” I looked at the message and thought it must of been the bartender, although I couldn’t remember what he looked like. I didn’t over think it and quickly replied “The drinks were good thanks” I thought I’d get the usual spam reply of ‘looking super hot’ or something else just as lame. “If you’re still in hells kitchen then come over and have some fun” I slowly began to think that maybe this was a hookup site rather than just spam “What kind of fun?” I replied, testing out the direction of the conversation “I fuck only, total top. I’m only interested bottoms wanting fucked. I’m dominant and only care about getting myself off. Don’t worry i’m hung enough to make sure your ass will cum.” I received a couple of pictures and when I looked at them my cock strained against its cage. He was in his mid 30’s probably, really toned with a fat 8in, uncut cock. I practically drooled. “I’m in a hotel” I replied. “I live above the Playroom. Red side door, flat 2. A jock and poppers will be in the hall, get it on and make your way to the bedroom at the end of the hall. See you in 30 minutes’ With that, the message was gone, when I refreshed the webpage it no longer existed. My heart was racing and my cock was oozing pre-cum, this sounded like the exact thing I needed. I paced the hotel room, I was too horny to think clearly. I ran to the toilet and stripped off, cleaned myself out and teased my hole with the dildo to warm myself up. I had a quick shower and still had 15 minutes to walk the 2 blocks back to the bar. I threw on a black T and a pair of jeans and made my way down through the hotel and back onto the street. I started to second guess myself but I passed a couple of hot guys and instantly felt distracted by their crotches. I was in overdrive, my need to have sex was over powering. I reached the bar and spotted the red door at the side, the only buzzer on the door said flat 2. I’d barely touched it when the door clicked open. I made my way inside. At the top of a single set of stair a door was ajar, I made my way in and found a black jock and a bottle of poppers on the empty hall floor. I closed the door behind me and quickly stripped, the jock hid my caged cock comfortably, I didn’t think this guy would care that I wasn’t playing with myself. I lifted the poppers and made my way down the hall to the room at the end. When I walked in I immediately felt hands over my eyes and then a blindfold being wrapped around my face…
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    I was out of town on business - so, of course, I hit the baths. It's mid-week so the place was not exactly packed. I size up the scene and find this hot bear to fuck. We head back to my "deluxe" room and get busy with the door open. (Believe me: It pays to advertise) So, I'm plowing the bears hole when a couple of guys stop to take in the scene. Both very doable guys in their late 40's. I wave them in, pull out of the bears hole and signal the clean shaven one of to take a turn. He quickly slides right in and takes over the fuck. I hit my knees, head down-ass up, along-side the bear and offer my hole to the bearded guy. He slides in easily (pays to be pre-lubed) and gets his fuck on. After a few minutes, the two trade holes. Oh yeah! The pig factor just rose big time. Soon. Others gather at the door... and its on. The dude fucking me blows his load deep inside me. He pulls out (too damn quickly) only to be replaced by one of the guys at the door. The bearded dude fucking the bear breeds him and leaves. (Yeah, I was jealous...I dig beards) The guy fucking me (muscle ginger) pulls out and moves over to the bear. Instantly, another cock takes his place at my hole. (I never sae his face) Apparently, he had been priming his cock while he waited because in just a couple of minutes, he blew load number two in me. He leaves. The muscle ginger fucking the bear moves back over to me.."Fuck! I love a cummy hole!" He growls as he takes over the fuck. Another dude starts fucking the bear. The ginger fucking me and guy fucking the bear both cum. Thet actually give each other a high-five before they leave...only to be replaced my two more cocks. They trade back and forth several times between us. This is pig heaven. There is a fuck-frenzy going down and i am getting cock after cock, and load after load. That unmistakable sound of cocks fucking cum-sloppy holes echoed out into the corridor...providing a siren call to all cummers. IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN! OFF. THE. CHAIN! Some of the guys that had been there before cam back for more. (Including a load in me from the hot bearded dude!) I literally lost track of how many men, cocks, and loads I got. But in time, the frenzy subsided until it was just the bear and me, wallowing in the piggy cumjoy. I reached down and ran my fingers around my hole to find some sweet distension... my hole made into a man-pussy. After awhile, it was off to the shower. I did a final tour around the place...and marvelled at how I had likely been fucked by most every guy in the place. It's good to be a shameless bareback fuckpig. Oink!!!

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