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    “Wakey, wakey little bro” I said slapping my semi-conscious brother across his face. He blinked slowly as his eyes began to open fully, staring up at my grinning face before realising he couldn’t move properly, swivelling to his left then right and seeing that he was naked and that his legs and arms were outstretched with his ankles tied to his wrists and in turn fastened somewhere off the sides of the bed he was lying on. He couldn’t say anything because he was wearing a ball gag and the full realisation of his predicament was sinking in. He was totally naked and his smooth ass and cunt hole were totally exposed. He tried to say something into the ball gag and I laughed, “What’s that little bro?” I asked, “You say you’re looking forward to this afternoon, that’s good little bro” I replied, talking over his struggling and clearly angry tirade. I slapped his face hard again and he immediately stopped, looking up with tears welling in his eyes. “That’s better you little cunt” I said looking down at him sternly, “You need to learn some respect” He also noticed now that I too was naked, standing before him with my fat cock dangling limply between my legs. “I guess you’re wondering why I’ve got you tied naked to my bed, hey little bro?” I asked him. He stared up at me and said nothing, “Well it’s a bit of story really and begins with me finding out that you’ve been secretly filming me in my room for the last year.” I watched my brother’s reaction and it was of a guy with sudden dawning realisation that he’d been caught doing wrong and was probably going to have to pay for it. Of course, he didn’t yet know how. “So imagine my surprise when one of my buds rings me up to tell me he’s seen a video clip on a porn site of a guy getting his cunt fucked, who looked a lot like me”, I continued on, “It turns out there wasn’t just one clip either, but a few, all with a title saying ‘My bro getting pozzed’”, I stopped for more reaction but my brother knew he was in trouble now and just stared up at me looking scared. “Well I decided to check out my room and guess what I found”, holding up a small black cube, “A fucking camera, actually, three fucking cameras.” “Well little bro, I thought two could play at this and I set a couple up in your room, only one of mine was pointed at your computer so I could see what your password was” I said grinning, “IFUCKBOYS; that was quite interesting. I didn’t know you were gay as well little bro but then I saw you and your hot friend making out while you both watched me getting cock”. My brother was listening intently but he couldn’t do anything except stare up, still with tears in his eyes. “So you like seeing your big bro getting dick, that right, you little shit?” I asked, slapping him again. “You know, I should really thank you” I said stepping back and sitting on the end of the bed next to him, “I did actually want some record of my conversion and you filmed it for me. I don’t think you knew at the time, but I had four toxic guys come and use me a few months ago and you captured the whole thing. How they all took turns raping my cunt and loading me with HIV poz cum. You filmed my conversion.” I said, placing a hand on his smooth six pack stomach. “Remember when I got ill a month ago and was sick for a week. Mum thought I had the flu, which I did, but it was fuck flu, and now I’m poz and I’m very toxic right now too” I said grinning down at him and stroking his naked skin. “So little bro, I’m gonna help you out” I started, “I’ve invited the same four poz guys back round and we’re going to rape your neg cunt all night. We’re going to convert you too, because you want it don’t you little bro?” I finished, staring into his eyes and gripping his cock. He began to shake and I could see terror in his eyes but his dick was swelling in my hand and I knew somewhere in his head he was turned on, “You like that don’t you” I said squeezing his cock. I turned to the door and called, “Hey guys”. My brother looked up at the door as it opened and in walked four familiar and totally naked guys, sporting a variety of builds and semi-hard cocks from large to lethal looking. “Little bro, let me introduce you to Aleksy, Joe, Ethan and Rob” I said. The four guys were a bit of a mix of build but all were athletic to muscular, with Rob, the most standout of them all; black, muscular, tattooed and clearly massive in the cock department. Even limp it was lethal looking. Ethan was perhaps slightly more emaciated than athletic looking, and had some bruising to his skin, which was because he had Aids. I knelt up on the bed with my cock slowly rising and each guy stepped up for a kiss and a cock fondle, which I made sure my sibling could see clearly. “Well boys, this is Matthew my little bro and the shit who needs to be taught a lesson.” I said with an evil grin. Matt looked at me and continued to shake a little before realising each guy behind me was also looking down at him with a look of utter lust and desire to rape him. “Now I reckon you boys should do to him what you did to me and in the order we discussed.” I said winking at them, before stepping up off the bed and reaching for a video camera. “And don’t worry bro, I’m going to film the whole thing so I can sell you’re rape and conversion to a porn site.” With that, Aleksy, the first of the four studs moved forward to the bed and climbed on, his fat dick dangling semi erect. Aleksy was Polish with a nice muscular body and short dark hair. I’d met him online and we’d fucked plenty. He was totally top but could be a dirty shit, which I loved very much. He didn’t waste any time in grabbing my bros now erect dick and squeezing it hard so we could hear an intake of air through the ball gag, before leaning down and rimming out Matt’s unprotected ass hole. I was capturing the action by the side of my brother and would focus on his expression, which right now and considering his predicament, was one of pleasure, as Aleksy kept forcing his tongue into my bros cunt, squeezing and wanking his cock. It wasn’t long before my bro received his first cock of the day as Akeksy forced his now eight inch fat dick roughly into Matt who was clearly in some discomfort not having time to adjust. Very soon Aleksy was fucking my bro hard and deep while the other guys stood round wanking their dicks. I got plenty of close ups of cock in cunt and of Matt’s face as he had clearly begun to enjoy this, possibly forgetting the deadly load he was about to receive. For the next twenty odd minutes my bro was relentlessly fucked with Aleksy occasionally gripping his neck, squeezing and then spitting in his face. The look on my sibling’s face was exquisite because he couldn’t prevent any of it. Finally, I knew Aleksy was close and got the camera right in as he slowed and began groaning loudly before pumping the first toxic load into my brother’s negative cunt. I also noticed Matt was suddenly back to reality and realising what was happening as his eyes went from a look of pleasure to terror. He clearly liked the fucking but wasn’t yet happy about the toxic ending. As Aleksy pulled out, I zoomed in on my bros ravaged cunt hole which was now seeping cum. “Joe, get in there and lick that out for me” I instructed as the next stud, a six foot four inch, athletically built and shaved headed guy was on the bed and kneeling at my bros exposed hole in an instant, licking out the dripping cum. I wanked my own cock as I filmed it, “Let me taste Joe” I said as he turned to me, grinning, with cum on his lips and face. We kissed quickly and he pushed the felched splooge into my mouth. I swallowed it all as Joe spat some on his nice fat seven inch cock and lined up to fuck Matt. Joe raped my bro for a good half an hour and clearly my brother was now beginning to come to terms with his predicament because he was clearly now enjoying being fucked. When Joe eventually let out a loud and lengthy groan, I knew he was dumping a huge load. Joe was a heavy cummer and sure enough as I zoomed in again, the cum practically squirted out my brother’s cunt hole, now nicely stretched and red raw. It was Ethan’s turn next, the emaciated Aid’s riddled breeder. My bro eyed him with clear trepidation but Ethan didn’t waste the cum dripping out, he too went down for a felch and not bothering to ask, I went in too and was rewarded with a nice mouth full of the fresh splooge. Ethan’s cock was long, thin and bruised but was soon ravaging my brothers hole. The sweat was pouring off the pair of them and with Rob still side lined and wanking his enormous nine inch shaft, he knelt next to Ethan and licked off his sweat before they kissed hard. Joe couldn’t hold back either and was kneeling by the side of the bed, wanking my brother as he was being fucked before turning to me and sucking my cock as I filmed on. Soon, Ethan too ejaculated into my brother, “Ah little bro, your first Aid’s load” I cried as the other guys laughed. My brother’s expression was harder to work out now, it looked very much like he was happy to have received it. I could have been wrong, “You know what guys, I reckon the dumb little fuck slut is starting to enjoying this now” Ethan pulled out of Matt’s hole and stood up so that Rob could finally get at my brothers red raw cunt. Rob had been waiting a long time now and didn’t want to delay, he simply fingered out some of the cum in my brother’s hole, smeared It on his cock and then rammed it fully into his hole. We all heard the scream, even with a ball gag on, it couldn’t muffle my brothers discomfort and laughing again, we watched as Rob power-drived nine inches of BBC into my young brothers ravaged hole. Matt was in clear discomfort having never had something so big inside him and Rob was intent on tearing his ass hole as we noticed a few trickles of blood now dripping out. Joe was getting me close as I continued to film as best as I could and capturing the power of Rob as he fucked my brother, which was awe-inspiring. The whole bed was shaking as he continued to force his massive tool into Matt, a pleasure I have experienced many times. I knew I was close now, “Rob, hold up” I said through gritted teeth and pulling free of Joe, I knelt up on the bed and while I filmed, Joe may made me cum, with a few last strokes by hand and so that I shot my load onto Rob’s exposed cock, “Some more lube” I groaned. Rob grinned and continued to fuck my brother, pushing my cum into my siblings hole. Finally, Rob let out a deep guttural growl and slowed as he pumped yet another toxic load into my brother as the sweat dripped off them, spreading over the entire bed. My brother was clearly in some distress but that didn’t bother me at all. Knowing he was being knocked up was much more important. To be continued……………….
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    Scared Virgin Wants Pozzing Mike just turned 18, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted bare raw sex with men. He wanted a man's hot semen in his ass, even a man's hot piss. He didn't care if it was poz or neg, but right now he wanted poz, he wanted to end the fear and free himself. The only trouble is he wanted it to be given to him while making love, not just be fucked. He wanted some passion in it. Mike got on to a match site posting his desires. He got a response from a mid thirties guy named Cole, who was active and didn't have a problem being a gifter. In fact he said its been a fantasy of his to poz a young guy and help him to transition to a poz brother. The idea of it being a more passionate type of gifting actually turned Cole on even more. They set a Friday night to get together, and Mike told his parents he was staying at a friend's house, that way they could make a night and day of it. Every time Mike thought about the Friday coming up he'd start leaking precum, but he didn't allow himself to jack off. Mike was going to let his cum build up so his orgasm while being pozzed would be that much more special and strong. Friday finally came, and Mike almost did in the middle of class just thinking what was going to happen in a few hours. He was leaking so much precum he was developing a little spot in his jeans, both in front and dripping down between his balls. He couldn't wait to feel a cock in him, filling him, shooting in him. Mike got out of school, and jumped in his car to head to Cole's. His cock hard as a nail. While he was driving he had to keep adjusting his cock in his pants, which squeezed more precum up out of his cock, and through his underwear against his jeans. By the time he got to Cole's he had a rather large wet spot in the front of jeans, and his balls felt damp. Mike got up to the door, and Cole greeted him at the door. Cole was pleased with what he saw, a hot teen, with an even hotter wet bulging package. Mike loved that Cole was exactly as his picture looked. Cole grabbed Mike into a deep kiss, pushing his tongue into Mike's mouth. This made Mike moan, and he couldn't help but jet out a glob of precum, well actually it was a little cum too. "Come on in stud. I think I have surprise you'll love." Cole pulled Mike in, and shut the door behind him. Once he pulled Mike in, he reached down and pulled Mike's shirt off in quick sweep. Once his shirt was off, he attached Mike's neck, tickling it with his tongue and little bites. Not enough to leave a hicky mark, but enough to make Mike moan and leak more into his pants. When Mike looked up, he saw other guy his age in a jockstrap filming them. Mike inhaled a little more and squirmed a little. "This is Billy. He's a virgin too, more scared than you about breeding, but wanted to watch and film this for you. Is it okay?" "Yes! I'd love to be able to see my cherry pop later." Billy obviously had as big a hard on as Mike, clearly obvious in his jock. Billy picked up the camera to start his filming. He couldn't wait to watch Mike take a cock for the first time, and take a breeding. He only wished he had the courage to do the same. Cole leaned over and shoved his tongue into Mike's mouth, feeling down his bare back to edge of his pants. He carefully moved his hands between the pants band and underwear, down Mike's bare butt cheeks. Oh so smooth and tight. Mike moaned into Cole's mouth, and with hands moved down to the bottom of Cole's shirt and started lifting it. They broke their kiss, and Mike lifted Cole's shirt off. Cole was relatively hairy, compared to Mike's lack of hair, except for Mike's very dense inch wide treasure trail that lead down to a trimmed bush. Cole had a dense amount of hair all across his chest and stomach, with just slightly longer treasure trail. Mike leaned down and licked one of Cole's erect nipples. This caused Cole to moan out loud and pull Mike's head into his pec. Cole picked up Mike in his arms, bare chest to bare chest. "Come on Billy, time to film a cherry pop." Cole carried Mike back to the bedroom and Billy followed filming them. Once in the bedroom Cole put Mike on the bed and undid his jeans, and pulled everything off in one feel swoop. Mike's pubes were soaked in precum, and it was still pouring out of his hard cut cock. Cole bent down and licked across Mike's dick head. Mike moaned and spurted a little precum. Billy got a close up as Cole took Mike's head in his mouth. Cole loved the taste of Mike's sweet nectar. Cole then stood up and took off his pants, exposing his hard uncut cock for the boys to see. Billy gasped a little, so Mike looked over his body and moaned oh fuck. A little precum was glistening on the lips of Cole's foreskin. Cole got on the bed and knee walked up Mike's body until his cock was just touching Mike's lips. Mike stuck out his tongue and touched the lips of Cole's foreskin, pushing his tongue lightly into Cole's foreskin. Mike loved his first taste of a man's cock, the feel of the skin, the precum. Billy was busy filming closeup of Mike licking Cole's cock. His cock was feeling very cramped in his jock, and he pushed it off as he was filming. His cut cock standing straight out from his body. Billy unlike the other two was almost completely hairless, he kept his pubes shaved. He only had hair under his arms, and a little around his butt hole. "Right on buddy, get naked with us." Cole moaned. Cole began licking down Mike's body, again taking Mike's cock back in his mouth. Cole swirled his tongue around the head, getting all the precum of his cock as possible. He then licked down to Mike's balls, and tickled his balls with his tongue. Mike's moaning went up a little bit. Cole started lift up Mike's legs bringing Mike's hole into view. Cole then licked right down to the exposed hole. There was some hair around the hole, and spreading a little up the valley, which Cole loved. As soon as Cole's tongue touched Mike's hole, Mike almost screamed out. Mike didn't know this could feel so good. Cole ran his tongue all over the outside of Mike's hole, slowly teasing it with quick stabs with the tip of his tongue. Each time he stabbed a little deeper. All the while Billy was filming the on going, being sure to get a little bit of Mike's face to show what he was feeling, but not missing the hard core action below. Suddenly Mike's ass blossomed open, and Cole's tongue sank in to the depths of Mike's ass. Mike moaned and shot out a little cum as this happened. Cole just wagged his tongue inside Mike for a minute. Cole looked up to see Mike's little spurt of cum on his stomach. He dipped his finger in it and brought it to his mouth. Oh so nutty sweet. Cole saw Billy's hungry eyes on what he did, and took the last finger full of cum off of Mike, "Here buddy, try his cum, you know you want to. He's a Neg virgin like you, its not going to hurt you. Try it." And Cole moved his finger to Billy's mouth, and Billy just opened his mouth and accepted the finger full of cum. He couldn't believe how good it was. Cole looked and the lust filled Mike, "So do you just want me to take your cherry now, or would you like a little prep work that will help the breeding maybe take this first time?" "Lets go all the way, so I don't lose my nerve later. I want to be bred good." "You got it. Hey little buddy, you looked like you liked the taste of cum. Why don't you come down and try a little ass while I go get my prep tool. Come on, you know you want to try it. This is your chance to try a clean ass. But the camera down for minute, come try this sweet ass." Billy's lust was up, and he couldn't say no. He set the camera down on the bed, and got down between Mike's legs, and saw the hair hole winking at him. He bent down and touched his tongue directly to the winking hole. He heard Mike moan. "That's it buddy, shove your tongue in there. Get him ready for his prepping." Cole then pushed Billy's face into Mike's ass just as he started to stick his tongue in the hole, this caused Billy's tongue to really go in. Billy love the feel and taste of Mike's ass, and really started licking and tongue fucking him. Cole went into the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush he'd been using. He'll just replace. As he came back to the bed, he grabbed lube out of the drawer as well. Billy stood up and grabbed the camera again. Cole took his place at Mike's ass. "Ok my little virgin chaser, this is to help prep you up. I'm just going to brush your insides up. I won't kid you, its going to smart a little." "Do it, I want it." Billy got ready to film this. He couldn't believe Mike agreed to having a toothbrush stuck up his ass. At the same time he thought it was hotter than hell. It made him leak little precum. Looking through the camera lens, he watched Cole lube up the toothbrush and then lube up Mike's hole. Then he watched as Cole put the brush against the winking hole. Then he saw the brush slowing sinking into that hole and Mike moaning. Billy than panned up to Mike's face, and he captured Mike's lust filled and a little pain look. Mike opened his mouth to breath and moan. Cole started to spin the brush around a little as well as slowly in and out. He pulled it all the way out to see how it looked it, and it was just ever so slightly pink, so not quite ready. So Cole slowly pushed the brush back in, and made light sawing motions. While he did this, he looked at Billy, and how he was sort of panting, and his cock was throbbing. "Hey film this when I pull the brush out. See how its coming out of his ass. Look at that color on there, that's much pinker, that means just a little more brushing and he'll be ready for the breeding. Say, you want to brush him a little? Come on down here, why don't you do a little." Billy set the camera down and came down where Cole was. "Here take the brush. Now slowly insert it in to his ass. That's it nice and slow. Move it all around inside him. That's it. You like getting him all prepped for a breeding?" All Billy could do was nod. He couldn't believe he was moving this around in Mike's ass. Watching it up close going in and out. "Okay, let me take it back, and you can film it coming it. I bet it'll be nice a red now. Pick up the camera and film it coming out." Billy picked up the camera and looking through the lens, he saw the brush slowly being pulled out. When the brush head came all the way out, it was noticeably red. "Yeah, your ready for breeding now. Look at the red color. That means your ass is all ready to be get bred and accept all that my cum has to give you." Cole set the brush down, and grabbed the lube. He started lubing up his cock real good, and put some more lube on and in Mike's hole. "Okay my worried virgin, its time. You ready to lose that cherry?" "Yes, god, yes. I want your dick in me now, please." Billy watched through the lens of the camera as Cole pulled is foreskin back and rubbed his head against Mike's hole. Carefully dipping in just a little and rubbing again. Then Cole slowly and carefully started pushing his cock in. When it was a little more that half way in, he panned up to Mike's face. He was breathing heavily from his mouth and his eyes were rolled back and he was moaning. Mike began heavily leaking precum out of his cock, you would think someone turned on a faucet. "I'm all the way in now. Feel my hard cock in you. Your cherry is all mine. Now to breed you. I'm not going to last long, your so nice and tight, and your ass keeps gripping my dick." Billy got up on the bed and straddled Mike so he could get a nice clear shot of Cole's dick sliding in and out. What a sight, Cole was so carefully moving his dick, nice and slow in and out. Mike looked up and saw Billy's tight little ass and balls hanging there in front of his face. Mike could help himself, he stuck his tongue out and licked Billy's balls. Doing this caused them to jump around in their sack. Billy almost dropped the camera went he felt his balls being licked. His cock started bouncing and splattering Mike's upper abs with his precum. As he was watching through the camera, he saw Mike's balls starting to really pull up to his body, and Mike's dick kept throbbing up with each thrust from Cole. "Okay bud, I'm getting really close, you ready for my cum, you ready to bred?" Mike stopped licking Billy's balls, "Yes, fuck yes. Give my your seed. Fuck it into me." Cole picked up his speed just a little. Suddenly he pushed in a little hard and did some quick jabs, and began groaning loudly. "Oh fuck, here it cums, I'm going to breed you now." Billy watched through the lens as Cole shoved hard and was shaking, and suddenly Mike's cock erupted with cum, and sprayed everywhere, including the camera lens. Billy got up off of Mike and set the camera down on the side bed table and then saw as Cole leaned into Mike and kissed him deeply, while we was still humping his spent dick into him. Billy's cock was throbbing to cum. Cole saw this and grabbed Billy's hard cock and started stroking it. "You need to cum to bud, lay down on the bed, lets let the prior virgin suck you off." Mike only smiled and moved over so Billy could lay down. Mike immediately attacked his hard cock, he loved Billy's sweet precum. Cole leaned in and whispered something into Mike's ear. Mike then licked down to Billy's balls, and Cole lifted Billy's leg, and Mike attacked the exposed hole. Billy couldn't believe the feeling, he loved the tongue on his ass. Mike then went back to Billy's cock just in time to catch the load as it fired out. The three then layed on the bed Mike pressed up against Billy, and Cole pressed up to Mike.
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    I was on BBRTS last night and received a message from a guy saying only "We want to destroy you now." I looked at his profile and he was hot. He was 37 and had a great body. "How many guys?" I asked. "You will find out when you get here," he answered. "What are you after?" I asked. "ou won't have a say in what we do." Now I was horny! I jumped on the subway and headed to the hotel, arriving wet as it was pouring. I made my way to their room. When the door opened I found four gym fit naked guys. 'Fuck', I thought. I took a little drink and stripped, and sat on the face of one of the guys who was laying on his back on the bed. He got to work getting me wet while I went between the other three guys, sucking each guy's cock. Less than five minutes later one guy said in broken English "Now we destroy you." Pushing me onto my back, the guys held me down and pulled my legs up and apart. Then one of the guys thrust his way all the way into my ass and started pounding me. There was no way to stop and there was very little pleasure (at least for me) but at least I knew they weren't joking in saying they would destroy me. The whole session lasted about two hours. They spoke almost entirely in Italian so I had no clue what was coming next, but occasionally they used English, at which time they spouted poz talk and name calling, such as faggot, worthless slut, etc. They took turns with me, and there was quite a bit of ass to month cleaning, a bit of DP as well as face fucking. One after the other each made a final assault on my ass, blowing his load in me. The last guy churned it all up as the sperm flowed down my ass. After he blew I licked his dick clean , and could taste all four loads. Then I collapsed on the bed and they kept fingering some of their loads out of my hole and fed the cum to me. I made a move to jerk off but they stopped me, handed me my clothing, and told me to get lost. Which, of course, I did. Even if my ass is still a bit sore this morning, the experience was totally worth it.
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    This is all just fiction never really happened.Just a huge fantasy of mine. Also i know i have really bad grammar and spelling. part 1 Nick was a pretty nice fun shy guy but was also had a bit a pervy side. So he would go on sex sites and talk to other guys about these fetishes that he has and listened to what they would do to him and leed them on with no real intention of going thru with it just to get off. Well there was one guy John who he talked to regularly on bbrt about hooking up at a hotel and being bound and fucked. Well time went on and eventually just talking about it wasnt cutting it anymore he needed the real thing so he messaged John and told him that he wanted to meet up and finally do it. But that he was nervous about it so it would prefer it if he brought a condom. John agreed saying he already has one in his pocket ready to go! John told him that he got a hotel room and where it was. Nicks heart was pounding he took a shower put on a jock some basket ball shorts and a tank top. When he arrived he sat in the parking lot for about 10 min wondering if he should just make an excuse and leave. But he thought about the what was going to happen and decided to just go and do it. So he headed up to the hotel room knocked on the door and john answered wearing noting but a towel. Nicks face grew red and he walked inside and didnt say a word john dropped his towel and told Nick to get to sucking. He wasted no time and was on his knees. He blew him for about 5 min getting him nice and hard. Then jihn said "thats enough lets get down to what you came here for. Take off your clothes." Nick slowly got up and started undressing until he was wearing nothing but his jock and very nervously asked what the safty word would be. John let hik know that its banana. With that John spun him around and threw him on the bed face down and began to bind him to the bed spread eagle. He asked if there was any room to pull free. Nick pulled on all the restraints and couldnt budge at all. Nick said "no i cant im stuck." "Good now its time for the fun to start." John said. And then put a gag in Nicks mouth saying that a safety word would just take the fun away. And with that he grabbed a bottle of what looked like white somewhat hand soap. John assured him that its just some "special" lube and would make it feel so much better. And with that he started to lube Nick up telling hiw nice his smooth hole looked and started to tease it with his cock pocking the head all around lubbing it even more with precum. He started to poke his head in and out pushing more and more "lube" into him. He kept this going until Nicks hole swollowed almost the whole bottle. And then started to push his cock all the way in then Nick started screaming thru the gag. "Oh right the condom" John said "let me grab it" with that John still a little inside Nicks hole leaned over to the nightstand the weight and angle he was leaning pushed his cock balls deep into Nicks hole. Which made him scream out into the gag. "Oh right forgot inwas still inside of you. Gotta say you feel amazing!" "Dont worry i got the condom just let me enjoy this a bit" he said as he started to thrust in and out harder and harder finally pulling out all the way witha rope of "lube connecting from his cock head to Nicks hole. "I think i used to much lube its just pooring out of you!" He said as he was opening the condom. He then grabed his phone and took a picture. "This is just a keeps sake for tonight" He then started to alighn his cock against Nicks hole again "dont worry i have the condom. But wait didnt you say you wanted it here you go" he then reached around under nick and put the condom on Nicks cock. " theres your condom were using as agreed" and with thatbhe went balls deep into Nicks hole again bare! Nick tried to struggle and get him off but he was bound and couldnt fight him he was taking his first anonymous cock bare. "Oh come on it cant get any wurst that lube your full of is actually my cum jar each time you blew me off i blew a load inside so you could still get it" Nick really starting fighting after hearing this "oh yeah keep fighting it! Tighten that hole fuck yeah feels nice! You gonna make me shoot some more of this pozz load inside of you at that rate!" Nick started whimpering and bucking a bit more but when he did John thrust as deep as he could and Nick started to feel his cock pulsing leaving another load. "Fuck yeah that was well worth the wait to pozz that nice ass!" John then thrust a couple more time and started to pull out stoped at the halfway point and took another picture, pulled all the way out and continued taking pictures, he started to spred Nicks cheeks taking more pictures. "Oh dont wory the fun is just getting started! Ive been talking to some guys on bbrt about you standing people up just to get yourself off well i told them about tonight and how they will finally get a turn on you. Isnt that great also figured id post an add on craigslist too see who all shows up. Pimp this nice ass out to get my money back for this room fugured 5 dollors a nutt would do tho your going to be a bit sore by time were done." Nick layed there quite then there was a knock at the door. John answered "nice to see you guys could make it! I broke him in for ya im gonna go home take a shower i posted an add on craigslist too so there should be alooooot of guys showing up dont turn anyone away everyone gets a turn. Ill be back tomorrow some time hes yours in the mean time see ya" Nick was crying hearing this then what sounded like 6-10 people walked in. "Damn he really went to town on that ass!" One of the voices said "were about to have a fun time tonight!" Another guy said. And with that i end part one im not really good at writing stories but if you guys like it ill continue!
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    Been so fucking horny today so was looking around bbrts and CL while at work. Hit a guy up on CL and headed to his hotel room just off times square at 1.15pm. No foreplay, no talking, just dropped my pants and he worked his way in dry and about 10 mins later he shot his load in me. Just before he pulled out he whispered in my ear "i hope u enjoy those toxic babes in you". I zipped up and went back to work a happy slut ;-)
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    My last fucking boyfriend is an asshole and used to deny sex to me. It was only when he wanted it. I need it every day so stop at the bookstore, park or wherever I can get a load. He had no clue that I've been cheating on him for years. Most of the time he fucked me with loads from the bookstore in my hole. He would get off on me cleaning the leftover cum off his 9" uncut cock. He is the kind of sleeper that never wakes up, so I have had tricks in the house fucking my brains out or pissing down my throat and he never knows. If a trick is into it, I love getting fucked in the bedroom while he's in bed sleeping. Little does he know my legs are up in the air wrapped around some grandpa, daddy, kid or whoever is shooting their cum into my asshole. His best friend and his boyfriend have both used my holes in front of him while he's sleeping. I took a job in another state so that was the end of that, but I loved cheating on that cocky bastard. For me, there's nothing like having sex with a cheater. Knowing I'm sucking or getting fucked by a guy with a wedding ring on or some guy that can't get anything from his boyfriend and knows he can stop by my place for servicing and to dump a load of cum or piss into my body and whatever perved out kink he wants to get into. I've now got a few regular straight guys that come over for servicing and they think I'm the only one I let fuck me bareback. One older guy who is a realtor comes over and brings a trick with him he picked up at the park or bookstore. He gets off on watching them fuck me and sitting on my face while I rim his hole. Another guy who is a fireman comes by before he goes home to the wifey for a quick blowjob and asslicking. I fucking love going down on his fat, uncut German cock. My best though is the computer nerd that no one would give a second look to. He answered an ad I put on craigslist. Tall, scruffy beard, greying hair...but when he pulled down his pants out flopped a 10" uncut cock with a red bush. He climbs on my chest and fucks that thing all the way down my throat so that when he cums I don't even taste it. I just naturally swallow all that fucking batter right down. I just got him into barebacking me and he is the type that can't believe some fuckhole like myself will clean off his extra cum from his cock after he's shot. He's really quiet but I'll do anything to get that load from him and turn him into the fucking kinkster he wants to be. Next up, I'm working on him pissing down my throat. There's nothing for me that I like better knowing that I have made a cock feel so good that they have shot in my asshole or down my throat or let them urinate wherever they wanted on or in me. Ever since my 18th birthday when I told my parents I was going out with friends after dinner, but in reality hung out at the local bookstore til it closed at 2 a.m. getting fucked by any old man or guy that wanted to use my body and then cruising behind it and getting used behind a dumpster til 4 a.m. I've never looked back. Thousands of cocks have entered my body and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Fuck I love sex and being used for the fuckhole I am.
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    Author's note: Sincere apologies for the long delay. Dealing with some writers block and a few very busy months at work. The story has also become a little longer than expected (oops) but I do have the next chapter almost done so that should be posted in a day or two (and the final chapter is an epilogue of sorts to wrap up loose ends and, hopefully, won't take too long either). If you read and enjoy this or my other stories, thank you for your patience. :-) Part 3: Changed Circumstances Calvin slumped low in his seat, his eyes drooping. He was not having a good day. He wanted to listen — he really did — and he knew he should be able to. But the professor was rambling on about… well, something. Calvin wasn’t even sure what the hell the old guy was talking about. He just felt trapped in this stuffy old classroom. He had arrived over fifteen minutes late to class… and he was lucky he had made it all all. He had taken a bus to campus but ended up going two miles in the wrong direction before he realised something was wrong. When had bus schedules gotten so complicated? He kept thinking about the things that Seb had said. But that wasn’t real. It couldn’t be… you can’t suck someone’s brains out through their dick. He was smart! He had always been the smartest kid in the room. Always. So why did he feel like his brain was so fucking slow? There was, of course, just one topic he couldn’t stop thinking about. Thoughts of sex - of cocks and asses, of armpits and feet, of cum and piss — were always on his mind. At home, or walking down the street, or even here in class. He could barely look at a guy without imagining the scent of his sweaty ballsack, the taste of his cum, or how good it would feel to get the stranger’s cock in his ass. He was getting hard just thinking about it. He hadn’t fucked around with anyone since Tommy a couple days ago… but he had watched a lot of porn over the weekend. Once he had remembered his laptop password anyway. That had taken awhile. He had watched porn before, of course, but never gay porn. And now he had all sort of things he wanted to try — ideas gleaned from the videos, “Mr. Watts? Earth to Mr. Watts?” “Huh?” Calvin looked up realising someone was calling his name. Fuck! The professor stood at the aisle a few feet from his seat. “Am I boring you, Mr. Watts?” Calvin felt sweat begin to bead on his forehead. “Um… no?” That seemed like the safest answer. “Really? So tell me then, what type of response is the limbic system associated with?” “Lem-bick?” The word sounded familiar but Calvin wasn’t sure what it was. Why couldn’t this guy just talk english? “Come on now, its a simple question. Or have you somehow shuffled into the wrong classroom? Arriving late, I might add.” The other students all laughed and Calvin’s face felt red. They all thought he was an idiot. No. No. No. This couldn’t be happening. He was smarter than them… … He was supposed to be anyway. But he wasn’t so sure anymore. “I don’t know.” His voice cracked, almost a croak, and his eyes were burning. No. He wouldn’t cry. He wouldn’t… A sob escaped from somewhere in his chest. The professor paused, frowning. “The correct answer is emotional responses. If you are going to succeed in this class, you are going to need to start reading the assigned text.” Calvin was grateful when the professor turned away without further comment. but it felt like everyone in the class was still laughing at him. He slumped further down in his seat. When class was dismissed he grabbed his bag and ran from the room. He didn’t even bother packing his textbook, leaving it behind on the desk. Once he was away from the classroom he felt a little better. It was so good to get out of that stuffy old room. How had he ever found that stuff so interesting? It was so fucking complicated. He hated it. “Fuck classes today.” He muttered. “I need to clear my head of all that bullshit. I can figure this out. Just have to focus….” He didn’t even realise that he was thinking out loud. It was just easier to stay focused when he talked through his thoughts. Calvin watched people as he walked. Well…he watched the men anyway. He couldn’t help but look at the crotches as he walked across campus. His cock was hard and throbbing and his hole was flexing as if demanding to be fed. What the hell was happening to him? He tried to be subtle about it but he was sure at least a few guys noticed. The middle of campus was the Quad. A large open space where students tended to congregate His eyes immediately were drawn to two guys throwing a frisbee on the lawn. Both bare chested, lean, and muscular. Wet dreams come to life. Calvin stopped absently and enjoyed the view. Bet they’re in a frat, he thought. The blond was wearing a baseball cap set backwards to cover his uncombed hair. He had a firm chest, small brown nipples and a sexy six pack. Black trackies sagged slightly on his hips. Calvin loved the white stripe running up the side. That was cool. The second man was similar, handsome and sexy but with dark hair and an unshaven face. No beard, like he had skipped shaving that morning. Nice fit body. His jeans seemed to hang effortlessly, just covering his crotch, despite not wearing a belt. No pubic hair was visible. This guy must shave down there, Calvin thought absently. “What are you looking at, fag?” It was the blond. “I… I’m…” Calvin’s mind went blank. Panic. “I asked you a question. What are you stupid or something?” He took a step towards Calvin. “Lay off, Kirk.” The dark haired guy rolled his eyes. “Nothing wrong with looking. Plus he’s kind of cute.” “Yeah.” The blond’s angry expression vanished and he started laughing. “But it was hysterical. I bet he almost pissed himself.” Calvin’s mind was just starting to put the pieces together. “Your just… teasing?” “Yeah, dude. You’re good.” The blond - Kirk - said. “More than good in my opinion.” The dark haired guy came forward. His eyes drifted down Calvin’s body like a caress. “I’m Evan.” “Nice to meet you, I”m Calvin.” “As in the underwear?” Kirk laughed as if it were the most witty thing ever said. But Calvin didn’t really understand. “Don’t worry about him.” Evan said as he moved close to Calvin. He smelled so good. Masculine and a hint of sweat. Calvin licked his lips. His eyes moved, of their own accord, to Evan’s crotch. It looked pleasantly full. Calvin’s own cock began to plump up in response. Evan noticed. “You like what you see?” “Oh for fuck sake.” Kirk sighed. “Enough with the song and dance. Lets just get back home and you two can fuck already.” “Well, ignoring my boorish friend, I would love for you to come over.” “Cool.” Calvin smiled. His cock was fully hard now. “I’m game.” Evan put his arm around Calvin’s shoulder. “Come on. We don’t live far. Just a couple blocks off campus.” “I assume this is going to be a freebie?” Kirk asked Evan as he fell in alongside them. Evan only scowled a silent ‘shut up’ look at his friend. Calvin didn’t understand what the hell the were talking about but it didn’t really matter. All he knew is that he was about to get fucked again. And THAT was all that really mattered. As they walked, Evan’s hand slipped from Calvin’s shoulder, down the back, finally resting with his hand cupping Calvin’s butt. Calvin wondered if he should be embarrassed… anyone could see!… but it felt so good he couldn’t bring himself to care. True to Evan’s statement, the trio arrived at an apartment just a few minutes away. They had talked during the walk and Kirk had said they liked having their privacy away from the dorms. He said something about having found a way to make some extra college money, but again Evan shut him up with a glare. Kirk laughed again but Calvin couldn’t figure out why… so he just ignored it. He had a feeling he might be doing that a lot from now on. The apartment wasn’t terribly fancy or anything, just simple yet solid construction. Calvin didn’t really have time to look, however, as Evan pulled him in close before the door was even shut. Their lips met and Calvin forgot all about the apartment. Evan’s hands roamed freely around Calvin’s body and Calvin returned the attention. Face. Nipples. Arms. Abs. Ass. Crotch. Everything received a little attention. Both men were hard and aching in their jeans. Calvin absently noticed Kirk had got himself a beer and sat nearby in a chair. Watching them. Smirking. His hand rubbing his own crotch. Calvin licked his lips absently at the bulge he could see there… but then Evan’s hands on his shoulders, pushing him gently down to his knees, brought his attention back. He glanced up at Evan for permission and, once he received a nod, eagerly unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans between his and what he wanted. He could smell the other man’s musk…. sweat, cum, maybe a slight smell of piss. It was captivating. His fingers reached in and wrapped around the cock waiting for him. It wasn’t as big as Tommy’s cock had been but it was bigger than Calvin’s own cock. Calvin wondered if he would ever see a cock as big as Tommy’s again. But the thought drifted away as he focused on the very real and very present cock in front of him. It reminded Calvin of a banana with its very curved shaft. It was about as big as a good size banana as well. The groin was shaved smooth. Other than a moment to gaze at the cock and to savour the aroma, he didn’t hesitate. His lips kissed their way down the shaft, then back up. His tongue swirled around the pleasantly thick head, getting just a hint of the taste of pre-cum. It only made him hornier. Finally he opened wide and let the cock slip into his warm and waiting mouth. Evan’s hands wrapped around Calvin’s head and — gently but determinedly — pressed deeper into the warm and waiting mouth. “Yeah. That’s it cocksucker.” Kirk said from his chair. “Get him good and wet.” Calvin could see from the corner of his eyes that Kirk had his cock out now and was stroking himself in time with Evan’s thrusting cock. He knew he was horny, he knew he craved it, but he had’t know how much he NEEDED cock until this moment. Evan slipped his jeans down further and Calvin saw that he had a tattoo on his groin. He wondered, briefly, if it hurt to get a tattoo… especially there. The design seemed familiar with three incomplete circles — they looked a bit like claws or pincers or something, vaguely threatening, radiating out from a central circle. One pincer pointing up, one facing left, and one facing right. It looked very familiar to Calvin. He had seen it on chemical bottles and such. But he couldn’t think of what it meant… and he didn’t really care. It looked cool. He let his fingers stroke it absently as he sucked the cock. “You like that?” Evan asked, smiling down. “Do you know what it means?” Calvin just shrugged. He didn’t want to look stupid… and his mouth was full anyway. “I’ve got one just like it.” Kirk said. “Maybe we can get you one just like it soon.” He was chuckling again. He liked to laugh a lot, Calvin decided. Evan’s cock was deep inside his mouth, the curved shaft sliding across his tongue, and demanding entry into his throat. Just like with Seb, his body just seemed to know what to do. He tilted his head back to open his throat, swallowed, and let the cock slide balls deep. “Oh, fuck yeah. That feels so good.” “It looks hot from here too.” Kirk said. Calvin couldn’t talk, but he moaned his happy reply. Evan pulled his cock all the way back to Calvin’s lips. Then pulled all the way back in with one determined thrust. Then out again. Then in. Quickly building up speed until he was face fucking the willing cocksucker. Calvin could taste the precum coating his tongue and it was driving him wild. Evan’s ballsack started to lift, the thrusting becoming more erratic, the fingers gripping his head just a little tighter… And then Evan stopped. Suddenly. Pulling his cock out of Calvin’s mouth. Calvin dove forward. Trying to get it back in his mouth. “Not yet, babe.” Evan gently held Calvin back from his cock. He was breathing hard and his cock looked like it could cum with just a touch. “I’m not ready yet.” “Why don’t you come over here.” Kirk said. He waved his very hard cock. “You can suck on this. I’m sure Evan will find something to entertain himself.” With just the briefest of pauses to look to Evan for permission, Calvin scrambled over to kneel between Kirk’s thighs. This cock was so different from Evan’s. It was uncut, like Seb’s had been over the weekend, and about an inch shorter than the curved dick he had just been sucking. But it was thick. Damn thick and unbent. A patch of blond hair surrounded Kirk’s cock…. trimmed perhaps, but not shaved. Calvin happily opened his mouth and swallowed the big cock. Despite his strangely acquired new skills, he gagged when he tried to sink the cock into his throat. He felt like he was trying to fit a 7 inch pipe into a 5 inch hole. But he kept working the cock in his mouth and trying to coax his throat to open a little wider. He felt hands at his hips. Evan. Unbuckling his belt. Unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. Pulling them down. Exposing his ass. He knew what was coming. His hole started quivering in anticipation. He lifted his knees so Evan could slide the pants off. Evan gave his butt a playful slap. “Damn. That’s a nice ass. Got to get a taste.” He knelt down and his tongue found it’s way to Calvin’s puckered hole. Calvin moaned. His whole body was spasming. Like electricity was surging through him… but in a good way. And as he moaned, his throat opened and Kirk’s cock finally slipped deep. Calvin gagged around the thick invader but Kirk was merciless. The blond man’s hands were tight on his head. Not letting him up. “Fuck yeah! Deep throat my cock, bitch. Your throat feels awesome!” Panic rising. Face red. Body struggling. Finally the hands loosened and Calvin’s slipped back, letting the cock slide out of his throat. Out of his mouth. He gasped desperately for breath. It took a couple minutes before his breathing calmed down. Evan’s tongue continued on his ass. Licking. Sucking. Teasing. Tormenting. “Come on, boy.” Kirk frowned when the red finally started to drain from Calvin’s face. “You would think you’ve never sucked cock before.” ‘Only… only two before today.” Evan pulled off his ass. “Hot damn. A newbie then. Been fucked before?” “Just once.” “Shit. I would have loved to claim your cherry. Still…. you have a great ass and I’m still going to fuck you.” “Yes… please.” Calvin’s ass swayed slightly. Evan paused. Then sighed. “Do you want me to wear a condom?” The memory of Tommy trying on the condom flashed through Calvin’s mind. “No… they don’t feel good.” “Are you sure. You do know that we’re both…” “Shut the fuck up, dude.” Kirk hissed. “He doesn’t want a condom. And you don’t want to wear one anyway.” Evan glared at Kirk but, after a moment, just shrugged and let the subject drop. Calvin tried to figure out what the two guys were arguing about. He felt like he were missing something obvious but he had no idea what. Calvin forgot all about it, however, as Evan shifted forward so his cock, achingly hard, slid up and down the crack. Calvin cooed. “Please. I need it. I need it so bad. Please put it in me.” “As you wish.” And Evan’s shifted his dick, pointed it straight into Calvin’s anal ring. And pushed. The hole hesitantly opened for him. “Fuuuuuuuuuck! Damn you are tight… you feel so good.” I’m making him feel good. I’m making him happy! The thought made Calvin feel proud. He didn’t even hesitate when Kirk’s dick prodded his lips. He opened his mouth and let it inside. The two cocks moved almost in sync. In and out of his ass. His mouth. Evan’s hands gripping his hips, pulling him back into the fuck. Kirk’s hands holding his head still so he could thrust his cock into Calvin’s mouth and into his throat. Calvin gagged but that only seemed to make Kirk laugh and thrust all the harder. “Yeah, bitch. Choke on that big dick. You keep doing that and you are going to get me off real quick. Do you want that? Do you want my dirty cum floating in your belly?” A moan, from somewhere deep inside, was the only reply that Calvin could offer. A low sound of pure lust. His eyes were red, tears flowed down his cheeks, his nose was running, his chin covered with the slime his gagging throat was kicking up… but he had never felt so sexual. Never felt so alive. “Here it comes, cocksucker! Take it! Take my load.” Kirk’s hands tightened on the back of Calvin’s head, pulling him all the way down the shaft, balls deep, and held him there. Then the shaft started to heave and flex … and Calvin knew Kirk’s load was firing directly down his throat. Evan’s thrusts had also sped up, become frantic. His fingernails were digging into Calvin’s hips. “Shit… that’s pushing me over the Edge. I’m gonna cum!” And he did. His thrusts didn’t stop as he unloaded deep inside Calvin’s hole. Evan leaned forward, his weight guiding Calvin to sink to lay flat on his belly. “Yeah… you’ve got a bit of me inside. Part of me is always gonna be in you now. We’re always going to be connected.” “And, don’t worry, slut.” Kirk patted him on the head. “We aren’t done yet. You’re gonna take a least one of my loads up your ass … and I’m sure loverboy here has more for you as well.” “Yes, please.” Calvin smiled. It was dark by the time Calvin left the apartment. His ass was so sore it hurt a bit to walk. But he loved it. He loved the way his lips felt a little swollen from sucking cock. He loved the ache on his (perhaps not quite as tight as it had been) hole. He loved the feeling of the creamy cum dripping out and sliding down his leg. He and Evan had traded phone numbers. And at one point, while Evan was out of the room, Kirk had bookmarked a few websites on Calvin’s phone. They were hook up apps, Kirk had told him, to help him find guys who wanted to fuck his throat and fuck his ass. He assured Calvin there was no need to talk to Evan about them as he laughed yet again. Damn, this guy seemed to find everything he said funny. Calvin couldn’t wait to take a look at the apps. Yeah.. his ass and lips hurt… but he was still horny. Still wanted more. He hadn’t even made it home when he opened one of the webpages and scrolled through profiles and pictures. The only thing that seemed strange was that some of the profiles had that same symbol that both Evan and Kirk had as tattoos. Calvin wished he could remember what it meant.
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    The Stables (Part 2) “Oh fuck…. oh God….. sweet fucking Jesus…. fuck me harder…” Gregory moaned. The invading cock penetrated him painfully. Still he tried to push himself onto the hard piece of flesh. He wanted to give the guy in the other booth a good feeling. It gave him pleasure to know, that the other one would shoot a big load into his body soon. The bartender was applying some pressure against Gregory’s hip to help him take the invading cock completely. It didn’t take long, and Gregory could feel the cold wooden wall against his ass cheeks. He felt proud for making this achievement. The anonymous guy started fucking his dick hard into the waiting cunt. “Nice - your virgin pussy is so fucking tight” the stallion mumbled. Gregory could hear other voices encouraging the stallion to increase the speed. ‘Wreck his cunt’ ‘Make him bleed’ and ‘Use him like the whore he is’ they cheered. Gregory was breathing heavily. He wished it wouldn’t hurt so much, but the bartender told him, that by the fourth or fifth dick it wouldn’t be that bad anymore. He would take the dicks easily by then. Gregory got advised to pull his ass cheeks apart, so the cock would be shoved a little bit deeper. “You stupid whore, I’m gonna spray my poz load into you soon” the guy on the other side indicated. “Come on…. milk my cock..... Suck the poz load out of my balls with your greedy cunt” The fucking got more aggressive. Greg felt the cock punching in and out of his twat. Suddenly he heard a loud groaning. “I’m shooting my junk into you, you whore… Do you feel my dirty cum, bitch?” The bartender raised and gave Gregory a thumb up for a great job. He told him to stand like this for a moment, to give the cock the chance to unload completely. Greg nodded and remained standing with his ass chute close to the hole in the wall. After the guy withdrew his cock from Gregory’s cunt the twink turned around and knelt in front of the whole, thanking the poz fucker for his cum. “Thanks for giving me your poz load Sir. Feel free to reload me anytime.” The bartender couldn’t believe it. He watched the boy kneeling in front of the glory hole, thanking the first aids bloke to demolish his cunt. He almost felt sorry for him, that they took advantage of him this way. Tom had worked as a bartender for two years now and ne had never experienced a scenario like this. Most guys knew about the risks of bareback sex. But there were always guys, who were so inexperienced and innocent like the guy in the booth right now. This feeling didn’t last long, as another cock pushed through the glory hole and a grumpy voice told Gregory to stop this fucking advertisement and get his twat back to the glory hole and onto his cock. Greg was excited feeling the next guy required attention to his cock and so he got up and turned around. He reached for the dick behind him and led it to his freshly pozzed cunt. This time the pain was more bearable this time. Greg’s eyes were closed while he enjoyed the feeling of being fully stuffed again. The bartender told him, he had to take care of other things outside, but would be back later on. Outside he saw the fucker, who just unloaded his toxic seed into the adolescent guy. He was talking to some pals about the slut they were corrupting right now. Tom congratulated him for the great job and saw the bloody streaks on the still semi hard cock. “I hope, you don’t mind” he said and knelt down in front of the bloke, starting to lick the virgins ass juices away from the dick. He loved to taste the innocent boy’s ass for the very last time. Everything was going as planned. Meanwhile the second guy ripped Gregory’s cunt open mercilessly. With the first deposit he had enough lube to fuck the whore. “Slut - Push your ass against the wall bitch… where are you going? I said, against the wall you low life. Don’t make me come over…. That’s better dick ditch.” the guy snorted obscenely. The fellow enjoyed the tight slit and he concentrated on his job to damage this hole in front of him, so that a different strain would get a chance to contaminate the young mare. He knew once his venom would be in his victim another guy would work his cum into the slut’s system. He wouldn’t know what had hit him….. Gregory tried his best to satisfy the stallions. He knew all his life, he would love to be on the receiving end. He wanted to actually move his ass, but it seemed to be the best to keep his asshole close to the wall and let the dude take all the action. He tried to imagine the guy on the other side, but in the end it was not important. He was just another hole - right next to the hole in the wall. Gregory gasped for air. The guy on the other side hammered his prick hard into Greg’s body. “Fuck me harder. It hurts so good man…“ Greg groaned. “Yeah… I will seed you with my cum. You deserve it” the guy on the other side chuckled. “Do you want me to breed you now bitch?” he asked the pup. “Yeah man…. breed me. Give me your load man…. Give me your fucking load please.” he begged. His ass got flooded with hot and sticky cum, while the male on the other side of the wall cursed loudly. This morning the boy wasn’t sure, if coming to this place would have been the right decision. But right now, he felt like he existed for getting fucked only. He couldn’t wait to get another cock up his cunt, while the guy in his ass, was still pumping cum into his body. His cunt was leaking already. This felt great…
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    Part 2 Tim and Bart left the room for a short time to let the brothers relax in the post gifting bliss. Both brothers were still hard from the gifting, especially Aaron as the drugs would be keeping him hard for a while longer. "Aaron, I can feel all the warm piss in me. It feels soooo good. Your cock is still sort of pulsing too. I'm still wanting to be fucked. Please fuck me a little more. Pllleeeease." Yes, Ryan was still under control of the melted shards, but he also loved having his brother in him, which he's wanted for so long. Aaron knew it was already too late to be careful, and the drugs were still boosting his lust level. His cock made the decision for him, and he slowly started pumping into Ryan. Slowly in and slowly out, he was paying attention how the warm fluids drifted around his cock. How his foreskin uncovered his head and he could feel more warm. "Ryan, you feel so good around my cock. Can you feel me moving inside you. You like that?" "Fuck, Aaron, go faster, please go faster." Aaron started moving his hips harder and faster. His lust levels were going up, his urge to breed was kicking in. Now that he didn't have to worry, he had to breed. He wanted to breed. He started pushing as deep as possible into Ryan. "Aaron, more, give it to me. Fuck, your scratching that itch. Oh fuck, I love it. Give me more." "Fuck Ryan, I'm getting close again. I'm going to shoot some more into you. You want more of my cum?" "Please, give it to me. Shoot it into me" Aaron moved his hips a little harder, going as deep as possible with each thrust. Then Aaron felt the pulse of his orgasm, and shoved as far as possible and shot. His head falling back and moaning loud, shooting another good sized load into his brother. Bart and Tim just came back into the room as Aaron was shooting into Ryan. They just smiled. "Way to go big bro, give him another dose, shoot your cum into your little brother." Aaron was completely in the throes of this orgasm. Making quick hard thrusts with his hips, moaning loudly. Ryan was moaning as loudly, shaking his head from side to side. "Let's get you two moved over to the shower area, and get you two cleaned up." Bart and Tim released the wheels locks on the frames and wheeled the two brothers over to the large shower area. Bart unlocked all the straps holding Aaron inside Ryan, and Tim slowly pulled the brothers apart. Ryan and Aaron moaned as they were pulled apart. As Aaron's cock popped out of Ryan, all of Aaron's fuck juices and peed came rushing out of Ryan. All with a pinkish hue to it. Ryan moaning as all was gushing out. Aaron watched all the fluid pour out, turned on by what he saw but also a little sorry for what he was seeing. Ryan would have to be infected with that coloring to the fluids. Bart worked on freeing Ryan, while Tim worked on freeing Aaron. After the brothers were released, Bart started up the showers for a nice hot shower for them all. Bart keep Ryan to himself, while Tim worked on Aaron. Bart began soaping up Ryan all over, almost lovingly soaping him. Feeling his body all over. Ryan's nipples perked up to the soaping, which Bart tweaked them, causing him to moan a little. Ryan's penis started hardening back up to become his lovely man cock. Bart loved how much foreskin Ryan had, how it keep the head all covered with such beautiful skin. Bart had to get that cock in his mouth, and got down on his knees, pulled Ryan's foreskin back and saw the beautiful purple pink head with a piss slit almost as big as his brothers. Bart put his tongue on that slit and then pulled the skin up and over his tongue. Bart loved feeling his tongue buried in a foreskin. Ryan moaned as Bart moved his tongue around his head inside the skin. Ryan suddenly spurt a small amount of precum which went right across Bart's tongue, causing Bart to moan with Ryan. Aaron was being washed by Tim, just as carefully and lovingly. Tim loved the feel of the fuzz on Aaron's chest. He then washed down Aaron's muscular back to his nice fuzzy ass, running his finger around and around Aaron's hole, making Aaron moan. Tim then slowly inserted an finger into Aaron's warm depth's. He found Aaron's prostate, and tapped his finger against it. This caused Aaron's cock to bounce up and down. While Tim was playing with Aaron's ass, Aaron saw Ryan getting what looked like the best head he'd ever received. Tim wrapped his arms around Aaron, and pulled Aaron against him. Aaron felt Tim's hard cock rubbing in between his fuzzy cheeks. He loved how Tim's cock head ran across his hole now and again. Bart saw Tim rubbing against Aaron and knew where that was going. "Look little bro, look at how your big bro is getting rubbed. My buddy is rubbing up against him, getting him ready for his big cock. You want to watch big bro get fucked?" Ryan just nodded his head. Aaron saw this and wiggled his butt at Tim. Tim took hold of his dick and pointed it more fully at Aaron's hole, and then slowly began sliding it into Aaron's tight ass until he was balls deep in him. "Oh my god, your cock feels so good in my ass. Oh fuck, that's the biggest I've had I think. Oh fuck." Ryan loved watching his brother taking a cock, a little jealous it wasn't his cock inside him. "You like seeing your big bro taking cock don't you. Makes you all hot doesn't it little one. You want some place warm to put your nice big cock." Bart lubed up his own ass, and then put his back to Ryan reaching behind to grab Ryan's hard cock. He pulled Ryan by his cock towards his ass. "Push it in little one, push your hard cock in my ass. Ah fuck, that's it. Oh, such a hard big cock. Oh fuck, it feels so good sliding into me. Look big bro, look at your little bro fucking me. Look at his cock sliding into me." Aaron watched as Ryan slide his cock into Bart, he loved the look on his brother's face as his cock was going deeper into a hot fuck hole. He also was feeling a little jealous of Bart having his brother's cock in him. That jealousy went up a little more as Ryan started pumping his dick in and out of that ass. The moaning and groaning went up in volume with two men getting fucked. Bart loved feeling Ryan's cock sliding in and out. He could be doing it a little harder. Bart got a wild idea of having a fuck train. "Hey little one, you want big bro back inside you, you want to be fucked while you fuck. It would be so hot." Ryan could only nod and moan louder. Tim heard this and pushed Aaron over to his brother, and while he was still fucking Aaron, took hold of Aaron's hard cock and held it as he pushed him into Ryan. Aaron could only groan and help push himself into Ryan. Now as Tim pushed into Aaron, Aaron pushed into Ryan and Ryan more into Bart. Tim was getting close to shooting into Aaron. "Fuck big bro, I'm getting close. I'm going to breed that tight ass of yours. You ready for an ass full? Oh fuck, its going to be a nice toxic load for you." Tim pulled out a little further that jammed in hitting Aaron's prostate hard, and then firing his load into Aaron. Aaron was caught off guard for the prostate hit and suddenly went into overdrive into his brother and began shooting another of his loads into his brother. "Oh fuck Ryan, he's cumming in me, and its making shoot into you. Ah fuck, I can't help but cum." Ryan moaned as he felt Aaron cumming in him. Just as Aaron finished cumming, Ryan's prostate had enough rubbing by Aaron, and he shot a huge load into Bart. "That's it little one, give me that nice clean load. Ah fuck, I can feel that hot cum shooting in me. You've got a great load." All the men were breathing hard. They all pulled out of each other. They rinsed off the new sex fluid. Then Bart showed the brothers to their flat upstairs where they would be staying for a week of so.
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    We went upstairs and sat at the bar. There were a few guys by now and I saw them looking at us with some disgust. The barman served us a couple of beers. He dropped a coin when he was putting the money in the cash register. When he bent down I saw a wet patch on the back of his trousers. I could now see Bill better in the glow from the lights behind the bar. He was skinny and older than I thought, with wispy hair and thin, waxy skin and liver spots over the back of his wrinkled hands. He also had a noticeable sore on his bottom lip and I shuddered at the memory of his kiss, and those diseased lips around my cock, He grinned at me "I heard about your exploits downstairs last night. Sounds like you're a right dirty bastard!" he said. I blushed and grinned back, then sipped my beer. He leaned towards me and said in a low voice. "I take it you're poz like me, then?" "I'm...not sure. I've never been tested." He chuckled and winked at me. "If you've been fucking bare downstairs, I think we can safely assume you are now!" My hand shook a little as I remembered the previous evening and being bred by the man with the biohazard tattoo... He saw my excitement. "You like the thought of it...the dirty sex?" My throat was dry and I could only nod. "Time for me to do my rounds. Want to come?" Intrigued, I said alright and he suddenly went serious. "You come with me and there's no turning back. I live in the gutter and plumb the depths." I looked into his evil face, lined and gaunt from god knows what depraved activities and swallowed my beer. "let's go." I said, aware of the darkness emerging from my soul. We went outside. It was getting dark and the broken pavement glistened with rain. We went down a side street, then turned into a dark alley way with a flickering sign at the end which said Gay Cinema. Inside was a small booth with a bored looking fat guy watching some monitors playing porn. I paid the money for both of us, and followed Jim into the cinema. It was dim, smelly and lit only by a screen showing a close up of a bare cock thrusting between two huge buttocks. There were quite a few men watching. They all seemed to be middle aged or older, real dirty raincoat brigade, most of them wanking judging by the furtive movements of their arms. He ignored them and led me to a staircase leading down to the toilet which consisted of a single cubicle, broken wash basin and a urinal. There was a big hole cut in the cubicle door and I could see in the dim light that some padding had been put around the rim. The door below the hole was covered in dark stains and the whole, claustrophobic area reeked of piss. "Makes the toilet in the bar seem positively four star, don't it?" Bill pulled me into the cubicle and shut the door. It was dark and the toilet bowl had no seat. "After a couple of hours watching porn, they're ready to pop." he said, "and they 'ain't interested in anything but a warm, wet hole to do it in. You up for this?" I took a deep breath. "Yes," realising as I said it what I had become. "One more thing. They're not exactly interested in personal hygiene either, let alone the last time they went to a clap clinic. This is the gutter, mate." I nodded my agreement. He sat on the porcelain bowl, undid my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down. "Nice," he said as my erection sprang free. " but that’s not what we're here for. Turn around." I did as I was told, and he produced some lube and tenderly anointed my arsehole. I giggled and said "I feel like it's my wedding night!" He laughed, and turned me round again. "Stick your arse through the hole." I squatted and found it was big enough to put my whole bottom through, until I was half sitting, half squatting on the padding. Bill stood up. To pass the time, he opened his flies and pushed his thickening cock in my mouth. As I sucked, he opened some poppers and the cubicle filled with aroma until my cheeks felt flushed and my heart pounded. Suddenly, a rough finger was thrust into my cunt, making me jump with shock. "Ah," "Said Bill."Got one, have we?" A second finger was thrust in me, making me wince with pain as the nails scratched me, but I held still. I heard the man grunt appreciatively as he found my hole was well-lubed. The fingers withdrew and I felt hands on my buttocks pulling them apart a little, and then a blunt, heavy cock was pushed into me. My cunt stretched around the head, and then the shaft slid up me until I could feel his hairy stomach against my cheeks.. "Oh, Christ!" I gasped as it began to fuck me. Bill sat down on the bowl, holding my face in his hands. He kissed me then ruffled my hair. "Good boy!" He whispered. I was jerking against the door as the man started thrusting heavily in and out. Footsteps sounded on the stairs and I heard a low chuckle of surprise. "Fuckin' hell! Give us a look, mate!" The cock in me slid most of the way out, and the voice said. "Bareback, eh? Dirty bastard" The man fucking me made no reply. I could tell by the urgency in his thrusts he was close to coming and grabbed the bottle and took a deep sniff. As the chemical hit my brain, the cock in my arse swelled and throbbed and I knew it was coming in me. Finally it stopped. After a pause, the softening cock slid out of me, and I felt sperm dribble over my balls. There was the sound of water in the basin, and at the same time the newcomer pushed a finger in me, sliding easily into the lube and spunk. "Don't mind if I do!" he chortled, and I felt his long, thin cock slip easily up me He fucked me like a rabbit, rapidly in and out then suddenly pushed tight against me. "Coming in you!" he groaned and by his jerky movements I knew he was filling me up. Then, brutally, he pulled out and we heard him stumble upstairs. Bill pulled me up and turned me round. He pulled my cheeks apart. " Bloody hell, it's dripping alright. Looks like you got plenty of babies pumped in you." He licked my hole delicately, savouring the taste of the spunk, as several sets of footsteps clattered down the stairs. "Sounds like the word's got round " he said, turning me back and pushing my bottom towards the glory hole. "Can’t disappoint your lovers, can we?" I heard low whispers of appreciation as my arse appeared, rustles of clothing and zips being lowered, and then I was penetrated again, sagging against Jim's neck as he kissed my cheek and whispered encouragingly to me. One after another, they raped my arsehole with all manner of cocks, small, fat, long, thin and not a condom between them. Once the last footsteps had gone back upstairs, Bill lifted me off the glory hole. I was wringing with sweat and sperm was running down my thighs as my cunt gaped from all the pounding. He turned me round and produced a filthy cloth. “Cum rag.” He grinned and used it to wipe the worst of the spunk and lube dripping from my battered arsehole down my balls and thighs. My cock was rigid and tingly and fit to burst and I knew I was lost in piggery, never to return. Jim turned, lowered his clothes and bent over the smelly toilet bowl. “Climb on, lad. I think you deserve it.” I took the lube, smeared some over my cock, and pushed forward, sliding deliciously into a hot, grainy heat which made me gasp with pleasure and disgust at the same time. “Can’t… can’t hold it!” I gasped. “ Spunk up me, then!” He cried and with a howl of release I felt my cock burst into throbbing ecstasy and I shot my spunk up him. For the first time, I noticed a small, cracked mirror on the rear wall and saw myself in the dim light crouched over the naked man, cock deep in his arse, face flushed with lust and perversion. I smiled at my true self and licked my lips as I moved my cock in him ensuring my cum was pushed deep in his guts…
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    He guys! Here's a continuation of my first story, Pozzing Jeff. The first entry is also an entry in the "Tell me a story, PArt 2" thread. This will be a story I continue off and on. Enjoy the first part! ------- Jeff's Conquests Ch. 1 Bens POV I was boned the entire drive to Jeff's place. He said he had a surprise for me, although I couldn't for the life of me think of what it was. My thoughts were interrupted I approached his house and pulled into his driveway. At the same moment my phone buzzed. 'Good timing', I thought to myself. There was a text message on my phone which read <<Just walk in as soon as you get here. Dont worry about knocking >> I smiled walking to his door. I quickly shut it behind me before turning around and getting a view of the interior. The wet spot on my jeans doubled in size. Jeff's head was rolled back on the headrest with his arms outstretched along the back of the couch. He had his knees wide, allowing the slim twink with the brown spiked hair better access to his rock hard cock. He had slipped it out of his jeans and the slut was bobbing up and down on it like a pro. I slowly made my way over and took a seat next to him. He looked up and smiled at me with that look only some one in the throws of ecstasy can make. I smiled back at him and leaned down to kiss him. He moaned into my mouth and out tongues danced for a few minutes before he pulled back. “I was afraid we had scared you off,” I admitted. “Well, for the first two days you did. I kept going over it in my mind. I was so conflicted. I was so horny, yet so scared.” “So what happened?” I asked. He leaned back up, gave me a quick kiss and answered "Well, I got sick. Not terribly, but enough to know what was happening. You see, the whole time I obsessed over it, I never got around to getting to the doctor,” he said with a smile. "Officially I got the news yesterday.” I leaned down, gave him a sloppy kiss, and murmured “Fuck baby, that's so hot. You're carrying my strain.” “Fuck yeah I am. I was so boned in the doctor's office. By the time I got back to the car my briefs were soaked with precum.” “Damn, that's fuckin' hot, babe. You on meds yet?” “Not yet. Not sure if or when I will go on them.” “Great," I grunted, asking “so, who is this beautiful cocksucking slut?” “This is Andrew. Andrew, this is Ben.” Andrew paused, looked over at me, and without saying a word, unzipped my pants, although before he took my cock in his mouth, he did murmur “Pleased to meet you.” “Fuck,” I moaned. His mouth was like silk. I let him work my cock for a few minutes before turning back to Jeff and asking “How'd you two meet?” “Breeding Zone. He saw a comment I left on a story and messaged me. We made arrangements for tonight, and the rest, as they say, is history. I didn't tell him about you until you walked in.” “Fucking hot. Holy fuck that mouth is so hot. I was edging at home, and boy, he's got me fuckin close.” Andrew pulled off my cock and slowly jerked me, giving me a broad smile of self satisfaction, only to comment “We can't have that. Your load needs to go somewhere else.” I looked back at him, returned his smile and asked “You know what you're getting into?” “Fuck yeah. My boyfriend has fantasized about getting me pozzed. Figured it was time to surprise him,” he answered, matching my smile. “Fucking hell that's hot!” I exclaimed as I leaned down and kissed him, cuffing him lightly as I praised him saying “Good boy.” Jeff leaned over to whisper in my ear while Andrew returned to his cock. A smile quickly spread across my face as I got up, took my pants off and left the room. I was back in less than a minute after finding what I was looking for. I got on the floor behind Andrew and lowered his pants. Fuck his ass was beautiful. He was thin, but beautifully sculpted. His ass was perfect, round and tight, and his cheeks parted ever so slightly, allowing me a peak at the prize just beyond. I couldn't help myself and leaned in and pressed my tongue from bottom to top, causing him to push back against my face and to moan around Jeff's dick. Jeff in the meantime threw his head back against the couch. I spent about twenty minutes eating the slut's hole. He was having a difficult time sucking dick while trying to fuck himself on my tongue. I could feel how tight he was; I could barely get my tongue any deeper than his opening. Both of our dicks were leaving a pool of precum on the floor. Pulling back I admired his hole. He was thin and hairless, his tight hole was glistening and peaking back at me. I grabbed the Elbow Grease (I'll need to tell Jeff it's my favourite) and applied some to Andrew's hole. He may have looked tight, but my finger slid in easily, and in no time, another slipped in beside. The slut was ready. I pulled out the toothbrush that Jeff had me grab and slowly slid it into Andrew's hole. He grunted and looked back at me. I pulled out the brush and showed him, explaining “Relax baby,” as I reinserted the brush, adding “We're just getting you ready to accept our seed.” He pushed his ass back towards me and returned to Jeff's dick. For ten minutes I slowly worked that brush in and out of him. He grunted in pain a few times, but for the most part he moaned in genuine pleasure. In no time the bristles were a light shade of pink, and I knew he was ready. For that matter, so to was I - or so the large pool of precum on the floor under my cock seemed to indicate. “Looks like you're ready, slut,” I said, showing him the brush. “Jeff, would you like to to he honours?” “Fuck yeah!” “Remember to savour it. This is the first time your cock has been in an ass since converting. This your first poz cock, boy?” “Yes sir. I've never been so turned on!” “Good boy. Why don't you climb on top of Jeff? I think it's time for you to get pozzed up.” I didn't need to say anymore as Andrew slowly got up, removed the balance of his clothing and climbed up on the couch. Jeff in the mean time lubed his cock and was holding it straight up, primed to take Andrew's poz cherry. Jeff was leaking like a faucet. More than I was in fact. I understood how he was feeling. This is his first ass after learning he was poz, and even more exciting was the fact that the hole was neg and wanted his poz cock. Andrew straddled Jeff and slowly began to impale himself on his cock. I sat back on a chair opposite them and jerked myself watching them. Both threw their heads back amd moaned as Andrew made his way to the base of Jeff's cock. Andrew remained motionless for a moment before slowly starting to rise up on the rock hard piece of flesh inside him before slowly dropping back down. I couldnt help but think how hot it would be for Andrew to have a biohazard sign tattooed on his lower back. Fuck my cock was so sore! “Fuck Jeff your cock is so big!” “You like that cock, faggot? Thats a real mans cock fucking you.” “oh fuck yes sir! Poz my ass, please?” “yeah you want my toxic seed? I'm almost there, faggot, you sure you want it?” “oh fuck yes! I need it so bad! Please poz me up! I need your HIV!” “Ugh, fuck, here it cums! Fuck your ass is so tight! Ugh, ugh, ugh, fucking take it!” And with that Jeff started to unload into Andrew. I could see his hole quiver from my seat, and I could see the spasms of his cock as he fired off his potent seed into the willing slut. I needed a piece of that! “Oh fuck I can feel it!” exclaimed Andrew as he came to rest on Jeff's thighs. He leaned down and kissed before slowly getting off and laying on the couch next to his breeder. He had that blissed out well fucked expression on his face. I couldnt take it anymore and got up. “You ready for another poz cock?” I asked, my hard cock pointing the way. “Im not sure. He really fucked me good!” “Too bad. You got me all worked up and I need to breed. Get on the floor, I've got a potent load for you as well. “yes Sir!” Andrew saluted before getting off the couch. “How do you want me?” “On your knees, face down, ass up.” He proceeded to assume what I call the cumdump position. There was a light ring of cum around his hairless ass, and as I was lining up my cock to his hole, a small drip of Jeff's seed escaped. “Fuck your hole is so beautiful. I cant wait to destroy it!” I said as I slid balls deep into him. “Fuck me! I need it so bad!” “I'm not going to last long! I've been on edge for hours!” “Give it to me! Poz me up!" “Fuck, stud, here it cums! Take my toxic seed!” With that I slammed into his ass and unloaded my two day load. “Fuck!” Andrew screamed and I felt his hole clamp down on my cock. I knew what was happening. Jeff did the same thing when I first unloaded into him. The slut was cumming. After a minute to catch my breath, I slowly pulled out of Andrew. A torrent of cum poured out of his ass. Jeff appeared with the same butt plug I gave to him the night we destroyed his ass. He slid it into Andrew. “Keep that in for as long as you can. And when you get the fuck flu call me!” “Will do!” We slowly got dressed and chatted for a bit while drinking beer. Andrew has a smile on his face the entire time. I cant wait to hear what his Fiance thinks!
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    CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party - Part 4 Chris is holding onto me tightly, with that poz cock of his, still hard … and still inside me. I love taking his cum so much. I can’t believe Chris stopped taking his meds. It’s like something new has opened between us. My heart is racing a bit knowing he probably just infected me, assuming it hasn’t happened already tonight. I like this, but there’s still sex going on and I realize Alec is still being fucked right in front of us. I shift my body to make out with Alec while his ass is being reamed. “Uhhhhhhhhh …. Uhhhhhhhhh”, our kiss breaks with a few grunts from Alec, “cuuuuuuuuuuuu …. uhhhhhhhh”, he grunts, and I realize he’s cumming just from being fucked – I love that. I look at the top above him and it’s pretty clear that Alec’s hole has a death grip on the guy’s cock. It also seems like Alec is about to take a huge load – I hope Alec is getting what he wants. Alec’s eyes are still closed, but a worn smile comes over his face, “Uhhhhhhhh… uhhhhhhh… fuck……..” and in that instant I know the top’s grunts mean he is breeding that ass. I kiss Alec one more time and a bit of sweat drips down his forehead. I’m not sure what I enjoy more, taking poz cum, or watching an intense breeding. I whisper in Alec’s ear, “He’s poz dude” and he lifts his head a bit so we can make out one more time. I’m enjoying this afterglow, but seeing the intense orgasm from Alec, and the top fucking him, has me horny and I need to take another load. I squeeze down on Chris’ cock, but he’s softening up and he pops out. We finally break apart and Chris helps me stand up. “That was so fucking hot”, he says, before kissing me. I just look at him, smiling, in total agreement. “Hearing you beg for me to cum like that … and, knowing, … “, his voice trails off. We’re looking into each other’s eyes, I simply nod and he finishes, “… I might infect you now.” I kiss him again, “I think I dumped a gallon inside you Kevin”. We kiss one more time, this time I break the kiss, “I’ve made peace with this Chris, … I’m ok with … “, I pause for only a moment and he completes my words, “Being positive?”. I nod again, a silent affirmation. “I got that”, he says, this time he’s smiling at me and I feel closer to him now than I ever have. Chris and I decide to walk around for a bit, to see how Mike is doing, and watch the others. We move closer to the fuck benches to watch Mike and Jacob, both of them still taking poz cock. It’s been a couple of hours since Mike and I got here. I can’t believe they are still bent over the fuck benches taking cock like that. “How many tops are here?”, I wonder. I have no idea how they can keep going like this, but Chris will tell me later that our hunky party organizer is giving them short breaks when needed. Chris also tells me how the fuck benches are setup perfectly for breeding so that the top and bottom are comfortable and how there’s a large enough hole for the bottom’s cock and balls to slide through so he can even piss without even being let up. Being naturally curious, those words get the best of me. “Where? … How?”, Chris can see I’m confused and he grins … “There’s a large pan under the fuck bench but if you move it there’s also enough room for … “, he pauses, “… for a thirsty bottom, or top … “, and he grins, “… to get under there and drink from the tap. He smiles devilishly. Mike and I swallow and play with our piss now and again – suddenly I want to try and do this. “So how does one…. “, Chris laughs a little, “The guys are given drinks during breaks and when they request them … then whichever of them needs to piss, they just snaps his fingers a few times”. He can see I’m not quite getting it, “Unless someone stops them, they can just let it go – it goes in the pan”, “Stops them?”, “Basically”. Maybe it’s me, but when Chris talks about anything sexual his voice gets a bit more sultry, and I get instantly horned, this is no different – I really want to try this now. Chris can see from the grin on my face I’m sold. We move closer to Mike and Jacob, it’s so funny to be so close to them, yet they have no idea we’re right there hovering over them … watching. This isn’t a quick process though, we watch for more than 15 or 20 minutes when I hear it … Jacob snaps his fingers repeatedly. I look at Chris, he knows I want this, he nods at me to go for it. I put a hand on Jacob’s shoulder and I hear Chris pipe up, “Wait”, he says. Chris points under the bench and I move the piss pan and crawl under Jacob’s bench. I honestly want Mike’s piss but right now it looks like I’m getting Jacob’s. I hadn’t noticed it but the top stopped fucking while all of this is going on. I look over at Chris again and he’s just smiling at me. Under the bench my mouth is nearly perfectly aligned under Jacob’s soft leaking cock; I can reach out and touch the tip with my tongue. I hear Chris, “Go for it”. There is barely enough room under this bench for me, “Good thing I’m not claustrophobic”, I think. I hear Jacob grunt a little, then there’s a spurt and Jacob’s piss starts to flow into my open mouth before going everywhere. My mind is reeling and I attempt to swallow but his piss is coming out so violently I can’t keep up – I’m going to be soaked. I can taste his piss, feel it on my face, in my hair and it’s going all over me, but I’m loving it. “I want Mike’s, too”, I think. Jacob’s piss tastes so good, I love drinking from his cock. I’m doing my best to keep up with him and swallow it all down but every time I close my mouth, a huge splash of piss goes everywhere. By the time his bladder is empty piss will be everywhere, I’m sure of it. Finally, that lovely golden fluid starts to ease up and I know he’s almost empty, … I hear him snap his fingers again and I feel the top resume fucking him. Jacob’s cock pops out of my mouth as I try to lick up the last bits of his flow. I feel Chris grabbing my arm and helping me out from under the bench, and then he pushes the pan back into place. I’m soaking wet and smell like Jacob’s piss, Chris kisses me, “You smell good … ”, the he licks up some of the piss from my chest. I smile and look around noticing that a couple of guys are using towels to get up the mess. Chris kisses me, “…you might want a shower now …”, but before he can finish that thought, I interrupt him, “… and another load of poz cum in my ass”. Chris just looks at me with eyes that say “dirty fucker”, but we both know it’s true. I need it. “Go shower and then find me … I’ll be around here”, he says. He notices my confusion and points. I walk into the shower room and it’s becoming clear just how large this party space is, there are 12 shower heads in a gang arrangement with bathroom facilities separated by a wall. Steven, the only other bottom here wearing a cock cage, is being fucked under one of the shower heads. I can hear the clank of metal from his cage. There are a few other guys in here rinsing off too including the party host, Mark and that hot English guy Trevor. It looks like they’ve taken off any leather accessories and now I can get a good look at their bodies. I squeeze in between our host and Trevor, “Is there enough room for me?”, knowing full well there are at least 8 other shower heads no one is using. The guys let me in under the water to rinse off the piss and almost immediately I feel hands. There isn’t a lot of talking just these three guys touching and feeling my body and I can feel a large cock in the crack of my ass. I barely get rinsed when I feel them leading me over to some towels and then 6 hands are drying my body off and I see each of them quickly drying themselves off. “Where …”, I start to ask and Trevor puts a finger over my mouth, “Got this mate”. I just let them lead me. We move back into the party area and the guys move me to a large mat and almost immediately I’m on my back, legs up. “Uhhhhhhhhhhh……..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! “, I hear a voice almost shouting, and what is obviously an intense orgasm, and snap my head over to see a guy pressed balls deep into Mike. In my moment of distraction, I feel hands, and my legs are bending. I move my head back to find our party host up against me, and his lubed cock sliding balls deep into me. “Ahhhhhhhh fuck yea … Mike was right … fuck yea … nice tight neg hole you got there”, I smile, “Mike talked about my hole?”, I think. The host slides in and out of me starting with a steady rhythm and the other guys are touching the both of us, encouraging him as he fucks me. “Fuck yea … take it boy … take it the way Mike is taking it”, he grunts. “Fuck me… ahhhhh…. Ahhhh, fuck me, fucking give it to me”, I hear Trevor, “yeah mate … poz”, he says softly. The host doesn’t respond but continues to grunt as he fucks me. I moan so he knows I love it, and then push back on his cock. His poz cock feels so good in me and I know that if one of these guys doesn’t infect me that Chris is now off meds – it will happen to both me and Mike. I feel his cock going in and out, in and out and then he pulls out almost to the tip. I’m lost in our sex when I realize the fucking stopped, I look up, and with that he rams his cock deep into my hungry ass. "Oh God, yes! That's exactly what I need, raw, hard poz cock! Fuck me!”, the words are just bubbling out, “Fuck me hard. Poz my ass. Make me feel that big fucking poz dick ramming up into my guts!" The host pulls completely out and I give him a quizzical look when I feel Trevor take his place, “Fuck yea mate … fuckin’ love that ass”, and he starts a quick, steady fucking motion without missing a beat. This goes on for a bit when Mark swaps out with Trevor and my first poz cock of the night is in me again, “Fuck yea … so good, fucking love that cock”, I say trying to encourage him to cum. These guys are interested in edging though and they keep swapping out, one after the other, taking turns ramming their poles up my tight hole, with me urging them on with pleas for "more poz cock" – "harder" – "faster" – "deeper." After, what must be fifteen or twenty minutes, Trevor yells, "’bout to cum mate … ‘bout to give you another poz load … “, he softly grunts and groans, “… you know I’m med-resistant, right?", he asks almost innocently. Then he begins power fucking in and out, round and round, as hard as he can into my spasming rectum. I didn’t realize he’s med-resistant, I start to ask, “Truvada, right?”, but then think, “Or does he mean all meds”? Before I can think, much less ask, I feel that hot pierced cock of his spasming in my ass, “Oh fuck … Oh fuck”, the only words out of my mouth. “FUCK YES! … Fucking poz my hole”, I can hear the host and Mark both encouraging Trevor as he dumps another load into me. It kind of worries me, “med-resistant”, but I already have his spunk inside me, “Can’t change that now?”, I think. The guys swap places again and the host is in me once more, “Fucking fill me up … fucking give it to me”, I decide to see how much I can work it, he grunts, “Get in there deep and give me more”. After several minutes of hard fucking the host pulls out and Mark immediately takes his place with his thick hard cock, pounding deep into my squishy guts. I can feel Trevor's poz load coating Mark’s cock as he rams up as far as he could get it and fucks me with short power strokes just pulling his cock out of my ass a couple of inches with each stroke before ramming it back in as far as it will go. I’m moaning constantly now, in ecstasy, as he pummels my well used hole again and again. They swap a couple of more times and when Mark finally begins to shoot his load, I just let out a screaming moan, "Ohhhh! Godddd! Yeeees!" as I feel him adding another dirty load of cum to my ass. Mark moves and I know the host is about to start fucking me again. Instead, as he’s standing over me, he says, “Come up here boy”, and I sit up looking directly up at him. He uses his left hand on my head to hold it in place and the thumb of his right hand to play with my lips. "This what you want, slut? Is this the poz cock you want breeding you?", I nod, "Yes! Oh yes!", moaning, delirious with desire for that fuck stick in me. He keeps using his thumb in my mouth to show me my place, "Get it ready, slut! Slurp it down and show me you can take it," he orders. He steps a little forward, and in the first oral sex of the night, pushes his huge pole into my open mouth. I do my best to press forward, taking inch by inch of his monster into my mouth. He lets me orally service him for only a few minutes, “Time to get back in that ass slut, this party is about breeding you neg fuckers”, and with a rude pop his cock from my mouth. I didn’t quite get it when we got here, but now it’s clear, the goal isn’t just for the guys on the fuck benches to leave here infected with HIV; the goal is for every bottom to leave here infected with HIV. I feel like I’ve made that my goal, but I almost though it was my hormones. I need to be sure our host knows I’m good with any outcome of tonight’s fun. “Turn around boy … all fours”, the host says and I comply without so much as a word. I can feel him running the slimy head of his cock up and down my crack for a moment, lining that poz dick against my well-used, slimy pucker and slowly forcing his way in. There’s only slight resistance from my sphincter, and it quickly gives up and allows him to get that huge pole into my entrance. I think our host knows how big his cock is and likes teasing me a bit with it. He slides slowly but surely into my tight, hot, slimy hole until he bottoms out, my ass pulled hard up against his pelvis. “FUCK that feels so good”, I say. He rotates his hips as his cock stirs around inside of all the cum that’s flowed into me tonight, then I feel him pull partially out before pushing back up into my colon. He’s obviously an experienced top and he quickly sets up a fuck rhythm, half way out, then all the way in. I do my best to squeeze down on the in strokes so he can feel my ass muscles massaging his meat as he uses my hole. We go like this several minutes when I hear the grunts and moans that indicate an orgasm is approaching. I can feel his nut sac pulling up and his cock getting harder. He slows down for a second, then pushes in hard and holds it deep up in my hot hole – he’s edging, trying to hold off just a little while longer. I want that big load though and I want it now, “Fuck me man … Fucking give hot poz load! Fucking infect me!”. He tries again, slow, then a thrust but that, and I think my words, drive him over the edge. “FUCKKKKKKKK…. “, he’s grunting and groaning and pressed balls deep inside me – I know I’m being bred again. This time as he’s cumming I can actually feel the cum rising up and moving up his urethra until it’s shooting up and out, dumping into the already overloaded confines of my guts, mixing with all the other HIV+ cum already deposited there over the course of the evening. The host pulls me up close to him and kisses my neck, “That was hot”, and Mark and Trevor step around in front of me and both kiss me. I’m in heaven.
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    I was in the doctor’s office for my annual exam. I had being seeing Dr. Phillips for a few years and I was pretty comfortable talking about all my health care issues with him. He knew that I was gay. Hell…he even knew that I was a bottom during sex. It was around 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon and I was looking forward to the three-day weekend. I guess mine was the next-to-last appointment of the day. There was only one guy left in the waiting room. He was a slender guy, a little older than me, with average looks and short sandy hair. I didn’t pay much attention to him. After checking my physical responses, the doctor asked me the usual health and lifestyle questions. This year, however, my answer about whether I practiced safe sex was different. I told him that I had gotten fucked without a condom on several occasions. Surprisingly, I didn’t get the lecture that I expected. Instead, he asked me to explain my reasons for bottoming without protection. Hesitantly, I told him that I was becoming attracted to the idea of “bug chasing.” I said that I was attracted to the idea of taking poz cum. He said, “Are you aware of the risk that you might convert to being HIV-positive?” I relied, “I guess so. I haven’t thought about it that much yet, but the notion of routinely taking loads of some guy’s infected sperm is becoming increasingly appealing to me. It’s like breaking some wild kind of taboo!” The doctor said, “I’ve read up on this kind of behavior and it seems that most men professing a desire to be "pozzed" are really only engaging in an extreme sort of fantasy. Do you think that’s true in your case?” “No, Doc, I’m sure that that’s what I want. The whole idea turns me on for so MANY reasons!” When he heard this, his manner changed…more alert, more interested. He looked at me intently for a few moments, as if making up his mind about something. He said, “I’ve got an idea. It just so happens that the young man out in the waiting room has recently tested HIV-positive. We haven’t started him on any medications yet, so his Viral Level is extremely high. Why don’t I ask him to join us?” “You mean NOW?” I squeaked. I was still lying on the exam table, clad only in a thin Johnny that had been pulled up above my waist. I felt exposed and vulnerable. “Yes, right now! There’s no time like the present.” He then stood up, crossed the room and opened the door to the waiting room. I heard him tell his nurse that she could go home now. “Have a great weekend, Nancy!” he said. Next, he called out, “Mark! Why don’t you come into my office?” I could hear footsteps as the quiet young guy that I’d seen earlier came on in. He looked with a gleam of interest at my half-naked body lying on the examination table. The doctor said, “Mark, this is Alex, one of my patients. He currently is HIV-negative but he tells me that he’s been having unsafe sex recently in hopes of contracting the virus. Isn’t that right, Alex?” I could only blush in response. Mark stared at me with a wolfish grin on his face. Doctor Phillips continued, “It occurred to me that you two could help each other. Mark was telling me that he’s been getting very frustrated since his diagnosis because he stopped having sex. Mark, you don’t mind discussing this with Alex present, do you?” “No, doc! That’s ok. It’s just that I’m so HORNY all the time now. Do you think I’ll ever be able to fuck normally again?” The doctor then said to me, “You’re ok with this, too, Alex? We have your permission to help? I mean, you don’t object, do you?” I was confused. Help me? Help me with WHAT? I tried to say something…anything, but only a choked sound came out. “Well,” the doctor said, “the solution seems pretty simple. Mark, why don’t you go ahead and insert your penis into Alex here so you can commence intercourse. That will grant you the sexual release you’ve been seeking and Alex here can begin receiving the virus that he’s been trying to get. Go ahead, Mark, give him what he’s been asking for.” My head was spinning but I could only moan incoherently at the thought of what was about to happen. Was I just going to let this total stranger deposit his infected fluid deep within my bowels? Dr. Phillips voice brought me back. “Here’s some KY Jelly, Mark. Doctors always have plenty of that on hand.” At that, I felt a large stiff cock push inside me. Mark muttered, “Shit, doc! You don’t know how great this tight hole feels. You sure this guy Alex doesn’t care that I’m gonna flood his guts with my AIDS babies? Is that what you want, Alex? You want me to knock you up?” The doctor replied, “Don’t give it a second thought, Mark! It’s exactly what he wants. He told me so himself!” After Mark shot his first toxic load into me, Dr. Phillips insisted that he repeat the intercourse twice more “for good measure.” On my way out the door on wobbly legs the doctor slipped a small white appointment card into my hand. “I want the two of you to return for office visits until your HIV test comes back positive. Have a great weekend and see you next week!”
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    Part 2 Nick was terafied of what was still to come and the horror only grew when he started hearing zippers unzip. "Hope you guys dont mind but im gonna add my load to the mix first" he then aligned his cock to nicks hole and went balls deep first thrust. nick screamed into the gag "oh dont worry this is pay back for standing us up now your ours until we say other wise and were going to make sure to really take our time fucking this hole up!" He continued to destroy nicks hole each whimper made him thrust harder. Another guy picked up the "lube" "ahhhh this must be that special lube John was talking about" he opened it walking to nicks face "your going to learn what its like to be a real cum slut" he then started pooring the cum lube all over nicks face and around his face so no matter where he tried to move he has a face full of cum. "Whats wrong i thought you love cum? I thought you wanted to drown in it isnt that what you said?" He grabed nicks hair picking up his head. He dipped his cock in the puddle of cum and started smeering it all over nicks face "im going to paint your face with this cum untill its my turn" he kept painting his face grabbing more cum smearing it all over including in his nose "yeah you smell that? Get used to it thats all your going to know for now on" the first guy by this time was ready to blow his load shoved all the way to the balls and mixed his seed to the collection "fuck that was worth the wait hope you agree." The second guy who was smearing cum all over his face started to line up to his ass when the third guy tried to get in the way "come on you had fun with his face let me in here" no the second guy said how about you just fuck him with me im sure hes slick enough for two right?" Fine the third guy said and crawled under nick "holy shit hes wearing a condom! And its full! Over flowing!" The fourth guy butted in "hey i have an idea" he pulled the condom off grabed nicks face. "Open up" he said and squezzed his cheeks forcing his mouth open. Then he poured the condom in emptieng it and shoving the gag back in forcing him to taste his own cum. "Now to put it back on" he put the condom back on his still hard dripping dick ready to be filled up again. "Thats fucking hot" the third guy said. Then he lined his cock up and shoved it in looking in the eyes as another cock penetrated him. The second guy lined up and started to push his way in. "Fuck hes tight this is going to feel amazing!" Nick screaming and fighting with all his might couldnt stop this attack on his ass. The second guy was now compleatly in and couldnt hold back any more and just started fucking like a jack rabbit! Tearing nicks hole apart before you know it hes filled with 2 more loads! "Fuck that was hot think im going to stick around for another load" the 3rd guy still hard kept fucking the loads around not letting up. As the 4th guy lined up there was a nock at the door. To be continued
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    A young guy who looked familiar showed up on my Facebook feed in "People You May Know." I scrolled through the Facebook entry for a while and finally figured out I had messed around with him a few years ago. The first time we met was when he replied to my posting on Craigslist. We agreed to meet in the secluded, locking, basement restroom of the university science building. The guy was hot, maybe 22 or 23 years old, 5' 8", dark brown hair, and a thick muscular build. I also remember his legs were muscular and very firm. After we entered the restroom, he locked the door, immediately unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, and sucked my painfully erect seven inch cock, taking the entire length until I could feel the stubble of his light beard rub against my balls. As he continued to deep throat my cock, pushing me ever closer to on edge, he lowered his pants and stroked his cock. The girth of his seven inches was impressive. After a couple minutes he abruptly stopped sucking, stood-up and with no further segue, forcibly shoved his tongue in my mouth. Talk about a passionate random hookup. Then he again abruptly stopped, grabbed me by the shoulders, spun me around, and positioned me bent over the toilet. I felt his hands on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart, followed by his tongue, which, without any subtlety, wormed its way into my hole, rimming me vigorously. He also slid two fingers in my hole so his tongue could get even deeper into my hole. As his tongue flittered deep in my hole, he reached between my legs and stroked my cock, which, by this point, was heavily drooling pre-cum. I found myself involuntarily (and loudly) moaning, even as I struggled not to cum. After a good ten minutes of intense rimming, he stopped, retrieved a bottle of poppers from his pocket, saying "Take a couple of deep hits." As I complied, he spit-lubed his cock, also spreading spit onto my hole. My head was spinning from the poppers as I felt his cock head rub against my hole. "Take another hit of poppers," he insisted. Again I complied, and just as I finished screwing on the lid, he pushed the full length of his cock in my ass, and, without pause, began churning his dick in my ass. I could actually feel his balls hit my cheeks. The initial pain was intense but quickly turned to pleasure. He suddenly pulled all the way out, dropped to his knees, and rimmed me again, and again, after a minute or so, he stood and again shoved his cock into my hole. Then he began hard-fucking me. Five minutes of ferocious ramming ensued, followed by a lengthy pause when he held still, his cock lodged deep in my ass. I could tell his cock was throbbing, but I wasn't quite sure, and asked "Did you cum?" "Not yet," he replied, as he again handed me the poppers, again recommending "You'd better take some more hits and get ready for a real pounding." I took very deep hits, and no sooner had finished when, true to his word, he slammed all the way in, furiously pounding me for a good ten minutes. He was so forceful it was hard to remain standing. Then he slowed his pace a bit as I heard the bottle of poppers open, and he took a long deep hit, after which he thrust his cock into my hole hard, three or four times, before announcing, "Yes, yes, I'm going breed you!" I could feel his cock pulse in my hole. As he slowly pulled out, he told me to tighten my ass so his cum wouldn't leak out. He lifted me up and kissed me deeply. Then he bent over and ordered me to rim him. His muscular ass was smooth, and his hole was beautifully perfect--like he had never even been fucked before. He told me to stroke my cock as my tongue explored his ass. After only a couple of minutes of probing his amazing ass, I needed to cum. He sensed I was getting close and dropped to his knees, deep throating my cock. The cum burst out of my cock into his mouth. He swallowed my entire load. I assumed our play date in the basement restroom was over, but he turned me around and shoved his tongue up my hole. It soon became clear he wanted to eat his load out of my hole. He told me to push out the load. As I pushed, I felt the globs of cum run out, and he licked up every drop. This was seriously one of the hottest scenes I ever experienced. I remember standing there in the restroom, startled, breathless, and amazed at what happened. I also remember that after he had felched all his cum out of my hole, he stood-up, and again slid his still hard cock into my ass. I think we both wincing from the lack of lube, so after he took another hit, he pushed the poppers under my nose, and as my hole relaxed, he fucked me again, this time, however, somewhat more slowly, sliding gently all the way out and pushing back in until I could feel his balls smack my ass. After about five minutes, he pushed his cock all the way and held it there, filling my hole with his second load. We both washed up at the sink, and he gave me a kiss before we departed ways. About a week later he emailed me and said we should meet at his apartment. He wanted me to fuck him this time, but he had one request: his front door would be unlocked, I would let myself in, and I would find him in position on his bed, blindfolded. He also asked that I be as quiet as possible so he wouldn't know I had even entered. When I arrived at his place, I removed my shoes and clothing at the foot of the private staircase that gave entrance to his apartment, and then very, very quietly climbed the staircase where I found him completely naked on the bed with his beautiful ass presented for my pleasure. I licked his hole, my tongue exploring his entire butt. He shuddered, clearly not expecting my sudden presence in the room. He took a hit of poppers and his hole immediately relaxed, allowing my tongue deeper entrance. I could taste another load of warm cum, which let me know had been recently fucked. Still his hole was so tight there wasn't any other apparent evidence another cock has just been in his ass, so I asked "How recently were you fucked?" Unprepared for my question, he replied "I took three loads in the past two hours." I positioned my tongue over his hole and told him to push out the loads. On the initial push a huge glob of cum hit my tongue, which I did not hesitate to swallow. Then I felt several more streams of cum on my tongue. I spit that cum on my hand and lubed up my cock. Knowing he was about to get fucked, he took a few hits of poppers. With one push, my entire cock slid up his hole. He let out a loud whimper and begged me to fuck him. I fucked him hard for ten minutes, repeatedly pulling my cock all the way out, pausing, and shoving it back in to the hilt. The final time I pulled out I told him to take a good long hit of poppers. As he did, I shoved two fingers up his tight hole and slid my cock in at the same time. He yelped in pain so I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Shut the fuck up, slut, and take my cock." I put my hand over his mouth and rammed my cock even harder. Then I pulled my hand away and demanded he beg for my cum. He did as he was told. "Please, please cum in me. Breed me. I want your load." After a few minutes of his begging, I couldn't hold back: that handsome young slut got my load deep in his ass, the fourth load he had taken that day. This scenario was repeated every week for about three months, but then his e-mails abruptly stopped, and he didn't respond to my messages for months. When he finally did respond, it was to explain he had moved to another city for a job and had not had time to hook up with anyone. To this day I can remember his beautiful muscular ass and the awesome taste of the multiple loads of cums I ate from his ass.
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    Here is my first stab at a poz story, I hope you like it. The Bet “Fuck it Dave” Mike complained to me. “This flu is just ridiculous. I don’t know what came over me, and its only October.” My roommate Mike was sicker than a dog. I didn’t know what went over him, but being a good friend I helped him up and made him some soup. Call it the bitch in me, but we were really close. I just turned 23 and Mike is 22, so we knew each other pretty well. I just stood in the kitchen stirring the soup while he was on the couch in our open studio. I knew Mike was a party animal and went out a lot, and it occurred to me that Mike and I paired-up quite well because I like to say in with friends on the weekends, while Mike goes crazy. So I'm relaxed, but hey, everyone goes crazy. “Here have this,” I said, handing the soup at Mike, adding "it should make you feel better, I hope. You know what’d make me feel better? A hot fuck.” “Not when I’m sick, Dave, plus I haven’t fucked you in almost five months,” Mike replied. “Too bad, I’ve been horny for a bit. I haven’t gotten off in a week and my last fuck was you - months ago.” “All right Dave, how about this. I know a bunch of guys downtown at the tattoo parlor who wouldn’t mind your ass.” “Pft, you’re just saying that because you know I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo” I replied to him. “Really? Let’s make this interesting Dave. I bet you won’t take their ten loads up your ass.” “Oh you’re on, Mike, I accept. I’ll take their ten loads, but only if you fuck me first.” It was a deal. Mike and I agreed that if I got fucked by all his friends at the tattoo shop, Mike would pay for the tattoo I wanted to get. Being a chemist, I was going to get an atomic symbol. But if I lost, I’d have to pay for Mike to get the tattoo he wanted. Fair enough, I really wanted a tattoo and getting fucked by ten guys sounded hot. “Dude, just so you know, my friends only do bareback.” Mike laid out the bombshell. Up until then, I never really barebacked. I just used a condom because I didn’t like the feel of cum up my ass. “All right,” I replied resignedly, “But you know I don’t like the feel of cum swimming around my ass.” “It’s not that bad really, plus we’ll keep it in with a butt plug so you don’t have to worry about shitting it out” Mike replied. He knew I hated the feeling of dripping stuff out of my ass. “Good. I’m excited now” I replied, adding "now drink more fucking soup so we can go on this fuck.” *Three days later* “Dude, shave your body” Mike bitched at me when I was in the shower. Odd, but whatever I thought. I walked out naked from the shower for Mike to check me out. He was finally feeling better. I stood there in my slim body while he checked over my now-smooth body. My seven inch dick got erect when he played a bit around it. I reached for his seven and a half, but he pushed away. “Don’t think about getting erect Dave. You gotta save it for your loads” he barked. Inwardly I frowned. Sometimes Mike's 'Radical Dude' stance could get annoying. but whatever. I dressed in my boxers and some light clothing as Mike finished getting ready. We walked out and moved around a few blocks until we got to the tattoo shop. It was after hours, but we walked up stairs to the owner’s apartment. There were twelve guys there, not including Mike and me. They were all pretty good looking, a twink, what looked to be a few jocks, and the average everyday folk. “Hey bro!!” a bunch of guys shouted when Mike came in. “You ready for your tattoo?” they grabbed his ass. “Psh no! I’m going to win this bet, I’m going to get a tattoo” I replied. The cute twink guy grabbed my ass from over my jeans and rubbed it a bit. “You want it?” he asked. I got instantly hard. Mike came over and started to strip me. I was excited to finally get fucked. It had been way too long. Mike positioned me up on the couch and started making out with me as the twink fingered my hole. I found the twink's approach sort of painful, perhaps because my ass was tight, and also because his nails were longer than I could have liked. Fortunately he didn't play with my hole very long, and after a couple of minutes stripped. I was all over him. I pulled his boxers off and gravitated to sucking his dick. He turned around and I saw his ass. Funny, it had a pretty hot looking tattoo of a bio-hazard symbol - similar to what I was going to get. “Dammit, I’m gonna get that tattoo by the end of the night” I told the twink. He smiled. As I sucked his dick, a few other guys started messing with my ass. I felt some weird shit, like a toothbrush and a few nails were all messed up. I just thought they were prepping me up for the hot fuck. A few other guys started to strip and jerk off a few. The jock looked hot in just his jockstrap. He turned around - again I saw the bio-hazard tattoo. I really wanted to get it now. “Alright Dave,” Mike asked "are you ready for me to fuck you now?” The twink pulled out the toothbrush forcibly and he openly winced. It looked kinda bloody. Yuck, I thought. "Yeah, Mike, let's do it" I responded. Mike gently put his dick in, he knew how I liked to start. “Once you’re good, there’s no mercy from me or the other guys,” he said. After a few minutes, the fucking got fast. Mike was breathing hard, muttering things under his breathe, until he shouted it loud enough for me to hear “let me fuck you up good, let me breed your hot ass.” I thought it was odd, but fuck, I was in ecstasy, feeling his dick tearing up my insides, I had never felt so good before. “I’m never going back to condoms” I shouted. Mike smiled when I explained “This feels so good with your dick skin touching me, I don’t wanna go back.” Mike’s fucking got harder at those words, and a few seconds later he shouted “you’re not going back here’s my hot toxic load.” I felt spasms of cum streaming into my ass, I rolled my head back in pleasure, my ass felt instantly on fire, but the hottest fire you could imagine. Mike pushed up in my ass a bit and swirled his dick around, it felt really good, and I made to jerk off when he pulled out, but the twink batted my hands aside, slid into my ass, and fucked me good. The sloppy seconds felt really nice- the twink's nice dick kept rolling around and was better lubed than Mike’s had been. I kept hearing him muttering stuff as he fucked me, something like “I’m gonna bug your ass up hard.” I didn’t know exactly what he meant, but I felt could feel the pleasure as he slid in and out of my ass. Now, Mike may have torn me up, and the twink torn my ass up with a toothbrush and and shit, but he fucked really gently. It was a sweet fuck, and he kissed me while he was fucking. His pace was quickening when he leaned into me and whispered, “Here’s your gift." I felt him blow at least five shots deep in my ass almost right after he said it. He pushed all the way in and held tight for a good two minutes as he made out with me, his tongue pressing deeper. I got fucked rough and hard by the rest of the fuckers, although each time my ass was slicker with the earlier guys' cum. I had never been a cumdump before, but I really liked the feeling of the sperm swimming up my ass. Finally, the last guy to fuck me was the jock. He ripped his jockstrap off and threw it at me. I could see he had a thick nine inch dick with a PA piercing in his cock. It looked like a beast. He walked up to put his dick on me, but not before taking his jockstrap off my chest and putting it over my face. He flipped me over and positioned me on my knees. For the next fifteen minutes or more my ass was virtually on fire. I understood instinctively why the guys had had the jock fuck me last. Had he been earlier there would have been a good chance I would not have been able to accommodate all the other guys. “Fucking breeding your ass all hot and poz” he hissed repeatedly. I kept wondering what he meant but ignored it as Mike presented himself for my oral attention. It was hot after I tasted cum and my ass juices. I was getting a two-fer. I forgot about my own dick, but could constantly feel the PA of the jock tearing me up. After a thunderous roar of “poz you bitch” I felt the biggest spasm of any guy since Mike - almost ten, and the jock just kept shoving his dick in and out. The jock didn’t pull out and kept it in for another few minutes while Mike came in my mouth- I greedily swallowed. Mike pulled out and commented “Look’s like you won the bet Dave.” I smiled. The twink came over with an odd looking butt plug, it had spikes on it, I felt secretly even hornier, “let me shove this up you nice and good while we let the sperm do its work” he said. I took it from him and put it up myself. “Hey Dave,” Mike said, “You won the bet, but you think we can get matching tattoos like these guys? I like them as much as you? I’ll pay for both of us.” “Sure, but you got to go first” I told him. The twink brought us over to the downstairs tattoo shop, where Mike got his ass shaved. Matt, the twink’s name he finally told me, grabbed a stencil and covered it over Mike’s ass. After a few more minutes of prep work, he went to work. While he was getting tattooed, I was getting turned on again. Mike brought me over and started pulsating the butt plug as I bent over. I felt the spikes gently pricking my inside; it was all but orgasmic. He pulled it out and sucked a bit of the cum out. I was in heaven. The beefy jock, who had been jerking himself, and slid into my ass and fucked me standing up while I watched Mike getting tattooed. I’d always been turned on by tattoos, and getting fucked by the jock while Matt tattooed my room mate’s ass seemed the height of debauchery. Mike took the pain like a man, and I was instantly ready for it. The jock pulled out and shoved the butt plug up my ass; he threw me onto my stomach so I could get my ass tattooed. Matt shaved my ass gently, and nicked me a bit. It hurt, but it wasn’t too bad. I got the stencil and smiled in approval: it was similar to what I wanted in the first place. Matt kept all the same tools: ink, gun, needle, as Mike’s tattoo, so I didn’t have any wait. No sooner than the stencil was in position, I felt the pain of the needle. The pain was so pleasurable, the gentle sensation of the needle grazing my ass. The guys positioned a mirror so I could watch myself getting tattooed. The red biohazard tattoo looked really nice staring out from my plump ass cheek. Matt bandaged me up, and I finally meant to ask him, “What’s the deal with all your matching tattoos? You can’t all be biochemists.” Mike replied "Biochemists? You got it wrong, man. We’re all HIV+, and now you are too.” I had a mini freak-out, but was resigned. Matt interjected, “And even if the cum in your ass didn’t poz you up, Mike’s poz and I used the same bloody needle on both of you, so you’re good as poz." Matt started making out with me. He turned around and let me feel up his ass. Mike came over and started jerking me off while I just rubbed my hands all over Matt’s biohazard tattoo. I’m one of them, I thought to myself. Nothing I can do, except keep getting fucked. Hot. A few months later I got a pretty bad flu, and Mike replayed the debt and made me some soup. A few days later, I had another hot fuck session with the group, this time, they let me top and bottom them. My ass tattoo had healed perfectly, and the combination of the tattoo and the pleasure that went with the tattoo told me everything was perfect.
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    For the first time in quite a while, this past weekend I was traveling alone to St. Louis, leaving my husband at home. Before I left, however, I told him I'd play safe. When I arrived in St. Louis I was sharing a room with a friend who went off on his own for several hours, leaving me alone, so naturally I hopped on Grindr. Quite quickly I connected with a 20 year old black college top who was 500 feet away, and who wanted to play safe. We exchanged a few pics, and he asked if I could host. I answered by supplying the name and address of my hotel, as well as my room number. Within 30 minutes, there was a knock at the door, and upon opening it, I ushered him me. Although he began chatting as soon as the door was closed, I ignored his remarks, loosened his belt and pants, dropped to my knees to begin sucking his dick as I helped him drop his boxers. When he was hard I moved him onto the bed. He wanted to kiss, but I did an about face and presented him with my ass. I also reached for a condom, selecting the magnum from the top of the stack. As he played with my hole, I rolled the condom onto his dick, lubed my ass, and, in a single thrust, forced his cock into my ass. His stamina was decent stamina and was easily rough enough to break a condom, although it wasn't really an issue: I had deliberately tampered with the condom I had slid onto his cock, with the result, as planned, it broke on almost the first stroke. He never realised as much, however, as he was lost in the pleasureable rhythmic thrusting of his dick as it forcible penetrated my hole. As his face began to visibly change in expression, he moaned "I'm going to cum!" And so he did. I could distinctly feel each and every rope of his thick, warm seed deep inside my hole. He collapsed on me, struggling for several minutes to regain his breath. Before he could intervene I slid off his cock, and deftly removed the condom so he never seemed to realized his seed was dripping from my hole. Afterwards he cleaned-up, dressed and split. I never got his name, but, of course, when I got home I told my husband the kid and I had used a condom.
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    Hey guys, this is my first post on this site. I'm 26 year old young looking slim built guy, am fairly new to the bareback scene, and am currently negative. A raw fuck buddy and I spontaneously booked a trip to Berlin to try out the sites. We are both fans of the rougher side of sex, such as being choked (or strangled), anon loads, and role playing. Lab.oratory, he famous sex club, is housed in an old power station. I found the experience absolutely amazing, so without reservation I recommend you try it. The doors opened at 10:00 and we entered with the queue shortly there after. I have never seen so many guys rushing to throw their clothing in the bags provided by the organizers, but eventually I realised the guys who were racing to strip and enter the main hall were Berlin bottoms who were making sure they got the best spot in the dark room and slings. The fucking started immediately. Of course the sounds, smells and atmosphere of the place were infectious. I needed a few drinks to relax before I threw myself into a sling and gave myself to the mercy of the hundreds of guys and my top mate who was selecting dick for me to take. I've no idea how many I took. The professional bottoms were pounded senseless all night for hours and hours. My top mate fucked 30 men and bred three or four. I definitely took some loads. If neither of us catches anything it will be a miracle. Has anyone else had any experiences at the Lab.oratory?
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    Last week I went to a sex party at a hotel. When I arrived soon after the start there were about a half-dozen already there, making out and sucking dick. I stripped and approached the group, and started to kiss and touch two of them. More guys kept arriving and soon there were several groups, all getting into it. It was a good mix of ages, skewing mid-30's to mid-50's, but with some younger and older. Most height-weight proportionate, and there were quite a few with big tools. Very quickly I found myself being rimmed by a guy who was shorter than me and was really in heat. He licked and tongued my hole, warming my entire body. After a few minutes he stood and slid his dick in my hole, fucking me with quick strokes. His cock was average sized, which is what I prefer for my first cock, until I'm opened-up. He didn't take very long to cum, loudly, to the approval of the room. My inner slut was proud that I was the first to get a load. I didn't take a break, but immediately began making out with a lean guy with a nice seven inch thick cock, alternated sucking and kissing him. Not only was he was a great kisser, he was also great at fucking my ass. Several times I did ass to mouth, tasting lube and cum. He tried to hold back, but finally shot a big load deep in my ass. This fuck, like the first one, was a standing fuck, where I was bent over a bit as he held my chest in his arms, or as he held my hips. He stayed in for a while before he slowly slid out. We kissed, I cleaned his cock, and kissed again. It was raw and passionate. Our connection was animalistic - which is nice to encounter. I took a little break, wandered over to some of the other boys, kissing and touching, then sucking. A youngish, tall, heavy in a good way black guy arrived. As soon as he was naked I went to work on his dick, getting it hard, squeezing his nipples as he indicated, and just enjoying feeling his enormous arms. I turned and guided his seven inch plus meat into my cum-lubed hole. We fucked a while. Others watched us, until he got soft, at which time we separated a for a bit. After a while another guy started to fuck him, and he was really enjoying it. He was frantically jerking off, and sensing he was close, I turned my ass toward him. One big spurt landed on my butt before he shoved his rod in me and dumped the rest of his load into the mix which was already there. He was sweating a lot - from both his orgasm and the heat of all the horny men. Next, another skinny guy with a big dick, mutual sucking before he had me crouch on the bed's edge and mounted me. He slid in and out, loving the sloppiness. He said he was vers and asked to be fucked. It is rare for me to fuck, my physical DNA and psychological character is bottom, built to take DNA. But since he had fucked me, and I wanted to keep help sustain the hot vibe at the party, I obliged. It was a nice hole, and he said he appreciated that my dick was so hard. Soon he was back in me, more ass-to-mouth, then he went on to a short, thin, young guy who was laying his back. The lucky kid got his load, when the kid asked me to also fuck his ass, which I did. As we fucked he said it was the first time he had been fucked while carrying a load in in his ass, and that he really wanted me to add my spunk to the mix. He felt amazing, reminding me why cum is the best lube. But I wasn't ready to shoot, as I was hoping for one more myself, or to cum while I was taking it up the ass, so I withdrew and another guy immediately took my place. I moved around, sucking and kissing, and got fucked a couple more times. The last one was hot, lean muscle 20-something with a big, uncut cock. Then it was 7:00 and I had to leave. It had been a damn hot party with a lot of cock and cum in less than two hours. I jerked off that night reliving the experience as I played with my cum-saturated hole. That night and the next day none of it leaked out, so all of it was absorbed. I hope there is another party soon!
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    Part 3 By the time I got back to my hotel I was sweaty, my clothes were filthy from the basement floor, and my ass was wet and squishy with spunk as I walked. I was also exhausted from all the pounding, and crawled into bed and fell asleep. The next morning I felt better, and smiled at myself in the bathroom mirror. Somehow, I felt I'd discovered a side of myself which I never knew existed, but was more real than anything else. I also felt a sense of surrender to my fate which got my cock hard. In my heart I gave myself up to the sheer depravity of what I'd done. So, as night began to fall I made my way back to the grubby side street with the cheap neon light flashing the bar's name off and on. Inside it was disappointingly empty apart from a couple of guys on bar stools chatting to the barman who leered when he recognised me. I blushed and ordered a beer. When his attention was distracted I walked over to the basement stairs and went down. Of course, the dark, smelly space was empty and I was just about to give up when a guy emerged from one of the cubicles. He could have been any age between 50 and 70, thin and wispy-haired wearing an old jacket and slacks. "Well.....hello you" He said in a gruff voice and grinned at me. I couldn't help but grin and say Hi back. Without any hesitation, he came over to me, clasped my hips and pulled me against his body whilst crushing my lips in a deep wet kiss which tasted of beer and cigarettes. I gasped in surprise, enjoying the perversity of the moment and my cock filled out in my trousers and pressed against his crotch. "Mmmm....nice." He said and fumbled with my belt. "Let's see what we've got here, shall we?" He opened my pants and levered my stiff cock out. "Lovely!" He grinned as his rough-skinned hands stroked me to full erection. He pushed me back against the sink, dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth, looking up at me as he began to suck and lick me. It was incredibly sexy to be in the basement toilet with his hot, wet mouth engulfing my cock, and so exciting in a perverted kind of way. ...to be continued
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    Totally horned up, I headed to the bookstore at lunch and found the parking lot fairly full, which I took as a good sign. Entering the bookstore, I entered a glory hole booth, chose a bareback video, and knelt a the hole and waited. The guy in the adjoining booth wasted no time in promptly sliding his medium uncut cock through the hole. I sucked him, and got him hard by alternating my focus on the head and shaft of his cock. I felt him When I sensed focusing on his head and his shaft until I feel him tense up, he shot his load down my throat, zipped-up and left. The next guy was a bit more shy, but eventually slides his cut cock through into my booth. I took my time with him, but eventually got him rock hard. I then teased his head, applying more and more pressure, which makes him squirm in pleasure. Eventually I stood-up, dropped my pants, and backed-up onto his cock, encouraging him to explore my hole. Taking my not-too-subtle hint, he pushed forward as I pushed back, his cock sliding into my ass. Then he violently pounded me, thrusting and shaking the cubicle walls, grunting and groaning particularly loudly when he shot his load in my cum hole, pumping a couple few more more times before he pulled out. I remained in that position, hoping he would re-enter me, but he didn't. I was still in that position when I heard him leave the booth, my hole still plastered against the glory hole when the next guy entered the booth, slipped his index finger in my cummy ass, unzipped and fed his cock into my cum-slicked cunt. He pumped and pumped, and I alternated relaxing and tightening my hole, giving him maximum pressure. Sure enough, as I expected and hoped, he also soon came in my hole. Fuck yeah! I love the sensation of having a loose, sloppy hole! He withdrew, and I could feel some cum running out of my ass, and presumably oozing down the wall on his side of the glory hole. I waited there, hoping for some more play, and was happy when I felt first a finger, and then a tongue, exploring my hole. This guy was an avid felcher, slurping all that cum out of my ass, grunting, moaning, licking and slurping away. His tongue felt wonderful. After several minutes his tongue was replaced by his finger, then two fingers, then three, fingering my hole as my muscles opened for him. Of course my hole was still wet from his spit and the cum which had worked through my ass lips, and I wondered if he was going to eat me some more, but no, I didn't get his tongue, but rather what must have been an exceptionally FAT cock. I really mean it was HUGE, so I took a hit of poppers thinking I had hit the proverbial jackpot. Pushing harder and harder, he eventually slid in, his big, thick anonymous cock was buried in my cum-slicked chute. I was in heaven. He didn't wait, but immediately began pumping me, and I relaxed my muscles, making myself ready for the nice, steady ride which it seemed like was likely, although I milked him a bit which made him swell even bigger. His pace picked-up, he pumped harder and harder, until he was going full steam when he shot inside me. I felt FULL. He continued pumping so I did my best to milk his cock, and apparently he enjoyed my efforts as I heard him groan in pleasure, but eventually his thrusts diminished in depth and intensity until just his mushroom head was still in my ass. Pulling off, I spun around to find a porn-sized cock which glistened with cum. Compelled to taste it, I took it into my my mouth and he fed me his entire length before he finally withdrew. Licking my lips, I thanked him (through the hole), as I reach back to my hole to feel the cum oozing out my gaping ass lips, into the puddle on the floor. I had definitely taken a big load. I sucked two more cocks, one older daddy and one smaller Latin, but didn't get any more cock in my ass. Oh, well. I had had three in each hole. That was a good lunch!
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    When my ex Scott and I would go out we would often end up at the bath house to sober up a bit before heading home. We would get a room and Scott would party up and I would roam around looking for cock and hole. We had been a few times and one of the attendants was a nice looking black guy named Heath. We flirted with him but never thought anything would come of it. One night we got him into our room and took turns sucking his long cut cock. It was only for a minute or two and he said he had to get back to work and we thought that was that. Later Scott and I were taking turns fucking a guy who was flying on something and begging for cock in one of the public play areas. We fucked his holes for awhile and he was begging for cum. I was throat fucking him while Scott was plowing his ass and I pulled out and asked if he wanted my boyfriends’ poz load and he just moaned. I got behind Scott telling him I wanted to see him poz that hole for me. I played with his nipples, which always did it for him, and soon he was pumping his poz load into the tweeked out guy. He kept fucking for a bit then pulled out and I slid right in that hot, wet, loaded hole. It felt amazing and the guy was begging to be fucked harder, saying he could take it and to really give it to him. I grabbed his hips and soon the sounds of his moans and my hips smacking his ass were getting louder and louder. I was not ready to cum yet and pulled out to let someone else have a turn at the guy. Scott and I took a shower and headed back to our room and saw Heath walking by and motioned him in. Scott said he wanted to see him fuck me and Heath looked at me and I just nodded and leaned in for a kiss. Scott shut the door and had me on my hands and knees licking my cock as I sucked Heath’s cock getting him nice and wet. Scott stood up and kissed Heath as he guided his bare cock to my hole. His cock was long and thin but had a really big flared head and it took some work to get it in. I was on my hands and knees, Heath behind me, and Scott scooted underneath me getting into a 69 position. I bent down and sucked his cock as he licked my balls and said how hot it was to watch me take that black cock. Heath had been a bit hesitant up until then working his cock in me but Scott encouraged him to ram into me which he did taking my breath away. He waiting a second but soon was fucking the whole length of that long black cock into me and pulling almost all the way out only to sink in balls deep again. It was quick and rough, with him forcing my hips back onto his cock over and over. Scott kept saying how hot it was to watch me get fucked like that and soon Heath buried his cock in me and I could feel it spasm as he loaded my hole. He slowly pulled out and then Scott and I were licking him clean. He headed back to work and Scott slid his cock into me and fucked me for few minutes but then said he wanted to rest for a bit and sent me out to look for more fun. I walked around and saw a guy we knew from a bar we went to. Average body but damn at the cock on him. That thing was a good 6 inches hanging soft. He asked where Scott was and I said resting but I wanted some more cock and would he let me play with his. In reply he leaned back on his elbows and spread his legs for me. I fell to my knees and licked and sucked him hard. I told him I had no idea he had such a nice big cock and he sorta laughed and guided my mouth up to his and kissed me. We lay on the bed rubbing against each other and his fingers found their way to my hole and he asked how many loads I had in me. I told him two so far, one poz and one neg. He asked if he could fuck another poz load into me. Hell yeah! He had me on my back in no time with my legs on his shoulders and was sinking that big cock into me. His was the biggest of the night and really stretched me. He was a solid eight inches and it felt so good as he sank into my loaded hole. He alternated between short quick thrusts and long slow ones and I loved it. I was running my hands all over him and encouraging him to give me that poz cock. He was hitting all the right spots inside me and had me moaning and begging for his poz load. He looked me in the eyes as he fucked faster and then he buried himself all the way in me and told me “I own a piece of you forever now” as he pozzed my hole. It was one of the hottest things I had ever experienced. Walking back to the room to find Scott I was thinking I never expected that guy to not only have a cock like that but to know how to use it so well. I could tell Scott was a bit jealous as I told him about it on the drive home. As soon as we got home he had me pushed up against the wall of the garage and ripped my pants down and sank his cock into me again. He always did this to show me that I was still his. It was hot I have to admit but as he pumped another poz load into me I remembered that guy saying how he owned a piece of me forever and shot my load all down the wall.
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    Eventually I had enough, and headed downstairs on shaking legs, sweating and with cum dribbling down my legs. I hit the showers and cleaned up and felt better afterwards.There was a small coffee area through a door to one side. I went up to the counter and asked for a coffee from the guy who'd buzzed me in. He grinned at me "Having fun?" I grinned back and nodded. "I need a break." He laughed "That's if you can sit down by now?" I reflected on my puffy, gaping hole and knew what he meant. There were two armchairs already taken, and a sofa on which sat two men, one of whom I recognised as the tattooed, short guy who'd first fucked me. In the brighter light, I could see he was older than I'd thought and his riot of tattoos covered his sagging flesh. The other guy was thin, with lank, greasy hair and a large pot belly protruding over his pale thighs. They moved up and I sat between them. "Hi," said the tattooed guy. Then he leaned in and whispered "Nice arse by the way. Enjoyed breeding you." I blushed and sipped my coffee. "I'm Pete, by the way, and this is my partner James." James just nodded, and I noted how his towel had carelessly opened to reveal a thick, sem-hard cock and heavy balls below his belly. "Not seen you here before." Continued Pete. "No, first time. Didn't know it was a specials night." Pete raised an eyebrow. "The guys here tend to be regulars. You mean you didn't know until you got here?" I shook my head and shrugged ruefully. "Guess it's a bit late to worry about it now." James guffawed and stroked his cock. "I'll say! After your performance upstairs I think you'll soon be joining the club!" The guy behind the counter leered at us and called over. "And if not, you two have got just the ticket, eh?" "What did he mean?" I asked Pete as the counter guy went off to let someone in. Pete reached over and began to caress my nipples as James put his hand on my thigh. "We're both poz, as you can guess, but we 'ain't on meds and never will. Viral loads are through the roof." His towel had come open and I saw his erect cock with a drool of precum in the slit. This was the cock which had been in me already, spurting its poisoned seed deep in my guts. I felt my heart lurch in excitement, terror and shame as I faced the reality that I had almost certainly been pozzed by this man. But my cock was making a tent of my towel and he squeezed it tight as he saw the shock briefly in my eyes. "Bloody hell!" Said James. "He wants it bad, don't he Pete?" Pete kissed me, his hand still on my erection through the towel. "Why don't we go upstairs and find a room?" He whispered. " Let's make sure you leave here pregnant tonight, eh?" They stood up and he held out his hand. "Well? Are you coming?" I looked up into their faces, flushed with excitement and pure lust and took his hand. "Oh god, yes...I think I really want this."
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    I left him after that, too tired, sweaty and sore to carry on. He kissed me and said he hoped to see me again. "In the meantime," he said, "There's a sauna you might like. Very friendly and a bit more comfortable than these places!" He gave me the address and I headed back to my hotel for a hot bath. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and said again "what have I done?" But it was too late now and I couldn't forget the sheer excitement of all those men in me, the evidence for which squirted from my arsehole when I sat on the toilet bowl. Work kept me busy for the next week, but then I had an evening free and remembered the sauna. "why not?" I thought. " it'll be less sleazy but I can relax a little." I looked it up on line, and the description made my heart skip a beat. It was reviewed as "dirty" and "sleazy". Most people said they had been once, and never again as it was "full of old men" Someone even said they'd got a dose of clap there. My hand was shaking. Relaxing? It sounded more like a pig paradise. I went out after dinner and, although I had the address and a map, it took me a while to find it down a sidestreet near the docks. There was a windowless building with a nondescript door with the word sauna on it with an arrow pointing to a buzzer. I buzzed and heard the door unlock. I pushed it open and went inside. There was a counter and aother door beyond it. A middle-aged guy leant on the counter. "Hi" I said," How much is the sauna?" "Fifteen,"He replied," But tonight is one of our special nights, so its 20." "Special nights? What kind of special night?" He looked curiously at me "Tonight is the monthly HIV night." I swallowed. "Oh, right. Do..do you have to be HIV positive to come in?" He laughed. "No you don't. But the fact you had to ask means you're not - right? I shook my head, shaking with fear and excitement. "I don't know. Here's the 20" He shrugged and buzzed open the inner door. "Your choice, kiddo. Have fun. By the way, it's also no towels, naked only." Inside was a small changing room with lockers. It smelled of body odour. A couple of guys were getting changed and I glanced over their naked bodies, white and flabby like slugs, and felt my throat go dry with lust. I stripped and noticed a grimey bottle attached to the wall upside down with "Lube" on it in felt pen. I squeezed a dollop onto my fingers and smeared it between my buttocks then, with a deep breath stepped out of the changing room feeling vulnerable and excited in my nudity. There was a small area with a steam room, showers and a toilet. The filthy carpet was wet beneath my feet. A staircase led up into darkness and I made my way up, eyes not yet adjusted. There was a corridor with rooms off it. The only light came from flickering televisions showing porn. Nude men lay face down on the beds inside, legs spread hopefully. I made my way further along the corridor feeling my buttocks sliding against each other with the lube until I came to an open space with a large, round, leather couch in the centre, two slings in the corners and, like the others, lit only by a porno movie on a TV screen on the wall. It was packed with naked bodies, pale flesh glistening in the light from the TV. Both slings were taken, the men in them both with someone between their spread legs clearly fucking them as their arses swayed back and forth. The crowd seemed to suck me in, and I shuddered at the touch of the sweating bodies I knew to be diseased. The atmosphere was heavy with poppers making my cheeks feel flushed and my heart begin to pound. Hands were all over me, feeling my thickening cock, squeezing my nipples, probing my arsehole. I found myself next to the bench on which pale, flabby bodies writhed and groaned, some on their knees offering themselves to the circle of watching men. Someone kissed me, and I recoiled at the thought of his diseased body, then felt myself letting go and with a groan I kissed him back, feeling his tongue in my mouth and a beard scratching my chin. He pushed me back onto the bench in amongst the naked bodies and raised my legs. In the dim light I found myself looking up at a short, fat middle aged guy with heavy rings in his sagging nipples and old school tattoos all over his body. He grinned, revealing stained and broken teeth, and shuffled forward, holding my legs apart as he got into position. I felt the first thrust of his surprisingly thick cock, and felt a moments panic. I could kid myself that the other times I might have got lucky and got away with it but this was the real thing. I was about to be fucked bareback by an HIV positve man. Two men either side took over holding my legs as he leant forward and clamped a poppers bottle to my nose, holding one nostril closed so I had to take a big hit. As the chemical coarsed through my body, I felt my inhibitions being swept away and knew I was lost. He swapped nostrils, and as another hit made my head swim, he pushed brutally forward and his cock slammed into me. "Ahhh... christ!" I gasped in pain, but at the same time my arms went round his neck and I gave myself up to the wonderful, filthy feeling of his cock moving in and out of my hole. He kissed me, and his sweating body started to tremble and his movements more urgent. Perhaps the poppers had got to him, or maybe he'd been there a while. Either way, I knew he was going to cum in me and I groaned in surrender. Isn't this what I came for? I thought. He suddenly gave a snort of release, his body jerked and I could feel his cock throbbing as he filled me with toxic sperm. I was overcome with lust and crushed my mouth to his as he stopped moving, and lay gasping over me. At last he got off me and I felt his softening cock pop out of my hole. "Phew! Cheers, buddy." He said, then turned and disappeared into the crowd. I lay there feeling an enormous sense of freedom and as if I had arrived at the place I was supposed to be. Slowly, deliberately, like a supplicant I turned over and bent forward, offering my arse as I began to suck the cock of one of the guys lying on the couch. I didn't have long to wait. I didn't even look round as a short but heavy cock slid into me and another stranger prepared to breed me...
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    Chapter IV. After being loaded with the bellhop’s cum, both my boy and I were still out of breath as the bus pulled away from the hotel in Berlin. In that city, we’d both gone from being in a semi-monogamous relationship to taking cum from likely-POZ strangers. We slumped down in the seats and my boy slid his left hand down his pants and past his crotch to his freshly fucked hole. I could actually hear cum squelching in his ass. He smiled and slid his right hand down the back of my pants. Once both hands were good and cummy he smiled. The tour guide walked past us and stopped. He leaned over me and sucked the cum off of both my boy’s hands. ‘Get some rest, guys. I’m going to show you a good time in Prague tonight. He tousled my hair and walked away. I dozed off and woke up a bit later to find my boy gone. I poked my head over the seats and couldn’t see him anywhere. I also couldn’t put eyes on our hunky tour guide. I snickered and tiptoed past the other sleeping tourists and put my ear to the bus bathroom. I heard short breathing and the occasional wince. I rapped lightly at the door and the breathing stopped. The door cracked open and my sweaty boy peeked out. ‘Wait your turn!’ he hissed and closed the door. I knew he was at that moment probably full of raw dick. I went back to the seat and giggled, amazed at how hungry my once-almost-prudish boyfriend was now for raw cock. A few minutes later he hobbled back to the seat, and leered at me. ‘He’s ready for you,’ he said, winking. I stood up and kissed him. ‘He breed you?’ I whispered as I licked his earlobe. He nodded and whispered back, ‘He did. And he’s got a load for you too…’ He smacked my cheek and I headed back to the bathroom, glad that the rest of the passengers were all dozing. I opened the door, and there was the tour guide, naked from the waist down, with his huge uncut hard-on glistening with his seed and my boy’s fresh ass juices. His dick stood straight up, in front of his navel tattoo. I started drooling. The bathroom was very small. I nearly bent in half to try to lick the pearls of cum off of his dick. The tour guide stood me up, pulled my pants off and spun me around. He spit into his palm to grease my hole a bit and then pulled me down onto his cock. It was a good thing that I had fresh bellboy seed dripping out of me to ease his pounding or it would have seriously hurt. I didn’t realize I was moaning until he wrapped his sweaty paw over my mouth. He kept his hand there as he pistoned into me. He growled, ‘You’re in for it now. Took longer to work this load up since your boy got my first load of the day!’ He slammed into me and held me down so I couldn’t have pulled off of his raw cock even if I had wanted to. I made my way back to the seat to find my boy smiling in his sleep. We both slept a bit and woke up about three hours later on the outskirts of Prague. The sightseeing that day was lovely, but that’s not I’m here to tell, and not what you’re here to read about. After a breathless day of seeing too many touristy places, we checked in to our hotel. Dinner that night was to be in the hotel restaurant. We were hoping that there would be some naughty fun later so we showered and cleaned out pretty well just in case. I got so turned on watching him clean out that once he was spic and span, I dove into his ass. I swear I could still taste the tour guide’s load seeping out of his ass even after all of the cycles of cleaning… I had to fuck him. I lost my load quickly. I fired my cum into him, the third load up his ass of the day, and he pulled off quickly, stabbed his cock into me, and filled me up with what felt like a big sticky load, my third load too. As we were changing for dinner, and hopefully naughty fun afterwards, there was a knock at the door. A very handsome man was standing there with an envelope in his hand. He handed it to us, winked, turned, and walked off. After the morning tryst with the Berlin bellhop, we were surprised that he didn’t stay to fool around. I opened the envelope, and saw that it was an invitation to a private club with both of our names on it. It read, ‘Show me for free admission to the VIP area,’ followed by a street address. I got excited about what sort of club it might be, knowing that the tour guide must have arranged the invite for us. We headed down to dinner, ate a hearty meal, with the tour guide always finding a way to wink at us, or stroke our shoulders as he brushed by from table to table. I was rock hard the whole time. My boy reached over and under the table unzipped my pants, whipping out my cock. Of course, the timing worked out so that the busboy was clearing plates and got an eyeful. He froze for a split second, then licked his lips. As he walked away, my boy got up and followed him to the kitchen. I knew someone was going to get fucked. The tour guide appeared, as if on cue, saying, ‘Your boy must be entertaining Josef…’ I grinned. ‘You think your boy will take his load?’ I nodded. ‘Good,’ he replied, leaning forward to stroke my drooling cock. ‘He’ll need lots of lube for what I have planned for you both tonight. So will you.’ I nodded again, my throat dry. ‘You may want to see if you can find them… I bet he’s good for two loads. Most Czech boys are…’ I took his advice, zipped up, and headed down a back hallway to the kitchen area. I heard deep grunting through a closed door, took a deep breath, and opened the door. There was my boy, on his back on a stack of boxes, with Josef hammering his hole and another guy forcefully fucking his throat. Josef grunted with each thrust, while my boy had his head craned back, swallowing the huge dick swinging around in his mouth. The dick belonged to a surly heavyset hairy guy with white pants bunched up at his ankles. I could see my boy’s throat bulge every time the dick in his mouth slid deep. The guy motioned for me to come over to him. He pulled out of my boy’s mouth and my boy looked up at me, almost annoyed that he only had one raw cock in him. The heavy guy yanked my pants down and bent me over my boy, who greedily swallowed my cock. The guy’s cock was thick, and I was again glad to be slick with cum to ease a fresh dick entering me. I licked and stroked my boy’s cock as Josef kept fucking him. I felt like I was being split in two with the dick inside me thrusting deeper and deeper. I also felt the guy’s sweaty hairy belly slipped around on my ass and lower back. I’d never been fucked by a guy with a big belly before, and I loved the sensation. He smacked my ass and cursed at me, maybe in Turkish? Josef picked up his pace, and the hairy Turk matched him. The both moaned as they started cumming at the same time, filling my boy and me up with fresh cum. The Turk pulled out immediately, slapped his dick on my crack, pulled up his pants, grabbed his shirt and disappeared quickly. Josef took a little more time, easing back and forth in my boy’s hole. I watched as sweat glistened and trickled down his slim chest. He leaned forward and fingered my hole a bit. He said in a sexy strong accent, ‘I will see you boys later tonight… well, maybe not see you, but feel you…’ He winked and got dressed, leaving me and my boy to pull ourselves together. We dressed and entered the dining room just in time for dessert. Josef brought us coffee whispering, ‘you better stay awake… It’s going to be a long night for you both!’ To be continued…
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    Kevin was browsing through profiles on adam4adam and once again found himself staring at the hottest guy he had ever seen. The guy was six one, 145 pounds, 26 years old, white, with a smooth nine and a half inch cut cock. And he was poz. "Damn," Kevin thought, "why does he have to have HIV?" As he had done many times before, Kevin couldn't help but to click through each picture of the guy's photographs, hoping to see more of the man's gorgeous body and enormous cock, but the most memorable image was the outline of guy's huge dick underneath the guy's bathing suit. The text on his profile always caught his eye, and Kevin found himself inexplicably turned on as he read it again "I'm poz. I fuck bare. Don't message me unless you want poz jizz in your hole." The first few times Kevin had read the man's profile, the message scared and repulsed him, but increasingly he found himself somewhat aroused as he found himself wondering what it would feel like to have the huge cock filling his ass with jizz. His thoughts were interrupted when the a4a alert noise cracked through his speakers and startled him. He checked the messages. 'Oh shit', he thought, 'it's from *him*'. The following conversation followed: hungpozfucker: hey, you always look at my profile. so i thought id say hello. dont worry, you can't get pozzed just chatting with me. kevinboi22: oh. um sorry. ur hott and all, but i dont fuck guys with hiv. hungpozfucker: no worries. it's not like i would let you fuck me. i would, however, attack your ass with my huge cock, if u were willing. Kevin found that his half-way hard cock was suddenly at it's full seven inches. kevinboi22: like i said ur hott. it's just the hiv thing. ya know? i wish i could see more pics of your cock though. hungpozfucker: i don't have any more pics here. look, let's meet up, and i'll show you in real life. don't worry, i'm not gonnarape your little boi hole or anything. i'll just come over, we can chat, i'll give you a glimpse, and then i'll leave. it doesn't hurt to make new friends does it? Kevin's cock was now throbbing as he imagined this huge cock being forced into him. "uggh," he thought "i wanna see it. i want him to fuck me, but not with hiv." kevinboi22: well, i guess that's cool. i'm a little shy, just so you know. and i only want to take a look, okay? hungpozfucker: deal About an hour later, Kevin heard a knock on his door. His heart was pounding, and his cock immediately resumed it's rock-hard status as he imagined what was on the other side of the door. Kevin let his new poz 'friend' into his living room. An awkward pause followed, but then the visitor took over. "I'm Bret. I guess I'll just break the ice," he introduced himself; and then casually pulled his shorts down revealing the longest and thickest soft cock Kevin had ever seen. "Oh my God," Kevin said as his mouth dropped. "Go ahead and touch it, it's okay. You can't get nothing by just feeling it." That was all the permission Kevin needed. He quickly got on his knees and inspected the beautiful cock as he slowly caressed it and felt it harden in his hands. "How big is it?" Kevin asked. "About 9.5 inches. Probably too big to fit in your hole anyway," Bret said half-smiling to himself. Kevin's cock was throbbing again. He continued to stroke Bret's enormous piece as it got fully hard. "Why don't you give it a little kiss since you like it so much?" Bret said while smirking. Kevin was scared, but too aroused to care at this point. He starting softly kissing the massive cock in front of him from the tip to the base, and back up to the tip. "Good, now give it a french kiss," Bret instructed. Kevin hesitated for a moment, but gave in to the urge and licked his tongue around the thick headed mushroom tip. After just a couple of seconds, he decided to just give up on the "kissing" and starting to go down on Bret's cock. "That's it," Bret assured him "suck that cock you've been wanting for soo long." Kevin tried desperately to fit the entire cock in his mouth, but could barely get past half. He kept trying with all earnest. After a few minutes, he stood up to take his shirt, jeans and underwear off, while Bret finished taking the rest of his clothes off. "Get back on that cock," Bret urged him. Kevin quickly obliged and sucked as hard and far down as he could. "Oh fuck yeah, use lots of spit. Make my dick as wet as you can like you want me to fuck your ass using your spit for lube," Bret insisted. Somewhere in the back of his head, Kevin was afraid; but the fear was somehow feeding the intense arousal he felt as well. He imagined this big tool being forced into him; and all he could do was continue to suck and apply as much spit onto the cock in his mouth as possible with each lick and suck, while he slowly tugged on his own cock. "Yeah, I knew you would surrender to my cock, that's it," Bret was smiling to himself knowing that he had won his prize. "Mmmmmmm" was all Kevin could muster to say as he gobbled and slobbered all over the cock he was worshiping. "Get on all fours now," Bret demanded. Kevin was both nervous and ecstatic to hear this. He was finally gonna get the cock he wanted; and any thoughts of Bret's HIV status were completely forgotten now. "Oh god, fuck me, please!" Kevin begged. "First things first," and then Bret licked at the tight little boi hole in front of him, "I need to make sure you're nice and wet to take this." Kevin already felt an orgasm building, and nearly came just from the wonderful tongue-fuck his ass was receiving. "Are you sure you want this now?" Bret asked, confident of the answer to follow. "Yeah!" Kevin said nearly interrupting the question, " fuck my ass with your big cock!" "You're ready for your first poz cock to attack your ass?" Bret clarified. Kevin didn't care anymore. All he knew was that he needed to get fucked by this cock. "Fuck yeah! Give it to me!" Bret forced his thick headed tip into Kevin's tight hole, and with some effort had the first few inches inside. "OH MY GOD!" Kevin yelled, "it's so fucking big. Oh, fuck!" Bret continued to press until he was mostly inside. Kevin felt a pleasure unlike any he had felt before, even as his ass was stretched ever more open, and Bret's magnificent cock slid deeper into Kevin, certainly more deeply than any other cock had done so before. Kevin nearly fainted from the simultaneous pleasure and pain his ass was feeling, but after a few glides in and out, he got used to it; and then the pleasure took over and sent Kevin into pure ecstasy. "You like that huh?" Bret asked. "Oh fuck yeah" Kevin panted out. "Tell me you want me to poz your ass." Bret said as he thrust all the way into Kevin. "OH FUCK! Yeah man, poz my ass!" Kevin could barely mutter as his ass was assaulted with deep punishing thrusts. "Do what?" Bret asked. "POZ MY ASS!" Kevin answered. Bret smiled to himself. He had his new cocklover right where he wanted him. "Do what?" he asked again, smiling to himself. "POZ MY ASS" Kevin blurted even louder. Kevin was completely under Bret's control; and was trying not to cum as he felt the big cock owning him. "POZ MY ASS!" Kevin again yelled. "Okay," Bret answered, "get ready for my poz cum to explode in your ass!" Brett quickened his pace as Kevin started stroking. Brett started to unload; and Kevin felt his ass getting slippery and started shooting his cum onto the floor. Brett grabbed Kevin's waste tighter and fucked as hard and deep as he could as he unloaded into Kevin's hole. Kevin suddenly remembered Bret was poz and found himself panicked as he realized he was getting a poz load blasted into him. The panic turned into excitement; and Kevin continued to cum, shooting a huge load onto the floor as Bret continued to cum deep inside Kevin. It was the most intense orgasm Kevin ever felt, and he could not believe how much cum was being shot into him. "Oh fuck!" Kevin yelped as he felt one final jab of Bret's huge dick shove into him. "There ya go," Bret whispered. "Finally got what you wanted." Kevin felt a strange sense of relief and satisfaction. "That was fucking amazing. I never came so hard," Kevin confided. "Be careful what you wish for," Bret thought to himself. They both managed to stumble to Kevin's bed, where they then passed out from exhaustion.
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    part 3 the 5th guy opened the door and to find 3 more people 1 saying he saw a flyer in the bar down the street and wanted to check it out. They come in and see the sight and instantly drop there pants dying to get a turn already everyone continues to breed him all thru the night for every one that leaves two show up. Nick passed out sometime thru out it but that didnt stop the fucking. He was used non stop. Early in the morning the next day after the last guy was done putting his 4th load into him. He took another picture and headed for the door. As he was walking out room keeping was walking up to the door. (Younger guy picking up a part time job during collage) "aww man your going to have quite the mess to clean up in there man. Dont have to much fun." The last guy said and walked off. Confused the house keeper opened the door and was beyond shocked. He walked in closed the door and started checking out the damage getting more and more turned on he snapped a couple pictures and sent it to his hockey team saying guys look at rhis gold mine i just found! After he hit send he dropped his pants and got right to buisness halfway thru the fuck nick woke up realizing hes still getting fucked and tried to scream out again hoping for some kind of help "aww come on i know i was late to the party but i still want a turn!" A few more thrusts latter and he was bred yet again. After he got dressed he undid Nicks restraints. "So you have about 10 min until check out so you might want to shower before going thru the loby lookong like a cum dump. Also heres my number the guys and me are always looking for a nice hole to pass around let me know when i can use you again" then he left. Nick sat there destroyed trying to understand what happened he got up stumbling from the pain and went to shower off and try to get as much cum out of him as possible. As he took off his cum filled jock he realized the cum was his he must of liked it deep down because the condom that was still on him was over flowing opeing his jock looked like a spider web of his own cum. He got in the shower trying to make himself feel clean again as hard as possible and try to clear his mind. Tho even after his shower and an additional 5 minutes on the toilet he still couldnt get all the cum out. He decided not to wear his jock consodering the cum so was freeballing in his shorts and tank walking to his car as he sat down he felt his shorts were soaked with cum already. When he opened his phone he saw he had several new emails. He opened them to find countless photos and videos of the night which got him hard again. He started jerking watching it all and messaged back asking when we can do it again. With that he went home. the end Again i know im bad at this whole story thing but hey i tried i didnt know how to finish it but i tried lol
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    ***** Keep in mind guys this IS fiction, but it doesn't meant I don't want it to happen I waited 3 months after my original fuck weekend with PandB to test myself for HIV. I also remained abstinent during that time. I needed us to know that if I tested positive for HIV that it was his cum that finally did the deed. When the 91st day after arrived I broke out the OraQuick test I had bought online just a few days before and tested myself, putting the swab into the vile and setting it up. The worst part came now ... the waiting. They say a watch pot "never boils", but I knew this "pot" would boil over in 20 minutes. Not forever, but still ... it seems like ages waiting. I went into the other room, brought up some bb porn and slow stroked my cock thinking about the real possibility that I might be HIV+ because of my sex with PandB. He may have changed my whole world and I was going to find out soon. We had stayed in touch over the last 3 months, mostly using text messages, and he knew I was going to test today. I flipped through some of the tumblr sites looking for poz on neg verbal fuck videos, stroking my cock while my heart raced, and 21 minutes passed in a breeze. I went back into the bathroom to check the test. I looked at the test swab. There's a solid line at "C", and a slightly less solid line at "T". A quick scan of the included pamphlet reads, "If only C-Line appears, the test is negative. HIV antibodies collecting at the T-Line indicate the test is positive". "This says it, I've tested poz", I think. "HOLY FUCK! I'M HIV+!", the words not coming out as loudly as I'm thinking them. I sit there a minute, the test directions going through my head. My cock starts to get hard. I unconsciously slow stroke it for a few minutes, not focusing on any one thing. I was expecting this result and even hoping for it, but I'm still slightly numb now knowing the truth. I decide to text PartyandBreed: Me: Hey sexy boy Him: Hey sexy man Me: What's up Him: Working, horny Him: Test day isn't it? Me: Yep Him: ? I wait a few minutes to respond just to torture him, then finally a response. Him: Well? Me: + Him: FUCK!!!!!! Him: Is it mine? Me: Yes Him: Sure? Me: No sex after our weekend together Him: FUCK! I've been thinking about this so much lately Me: Me too Him: Congrats ... you need to post that on bz I put the phone down and jack off thinking about how our sex led to me being HIV+ and how fucking horny I was trying to get it. I was also feeling the urge to share it and I know this is the most important time for me to do that. I talk to PandB on the phone and we both discuss how hot it is that I'm poz now. He tells me about his experiences and other guys he's pozzed and we both discuss how hot it will be to poz another guy together. A week or so goes by and he tells me he's got a 19yo "son" he wants us to breed and convert, but that he wants him to get on Prep first. "Won't that make it impossible for him to go poz?", I ask, "You'll see is all he tells me". Another week or so goes by and he says the "son" has gotten his prescription, "I'm looking at the bottle right now", he says. "What? Why do you have the bottle?", I ask curiously. He tells me that Jake, the guy's name, is a sub, and has agreed to let PandB be in control of him and his Prep. "When do we get to fuck and breed him? Do you think he'll still convert?", I ask. We discuss this at length, Jake is staying at PandB's place for now and he's already taken 1 of the pills and yes we will breed him, and yes he's going to convert the same way that I did. The next weekend they drive down to my house. I answer the door naked, "Hey sexy man", and I kiss PandB as he enters my house. I look at Jake and then kiss him too to make him feel welcome. Jake is super cute, 19, short brown hair, slim body, blue eyes, quite and submissive. PandB is so blantant he pulls out the bottle of Truvada and shows it to me. I look at it, opening the bottle, "Its mostly full, I thought you got this weeks ago", "He did", he says, "He takes one on Monday mornings, and one Friday nights". "But that won't ... ", my voice drops off realizing what I'm about to say in front of Jake, PandB nods, "Yeah I know... its good, he took one just last night". "Jake take your clothes off", I hear PandB say to him. I start to put their things away while both of them get naked. "Let's go to my room", I say. Jake gets up and I follow him and PandB to my bedroom, palming Jake's ass the whole way; I want Jake to know who's in control this weekend. Jake leans back on my bed and I lean in to kiss him, feeling his ass. This goes on for only a few minutes when I decide I need in that hole. "Grab the lube babe", I say to PandB and he grabs it from the bathroom and instinctively starts to lube my cock. These guys haven't been in my house 10 minutes and we're already having our first fuck session. "Put it in him hot Daddy", PandB says to me, my cock sliding into Jake's tight hole. "Fuck he's tight ... feels so good, I won't last long like this", "Fuck yea Daddy, breed him the way I bred you ... give it to him ... give him your HIV", he says to me. I love how twisted PandB is and that he's sharing this guy with me and that neither one of us are on meds. In fact, the only one with any meds in his system is Jake and "...if he keeps taking his medication like he is now he's going to develop resistance to it". My cock is completely hard and leaking as that though occurs to me. "FUCK yes.... fuck he's tight.... FUCK I'm gonna breed this ass babe... gonna dump my load in him", I practically shout. "Fuck yea babe... give him a poz load, share my strain with him", all poz talk catches my attention and I look at Jake, but Jake is loving my poz cock and if he didn't know he's getting an HIV+ load before, he does now. I have a feeling PandB told him he's going to take poz cum and the boy is so sub he can't say no. "Do you want it son?", I ask, "Do you want my poz cum? Do you wanna be poz?". I egg him on a bit. "Yes Daddy", he responds softly, "Yes Da... Dad, poz my ass Dad". "Told you he's a horny pig like me and you", PandB says. I knew that testing anonymously would allow me to stealth poz some guys, but it was hot as fuck knowing Jake wanted it and he'd be one of the first guys I might convert. That sent me over the edge, "FUCK! FUKKKKKKKK... UHHHHHHHH.........UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", and I'm groaning as the cum boiled out of my nuts and made its way down the shaft of my cock and into Jake's awaiting hole. I know he'll end up HIV+ the same way we are, and probably after just one weekend of hot sex. I pulled out and PartyandBreed stepped up and inserted his cock without waiting, using my cum as lube. I saw the boy jump a little, but I came a gallon inside his ass so I know he's well lubed. "Fuck yeah!... Fucking breed him ... fucking knock him up", I say without even thinking. "Fuck yea ... fucking knock me up", Jake pipes up in what may be the loudest volume I've ever heard from him. PandB is sweating after a few minutes, I can smell his arm pits, and I know another poz load is building, "Fucking give it to him man, fucking convert him the way you did me". PandB ignores me mostly and focuses on riding Jake's ass. "Uhhhhh....uhhhhhhhh...........uhhhhhhhhhhhhh", and PandB presses his cock tight against Jake's body. In several short minutes Jake is taking a 2nd big load of poz cum inside his body. As the weekend progresses I can tell Jake must be a chaser like I was, he's doing his best to keep the loads we give him inside his ass as long as he can. We both fuck him fuck him 3 more times so he gets a total of 8 poz loads from us. On Monday just before they are about to leave, PandB cuts one of the Truvada pills in half, throws half away, and gives the other half to Jake to swallow. I see him swallow it down and I know he's on his way to at least partial med-resistance. We agree to meet in two weeks at PandB's place and breed him further.
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    They took me upstairs and we found a room. There was a large mattress inside, lit only by a pale red bulb, and music from the rest area drifted in the background. In contrast to my other experiences, they were quite tender with me as we lay on the mattress, the two old, diseased bodies either side of me. We kissed as they fondled me, driving me crazy with their fingers, tongues and mouths and telling me how much they wanted to give me a baby. It was quite loving, and in a way more sexy to be treated like this, being told how much you are wanted and being made pregnant. At last, Pete rolled me onto my stomach and lay beside me, kissing my face and whispering in my ear "It's time, darling. Spread your legs and let James breed you." I felt the man get on my back, the pot belly sinking onto my buttocks as his heavy cock probed for my hole. It sank into me, sliding through the sperm and lube already up there, and I groaned with lust. "Shhhh, baby" whispered Pete, "just relax and take his sperm like a good boy." James thrust in me, his greasy hair on my neck as he held me close beneath his thin body. His hips slammed up and down like a rabbit, and then he gasped for air and began to shudder. "Here it comes!" Whispered Pete. "Your poz baby!" With a grunt of release, James collapsed on my back and I felt his cock throb and throb as he spurted in me. All the while, Pete stroked my hair and kissed my face, telling me what a good boy I was, and how I was being knocked up. James finished and got off me, his cock slipping deliciously out of my hole. Pete immediately took his place and I groaned as he sank his cock into me, the soft light and music and his tender thrusts combining to send me into ecstasy, knowing I was joining the club...
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    A/N : This idea came to me as I was looking for incest videos, and I just had to write it down. This is going to be a slow buildup, I hope you enjoy it. —————————————— Fuck, you're hot, man. I read the latest message I got on Grindr, looking at the pics from the sender—J21DL, who was just 15 miles away. Just body shots, and what a body it was—all smooth, defined bouncy pecs, and rock hard abs. His screen name explained why he didn't show his face—I didn't show mine either, after all. It made my dick stir in anticipation, as I scrolled through his racier pics—which he'd unlocked for my viewing. J21DL had a nice round ass, and a clean, tight-looking hole. His last pic, where he was kneeling, ass in the air, hands spreading his fat cheeks apart, almost made me come. I lay in bed, naked, stroking my cock. My wife was working a night shift—again—and here I was, all horned up. I've been getting lonely ever since my son went off to college 3 years ago, and my wife started taking more shifts at the hospital. We kept missing each other, what with my day job and her night job. I didn't see much of her, and all those nights spent alone really did a job on my sex drive. So I channeled that frustration into working out, shedding all the fat I'd gotten from all those marital years, to the point where I looked pretty ripped now—if all the attention I was now getting was any indication. I loved fooling around with guys when I was in college—hell, some the hottest sex I'd had was with guys—and hadn't had the opportunity to do so since I got married. I kept to myself, watching gay porn, chatting online with cam guys, but I never actually went all the way and cheated on my wife. That's where I crossed the line. Until tonight. Thanks, you're pretty hot yourself, I replied to the young college guy. White guys aren't my type, usually, but even I couldn't deny how gorgeous that young stud was. And horny as I was, I couldn't help but fantasize about how great that bubble but would feel, bouncing against my hips, with my cock up that tight hole. I shared my locked pics with him, one which showed my happy trail down to my hard 8-inch cock. Another with my profile, highlighting the curve of my ass. Fuck... J21DL said. I need that cock inside me. Yeah? Fuck yeah. My GF's studying for an exam, and I'm horny as fuck. Come over. I paused, a war raging inside me. Oh how I wanted to plow that young thing all night long. But I wanted to be faithful to my wife. Hell, that kid was the same age as Brandon, my son. I couldn't do that to them. Could I? Wish I could, kid, I eventually sent. Why can't you? I'm married. That's even hotter, he replied. Part of my agreed, and I groaned in frustration. A few seconds later, I received a pic from him. Come on, man, I need your big cock in me. Damn, kid, I replied as I squeezed my cock. You're kind of cheating already right now anyway. Might as well go all the way now. Was I, though? Was this cheating? Fuck, I wasn't thinking clearly, horny as I was. As I looked at the empty space next to me, then to my raging hard cock, I made up my mind. Fuck it, give me your address, I said, and within half an hour, I was leaving my car and standing before a fraternity house, cock still hard in my cargo shorts. I'd left in a hurry, didn't even bother putting on underwear—I'd just grabbed a tank top and a pair of shorts. I entered the house, the front door left unlocked as J said it would. Thank God, Brandon hadn't joined a frat. At least I wouldn't be caught by my son tonight. The front door will be open, come up the stairs, first door on your left. I'll be waiting for you on my bed, ass up for you to take. Just come in, don't say a word, fuck me real good, then leave. I don't want my brothers to hear us. As promised, I found one beautiful boy standing on all fours on a queen size bed, his perfect bubble butt in front of me. I could barely see inside his room, dark as it was, but I didn't care much at the moment. I didn't waste time and kneeled in front of J, taking a good whiff of his musky scent before lapping up at his hole. I dug my tongue in, reveling in the soft moaning that left his mouth. I slapped his hole with my cock then, letting my head rub back and forth over his hole, teasing the entrance. My cock was leaking precum like I'd never seen before, and I was smearing it all over J's hole, the thought of filling that young boy's ass with my cum turning me on even more than I already was. "You want that cock?" I asked as I plastered myself over his back, nipping at his earlobe while I kept grinding my cock between his ass cheeks. "Yeah, fuck me," he replied, and then put a condom in my hand. I took it, not letting my disappointment come through, and sat back on my feet. I grabbed the bottle of lube J had left on the bed and poured a good amount on his hole, slipping my fingers through. "Fuck," he muttered as I slipped on the condom. The latex felt weird on my cock, as I hadn't used a condom in forever, and even a little constricting. I didn't like it, but I wanted to respect this young man's wishes—I knew I was clean, but who knew what diseases he carried. I didn't need to be caught with an STD. Soon enough, I was ready—and so was J—and slowly entered the young jock's hole. "Ooh fuck, yeah, just like that," he whispered, encouraging me to pick up the pace. I slipped in an out of him slowly at first, loving how crazy I was making him. I wanted to tease him until he went wild with want, and begged me to fuck him senseless. "Come on, old man, fuck me," he said, thrusting his ass back against my cock. How I wish I could see his face right now, and so I rolled him over, my cock still inside, trying to get a good look of his face. Sadly, it was too dark, so I traced his features with my fingers, stroked his smooth young face and plump lips. J had really soft hair, and I couldn't help but lean down and kiss him. He kissed back like a starved kid, and that spurred me to fuck him harder. J wrapped his arms around my broad back as I plowed his ass, swallowing his moans with my mouth as my balls slapped his ass. I was in heaven, fucking this pretty young thing, and for a moment, I forgot I was a married man in his late forties. "Mmhh, yeah, just like that, Daddy," J said, the last word making me pause. Had he just called me...daddy? "Don't stop, fuck me, Daddy." There was that word again, sparking something inside me. I found myself even more turned on at the thought of fucking my own son, which was crazy as fuck. I had never even thought of that before. J awoke a beast in me, and I found myself fucking him even harder. There was no way his frat brothers couldn't hear us, even if we kept our mouth shut, the sound of my balls hitting J's ass was pretty loud. "You like that, son?" I whispered near J's ear, getting myself into this little roleplay he got us into. "Like Daddy's big cock in you?" "Fuck, yeah, Daddy," J said, his arms bringing me even closer to him for a sloppy kiss. "Love you, Daddy." "Love you too, baby boy," I replied, feeling my load coming. "I'm going to cum, son." "Cum inside me, Daddy," he said, and just like that, I came undone, bursting inside J's hole, wishing there was no barrier between us. I pulled out of him, and took of the filled condom off my cock, and was about to tie it up when J stopped me with a firm hand. "Don't throw it away," J said, taking the condom off my hands. "Such a waste." "What are you doing?" I asked, not seeing clearly what the kid was up to. "I'm tasting your cum, Daddy," he replied, and there I could see the condom inside his mouth, J tilting the end up to make my cum slid down his mouth. It was the hottest thing I 'd ever seen in my life. "Fuck, you taste so good, Daddy." "Jesus Christ, son," I said, pinning him down on his bed to kiss him. I tasted my self on his tongue, and man, that tasted damn amazing. My cock was getting hard again, and I felt J's own hard cock grinding against mine. He was moaning pretty loud as we kept kissing, our cocks sliding together in bliss, until he, too, came. I felt his cock pulsating along mine, and that made me come again. "You feel so good, Daddy," he whispered, hands roaming all over my back as we kept sliding our bodies up and down. "Thank you." "You're welcome, baby," I said, pulling away to look at the mess on his belly. I couldn't resist the sight of all the glistening cum on his abs, and leaned down, lapping up everything I could. "Give me some," J said, and I obliged, keeping all the cum in my mouth until I could lock my lips with his. We shared the cum between our tongues, my body flushed against his. I never wanted to leave J, his gorgeous body connecting with mine, his strong thighs tangled up in mine. At the moment, I didn't regret my decision, even if it meant I was a cheater. I had one of the best nights of my life, and I couldn't care less, I thought as I dozed off with J in my arms.
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    Sorry it took so long...I had trouble figuring out where to go. Enjoy! ____________________________ Chapter 21) “Your parents are so great,” Aaron told me as he finished a slice of pepperoni pizza. We were gathered in the living room around the battered coffee table in front of the worn couch; I was on the floor with Mike to my left and Carlos to my right; Ike, Aaron and Aiden were on the couch. The rest of the frat was scattered around the house, but everyone was chowing down on pizza and salad wherever they were. “Mom is big on making sure everyone is well fed. Just be thankful it’s the end of a holiday weekend,” I said after I’d swallowed a mouthful of Caesar salad. “Why?” Ike asked. “Because I wouldn’t put it past her to have ordered enough steamed tofu and bok choy with brown rice for the house. She’s big on healthy eating, but loosens up a little on holidays.” “This explains the five whole-wheat crust veggie pizzas,” Aiden remarked. “Yep,” I said, packing the single syllable with enough resignation to earn a few snickers. “I’ll have them for lunch and dinner for the next couple days.” “If there’s any left,” Ike said. “I wouldn’t bet on that,” Carlos said. “It’s like a bunch of fucking locusts in there,” he added, nodding at the dining room where the majority of our frat brothers were still congregated. “Carlos, I just remembered, my dad told me you ID’ed the guys on the security disc,” I said. “Oh, yeah,” he answered. I let a minute of silence elapse. “Well?” I prompted. Why did I have the feeling he didn’t want to talk about it? “Don’t worry baby, we got it covered,” Carlos said. Looked like my feeling was more than just an emotional state. “Don’t give me that,” I said. “What?” Carlos said, the picture of wounded innocence. “The ‘don’t bother your pretty little head’ rap,” I snapped. “Darren needs to know,” Ike said emphatically. Carlos sighed heavily. “Was it anyone I might have met?” I asked sarcastically. “Yeah,” Carlos said. “Vest, Aston and Barnes were there along with a couple of their other buddies.” “Who?” “The three assholes who cornered you before Rod was on the job,” Aiden said. “I thought you’d already, uh, talked to them,” I said, employing a euphemism for Mike, Aiden and Carlos telling the three guys he’d named – all members of the football team – to stay the fuck away from me. Or else. “It didn’t take, but we’ll say it again. A little more loudly this time,” Mike said with unmistakable menace. “Loudly?” I echoed. “You don’t want to know, Darren,” Ike said. “This way if word gets back to our lawyer, you won’t know anything.” I decided I’d better resign myself to their doing whatever they were going to do. “Fine. Whatever. I’m going to go unpack,” I said as I got to my feet. “Weren’t you going to do that about an hour ago?” Aaron inquired with an impossibly innocent smile. “Yeah, I was. But I decided I’d rather fuck with Mike,” I said with the sweetest smile I could muster. Silence. “What, no snappy comeback for the truth?” “Why don’t I help you, sweetheart?” Mike said. “I’ll bet that suitcase is still packed tomorrow morning,” Ike said, and everyone laughed. I ignored them. Hours later, Mike and I were in bed, just having finished fucking for the third time that day. We were spooned together; Mike’s left arm was draped over my torso. “You still haven’t unpacked,” Mike said. “I know,” I sighed, and snuggled closer to him. We were quiet for a moment. “The nights were the worst,” I said, twining my fingers with his; he murmured his assent. “I had awful dreams.” “Me, too.” “Really?” I said twisting around to face him. “Yeah. That’s why I was in such a lousy mood when we spoke, I was totally exhausted.” “What did you dream?” I asked him. He stroked my cheek, and said “That you were in trouble but I couldn’t get to you. What about you?” “Mine were all about hostile crowds coming after me, and I had no place to hide.” “So I was right,” he said, holding me close. “I’m sorry…” “Please, don’t apologize again. I said I understood and I do.” We were quiet for a minute. “I really should unpack,” I said, reluctantly disengaging and hauling myself upright, “or I’ll never hear the end of it. And then it’s time for bed.” I busied myself stowing clothing, took my shower caddy with all my toiletries to the bathroom and did my pre-bedtime ablutions, then Mike took his turn. Once we were in bed with the lights out, cuddled together, I finally asked the question that had been nagging me: “How are we going to get through Winter break and intersession?” He kissed my shoulder. “I don’t know, sweetheart,” he answered. “I leave as soon as my finals are over, and then I get back a couple days before classes start. When are you scheduled to go? Maybe we could change our reservations and spend New Year’s…” “Uh, honey, I don’t visit home for Winter break,” Mike interrupted gently. “What?” It was dark, so he couldn’t see my face but I’m sure he heard my confusion loud and clear. “My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas.” I sat up and turned on the bedside lamp at its dimmest setting. “I thought your family was seriously religious. You said born again Christian on both sides, right?” “Yeah, well, we don’t celebrate Christmas because there’s nothing in the Bible that says Jesus was born in December. It’s pretty clear it was originally a pagan holiday that the early Catholic Church took over.” “So what are you doing for the holiday?” I asked. He shrugged. “Same as every year. I’ll stay here, rest, workout, read…” “But you can’t stay in the frat house by yourself this year, it’s not safe. Not to mention it’s terrible that your parents let you spend the holidays alone,” I interrupted. “I’m used to it,” he said dismissively. “My mom and dad go out of their way to act like it’s nothing special, so they don’t want to buy an airline ticket or even let me buy my own.” “Have they always been like this?” I asked, thinking of what it must have been like for him when he was a little boy. It made my heart ache to think of him watching as the rest of the world celebrated; ads for toys and gifts would have been everywhere. “As long as I can remember,” Mike said. I was furious with his family, even though I’d never met them and likely wouldn’t. My family didn’t celebrate Christmas, but it was unthinkable that Mom and Dad would ignore a school holiday and tell me to stay here. And that’s when I made the decision. “Then it’s simple: you’re coming to New York with me,” I stated flatly, rather than extending an invitation. “Issuing an order” would be the most accurate description. “I can’t stand the idea of you here on your own while everyone else is with friends and family.” “But…” Mike began. “Don’t worry, we don’t celebrate Christmas either. You can join us for our traditional Jewish Christmas Eve feast of Chinese food.” He gulped. “I don’t think I can afford a ticket.” “Then I’ll take care of it,” I answered, which meant Mom and Dad would. “I can’t ask your parents to pay for me to travel to New York,” he translated accurately. “You won’t have to ask them, I will. It won’t be a problem.” He opened his mouth, and I said, “Quit arguing with me. You know you’re not going to win.” He pursed his lips and gave me an exasperated look. “Just say, ‘Thanks Darr, honey. It sounds like fun.’” He heaved a sigh. “Okay I give up. Otherwise I’m not going to have a minute’s peace for the rest of the year.” “Substitute ‘my life’ in place of ‘the year’,” I fired back. “Actually, I’ll hound you in death, too.” Mike started laughing. “You would,” he said, then quickly sobered. “Thanks, sweetheart. It does sound like fun,” he said with a reluctant grin. I smiled, hoping it didn’t read as smug in victory. But I couldn’t hide that I was elated we’d be together for the holidays. “Thank you Michaelicious.” ————————— Later that week I got a call from Uncle Jeffy; I was in my room finishing up research for one of my final papers (thank heaven for a good internet connection), but I answered immediately. “Darren, how are you?” he asked. “I’m fine, semester’s winding up. How are you?” We had to go through the banalities of courtesy prior to his delivering whatever news he had. “I’m very good. There’ve been more…developments, I’ll call them, in the case. I hired an investigator to do deep research on the five guys that Carlos identified and came up with some very interesting information.” “Really?” “Yes. It seems that Sergeant Martin Hitt, who was on duty that night, is the maternal uncle of one of the attackers,” I heard papers rustle as he looked for the information “Jim Barnes.” “What?” I said, horrified. “I can’t even trust the cops in this town?” “In addition my investigator was able to trace the movements of our five young men and the police sergeant that night, and she found out that immediately after their attack on the house, they went out drinking with Mr. Zetcher. In interviews the bar keeper and wait staff were able to help construct a fairly persuasive case that Sergeant Hitt and Mr. Zetcher were completely aware of their plans.” “So now what? Are we going to have to hire a private police force?” I demanded. “No, Darren, not at all. I’ll be there to conduct depositions next week. I’ve notified opposing counsel, and have faxed and FEDEXed a letter to the state attorney general with a copy to the state senator and representative demanding a special prosecutor and protection for you from state police, since it looks like the local authorities are part of the problem. I’ve also notified the FBI.” He sounded pleased, very much in control of the situation. “This case is going to blow wide open,” Uncle Jeffy continued, “and I’ve got these bastards by the short hairs. Your mother will be writing a piece for her column and her blog, plus she’s contacted an acquaintance who is a producer of 60 Minutes. The university and the defendants will beg to settle and I will make them pay. But you must be on guard, Darr, and that means being security-conscious. The alarm on the house has to be set every night without fail, and I’ve spoken to Carlos about creating a back-up video system in case someone tries to disable the cameras. The security company has been instructed to alert the state police along with the local police department if there are any other incidents.” “Okay,” I said. “I promise to be extra careful.” “Good, but Rod is going to meet with the entire fraternity to impress on them the importance of saying nothing at all about your schedule or theirs, and especially about Winter break plans. It seems our hooligans had a good idea you’d be alone in the house when they hit, and had figured that out from casual conversations about the Thanksgiving holiday. You’ll have to take some roundabout routes and vary how you get to and from your classes every day so no one can peg you to a routine…” “Isn’t that a little over the top?” I interrupted. “Darren Matthew Leibowitz, do I have to remind you that you were nearly strangled to death only a few months ago? We need to take every precaution as long as you’re still a student at the University. So from now on you’ll have two bodyguards with you whenever you’re out on campus.” I sighed. Wonderful. Maybe they’ll want to fuck me, too? I thought sourly. Moving back to New York looked pretty good right now. But I wouldn’t – couldn't – leave Mike. Oy. ————————— “Okay…are you ready for this?” I called to the assembled members of the frat, and signaled to Carlos to start the track, which started with sirens and a repeated shout of “oh shit.” I rapped, like Fergie, having drafted Aiden and Aaron (impassive in sun glasses) as back up: It’s me Darren The PIMP Aiden, Aaron! (Hey, Darren) (What’s up baby?!?) Come on When I come to the clubs, step aside (Oh, shit) Part the seas, don’t be having me on line (Oh, shit) V.I.P ‘cause you know I gotta shine (Oh, shit) I’m Darren Dare And me love you long time (Oh shit) This was the opening of the Alpha Iota Delta Sigma holiday party the Friday night before finals week. First was a meeting to update everyone on developments in the civil and criminal cases; since everyone was in one place, it was the perfect time to have a party. This time the whole thing had to be completely under wraps, no one but current frat members. If opposing counsel heard anything they’d make the most of it – after leaking it to the media – and use it to bolster the idea that I was an out of control cum slut. Of course that was true, but it was nobody’s business but mine. I’d tried to get someone else interested in doing an ice-breaker, but everyone I asked moaned that finals week was in two days, and who had time to think about putting together anything. I went with Fergie’s London Bridge and changed a few words: for one thing, I was “Darren Dare,” not “Fergie-Ferg.” When we hit “Every time I climb up on a dude/paparazzi put my business in the news” everyone responded with hoots and laughter. For the…choreography was a little too grand, steps was more like it, Aiden Aaron and I did the “London Bridge is falling down” game that kids play, with me skipping between them, stopping when their arms came down on either side of me. There was a buffet of party food, my holiday gift to the frat (chips, salsa, pizza, chicken wings and assorted cookies) that was, unbelievably, being ignored. Everyone was moving to the music; Mike was standing up front. Like the official video, I pushed up against him, grinding my hips into his crotch, licking the front of his shirt, and grazing his lips with mine. Unlike the video, he wasn’t dressed as a sentry to the British royal family and sure didn’t stand there impassively. I faltered on the last verse of the rap, and gave up all together once we started kissing. Fortunately, the playlist that Carlos had assembled segued directly to the original version. The room took on the feel of a sex-fueled rave, a latter-day bacchanal. All around us, guys were stripping off their clothes; Mike and I stripped in record time. His hands were everywhere on my body: long strokes on my torso and down my back, fondling my butt, teasing my ass crack with his fingers. I was panting, rubbing against him, my dick hard and drooling. I pulled his head down and whisper/shouted in his ear “Breed me now.” “Drink this,” he said, handing me a glass of what looked like lemonade, but had a salty taste. Ah – “Communion libation.” I didn’t know what was in it, but I suspected there was a dose of “G” carefully calibrated to make me relax without putting me totally under. He pushed me onto one of the arm chairs, spread with the black silk sheet that I’d been covered with for my initiation, now serving its rightful purpose as a fuck sheet. My ass was towards him; I could feel his lips on the back of my neck and shoulders. Next, I felt him slipping a cum cube inside of me, the cold both a shock and a turn on, and then he was rubbing his engorged shaft against my butthole. “Fuck me,” I shouted, now frustrated. I wanted his dick inside me, massaging the cum out of my prostate and wanted to feel him shooting inside of me, flooding my ass with his hot, toxic load. We hadn’t had sex in a couple days, partly to save up for tonight, partly because we were both overwhelmed with preparing for finals and finishing off classes for the semester. So impatient,” he said into my ear as he pushed his hard dick into my asshole. He entered slowly, agonizingly so. I tried to push back, to hurry him up, but he grabbed my hips and held them in place. “We’re going to take this at my speed for a change,” he said. I groaned in frustration, and started to reach back between us to stroke Mike’s balls, but the position I was in made it hard. Then Carlos joined us, and after scoping out the situation offered, “I’ll hold his hands in place, man. You concentrate on fucking him.” “This isn’t fair,” I said, starting to laugh even though I was frustrated and horny. “You’re such a greedy little pig, you never let any of us fuck you nice and deep and slow,” Mike whispered in my ear. “It’ll make cumming twice as intense.” “If I don’t die of old age first,” I snapped. “Damn it, fuck me harder.” “Not yet, Darr. I want you to feel every inch of my raw dick slip inside of you,” he said pushing forward a fraction more. Mike kissed and licked my ears and the back of my neck as he gradually, torturously entered me. It was…well, awesome, but he was going to drive me crazy. I tried a different tack: begging. “Please, Mike, please,” I pleaded as I tried to twist my hips out of his hard grasp. “I need it.” I kept whining out variations of the same thing, but it didn’t have any effect. After a minute of that, Carlos shut me up with an intense, open-mouthed kiss. Now even more sensation crowded in on me: Carlos’ warm lips and thrusting tongue combined with the slow, steady building of pressure as Mike advanced his dick a nanometer at a time. Finally, after what felt like hours but was only minutes, I felt Mike’s pubic hair press against my butt. He pulled back a bit faster but still too slowly as far as I was concerned, and then gently pressed forward. I moaned into Carlos’ mouth as Mike fell into a measured tempo, fast enough that my prostate was getting a thorough massage, but not hard enough to put me over the edge. It was maddening and incredible. I was experiencing the benefits of going slowly, but my body was crying out for release, my dick twitching. Mike whispered into my ear, “Your ass is so sweet. Love fucking all that poz cum into your butt.” His thrusts sped up a little, but he eased off and started long-dicking me to prolong the exquisite torture he was putting me through, slowing to probe my prostate with his dickhead. After a few minutes of that, he couldn’t hold back and his thrusts started to gain speed and force, and I could feel my own release starting to build. “Harder,” I managed to gasp between kisses with Carlos. “This is what you want, honey, isn’t it?” Mike panted into my ear. “Being fucked good and hard by a man’s cock inside that tight little hole of yours. Push your ass out, open up and take my dick and all my….CUM!” he finished, roaring out the last word as his hips went into over drive. He froze in place, and could feel his cocking flexing inside of me right on top of my prostate. That was it for me, and I joined him in a super-intense orgasm that I could feel from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. It left me gasping and limp; Mike’s arms were wrapped around me and I became aware that he was kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. How long had that had been going on? “My turn,” said Carlos, and he walked around to the other side of the chair and turned me to face him. I was as limp as spaghetti when he wrapped the sheet around me, lifted me and carried me to the sofa. Carlos set me down between Ike’s legs, who arranged the sheet underneath my hips, then wrapped his muscular arms around me to hold me in place. Carlos took my legs over his shoulders and began to enter me, pushing in slowly and steadily. It was a continuation of the erotic torture that Mike had begun: every nerve ending felt super-sensitive in the wake of the release I’d just experienced, and Carlos’ dick was stretching me to the max. But I was completely limp as Carlos began thrusting in and out. “Oh, man, Mike got you all ready for me. Your ass is so slick I don’t need lube, and you’re so relaxed my dick slipped inside really easy.” “Maybe easy on your end,” I murmured. “I swear I can feel your cock in the back of my throat.” “That’s how it’s supposed to feel, buen chico, when I put my big, fat pinga up inside you…you like that, baby?” I moaned inarticulately in response. “We’re all gonna fuck you” Ike said, “end the semester the way we started it – with a gang-bang of your hot hole. Only this time everyone will dick you – 21 charged loads, plus the cum cube.” It was then I noticed that everyone was standing in a circle around the sofa, all naked, sporting dicks of varying levels of size and arousal. I felt a flash of lust at the thought that all of them were just waiting to fuck me, one after the other. My breathing quickened, and my not-so-inner cum slut was ready and raring to go. “I want it,” I groaned. “Every last drop from all of you.” Carlos began to fuck me harder, as if the idea of the gang bang was too exciting for him to hold back. Then he groaned and held himself in place, buried in me. “Did you come?” I asked. “Almost,” he panted. “Hard to resist…but this is good for you baby. You think too much about the destination…you gotta learn to enjoy the trip.” “Couldn’t we do that on the way to the Italian restaurant instead?” I said plaintively, making everyone in hearing distance laugh, then spread it on to those who missed it creating successive waves of laughter. “Just lie back, let me take care of you,” Carlos leaned forward and whispered, kissing me and brushing my hair back where it had fallen over my eyes. Then he sat up and began the slow, torturous build again, only to stop short once more…and again. Each time I leaked more precum, and was all but desperate for release when finally Carlos began really banging hard against me. I could feel he’d reached the point of no stopping, no return. “Here it comes, baby, a big load of toxic Latin leche, gonna knock you up good,” he said as he ruthlessly hammered my butt. Ike was kissing my neck and playing with my nipples as Carlos went into overdrive, fucking another load out of me that spattered over my chest. “Muchos caliente, baby,” he moaned while he kept pumping in and out to prolong the orgasm, finally covering my mouth with his before pulling out. “I’m next,” said Ike. “The bitch is in heat, no one needs to hold him in place,” he announced as he spread me and pushed himself inside. Next, he pulled my legs over his shoulders so he was totally buried in my ass and slowly moved in and out. “Take that big, black raw cock in your white butt. You like having a big black stallion fill you with charged cum?” “Yes,” I panted. “Do it, fuck me.” “Like this?” Ike said, and started long-dicking me, ramming against me as hard as he could. It hurt a little, but was a huge turn on: a big, muscular black guy taking control, using my ass however he wanted. “Breed me, fill me up now!” “Man, haven’t you learned the benefits of going slow yet?” he asked as he changed over to soft, slow strokes. My back arched; I swore I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head; perspiration beaded all over my body. I couldn’t move even though I badly want to. I had no will, no choice but to go at the pace whoever was fucking me set. It was wonderful. And terrible. The rest of the night seemed to melt away as the drink Mike had given me did its work. I was aware of every touch and caress, but the guys kind of melted one into another, as did my orgasms. The one standout was the acolyte who was nominally with McCloskey. He was a smooth, petite little Puerto Rican boy, Noel who I’d fucked once. The surprise was that for all his diminutive stature he not only had a luscious ass but was hung. Huge. “I never fucked anybody before this,” he said apologetically as he carefully slid inside me. I sighed as I felt his cock head opening me up. “You’re doing fine,” I murmured hoarsely. “Just think of everything you like a top to do when he fucks you…” I trailed off. With that advice, Noel pulled my legs over his shoulders and sheathed himself completely inside my ass. “Take it, cunt,” he snarled. “Take that Rican dick.” Ah…Noel liked to be called names and given orders I thought dreamily. “It’s all yours,” I breathed. “Take it, use me…I love getting fucked.” I was able to get my arm under and between us to stroke his balls and ass. Due to his inexperience, he couldn’t hold back, and in short order he was pounding against me, gave a sharp cry in Spanish as he released his load inside of me. Everyone in the room literally cheered as they watched him shoot his first load inside an ass; he was breathing as heavily as if he’d just finished a decathlon. “That was really hot,” he said. “We’ll have to do it again sometime.” “How about right now, since you came so quickly?” I said, and squeezed his half-hard dick with my sphincter. “Oh, yeah, baby,” Noel said. “Keep doing that and I’ll come again in about 30 seconds.” I massaged his dick with my ass, and – the miracle of youthful sex drive – he was fucking me again and shot another load inside me. “Okay, move your sweet ass,” Ruhiu said. “My turn.” By the time everyone had finished fucking me it was closing in on midnight, and everyone descended on the buffet. “Can I get something to eat?” I asked Mike sleepily. “I've got plenty of dick,” he teased. “Seriously – I’m hungry after all that,” I complained. “I got you a plate,” Aiden said, handing me a dish piled with chips and salsa, a slice of pizza, chicken wings and a couple of chocolate chip cookies, along with a large glass of sparkling water with ice. “Sorry, no wine for you – not safe after that dose of G,” said Aiden, proving my suspicions to be correct. “It’s perfect,” I said as I gulped half of it down and then went to work on the food. Mike got his own plate and sat next to me; we took turns feeding each other. “Another great party. You’re the perfect Social Director,” Mike said. “Speaking of which,” I said as I attempted to stand, “I’d better organize the clean-up.” “No, no, sweetheart. Aaron is coordinating that. You’ve done enough for one night.” I settled against him and closed my eyes, relieved that I didn’t have to try to move or even think. “Time for bed, honey,” Mike said. “I don’t think I can manage the stairs,” I murmured sleepily. “No worries,” he said. Setting our plates aside, he lifted me and carried me upstairs to our room. I insisted on flossing and brushing after the late-night snack, and then was ready to go to bed; we got in and snuggled together. “It was really hot watching you get banged by all those guys,” he whispered. I could feel his dick hardening against me. “Pervert,” I said teasingly. “100%...you bring it out,” he said, and kissed my lips, then my chin, my neck, my shoulders. Even though I was half asleep, I felt my own desire began to build and grow. I rolled over on my back and Mike parted my legs with his knee in one smooth motion. Then he was lifting my hips, my right leg around his waist, my left leg over his shoulder. That made it easy for me to reach around and caress his sensitive ball sack as he pushed inside me and began to pump in and out of my ass again. “Not too fast,” I said in a low seductive voice. “You’ve won me over…” He smiled down and proceeded to give me the ride of my life up to that point. After about the fifth or sixth guy – I’d lost count – I stopped cumming, exhausted but happy. But Mike knew just the right angle, the right pressure, the right speed to not only get me excited but to bring me off every time. What else were boyfriends for? Besides, I’d kept one little thing a secret from everyone that had made me extra horny for their spunk. I’d come to a decision on my own: I hadn’t taken a dose of Truvada in a week. So this time the breeding would take.
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    My hole got horny thursday night so i knew I had to take some cum in my ass. I posted on craigslist early in the morning mainly looking for anybody. I got an email saying that he would be available during his lunch break because he was nearby. I guessed it was a construction worker because the entire road was being worked on. I put on my jockstrap and had my ass up in the air waiting for him. He came in smelling like asphalt and dirt. I could see his boots when i looked under myself. He took off his toolbelt and set it on the counter, lubed me up and entered me. He pumped my hole hard and held on tight to my hips as he cummed inside me. I don't know if he told his work buddies or not but I had my hole filled by three more construction workers. All of them came inside me as if they hadn't had sex in a long time. At the end my hole was gaped, throbbing and dripping full of cum.
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    My ex Scott and I have kept in touch over the decade or so since we broke up mainly online or by text so it was a surprised to run into him and his current boyfriend—he has been through quite a few since we broke up—one evening. We ended up talking and then eating together. They asked me back to their place and I was on the fence about it but decided what the hell and agreed. The drinks at dinner turned into many more at their place and soon Scott was kissing his guy K.C. He turned K.C.’s face towards me and said I want to see you guys kiss, so we did. Scott sat back and watched as his current boyfriend and his ex made out all the time telling us how hot it was. K.C. and I really started going at it and were rubbing and grinding on each other. Soon my cock was in K.C.s mouth and Scott was kissing me and whispering how they recently found out K.C. was poz and he wanted me to be the first guy he fucked that first knowingly poz load into. My cock got harder at the thought and soon we were all naked and on their bed. Scott and K.C. had me between them and they were licking and sucking all over me. Scott got between my legs and lifted them up and began to lick and eat my hole while K.C. continued to suck my cock. Soon I felt Scott’s poz cock pushing into me again for the first time in years. Even though it had been a long time since we had fucked this felt good and I bucked my hips up some and buried my cock in his boyfriends throat as he fucked me. Scott never could last long and was quickly blasting my hole full of his poz load. The thing with Scott is that he can stay hard after he shoots and he continued to fuck me and push his load deeper into me. I was laying there enjoying the sensations when K.C. got up and switched places with Scott. He licked some of the cum from my hole and kissed me with it as he lined his newly poz cock up with my hole and pushed in. He did short, quick thrusts at first since his cock was thicker than Scott’s but soon I had him all the way balls deep in me. Scott was sitting off to the side as he watched his boyfriend work his cock in and out of me. The kissing was intense and we were so focused on each other it was like Scott wasn’t even there except for his occasional comment on how hot this was. K.C.’s was doing the whole slow grind as we were kissing but with encouragement from Scott he started to really fuck me harder. His thick cock stretching me open as his thrusts got quicker and then suddenly I had a second load of poz cum coating my insides. When K.C. pulled out of my hole Scott fingered me and got some of his load out and coated my cock with it and then had K.C. sit down on my cock. He was rotating his hips and fucking himself on me as I ran my hands over him and kissed Scott. This went on for awhile and then Scott got behind him and rubbed his cock against mine as it fucked in and out of K.C. who pulled off of me and Scott started fucking him. We did this back and forth for a bit then when my cock was in K.C. Scott stuck a finger in his hole, then two and then was working his cock in with mine. Suddenly both our cocks were in K.C.’s ass together. We all stopped and the way K.C’s ass was spasming as it got used to accommodating both our cock was amazing. It took a bit to figure out the rhythm of two cocks in one ass mostly it worked out that I stayed still and Scott did all the fucking. Feeling his cock rubbing against mine in his boyfriends hole only got better when I felt Scott shoot his second load. He continued to fuck for a minute but pulled out and I got K.C. on his back and power fucked my load into him too. I asked if K.C. had ever been double fucked before and he said they had tried but it had never worked before but that up until then it had been his biggest fantasy. I was glad I was able to help and no less glad to take a poz load from each guy.
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    I went over to the house of my co-worker Danny. He had invited me to watch a show that we both enjoy. Almost as soon as I got there Danny, his boyfriend Mark, and I started drinking and laughing. We watched the show then headed out back to their hot tub. The three of us stripped down and got into the water, and not surprisingly our conversation quickly turned to sex and things we had done, wanted to do, would never do etc. Danny and Mark have been together for several years and have always been monogamous but had recently talked about opening things up but so far had not. Danny got up to get us some more drinks and Mark slid closer to me, quietly saying "Danny has a bad jealousy streak and that’s why we haven't had a three way, but we both like you, so are you interested?" Before I could formulate a reply he leaned in and kissed me for a minute then slid back over as Danny came back out with more drinks. A few more drinks and a few more stories and then Mark said he needed to cool off for a minute and sat on the side of the hot tub. His semi hard cock and balls suddenly at eye level which was very hot. But what was hotter was that he was shaved smooth and the bio-hazard tattoo he had above his cock and a bit over to the left. I slid closer and leaned in and rubbed the tattoo asking "How long have you been poz?" "About 21 years," he casually replied. As I rubbed the tattoo he flexed his cock which made it jerk in front of me. He stroked it a few times as I looked back at my co-worker Danny, lust very evident in his expression. Danny then moved over and joined us, stroking Mark's cock to full erection as we kissed. "Are you okay with playing with Mark, given he's poz?" Danny asked. "Absolutely," I replied. With that Danny pushed my head down onto Mark's cock, which, while it hadn't grown much longer, was damn thick. Danny and I took turns sucking Mark and then Danny said he wanted to suck us both so I stood up and he was like a kid in a candy store with 2 cocks to play with. He was going back and forth licking and sucking us as we kissed and told him how good he was doing. We dried off and went inside. Mark got on the bed and I crawled between his legs and sucked his thick, fat, poz cock some more. That bio-hazard tat right there making me crazy for that cock. Danny was behind me rimming my hole and sucking my cock. I was so focused on that poz cock I didn’t realize Danny had stopped until I felt the head of his cock pushing in my hole. He kept up steady pressure and sank all the way in and started fucking deep and hard. Mark got on his knees still feeding me his cock and leaned over me to kiss his boyfriend. Danny’s cock was average thickness but pretty fucking long and was hitting all the good spots inside me. He pulled out saying he didn’t want to cum yet and that he wanted to see Mark fuck me. Mark quickly got behind me and before I knew it he was forcing that thick, fat, poz cock into me. The whole scene was hot but knowing I had a bare poz cock fucking my hole while his boyfriend, my coworker, watched was a huge turn on. Danny crawled underneath me and we got into a 69 while Mark continued to use my ass. Danny could watch, close up, as his boyfriend fucked me and he would say things like “fuck him baby”, and “it’s so hot watching you take that poz cock.” They really got into poz talk while we were fucking and it was turning me on more and more. Mark would pull all the way out of me and slide his cock into Danny’s mouth and then back balls deep into me. Mark kept telling me to “take his poz cock” and that he was “going to breed my neg hole with his poz cum” all while fucking me harder and harder. Soon I was desperate for their loads and sucked Danny harder and soon had his cock shooting in my mouth and then he watched as his boyfriend pounded his poz load into my ass. I could feel his thick cock jerking deep inside as he unloaded that poz load into me. As we untangled they kissed as I licked Mark’s cock clean and I heard Mark ask Danny if he had enjoyed the experience, adding "I found it really hot watching you poz him up.” Fuck yeah, I could not agree more. We have played many times since that first time and we have all fucked each other but no matter what we do Mark always makes sure to shoot his poz load into me. In addition, Mark's bio-hazard tattoo is still a major turn on for me, and Danny and I have also become closer at work. More stories for another time if you want them.
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    Never before has there walke, a black man so perverted and proud. When I say no limits, that's what it means. No limits. I am highly marketable and mankind loves me. In the depths of my black nigger balls, there's a beautiful and sweet gift. A freedom that mankind has not cherished with its heart the way it should. They key to everlasting life- the breaker of conformity. Poz and charged, free at last. Some say I'm twisted because I worship the toxic seed, but I say- freedom is it's own reward. What greater joy is there than an room full of slammed up, poz pigs- worshiping and loving heir toxic bodies. Enjoying sharing strains with one another. Plotting on there next twisted deeds. Stealth. Stealth. Stealth. That's what the fire is saying. Free them , Free them all. Slammed up with each other's toxic blood; needles shared- they swap poz loads from hole to hole. Abuse each other's holes with chem piss and fisting. Double penetration, frozen poz nut, nut and chem piss smoothies, and all. They are disgusting and perverted creatures living in the beauty of their depravity. Alone, I am , the Black Twisted Pig. In a see of beautiful white pussy, worshiping my glorious black body and dick. I am a God and I decree freedom and perversion. I escort the new shy pigs into the gates of sin and show them the glorious light that is worship. Worship my Dick! And you will be rewarded! In unison, all slammed up and chemmed up, they speak, " Yes Daddy." For there obedience they are tied down, collar to collar connected. Their glorious holes up in the are, on there backs- legs up. Chained together in twisted brotherhood. There reward- a night of endless pounding and anonymous dicks. As each one is pounded they look in the devious eyes of there attackers; proudly stamped with their biohazards. Each load they receive is a gift; and each dick they receive is a rewards. Filled with toxic piss and huge booty bumps. Each one slammed again! Corrupted and full, used and fulfilled. Each one, now a true brother; charged and ready to be free... ( if liked, I'll make a part two)
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    I'm so horny right now ... so here's another chapter CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party – Part 5 (of 5) Mark and Trevor and myself are locked in a 3-way French kiss and I barely notice the host of the party release me and step away. Then I feel hands. I feel a body and a hard cock. “Hey sexy”, he says and kisses my neck. I immediately recognize Chris’ voice, but the I don’t want to stop making out with Mark and Trevor. “Time for a shower babe … did you even take one?”, he asks making a sniffing sound with his nose, right in my ear. The kiss breaks and I turn around looking Chris in the eyes, I nod. I feel what must be Trevor’s hands on me and I reach back to his pierced cock, rubbing it up and down in the crack of my ass. Chris finally kisses me, “Such a horny slut”, I nod again, “Let’s go get in the shower”. Not being one to disagree when a hot is guy is in front of me asking me to do things with him I agree. I look at Mark and Trevor, “Going to the shower…”, I say with an inviting tone. I look at Mark, when an idea hits me, “Will you unlock me?”, I ask. He nods and runs off, I ask Chris to wait a moment, and Mark return shortly with a key to my cock cage. “Ahhhhhhhhh… feels better”, I think. All of us make our way to the shower room, almost all of the shower heads are going, steam is filling the room and it’s nice and warm. Through the mist I can see Alec, sitting with his back against one of the shower walls, sucking on a decent sized cock. The top is a muscular Asian dude with some nice tattoos on his back and arms. I look a little too long when I feel Chris “gently” directing me to one of the shower heads. I get under the water, and the other guys get under the shower heads besides us. Chris’ presses his body against me and he’s kissing my neck again. I’m starting to think Chris is into me. “So hot”, he says as he kisses my neck, “You’re gonna be poz babe”, he whispers in my ear. Instead of responding I moan and lean back into him as he continues to kiss at my neck and rub my body. Chris’ hand slides down my chest, over my abs, and down to my hard cock. He grabs it with his fist and strokes it a few times. At this point I’m turned on and I turn my head, and our mouths meet. Our kiss is deep and forceful as the water from the shower is engulfing us. I don’t know exactly where Mark and Trevor are standing right this moment, but I hope they enjoy the show I intend to give them. Chris wedges his hard cock in between my now sloppy ass cheeks and he’s slowly grinding his hips into me. I bent forward slightly, my right hand holding the back of his head, as the kiss lingers. This is no ordinary kiss, this is a lover’s kiss, and I want Chris to know I’m feeling it too. With my left hand behind me, I guide his cock from between my cheeks. It moves right to my fuck hole, and immediately the mushroom shaped head is pressing tightly against my back door. I can feel a bit of cum leaking out of me and onto his cock. Chris continues pressing with an urgency to breed that I know we both need. With one good thrust of his hips the head of his cock lodges itself in my ass. I know Mark and Trevor are standing close, I can feel them, but I’m just too wrapped up in Chris. Momentarily ignoring our audience we both moan deeply as his poz fuck stick slowly glides deeper into me, filling as much of me as the existing loads of cum will allow. Another push, another grunt and he’s all the way in. He holds me tightly as his hips began to thrust against my ass, trying to get his cock in deeper. I know Chris feels the need to breed ass, it’s so obvious when he fucks me. I feel his hairy ball sac now resting against my ass cheeks and I feel the need to take a man’s seed. I love it when Chris fucks me. Part of me still can’t believe he went off his meds two whole weeks before tonight’s party. I know he bred me at least 5 or 6 times in that period of time … maybe more. “I’m probably HIV+. I’m poz. I’m positive.”, the thoughts hitting me, but I’m also horny and his cock feels so good. I don’t want things to stop. It doesn’t stop. Our tongues are too intently exploring and caressing each other to stop our sex. Chris is holding me close and the kissing intensifies as his cock continues to assault my hole. My hand pulls his head closer, our lips tighter against each other’s, it almost hurts. I don’t care if hurts, I don’t care if he’s HIV+ and I don’t care if I’m HIV+ now, too, I just want him to fuck me. My cock is getting tighter in Chris’ grip as he slowly strokes it. I haven’t cum once while I’ve been here and my balls are tight against the base of my cock as they are on overload and ready to produce a huge load of spunk that’s about to flow down the drain. “Uhhhhhh… uhhhhhhh… oh fuck”, I moan, our breathing, as if in unison, is labored and I can barely moan while lip-locked with Chris like this. Our mouths are mostly full of each other’s tongues, and my ass so full of his poz cock. He continues with the powerful thrust of his hips, fucking me as he always has, gliding his cock effortlessly in and out of my ass. I know Chris, and I know he’s close to breeding me a second time; I can feel his cock getting harder and fuller inside me. My ass muscles tightening around the girth of his cock as it swells and fills with another load of dirty semen that will probably find a home inside my body. “Am I poz? Is this the load that does it?”, crosses my mind. The moaning continues. “Poz me”, I whisper just loud enough for him to hear me. Chris’ grip on my cock tightens as he thrust his ass forward trying to get his cock in as deep as possible, while his balls bound up underneath him and produce that toxic sperm we both want spewing in my ass. After a few small quick thrusts of his hips, the kiss breaks, “UHHHHHHHHH ………. UHHHHHHHHHHHH…. OH FUCK babe… FUCKKKKKK!”, he body convulses. I know my ass is receiving another load of his hot white cum. Chris slowly comes down from his orgasm, he quickly begins stroking my cock. I kiss him, and I don’t so much see it, as feel a mouth on my cock. Alec takes the head of my cock between his lips as Chris strokes me and brings me to my own intense explosion, one...two, three, four, and “Ahhhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhhh” ....five shots of my hot cum squirt into his mouth before I can finally catch my breath. I kiss Chris again and then look down at Alec. I’m satiated for the moment, we give each other a weak but satisfied smile. Chris removes his cock from me and I keep my cheeks together to help keep the load in as I remove my cock from Alec’s mouth. “I need to piss … why don’t you sit there next to your buddy”, Chris says to me. I give Chris a quick peck, his words seem to have the power of suggestion as I quickly realize I need to piss like a horse myself. I have no idea if Alec is into piss but I sit down right beside him because Chris asked me. I honestly want more sex but right now my bladder is aching for release. I move in close to Alec, leaning against the wall and his body, and aim my cock towards my face. I wait only a moment and my cock lets loose. My piss stream shoots forth like a garden hose, hitting my face and spraying all over me and a bit of Alec. With a quick adjustment of my cock from Alec, he’s soon lapping up large quantities of my hot piss like a water fountain. I’ve been so preoccupied with being fucked that I hadn’t pissed, and I need to badly. My golden stream is forceful when it hits the both of us and splatters. I move my cock to drink some of my juice down, as Mark and Trevor move in closer to us. They watch as my piss jets out and splashes into my mouth, my face and Alec’s. The stream of my piss continues to flow steadily. Soon Chris, Mark and Trevor are all standing close watching me and Alec share my golden shower. With our audience watching, Alec releases his bladder and his piss starts to splash out onto his body. We decide to switch it up and I reach over for his cock while he reaches for mine and soon enough we are tasting each other’s flow. I don’t know about Alec, but I hadn't pissed once since we got here, I didn’t realize my bladder is so full. So we sat there drinking from one another as these 3 other cocks, in various states of erection, stood over us watching us share our piss. Chris started this and I think it’s him that lets go first. It doesn’t matter because once I can see the first stream of piss head down towards me, we’re being showered by 3 hot poz cocks standing over us. I close my eyes, and let all of them douse my body with their hot juice. I can feel the streams of piss running back and forth between me and Alec, up and down parts of my body, and one or two streams flowing right into my open mouth. I drink as much as I can handle but most of it flows over and down my chin. If I could see Alec, I bet he looks exactly the same right now. My body is hot with piss as Trevor, Mark, Chris, and even Alec release torrents of piss soaking the both of us. The fun seems to go on for minutes, but my own cock is drained, as my stream of hot golden piss subsides, thankfully, I’m still being fed a good amount from above. I finally open my eyes, as everyone is very careful to keep their stream of piss away. I realize it’s Chris and Trevor filling our mouths, Mark seems focused on washing down our bodies. After a rinse we moved out of the shower again and I felt so happy knowing I’d taken two more loads from Chris’ unmedicated cock. Part of me really hopes that if I am HIV+, it’s his cock that does it for me. I make my way around the room again, and the hot Asian top that Alec was sucking earlier in the shower leaves a deposit in my hole, but after so many hours the party is winding down. I do my best to find an unspent cock and I’m just about to ride it when I felt a hand on me, it’s Mike. He smiles at me, “Time to go home babe… I’m worn out”. I knew he had to be, and I honestly didn’t realize how spent I was until he said those words. “Ok … “, I say, nodding to him. We both find Mark, then Trevor, then Chris, giving each of them a kiss. I took two loads from each of them, Trevor is med-resistant, Mark is resistant to Truvada and I guess Mark’s virus is the only one responding entirely to medication. I wonder, “Which of their loads will do me in?” We get to the car and as I sit down I hear the crackle of paper and realize I’m sitting on something. I pull out a white envelope with my name on it. I start to open it, then remember it’s probably the results of our HIV test. Not being in heat, my mind starts to race a bit like before, and my heart rate increases. “Do I really want to know this right now?”, I think. I can see Mike is too tired, and too focused on driving, to even realize the internal struggle going on in my head at this moment. I decide to quietly put the envelope back in my pocket. We can see these together in the morning.
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    I answered a Craigslist ad tonight from a couple that were looking for a bottom. I answered their ad and included my pics. I soon got a reply from them with more of their pics. They looked great. Both appeared to be early to mid 40's. They said they only play together. But, that they have different tastes in guys. So they don't often find guys they agree to fuck. It didn't sound too promising to me, but I agreed to meet them at their home, so they could check me out and see if I appealed to both of them. I drove to their home, which was only about 4 miles away from mine. They invited me in and offered me a drink. We sat in their living room and chatted a bit as we sipped on our drinks. It was a bit uncomfortable. One of the guys, Ryan was more friendly and talkative. Ryan is 40. 5'9", 195. Nice, athletic build and dark hair. His husband, Paul was shorter with a very thin and slender build. Not muscular at all. Paul didn't share much in conversation. He didn't seem to be attracted to me at all. And truth be told, I didn't find him all that hot as well. But, Ryan and I, on the other hand, seemed to be hitting it off. Ryan finally asked if I wanted to go out to the hot tub in the back yard. It's a bit cold out, but I did want to get naked with Ryan and see where it could lead. I agreed and we finished our drinks. Paul kind of wined a bit about the cold and didn't want to go. No problem, I followed Ryan out the kitchen french doors and onto their patio. Ryan and I undressed and he led me to their hot tub. Ryan had already turned on the tub and it was steaming in the cold, night air of Las Vegas. We quickly stepped into the tub, and buried ourselves in the hot water, up to our necks. In just moments, Ryan moved next to me, grabbed me under the water and pulled me to him. He began to kiss me as he reached down for my cock and stroked it. We kissed and caressed in the water for about 5 minutes, then I heard Paul stepping into the tub. "I thought I'd better check on my husband. I see he's getting what he wants", Paul said. Ryan stopped kissing me and moved around to kiss Paul. They kissed for a few moments, then Ryan moved back to kissing me. Paul just watched. It was kind of uncomfortable to have Ryan paying so much attention to me, while his husband just watched. But Ryan was very sexy and exciting, so I tried to ignore Paul and enjoy his husband. Then Ryan climbed out of the tub and reached for Paul's hand. "Come on", Ryan said. "Let's go fuck". He pulled Paul out of the tub, then reached for me to help me out of the tub, into the cold, night air. We grabbed our clothes that were piled on chairs on the patio. They had some towels on the table nearby. We grabbed those and dried off as best we could as we stepped back into the warm house. I followed Ryan up the stairs to their bedroom. A king sized bed was stripped down to just it's sheets. Ryan climbed up on the bed and Paul climbed up beside him. I'm not quite knowing what to do? Ryan finally patted the bed, next to him, indicating he wanted me there. I climbed up on the bed and Ryan and I resumed kissing. He tried to move back and forth between kissing me and his husband. While Ryan and Paul kissed, I moved down to their crotches and took turns sucking both their dicks. Ryan's dick is about 6.5"s, uncut. He was rock hard. I was loving sucking on his foreskin. Paul had about 5"s, cut. He was partially hard. Finally, Paul pulled away from both of us and said, "How about I take some pictures of you guys playing"? I said, "Sure". Ryan said "OK". Paul grabbed his cell phone as Ryan and I began to suck each other in a 69 position. Paul began to take pics. In the 69 position, I pulled Ryan's legs forward and began to lick his ass. He was loving it. We changed positions and I ended up on my knees on the bed. Ryan moved behind me and began to eat my ass. I was moaning in pleasure as he slid his tongue into me. Paul continued to take pics. Soon, Ryan had straightened up and was rubbing his hard cockhead against my asshole. It was driving me wild. "Yeah! Fuck me", I moaned. "Paul, hand me the lube and a condom", Ryan said. "You can fuck me raw if you want". I quickly said. "Hmmmm....... Really? Ryan said. "Yeah. I'm fine with raw". I replied. Ryan spit on my hole and spit again on his cock. I could see a bottle of poppers on their bedside table. It was within reach, so I reached for it and took some sniffs of poppers. I handed the bottle back to Ryan. He took a deep breath of poppers, then pressed his cock against my ass and began to slide in. He slowly slid all the way into me as Paul took pics. Ryan was really enjoying my asshole. He kept moving me into different positions. But we eventually ended back with me on my hands and knees as he started to ram hard and deep into me. He soon began to fuck faster and harder. And his breathing got heavier. Then he let out a loud groan....."OH, FUCK..!!!" he shouted as he started to fill my ass with his cum. He shook in orgasm, then slowly began to pull out of me. Paul finally put the cell phone camera down and moved to the bed. He took Ryan's cock into his mouth to clean it of cum. Then Paul climbed up on the bed and licked his husbands cum from my asshole. He was stroking his cock as he did that. Then he knelt behind me and he slid his cock up into me. His cock was much smaller, but he obviously had enjoyed watching his husband fuck a stranger's ass. He quickly came in my ass. He pulled out of my ass and Ryan repaid him by cleaning off Paul's cock with his mouth. Then they kissed and collapsed onto the bed, entwined in each other's arms. I climbed off the bed and began to dress as they continued to kiss on the bed. "Thanks, guys. I enjoyed it", I said. "Umm hmmm", was all I heard as they continued to kiss. I finished dressing and left the room. Climbed down the stairs and let myself out of their home. It was kind of an odd encounter. But I did enjoy Ryan's cock and his fuck. Not sure I'll see them again. But, I wouldn't mind having Ryan fuck me again, sometime.
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    Just got back from blasting a load inside this 18 year old twink at my apartment complex - it was his first time being rimmed and barebacking and his first time with an "older guy" (I'm 26 and hairy as fuck) and it was my first time wearing a cock ring (a Christmas present to myself, I just don't top often). I went over and we made out for a bit to get him over his nerves, he sucked me hard and I ate him out, lubed up and fucked him nice and slowly so he could feel every vein in my cock. Once he relaxed and opened up I picked up the pace and started jacking him off. It wasn't long until he shot his load up onto his face and chest and I coated his guts with my cum. It was definitely the most fun I've ever had topping, and I think he enjoyed it too. Hopefully we'll do this more often.
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    Mark and I were still sneaking around and it was always, 100% of the time hot. I would still go over to Mark and Danny’s and have 3ways and there was a lot of flirting between Danny and I at work but it was the times with Mark that really got me going. Taking his big, thick, poz cock was something I was getting very addicted to and he never passed up an opportunity to sneak away to meet me. They both told me the 3ways had improved their sex lives but they didn’t broadcast what we did to anyone else. To everyone else they were the happy monogamous couple it was only I who knew that other freaky side of them. I knew how Danny liked to watch his boyfriend fuck poz loads into me and I knew every square inch of Mark and just how to work load after poz load out of him. We had been fooling around for almost a year on and off when they had a party for Danny’s birthday. I got there early to help set up and met one of Mark’s friends for the first time. His name was Diego and he had this compact wrestler’s build and one firm round ass. We were in charge of setting up the drink area and we freely helped ourselves all afternoon and as the day progressed so did the flirting, which led to touching and kissing and then flat out groping. I saw Mark watching us a few times but he would always look busy when he saw me looking. Once the party was in full swing people were everywhere and Diego and I were horned up from the build up all afternoon. I grabbed his hand and took him upstairs into the extra bedroom and by the time the door shut we were pressed together in one amazing kiss. I had been feeling his cock but I was ready to get my hands on it. I dropped to my knees and undid his pants and freed his cock. And what a cock it was. A good 7 inches cut but on his short compact frame it looked massive. I leaned in and sucked one of his balls into my mouth and then licked my way from the base of his cock to the head. I licked and sucked up and down his cock until his hands found my head and pushed my mouth down on him. He held my head as he fucked his cock into my mouth hitting the back of my throat and then holding me down on him until I almost couldn’t take it. Then he pushed me over to the bed working my pants off and then he was sucking me deep into his throat. It felt great but I wanted that ass of his. I had him lie on his stomach and spread his cheeks and buried my face in them. I licked and sucked his hole slipping first one then two fingers into him. I got on my knees behind him and rubbed my cock on his hole slowly pushing the head of my rock hard cock into him only to pull out and do it all over again. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and rammed my cock into him. He arched his back and pushed his hips back to meet my thrusts as I fucked him. That ass truly was made to be fucked and I took full advantage of it. We were both buzzed enough from all the drinking we had done that we were fucking rougher and then he turned his head and said I want to fuck you. Hell yeah! We switched places and Diego was licking my hole and then sliding into me. Once he got all the way in he started to fuck and fuck hard. He never let up. His hips were banging into mine and we were both moaning as he blasted his load into me. We straightened ourselves up and he snuck back downstairs and I told him I would meet him in a few minutes so no one would suspect what we had been off doing. When I opened the door to leave Mark was standing there. He just looked at me then walked over and as he pushed the bedroom door closed behind him he leaned into me kissed my neck and asked if I had fucked Diego. I told him we fucked each other and Mark pulled out his cock and wrapped my hand around it and asked who had the bigger cock him or Diego. I truthfully told him his was bigger. He asked who fucked better and again I told him it was him. He pushed me to the bed and pulled down my pants as he knelt behind me and slid a finger into my hole working it around in the load Diego left in me. Mark spread my cheeks and ate my hole sucking Diego’s load out of me and then kissing me with it. Then he had me suck his cock and using Diego’s load and some spit for lube he fucked that big thick poz cock into me. His boyfriend’s birthday party going on downstairs but he needed to fuck me. He told me he shouldn’t be jealous but he was and he took the anger out on my ass. Mark and I have fucked so many times but never like that. He was forcing his cock into me and pounding me like he hated me. Soon he added his poz load into me and the pounding he gave my prostate caused me to shoot one huge load without ever touching my cock. He pulled me into a hug and we kissed and kissed. That was one of the most amazing fucks ever. It was fueled by jealousy, a bit of anger and the need to dominate. We snuck back to the party no one knowing the birthday boys boyfriend had fucked yet another poz load deep into me.
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    Shameless I dated Scott for several years way back when. Looking back now I can see he was an absolute train wreck but he was good at sex and for awhile that was enough. His lips also felt amazing when he swallowed my cock. His usual practice was to popper up and suck and lick my cock as he fingered my hole, segueing to eating my ass, then to use toys on my hole to open me up, and when he determined I was ready, he would align his cock with my hole and sink in balls deep in one long push. He never lasted long but tended to stay hard after shooting, and would go back and forth in using toys and fucking my hole. It was absolutely amazing. Scott was also poz, and the first time I sat down on his bare cock and watched his face as he pumped up into me and eventually flooded my ass with his poz load, well what can I say? I was hooked. His was the first knowingly poz load I ever took. Back then, as now, I was 100% vers but he would only top me, so we would get into three-ways and groups if only so I could at least occasionally get to fuck some ass. Of course he always fucked the other guys, usually fucking them first, loading up several of the asses, so I could slide in afterwards, Scott's poz load the only lube. Without exception, I found the sight of Scott fucking another guy to be an incredible turn-on, and even if he wasn't supportive of the idea that I should be allowed to get fucked by the other guys, and he actively tried to distract me when I tried to get another guy to slip his cock into my ass. Naturally this led to more than some hard feelings. In the final review, we worked our way through quite a few tops and bottoms, but seldom did I get fucked. One Halloween we went to a bar and met another couple. One was dressed like Superman and soon we all headed back to their place. They were a poz/neg couple like we were but they wouldn’t say which was which. We got naked and sat in the hot tub kissing and sucking and then took it inside. The older member of the other couple was kissing Scott and I was playing with the one who had been dressed as Superman. He fingered my hole and felt the load my guy had put in me before we left home and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me and I was all for it. I glanced over at Scott who was deep in a 69 with the other guy. Before I knew it my legs were on Superman's shoulders and was sliding into my ass. We had all been drinking and partying and his fuck was not exactly gentle. He pounded into my hole with deep long strokes which quickly got the attention of the other two. I expected my guy to be upset but he actually encouraged them to both fuck me. And fuck me they did. All three of them took turns keeping my holes full of cock. It was one of the best nights of fucking I have ever had. All three fucked loads deep into me. Afterwards we talked for a bit and then Scott and Superman fell asleep. The older of the other couple and I went out to the hot tub and he sank his average length but extremely thick cock back into my well fucked hole and kissed me as he took his time this go round. He told he was the poz one as he fucked another load into me. He fingered my hole and feed me part of the loads that had been fucked into me and kissed me again and again. We left not long after and Scott told me how he had wanted to fuck Superman and even though he didn’t how turned on he had gotten sharing me with that other couple. When we got home he fucked me again—hard, rough, and quick. My mouth and ass sore but extremely satisfied.
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    A/N : Thanks for the feedback. I'm noticing now other typos, and find that I cannot edit the first post anymore :/ Oh well. Btw, this is purely fiction (I'm just a 20 something year old guy), but I'm glad you're enjoying it. Here's part 2. OH, and before you start, here's Dino Hillas, whom I picture as the narrator : ———————————————————— J was sleeping soundly in my arms when I regained consciousness, breathing a sigh of relief when I opened my eyes to darkness still present in the room. The clock on the nightstand read 5:03 am, which meant I still had plenty of time to get home before my wife got off work. I disentangled myself from J as softly as I could so as to not wake him up, before I proceeded to gather my clothes. With one final glance at the gorgeous boy lying naked on the bed, I left quietly. I felt cheerful on the way home, invigorated in a way I hadn't been in forever. I didn't even feel that bad about cheating. I took a long shower, humming to myself as I thought back to my encounter with J, how great it had felt. There was something about being with a man that I'd forgotten how much I loved. I got back in bed, wishing I had J in my arms again, and drifted off to sleep, part of me thinking this was one itch I needed scratched once, to get out of a bad slump. That it would never happen again. Boy was I wrong. A few nights later, while my wife was none the wiser about my little escapade and off to work, desire rose in me again. I had been getting a regular stream of messages on Grindr from the moment I'd set up an account, but none had ever really picked my interest the way J's had—though I was particularly horny, too, that night. So I found myself checking the app not too long after that first encounter with J, starting to feel bad that I was looking once again for another fuck. It made me wonder just how far I would go with this, and how long I could keep it from my wife. She didn't deserve to be cheated on, but I had needs—needs that she couldn't fulfill. I found new messages from J I had missed, and ignored the others', intrigued by what the young jock had to say. I had a great time last night. I'd like to see you again, if you're up for it. J had sent later in the day after our time together. I felt flattered, but didn't know what to say. Not that I had to say anything. I could just leave things there, never see that boy again. I then noticed the green circle indicating J21DL was online, and he noticed I was online too as he messaged me instantly. Hey, Daddy How're you doing? I swallowed, my cock stirring to life as I read the word Daddy, and I cursed J for having made it a trigger for my hard-on. Good thing Brandon never called me that. I felt awful, just thinking about my own son who had no clue his old man had had sex with someone his age—and had role-played together as father and son. I didn't even know that I could look Brandon in the eye now and not have mixed feelings. I hoped to God I would not start fantasizing about having sex with him—so far, I hadn't thought about it, so I deemed myself in the clear. I certainly had thought about having sex with J again, however. Feeling horny, you? I replied. I feel like I'm always horny, J said. Do you want to come over? It didn't take me as long as last time to make up my mind, and I almost felt bad. It was just sex, and at least I wasn't sleeping around with everything that moved, right? Besides, J said he had a girlfriend too, so this was just like an arrangement between friends, I told myself. On my way, I sent before getting ready. I chose to go with tight jeans and an even tighter shirt, which, I realized once I was in my car, J probably wouldn't even get to see, if things happened the same way it did last time. J seemed keen on not showing his face, which suited me just fine. If neither of us knew what the other looked like, there was less of a chance for our other halves to find out we were sleeping with each other, I figured. Once I got to J's room, surprised that I hadn't run into any of his frat brothers, my eyes were met with darkness, same as last time, except this time I was greeted with a forceful kiss that sent my back colliding with the door. I got on with the program, taking J in my arms and enjoying the feel of his body reunited with mine. It was only a few days since we last saw each other, but I found that I'd actually missed the kid. He was such a great kisser, and I'd almost forgotten how ripped he was. I let my hands explore his body all over again, my fingers feeling the tight muscles underneath his shirt. "I missed you, Daddy," J whispered in my ears. "I want you so bad." That boy was going to be the end of me, I thought as I let him nip at my jaw, down to my neck. I thrust my hips against his, feeling his erection caressing mine. His hands undid my jeans quickly, freeing my cock for his fingers to expertly stroke, and my shirt followed soon after. J was quick to get naked, leaving only his underwear on. "Let's get on the bed," I said, keeping my voice low, just like last time, and J didn't waste time following my suggestion as he threw me on the mattress and straddled me. I cupped his ass, grinning against his lips as I felt his exposed glutes. The horny slut had worn a jockstrap just for this occasion, and my cock slid perfectly between his cheeks. I'd actually dreamt about J's ass, and couldn't stop thinking about breeding that sweet hole, even though I knew that couldn't happen. "Your cock feels so good, Daddy," J said, his hips moving frantically back against my erection. "Your hole feels even better," I countered, using a hand to guide my leaking cock over his hole. I could feel J reaching back with a hand, slipping one finger inside his ass. He coated my cock with lube, as I looked for a condom. "And it's all ready for you," he said, helping me put the damn piece of latex over my cock. I felt even more confined as before, and really didn't like the feel of it, but I was ready to do anything to get inside this boy. J slid over my cock slowly, his hole still tight even if he'd prepped himself earlier, and it felt as amazing as before. Pretty soon we were fucking hard and fast, with J straddling me and kissing me, his own cock grinding against my abs. It was funny how enamored I could be with someone whose real name and face I didn't even know, but here I was, having the time of my life with a virtual stranger that liked to pretend I was his dad. "Yeah, just like that, Daddy," J said, the words sounding so sweet to my ears. "You feel so good." Our arms were wrapped around each other, and the way we talked, it didn't feel like J was just a cheap fuck. It really did feel like we were making love, and I was high from it. "You know," J started, between kisses. "I got tested the other day." "Yeah?" I asked, curious and excited as to where he was going with this. "Mmhhmm," he hummed, kissing me again. "I'm clean. What about you?" "I've never had to," I honestly answered, but couldn't help wishing I had, at the moment. "Shame," he said, with a sigh. "We could've gotten rid of this," he added as he pulled my cock out and pulled on the condom, the material springing back on my cock when he released it. "Fuck," I whispered, my cock twitching with interest. "I'm going to do that first thing in the morning." "Are you sleeping with anyone else, Daddy?" J asked, with a low tone, his voice laced with...jealousy? He sounded almost possessive, as he sat back on my cock, eliciting a groan from me. Fuck, I'd never felt as desired as I did in this instant. It shouldn't turn me on as much, but it did. "No, just you, baby boy," I replied and kissed him, fingers running through his soft hair as I picked up the pace again. "I've only slept with my wife for decades now, no one else. Except you." "Good," he muttered, kissing me again, slowly this time, his hands cupping my face and his hips having stopped moving. "Next time, once you're tested, you can fill me up with your sweet Daddy cum." "I'm certain I'm clean," I almost begged, desperate to feel all of J, with nothing between us. "Ah ah," he protested with a finger on my lips. "Be patient, Daddy. It'll be worth it." I groaned, frustrated, but was silenced with another kiss. I felt empty all of a sudden, when J pulled out again, leaving my cock cold in the air. "You know what, though? I could breed you," J said, his hands stroking my ass. "I'm clean, so it's safe for you, right? And, I mean, you have a perfect bubble butt, too, Daddy." "Is that what you want?" I asked, rolling on my side so he could have better access to my behind. I couldn't remember the last time anyone had fucked me, but I couldn't deny I was interested. I couldn't believe I was actually entertaining the idea, letting this kid bareback me? For all I knew, he could be lying about his STD lab results. It seemed all my blood had gone to my cock, with nothing left for my brain, though, because I said, "You want to fuck Daddy?" "Fuck yeah," J said, rolling me all the way over on my belly as he lay down on me, his cock teasing my hole. J was leaking even more precum than I was, and he used it as lube, fingers stretching my hole and wetting it with precum. I groaned, even more turned on than I thought possible, loving the way his precum felt as he worked me. "Fuck, J," I muttered, and groaned even louder when I felt his tongue. "You taste so good, Daddy," J said, and kept working on my hole with his magic tongue for what felt like an eternity, driving me insane "Come on," I said. I couldn't take another second of this teasing. I wanted J inside me, I wanted J's cum coating my insides. "Come on, what, Daddy?" the little fucker asked as he came back up to my ears, lips kissing my cheek. "Tell me what you want." "I want you to fuck me." "Good. And how do you want my cock?" "Raw," I answered with a final tone, and that was all it took before J was entering me with his beautiful cock. It took a few seconds to adjust at first, but with more lube, the slide got easier and easier. I was in heaven. I did forget how wonderful it felt, having a cock inside you, and I was glad we weren't using a condom. J was enthusiastic, and quickly enough, he was thrusting franctically, hitting my sweet spot repeatedly until I saw stars. "You like that, Daddy? Like your son's raw cock up your ass?" J said, his dirty mouth never ceasing to fuel my desire for him. My mind was numb, and I could barely muster a whispered Fuck as he kept on pounding me. I never thought, back when I got married, that I would one day end up here, having a cock up my ass. "I'm going to come," J warned me, and I pushed back against him, tightening my grip around his cock. "Where do you want my cum?" "Inside me, fill me up, son," I said, and J obliged immediately. I felt everything, every single spurt of cum as his cock pulsated inside me, and it was the best feeling in the world. In those short few seconds, I knew I'd gotten the taste of something addictive, and that I would have a hard time going back. As J pulled out and rolled me on my back, I realized I'd actually come myself, inside the condom I'd forgotten was still on, just from the feel of J's cum inside me. "I see you really liked that, didn't you, Daddy?" J said, as he slipped the condom off of me, and emptied the content into his mouth. He was such a nasty little jock, and I loved him for it. I grabbed him and kissed him, tasting once again my cum on his tongue while his stayed inside me. We lay next to each other, making out leasurely, while stroking each other's bodies. When it came time for me to leave, J held me tighter, and kissed me harder. "I wish you didn't have to leave," he said, and I looked at him, trying to see his face, but failing to. I could vaguely discern his nose and sharp jaw, which was stubbled, and I knew he had short, soft hair. He was handsome. "I'll see you soon, sweetheart," I said. It was insane, how quickly we'd grown fond of each other, but it felt...right. "Promise?" "Promise," I replied, knowing I couldn't with clear certainty I couldn't get away from J now. As I walked to my car, with J's cum still inside me, I couldn't stop thinking about the next time I could have him filling me up again. I was hooked.
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    Hooked up with a hot country guy off CL. He was 20 with these piercing blue eyes, natural bush, hairy chest and a lot of chest ink. Here working a construction job, has wife and kid but doesn't want to cheat on her. I'd figured he was all top but was verse, said nothing about condoms so entered him bare. He was totally into it rather than laying there and got the sense he's done this more than a few times. Was begging for me to cum in his ass and gave him what he wanted, when it was my turn he flipped me face down and gave me a hard pounding, cumming in me and didn't stop stroking, when he was close to cumming again he told me to get on my back, so I did. He was giving me an intense look as entered me again and stroked his second load deep inside me. He leaned in to kiss me deeply and intensely, telling me he liked to look on guys eyes as he came inside them. As we kissed he started stroking my cock, getting me hard again and I could feel him slide out of my ass and then lower his ass on my cock, riding it while staring in my eyes. I was super turned on this stud wanted a second load inside him and soon gave him what he wanted. We both passed out, completely spent. We slept for a few hours and I awoke to him sliding his cock back inside me from behind. He quickly shot his load and I flipped him around to pump another quick one in him. He got up, his ass full of cum and lube and started getting dressed. I offered him a shower but he said he had to get going as he job site started early. We swapped digits and he was gone. I could only imagine him at the job site that day, still carrying my cum inside him.
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    Two days later, after more dirty texts than I can remember, Mark was on his way over to my place. It was just going to be me and him. No Danny, in fact I don’t think he even told him what we were doing. I was worried how that would go especially since Danny and I work together but Mark had us kissing and sucking at work so I didn’t spend to much time worrying about it. And then he was here and we were kissing and kissing and kissing. We made it to the bedroom and out of our clothes and I pushed him down on the bed and got between his legs and kissed his biohazard tattoo and then licked his balls slowly as his fingers played with my hair. Then I was sucking his big, fat, cut cock his hand forcing me further down on each stroke. I had to make myself relax my throat and then the head of his cock slid in and my nose was at the base of his cock. He held me there for a minute and then let me suck for a bit before he pulled me up and pushed me back so he could suck me. He licked and sucked my cock and balls, then coming up to kiss me, telling me how right now, right here I was his. I just moaned and let him work his magic. He crawled up and rubbed my cock on his hole slowly putting some pressure on my cock. We locked eyes and he sat down on my cock. Spit and a small amount of lube helped but he was tight and my cock is thick and it was stretching his hole. He reached over and took a hit of poppers and gave me some and after a minute he started riding my cock his ass squeezing me and making my whole body tingle. He rode me for about 10 minutes alternating fast and slow strokes then pulled off of me and flipped me over and started to eat my ass. He spread my cheeks and buried his tongue into my hole. He would lick down my balls and suck my cock into his mouth as he fingered my hole working me open and getting me ready for his super sized cock. He fed me more poppers and then all at once in one long quick stroke he was buried all the way in me and he started fucking me right away. It fucking hurt and took my breath away but then it was amazing. He was taking what he needed. Using me as a hole for his poz cock, relentlessly pounding into me. Telling me how he was going to bred my neg ass with his poz load and then he would own me forever. How he knew he was going to poz me up, that we would be connected forever. Then he would slow down and pull all the way out and tease my hole with that big cock head of his only to slam back into me when I wasn’t expecting it. He was owning my ass and I was loving it. I don’t know how long he fucked me but part of me was begging him to stop and the other part—the more vocal part—was encouraging him to use me and breed my neg hole. That I knew he loved cheating on Danny and fucking giving me something that he had only been giving him for years. That got him pounding even hard and suddenly he buried himself balls deep and I could feel his cock throb as he unloaded into me and then he was slow fucking me, pushing his load deeper into me. My load that had been leaking out of my cock was all over the sheets and I reached down and got some and fed it to him. He pulled out and we kissed and after we caught our breath he told me that he really had not cheated in the time he and Danny had been together. That the 3ways we did had opened up Danny’s opinion on sex with others and that is why he had us fool around at work. That and it turned him on. I asked if he was going to tell him about today and he said he wasn’t sure but that he didn’t have to be home for several hours and he wanted to swap some more loads. We spent the next few hours talking about fantasies, what each others go to jack off scenario is etc. He told me he had a huge medical fetish and he loved fucking guys in scrubs. He told me his first HIV doctor had been an older guy who got very detailed in his past sexual history and did a very thorough assessment and that he had gotten a hard on but since he likes to show off he wasn’t worried about it. The doctor said he needed a sperm sample and was jacking Mark off when Mark realized the doctor was hard too and rubbed his hand against it. They ended up sucking each other that first time but eventually they fucked too. All this had both of us boned up again and we took turns fucking each other and telling more stories of things we had done and wanted to do. By the time Mark had to leave he had deposited 3 poz loads into me. I was so exhausted but my whole body was alive with the sensations of what we had just done. Cheated, taken poz loads and not just one but 3 over several hours. Was it wrong? Probably. Did we care right then? Nope, not at all. He texted me later saying he enjoyed it and he wanted to tell Danny but was nervous. I told him that sex is not the same as love. He loves Danny but I am just sex and sex is fun. He did end up telling Danny not that day but later and it all worked out. We still see each other mostly together, occasionally alone. Danny has really gotten into watching Mark and I together. He sits back stroking and telling us what he wants us to do, what he needs to see to get off. More stories for another time.
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    Montreal CumUnion (Thurs., Feb. 16, 2017) - PART ONE Well, rawboyz. Here I am, as promised, in Montreal for 2 days, the first night was to attend Montreal's CumUnion held at GI Joe sauna. I thought Steamworks Toronto is a large bathhouse, albeit on one floor. GI Joe is a massive building on Ste. Catherine Est (East) in Montreal. Wow! Couldn't believe my eyes and ears! Huge place on 4 floors. The basement (it has an interesting French designation) is semi-dark with individual rooms, a sling area, and glory holes and dark area. This is the main area for those involved in CumUnion. Like my experiences in Toronto, no one ask for a condom any where. YES!! The first floor is where you arrive, pay, and get your key, lock for your locker, and towel. They gave a tiny room to me on the 3rd floor. My room has a small flat screen TV, bed and locker. You barely have any room to turn out in it; perhaps this is good because you're really in there for sex, no?! The second floor has individual rooms, a big shower area (see-through glass, mmmm) and a large room for the guys into fetish. On one of my walk up and down the building, I got called over by a masked guy who wanted me to fist him. His English was, at best, very limited. He saw my small hands, put a later glove on each and showed me where the Crisco was. He was comfortable in a swing. I enter him slowly, and for about 10 mins. I was the fister (person who fists) helping out a bro was the fistee. He was in heaven. On to the next part... The third floor had a maze of small rooms as well. My room was in the back (tonight I will ask for a room closer to the front of the pack). As it was 7 PM (very early by Toronto Steamwork's time for CumUnion; there it starts at 10PM), guys were just starting to come in. Action was about to start. Interesting enough… I found bb sex in every part of GI Joe. Especially the basement "dungeon" area. There was this Latino guy. Great kisser who had a fantastic warm inviting hole. He wanted my raw daddy dick. We kissed and embraced a lot, and I fucked him multiple times. He did get my load in the end. As you know, I come near the end, just before I leave. Oh yeah, I saw bb sex in individual rooms. Where else? On the third floor just down the corridor is a dark secluded area with a sling and a bench. I fucked a number of guys in the sling there (especially a nice college guy, muscled and ripped, who wanted bare dick; who I am to refuse?!). I fucked him and another guy who loved the feel of my dick in him and my salt and pepper beard. This guy I kept meeting everywhere. In the "dungeon" basement, he sucked my dick and stroked my beard. Very sensual guy. In the "dungeon" there was a sling set up too. I fucked a younger guy who was taking all dicks in his ass. His hole felt great as well. It was early, I didn't want to cum yet. Another young muscled black guy showed up in the dark glory hole area. He felt my hardness and took off his towel. I used some spit and entered his hole. Tight but hot. With a little fucking he moaned softly in pure delight. I opened his ass too. All in all, the first night was absolutely fabulous for the voyeur-explorer-in-chief!! A lot of younger ass to fuck. One guy got my load. Going back for more. I may even try Wega DVD store with their glory holes and viewing booths today before GI Joe again tonite. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Happy barebacking to all! Read1 (in Montreal)
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    Auhor's note: just a quick story in "honour" of Valentine's Day I may be getting very cynical in my old age Lol -------- Jeff thought that today, the day he finally gave up his cherry, was the day he really 'became a man'. He was wrong. He had known Dave for several months now and was sure Dave was 'the one'. He was wrong. He thought he would always be 'safe only'. But he was wrong. Dave's breathing grew ragged as he looked down at his latest conquest. This bitch had left him with blue balls for months... but he had finally convinced Jeff that this was 'true love' and to spread his legs. Nothing he loved more than breeding a virgin ass. He always lost interest in a guy after one fuck, of course, but he lived for that thrill of being first. Truth be told he had been bored of Jeff for weeks but, after such a long investment of his time, he hadn't wanted to give up without claiming his prize. It had taken a bit of extra manipulation to get Jeff to forgo a condom. In the end, Dave convinced him to do it "just the once" since it would be easier for his first time. The dumb fuck had even believed it when Dave told him that he always played safe too. Ha! He loved fucking his toxic seed into unsuspecting and naive guys like this too much for that. He couldn't remember the last time had actually had fucked with a rubber.... He certainly hadn't worn one on any of the other guys he fucked over the months he had been working his way into Jeff's jeans. Not that Jeff knew about those. The aftermath of the conquest would be almost as fun as the actual fuck. Almost. Even if he would be watching from a distance after tonight. He and Mickey had done this so many times that Dave had lost count. Mickey had been carefully ingratiating himself in Jeff's life as his 'friend and confidant' for almost the entire time that Dave had been working the virgin. Jeff didn't even realise he and Mickey knew each other before they all met. Dave had seen Mickey's routine enough to know how it would play out. Mickey would drop by Jeff's place tomorrow morning to see if Jeff wanted to hang out for breakfast.... only to find him crying over being dumped. While Jeff wept his eyes out over his broken heart, Mickey would give him a shoulder to cry on. Mickey knew how to play on emotions and insecurities like no one Dave had ever seen. A shoulder to cry on would become an embrace, then a kiss, then... well, Mickey would get his sloppy seconds before noon. Mickey loved picking up the pieces even more that Dave loved popping cherry boys. That is, he loved picking up the pieces and breaking them even more. Jeff's precious self-esteem will be so shattered that from now on he would do anything for the validation of a fuck. He would be hooking up with random guys online within a couple days. And there would be no talk of 'safe only'. Bareback was just the first step, the first line he would cross. Other fetishes would follow: piss, Dom/sub, probably fisting eventually... who knew what 'perversions' he would sink to. Just another cum dump slut haunting the bars, baths, and hookup sites desperately looking for his next fuck and the illusion of intimacy. If Dave's tenacious virus didn't get a foothold, someone else's would soon enough. And, If Dave's high viral load DID somehow manage to infect the slut right out of the gate, Jeff will be spreading the stain everywhere without knowing it himself (at least until, someday, he gets a test... but, like most sluts, even that probably won't slow him down). It was, Dave decided, a fitting payback for holding out so long on surrendering his virgin hole. Dave's balls were drawing in. His snake ready to unleash its venom. So close. Close... His cock began to throb inside the tight ass Triumph!! "Take my load you stupid bitch." No need to be nice now. Jeff turned to look at him. Confused, hurt, puppy dog eyes. It actually made Dave laugh. What a stupid little cunt. He kept thrusting until his cock stopped throbbing then, finally, slid out pulling some of his spunk with him. He wiped his cock on Jeff's shirt and threw it in a corner. When he pulled on his jeans, Jeff finally spoke. "Where are you going? Aren't you going to stay?" His voice was a trembling whine. "Hell no." Dave laughed. "You have a nice cunt but I've got what I wanted. Can't believe you fell for all that true love bullshit." He pulled on his shirt and slipped on his shoes. "You're damaged goods now, so, don't bother calling again." Dave paused as he opened the door to leave. He smiled, cruelly, at the trembling slut-in-the-making. "Oh, yeah, almost forgot... happy Valentine's Day"
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    Ok, first time posting so bare with me. The following story takes place a couple of years ago when I first turned 18; I'd been together with the same woman since my freshman year of high school and had only had a thought or two about anything gay, I hadnt even kissed a man yet. On that fateful night I was sexually frustrated; my gf had gone to Barbados with her parents for a week and masterbating didnt cut it anymore, so I was horny and losing patience. The second night she was gone I had been trying to get off watching some porn but was slowly getting annoyed cus I couldnt get hard. It was then, in my stoned haze, my fingers wandered down to my tight asshole and started lightly brushing the entrance. I stopped after the first finger opened me open and, embarassed, I began rolling a joint. I started smoking and looking for another porn vid to help me cum, somehow drifting into gay porn. I was halfway through a scene of a large black man stretching a tiny white boy with his massive cock that I took notice of my own fingers; sloppily playing with my hole like a womans pussy. I wasnt embarassed this time though and instead going over scenarios in my head, meeting a black god and letting him take my anal virginity. Maybe it was the pot, maybe it was because I was so horny; either way I hopped on google to look for a way to meet men. I was too nervous to try an app, afraid it would show up on my phone plan, and felt craigslist was my best bet for discretion. So off I went, taking sexy pucs for my ad and my gf the furthest thing from my mind. All i could think of was being loved by a real man, a new sensation almost too intoxicating for me to handle. After a painfully long twenty minutes, I had my first reply; 38, 6ft2, ripped like hercules with five images attached of a monstrous 9in cut cock. That was the first of many times I felt my pussy wink. I gave him the address of my gfs parents house, where I wait alone with my right hand fingering myself at the thought of what was about to happen. There was a knock on the door and my heart skipped a beat, I opened it to find the sexiest man Ive ever seen in real life. He was easily double my size; me being 5ft6, 130lbs, lean and toned. I walked him into the bedroom and expressed that it was my first time with a man with anxious shaking in my voice. "Dont worry, boy, Ill take things nice and slow..." He with a deep and sensual growl, he removed his shirt and instructed me to get undressed. Removing my pants first, leaving my boxers on, I took my shirt off; only for him to be towering above me once I was able to see again. He gripped my freshly-shaved chin and tilted my head upwards, splitting my lips open with his massive tongue and started gently massaging my own tongue. I fell into his massive build, the warmth of his body heating me like a furnace, his large hands slipped my boxers to the floor and began kneeding my tiny ass with such sexual force it had me moaning like Id only ive heard my gf moan. I was releasing deep slutty moans each time his tongue left my mouth to take a breath. "Mmm...you like my tongue that much, boy?" He asked, running his tongue across my lips; i instinctually lapped at him with my tongue until we were drowning in one anothers spit once again. At some point his manly fingers had found, and subsequently entered, my tight boy-pussy. "Ill take that as a yes." He laughed, removibg one hand from my ass to unbutton his pants and allow them to fall to the floor. I didnt have to see it, I could feel his massive god cock pressing into my tummy; his heavy balls draped over my painfully hard cock. "On your knees." The god ordered with a slap on my ass, I sank to my knees and came face-to-face with his ebony python; illuminated in an orange glow from the dim light and dripping a stream of precum into a puddle between us. "...oh." I said when the monster jumped, the god laughed and brushed the back of my head; bringing my closer to his meat. "Show it some love...pretend we're kissin again." He said soothingly. I gulped, this is it, after I inevitably swallow this perfect cock Ill never be able to be with my gf the same ever again... I tried shoving his entire cock down my throat in one go, gagging violently and pulling away; only for my godly love to force his rod back into my mouth, his pubes shoved into my nose and I breifly tried to fight it before giving in. He fucked my throat so deep and for so long that I my voice came out raspy and raw. "Please...be my first?" I laud down on my beck and opened my legs like id seen my gf do when shes too drunk and really horny. "I want you inside me." I growled and he lept on top of me, his cock sliding into my ass crack; the warmth caused my hole to twitch like a strobe light. "You got a condom, boy?" The god asked while aiming his dick at my pussy. I thought, only for a split second, about the box of condoms in the bedside table but instead found myself pushing my ass closer; until his cock-head was halfway inside of me. He smiled and grunted, bending his head to invade my mouth with his loving tongue again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his wide waist while he slowly pushed his 9in throbbing monster into my virgin hole. Eventually his head tore passed my first ring and I moaned like a whore, spit trailing between our mouths like slugs, his tongue returned to my mouth and I attempted to open my hole wider for him. Over the course of the next thirty minutes he was balls deep and we were both glistening with sweat. "How you feelin'?" He breathed deeply, staring me in the eyes, his mouth slick with our spit. "Make me yours." I said hungrily and he dove back into my mouth, now feeling free to start pumping my pussy. It hurt only for a few minutes, but the next hour was nothing but intense sloppy pleasure. Hed been ramming into me full force for a while, causing me to scream and beg for more of his dick with every thrust, when suddenly i felt the entire length of his meat throb and pulsate; it was magical. "Im...gonna cum...fuck." He said in between strained breaths, waiting for my say so on where to drop his load. I wrapped my body around his again and drove him impossibly deep in my cunt. "Fill me, baby." I whispered, raspy and exhausted, I licked at his tongue and his full lips met mine in a kiss so deep and hot that I sprayed almost a gallon of cum. Then his pistoned like an angry bull, raging into my hole; his cock throbbing like mad and our bodies melding into each other with sweat and passion. He bottomed out into me that his balls slapped violently against my ass, when his cock head ground across my prostate I began to cum again, exploding like a fountain when I felt his cock empty a buckets-worth of molten love juice into the depths of my new pussy. He stayed in me for almost twenty minutes, grinding his cum into the walls of my pussy while his cock got soft. He left a moment later, leaving me in a puddle of fluids on the bed I fucked my girlfriend on the night she got back. I didnt wash the sheets either.
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    Hello : I hope you all enjoy this story. It's my first try on here, so please be a little forgiving. Bart listened to the two young brothers talking in the bar. The one slightly older brother telling his younger brother about testing positive a month ago and starting his meds in about two weeks when his insurance kicks in. Then Bart's ears perked up, the little brother mentioned his thoughts of just to stop worrying about converting, as he hated condoms, but was scared. His brother felt the same about not wanting to use condoms anymore, but was scared about passing the bug along. Bart was a conversion master. He had parties monthly for charging up new comers. He always wanted to get a set of brothers together for a charging. He had a special plan for helping a set who were not sure about completing the process. Now it looks like he could get his dream. This was a little out of the way bar, and the bartender owner was his good friend and buddy in parties, as well as shared his dream. Two hours later, Bart and Tim had the passed out brothers in Bart's playroom. Bart's playroom was no ordinary playroom. It was in someways a dungeon master's wet dream. Different slings, crosses, frames, a water trough accessible from different angles, a large shower area, different electro toys and other toys. All in a large garage like building on Bart's out of the way land. He could have loud parties and no one to bother or notice. Or in this case, two brothers who may be a little loud in their resistance, and no one to hear them. Bart and Tim worked together to strip the two young men and get them strapped into their respective works. As they stripped the older brother they found a muscular athletic body, good amount of hair covering his chest and abs, and very thick trail leading to trimmed pubes. Below was a beautiful uncut cock, a plump almost six inch soft penis and nice large balls. Beautiful fuzzy ass as well. Can't wait to see how large this cock gets and performs. He was strapped into a standing frame a little larger than a doorway and on locking wheels, his body not quite an X but almost. Next to be stripped was the younger brother, which they found a tight swimmers bodied boy. Hair just sprouting around his nipples and a nice neat treasure trail leading to a full set of pubes, and another beautiful uncut cock. His cock actually had a longer foreskin then the older brother, but his cock was little thinner and shorter, but not by much. This brother was strapped into a roll away sling. The brothers were in their respective devices for about 45 minutes when they started coming around, and realizing they couldn't move much. Aaron fixed in a standing position, and Ryan in a prone position, and very much naked. They struggled for bit and then began yelling. This brought in a changed Bart and Tim. They had changed into black jock straps and masks. The two men were very muscular and hairy, each with biohazard tat on one of their pecs. Bart came up close to the two brothers "You might as well settle down, you two aren't going anywhere for a while." "Now, we overheard you talking about your position and your hidden desires. Well little bro, your big bro is going to help you out with a little gift, and big bro your little bro will be helping you out in the process. Both of you will be helping us to live out a dream as well." Aaron struggled a bit and yelled, "What do you mean? Let us go." Tim came up to Aaron and lightly tugged one of Aaron's hairy nipples, "Oh, you'll be sharing a more detailed amount of DNA than you already do." Aaron then recalled what a biohazard tat generally meant for most gay men, and really started struggling. "No, I'm not going to do that. You can't make me." "Oh, you'll not have much of a choice in the matter soon. We'll be sure you get in the 'mood' to give your gift." Bart smiled, and stepping over to a table, he opened a carry bag out of which he selected a small plastic bag containing some little blue pills, another small plastic bag containing a few yellowish shards, another plastic bag containing something that looked like tea leaves, as well as a couple large bottles of water. Then he reached over to the wall and took two medium sized enema bags off of the hooks where they were hanging, poured one of the bottles of water into a pan and started lightly warming it. Bart crushed a blue pill and stirred it into some warm water with some of the tea leaves, and let it sit. He then took a largish yellow shard and crushed it up and put it into one of the enema bags. Bart than took the rest of the warm water and filled both of the enema bags all the way up. "Help me move our guests over near the trough." Bart and Tim moved Ryan closest to the trough, just to the side of the trough near one of the short sides, furthest from the drain. Then moved Aaron to the opposite end closest to the drain. "Now, you get to watch us start to get little bro ready to receive his gift." At this point the brothers starting yelling again, and struggling. Tim knelt down between Ryan's spread legs, held him still, and tongued his hole. In only a few minutes Ryan's hole loosened up to Tim's expert tongue, and Ryan's screams were turning to moans of pleasure. Tim then began fingering Ryan's hole, spreading a little lube into the opening, after a minute or so announcing "He's ready for the first rinse." Bart than hung the first enema bag, the one with plain water and slowly started to insert the nozzle into Ryan's ass. Slowly moving it in and out a little, making Ryan moan a little but still trying to say no. Then with the nozzle fully planted in Ryan's ass, he started the water flow. Tim at the same time rubbed Ryan's belly softly and gently. "There you go little bro, just relax. Let the water in you. Let it pour into your guts. Just relax," Tim kept purring to him. Soon the bag was empty. Bart then lubed up a small/medium butt plug. In one swift motion pulled the nozzle out and shove the plug in. "Let's let the water loosen up everything for bit, and work on big bro now." Aaron started struggling and yelling. "That's not going to you any good. You just need to drink a little something right now. You can either be a good boy and drink or we'll get you to drink it. Yelling does not good, no one is here to hear you. The drink actually tastes real good." "Boys, you might as well relax and enjoy and stop struggling. You'll enjoy it more, and really have fun giving and receiving your gifts." "Your not going to force me to infect my brother with HIV. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do this to my brother. You can't make me. See, I'm not even hard. I'm not going to do it." "Oh, after having this tasty little drink, you'll be more in the mood. In fact, you'll be a horn dog ready to fuck anything." "You can't make me. I won't let myself cum, I'll fight it" "Oh, your too young to resist shooting a load when you get going. Besides, we have our ways." During this time Ryan's eyes got bigger, now that he fully understood what was happening. He'd never been fucked by a real cock yet. He'd had his ass played with, and lots of dildos, but never a real cock. But he'd always dreamed of his brother taking his cherry. When his brother told him he was positive he thought it would never happen now, except maybe using a condom if his brother would take him. As Tim was still rubbing Ryan's belly, Ryan stopped struggling, and Tim noticed Ryan's cock was thickening up and getting a little longer. "Hey bud, I think little bro is liking the idea of what he's hearing." Bart then looked at Aaron, "See your little bro seems to like the idea. So relax, give the gift." "No, you can't make me." Bart then came over to Aaron with cup of liquid. The drink is a modified tea. It of course has the well known little blue pill in it, but also the tea leaves were a mixture of herbs that help in the same manner and also turn up the desire in a man. Usually within an hour a man is harder than a rock and so horned up a goat would be appealing. Between the blue pill and the herbs, Aaron will not be able to fight the urge his body will be put into. But in Aaron's case, it will be something much nicer, Ryan's sweet ass. Aaron forced his mouth shut, and shook his head as Bart tried to get him to drink. "Okay, I guess we'll have to do this the hard way than." Bart set the drink down and went to the wall, reaching up he retrieved a small padded clip and a mask like item that seemed to have a mouth piece and a hose with a funnel sticking out. Ryan's eyes got a little big when he saw this, he didn't want his brother to be forced to do anything, he didn't want his brother hurt. "Aaron, its okay. Drink it. If it makes you want to fuck me, so be it. Aaron don't fight them anymore. I love you. If I have to get infected, I'd rather it be from you. I'd rather you take by cherry, not some stranger if that's want happens. Just drink it if it will help you." "NO!" Bart approached Aaron with the items. "One last time, you want to drink?" Aaron shook his head. "Okay, here goes. Bud come over here, and hold his head." Tim left Ryan and came over behind Aaron and grabbed his head and held it still. Aaron clamped his mouth down harder. Bart then reached over with the little rubberized clip, and clipped it to Aaron's nose, pinching his nose shut. Aaron's eyes got huge as he realized what was going to happen, just as Bart started to talk. "With your nose all pinched shut, you can only breathe through your mouth, so you'll have no choice but to open your mouth. Then I'll get this mask on you and you'll drink whatever we put in the spout. If you don't breathe through your mouth, you'll just pass out and we'll put the mask on anyways. So, one more time you want to drink?" Aaron shook his head, but he was getting red from the need to breathe. Bart readied the mask to shove into his mouth when it opened. "Aaron, just drink it, don't let them hurt you. Please, don't fight them." Aaron felt himself getting light and a little headache from not breathing, and suddenly his reflexes kicked in and his body on its own forced him to open his mouth to breathe. Bart quickly shoved the mask into Aaron's face, forcing the mouth piece into Aaron's mouth and held it there as Aaron panted through his mouth. While Aaron was distracted with the need to breathe, Bart held his head from the front, and Tim fixed the strap to the back of Aaron's head. The mask wasn't going anywhere now. Aaron would now drink whatever Bart or Tim wanted to put into the funnel. "Ok big bro, you will drink now. You'll love the taste. And you'll love how it makes you feel soon. Just relax now. You can either enjoy where your going and in giving your gift, or it will continue to be a struggle and you'll find out how we make you continue." He released the nose plug from Aaron's nose so Aaron was breathing better now. Tim was no longer holding Aaron's head, he didn't need to. Anything poured into that funnel would go into Aaron's mouth and be swallowed by hook or by crook. Aaron just shook his head. "Aaron, please stop fighting. Just drink. I'm scared, but I love you and its okay. It's okay, don't fight them anymore. I'd rather you be the one to do this to me. Please, stop fighting." Ryan was lightly sobbing for his big brother. He was scared, but deep down he knew he didn't like the idea of condoms, he always wanted to feel the real cock, not the rubber. So he knew at some point he'd probably come up poz like his brother. So who better than Aaron to give it to him. Tim pulled over a small stool and lifted the funnel up so the tea would go smoothly down to Aaron's mouth. Aaron's eyes were huge, and tears slowly dripping down. Bart began stroking Aaron's struggling head. "Just relax. Here comes your liquid treat. You'll love the taste" Tim started to slowly pour the tea into the funnel. When the tea hit Aaron's mouth he started shaking his head more, trying not to swallow and hold it in his mouth. The tea was just the right temperature and flavor that his body wanted to swallow. Bart then started caressing Aaron's neck and throat purring at him to swallow, not to fight any more just relax and swallow. Between the pleasant flavor and the stroking of his throat Aaron's body took over and he swallowed, and swallowed as the liquid came into his mouth. "That's a good boy. See it tastes good. That's my boy. Now relax. I'll take the mask off now." Now that Aaron had his drink, Tim went behind Aaron and undid the mask and then reached around Aaron and rubbed Aaron's fuzzy belly, kissing the back of Aaron's neck. Bart started to pull on the mouth piece, "Relax your jaw boy and I'll pull this out." Aaron complied and the mask popped out. Ryan was now getting a little uncomfortable with the liquid in him and started to moan a little. "Ok little bro, time to drain you" Bart and Tim headed over to Ryan, pushed his sling over to the trough, so his ass was over the trough. Tim began rubbing Ryan's belly as Bart pulled the plug out of his ass. All the water began rushing out of Ryan's ass. "Just relax and let it all out, don't push, just relax and let your body do its thing. Enjoy the feeling of it leaving you." Ryan just relaxed and actually chubbed up a bit as the water poured out of him. When he was done, Bart sprayed him off and dried him off. Bart then went over to the table and picked up the next enema bag, the one with the yellowish shard all crushed up in it and a toothbrush, plus a little special lube that also had the same type of crushed shard. "Okay little bro, time to prep your body to receive its gift, and give you your mood enhancer. This might smart just a little, but then you'll start feeling really good once we get the liquid enhancer into you." Bart then begin to tease Ryan's hole with the lube, dipping his finger in and out, and adding more lube as he went. Then he lubed up the toothbrush, which Aaron started moaning no out loud, and lightly sobbed. Bart slowly inserted the toothbrush into Ryan's ass. Slowly out and back in, moving the brush around a little in Ryan's ass so his insides were being brushed all around. Bart was carefully brushing in deeper and deeper into Ryan's ass. Ryan was moaning both in some pain and in pleasure. All the while Aaron watching with tears slowly running down his checks, thinking of what would be coming. "That's it little bro, relax and accept the brushing. Getting you all ready for your special gift from big bro. I'll show you the brush when done, its getting nice and pink." Ryan saw Aaron lightly shaking in his sobs, "Aaron I'm okay, it doesn't hurt. It actually feels sort of good. I'm getting a little warm inside, and a little tingly. If I'm going to get this, I want it from you, no one else. Don't worry Aaron." Ryan also had a few tears running down his checks, mostly because he didn't like seeing his brother so upset. Tim had continued to rub Ryan's belly cooing at him. Bart pulled the toothbrush all the away out again after spinning it around inside Ryan. The brush was now a little more towards red than pink. Bart nodded his head. "Your ready for the mood enhancer now it looks like. See how nicely colored the brush is? See all that nice blood color, this means your ready for the gift and your body will fully accept it." Bart showed the brush to Ryan, who only stared at it and really didn't make much of a noise, as he was too busy feeling the warm tingly feeling and something else starting to rise in him. Bart then walked over to Aaron and showed Aaron the brush. Aaron could only moan again and some more tears fall from his eyes. Aaron moaned, "No, please no, don't do this to us. Please let us go. I don't want to infect him." Bart then placed the brush down on the edge of the trough so Aaron could see it. He then picked up the enema nozzle and generously lubed it up with the special lube, and then inserted into Ryan's ass. "Okay little bro, here comes the good stuff. In a little while you'll really be feeling good, and your ass will begin to scream to be scratched, and a good fucking is the only way to cure that itch." Bart then opened the nozzle letting the liquid flow into Ryan's ass. Ryan began to moan a little as there was a light stinging as it flowed in, but then a little numbness set in. Tim continued rubbing his belly as the liquid began filling him up. Tim was cooing into his ear, "Take it all in little one. Feel it slowly filling you all up. Feel your ass warming to it." Aaron was moaning as he was watching what was going on, and had a feeling he knew what was in that liquid. Once the bag was empty, Bart popped out the nozzle and immediately pushed the plug in again. "Okay, you're all filled up. Let's let you relax and wait for your ass to get hungry. We'll work a little on big bro now before his little drink kicks in more. We don't want him too hard for this part." Bart went back over to the table and picked up a little white soft fuzzy pipe cleaner, that had a smooth waxed tip. Tim walked behind Aaron and wrapped his arms around Aaron, and began rubbing Aaron's fuzzy chest and belly, kissing the back of his neck and grinding his jock covered hard on against Aaron's ass crack. "Okay big bro, time for your special prep. This will help to make your gift that much stronger. Like on your brother, this might smart just a little but then began to feel really good once the lube kicks in. It will also help make your cock hungry for that ass over there, especially with that drink starting to kick in." Bart than grabbed Aaron's cock which was slightly chubbing up because of the drugs in him, and pulled the generous foreskin back exposing the beautiful pinkish purple head of Aaron's penis. What a beautiful large piss hole he had. Bart couldn't help himself, he leaned over and lightly tongued that big hole, the tip of his tongue sliding in a little. Aaron couldn't help himself and moaned a little. Then Bart took the soft pipe cleaner, and slowly, carefully inserted it into Aaron's hole into his penis. Aaron moaned a little in pain, as this was stinging quite a bit. Bart ever so slowly was moving it in and out, going deeper and deeper each time. After a minute the lube's special ingredient sort of numbed the brushing, readying the lube to enter Aaron's bloodstream to make him want to fuck. Also the white of the fuzz was getting subtly pinker, not as pink as the toothbrush, but just a little pinker. Aaron's penis was truly now becoming Aaron's cock, as it was starting to grow and get harder and hotter. The combination of drugs was starting to take affect. The white fuzz was now a true pink, again not quite as red as the toothbrush, but this was only to release a little more of Aaron's toxic fluids into the cum when he shot. Bart pulled the pipe cleaner all the way out, and again gave a little lick to that beautiful cock head. Before he pulled the foreskin back up and let go of Aaron's cock, he dribbled a little more of the special lube on to the head, and carefully pushed what he could into the piss hole, then carefully covered the head up with the skin. "Okay my boys, you are just about ready for the giving of the gift. Let's get little bro the rest of the way ready while big bro's cock gets the rest of the way hard. Oh yeah, one more little thing for you big bro." Bart that pinched his nose causing Aaron to subconsciously open his mouth, and he rubbed a little white powder on and under his tongue, "That will give you a little help in being more compliant." Tim and Bart then moved Aaron's frame a little bit a way from the trough so there would be more room around him. This moved Ryan out of his eye sight. Aaron's head was beginning to spin a little, and he was feeling the most horny he'd ever felt. He looked down and his cock was rock hard and pulsing with his heartbeat. He tried to feel bad about for what was coming, but his sex crazed brain and body just wouldn't let him fully think about it. Tim went over to Ryan, and began rubbing Ryan's belly and looked into Ryan's eyes, which were sort of wide and spacey, and he had that sex blush on his chest. "How you feeling little one? You hungry for cock?" "Fuck, I'm warm all over, I feel so full." "Just wait until we get that water out and put a little more lube in there. Then give you your other little treat. Now the plug is going to be pulled out, you just relax and let the rush feeling just go over you." Bart then removed the plug. Pinkish water came pouring out and into the trough. As the water left Ryan, he started to become hungry for more to be in his ass. Once the water stopped, Bart rinsed him off, and dried him again. Ryan's eyes glassed a bit more and he was starting to moan. "Okay little man, lets move you over near your brother. Then its time for you to receive your special gift." Tim and Bart wheeled Ryan over to within a foot of his brother. Ryan saw Aaron's super hard cock sticking out from his body. He didn't remember it being that big, but maybe that was because it wasn't about to be put into his ass before. Aaron also had a sex flush on his chest going, and he was starting moan saying "Oh fuck, oh fuck." His cock was still pulsing with his heart, and now was starting to leak just a little. Tim kneeled between Ryan's spread legs and started to tongue bathe his hole again. This time though, Ryan's hole was hungry, it wanted sex, it wanted cock. His tongue slid right in deeply making Ryan moan loudly. "Oh fuck, more, I need more." Bart had moved over to the table for the lube and a little nose mask with a small brown bottle. "Just wait little bro, you'll have more in a minute." Bart set the bottle and mask down on Ryan's chest. The went down to his ass, which Tim moved out of the way. Bart took a medium sized syringe and filled it with the special lube, and slowly shoved it up Ryan's ass. Then as he slowly pulled the syringe out he started squeezing a generous amount of the lube into Ryan. The effect was almost immediate for Ryan, making his ass now desperate for cock, for his brother's cock, for his brother's gift. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, please fuck me, I need it up me." "Just a minute little bro, you'll be getting big bro's big cock in you. Lets get your little treat on you now." Bart carefully opened the bottle, and screwed it into the bottom of the nose mask, then carefully fitted it onto Ryan. Ryan automatically breathed in a little with his nose which forced the hit into him. "Oh fuck, ohhhhh" Tim then reached down and rubbed Ryan's chest and pinched a nipple. "Now don't breath in from nose again yet, wait until big bro starts to go into you, then take a deep breath in, you'll get the biggest jolt and high." Bart looked down at Ryan's penis, which was no longer just his penis either, it was a erect cock not quite as impressive as big bro's but just as beautiful in its own way. Bart leaned down and gave it a little kiss, pulsing his tongue into the skin to gently nudge that hidden head. Ryan just moaned louder. "Okay boys, time for big bro to give his gift." Tim got behind Aaron, while Bart securely locked the wheels of Ryan's sling, then slid heavy bars behind and in front of the wheels to be sure that the only movement from the sling cart was just from the sling, which this one didn't move much, just sort of gave little to thrusts, it didn't really swing like the others. Bart was now kneeling down on the floor with the bottle of the special lube, and Tim began to move Aaron's frame to his brother's sling cart. Aaron was now struggling in his mind, he knew he didn't want this, but the drugs in him had him so horned up, his cock was actually itching for action, all his nerves were wired to lust. He tried to yell no, but it came out more as a moan. He felt Bart take hold of his rock hard cock, and start generously lubing it up, all over his cock and inside his foreskin, and an extra amount on the tip of his foreskin. The lube hit him quick and he was starved for sex. Bart stood up with a little bottle in his hand, and held it up to one side of Aaron's nose, and as he pinched the opposite side close he told Aaron to breathe in. Aaron couldn't help it, he did as he was told in his sex crazed mind. The hit went to his brain and he was quaking for sex. Again Bart knelt, and, taking Aaron's cock in hand, nodded his head to Tim to push Aaron to his brother. As Aaron's cock approached Ryan's ass, Bart was thrilled to realize that because Aaron was close to ten inches hard, once he was inside and the frames and Aaron were secured, his cock head would always be buried in his brother no matter how he moved. Tim continued to push Aaron to his brother. And just as Aaron's cock touched Ryan's ass, a small part of Aaron's mind did allow for him to try to pull back, and because he wasn't fully secured in that part of his body his cock did move back. Tim then moved his heavy muscular body against Aaron, and pushed him fully forward and didn't allow him to pull back. This put Aaron's cock nicely into the crack of Ryan's ass. Ryan felt his brother's cock touch him and he moaned loudly, "Please, put it inside, I need his cock inside me, I need it. Aaron, please don't fight it, I need you in me, please." "Breathe in boy, here it comes." And as Bart said this, he held Aaron's cock still and pointing directly against his brothers open hole, and Tim slowly but constantly pushed Aaron so that Aaron's hard cock slowly and evenly slide into his brother. Both brothers moaned in sexual bliss, both slightly quivering from the excitement the of entry. While both brothers were suddenly overwhelmed with the entry, and what their bodies were feeling, Bart quickly secured the two frames together with their special locks, and then secured the special soft belt around Aaron that secured him to the sling. Now if Aaron did try to fight fucking his brother, he wouldn't be able to get away, and his cock was so long it wouldn't fully come out of his brother either. They were meshed together perfectly. "Okay boys, have some fun getting and receiving your special gift. Enjoy this time, feel this time." Tim started moving Aaron's hips a little to help Aaron start his thrusting, while Bart rubbed Ryan's crotch. Aaron was moaning and shaking his head, trying weakly to fight this. His sexual craze taking over a little while causing him to slowly move his cock in and out of his brother. Ryan was just moaning incoherently he was so into it. His cock had actually gotten a little harder, and was beginning to leak precum. Bart couldn't stand it, he had to taste that neg liquid, and ran his tongue all over the top of Ryan's cock, and into the foreskin, making Ryan buck and moan. This causing Aaron's cock to move more in his ass as will. Aaron was moaning in pleasure, but also trying to fight the urge. The fight of the urge was getting more control. "No, please, I can't do this. Ummmm, ohhhh." "Well, lets see if we can get little bro to give you a little help." Bart than moved over to the wall and took down some little pads and a control box. He plugged in the long cord to the control box, and set it down on the floor between the brothers. He then got down on the floor, and saw the beautiful sight of Aaron's big beautiful cock buried in Ryan's ass, with both sets of balls tangling. Bart leaned up and licked each set, causing loud moans from above. As he did this he peeled paper off a pad and stuck it on one of Ryan's ass cheeks as close to Aaron's cock as possible without touching Aaron's cock, and then placed the other on the opposite side. He then plugged the pads into the controller. "Lets help little bro's ass start sucking you a bit big bro, show you how much he wants your gift." Bart and Tim got down under the brothers to watch this. Bart then turned a couple of knobs, and they saw Ryan's butt cheeks twitch, which pulsed his hole and insides on his brother's cock. Aaron felt this and moaned, "Oh, ohhhhh, oh god, no, please, don't make me do this. Ohhh, god, Ryan, I'm sorry. Ohhhh fuckkk your ass it's sucking my cock. Ohhh, ohhh god, I can't, can't give you HIV. Please stop this." Ryan though, because he'd never really been fucked by a real cock, never had drugs, was so lost in lust craze. "Aaron, oh fuck, your cock feels so gooooood in me. I've dreamed of this. Oh fuck, take my cherry. Oh push it in deeper, please." Aaron in a moment of drug lust, shoved as deep as he could go into Ryan at the same time a surge went through the pads, and both brothers moaned and yelled at the intense sexual pulse. Bart afraid Ryan might get too many hits from the bottle now, took off the nose mask, and then pushed off his jock so he could rub his cock as he watched the brother's. Tim also slide off his jock to do the same. The intense sexual excitement of watching the brothers fuck was just too much. Both Bart and Tim saw that the next time Aaron's shaft came out, it was covered in a light pink thick liquid. So all was open and ready to receive Aaron's poison. Between being over a month poz with no meds, and the brushing of both of them, this gifting should take first time. Ryan's ass kept twitching at various intervals, with Aaron trying to fight the urge to fuck, succeeding sometimes and sometime thrusting a few times. Both brothers had a sex sweat covering them. Ryan's cock was at this point copiously leaking precum on to his stomach. Both of the masters were leaking as well, but holding off for the final shot. "Please, please stop this, I don't want to give my brother this, please let me pull out. I know I'm already leaking in him, please I can't give him this. Ohhh ohhh fuck, that ass, ohhhh fuck Ryan, your ass just, ohhhhh god." And he thrusted back in, still trying to fight cumming. This went on for about twenty minutes, Ryan was obviously over the moon in sexual bliss, Aaron was crazed but had just enough of his mind to try to resist. Bart and Tim got up, their hard cocks jutting from the bodies. While both of them were considered well hung, Aaron still was bigger than both of them. Once Ryan got as old has his brother, he might also end up being bigger than them. These brothers with these beautiful cocks, if this gets them into their poz world will make great gifters in their parties. Bart stood up to Aaron and Tim to Ryan. Bart began rubbing Aaron's sweaty fuzzy chest and tweeking his nipples, causing Aaron to moan and jerk a little, and Tim doing the same to Ryan. "Well big bro, I didn't think you had it in you to resist so well. Looks like we'll have to step it up a notch, looking at little bro he's dying to have the gift and your just being stingy. So we'll help you want to give that gift, or more to the point, push it out of you." "No, you don't have to. Oh Aaron, just give me your gift, I want your gift. Give me your bug. I want it, I want it from you. Please, ohhhh, your cock feels so good in me, give me the rest." Ryan came enough out of the haze to moan this at Aaron. "Ryan, bro, ohhhh fuck your ass is still sucking, I can't let myself. Oh fuck, part of me wants to shoot my load in you, and give it to you. But I just, oohhh fuck that feels good, I just can't let myself cum." "Well, okay boys. Buddy, can you get big bro ready for his help in giving his gift." Tim got behind Aaron at this point, and pushed him forward spreading his cheeks, and started to expertly tongue lash his sweaty hairy hole. Aaron just moaned at this and tried to push back to get more tongue, as he loved having his ass eaten out. While Tim was eating Aaron's ass and relaxing it, Bart went to the wall again and brought down two small wired clips, and an elongated butt plug with a wire hanging down. Aaron's hole had opened up to Tim's expert care, so Tim took the same syringe used on his brother and filled it with the lube and lubed up Aaron's insides. While he was doing that, Bart affixed a clamp to each of Aaron's nipples, just tight enough that they wouldn't fall off. Then plugged them into the same control box as Ryan's pad, and turned a knob. Now when Ryan's ass twitched, there was a little tug to Aaron's nipples. This caused Aaron to scream in ecstasy and jerk forward into Ryan, which made Ryan moan harder and his cock twitch a little. Now for the last piece that ought to do the trick, and make Aaron give his reluctant gift. Bart stepped up behind Aaron with the butt plug, and lubed it up with the special lube, he then bent it a little, then slowly pushed it into Aaron, creating a hook. Aaron moaned real loud and shook, especially as it bumped his prostate, which is where it rested. Bart than plugged this into the controller as well, and adjusted another knob. Bart and Tim now stood up to each side of the brothers slowly jacking their hard cocks, their pecs with the tattoo slowly twitching. Aaron was now moaning loudly, "Oh fuck, oh fuck what have you done." Then the pulse from the controler went through for the first time with all the attachments in place. Ryan's ass twitched on Aaron's cock, a tug on Aaron's nipple caused him to start to jerk but then the push against his prostate caused him to push harder into his brother than before. "Ohhhhhh, fuuuckkkk. Ohhhh gooodddd." The pulse stopped. Aaron relaxed and his cock backed a little out of Ryan's ass, with Ryan moaning loudly and saying put it back in. Then another pulse happened, and Aaron's body moved forward jamming his cock back deeply into his brother, both moaning loudly, and now Ryan's cock would jump up with a string leaking from his foreskin to his belly. The pulse stopped and Aaron slide back, with a loud fuck. "Aaron, shove it back in, please, I need it. Please, shove it back, oh god that feels good, its hitting that deep itch. Fuck, oh shit, fuck me. Please." "Ryan, ohhh god, your ass. I'm losing control, I just can't infect you. It's just not fair to you. Ohhhh, ohhhh fuck." And another pulse hit them. Aaron drove forward, with a little pulse of his cock in Ryan which he knew was him pushing a glob of precum in, and Ryan's cock twitch up with its own glob of clear liquid dribbling out. "Ohhhh, Ryan, I don't know how much of this I can take. I really want to cum, I just don't want to let myself, but if I do I'll give this to you, I'll hurt you. I love you, I can't give this to you." "I love you Aaron. I've wanted you inside me since I knew what sex was. I want you inside me, I want your cum. I don't care if it infects me, it will be a part of you in me. Please fuck me, I need you." Another pulse, lasting a bit longer hit them. Aaron was shaking this time a little, groaning, but still refusing to cum, though harder to fight it. Ryan's cock shot up and squirted his clear precum a couple of inches, and he moaned. All the while the masters were jacking off. Bart saw the resistance in Aaron failing, "Big bro, your ready, little bro is ready to receive. I'll help you give your gift to him now. You won't be able to hold off anymore. I can see little bro's ass is dripping with the lube, ass juice, your precum and a little blood. It's time, you need to release your gift. Give your gift to little bro." Bart then turned the knob on the leads to Ryan's ass up a notch which will make it twitch harder and multiple times, he only turned the nipple knob so it will twitch multiple times, and then turned the butt plug up three notches of strength. The next pulse came. Aaron threw his head back, and his waist shot forward harder than ever before, throwing his pubes hard into Ryan, driving his cock the deepest it could go into Ryan. Because the butt plug was on constant not pulse, Aaron held there feeling the tugs on his nipples and Ryan's ass muscle quickly pulsing around his cock. Ryan's cock shot another glob of thick clear fluid out 2 or 3 inches. Both brothers moaning more loudly than before. "Oh bro, I'm not going to be able to hold off. I'm going to cum in you soon. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm weak. I love you so much, I've wanted this too, but not to give you this bug. I'm sorry." Another pulse hit, and Aaron's body shot forward again hard, again driving his cock as deep as it could go, and him trying to push farther, if he could shove his balls in too he would. Pulse stopped, and his cock relaxed back. Sweat was pouring off their bodies. Precum all over Ryan's belly, and still leaking from his cock. Pinkish juices slowly oozing out of Ryan's ass around Aaron's cock. But this time both of their balls were starting to move up tightly to their bodies. It was another few seconds before the next pulse. Bart quickly adjusted knobs so the next one would be a notch stronger all around, and last longer. This was going to be it for them. Bart and Tim were jacking harder, as Bart said, "We're ready to see the gifting, your ready for it. This is it. Your going to shoot now." Then the pulse hit the brothers. Aaron shot forward hard, and because of the strength of the pulse on his prostate and the squeezes around his shaft, his cock just could not take it and the toxin started its hard and fast travel, he was shaking hard against his brothers ass. "Oh fuuuckkk, I'm cumming, I can't stop. Ohhhhh goooddd. Ohhhh, fucckkkk. I can't stop shooting." Shooting he was, he was shooting deeply into Ryan, his cock vibrating and moving and spreading his toxic semen all over the abused walls of Ryan's ass. Ryan at the same time had been through enough, when Aaron's second shot started, Ryan's cock shot up almost straight up and started shooting its on copious load all over his neck, chest and abs. Aaron was in an orgasm for almost five minutes even though the pulse stopped, he didn't remember ever shooting like that. He did it, he shot into Ryan, he probably infected him. But instead of feeling sad, it almost excited him more. Bart and Tim also shot their loads on the floor watching such a forceful show from the brothers. This was all that their dream was imagined. Now if they can get the brothers to come to parties. Bart approached Ryan and ran a hand into Ryan's cum, and lifted it to his mouth to taste the clean sweet cum, Tim did the same thing. Bart gathered up another good amount and lifted his hand up to Ryan, "Here little bro, have some of your cum, this may be your last neg load ever. Remember this as the last." Ryan took the cum and moaned as he swallowed it. Bart scooped up more, "Here big bro, you need to have some of this as well. It's probably his last clean load. Taste its sweetness. Savor your brothers flavor, and remember what a special gift you have given to him." Aaron took the scoop of cum, there was nothing else to do, the deed was done. His brothers cum was delicious. Sweet, a little nutty. "Now you two are even more brothers, you have more DNA together. You've given each your gifts. Big bro's bug will begin growing in you now little bro. Your big bro has given you a gift of freedom, freedom to take what ever cock you want as bare as it should be. And big bro you got his cherry, and he's freed you too. Now the thought of giving your cum isn't scary anymore." Ryan's cock jerked at this, and so did Aaron's which was still about half way in Ryan's ass. "We'll just leave you to together like that. Little bro, just enjoy the feeling of your bros hard cock resting in there. It's going to be hard for some time yet, and it will keep that toxic semen locked in there soaking into you." Aaron though began to feel an urgency in his groin, he had to pee, and he had to pee badly. "I gotta pee, please let us go, so I can pee." Bart and Tim just smiled even broader, "Oh what a treat! That will just seal the gift. Just pee, just let it go, right into his ass. Let your toxic pee will just inject further into his body, fill him up." Ryan sort looked a little shocked, but he secretly always had a desire to feel someone pee in him, so okay, let it me his brother. "Do it Aaron, I want it, pee inside me, just let it go." Tim stood behind Aaron, wedging his semi hard cock into Aaron's fuzzy valley holding Aaron tightly, and began softly rubbing on Aaron's fuzzy belly, right on his bladder. "Do it stud, pee. Let it go. Let it go into that ass. You'll love it, how the hot fluid builds up and around your cock. Let it go. Give him more of the bug, more of your special gift." Bart stood by Ryan and began rubbing his belly, "You ready for your brother's pee, more of his gift, his toxic gift. Get ready to get filled with liquid again, your brother's special liquid." Aaron's head feel back and rested on Tim's shoulder, the sweet talking that light rubbing on his bladder, it was too much, and Aaron begin releasing a torrent of toxic urine into his brother's ass. Shooting with a strong force, shooting well up into Ryan's guts. Filling his guts with the hot liquid. Ryan began moaning loudly as he felt the hot liquid filling him, the rubbing was relaxing him enough to accept the flood of fluids. But it also caused him to start peeing all over himself as his brother was gushing into him. "That's it little bro, just let it go, let it go all over you. Your last neg pee all over you. Feel your brother's going in you, and your's coming out just as hard." Aaron heard this and had to look down to see his brother peeing, and it was a sight. Neither brother remembered peeing so long or hard, nor with such pleasure. "Okay boys, we'll let you rest." Bart rubbed and patted Ryan's full belly, "Big bro will just keep his nice big cock in you for a while, and keep your gift inside you for awhile. We'll keep you here for a couple of weeks as our special guests, just to be sure the gift takes. And if you want to keep giving and receiving the gift to each other, you can. This is a safe place for you to enjoy your new found brotherly love that you two obviously have wanted for some time." Note : I hope you enjoyed this, I know it was a little long, but I wanted all of this in one story for now. I may continue it a bit more, if I can think of a good continuance. Please let me know what you think.
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    He pulled my trousers open and down and fondled my balls. "Nice.. " he whispered, "Full of lovely spunk!" He had undone his belt as he squatted in front of me, and as he stood up he was naked with from the waist down. His cock was stiff below his sagging belly, but he wasn't interested in that. He turned round and showed me his wasted buttocks with the flesh sagging in wrinkles. He dug out some lube and smeared it over my cock., then reached back and guided it towards his hole. I gasped with shock and excitement as he pushed back and my cock slid deliciously into his perverted asshole. "Oh yeah!" He gasped. "Fuck me, dearie!" Despite feeling repulsed by his wasted body, I couldn't help thrusting in and out and gave myself up to the filthy act. Suddenly a light flickered in the stairwell. My heart lurched in fear, and then the heavy body of the ugly barman lurched into view with a torch in his hand. "Don't mind me, lads." He said. "Seen it all before. Got to check every couple of hours to make sure no druggies using the place." He came over and shone his torch on my belly. "Give us a look, then." The other man pulled himself slowly off my cock until it flopped out of his arsehole and glistened wetly in the torchlight. "Why don't you give it a go, Jim?" He grinned. "Don't mind if I do. Here hold this." He handed over the torch and loosened the belt below his heavy belly. I might as well have been a piece of meat the way they talked about me, and yet it excited me how matter of fact they could be about such filthy activities. He bared his fat, pimply backside which was pale in the reflected torchlight. "Got any lube, Bill?" The other man dug out the tube and handed it over. Jim squeezed a dollop onto a grimey forefinger then smeared it into the dark crease between his buttocks. He spread his cheeks and guided my cock into him. His hole was puffy and slack and flowered around my cock like silk as I slid up him. "Fuckin' hell!" He grunted. "You've got a nice cock, mate." He began moving back and forth on my dick as Bill shone the torch on the fat buttocks and watched me fuck him. "You can cum in him, if you want. He loves it when they spunk up him." "Yeah," Said the barman. "Shoot it! Give me your cum!" I was overwhelmed by the sheer degradation, sheer filthiness of what was happening to me, and with a sob of pleasure my cock swelled and throbbed and I felt myself spurting deep inside the man's rectum. He held still until I finished, then stood up. Spunk dripped from his hole and he dug out a dirty handkerchief and mopped it up. He pulled his trousers up said "Thanks, mate" and went up the stairs. The man called Bill ruffled my hair and gave me a kiss. "Come on, lets go up and get a drink."
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    After that time Mark and I got together alone it was as if we couldn’t get enough of each other. Was it wrong? Maybe. Probably. Did we care? Not one fucking bit. I loved that big cock of his as much as I loved the way he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. It would be a text saying, “are you home?” or “I only have a few minutes”. Sometimes he would want me naked ass up on the bed and he would come in and after eating my ass for a bit would force his big cock into me and roughly fuck his poz load into me. It seemed no place was safe if we were alone together for more than a few minutes. The thought of getting caught was a big turn on to us both but Mark also was quick to realize that I never said no to him. He wanted me naked ass up waiting. Done. He wanted his cock sucked until he couldn’t take it anymore. Done. He wanted to recreate his medical fetish of when he and his first HIV doctor fucked. Done. He wanted me in the backseat of his car or stretched across the hood. Done. He wanted his ass used, fucked, and loaded. Done. He got very creative with the things he wanted but recreating the HIV doctor was by far his favorite. He told me Danny knew about it and how much it turned him on but he couldn’t get him to role play it. I on the other hand was more than happy to. We would recreate the whole thing from the doctor telling him he was positive to the full head to toe exam and of course the need for a sperm sample. Watching his body react to my questions about his sexual history, and watching how his cock would get harder as I brushed my hands across his body to do the examination was very hot. This hot, confident man would turn shy and nervous as we worked this fantasy. It was a snapshot into his past and it was hot as hell. By the end the “doctor” had Mark’s cock down his throat and up his ass and was urging him to breed them both with his poz load. Mark and Danny are both vers, like me, but in their relationship Mark is mostly top. When Mark and I played alone he would really get into me fucking him. He loved having his ass played with. I would eat it, finger it, use toys on it, and fuck it over and over. When I asked how he became poz he told me that an old fuck bud invited him to a sex party and when they got there they partied up and they fucked their way around the party and he eventually sorta passed out. When I asked what “sorta passed out” meant Mark told me he was awake and knew what was going on but that he was in this zoned out place where everything just felt wonderful. He told me guy after guy fucked and loaded his hole that night. That they loved fucking the top guy. That the whole time he was getting fucked all he wanted was more. More cock. More cum. Not long after that he tested poz. Mark told me the longest he had been with just one guy was the years he and Danny had been together. When we all did the three-way he told me fucking someone else really brought them closer together. The one on one time we shared was hot because it was straight up cheating and we both knew it but neither of us was willing to stop. Mark and I traded more loads than I could count during that time. Anywhere and everywhere. One of the hottest was when he fucked me just before I left for work. Afterwards, every time I sat down I could feel how rough he had been with my ass. And, of course, Mark's poz load was swimming around my insides as, the entire shift, I sat across from his boyfriend.
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    After that time at work Danny and I didn’t work the same shift for a few days. The three of us would talk on the phone or text but we didn’t get a chance to get together. They both told me that after the 3way with me that the sex between them had intensified and that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. We all three wanted a repeat though and had agreed to meet up that weekend. In the mean time we would video chat and jack off for each other and once they set it up so that I could watch them fuck. Hearing them both say how they wanted my ass loaded up with Mark’s poz cock and cum kept me rock hard no matter how much I jacked off. I was barely in the door at their place that weekend when Mark had me pressed against the door kissing me like he meant business. Danny was on the couch watching us kiss, grope and grind against each other and when I looked over at him rubbing his crotch I just smiled. Soon we headed to their bedroom and Danny and I dropped to our knees and both worked over Mark’s big, fat cock. Each licking up a side and kissing over that fat head of his cock. We did this until Mark said he needed to fuck some hole. Danny and I both got on our hands and knees next to each other as Mark started licking and tonguing both of our holes. He was licking one and fingering the other getting us both ready for his big cock. I felt him stand and saw him line his cock up with his boyfriend’s hole. I turned my head and kissed Danny as Mark slid into him and started fucking him. I continued kissing Danny and soon felt Mark push the head of his cock into me. Fucking his boyfriend had gotten him warmed up and he was ready to fuck and he rammed into me with one deep thrust. My ass gripped his cock and I gasped as he started a rhythm of deep thrusts with his hips slapping my ass on each stroke. It was almost too much and my vision got blurry for a second but soon I was relaxing and accepting the pounding he was giving me. Mark alternated fucking each of us. Giving each of us several strokes and then pulling out and sinking into the other. The harder he used our holes the dirtier the poz talk got. He was saying how he loved that the both of us wanted his poz cock and how he loved breeding neg hole and how he hoped his poz load would convert me. How he wanted to own that part of me forever. All the while his thrusts got harder and his hands were pulling my hips back onto his cock forcing him deeper into me. I was begging for his load saying I would do anything but I needed that poz load, I needed him to convert me while Danny was urging him to load my neg hole up. Soon I felt him tense as his cock throbbed in my hole and I felt his load shooting deep into me. I leaned over and kissed Danny as Mark slowed his fucking and finally pulled out. He told Danny he wanted to watch him fuck his load into me and push his poz load deeper into me. Danny’s cock is longer but not as thick so the sensation was amazing. My whole body was tingling and Danny just started pounding away and soon gave me his load too. When Danny pulled out Mark pulled him into a kiss and pointed to his ass and raised his eyebrows asking if I wanted his boyfriends’ ass. I lined up sank in balls deep fucking my coworker quick and hard until I was depositing my load into him. When Danny got up to shower Mark and I kissed and touched and as I rubbed his biohazard tattoo he told me he wanted some time with me all to himself soon. That he wanted to learn every inch of my body and he wanted to swap as many loads with me as we could manage. He said that he could be rougher with me than he could with Danny and that he really liked that. We agreed to make that happen soon and then got up and headed into the shower with Danny.

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