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    Handsome and hung Miami trick is seroconverting from my AIDS load now. Vers boy (with a brand new PA) has shot his last neg load.
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    RawAdventures Saturday, April 8, 2017 marked my first year of being positive or rather the day I was given my results. I told my doctor what I thought was happening. The results from those tests were neg although I had chlamydia down my throat and up my ass. My first real STDs as well as the realization that most of the guys I had been partying with enjoyed giving and didn't care if I had. My world was growing more amazing as what I loved most was even better. I went back to NY for a while and returned to SF where I got the results of my successful conversion on April 8th. I did not celebrate sexually until that weekend as I knew EXACTLY who I wanted inside me. I had the best time with him as he was a older man who has the beautiful toxic wasted look that I long to have. We connected because I knew that I belonged to him for as long as he wanted and my body accepted everything as graciously as always. I didn't do anything on my new birthday yesterday but hope to soon. I never have expectations or agendas but when there is a mutual connection (attention Scorpios. Aries here), then all falls into place. I would love to find someone who would get off having my body take all of their fluids, being vocal about what they are sharing with me after taking a brush to my insides with or without a speculum, feeling the rush and joy as they admin me for my birThday with what was just in their arm. I am in San Francisco and game for most anything with like-minded fukkers wanting to have great fun with each other and others from buddies to family to homeless guys under the highway as they deserve to unload in a welcoming ass that wants all that they have. Poz. Dirty. Seedy. AddicTed. All sizes. Ages. Races. Cameraman most likely needed
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    Both in the giving and in the taking!!!
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    Really great that weekends cum around so quickly ..
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    So I met this guy on grindr......went over to his house and proceeded to suck his Large 7 inch POZ cock.....after about 35 minutes he orders me to pull down my pants and lay face down on the floor....of course I obeyed as I felt his finger putting some lube on my hole I started to get excited then I felt his hard throbbing cock as he slowly inserted it deep inside me mmmmm I love that feeling! He fucked me for hours I could feel my hole was bleeding he didn't use much lube. Then I felt him get really hard until he finally shot his load deep inside me...but wait he wasn't done he continued to fuck my cum filled pussy and yes he filled me again with hi toxic load I was in heaven it felt so good but then I noticed he wasn't getting off of me he whispered in my ear just lay still...I thought what now.....Yes he had another POZ load to give me 3 LOADS in one night and I kept every drop inside me! It was the best!
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    Its that time of the week again when thoughts turn to what the days ahead may have in store for all the whores, sluts, holes, cocks, sleazy & depraved guys that inhabit this wonderful BZ Brotherhood ...
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    The play room is all clean and scrubbed for the weekend. The count down is on for the 19 year old Neg bottom boy that wants to be breed by me and my boy. I am looking forward to sinking balls deep and then make him beg for it make him tell me what he wants. Tell me he wants that charged load and beg all the while I use him. When I am close to blasting my load I am going to ask were do you want this toxic load slut? Making him tell me in his hole and tell him beg boy beg for my load.
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    Anybody want to cum out to play?
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    5 loads and waiting.... who's next? OINK
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    After taking 12 loads this guy comes and says can you take one more. Of coarse I can , then he pulls out his dick that is HUGE at least 11X7 and could he fuck. He spent almost an hour in my hole then shot this load like he was pissing in me but it was pure cum. Some thought I was neg. and chasing, this is a good reasion not to get a Poz tattoo.
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    Bumped into a fuckbud while out running errands. He was free balling in basketball shorts and started clubbing up. I smiled and licked my lips and he fucked a load into my hole in the bathroom. Loved it! He put his hand over my mouth and whispered that his BF was in the store so he needed to fuck me hard and fast... ...and he did! Love men that just wanna cum inside me!
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    ... and then there is the old fashioned way ...
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    So many people suffer from back pain ... they really ought to try this 100% guaranteed cure ... a simple massage
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    My boy and I brought Kyle to the doctors this morning after he called and said he just couldn't be alone when he get's the news. We have breed this kid for month I think the last breeding took. He spent hours on the fuck bench as well as tied face down plugged and diapered. We only removed the diaper and plug long enough to pump him full of more toxic cum as well as all of our steaming hot piss. I would say it took this time.
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    At the local cruising park and look what we found. I like the fact my boy started rimming the boy's hole while he sucked someones cock. Get that hole all sloppy and wet so I can sink my cock balls deep and breed the little faggot. I hope to get the other 2 guys to join in and have a gang bang this place is packed on a nice day well worth a 3 mile hike
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    How I would like to be riding that cock. Looks big enough to hit all the right places ;@)))
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    I love that hot looking hole winking at everyone. I want to grab the harness and slam fuck his hole like a bitch in heat. Make him scream and whimper as I pump him full. Then just pull out and say I am all done with that pussy boy you can leave now. Or stay and get gang banged your choice. and walk away.
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    Watching the 19 pr shall I say 20 year old bottom boy suck my boy's cock as I rim his hole was so hot. I loved the fact that my boy pulled out of his mouth came around and shot a load on his puckered hole so I could use it as lube I rubbed it around with my cock head as he put the leather hood on him plunging him into darkness and snapped a photo. As I sank my cock into that super tight hole I said oh yeah that's it boy you are going to be a good cum dump, once I was balls deep I leaned down and said yeah when we are done with your pussy you will have are DNA in you for life making you a toxic pig. I cant wait to blow my load in you to convert you into that pig boy you asked to be 4 years ago. This is going to be a long weekend for him
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    Just got results from blood tests, abnormal, more tests here's hoping I'm HIV+
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    I love it when you get a hold of a boy who wants to be breed and ask for a Photo. What he sent had my cock drooling. I can't wait for this weekend to get here now. Also my boy is chasing after a guy from the gym and he sent a series of photos, however he has no idea we are both toxic. Jack is the one who wants to be breed and this is his photo what are your thoughts?????????? do I take his 19 year old boy pussy and make it a toxic cum dump??? I feel guilty when they are that young
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    Yeah he is dripping big time this boy is going to be sore by morning
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    Just ended a 4 day weekend meth binged gang bang, guys slammed me up so good, I was out of my mind like a hungry pig. At the end they had my hole open with a speculum and had tons of dudes shoot their cum and piss into my used up slut hole.
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    Arriving at regular fuck buddie's place. About to get raped by him & any friends he chooses for the next two hours.
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    That's a good little Bitch take that entire cock. You know you want that toxic load deposited deep in your pussy. Hold your ass cheeks open for me Faggot and take it.
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    Current Viral Load: 2.09 Million CD4: .05
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    Sex is all about loads. Giving or receiving, doesn't matter, we just live for cum
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    I fucking love craigs list. I go online and find this. I am looking for a Poz top, that wants to play. I need my hole wrecked and can not find anyone willing to make me a pig. I am in the area for work, staying in hotel. Lets set something up.... I contacted him asked his stats and got probably Neg. and then he says I need to have a dirty charged load convert me it is my life long dream. COME ON DOWN is all I have to say. little does he know he is going to get more than one load maybe the gym slut can get his cock in that hole while we fuck him again. If not I am sure my boy and I can get the job done.
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    damn i'm blushing just got done getting fucked by a hot poz married daddy. he told me my ass was better than his wifes pussy! pic in gallery
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    Any thoughts? He is a tasty lookin fukker!
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    Sooooooo fucking horny for raw pow daddy cock in my neg hole!!!! Say hi studs
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    Filled full of hard cock. My boy is right this boy's pussy is super tight. we unlocked him once he was in the sling so we could tease him. he has 2 loads from my boy in him tonight as well as 1 from me and working on number 2 now.
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    Got bred twice today at a bookstore over lunch. Swallowed 4 loads and sucked on another 3. Not bad, but I need more. Got to get my holes ready for IML!
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    Just bred some pussy this morning on my way to work. First load of the day for him. He's whoring his ass all weekend. Will try to breed him again tonight. Hopefully he'll be full of cum by then
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    I`m going to a sex club tonight, getting myself a sling room and i`m gonna make sure i get so loaded up that when i leave its gonna be dripping down my leg
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    Excuse me, it appears I haven't yet fuck you. I had this idea pounding your ass could be lots of fun
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    630pm another one ready to be fucked and filled. This time it is a follow up. This boi wants lots of breeding daddy cock.
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    100 Followers.... wow.... nice. Thx guys and boys
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    Hi, i'm a poz cumdump in Rochester, looking to get really full for my Dom. If you're local hmu at wickr bareben or my Dom directly at dad4pozboys.
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    Master and I went some what easy on that cum slut last night. We want to ensure he comes back for more. I do have to say taking his hard cock balls deep in my tight hole was outstanding. He started getting into it once he had his cock in my hole. Saying oh yeah it does feel better to fuck bare. I said yeah it does. Once he was ready to explode he asked do you want me to pull out? I said fuck no fuck me harder fill me with that load give it to me. He let out a scream that would have woke the dead when he pumped his load into my hole. All I said is keep fucking fuck it in. That gym cum slut is like me he never got soft he kept right on fucking me so Master stepped behind him and sank his cock balls deep into his hole forcing him to bend over me so he could take masters cock. I started licking and kissing him next thing I know we were swapping spit. NO way in hell is he just a regular gay guy that wants to mess around, he is a pig just like me. I took his second load as my Master was pounding his hole forcing him to stay buried deep in my hole until he was done Breeding him with his 3rd load. By the time he headed home he had 5 toxic loads in him. I had 2 loads from him in my hole and we had swapped enough spit to Poz any boy. He looked at me and said I wont be at the gym until Monday as he is heading to his parents for Easter. I cant wait until Monday As for the Chastity Cage we let him go without locking it back on. Master said we have plenty of time for that when he returns. I would say he is on the way to the fuck flu he felt HOT like he had a fever I said yeah that fucking flu that's going around is nasty. He never caught on to what I meant.
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    As promised another night another ass. A nice sloppy hole for my charged load.

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