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    I can't get a hold any more of all the sluts that chase my seed like there's honey on my ass. The more I breed the more bottoms get addicted to my breeding sessions and the idea of having my sperm and DNA up their asses for the rest of their lives. It gives me so much satisfaction that everything else in my life looses its importance.
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    Thanks to all for making me a popular BZ contributor for the week. Now get your bare ass to Chicago and I will contribute something to you from my AIDS-hardened cock (or bend over for your return contribution).
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    Let me into your unprotected core, where sexual deviance dwells and my AIDS cock swells.
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    My MO is the same when I talk a guy off PrEP. Just begin the conversation with a question: How do you feel about taking Truvada for PrEP? Most are ambivalent, or outright resentful. The conversation just flows there to an extended or permanent PrEP holiday so that they can stop medicating their homosexuality and start embracing their sex life and sex partners.
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    It's always so great to get that message from a bug chaser I fucked and injected that he's officially tested POZ. and he's promised to stay of meds too, fuck yeah
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    I only fuck sluts, because regular gay guys cannot handle my lust for sex. I'm apparently "too rough", "too filthy" or asking for "too much"...
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    Men are animals. Animals don't use latex (Trojan) or chemical (Truvada) condoms. Real men do not use condoms.
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    well, just received the news that the 2 boys I fuck and blood slammed are now tested Poz , so that is now 5 confirmed who I converted to the Brotherhood.
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    Months and months of research and effort paid off last weekend. A beautiful Cuban man, infected with the fast acting strain found in his homeland, share it with me. His highly toxic, nearly untreatable strain was delivered to my body via a point and his prick. I know a second infection is rare, but it was amazing, after all the work, to finally know I had shared that aggressive strain.
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    I need to get my faggot ass pozzed up bad
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    The new meds are working great and in a few weeks I will be Undetectable. When I get a cold now it will not put me in the hospital.
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    was talking to a boy who just turned 18 and is totally committed to getting pozzed...kinda hot
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    TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS AND FUTURE FOLLOWERS. Hi guys. I want thank u guys for all the support u have given me and the feedback are awesome. I invite you guys to feel free and text me in private inbox or even chat with me. Dont worry i dont bite but be prepared im a Scorpion i might sting 😈 and give my powerful gift Patrick
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    going to the bathhouse tonight to get my hole plowed, stretched open big time and take all the loads i can get.... OINK
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    In Berlin for the next few weeks. I love how sleazy the fuckers are here - Breeding Barelin Bastards. Nobody has heard of a condom. Great FFun in Schöneberg last night - bars, clubs and bedrooms all in staggering distance. After a few hours sleep, getting ready to do it all again - next stop Monday morning! Can't wait to breed those pre-lubed fuckholes and add my strain to their sticky collection.
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    This is going to be Fucking awesome and he came with that harness under his shirt. I'm going to love holding that center strap as i drill his hole long and hard.
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    After I had bred my slut, i like leaving him with other guys for a few hours. When I come back, he's usually still servicing men, taking their loads, letting them use his worthless holes. This get me instantly hard. Ready for the next round!
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    Full Blown AIDS will keep your dick hard as a rock, except for when you are sick as a dog (when, paradoxically, your dick will be even harder needing to inseminate something in case the risk of death actualizes into reality).
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    Got fucked for the last time as a chaser last night. Could not sleep afterwards so I gave in and did the oraquick swab. As I hoped, and as I expected, the test revealed that I am indeed POZ. Can I get a "HELL YEAH". Condom NAZI to POZ fag in 5 weeks.
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    I have been hanging with my maker tonight and having a great time catching up while blowing clouds and then shotgun back and forth which is intense. We set up the camera and will zoom. I plan to put on a show LOL .... he can be aggressive and he has a nice poz cock. He was just told that he has chlamydia and I am not sure what I have as it's never been in my dick before but always my ass and throat ... I am going to guess that I have gono. Let the games begin!
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    I need a sloppy hole to play with, some soft lips and a warm mouth for my throbbing cock
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    I had not seen my maker for a while and he stopped by to hang out last night. Nothing happened sexually but just looking in his eyes while talking about stuff, leaning on his shoulder while he was scrolling through profile photos of hookup apps, and just being near him was really great. I am not in love with him but do love him as he helped make me the man that I now am and always wanted to be. I didn't know my father and I don't have siblings so I do not have a comparison to what I feel for him but know that if anyone will understand, you guys will. Thanks for reading:)
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    AIDS Patient: Has End Stage AIDS. AIDS Impatient: Frustrated Waiting For End Stage AIDS To Arrive.
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    If you're turned on when I'm telling you I'd let anyone fuck you, use your dirty ass, flood it with spunk, no matter how they look, then you're totally my kind of whore
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    I have to say when my boy got home it was so HOT he was all sweaty from the gym and looked like he was all pumped up like some jock that was better than everyone else. He found out he wasn't as I made him stop in the doorway. I locked the leather collar around his neck and told him you belong to me you little faggot. He started getting hard, he was free balling in his Nylon track pants so I edged him and strapped him down for a long hot session. Not letting him up until he was begging me to drill his hole like a cum slut. But I made him wait and beg. until I was ready. then and only then after he was so hot and turned on did I slide my entire cock into him in one thrust making him gasp for air as I hammered his hole. After filling him full I left him strapped down while his cock flopped around trying to get off.
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    Forget Truvada, Boys. Foreplay and spit are the only PrEP you need. Sure, there is some risk that you might not get HIV right away, but there is a big reward when you do finally get the Gift and then progress to AIDS.
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    Enjoying the "flashbacks" of the caramel cock that pumped a superbug strain into my ass this past Saturday. Me encantó conseguir follada por un gay cubano Now lets see if that superbug is super enough to give me a second infection. AIDS by 2020?????????
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    As promised No face photo. Thanks again Mike. My boy said he has never felt a cock that long and also he said what ever or how ever deep you went you broke his inner cherry. He is such a cum slut. I am sure None of that load will leak out as deep as that deposit was
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    Watched a guy fuck two other guys bareback today at a sex club. He was eyeballing me the whole time he fucked the second guy. When he was done he chatted with the bottom for a bit and I went to wander off, but he followed me and cornered me. I turned to face him and he put his hands firmly on my shoulders and pressed down. I let him guide me to his thick dick. It was still wet with ass juices and lube. "Clean it." He said. And so I did... It was delicious.
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    There are 2 kinds of holes, a boy hole that is tight and a man cunt that takes a dick or a dildo with just spit . I can take is with just spit and on pain but pleasure.
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    Such a beautiful hole. I love Berlin boys!
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    I want big dicked trolls to rape some AIDs into me
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    This is how I like ass to be (covered in poz cum)
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    I've got a hot grindr date in an hour. my own age, hot and ripped body. Talked a little on grindr, then text. My profile says I like guys that get sleazy in the bedroom. He suggested getting together for a drink at a bar tonight. I suggested he come over to my place for a drink - and told him I'm gonna wanna get him naked...it IS grindr. Hopefully he makes a cumslut out of himself so I'll want another date
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    If you can't poz the one you love, love the one you poz.
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    took a long lunch. hooked up with a regular FB, he fed me his cock, spun me around and pounded my hole REALLY hard before flooding me with a HUGE load. Was so turned on I hit the bookstore with it still leaking out my hole. I started sucking the first guy. He reached around and felt it and he immediately fucked another load into me with a loud groan. As soon as he left the booth the next guy came in, whipped out his hard cock without saying a word and fucked a third load into my gaping hole. My car seat was covered when i got back to work. I slipped a buttplug in my ass and changed. Sitting here now with a smile on my face feeling the wetness in my hole....
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    In a shadowy Wal-Mart parking lot, I took two 3cc blood slams from a man who claims 100% success rate with other he has gifted. While non-sexual, it was a very erotic experience. If his success rate holds, I am in the early hours of my conversion. Simply 5 days from first unmedicated, unprotected sex to this.
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    just back from the bookstore. hit it over lunch - sucked 5 cocks and took 3 loads up my ass. Don't know what was up today, but they all wanted to shoot inside me. Who am I to say no?!?!? <oink>
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    Little ol' fuck bud did not have much energy to put into his nightly injection of redE's magic fluid last night. His symptoms are mirroring what I just recovered from.....but he won't talk about what is happening....and will not test until later in Feb. But, we all know that he is in the process....pretty hot.
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    Day 10 since testing POZ. Fuck Flu symptoms are nearly gone. Have delivered 16 loads, 3 somewhat stealth (arcade) and 13 to a fuck bud who wants to convert. I have even gotten a couple more loads myself. Wild ten days.
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    Tomorrow January 28 2016 is the one year anniversary of me testing Poz.
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    FF is getting better.....first night I have felt like getting my ass fucked....so dude who POZZED me is more than willing to fill me up once again. Then my now-serious chasing fuck bud is coming over later for his nightly dose.

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