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    Just fucked and bred a trans guy, first time for me, it was pretty hot. Anyone else here into breeding trans boys?
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    This UVM Collage boy is about to have his world rocked by me. he will always remember the evening that his boy hole was breed and turned into a toxic cum dump
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    When your cum is as dangerous as a bullet...
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    BLACK tops and WHITE bottoms are ALWAYS a GOOD thing...
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    W☣️W❗️ I am now superstar status on here. thanks to all my sallowers.
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    Just finished my first official professional adult film shoot. My hole is trashed,sloppy, achy and leaking come and Lube from the fucking and fisting by the two-legged stallion that topped me. The smile on my face is wide and the smile on my soul is even wider.
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    i like the juice :>
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    Just took a pretty huge dick and load this morning before work. Still got it in me, too. Fuck, this day started great! 😜
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    you eat it .. you fuck it .. you eat it again :>
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    After a 3 month wait, MY VIDEO FINALLY CAME OUT!! This is a still shot from the 2 minute free preview on the front page of victorcodyxxx.com. Black and yellow singlet, right there in the middle of the action. :-) Go check it out...as an added bonus, the last shot of the preview is Ray Dalton cumming all over my ass. I guess I'm supposed to be all cool and collected about this, but I am not gonna lie, I am giddy with excitement. My official porn debut!
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    Pito Savage can own me anytime
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    some fucks - ya never want'm to end!
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    them balls .. must sound fucking sweet when they're slapping ass!
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    I got an e-mail from a boy saying. Hey its Adam the Jock from VT that hooked up with you more than once for hot flip fucking. I know we did it bare and Never asked Stats. I just want to Inform you that I have tested HIV+ You need to go to the local clinic and get tested. Sorry to have to tell you such bad new's. I deeply regret the fact that I myself may have infected another guy.
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    I don't even really know what a Pokemon is, but I was walking through Macy's, randomly saw this shirt, and stopped and bought it ON THE SPOT.
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    just how long is that fucking dick?
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    mouth watering .. butthole spasming
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    Fancy a snack anyone?
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    see anything you like?
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    better than a bouncy house :>
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    First night of Augusta was a success. Took 7 loads in the maze and then came back to the room with a guy who had never done T at all and ended up both slamming. Looking forward to Cumunion tonight. Hit me up Augusta pigs.
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    checking the damage ..
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    One of the local, barely legal twinks I’ve been breeding for a while now just found out that he’s now poz... lol
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    Just took my brother home and he is a lot better but very weak.
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    In an experiment, a fuck bud set up a gang bang of sorts last night, the objective of which was to determine how may loads i could take in 60 minutes. All loads to be taken up the ass -- no oral loads were to be counted. After about 10 minutes is was too out of it to keep track. Fortunately my fuck bud kept score; and the score is -- ta dah -- 32; or slightly more than one every two minutes. (All loads were raw.)
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    Well, my brother woke up with a with a fever and he has body akes all over.
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    Want it all, every last drop.
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    i wanna use that joystick :>
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    i wanna see what that hole looks like AFTER it gets fucked :>
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    fuck me i'm irish! no, i'm not, but i'd say anything to get this guy to fuck me :>
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    Well my brother just finish his last laser hair removal treatment, he will be hairless from the neck the rest of his life. No more peach fuzz on his ass or any where else.

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