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    Just finished breeding this hot barely legal HS boy, made sure his boy hole was fucked hard and deep before leaving three loads of my toxic cum inside him, he made the hottest sounds too as I slammed my raw dick deep inside him, can’t wait to use his hot body again soon...
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    It's always more fun when he comes out to play ...
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    ass wrecker .. 😆
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    i got 4 toxic loads inside my anus from 2 poz guys not on meds last night...and im always craving for more
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    says it all!
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    I love this site. It's where our fantasies can come true in our minds. Plus, we can talk about our various desires openly, without shame. I'm in SE Wisconsin. I hope to meet and chat with guys that are into chasing, gifting, and more. Between here and Tumblr... I know there are more guys like me. Going through various stages of their own desires and fantasies. Regardless of if we make it happen or not, and I do hope to for ME, at least breedingzone provides a site that allows us to be who we really want to be. Whether just fantasies, reality, or both, I want all of us to not take breedingzone for granted...to use it as it's intended. I'm HIV neg. However, I hope and want to change my status to POZ. Either you guys are into that...or were at one point in your lives. You wouldn't be here otherwise. So let's do this! Whether it's writing or reading stories, seeking out others like us, or just wanting to be free of the stigma of our own instincts and acknowledging who we really are... ... hopefully we can all live out our fantasies through stories or make our own sexual desires and NEEDS a real thing!
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    Wrapped up Memorial weekend yesterday by nutting in a bear ass in swimming pool. He didn't ask me any questions, so I fucked him, nutted, then swam away. 😎
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    Shared my poz nut with a negative bear couple at gay camp yesterday. First I rawdogged the top, then I bred the bottom while his daddy napped. Two big loads for em both.
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    Challenge ahead...
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    who likes tats?
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    ... forever
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    Got a good tally going for the holiday weekend, and it's early still. Two nuts in a neg hole last night. More to cum!
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    dad is very happy to cum home after a long day in the office
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    Lol it’s almost 7am and I’m only just now getting back home after getting to the bath house at almost 5pm last night... fuck my boy hole hurts so good right now
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    family fun
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    I fucking love to slam and take AIDS loads. No meds here, full blown for the 4th time. Looking for wasted dudes to to blood slam and breed me.
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    yeah i'm gonna suck it
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    open wide!
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  20. 3 points
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    and he's not done!
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    ☣☣☣ June 8th - Private PozParty with / in a HIV+ Girl in Frankfurt ☣☣☣ https://breeding.zone/calendar/event/98-☣☣☣-private-pozparty-with-a-craving-girl-in-frankfurt-☣☣☣/
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    gettin the fuck he needs!
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    It nice to be at IML and getting eye rape wile walking around the hotel and the looks I get.
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    I need to take a booty bump or get high and have poz seed fucked into me. Right now.

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