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    nothing hotter to me than sliding a gloryhole cock in my hole and feeling it use me to milk out its sperm, and then doing over and over until my thighs hurt from squatting and my hole is so cummy i leak out onto the subway seat hahaha im such a fucking faggot sometimes
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    I've got Saturday Night Fever ... and ...
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    My balls are holy. They generate my seed, contain my essence, give my life purpose. One of my sluts is obsessed with men's balls and he worships mine like they are a God to him.
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    My biggest passion is using my cock and balls for what they are made.
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    Thinking of booking a sleazy hotel room at the Hotel Pennsylvania in midtown to take anon cock and cum all day and night, either tonight or tomorrow night, the room is cheap and im feeling slutty AF
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    just to put it out there, I don't party, never tried it, not really into it. Sometimes in fantasy it sounds awesome but thats the extent of it. So I'll jerk off to some crazy fucked up chem slut story but it doesn't mean I'm gonna start smoking meth. No judgements, seriously none, just not for me.
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    HIV accepts all. Death does not discriminate.
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    Nothing like having your dick swallowed by a hot boy in your car while your boyfriends in class haha!
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    Its great travelling by train, especially if there are any tunnels on the journey ...
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    Just increased size of my PA now 8mm x 38mm and I just love the extra weight especially as I let it hang free to feel it ;@))
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    In dirty bookstore booth - no door on booth. Clothes OFF, in a pile on floor. Legs UP, getting fucked, playing with myself and making retard sounds. "Dur, dur, durrr." Hoping the front desk lady doesn't walk up.
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    fuck yes take the poz loads , I stopped my meds today and am going with the breeding zone guys that want aids
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    Sex is all about loads. Giving or receiving, doesn't matter, we just live for cum
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    First gangbang today, raped by 5 men including one with a PA. Amazing night.
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    Something just for you Butt xx xx
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    One of my Caribbean fuck buds spent the night. Kind of rare having a guy all night...but the fucking was good and I am going to work with a fresh load of his toxic cum held in place by my most comfortable ass plug. It was also kind of nice falling asleep and waking up with that beautiful brown body next to me. Took very little effort to get that huge brown snake to crawl up my ass and puke up its highly toxic venom this morning. The combination of coming off a long dry spell and confirmation of having both HIV1 and HIV2 has me horned up and ready for more POZ cock.
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    3 months since my castration. So far it has been great. Other than my current "dry spell" have had a lot of great cock. Have not gotten hard or cummed since then. Proud to be a POZ EUNUCH.
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    Hopefully getting some raw loads in my boy pussy this weekend
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    Bored at work... want some anal action... my cock is so keen to cum from anal stimulation only...
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    Been exactly a year since I tested as poz..
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    Just been out and given a bois ass a good pounding. Now filled with my DNA.
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    Well not long finished with a hot poz guy, hope I convert
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    being straight is no reason not to fuck you. Please note, I am on my way to your holes
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    Always enjoy pushing my dick in and discovering the boy has already been loaded. Sluts make the best fucks
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    Just slammed. Now looking for a man who will tie me up and for me to be his toilet cumslut. Hoping to get homeless shit on my face while the fill me ass with ghono, syph, and aids!
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    Four slams, three loads, five men; I'm good.
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    About to get fucked again. Confirmed TOXIC top on his way! My first known detectable load. Going to film it and show it to everyone!
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    My new fuckbuddy is a sex crazed horny fucker. Glad I met him. Got several loads from him again this week. Yesterday he told me he broke up with his BF a few weeks ago (just before we met the 1st time) because the guy had told him he didn't want to get fucked anymore. His now Ex had said he wasn't really into fucking anymore and was tired of cleaning out every day to keep up with his high sex drive. Without the sex there wasn't much left to maintain the relationship. I told him that if he gave me enough notice he'd find a clean willing hole here anytime he likes I don't think I am the only one he is fucking though. Those big balls are producing too much cum all day. Don't really care as long as he fills me up a few times a week. As long as it lasts. I am not really his type but he loves my hole and the casual sex.
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    Getting my VL checked this week to see where Im at. Any traveling chaser that makes it to denver hit me up, I've been off meds since june and I'm looking for serious btms to breed.
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    Got together with a few poz friends last night -- came away with three loads, a fist, very sore nips and a leaky hole.
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    Well... I'm a happy cumdump faggot, I just when for a walk in park tonight and now have 5 loads in me, and two were from dirty homeless disease ridden men
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    Another Saturday night and another ass fucked and filled. There shall be many more to cum.
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    This boy came to us for breeding but once he was stripped cloths and personal belonging locked away and walked to the play room he freaked. So I brought him to what I like to call the sweat Box/Room were he will remain like this with the heat turned up to 85. Once he breaks he will be more than happy to be removed from that Hot sweaty room and have that rod removed from his hole. The best part is when you let them down and they cant stand on tip toes any more, sinking that rod as far as it will go into that boy pussy. He has been in there for only 45 min and he is starting to whine like a little bitch.
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    Hopefully getting my first poz load in about 2 hours
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    Thanks to all my friends and brothers here on BZ. Just hit the 1000 likes level for my comments and postings. That averages out to be over 2.5 likes per comment. I hope that means some of you do enjoy what I share here. No doubt, some of my story seems like BS to some. Many days, it still amazes me as to what my life is like. No doubt, my world is centered on being the best POZZED UP BOTTOM FAG I can be....hopefully the up side is a good number of tops get treated to a good rump ride and I get as much delicious diseased dick as I can stand. Again, thanks to all who have taken the time respond in some way to my on-line drivel.
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    Hottie from class photo update: I caught him in the act!!
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    Sucked my "straight" roommate off again. Next time I'm offering my ass to him
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    You have a great dealer who delivers in the middle of a blizzard to your door.
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    loaded up at the teams house party again need more
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    Thanks for the rep William xx xx . I love my work!!
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  42. 5 points
    loving going to the house parties at school and seeing how many random straight bois i can get to take me in the bathroom and use me. love that powerful straight cock pumping me full of their seed
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    PDX ;-) Off Prep now - READY FOR STUD POZZING. see posts
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    i love cummy cub hole slight chubby ass gets me going! woof
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    Prepping the Play room for a wild weekend. I hope to have a hot Neg hole strapped to the bench Friday evening so I can breed that boy pussy and use him until Sunday. He will be breed and I am starting to enjoy the feeling of a hot long piss fuck whit a boy that is not expecting to have his hole flooded with Scalding hot piss.
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    Work is bringing me back to San Francisco in two weeks. Looking forward to connecting with my bug loving brothers. Return to NY in June.
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    vodka always makes me slutty on friday nights. ready for an alpha to open me up and make me take everything hes got
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    A slut said it was easy to him not to eat for a day or two before a gangbang, because he craves cocks and cum so much it is worth it
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    Hiya ... thanks for the rep and posts xx xx .
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    Two loads today! About to get more. And it's poz! Not sure if he is on meds or not. Probably is

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