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    Spent last night at a bath house, first time in waaaayyyy too long. Spent most of the night in a sling letting all sorts of random guys breed my cunt, ended up taking 14 anon loads, several of which i know were dirty!
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    So I did it. I filmed a porn. It was for Victor Cody and I have no idea in what capacity it is going to be used---website, video, etc. But I did it. It was with Cesar Xes, Ray Dalton, Sterling Johnson, and 2 others whose porn names I don't know. So there. It's not quite Treasure Island yet, but I'm on my way.
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    Ended up at a bath house last night and spent most of the night in a sling, I needed that so badly...
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    PigWeek 2017. I hadn't really posted any updates because its been kind of slow for a couple of days. At the Monday night party I got zero---yes that's right ZERO--loads. There was just too much going on and everyone wanted to try to fist me, and that's one of the only things I don't do in front of a crowd. My Tuesday night gangbang in my hotel room was mediocre. 8 loads, which is fine, but for Pig Week I was expecting something outlandish, like 30 loads or whatever. However, last night made up for everything and I could probably leave now and be perfectly happy (not that I'm going to!). They held this "gangbang lottery" where you submit your name and your picture and then they pull a name out of a hat and that person gets gangbanged right there in front of the crowd by a bunch of the featured pornstars and then anyone in the crowd who wants a turn. It just keeps going until the winner says they've had enough. MY FUCKING NAME GOT DRAWN. (I was like the 7th name they drew but the first 6 weren't there. How friggin' lucky is that?) So here's the thing: nobody kept count of how many loads I got and by the end I was barely coherent so I certainly didn't keep track. But in talking with people in the crowd afterwards (plus playing with my cummy hole when I got home) I would conservatively say I got fucked by about 30 guys and took roughly 15 loads. All on a fuckbench in front of a crowd. Over my years of playing I've been in a lot of hot situations and done a lot of hot things, but it will be really hard to ever top this one. Honestly, it was kind of surreal. As it was going on, I couldnt believe it was actually happening. Between this, my gangbang, a random load here and there, and all of the stuff from the first few days, I'm at 53 loads for the week with 4 more days in Ft. Lauderdale.
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    Oh...and the icing on the cake is that--completely unintentionally and not knowing that I was going to be called up in front of the crowd---this is the outfit I wore.
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    Last night at the Manifest "blackout party" in Atlanta, I took 13 loads in just over an hour (plus one guy shot all over my face while I was in the sling). That doesn't break my record for total loads in one night, but I think that's the quickest I've ever been able to get that many. So i guess i have a new "loads per hour" record? We're gonna need one of those baseball statistician guys to keep track of all this soon.
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    I was just feeling a bit guilty cause last night I had pervy nasty top pig fuck the hell out of my hole with his ex bf and ripped up my hole and tried fisting me and putting trash in my hole it was burning and I took of his dirty hep c infected blood slams to try to infect myself and they gave me his anal warts too ... which could be cancerous and I drank his piss , a bunch of it .... my cock gets sooooo hard doing this bugchasing infecting myself with diseases and I flushed my meds today and I am willing to have a high vl aids cum and aids blood slams and I was always undetectable but this fucking turns me on and rock hard..... I don't get it, but I'm just trying to embrace it and have other twisted diseased bug chasing pigs influence me to continue and get me hard loving doing this stuff, and theres no turning back..... fuck yea right, I want all feed back, I'm going in bathroom on floor in front of mirror injecting my dark chemmed up urine in my hole and hope to get high off it!!!! I'm so devilish and twisted now... omg
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    Just got home from sucking anon dick and taking anon raw dick thru a glory hole had a great time but I wish someone there had fisted my boy cunt too
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    Omg my ass is wrecked. Club Houston was a successful! domt you love the men that listen by the door and hear you get bred. They are quick to slide in. I call it the creeper. Hahahah!
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    OK, I found a pic on Twitter to prove I really did it. Thats me way over on the left.
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    So I officially just did one of the craziest thing, I let 6 of my cousins tag team me. I still cant believe it happened but had to share it ASAP! Best Thanksgiving ever! only sad part was they all wanted to use condoms but you better believe I fill a syringe with all the cum and shot it up my ass. So hot to know my cousins loads are soaking into my guts right now. Tis the season to be a slut.
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    When my brother came here he wore clothes that were go for working on the farm. Now he has clothes that show off his hot body what a slut.
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    Two guys just tagged me for the last 3 hours. Loose, sloppy and leaking 5 loads. Looking for more. SUNDAY FUNDAY is off to a fucking hot start!
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    I just LUV how STICKY and MESSY this is...What do YOU think???
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    Feeling the energy that being off meds gives. Looking to breed.
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    On a Slamming bing...lately I cannot stop slamming. I want to inject myself everyday and take AIDS loads everyday from strange cock. Slamming and getting my hole filled with AIDS...that is fucking beautiful. I serve all AIDS and wasting away dudes, looks don't matter just feed my hole whatever you got. I am full blown for the fourth time and it makes me want to slam more and take raw cock everyday. I want to be a male hooker, selling my hole in exchange for slams and AIDS loads.>>FUCK YEAH! SLAM AND BREED ON....
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    Do you remember the story 'Let Love Once Move In' ? Are you interested in the continuing abuse of the sweet teenager by several dominant turks and arabs? Some changes would be necessary.... but I am willing to rewrite some of the stuff and then it should fit into the Backroom. Let me know, what's on your mind...
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    Yesterday at the Inn Leather party I put on a blindfold and ended up kneeling over a picnic table. To be honest, I didn't completely keep track, so I'm going to have to guess on this one and say it was "about" 9 loads. Those plus one before the party bring the total to 21. I had an escort client in the evening who was really into assplay. No loads but I walked out with $400 in cash. (I stayed in last night by the way---finally had to get some sleep).
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    If one more person tries to fuck me with a condom at a CUMUNION party, I am going to cut a bitch. The last three Atlanta Cumunion parties this has happened and last night TWO different guys tried to. What the fuck?? Yes, I know that you've heard the Cumunion parties are hot and yes, I understand that you want to come be a part of the action but if you want or need to use a condom (and hey, no judgments, I understand that some guys have to) THEN YOU ARE AT THE WRONG FUCKING PARTY. On a normal night out somewhere I always have that little feeling of "wow, I'm kind of a douchebag" when I refuse to let a guy with a condom fuck me but Cumunion parties are the one night where I don't have to worry about that. For us barebackers, this is OUR night. Its a night of unabashed, unashamed raw fucking. Don't make me have to refuse your condom-covered dick. Because I will. And you know what? On this night I'm not even gonna have the douchebag thought because honestly, YOU'RE kind of the douche for being at this party in the first place.
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    It has been long time since I posted something here. Apart from a bit of flu today, everything is going good. November, so far,brought me 27 loads swallowed and 23 dumped in my ass... Numbers were estimated but fairly realistic I lost sometimes the count while being every Saturday evening on a sling of in gloryholes with open doors but during breaks in the toilet I updated my special app "thing counter" that is so helpful to keep track of all the cocks I satisfied.
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    I'll be living in london from January onwards. Looking to give and receive loads... people that are POZ or got STDs to the front please
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    your lil bro's hole :>
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    you’ve got to love the guys that talk a big game wanting a special load and when it comes down to it all of these visiting relatives pop out of no where lol times to short to waste on flakes. baths are more efficient to load up. thoughts?
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    Heading down to Indy today for a Christmas concert and then the bathhouse! Hoping to get something to write a last load story about...
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    Chicago Pigs: I’ll be in town the weekend of December 15th. Will be at the City Suites hotel taking any and all loads until Friday - Sunday, either in my hotel or at Steamworks. Will be flying high for all to use! Party details posted to my Barebackrt profile (TitanGuyTx). Request an invite so I don’t miss out on your load(s). Will be broadcasting on zoom and cam4 as well.
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    thank god boyfriends sleeping and I can finally go out and get fucked lol
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    Having a day off. It's cold. Let's see if I can help out those in need and offer them a warm place.....
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    i just wanna feel cum in my boi hole so bad idc if you use lube. tear me up so it soaks in
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    Got myself a new bitch. Couldn't wait to breed his white teenboy cunt for the first time... ...but his lil white boypussy was just too damn tight to take a real man's cock. So I got him some nice toys to practice on. Told him not to get back to me again until he could take all three of them at the same time... ...tonight he texted me. Hope his hairless boycunt is ready for me now...
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    I fucking love meth. I mean it. It has allowed me to unleash my true self. A pervert sex fiend. All that matters is finding the next bareback cock to fuck me. The next pervert to use me. I used to be a "tough guy". Now I am a prancing girly sissy faggot. Every puff of smoke is shame and dignity and inhibition leaving. Being replaced by truth. Lust. Depravity. I love looking like a nasty drug addict sex maniac. I love being exposed as a sissy fucktoy. I'll take ANY bare-cock cock. I live to be filled with cum. I want to be a tranny porn star. Huge fake tits getting gang-fucked for all to see. Thank you meth.
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    Brother ask why we have 2 cases of Crisco and we never fry anything🙄🙄🙄🙄🤛
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    Cruising? Show them what you got.
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    fuck that throat like u fuck that ass :>
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    My boy took his first Fist last night. By the time we were done he was gaping so wide we were able to grease up a baseball bat and slide it into his hole. he groaned and moaned like it he loved it and begged for us to go deeper with the bat. By the time we were done we could stand behind him and piss into his gaping hole as if it was a urinal. He loved the scalding hot piss splashing into his hole. I had the other boy licking his hole and lapping up the piss as it leaked out of his hole
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    to be looking up at this .. **mouth waters, hole spasms**
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    ...I'd been curious as to what it feels like to have a bare dick inside your ass for quite a while but I never allowed myself to pursue it, too afraid to catch something. One afternoon, more than just a little tipsy, I suddenly found myself with my best friends bare cock inside my boyhole. Only when he was ballsdeep inside me, he confessed to being POZ... ...Of course I know that I better get off his dangerous cock NOW but for some inexplicable reason stopping myself from riding his bare dick is harder than I thought...it just feels so FUCKIN GOOD...
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    Hey, NEGBOIZ and POZBOIZ!!! Anyone decide to STOP taking their MEDS so they could CONVERT or GIFT???
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    Matthew Lewis who played Neville Longbottom (what's in a name?) in the Harry Potter movies has certainly grown up....

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