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    first orgy on this vacation and holy fuck!!!!! kinda hurt but just taking random cocks and loads is so fucking hot
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    Sometimes I wait at the blue store of porn theater until I see a few guys going in and out a stall knowing their blowing loads Into some random slut just so I can feel a really slutty cummy ass on my cock. I love the smell of it. The feel. The warm wet slippery hole so hot on my cock. That shit really turns me on. I've decided I can only date another fuck pig. It's too hard not to. Like I'd want my boyfriend to know this fact about me and take a bunch of cum for me just so I have that experience of fucking my slutty boyfriends ass. I'd marry that guy.
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    Watch me suck anon gloryhole dick https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Gloryhole-sucking-Amsterdam-31579812
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    Even busier down on the farm today, with plenty of cumming & going ... ... it all kicked off when Andy woke us up early with a hot drink ... ... then James went off to help birth the cattle ... ... while Geoff serviced the tractor ... ... but Jim thought his big end needed seeing to ... ... so we all looked in the shed for the plugs ... ... but we decided it best to get some fresh supplies sent in by messenger ...
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    Today two of Atlanta. Started out with a 26 year old 6 foot 6 Black Stallion who bred me twice. That was followed by a guy who goes by Anaconda deservedly so. And then a third guy who is a powerlifter bear type. I took a nap after that and then hit the gym. Then I had dinner with a friend and prepared for the evening. A spectacular evening I visited first the den which is a sex club that caters to men of color were several super hung black guys mounted me and plowed me good. Then I went over to the bathhouse Flex where I spent from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. A good deal of it with spin in the sling and my sex partner count was even higher today than it was yesterday. Really excited to see that I've passed the 240 mark for the year
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    Getting ready for all cummers ... an ideal start to a weekend
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    Stretching out the pups hole. As you all know in the past my friend has come by to rape the bottom boy's hole with his giant black monster cock. Thats what I call it after all it is almost 12" long and close to 2" around. he will be over to plow the pup for the first time ever and I want to make sure his hole is opened up for him. I don't want the pup to whimper to much. I do know once he is bound to the fuck bench he will have no choice but to take it to the balls and beg for every inch as well as the massive load
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    I love to watch my boy breed the pup and see his cock drool as my boy seeds his hole balls deep. This is going to be a fun night
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  11. 10 points
    After all the hard work last week with the harvest we had a great party yesterday ... plenty to eat and drink (see pics) and a hole range of parTy games (pics later in the week after we've fully returned to earth)
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    Its been a really busy few days on vacation down on the farm ... always plenty to see and do. It all started when we got Jed to do some groundwork with his big bucket ...... Then Andy had to lift up a container with a sling & pulley, ready for plugging ...... We found the two agency guys in the barn erecting a scaffold ..... ...... so that Jed, our plumber could get into the loft to inspect the tank ..... ..... it all got a bit more interesting when Dave dropped his hammer and nails ....
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    I had the day off from work so I went to the beach looking for a hottie to bring back to my hotel room and play with. This is what I found and now have tied up and begging for my cock. I think his tight hole is going to feel awesome on my throbbing cock. I am sure after not being able to have any play time for the past 3 weeks he is in for one hell of a load. I want him to beg for it and I want to flood his guts with it over and over until I am milked dry.
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    There seems to be a fault with my car. Should I buy a new one or just let the mechanics get on with it?
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    you're gonna feel that dick in your ass .. :>
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    my cunt is bleeding now from my warts. guess i might keep them for a bit longer
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    we need 10 more P☣️Z reps for 1️⃣2️⃣6️⃣9️⃣ another milestone is in reach❗️ thanks for browsing Chargedup 🐷
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    Going to be in a sling later with a new client who was recommended by a very good friend. I'm ready with a very clean hole and lots of toys.
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    I sold my HIV meds so I can buy meth and have nasty neg2poz sex with everyone that I can get into bed.
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    Very proud of my slut boy bareben. It's been 7 months today since his little cunt has been med free.
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    My brother has a 24/7 hard on and you can even see it when he wares jeans.
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    Nothing wrong with being a sizequeen... R U 1 2 ?
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    fuuuuk i need some seed in my ass. cant wait for school to start up again. those studs love my tight jock hole. just hope one or two of them will give me a nice poz load
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    It's gotten to the point where I can't even watch porn if there's a condom. I GO SOFT seeing a condom! The guy could be the hottest twink or sexiest daddy...if there's a condom? It ruins the whole thing! And, no offense, but that goes for real life too. Hottest youngest twink...older sexy motherfucking daddy? Hot. Except if there's a condom. I love cum! It doesn't deserve to be wasted in a fucking rubber! Just saying.
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    I got to pump my toxic load into this boy's hole not once but 4 time's. He has been to my place in the past and always begs for more. Last time I went easy on him. this time I pounded his hole until he whimpered like a whipped puppy. Best part is I asked why he didn't come back sooner and he said he hadn't been feeling well. I have to think maybe just maybe my toxic seed has charged his boy hole. Either way it doesn't matter he is just another hole to fuck and fill with my toxic cum and he always comes back for more. I must say he looks hot in the new rubber suit he had on when he showed up
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    If you agree give me a rep ;-)
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    I've always found, when two guys meet up in a club and both just want to get straight down to raunchy full-on sex in the sleaziest way possible, the best way is not to think about it but just DO IT ....
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    As if all the sex this past weekend in Atlanta wasn't enough, one of my regular black stallions read me on Monday evening and tonight I just finished visiting a guy who worked on my hole last week for fisting and almost gotten in, but not quite. Tonight he slid right in within a couple of minutes and I got fisted for what I thought was a very short time turned out to be a very long time comparativly He had his roommate take video of some of it so I will have that coming soon and I'm excited about that and how loose and supersize capable my jock hole is becoming. And the pleasure stimulation? So intense I saw Stars
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    After interviewing candidates for the job of House Slave, and drawing up a short-list of candidates, the time has come to choose the best one for the job. Which of these would you choose, and why? It would also be a good idea also to appoint a deputy to look after weekend guests, to cover holiday periods, etc. Who is to be the deputy?
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    6 loads up mi kunt so far still fukin horned for it...bring it on fukkers
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    Just about the end of the working week down on the farm and time to get ready for the weekend ... Joe & Seth celebrated getting the harvest in ... ... while young Simon stayed in the field for his buddies to arrive for a parTy ... ... Chuck & Robin spent some time arsing around ... ... while the new guys, Alan & Jacob, got to know each other a hole lot better ... ... and young Bradley always brings a shine to every nut and knob with his waxing, then Jake invited us all to join him for a swim. A great day ... and now we're all ready for a parTy
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    Sorry guys for the delays of my stories been dealing with a lot of issues! working on more chapters ! Will post by this weekend
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    your cock needs more lube, bro....
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    Now I would love to feel that working in my arse. Who else?
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    Just celebrated the 6 month anniversary of testing POZ. Has been an amazing time.
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    So my first night of my sex weekend in Atlanta has ended at 4:30 in the morning and I have been mounted and mated like an animal on a stud Farm. Manifest was much quieter than I expected on a Friday night but I still did well with just over a dozen sex partners there. And 5 others at my hotel room both before and after.
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    7:30am Sunday morning 8/13. Just home from the bathhouse with a sloppy cum filled fuckhole. About 15 loads dumped in my hole, swallowed 4 loads and drank 3 piss loads. OINK
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    Love to feel that rattle around inside me ;@))
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    So guyz, who would like to take this BBC?
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    I think my luck has just turned up. I got a 'thumbs up' from a Top on one of the regular sites - lives about 20 miles away - 57, and a real pervy pig by the look of it. He has a boi/partner and they both play with others together or separate. I told him i'm only into bareback and he said he's really interested. I checked his more comprehensive profile on Recon and it says: Looking for serious horny subboi's who want to serve and please. It also says: I'm HIV poz on meds. So, he's on meds, but this would be my first breeding by anyone who is POZ.... and he's keen. It's a start and a next step for me. I can't stop stroking my boner at work all day in anticipation of arranging my breeding by a POZ TOP. - it's such an intense, deep and powerful lust with such a unique feel to it. My cock keeps leaking and I can't keep my legs together while i sit here. It's like my mind is infected with the need to open wide for infection by him, so I can move closer to becoming a proper POZ Pig. I haven't felt this sort of lustful hunger and need before that feels quite like this. It is as if the Virus is calling to me in my mind and instructing me to give in to it and become it's host. The need to give in is incredible!
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    I've just got back from a surprise call from the guy who was the first to bareback me a few weeks ago. I receiving a long screwing and he delivered an enormous Load in my cunt. His seed is deep in me, and I'll keep it there to absorb as much of it as possible. Hell, I feel amazing!
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    I think they're BOTH happy!
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    neg ass just texted me he is parking car and will be up in a moment. his first POZ load summing up soon. Hope to make him my number 4 convert.
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    "Mr. B-----d, you can't keep getting gonorrhea in your throat. We'd like you to talk to a counselor again."
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    Sometimes I just need some AIDS Juice fucked into me. Then there's those other times when I just need some MORE AIDS Juice fucked into me. ;)~
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    If you tell me you want to swap cum (in my ass and from your ass), and you really want to share piss... DON'T FUCKING FLAKE OUT WHEN I GO TO MEET YOU. I'm a real person. And it's so fucking annoying to be stood up! Especially when piss is involved!

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