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    My brother did his first gang bang with the 4 of us. In was just spit and fuck him he is becoming a first class Slut.
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    Just leaving Club Orlando from night number one in Orlando. I got fucked like a dog, got bred and even 10 loads and got fisted on top of it and punch fisted. My jock hole is trashed and I'm going to sleep like a baby!
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    Back from Atlanta Pride where i was suked, fucked and fisted for 2 solid nights/mornings and even topped a few guys. My total slut moment came on the drive home though when i met up with a hot horsecocked 21 year old and he bred me in my back seat behind a holiday inn (gotta love Grindr on the road) and then i went to another guy's house a mile from therand he bred another load into me! Totals: 43 sex partners an 39 breedings bring 2017 to: 349 sex partners and 389 breedings for the 2017. up next: 5 days in Palm Springs for leather pride
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    So....um...we'll see how this goes. :-)
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    I watch my brother head to the bathroom and I see the cum running down his leg😀 What a Slut he's become.
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    'Never given up, I looked for you everywhere... Time went by and sadness took the place of despair. In a way you'll stay with me 'til death do us part... Like a shadow deep in my heart - forever.'
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    snacking before the main event
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    Took my brother for his P.A. yesterday so for the next 8 weeks his dick will be recovering , but his holes will get a good work out.
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    i think i finally found a toxic top who i'm comfortable with to infect me
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    whoa, bud, hot tats .. fuck'n'sting me!
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    Found out earlier today that my first recruit got his test results back today and has successfully converted! First notch on the belt feels pretty damn good.
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    what a hot night at the private orgy. Great group and I was a champ on the sling. Had two two cocks in my mouth at once. Fuck it was fun. Dallas is very piggy. Oink
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    love it when you put me on my back and fuck my throat ..
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    those balls must sing when he fucks!
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    Club San Diego last night was so fun. After a night of music at u2 and a few cocktails the hornies came out and ended up at club San Diego. It had been years since I've been. Classic pose. Ass up face down for me tonight. This hot Latino ate the loads I had from earlier in the evening with a deft toungue. Primed it good for what was to happen next. The 4 guys are all of a sudden in my room. Each then proceed to pull a train on my ass. It was amazing ! Lasted for about 20 minutes of non stop penetration. These guys were horny and suspect that I was the piece of ass they needed to get off. Loved being used for their pleasure. Oh I was so verbal and it made them push even harder. Good boys. Took a few more monster daddy dicks and bailed at dawn. Going to drag ass today but so worth being the slutty tourist 🐷
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    geez little brother - when the fuck did you grow that?!?!?! ;->
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    after a long, fuckfilling weekend ..
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    fuck me harder! i wanna hear those balls SLAPPIN my ass!
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    this is how you get it ready!
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    Officially confirmed at 3:30 yesterday that my superinfection is not only real, it is indeed CRF19.
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    Always glad when my nephew comes to visit me
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    Coming off the toilet, where my horny 18yo student ordered me to wait for his cock. I swallowed a nice load and also few sips of his piss (it took him time to push it out, he is not used yet to piss in a mouth). Back to work.
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    Coming off a great weekend of pretty much constant fucking. Started Friday night with a date with an old fb who brought three of His pals along. i took loads from all four of them until about 5:00am on Saturday -- just a round robin on my holes. Saturday morning at the gym, met this totally hot guy from out of town. He came back to my place for a leisurely fucking. Took several of His sweet loads. Then Saturday night's date turned into Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon, invited to a football watching party; 8 or 9 hot guys watching the games on big screens, while i scampered to take their loads during slow times in the action. Don't even know which teams were playing as i hardly got to see the TVs. Drank a lot of piss, ate a lot of cum, and best of all took a lot of loads from guys i never knew before (but would sure like to get to know even better). The NFL is a gift to faggots everywhere.
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    total felch ++PIG here too... luv swapping and stealthing NEG men
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    you better get it wetter than that cuz that's all the lube you're getting when i fuck you ..
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    Wich pozguy wants to shoot he's toxic load into my neg clean boypussy? You can enjoy my pussy as long as you want and i will do whatever you want me to do. Multiple pozguys are even better. Share me and make me yours. Love you guys xxx
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    Two days ago, I sucked my first knowingly poz cock. While that seems like newbie hour for some, it's a huge step to a budding bug chaser who is becoming a devout cockworshipper. this is what I was always meant to be. And I want. SO. MUCH. MORE.
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    one way or another he's getting bred
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    N☣️W Serving all of Pam Springs ❗️
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