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    Looking to be whored out by anyone. Love to be ass up, face down taking any anon loads from random guys while blindfolded. Poz-friendly as well. Undetectable or high VL, as long as your nut ends up inside me. Also PnP friendly, so if you want to spin me up then whore me out, I’m very much down for that too. 😈😜🤤

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  1. Hey guys! I’ll be driving up to NYC from NC and will be looking to get loaded up as much as possible. I’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn in Chelsea off of 6th Ave the 28th to Jan 2nd. If any tops are looking for a quick pump n dump shoot me a message. I’ll be face down, ass up, blindfolded, door propped open, and all that good stuff. Hope to take your guys’ nut! 😜🤤
  2. Apparently there is a limit to how many PM’s can be sent lol

    1. YoungMilSlut


      Didn’t know that haha

  3. That’s one of my fantasies I want to fulfill. I’ve never PNP’d before and I want a guy to drug me up in a sleazy motel room all while inviting random guys to dump their nut in me. I want to get to the point where my eyes roll back, I’m incoherently mumbling, until I totally pass out on my back, legs still open, and guys are still using me while I’m unconscious. 🤤😈
  4. thanks for adding me!!

  5. you're a real hot guy!

  6. thanks for the friend add. your pics and profile are hot!

  7. Damn, you are fucking HOT!

  8. I'll breed you any time son... Get you knocked up with aids and herpes...

  9. I've watched a few vids from the series. My only thing is that none of the tops are good looking.
  10. Anyone here just go all the way and fuck him? If he's blowing you, might as well hit it if he wanted it.
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