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    18 year old slut puppy in a well maintained 50 year old body. Life time in the military, repressed fantasies and desires, a lifetime of them all trying to cum out at the same time.

    Looking for a patient Top or a forceful Dom to break me in right, show me the points, show me the slings, get me rolling.

    New to m4m looking to find some one(s) to break me in as a bottom, would love to pnp, slam, G, never done either, but it's a total turn on. Forced chem? Fucking hot too! Looking to find that first one and get me to the point, any takers?

    Mild, wild, twisted lets see if you fit, though I bet I am really tight. Once you have me rolling, bend me over, strap me in and take me for a test ride! First time for everything, and I want my first times to be incredible for both of us. (Or all three or four of us, you descide)

    rule my mind, alter my mind, own my body
    use it any way You want

    By the way, not sure if I can post this here but this is hotttt!


    I read all pm's, so when you write send a kik or email address or phone number or or smoke signal so i can respond to you.


    PS who do i have to fuck around here to get laid?
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    In the last year and some I have had adventures, experianced soooo many new things, learned so much about myself, made mistakes, laughed hard, learned to cry openly with out shame, fallin in and out of lust, learned to make boundaries, then ignored them when the sex was good, and have paused to take a breath. Still a shameless slut, but now starting to understand what drives that, who I am. I love all of you for who you are and what you have given me here. A home away from home!
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    I would do it for free, just for the experiance. Anyone have a camera?
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    Adventure, experiances, fast breaks, and friends in low places!

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  1. Simply HOT , Handsome , Beautiful and Delicious Profile !    :)

  2. Bump.... Please kind sir, may we have another chapter in your story?
  3. God I am having fun!

  4. Colour me impressed. I'm cool with seeing it, but appreciate your perfect intentions and care!
  5. Im going to start writing again...

    1. bols59


      Look forward to it!

  6. Love it! Braviso
  7. My all time favorite erotic story, bar none!
  8. Great story, lots of potential! Don't stop now!
  9. And if that's your dick in your profile pic, babe, I would ant that too! Kisslicksuckfuckrepeate Alex
  10. who do I have to fuck around here to get laid?

    1. Captool


      God I never knrew I had a comment up here, where and when????? Kiss Alex

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