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  1. when i see a guy taking a piss, i want to get on my knees and drink from the tap.
  2. Touch my nips, and you have my attention. Especially while on my knees, sucking your cock.
  3. always enjoyed older men. getting fucked by older man is sensuous and hot.
  4. I have been called a fag or faggot by strangers in public places, street beach etc. Sometimes I would ask myself why. Was there a tell tale sign? It shocked me a bit at first. But it did not bother me. Even thought of it as a badge of honor. Faggots are the best!
  5. Nice Brother!

  6. Pierced, and looking forward to my first tattoo in 2020.
  7. started BB at 16. he was 11 years my senior. loved his cum up my ass.
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