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    Decatur GA
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    I lov to fuck in group parties. I am attracted to the feel and smell of sweat and cum and poz group bodies. I fuck many POZ bttms, espec black poz pigs. If you are neg or "Don't Know" then don't tell me till after I cum. I am pure fetish. My body just is host to spreading bugs and trashing guys bodies. You are just a conquest.I want guys who recognize my body for its shape/taste/smell/bugs.

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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    TOP fucker for good bttm holes (or to recharge and fellow poz pig). Looking for self-destructive pigs (bttm or top). Im on and off meds. I go off for any major party, such as Pride weekend or World Aids Day. Even when I was neg, I would only fuck poz bttm pigs. I lived in NYC until moving to Atlanta. I'm NYC native and went to jacksofcolor.com and GSA and Paddles and other spors
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    looking for bttms

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  1. nice profile, would love you to recharge me

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