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    Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
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    25 year old BB bug chasing slut. Happy to take all and any loads. Drop me a line if you wanna know more. Happy to dump a load up your ass too in a flip fuck ;)
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    Hot verbal tops to give me a good fucking!

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    Tumblr - bb-bottom-slut

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    NKP - funnntimes
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  1. Bbbottomchaserslut

    The Bull

    Good to hear it’s still open! I’m there from 2 sept to 11 sept in a few weeks and can’t wait to get myself in a sling for continuous dirty spunk
  2. Looking fit as fuck fella ;)

    1. nvanguy1


      Thanks man!

  3. Hey guys I’m staying in the Doubletree Hilton in Edinburgh from 22/7 to 24/7 - so from tomorrow to Tuesday. Any local cal guys want to come dump their spunk up me? Smooth toned tight bottom looking to get Pozzed ideally Poz/neg is all fine, can be anon, can be as kinky as you like. Message me for my room number! 👍🏼
  4. There’s a fair few open London BB Whatsapp groups already for discussion and meets etc. Most have 200+ members and it’s pretty easy to pick up a shag would this be more information and casual meet led as opposed to for Just shagging?
  5. Thanks for reciprocating, I am in Hampshire, happy to arrange a meet

    1. Bbbottomchaserslut


      Sound. Can you accom down south? Let’s arrange something - would love your dirty spunk up me. 

  6. Cheers for following fella. Looking good - would love a dirty bug swapping session with you if you’re up for it? Yorkshire based here but can travel ;)

  7. Bbbottomchaserslut

    SOP @ Central Station this weekend (27 May)..?

    I think it’s actual meaning is a naked event but it’s been adapted by the BB sluts to be a bare sex party haha
  8. Bbbottomchaserslut

    SOP @ Central Station this weekend (27 May)..?

    The coded BB party from what local friends and guys off BBRT have said is that it’s D2B - Dare 2 Bare. First Sunday of the month and practically everyone fucks BB. I’ve got friends from way up north who travel to birmingham for it. Oh and if you think the Birmingham lot are friendly, wait till you meet us Sheffield folk - we talk to anyone about anything haha
  9. Bbbottomchaserslut

    SOP @ Central Station this weekend (27 May)..?

    What is Boltz like? It’s only 1 1/2 hours from me and I’ve heard a couple of good reviews but never been myself. They have a BB party once a month Dont they? Is it usually hot n kinky?
  10. Bbbottomchaserslut

    SOP @ Central Station this weekend (27 May)..?

    How was it fella?
  11. Thanks mate for following ;)

  12. Bbbottomchaserslut

    SOP @ Central Station this weekend (27 May)..?

    It was my first ever time at SOP so it took a bit of adjusting - but I fitted in alright after half hour! ?
  13. Bbbottomchaserslut

    SOP @ Central Station this weekend (27 May)..?

    I was there on Tues this week. Was staying over with work and it was pretty busy - took a good few loads in the sling and swallowed / got drenched in piss by about 6 guys if I was local, I would have popped in again over the weekend - I hope it’s busy for you though! ????
  14. Hey guys im travelling to Frankfurt between 28 May and 30 May. Neg BB slutty bottom. Love all verbal and taking poz spunk. Also happy to Top if needed any local guys up for a fuck? Or any direction on where is best to go for anon sleazy sex on a Monday and Tuesday evening?
  15. Bbbottomchaserslut

    Anyone recommend a tattoist

    Would love your dirty spunk whilst you’re still toxic

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