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    Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
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    25 year old BB bug chasing slut. Happy to take all and any loads. Drop me a line if you wanna know more. Happy to dump a load up your ass too in a flip fuck ;)

    Now on Twitter too - @UKBBSpunkSlut
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    Hot verbal tops to give me a good fucking!

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    Tumblr - bb-bottom-slut

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    NKP - funnntimes
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  1. Ukbbspunkslut on Twitter lots of dirty material on there 😈😈
  2. Very hot pox cock! I would love to get infected by your thick toxic tool. If you ever come to England, let me know and I will come to where you are staying! Or if you are in Berlin for Easter Fetish, I am there next week and would love to have a sleazy session with you!

  3. I’ll be in Berlin from 17/4 - 24/4 staying at Sorat Ambassador Hotel. Looking for tops for sleazy sex - either hotel room or at a club / event
  4. Still done to this day fella. If im down for SNB or Hardon etc., I’ll go to a sauna and just crash there for a few hours after. Usually wake up to my ass being played with hah. And then hit SOP the next day before going back up north ??
  5. This is coming up soon. Any guys off here going to be in GC for it?
  6. Would you consider mixed race and 27? I’m a very horny bottom though and would happily take multiple loads off you.
  7. Slutty cumdump 27 year old bottom boi here on the lookout for a daddy to take me to these sorts of events. Any daddies out there? I’m North England but happy to travel for good shags
  8. Hey guys. Who’s going to the Bear Carnival in GC this year? any sleazy tops wanna hook up over there? ?
  9. Ukbbspunkslut on Twitter - just joined today after the death of Tumblr! Add me ans message me with a hello for a follow back
  10. I’ll be there from Thursday for 2 weeks for Fetish Week. I’d love to take your dirty spunk. Staying in PDI just over from the Yumbo Centre. Where are you staying?
  11. Vault sauna is really good for anon loads.
  12. Yes I will be! And coffee & cream too. I’m there for over a week so I’ll be in Bull most nights for anon darkroom spunk. You fancy coming over to my rented apartment? Find me on all 4s ready for your cock and spunk. Fuck my smooth hole, breed me and leave totally anon
  13. If you’re ever in England, let me know
  14. Looking fit as fuck fella! How long are you in Berlin for? Im over there from 2nd September for a week

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