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    25 year old BB bottom chasing slut. Happy to take all and any loads. Drop me a line if you wanna know more. Happy to dump a load up your ass too in a flip fuck ;)
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    Hot verbal tops to give me a good fucking!

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  1. Leather & Fetish weekend 28 March 2018 - 3 April 2018

    I’ll be there from 28/3 - 6/4 if anyone’s up for a fuck
  2. Leather & Fetish weekend 28 March 2018 - 3 April 2018

    Any pigs on here up for dumping their seed in me in Berlin when I’m there?
  3. Trades Hotel, Blackpool

    Trades is one place I’ve never been to you know - I’ll have to get myself booked in for a night, just to experience it! Hah
  4. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    So.... my last fuck was a couple days ago with a toxic top off here - Macbbtop. I went round to his place after work. I got home, cleaned up, cock ring and jock on and was ready to head out. All the time, I had a constant Whatsapp verbal session going on with him - he certainly knows how to type the right talk. I’d fucked with him a few times before in saunas so I broadly knew what to expect - but I very much wasn’t expecting what he had in store for me. Whenever we have met at the sauna before, there’s been little or no verbal because it’s always been too busy with non bug chasing guys. He’s got a nice thick 8” cock and he knows how to use it just right I pulled up at his place and within a minute of getting through the door, I was stripped naked and he was whispering in my ear how he’s going to dump his Poz, toxic unmedicated load deep my my neg smooth ass. He proceeded to pin me down to the flor whilst I was taking a few big huffs of poppers and went to town on my ass. Fucking me hard and rough with intent. This was constantly supported by dirty poz verbal talk being directed at me until he finally busted a load 8” deep up my ass. He carried on fucking me telling me about he had just planted his dirty poz babies up my ass and he was going to be the one to finally convert me from a chaser to a poz cumdump slut. The verbal carried on and he was happy to dump a few more loads up me but I had to dash off to do a few other bits - next time I’m definitely staying for a few loads. His dirty toxic poz verbal hit the spot just right - give him a whirl if you get chance and you’re local!
  5. Nice cock fella. Ever come up north? If you’re around yorkshire, let me know and I’ll give you a nice hot load ;)

    1. edward21uk


      in Yorks over Christmas 2017. sure, slide in and breed me a few times and I'll do the same to you. Or hook-up with a TOPositive to seed us both.

  6. Ever get to England pal? I’d love your dirty load up my ass ;)

  7. Hot profile fella. Young (ish) neg slutty bottom here - I’m 26. Would love to take your spunk and your bugs. I’m from Yorkshire but happy to take your load in any sauna etc - fancy a sleazy verbal vault meet?

    1. SaunaDaddy


      Next time you get to London let me know and we’ll hook up 

    2. Bbbottomchaserslut


      Coming to London this Sunday for SBN. May be able to squeeze in Vault for a bit too? Fancy meeting and fucking a load or 2 in to my tight smooth pussy? Private message me your number if you want - and I’ll drop you a line. 


    Where is this being held?
  9. If you’re ever in England and want a smooth slutty neg hole to breed, message me your number and we’ll arrange something. You’re fit as fuck fella ;)

  10. So guys..... who’s going this year? It’s my first time in Berlin ever.... hoping to take at least 10 loads a night and give out a good 5-6. I reckon Berlin is the place for that to happen isn’t it! im staying at the Novum City Centrum (pretty close to the action in Shoneberg) in a nice big triple room. I wouldn’t ever say no to a top or 3 or 7 coming to load me whilst im there hah. Comment if you’re going and we’ll arrange a BZ group to swap as many loads as we can somewhere 😈
  11. Gran Can Fetish Week in Oct 2017

    Coming up very soon! C'mon - who else is up for it?
  12. Hardon London 19 August

    Hey guys. Any dirty fuckers off here going to hardon this Saturday? its my first time at Hardon and looking for as many tops as poss to fill and breed me with their cum - I obvs want to be made feel as welcome as poss lol
  13. Gran Can Fetish Week in Oct 2017

    Hey guys. Jusy wondering who else is going to be at Fetish week in Gran Can this year? I'll be there swapping loads every night any other dirty fuckers off here planning on attending?
  14. Hey ... thanks for the follow! xx:2thumbs::drool:

    1. Bbbottomchaserslut


      No worries fella. Awesome looking cock - I'd love a ride sometime ;). I'm occasionally across in Cockermouth with work. Or if you're ever around Sheff? ;)

  15. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just thought I'd give a small update on my time at Sheffield (UK) Cumunion last night. The night officially starts at 7:00pm but doesn't usually pick up until a bit later. I arrived at 7:30 after a long extensive douche to make sure I was 100% clear for the whole night! Nothing worse than getting 3 hours in and finding some stray bits! Hah Anyway, I arrived, stripped off and put on my cock ring and backless jock - I'm a slutty bottom but the only way I'll get hard after hitting the poppers is with a cock ring! I went straight upstairs to see what action was happening and boy was it busy and 'happening' already. There is a communal video room with a fuck bench, several slings, 5 glory holes and 5 private rooms (but they're locked open on cumunion nights to promote group sluttiness!) I went in to a room to live my ass up and I'd barely got the packet opened when a hard top walked in and summoned me to turn around. I quickly turned, lubed my ass and took a few hits of my poppers. He fucked me for a few minutes and a crowd started forming. He moved aside and 3 other tops took it in turns fucking me for a few minutes - sampling my ass but being 'British' enough to understand a queue was forming and they would have to be polite and move along! Haha I walked out of the cubicle and a short older daddy top approached me. Nice big cock - about 7" semi hard. I had a feel and went back in to a cubicle. I had my legs up in the air in a matter of seconds and away he went to work. Pounding me pretty hard - he was about 8-9" hard by now. He asked me if I had any loads up there yet and I said no. He asked me if i wanted his dirty load up my ass to which I replied this neg ass wanted nothing more! After 5-10 mins of fucking and dirty verbal he unloaded in my ass and 2 other tops proceeded to fuck me but neither cum in me - it was still early! I'd been there about 45 mins by now, and had had 7 different cocks in my ass for about 35 of them mins and 1 'dirty load' confirmed! I walked around and there was a decent mixed crowd - a lot of older 'dilf' type guys who are exactly what I usually go for and a fair few younger / middle aged guys. I recognised quite a few from previous cumunions and pleasantries were exchanged. Through the night (I only stayed till midnight but it goes on till 3-4am) I took at least 10 loads and got fucked by at least 25 guys. Some in glory holes, some on the public bench and some in the cubicles with guys peering over and watching. One that stood out was an older tall daddy type guy - late 40's but very 'headmaster hot' if you know what I mean. He had a big 8-9" thick dick and I'd seen him fucking a few guys previously. Boy did he give it to them so I wanted a go too! I took him in to a cubicle and he was already hard. So I took a few hits of poppers and opened my now well lubed and very very cummy ass for him. Did he go to town or what - rammed and slammed my ass with his big daddy dick for 20 mins or so with me begging for his load but he said he wasn't ready! I absolutely loved every minute bouncing on his huge cock though, and he was definitely one of the best fucks I've ever had! As time grew later, some bottoms wanted to load up an ass before they headed off and I willingly obliged, secretly massively turned on that I was their chosen ass after they had been taking loads all night! Over the course of the 4-5 hours I was there, there must have been 100-120 guys in attendance, quite a few supporting big thick dicks in front of them! I ended up topping 2 guys and dumped my load up a very handsome, tall tattooed slutty bottom. Loved fucking his sloppy cummy ass! An excellent night and I'd be very surprised if I came away neg! Although I say that at all the cumunions but still get tested neg - that right guy with a high VL just hasn't come along unfortunately! Any other guys off here go to the UK cumunions?

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