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    175/72/medium uncut, Vers/vers bttm, HWP, blue eyes, ginger beard and shaved head. Coolish, laid back and DTE bloke from and living in Norway, Scandinavia.
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    None -but love to try... never to late ;-)
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    Fun and frolics, nasty and sleazy playtimes with likeminded pigs, love sucking stiff shafts until they unload, give or receive said unit, just go with the flow and enjoy myself. Lots of likes in men, no set type or race/age, all depends on chemistry.

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  1. Gimme some G, and a tight ass... And I wanna eat ass for my life, the slut moanin and be ready for my cock!
  2. Simply HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - Experienced too !    You are the BEST !

  3. I am #14, about to be doublefucked and loaded up by #13 and #15 -and anyone else in the room who'd want sloppy seconds💦😋
  4. Yes, I truly am, but as they say... Sluts are people too😜
  5. Fooled around with a fellow classmate in the bushes when I was 9, and swallowed my first load at 14😋! Been a pig ever since.
  6. Nolan Gerard Funk, to top me...😋 Hung like a horse, apparently.
  7. I am still surprised about the level of ignorance and/or lack of knowledge about hiv in the gay world. Just yesterday I had a pleasant encounter with an educated and well informed slut, and then later the same evening I was told by a guy (who insisted we use rubbers if we hooked up -I declined) he would have me reported if I "went around and spread hiv"! Told him that I was commiting no crime; disclosing and being +ud I am in the clear, whereas he on the other hand was not -threats like his are illegal and he could shove them up where the sun don't shine...🤬! I was instantly blocked! Alas, man
  8. Thanks for sharing. After 10 chemos (for Castleman's disease), last one in end of september, I don't feel so sexual these days -takes me longer to build up -both stamina and plain horniness, and despite cumming I feel the orgasms are not so intense anymore. Been told it might well be a year before I'm back to my old self. So got prescription for caverject (Viagra =headache), and hoping to regain "my old self" eventually. Not entirely similar to what You have gone through, but can relate to some of the effects from treatment.
  9. Don't wanna discriminate, but prefer uncut. Have often flinched looking at how some cocks appear ravaged and destroyed, as if not only the foreskin has been cut but also some underlying tissue. Not pretty at all!
  10. Been turned down bc of age, being too tight (!?), and disclosing my ud status in dating apps, is not a hit with many -still a huge stigma for some. In general, I tend to avoid guys with long shopping lists. Never got the "No this, no that" thing!
  11. Oh, how I wish there would be a sequel...!
  12. London fri March 11th

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