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  1. Neg bottom but staying at Yotel. How can I attend the party at Hyatt?
  2. Damn, this is really hot. What kind of fantasy power the author has! Why is such building exist in anywhere on earth?
  3. just curious to learn from the Tops. How do you determine so called the best cumdump? I should rephrase it. How do you Tops that like to breed cumdumps determine whether a cumdump is good that you will want to breed over and over again and again or you will cross him out from your list?
  4. my question might sound silly to most of you guys, but I would appreciate useful advise. When in ESC, what are the right things to do to let guys know you want them to come in and fuck you? I was in ESC the other day, left my door open, a few guys seemed to be interested, and I nodded to them, they stayed next to my open door but just won't come in and left. I saw some bttm would be face down ass up door open but it seemed guys don't go to those bottoms. what are the right things to do to effectively communicate using body language?
  5. Following daddy's order, heading to East Side Club for the first time. Promised to be a good boy getting pimped out. Door unlocked at all time, At ALL Time, yes, that's the point. Help me become the kind of pussyboy daddy will be proud of, as he discreetly passing by my opened door and monitor my actions.
  6. How can a cum dump wanna be get in touch with Dimitri in NYC and get whored out like you did?
  7. always fantasized to get partied up in a motel where many partying guys hanging out in different rooms and the daddy in my room forced slams me and post room number on Grindr for guys in motel to come breed me. Any motel like that in NYC or NJ? Any admin Tops into this scene?
  8. Itching to get a boyfriend again💓, despite all the disappointments, sorrows and tears other ex men left me with💔. After years of debauchery, letting loose, getting wild, acting out sexually, at the end I still prefer to have a man I adore to sleep next to me, holding me in his arms, or resting his head on my chest, letting me caress him while he falls asleep... But, after the wild parties and plays, will I still be loved as who I am? Am I a damaged good now? Or did I hit the point of no return? Is becoming a uninhibited chem whore the only path lies ahead for me...?🌥️🍬🤘💓

  9. Staying at City Club hotel tonight, . Hooded, ass-up, lubed (with the last dude's cum, most likely). Taking loads ALL NIGHT- door unlocked, come in, nut, leave. Be cool with other guys waiting. This hole needs to be flooded. Also find me on Sniffies/Grindr/Scruf&/orDirect message here for room number
  10. Marriot Marquis Time Squire is a no no. There is a security guard by the elevator past midnight or earlier, and you have to show room key to pass through him.
  11. Staying tonight by LAX, flying back home tomorrow night. Can host horny tops to come over for hotel fun. This is for now and one day only. I check out at noon tomorrow. And white or Latino Tops wanna come?
  12. Visiting PS area Staying at CCBC. Not an event week, not sure where to find horned up bb Tops. Please advise
  13. Visiting SF at the moment. Can host in my hotel for all day breeding.
  14. Will be attending MAL but staying at The Washington Court Hotel. Any hot Tops or Vers Tops wanna come to my room to have some great time? Asian Vers Bttm here.
  15. Hosting hotel is fully booked. I booked at Washington Court Hotel. It says Hyatt requires hotel specific bands to use elevators. But hotel guests each can bring 2 guests. Any one willing to bring me in as their guest to cruise the hotel with you?
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