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    Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada
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    Flexible and open minded. Love ass play... that includes cock sucking, rimming and fucking. Vers guy - love flip flop sessions. Into toys - massage table, rim chair and sling with toys of many sizes. Would love to find a patient top to open me up for fisting. Enjoy a hot piss bath now and then in the sling.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Business exec who travels the world. Who knows? I might be in a city close to you. When not traveling, love being naked around the house.
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    Amateur. My porn experience has all been amateur of me with some FB's over the years.
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    Ass play - stretching, licking, fingering, hard cock and creamy loads
    Oral - Fucking - some days a total bottom, some days a total top. Most days? Love both. I enjoy flip-flopping through an entire session.
    Prolonged play session in the rim chair, on the massage table or sling
    Interesting men. Love verbal guys who really like to talk it up before, during and after. Great mind sex right there!

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  1. Hell ya!! I've got tons of amateur stuff that my ex filmed. He was a real voyeur and was actually pretty darn good with the camera. So he would video me getting fucked and loaded or me fucking a hot ass and loading it up. There are even a couple of gang bang vids where I got fucked by all 4 guys there..... a couple of outdoor sling videos and even one in St. Martin on the beach on Ile Tintamarre by my ex and a fuck buddy of ours). He was good at not getting faces (I'd lose my job if it ever got 'out there'). I also did some editing after the fact - to remove faces.0 Being
  2. I like this idea.... I'd love to get in the middle of a nice 3 way with Lexington Steele and Rocco Siffredi. Just let them take turns fucking my mouth and ass hard... lots of ass slapping and throat action. Two nice big cocks as well.....
  3. Thanks for your thumbs-up on my gallery... good to know someone enjoyed them! Cheers


  4. Looks like you enjoyed the RIM series I posted.  Most excellent. One of my fave activities as well.  More to cum! Cheers!!

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Yes, very much mate. I love a good butt munch....thanks for posting.

  5. Ha..... I agree. Ya' just gotta love a profile on a bareback site that is full of 'ask me'.. Seriously? We are on the site because we wanna fuck.... not date. So why not be upfront about what turns your crank? Weird. Indeed... I bet it would be a lousy fuck if he cannot even communicate up front.... imagine trying to 'read his mind'? LOL. Oh well, there are lots of other straight-forward profiles to pick from on BBRT... thank goodness. Cheers
  6. What a great way to spend a few hours.... and a few loads as well. Sounds like a freakin' GREAT time!
  7. To each his own. I know some guys are turned on by cum and by chasing. Me? I love hot cum in both my holes.... but my ex was poz and I watched a lot of the shit he went through due to his existing health issues and I decided to start PrEP in order to reduce my risk. This way, I know there are still risks - but they are very minimal. So, I can take as much cum as I like. I know that if the top is poz and undetectable the risk is even lower. I also realize this doesn't stop STD's - but that is a risk we all knowingly take. Great question.
  8. TGIF really made sense to me yesterday.... Turned out to be Thank God Its Fuckday. Got pinged by one of my regular FB's. Early 60's, rock hard cock and knows how to fuck. He said he wanted to start the weekend off right..... was I around? We always have a good time, so I told him "Hell ya... I'm on vacation... come on over now". He was there 30 minutes later and we shared a toke. He was likely not even aware he was doing it, but each time it was my turn, he would idly run his fingers across the front of his slightly tented shorts. We finished our smoke and I thought I would surprise
  9. Who do you spend your early years with as a kid quite often?? Your cousins. I played with about 4 of my 6 boy cousins for years. For us, it was a safe place to talk and experiment. We were the same age roughly, so nobody took advantage of anyone really.... I was uncut and they were cut - so there was already a bit of curiousity about the difference. Then progressed to mostly oral. For years. On and off. Always consenual... "Hey you wanna...????". We realized that it was a safe way to get off with people we knew. Interestingly 3 of the 6 'came out as gay' and live su
  10. Asthma here and laid low for a few months. Started back up with a couple of regular FWB's that were also isolating at their homes. Once we figured out there were 2-3 of us that had cut back... we started up fucking around in June (Canada numbers have been pretty good). We still keep it restricted to a few of us... all 4 of us are happy to be able to get some mouth and ass again. I've average 3-4 loads a week from the same 3 guys since June. Life is good.
  11. I have a couple. I wear them all the time with certain fuck buddies..... they are great when you are fucking a bottom and want to really get hold of him and pull him down onto your cock. One of my FB's is really good at combining the use of the harness when he is fucking me in the sling. He has me flat on my back, and pulls me down onto his cock while he stands with his feet planted on the ground and 'plants' himself. It is always that extra half inch more of cock into my second ring. Grin. They can really frame a nice hair chest, or smooth pecs or a broad set of shoulders. I'm
  12. Love that furry profile shot man.... just lyin' there and relaxing your sexy self.   The hairy ass shot is delicious as well.  Cheers

    1. Konrad


      Glad you like it my friend.  Yours is pretty hot too.  Love a creamy hole. 

  13. I should have added to my post that even though I can do a quick clean or thorough clean... part of ensuring there is NO more includes.... reduction of your eating BEFORE... in other words, reduce your intake so that once you clean out.... there isn't a lot more to come down the pipe (so to speak). I know a buddy of mine also takes an Immodium now and then to prevent / slow down throughput. Just a couple of more thoughts for you to take into consideration! Cheers
  14. I can usually do a decent job of cleaning out 2-3 times in less than 30 minutes. I eat fiber as well and my ex used to laugh at me all the time about the proverbial coffee + shit every morning. Something to be said for regularity and predictability (I learned when I started to bottom). If I'm going to have a good ass play session in the sling with big toys or friends with toys, cocks and fists... I really take my time and can be squeaky clean in an hour. I bought a shower set that really helps the entire process. I can start things 'moving along' and step over to the toilet a few tim
  15. I usually ask them a question... like... "Did you enjoy that load of creamy cum?" or "I enjoyed seeding your hole". Either way... it gives them yet another reason to say "thanks for the hot load" to me. GRIN. Cheers
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