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    Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada
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    Flexible and open minded. Love ass play... that includes cock sucking, rimming and fucking. Vers guy - love flip flop sessions. Into toys - massage table, rim chair and sling with toys of many sizes. Would love to find a patient top to open me up for fisting. Enjoy a hot piss bath now and then in the sling.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Business exec who travels the world. Who knows? I might be in a city close to you. When not traveling, love being naked around the house.
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    Amateur. My porn experience has all been amateur of me with some FB's over the years.
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    Ass play - stretching, licking, fingering, hard cock and creamy loads
    Oral - Fucking - some days a total bottom, some days a total top. Most days? Love both. I enjoy flip-flopping through an entire session.
    Prolonged play session in the rim chair, on the massage table or sling
    Interesting men. Love verbal guys who really like to talk it up before, during and after. Great mind sex right there!

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  1. Great profile background.

    LOVE the looking for section.  I get it.  I'm a versatile/switch.  I also enjoy sometimes being the passive/sub and let the other guy be dom... whether he forces me to eat his ass, suck his cock or take a hot load.  But, when I am in a top mood and the bottom is aggressive and dom and he only wants me for my cock... that is fun too.  

    Cheers man.... good luck in your search!

  2. I call them 'assgasms'. And oh man... do they ever feel good. I have a regular FB who is a total ass lover. He loves to eat, rim, finger and fuck my hole. He has been slowly introducing me to FF and one afternoon we were playing and had smoked one and I was pretty relaxed while he played. He just kept slowly working my hole with his fingers. When he was up to four and starting to tease my prostate, I suddenly had this crazy feeling. He just looked at me and laughed and said "let it go... let it go... cum.... do it" and I relaxed and had my first assgasm. I knew I had done a thoroug
  3. Years ago, my partner and I flew from Toronto to Amsterdam for a weekend before carrying on to UK on our way to a wedding. We hit the clubs and ended up at a club with some blackout areas. We decided to split up and see if we could find anything/anyone 'interesting'. LOTS of hot men. I strolled around and had some friendly 'groping' and touching from the guys in the bar and hallways. I eventually found the dark areas and fumbled my way into the room and stopped to let my eyes adjust. Definitely some interesting stuff going on here. If nothing else, lots more groping. Naked s
  4. I love to feel a hot load of cum oozing into my ass when I'm getting fucked. Quite often, that is what pushes me over the top and I blow a load. But thanks to prostate cancer years ago, sometimes I don't get hard enough during a fuck, so I work on really giving that cock up my hole a good squeeze action with my ass muscles. Throw in some good verbal dirty talk and I usually still get the hot load - but have actually had orgasms/assgasms from the mind fuck part of it all. Thanks to the surgery, I am lucky (yes) that I can still cum, and sometimes I have 2-3 or three mini-cums and just leak
  5. Some good advice from the other folks. I did notice you mention going for 5 months and stopping for 1 month so 'things' don't show up in your tests. I respectfully suggest - don't do that. My family doctor retired. New doctor is traditional but approachable. He knew I was in a same sex partnership and also that I had been married with kids previously. When I went for my first physical with him as my new Doc, we finished with a chat. He was the GP for my partner - who was HIV+ and now undetectable. He point blank asked me if I was also being treated? When I said no, he said - then le
  6. I love ATM and MTA. I have a semi-regular married very hung black buddy who drops by once or twice a month when his wife isn't putting out. LOL. I always make sure to do a thorough cleaning when he cums by, as we started doing ATM last year. Because his cock is fucking huge, he reaches places most guys don't. He works his way up from a slow gentle probing to a good, solid fucking. He is shy and new to MM sex. Lucky me. I get to educate him. One day while he was pumping me nice and steady, he just asked if I would suck his cock after he had fucked me for a bit?? I told him
  7. It is a really enjoyable activity when all three guys have some experience and know what they are looking for because I think it just makes for a great open minded romp. My partner and I talked right away about inviting a third for some really hot sex. And the rest of the time, we were happy to enjoy one another and live a good life. But we had a regular few guys that we always enjoyed including in hot threesomes. We are both versatile, so it always leaves a lot of flexibility for that third guy. There are a lot of bottoms out there for sure... but, some nights that is what we
  8. For me, it is about the fact that this guy has his entire cock INSIDE of me.... I relish the feeling as his cock head splits me open. I love the feeling of his shaft stroking in and out and causing warmth from the friction. Most of my fuck buddies love to talk dirty and are telling me to get ready to feel their hot cum spurt way up inside my gut. Then that feeling of wet, warmth oozing inside of me. I can feel it. I milk it with my ass muscles, trying to get every drop of cum from his spewing cock. But then, some nice slow churning of that load inside. I love to feel him stroki
  9. I like the idea of a split screen and seeing the two guys' faces.... or their eyes. I have seen some very HOT porn where two guys lock eyes with one another and you know they are enjoying every finger, fist, cock or cumshot. You can see it. Some guys are better at dirty piggy talk than others. Fuck me, fuck me is kinda boring. But, "I'm getting close to shooting my big hot load of cum..... where do you want it"? is much more of a turn on for me. I like when they feed off one another's piggy talk and act out what they say they want to do. Kinda neat!
  10. Great memory for me. LOL. My Mom was prattling on and on about things at home with her and Dad.... the neighbourhood, my siblings. My partner wandered into the room and realized who was on the other end of the phone and decided it would be funny to slide my shorts down and start sucking my cock. He was stretching my foreskin with his teeth, while looking up at me and grinning and me trying not to gasp. Licking my balls. Swallowing my whole and making me gasp a little. Mom is asking... "Is everything OK? You sound funny?". I got hard as hell right away.... he made sure
  11. My answer to that would be... "I can be either... I have great ass muscle control. What's your preference?" In fact one of my long term FWB says he loves how I can either loosen my hole up completely to allow him to slam his cock deep and feel the juicy, sloppiness of my well fucked hole. Same guy says... he loves how I can GRIP his cock almost painfully on the instroke or outstroke. So, it's all about my muscle control. I can truly be either. I practice my technique as mentioned above by @find91 by using some toys and taking my time to open up and slide and tighten up and grip t
  12. A long term FWB of mine had injured himself. He was stuck at home for about 3 weeks and was losing his mind. He knows I live alone and have been laying pretty low, so he called out of the blue and said "Let's fuck... I'm horny as fuck". He usually likes a good aggressive rutting of my hole and dumping a porn star load. I got there and we got naked quick in his living room. After we 69'd for a while, he rolled onto his back and asked if I would ride him.... due to this injury...... He said he hadn't cum in a week because of this injury and had a big load to donate. So I lub
  13. It's certainly dampened my sex life. Learning how to jerk off with either hands - for variety. But like a lot of others here - I have family that are at high risk. So my choices boil down to - lay low and spend time with the ones I love OR get laid. If I opt for the get laid, I cannot spend time with loved ones. Seems like an easy one for my situation Everyone is different. And to you health workers and care givers on this thread.... A BIG THANK YOU for your service during these crazy times.
  14. Wow.. those are some pretty amazing toys. NOT for beginners... lol. I bookmarked it. Shipments to Canada appear to be quite expensive, but they have 'some' of their stock with a Canadian firm (Montreal) called Priape. I've bought toys from Priape before and they are easy to deal with. I need to start looking for a new toy for winter 2020... grin. Thanks for the tip!! Cheers
  15. Hell ya!! I've got tons of amateur stuff that my ex filmed. He was a real voyeur and was actually pretty darn good with the camera. So he would video me getting fucked and loaded or me fucking a hot ass and loading it up. There are even a couple of gang bang vids where I got fucked by all 4 guys there..... a couple of outdoor sling videos and even one in St. Martin on the beach on Ile Tintamarre by my ex and a fuck buddy of ours). He was good at not getting faces (I'd lose my job if it ever got 'out there'). I also did some editing after the fact - to remove faces.0 Being
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