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    I am a eunuch and looking to be used for the pleasure of men. I want to be infected with syphillis and other STDs.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Tops, barebackers, toilet training - chasing syphillis

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  1. Have had crabs several times - many years ago. Would like them again, as well as syphilis for the first time
  2. thanks for following me

  3. I am a recovering Republican. Both parties have problems but the right wingers are the ones who say I am second class because I am gay.
  4. I was surgically castrated 7 years ago. The burdizzo is "iffy" - meant for livestock - the chords are more brittle than a human. I had a top try it a couple of times. It was like a kick in the balls and some bruising after, but did not destroy my nuts.
  5. I am looking to get syphilis.  Where are you?

  6. gay cousin. Dead from AIDS
  7. Thanks for the reputation.

  8. It takes time to learn to overcome our training that scat is an awful thing. Your are doing well!
  9. I would like it. I wish we were closer
  10. That is so great. I am still looking for syphillis.
  11. How does one get or give reputation to another member?
  12. As a castrated man, I still have a sex drive. I use testosterone replacement. I don't cum as often but when I do it is more intense. I have found that most guys don't care - they fuck me or I suck them.
  13. My father was born in Finland and I have many distant cousins who want me to visit. Would enjoy meeting some new friends
  14. i don't like smearing but like to get fed shit from a hot hole. It takes practice to overcome the gag reflex, but I like to practice.
  15. I like your experience and that you have a potential source for STD donor.   I keep looking and will succeed in getting syph, etc.

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