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    Smoking : pipes & Marlboro Reds with deep inhaling a major fetish.
    Growing interest in leather
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    Pre-poz, but now ready to embrace my needs & desires.

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  1. Thanks for the follow! 

    1. Diesel


      My pleasure stud!

  2. Very sorry to hear about your tremendously sad loss. Hopefully you can take some consolation from the time you were able to spend together, and finally grant his wish. Giving yourself some space from other encounters, might be the right approach just now, but in time you will probably want to reconsider this.
  3. Great, well written story. Wondering whether he’ll be distracted from getting PEP in time? We shall see..... Well set up at the end for a second part!
  4. Excellent story, and I look forward to the next instalment. Thank You for writing, and don’t make us wait too long!
  5. One of the hottest entries on the site 🔥🔥 Am sure many, like me, can relate to either of the main protagonists, if not both! Hope you feel ready to gift us with further chapters in the near future. Many Thanks!
  6. Enjoyable, as always Thanks! But I must admit a strong preference for your longer epics, which allow your greater depths, character development, etc to really shine.
  7. Hot Profile mate 🔥🔥🔥

    Love to smoke  with you!

  8. I concur, it would be Perpetual CumMotion. Unfortunately I never had the agility to self suck, at least at a time I would have recognised it’s potential!
  9. You are not stupid & the question you asked was perfectly reasonable. We are mostly here to enjoy our community for mutual enjoyment, but sharing knowledge. It’s great when people can provide help and answers, as often occurs based on shared knowledge or direct experience. There is absolutely no shame at all in asking questions & doing so does NOT make you thick. 🤗
  10. In support of the moderators, I would suggest that they have an entirely thankless task, for a job that they do, by & large very efficiently. Without them it’s difficult to see how this site can survive. I doubt either of them would miss the probably non existent salary! It certainly doesn’t come from my subs, or anyone else’s. Their task is rather like that of a children’s soccer referee taking very public and verbal abuse when they rule against a parent’s particular team or child. Not surprisingly in areas where this occurs it’s becoming impossible to retain or recruit people into these positions; then surprise surprise teams and leagues are disbanded. The disrespectful parents are entirely to blame when this happens. Without moderation and rules this site would be in a minefield of legal disasters, waiting to happen, including, but not limited to closure or litigation Now my dealings with both the moderators has been extremely limited, but less it be said I’m trying to curry favour for myself, I will say they are human, and as such not infallible. Mistakes will inevitably sometimes happen. However if I found myself being sanctioned for something I’d done, I would either grin and bear it, or if I felt it was questionable, or unfair, I would raise this directly with the person concerned. I would be confident of a fair hearing, or second opinion. Complaining publicly, with the obvious intention of causing embarrassment to the parties concerned, is not the way to change any minds. It’s a bit like having a shouting argument in a restaurant, when the meal has been unsatisfying. A quiet discrete complaint is far more likely to lead to a resolution. Goading or daring people to take sanctions, is pretty dumb, and may not have the intended consequences. Its a bloody good job I am not on the moderating team, because I would show considerably less restraint towards some of the nasty complainants, than has been shown here. Anyone unhappy with the site, (rules & all) is entitled to either cease active participation or if they wish they are free to leave.
  11. Just wanted to say I’m appalled that this sort of situation can occur in a seat of learning, in a supposedly civilised country. I cannot add any further suggestions to those already given by your supporters above. But know that you and your partner have my fullest sympathy and moral support. I hope that that you are able to receive some kind of restitution & that the guilty party is subject to some disciplinary action, or at least a severe reprimand.
  12. Sorry I can’t reply to messages today, as I’ve run out; will respond ASAP

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      uncomfortable situation when you run out of messages...

    2. Diesel


      Yes, was not good running out of messages, but happily I’m back now with a fresh batch. Apologies for late replies to everyone, & I’ll try to catch up tonight 🤗

  13. Actually one way might be to make sure you’re filly using your own “like”quota each day for worthy posts. This will increase your own prominence & earns points on your rankings. It’s especially satisfying when you can give a New Member a leg up to Junior Member status. So be nice brothers and spread yer likes!
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