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  1. A really great story - thank you. 

    1. ctcub


      You're welcome, hopefully more to come, if the muse continues to strike me

  2. My name is Charlie, and I am a recovering addict. Almost 10 years ago, I got involved with some guys in California who got me hooked on meth, used me for a few months, and then basically left me for dead. I survived. Well, part of me did. Sometimes I think its the part of me that should have died. I hadn't done tina in almost 10 years, though, like a bad addict, I would still look at chem porn, and read sleazy, chem-filled stories on sites like this one, on bugshare, on NKP. I got off over and over again to stories of guys getting fucked up, whether it be by their choice or not, and getting used like the sluts most gay men are. I got off on stories about pozzing, stealthing (chems and poz), zoo, you name it. I was a secret (or not so secret, I don't know) pervert, but I hadn't relapsed. That was until recently. See there was this guy that I had talked to over those almost 10 years, from the time I was in California through the time that I moved to Boston. For most of this time, he didn't know that I was in recovery, that I really shouldn't be talking about how much I would love to be between his hairy thighs while he spun his pipe and blew clouds over me. This guy was my kind of pig. Tall, about 6 foot or a little more, and bearish - both furry, and with a belly. But best of all, he was a pig, and made no bones about it. Well, he may have made a few bones, if you catch my drift. His name was Pat, and he was local to me in Boston, only a few miles away, but as anyone who lives in a metro area knows, 6 miles can be a very long way to go for cock. Pat was into leather harnesses and slings, piss play and fist, sweat, spit and anon sex. All of that made me hot. What made me hotter was that he didn't care about his status for most of the 10 years that we were chatting and camming. He didn't care about his status until he tested positive for HIV in 2015, after which point he started to care more about what his partner's status was. See, once he converted, he began to like gifting and stealthing guys. So he would tell some guys that he was undetectable, or just not talk about status with them when they would party with him. But he and I would talk about it. I was still neg, and had been something of a passive chaser for most of my sexually active years. It was all fantasy to me - granted a hot fantasy that got me off time and again, but still a fantasy. I let undetectable guys breed me, and didn't ask status for a lot of the guys that used my holes, but still tested neg in 2016. I had been cautious about talking to Pat after moving to the Boston area, as I hadn't wanted to break my sobriety and relapse, although every day dirty fantasies would flit through my head, where I would go, and someone would slip a booty bump up my hole, and by the time I realized what it was, I wouldn't be able to do anything about it but beg for more dick. Then I did something that would change my life completely, and free me from the fantasy Hell I had been trapped in. I told Pat about some of these fantasies, especially ones where I would be kidnapped and forced to do chems and take cock for days. When I was young, there was no real worry about a guy finding your address if you didn't want him to - it was too much effort for most people to go through, and besides, shit like that only happens to other people, right? Well, since there has been such an upsurge of technology that utilizes a phone's GPS for the purposes of finding ass, it has become easier to triangulate someone's location based on these applications. Guess what? It didn't happen to someone else. It happened to me. And I couldn't be happier. You see, a few weeks ago, Pat and I were talking on Scruff, and I noticed that he was only about a half mile from me. This was closer than his usual 6 miles or so of distance, so I asked what he was up to. "Running an errand, had to come down to your neck of the woods to grab something," he said, and I thought no more of it. I was outside, having a clove in my garage to stay out of the wind, when a car pulled into my empty driveway. This was a black sedan, unremarkable in its make and model - probably a Camry, there are like a billion of those. In the driver's seat was someone I recognized, Pat. He pulled all the way down the drive, not trapping me, but there were few places that I could go to get away. And believe me, I wanted to get away. I knew that something was going to happen, I just felt nervous all of a sudden. "Hey Charlie! I was in the neighborhood, and decided to drop by to see you, since we have been talking these 10 years and haven't met yet." His voice was as sexy as I remembered, medium timbered but clear and resonant. All I could think of were the videos he'd sent me of him being a verbal, nasty top with piggy bottoms. The vids that I had jacked to countless times. "Oh, hi, glad to finally meet you in person!" I stammered in response, nervous as all Hell. He came to me and wrapped me in a big bear hug, and I could hear him sniffing at my neck as he hugged me. So here I am, being hugged by this guy that I think is both sexy and dangerous as fuck, and dammit if my dick doesn't start to chub. He can feel it, since even though he was around 6 foot tall, I was about 6'4", so my crotch was pressed against his stomach. I could smell the sweat on him, if I bothered to pay attention, and that was driving me up the wall too. Pat's arms were around my back, and even though he was holding me tight still, I could feel his hands moving lower, rubbing my lower back, and then my ass. I couldn't help it, I moaned softly. He let me go and stood back, peering into my face. "Please tell me you aren't busy right now," he whispered seductively into my ear, his scruff tickling my neck and jaw. "Now that I have seen you in person, I'm thinking I'm going to have to feed you my hog right here." His hog, that was what he has always called his admittedly ample fuck stick. About 8.5x6 uncut inches, getting thicker towards the base after a head that was great for popping holes open to stretch for his thick shaft. I'd seen it plenty, in various states of hardness, and I knew that I wanted that cock, that I had wanted that cock for close to 10 years. I didn't care that he was admittedly poz, not on meds, and wanted to get me to relapse. None of that mattered, now that I could feel his bulge growing against my hip. I sighed, knowing that I was being stupid, but not caring. Knowing that even if it was stupid, I would regret for my entire life not taking the offer that was on the table - getting to play with this guy that I had been into for a long time. "Not so busy that I don't have some time to finally get to know you, Pat. It's been too long that we have been dancing around this." I could feel my face heating up, turning red. "Good, because I want to make you my pig. You aren't cleaned up by any chance are you?" I shook my head, having not planned on meeting up with anyone, let alone someone I had had a dangerous crush on for years. He smiled and said "Well, I have a lot of time, and you are going to go inside, get rinsed up - only inside, mind! And then I'm going to bring you back to my place." I stubbed my clove out, and told him to follow me inside where I could get ready for him. I did the usual thing to clean up for a good long fuck, cleaning as deeply and as quickly as I could. When I came out of the bathroom, Pat was on the couch, looking at his phone, grinning. He looked at me and said, so you think you're ready for this hog?" He grabbed his crotch and moved his half hard dick around in his pants. The thirst was strong, and I nodded. "Ok then," he said, "grab some lube, I'm going to give you some piss up your ass before we go to my place." My dick got hard, and I went to get the lube from my room, along with my harness, and bag of toys. I slipped the harness on under my shirt, put a jockstrap on - red Nasty Pig, sweaty and unwashed, as well as a cockring. Pat grinned harder as I came out, and I handed him my bottle of Gun Oil. "Turn around and let me see that hot ass." I pulled down my pants, and bent over slightly so that he could see and feel my ass. His hand on my ass felt great, but I was still nervous. Here I was, letting this guy that I knew was partying, piss up my ass and plug it in me. He spread a bit of lube on his fingers and lubed my hole, one finger in, then two, and then three, and then four. In and out, my hole hungry for the attention that it was getting. I heard him fumbling with the lube again, and then I could hear the unmistakable sound of a cock being lubed. "You're going to love this. Hold still." I felt his hand on my lower back, holding me in place, and then I felt the head of that hot, uncut cock right on my hole, and I pushed back just slightly to get the head of his hog in me. As his head popped through, and I could feel the stretch of his much thicker shaft pushing in me slightly, a light sweat popped out on my brow. Am I doing the right thing here? I thought to myself. But even as the thought crossed my mind, it was too late, and I could feel his strong, warm piss filling my hole, and I could feel the heat growing stronger and stronger. After about two minutes, with his cock pulsing inside me, he sighed and said "There, now clench." I clenched my hole, holding his very large load of piss inside myself. It probably would have been too much liquid had I not just rinsed out and had water up there before. "Hold still pig, I have a plug for you so you don't get that good piss on my car seats." I felt something cold on my ass again, and then more pressure, and a decent sized plug - I presumed, since I hadn't seen it - popped its way inside my chute. Pat pulled up my sweats, patted my ass, and said "Let's go, pig." Already feeling hornier than I had felt for the last 10 years, I followed him out, knowing that I was going to be his sub pig for as long as he wanted me. We got in the car, and he pulled out of my drive, taking off for destination unknown - his place. I had no idea how long it would take to get there, and I was just happy I had the plug in me to hold that chem piss inside of me. The ride took about 20 minutes, and we were at his place, where he told me to go right to the tub, bend over, and wait for him. The bathroom was simple, beige walls, beige shower tiles, clear plastic shower curtain. There were hard water stains on the bathtub, but by this point it was something that I noticed only because Pat wasn't there yet. The sun was shining through the window in the shower, and I could feel its tenuous heat on my skin. It was hardly a couple of minutes that I was there, in my jock and harness, and nothing else, standing with my head on the shower wall, back arched, ass out. "Damn, I love a pig who follows instructions. Ok, we won't be wasting it like this very often, but I want you to push out all of that chem piss into the tub. We want to make sure I didn't loosen anything else up there." As soon as he told me to let it go, I started to gently push, as I had had a cramp building from trying to hold it in too long. The piss came out dark yellow, but clear of any debris, apparently I had cleaned out better than I thought. Pat made sure that I was still clean, and that there wasn't anything else forthcoming from my hole - that I was ready to get stuffed full of what I was born to take - cock and cum. "Here, another treat for you, because I know you will be the pig I want soon." Pat's voice was getting sexier, and more dominant with the minute, and again, I did as he told me to - bent over the arm of the couch as we had left the bathroom and gone to the living room. There was porn playing on the TV, a laptop connected to it, and I recognized the porn, one of my favorite scenes from a TIM flick, one with Calvin and the Fucktard. My head was out there, focusing on all of the piggy thoughts that I had buried (poorly) over the years, when I felt Pat behind me again, fingers sliding into my hole with a little lube. "I call these Devil's Cocks." He said to me as I then felt something frozen touch my hungry hole. I was already high from the chem piss earlier - it had been pretty strong, but I knew that a Devil's Cock was. Frozen cum. He was lubing me right. "Only, these Devil's Cocks have an extra ingredient, my favorite vitamin T. You are getting about a third of a cup of cum, and quite a bit of tina with this pig. We will make sure those inhibitions go away." Shit he knows how nervous I am. I thought this, even though I was already high, already lost. Already relapsed. I felt the cumcicle pop its way into my hole, chilling me. Pat kept rubbing my hole, making me moan. "Don't worry, we are going to have this hole stretched around my poz hog soon pig. I'm just going to reteach you how to smoke a pipe, and I'm going to watch you suck my cock while I spin for my hits." My cock couldn't really get hard any more - I get crystal dick very badly - but I was so horny, and those words made a small wet spot appear in my jock pouch. He sat on the couch and told me that since I got the booty bump, he was going to enjoy me servicing him before he taught me how to spin the pipe. The floor wasn't comfortable, but I didn't care, especially not after Pat threw a pillow on the ground for my knees. He pulled his hog out of his jock - he was wearing chaps, a black leather jockstrap, his leather harness and a cap - fucking hot. As he pulled his dick out, I could smell his cock and balls, knew that he hadn't washed them in a while, and I was good with that. The smell was intoxicating. Or maybe that was the cloud he breathed down on me, not sure. I sniffed up and down the length of his cock while he spun the pipe, groaned and otherwise enjoyed the feeling of my beard on his cock and balls, and I enjoyed getting his scent mixed up into my face fur. It wasn't long before I started licking the head of his cock, the very barest part of it sticking out of his foreskin, a drop of precum already in his slit. I slurped that up while I made eye contact with him, and started to suck his cock into my mouth, savoring the taste of manly flesh, a hint of my ass and piss. For at least an hour, I knelt on the floor between this man's thighs while he spun the pipe, and I finally got to suck on the cock that I had dreamed about for years. And suck I did. I used every skill, every technique that I had developed over the years to give him as much pleasure as possible. I brought him to the edge 4 times in that first hour, and never let him cum in my mouth - since that would be a waste of his seed. I was able to better than I ever have in the past, holding him down my throat until black stars danced in my vision. He held the back of my head and made sure that every inch of his hog was in my throat, and that his full nuts were up against my beard. I tugged and pulled on his sack while he moaned in that deep voice of his. He grabbed my hands and pulled them to his nipples, "Work em, pig." "Your throat is fucking awesome, dude. Why did it take so long to get my hog down your throat? Fuck!" he exclaimed at one point. Because I was a recovering addict, and too chickenshit to let go again. I thought as I worked this hot specimen on manhood with my mouth. And there is no where I'd rather be right now. I want this thing in my hole, so fucking bad. I didn't realize that I had said that out loud as I stared at the fully hard 8 plus inches of cock in front of me until I heard Pat chuckle. "You want my cock up your little hole pig? You want this hot hog that you have been slurping on for an hour and a half to dig you out and plant my seed in you? My POZ seed?" I was looking up at him, hunger still written on my face. "Fuck. Yes. Sir." He chuckled again, muttering under his breath, almost too soft for me to hear: "Hog gets em every time." Louder, he told me to get on the couch next to him, and he would pack a bowl for me, and refresh himself some, since he'd been enjoying the polish job I'd been doing on his glorious tool too much to really blow any clouds. I sat with my arms behind my head, sweat beading on my head and running down my sides from my arm pits. I could smell them without moving my head. So could Pat. "Woof! Hot scent coming from those pig pits!" He was packing what looked to me to be a lot of tina into the bowl, a big pile sitting there in the bulb, which he soon melted into a puddle. "So, it's been a while since you partied, you told me, right? So I am going to remind you how to twirl the glass cock. I'll control the fire for now, you start inhaling slowly and steadily once I tell you. Don't take your eyes off the hole." I smirked like an 8th grader, and Pat sniggered again. He heated the bowl like the professional he was, and soon told me to start inhaling, slowly and steadily. "A little harder. Nope, too much, just...there you go boy. Pull that cloud in deep. A little more. More. There, hold that until I tell you to let it go." My lungs are filled to bursting, more than I would take for a toke of pot, way more than a drag of a cigarette. I felt my lungs start to quiver when Pat finally told me to release it. A huge white cloud enveloped my head, covering Pat from my view, but it was strangely satisfying. A couple of seconds later, I heard a cell phone video clip ending, and then some more bits and tweets. "Fuck, that was a good cloud boy! You are going to take a few more like that before we are ready to bend you over. I like my fuckholes SPUN! I recorded that, sent you a copy, and am uploading a copy to NKP right now." I am sure my phone vibrated somewhere around my sweatpants, but I could care less. I was floating, and perfectly happy to stay that way. My hole was tingling hungrily, and my eyes were closed, but I heard Pat say "Time for another, slut." I repeated, took another huge hit and blew a nice thick cloud. Twice more. Then Pat had me operate the fire, and told me to put my feet on the couch and expose my ass. As I got into position, Pat got his baggie out again, and put a nice shard on his finger tip, before shoving it knuckle deep in me. It felt so fucking good. I could feel the cum from the Devil's Cock around the finger, feel it move in me when Pat got in. I loved it. Pat saw it on my face and grinned a sleazy sexy grin, and told me to go ahead and release the hit. I did, and he said very seductively, "Well, I liked what I felt in that hole earlier. I liked it again just now. I want to take your hole, keep you high as fuck, pound you, use you, and get lots more loads than just mine in there. Are you ready to take my cock, and let me make you mine?" I didn't have to think for very long. My ass was on fire, doing all of my decision making. And my ass needed cock. Pat's cock. Pat's poz cock. "Please, yes Sir."
  3. Do you have a hairy body? What little town are you in baby👄

  4. What little town👄

    1. ctcub
    2. Willing


      I'd be your Maine man👄

    3. Willing


      Especially with a hole like that! Nice profile 👄

  5. Definitely love to be your hole for a weekend papiforboyz!
  6. This section is for chemsex FICTION, not for ads
  7. Part 3 ill come about when I have time to sit and write it, but it is coming. there is just so much more to write about it
  8. Part 2 "You are gonna take all of our poz loads this weekend, slut. And you are going to beg us for each one. We saw how you came when Javi bred you full of his poz load. Now you will be getting ours. Probably a lot of piss too. And maybe a fist or two. More than that if I have my way though." More to come I hope. Also, if there is anyone who is a native speaker of spanish and wishes to help me make the spanish in this story more real, please message me. I'm pretty sure that most of it is formal spanish, which isn't what a hot papi like Javier would be using. I am so high that I can barely parse what it is he is saying, all that I can tell is that this sexy man with his hot as hell deep voice is telling me what I want to hear - that these men are going to use me as they want to, and fill me with cum. I can feel the air on my hole before he touches me with his cock, his thick head fitting snug into a hole that won't close all the way. His dick head is gritty, and even that sensation is driving my cunt wild. "That's my good lil puta. So hot watching that culo wink and beg for more dick. Tell papi and all of his buddies what that hole needs, hijo." His words barely register, up until he repeats himself with a growl and a slap across my face. "Tell papi what that hole needs, puta!" "My hole needs more cock and cum papi! It needs it bad!" I reply, a waver in my voice, a waver of excitement, of need. A slap to my chest and a hard pull on my pierced nipple, followed by "What kind of cock and cum, puto?" "Poz cock papi, this cunt needs poz cock and cum!" His buddies all laugh again, and a couple spit on me. The man between my legs, whose name I never caught finally pushes his meth covered cock into my hole, stretching it open a little more, and filling me up a little deeper. My eyes roll back, and I bliss out for a second, savoring the feeling of his big black dick stretching my hole out, helping to turn it from a tight negative hole into a gaping poz cunt. It isn't long before the motion of his dick and the cum already lubing me up melt the meth in me, and make my ass start to smolder. The burn feels so fucking good as I get higher. I feel a cock slapping my face, and I can smell the sweat of this hot male flesh, the pheromones making me want it all the more. "Open your mouth slut, and stick out your tongue." I comply, drooling at the prospect of having another cock in my mouth, while there is one slamming my hole hard. I can taste the sweat, and the beginning of cock cheese on this cock, and feel the foreskin with my tongue, all of this making me moan like the cock loving puto that I am. Then I feel the piss start flowing, and hear the command to swallow most, but to let some of it cover my face. At the same time I feel other streams of piss hitting my body, soaking into my fur, running down into the bed of the sling. I hear more voices, most telling me variations of "Fuck yea, drink that piss!" or "That's it pig!" Another cock moves to my mouth opposite the first, and starts pissing into my mouth as well, and this one 's piss is very bitter. If I weren't high as a kite, I wouldn't even want this piss on me, let alone in my mouth and stomach, but I am so high that it seems so much hotter to be drinking this nastier piss. "That's it puto," my papi's voice comes to me, "Drink more of my chemmed piss. So much stronger since I slammed." "I'm gonna breed this hole full of my charged load. Here comes load number number 2!" My attention immediately goes to my ass, and I can feel the muscles contracting and milking the cock that is giving my hole exactly what it want, almost completely outside of my control. "Fuck yea, this bitch is milking my toxic jizz out, he wants it bad!" My papi tells me that I am making him so proud, and he bends down to suck up some of the run off piss and spit it in my mouth before kissing me hard, and motioning for the next man to take his place between my legs, and open my hole even more. And so it goes for I don't even know how long, until I hear a man say that he is pumping load number 8 into me, and commenting as he pulls out that my hole is gaped and refusing to close all the way. At this point, Javier moves in between my legs, while his buddies move to the mattress or chairs around the room, and starts putting his fingers into my hole again. "Well, looks like this hole has gone from a tight little boy hole to an open slut pussy, hijo. Now are you willing to let papi make it into a gaping poz coño? A cumdump hole that papi will be proud to give to anyone who wants to slide in? A loose glove for papi's fist? A bitch hole for papi's dogs?" With each question he jabs his fingers into my button, making me moan, until I finally scream "FUCK YES PAPI! MAKE ME THE POZ PIG CUNT THAT YOU ARE PROUD TO OWN!" He leans down and kisses my balls then looks me in the eyes and says "Good puto. You are mine. I am going to make this a coño I am proud to give out for free to my buddies, and sell to dirty men who want in." He looks at one of his buddies and tells him "Go and get the puto a big bottle of water, he needs it." Javier's attention goes back to my hole, rubbing my ring, murmuring to himself in spanish, pulling on my hole, opening it up more, sliding in four fingers, then adding his thumb, and finally meeting resistance. The water comes, and I am told to drink it all, but slowly, while Javier rubs more chems on my hole, and pushes a couple of shards into me, then gets up and grabs a can of crisco. "This is special lube my puto-hijo's hole. It is going to help papi get his fist, then his fist and his pinga into your culo. Do yo like that sound of that hijo?" I frantically nod my head yes, as there doesn't seem to be anything that sounds better at that moment. "Yes papi, please papi, make my coño yours, and as loose as you can!" He grins that evil sexy grin at me, then looks to one of his buddies, a hot Dominican stud with another big cock and a hot biohazard tattoo, and starts to give him instructions in spanish that I don't understand. "Vaya y gato asesino, y llevarme de su leche. Quiero saber si este puede tomar su coño empapado." Go and jack off Killer, and bring me some of his milk. I want to know if this cunt can take it. His buddy grins huge and walks out of the room, but my attention is brought back to Javier playing with my hole. "I think it's time to give you another slam, puto. A nice big one. You want a slam from your tóxicos papi?" He says to me as his fingers manipulate my tingling cunt lips. "Fuck yes papi, anything that you want, I want." He grins even bigger as he pulls his fingers out of me, and wipes his hands as he prepares another slam for me. He crushes up the shards after weighing it out on a small scale, and puts the powder in the barrel of the syringe. "I think we are going to give you a real good dose of pig feed this time, coño. This one is .6 grams of meth. Just exactly what my hijo-puto needs." He puts the needle into his vein, and draws out enough of his blood to mix the meth. I watch, totally mesmerized as the meth is dissolved into his blood. The sight is making me hornier. I can't explain it, but I want this so badly. "My blood, hijo. My blood is going to carry this into your body, mixing me with you even more, making you my blood son. This is right, puto, this is what you want, no?" I frantically nod my head, stuttering out "Yes papi, I want your toxic blood carrying the meth through my veins. I need to be your blood son." He walks over to my still restrained arms, and eyes the piss that has been drying on me with approval, wipes a finger in it, and rubs it around on my body. "Maldita sea me encanta este cuerpo todo cubierto de mear y sudor. Mi gran cerdo hijo, la mendicidad para mi tóxicos la sangre y la leche. Tan caliente." Damn I love this body all covered in piss and sweat. My big pig son, begging for my toxic blood and milk. So hot. I am trembling in excitement as that needle gets closer to my arm. My papi lays his arm in my mouth and tells me to clean up his blood as he ties off my arm and slide the syringe in. It feels almost he same as his cock sliding into my cunt. I watch around his arm as the red mix disappears into my vein, and I can feel my cunt tingle with the pleasure of it. I watch papi's face as he is watching mine, and he leans down and kisses me after letting a huge wad of his spit fall into my mouth, and pulls the rubber band off. The heat travels up my arm, more intense than the first time, and I can feel the cough coming on, and I let it come. Javier steps between my legs, and slams his cock into my hole, making me scream in pleasure. Surely my screams are loud enough to be heard on the street, but papi just laughs and tells me he knows how much I love his pinga. He fucks me wildly for several minutes, as far as I can tell, and one of his buddies comes back, the Dominican he sent out earlier. He hands me a cup of watery white liquid, which my papi tells me to drink slowly. In between tastes of the Dominico's cock, I get sips of this bitter fluid, which oddly turns me on, and makes my papi smile even bigger and more evilly. He pulls his cock out of my hole, and says "It's time to learn to be a glove, puto. You are gonna love this shit!" With that he sits on a chair between my legs while Marco, the Dominican, keeps fucking my face, letting me drink his piss, and finish the cup of liquid. I am loving every second of it. I feel papi rubbing something onto the dangling lips of my hole, and feel his fingers going in. Four to start with, then adding more from his other hand, pulling my hole open, making me moan around Marco's cock. I have no idea how long this is going on, but it feels like five minutes later, I am hearing papi telling me to hit the poppers, 5 deep breaths and hold them for 5 seconds. Marco helps me, and Javier just tells me what a good coño I am, and then I feel him push against some pressure, all four fingers and his thumb, his whole big hand pushing into me. I bear down with him, trying to help him get his fist into my cunt, when it just pops in. The cheers from all the men around me are nearly deafening, and I am flushed with pleasure and exertion. My cunt has never felt so full and so right as this moment. "Fuck yes puto, you have my whole hand in your coño, how does that make you feel, to be papi's glove?" I pant out my answer as precum leaks from my still soft cock like a seive. "Oh my fucking God papi, you are my papi, and my God, your fist feels so right inside me!" His buddies laugh, and another starts slapping my face with his cock while I go back to sucking Marco. It isn't long before Marco tells me he is going to cum, and not to swallow it yet. "Shit, drink my leche, bitch! Hold my AIDS cum in your slut mouth!" I feel him squirt stream after stream of hot cum into my mouth, filling my mouth up completely, it is such a huge load. "Open up and let me see my swimmers in your mouth, puto." I open my mouth and he reaches a finger in and starts to dig his nails into my gums, after a little while he seems satisfied and tells me to swish for 30 seconds, then swallow his delicious leche. This entire time, Javier is twisting his fist in my cunt, digging it deeper into me, and my body just seems to be sucking it in, needing more and more of him in me. After I swallow Marco's load, Javier starts to withdraw his hand from my coño, making pleasure rush up and down my body in waves, and cum leak out of my dick as he gives me an anal orgasm. I black out for a moment, and when I come to, it is to see Javier grinning at me proudly and sexily, and he shows me the powdered meth and shards in his hand. "You are going to suck my pinga clean first though, and love the taste of your cunt juice in my hood." He slides his dick in, and I swear it is the best tasting cock I have ever had, my tweeked out mind making me greedily suck his cock into the back of my throat. Papi moans, and holds my head with the hand that has no meth in it but is still covered in crisco and my cunt juices, and lets go another stream of piss. He tells me to piss, as I feel something clamp over my boy cock, and I realize I have had to piss badly for a while. The stream I let go is very strong, and ends up filling a good portion of a 2 liter bottle. And still I drink my sexy poz papi's piss, until every drop is drained, and every last molecule of my cunt juices are cleaned off his cock. Javier moves to my hole again, looks down and whistles. "It's definitely hanging open now, hijo. You definitely have a poz coño now, no more tight hole. A gaping coño that your papi is VERY proud of!" With that, he covers his cock in more meth, and slides it into my cummy cunt, the cum and crisco and previous fisting allowing him in with no resistance. Then he takes the hand that has the chems in it, and replaces his cock with that, again, with no problems. Then comes the slight stretch, and the feeling I relish as the burn of the meth starts to kick in. He pushes his cock into his hand while it is in my cunt. I gasp, and writhe, being taken to a new level of pleasure, and my cock explodes, soft as ever, but dribbling out cum at the idea of my papi jacking his cock off in my cunt. "Fuck yea, puto. I knew you were a fucking great choice to be my hijo. You turned out to be a nasty chem-whore for me. And we aren't even close to being done yet. Killer and my other boys, human and canine, need to have a go at this cunt. You are mine forever. And I don't think you mind one bit that I am claiming you, do you?" I grin at him, tweeked out and barely coherent "Fuck no papi, thank you for taking me and making me your hijo, making me your cunt. I want to be yours forever. I want to make you proud of me and my cunt! I will do whatever you want me to papi!" "I know you will boy. As soon as I shoot this charged load in your gaped out cunt and plug you up, my buddy who does tattoos is going to give you some ink while that cunt rests for a couple of hours. When I come back, the dogs are going to breed you, and then even more poz men are going to have a go at that coño muy caliente!" I can feel him picking up the speed of his strokes on his big dick inside me as he says this, and I know he is going to blow a big wad of poison cum in me. And there is nothing in the world that I want more in that moment than to feel his big, hairy, uncut, toxic cock explode inside my cunt. "Here it comes, hijo-puto! You ready for another toxic load from papi? Here it is, just what you have needed all your life!" He pants loudly, then pulls his hand out and moans and growls and grunts as he slams his dick in me. Harder and faster he slams his giant cock in me, my cunt struggling to milk his load out of him when he slams in balls deep, as deep as he can get his cock to go, and I swear I can feel it pulsing as he kisses me hard enough to crush my lips, sucking on my tongue, my hands struggling against their bindings, wanting to pull on his ass to get him in deeper. Panting, he pulls his face away and grins again. "There you go hijo, another load of toxic papi leche for your coño muy caliente." Reaching over, he grabs a plug of a size I never would have considered taking before tonight, places the fat tip against my gaping hole, and pops it in with the heel of his hand. "There you go, hold that charged seed up there while you get inked. You will do whatever Marco tells you to while he is inking you, won't you puto?"
  9. This is based on a true story, though it has been greatly embellished. names changed and so forth. *** My name is Mark,a 28 year old bottom, have been a barebacker my whole life, and never really questioned whether or not I would get HIV. It was inevitable, I only played raw, and sometime, someone was bound to lie and stealth me, or not know their status and breed me with a highly toxic load. I had also never done drugs stronger than pot or poppers, even if that was to soon change. I was average all around, average height, average weight, average looks. Javier was different though. It was a hot Saturday, and I was on manhunt cruising for some dick. Had broken up with my boyfriend of several years the week before, and was really horny for some raw dick and good use. I met this hot latino papi named Javier on MH, and we started chatting. We had played years before, but life happened and nothing ever really came of it. He was pretty damn hot, 6 foot to my 5'8, bit on the furry side, with a great looking 9 inch uncut cock that was super thick. Best of all he was a pig like me. He hadn't showered in a few days, hadn't cum in longer. Had a nice build up of cheese in his hood, and said he wanted me to come over and clean it off and take his loads. I readily said "fuck yea!" and got cleaned up and out. Thoroughly. Soon enough I was in my car, heading to his house in a kinda run down area of a town a half hour away from me. I get to his place, and he is waiting outside, looking VERY hot, a little on the sweaty side, and a little trashier than his pics online. I didn't care, it actually made me hotter. "You gonna be my cumdump, puta? Get your ass inside." He held the door open for me, and as I walked past, I could smell his dick and balls, through the basketball shorts he was wearing, it almost made me swoon. "Well, puta, you ready to be my cumdump?" "Hell yes papi, I'm ready to take all your cum!" I replied, getting very excited, my dick straining against my NP jockstrap. He started mumbling in Spanish, which I didn't know very much of, but it still made me hot. He led me inside to his living room, where there were two blunts sitting on the coffee table. He picked one up and handed it to me, and lit it for me, and told me to smoke it to my face. Being no stranger to pot, which this smelled like, I had no problem smoking it. Granted, it was making me hornier than pot usually did, but I figured that it was this hunky Papi pig next to me smoking his own blunt that had me horny. We smoked the blunts and talked, he asked me more specifically what experience I had as a pig. "Well, I only take raw dick, and have had lots of that, by test lat week said I was neg though, so no worries. I have done some piss play, have tried to get a fist into my ass, but never got it all the way in. Played with toys, and brought some with me. I like sweaty, unwashed pigs, just the smell of their cocks and balls gets me hard. I like slings, and I like sleazy scenes. Uncut dick is my favorite, love the feel of the hood around my tongue and in my ass. Um, other than that, I'm open to pretty much anything that isn't shit, puke, kids, mutilation, maybe a few other things, but I like enough things that I'd like to think the ones I don't aren't required." I laughed, and kept smoking the blunt, feeling higher and higher. I didn't usually smoke a blunt all by myself, I was more of a bong kinda guy, but I felt good, so I finished it up, all the way to the filter he had put in it. As soon as he was finished with his, he grabbed the bag I brought, that had lube, poppers, and toys in it, and told me to follow him. We went upstairs to the attic, where it was as hot as hell, but since both he and I liked sweat, it was a good thing for us. He led me through the attic to a room at the back with no windows, but a sling hanging up on the beams, and a ratty old mattress on the floor. It smelled like sex in there, and it made me horny so fast it wasn't even funny. "Strip puta, show Papi what he's getting." I slid out of my shorts, down to my raunchy NP jockstrap, pulled off my shirt, showing him my whole body. I turned around, and he forcefully bent me over to see my hole. He started mumbling in Spanish again, and the only words I caught were puta, culo, and leche. I knew what those meant, even if I didn't know what the connecting words meant. He slapped my ass hard, which made my soft little boy dick jump, and told me "Get on your fours!" and pushed me onto the mattress. Up close, it reeked of piss and cum and sweat, and it was just making me hornier. I was on all fours, with my furry ass exposed, and he was digging his fingers into my hole kind of rough. It felt good though, my ass wanted more in it badly. "Don't move." He says to me, and I feel him get up and move away from me, and hear him going through a cabinet in the room. A bottle of strong poppers lands on the mattress next to my head and he tells me to take 5 long hits and hold each of them. I do as I'm told and I can hear the smile in his voice as he says "Good puta, very good." The rush hits me and I feel Javier get behind me, and then his scruffy face on my hole, his tongue digging in deep. He holds my hips and really pushes his face into my ass, tongue moving a hundred miles a minute. I let out moan after moan and push my ass back onto his tongue, sweat beginning to pour off of my shaved head. He pulls away from my ass, and I feel his fingers digging into me again, roughly opening me up. Sliding in and out. Then a strong burn, which the poppers tell my mind is just not enough lube. More fingers, and more burning in my hole, and my hole just getting hungrier and hungrier. I am starting to shake a little, but I think it's from excitement. Javier has already got me wrapped around his hot chorizho, and I am dying to be able to see it in person and get it in my mouth. My ass is on fire when he tells me to turn around. He has placed a smallish plug on the mattress behind me and tells me to sit on it while I suck his pinga. I sit my hole down on it, and damned if my hole doesn't swallow the thing up without a twinge of pain. This is no small plug either, an average sized one, for my hole that hasn't had anything other than my fingers in it in well over 6 months. Right in front of my face though, is this beautiful, massive uncut cock. Even hard, there is a little bit of foreskin still on the head, and I can see and smell the cock cheese, and it's making me drool. He tells me to hold still, grabs his dick, and starts to wipe a bit of his cheese on the underside of my nostrils, then tells me to open up and lays his pinga on my tongue and tells me to clean it and worship it. "Since you are going to be on it all night, puta. You know you want it bad." And I do want it bad, I want his cheese covered pinga deep in my throat and in my ass. So I start to suck the cheese off, licking the head, digging my tongue under his foreskin, getting the whole head clean and wet, and loving the taste of his raunchy smegma. All the while I am bouncing on the plug, and listening to him spout a stream of nasty talk in Spanish. "That's it puta, bounce your culo on that plug while you suck my pinga, worship the cock that is going to breed you full of cum all night long." I keep sucking his cock, feeling his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down, making me throat his cock, feeling it pry my throat apart to lodge deep in me. "Let it rest there for a bit puta, you will like this." He says to me as I feel something traveling down his shaft and into my throat. I realize he is pissing, and I push my hole harder on the plug, not even able to swallow his piss, it's just going directly down my throat. He grabs his dick hard to cut the flow, and pulls it out to let me get a breath. "Ahora no derramar una gota, beber mi orina maricón." Now don't spill a drop, drink my piss faggot. He says to me and I almost have time to moan before his piss starts hitting the back f my throat and I have to struggle to keep up with it. After the fourth or fifth swallow, my stomach starts to rebel and I harshly crush the gagging feeling and keep on drinking papi's piss down, when he starts to let the spray go all over my face, in my hair, and all over my body. When he's finished, he looks at me, and grins. "Good job puta, you are makin papi proud of you. Now get your ass up and in the sling." So I get up and hop in the sling, letting it hold me, and I can see the restraints. Thinking nothing of it, trusting my hot rough and tumble Papi, I restrain my feet, then I do one wrist. He grins at me again "Ansioso por entrégate a mí totalmente, ¿eh coño? Si usted tuviera alguna idea de lo que voy a hacer contigo ..." Eager to give yourself to me totally, huh cunt? If you had any idea what I am going to do with you... He straps my remaining wrist into place, and I have no idea what he just said to me, but i can see that my soft little dick is leaking precum like mad, even if I can't seem to get hard. Javier notices my gaze and laughs. "Now that you are tied into the sling and can't get away, I can tell you. The blunt you smoked? It was laced pretty heavily with Tina. And you smoked it to your face like a good little puta. That burning that you felt while I was fingering you? That was me putting meth into your cunt to get you ready and pliable to what I have in mind now. Now? Now I'm going to slam you full of Tina, and turn you into my true cumwhore. Oh, and since you never asked me my status, I just want you to know that I am poz, and that all of the other men who are waiting downstairs to use your cunt are poz too." He grins at me as my face falls. "But. I didn't want to do chems, and I don't want to be poz, Papi, please let me go!" I start struggling, trying to get myself loose, but fail miserably. After about ten minutes of trying to get free, I realize that I am going no where. The whole time I am trying to get free, Javier has his fingers in my ass, and is pushing on my button, making my dick leap, and making involuntary moans escape my mouth instead of the protests I want to scream at him. He stands there laughing until I give up, at which point he goes and retrieves his syringe. "You are mine now, puta, for as long as I care to keep you here. You will take what dick I say, and you will love every second of it. This little rig here will make sure of it!" He laughs again as I quietly whimper "No, please, don't do this. I won't fuck bareback anymore, I don't want to be poz!" "But, you won't have to worry about condoms ever again, you can be as big a slut as you want now, puta." He has a rubber tube wrapped around his own arm and I watch as he sticks the needle into his vein and draws back a little blood. Then he pulls the syringe out of his arm, without injecting anything, and wraps the rubber tubing around my arm. "You will want to hold still for this," he says as I start to struggle. "Move around while I'm trying to slam you and you are going to be in the worst pain you have ever felt." I stop moving, and hold still for him, terrified, breathing rapidly, whimpering over and over again "No, no please no." There is the pressure and the pinch of the needle breaking through my skin and into my vein, and I watch as he depresses the plunger and three quarters of the bloody mixture disperses into my veins. Javier grabs another tube, and puts it around his arm, slides it into his vein and gives himself the rest. Putting our arms close together so he can grab the tubing at the same time for both of us he says "Three, two, one. Blast off pig!" And he pulls the tubing off of both of us. For a second, I feel nothing, then heat, and then a strong scratch in my throat. I cough once, twice, three times, and then gone are all my protests. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Is all I can say as my papi laughs again at me and says "Now you are my poz puta, you have my tainted blood in you along with my chems. Tell papi what you want puta, tell him what you need." I am moving my ass up and down as much as I can, my dick soft still and leaking precum again like mad. All I can think I that I need dick, in my ass, in my mouth. I need to service men, and be a pig whore for them. "I need cock, Papi, in my ass and mouth, I need to please men with my body, I need to do what you want to please you!" "Good pig, I will just call the others up here while I slip this nice bit of meth up your cunt." He calls to his buds "He's ready, come and get your raw pig slut!" He pushes the crystal of meth up my hole, and puts his cock head there, waiting for his buddies to come upstairs. As soon as they arrive, he drives his cock balls deep into my cunt in one motion, and my hole just swallows it. Eats the whole thing, no matter how much that would have hurt me earlier today. I scream "FUCK YEA PAPI! GIVE ME YOUR COCK!" And his buds laugh at me, coming over and forcing their cocks into my mouth while Javier brutally fucks my ass. I can feel my hole getting slick, so I ask papi if he has bred me already. "No, puta, you are feeling my precum mixing with your blood. Those two things are lubing your cunt for me, and I am getting close to filling you with my poz cum. Are you ready for it? Because here it comes!" He slams his dick in and out of me a couple more times, then slams in balls deep as hard as he can when I feel his cock expand and start to fill me with his cum. Without touching myself, without even being hard, my formerly neg boy cock shoots it's last neg load out all over my stomach to the cheers of the anonymous men standing around me. Javier grinds his dick into me until it has gone too soft to work for that, then offers my hole to the next man, a tall, husky black man with a dick even bigger than Javier's. "You are gonna take all of our poz loads this weekend, slut. And you are going to beg us for each one. We saw how you came when Javi bred you full of his poz load. Now you will be getting ours. Probably a lot of piss too. And maybe a fist or two. More than that if I have my way though. Maybe more to come, all comments on my first story here are welcome.
  10. Shame, cuz there were a LOT of hot stories on those boards. Becoming a Poz'd pig has another part, the third part, that is abt the dude and an old bud from HS, was wicked hot
  11. HotLoad, I want to know how you are getting stories off of Bugshare...the servers have been down for months
  12. if you have the one where he meets a dude from high school, that one is my fav, the guy with the huge cock
  13. whats up man? love to take your poz loads

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