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    Cumdump who travels for work, I could be in your city. love anon scenes,. bathhouses, groups and getting fucked in a sling. I love verbal tops, would like to meet guys to suck and to breed me when I'm traveling. the bigger the cock the better. Would love to be the center of a gangbang,
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    none, but love guys taking pics and vids when they breed me
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    Tops to breed me, love anon scenes while I'm staying at hotels, blindfolded, door unlocked, ass up waiting for cum

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  1. I love wearing a jock when I'm ass up getting fucked, add a blindfold if it's a anon breeding.(my favorite)
  2. I'd love to meet this guy in a bar, love to be an anon cumdump for him.
  3. I agree, its all about getting all the cock and cum you can get.
  4. I wish that would of been me. I don't care what the guy looks like, as long as he has a hard cock and looking to breed me,
  5. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Jon Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 816-366-7747 text A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): 64082 Kansas City area Times you're generally not available: Available evenings and weekends Age: 49 Height: 6ft Weight: 200 Ethnicity: white
  6. very hot story, wish i was one of those boys
  7. awesome story, i would of loved to have been Chris
  8. I'm #1 getting breed by a guy with a huge cock and putting a huge load deep in me, hopefully when he slides out, another guy slides in and takes his place
  9. I love booty bumps, makes me crave cock and cum even more.
  10. As a bottom I love wearing a blindfold. I'm be ass up face down wearing a jock, door unlocked. Love hearing guys come in, undress, then sliding their cock in me, while I'm hitting my poppers. Feeling them fucking me good and shooting their load deep in me, having no idea what they look like, then they leave me with my hole full of cum. I travel for work a lot and get hundreds of loads like this every year.
  11. I'd love to be filmed while getting bred, show guys what a true cumdump i am
  12. As a bottom I always wear a jock, it shows off my ass and so any guy knows that all I want is cock and cum deep in me, no questions asked.
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