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Found 6 results


    Here's a nasty idea I'm toying with ... I think it would be fun to have a Pozzing Raffle. Goes something like this: A bunch of Toxic Gifters invited to a motel for a long, gang-fucking night of pumping AIDS Spunk into my Bug Chasing ass. Each guy brings a recent medical printout showing his Viral Load Count. Before the fun begins, everyone puts their printout into a box. At the end of the night when the guys are done using me and my guts are good and flooded with lakes of Charged Jizz ... One of the printouts is drawn at random for 1st Prize. Say, $500. Grand prize of $1000 goes to the one with the highest VL, of course! Other prizes could be awarded for most brutal rapist, best Cock, etc. Prizes for them and AIDS for me: Everyone wins!

    As a slut and cumpig I think it's my obligation to always strive to become more and more and more of a filthy slut and whore. Thus, I have an ever-evolving Cumbucket list. Here it is, in no particular order of priority. Please share your own Cumbucket list goals in the comments to help inspire me! ANONBAREBACK'S CUMBUCKET LIST 1. Get gang fucked full of 45 Loads on my next birthday, over a 12 to 24 hour period. One Load for every year I've been alive. Make that 46 for "One Load to grow on." 2. To get fucked and filled by at least a dozen guys through a gloryhole over 5 hours. 3. To find a part-time Master/Owner to use me for entire nights and weekends, and order/force me to be a cumdump for anyone he chooses, no questions, no options. 4. To be raped. 5. To be Gangraped 6. To be Pozzed (ideally rape or gangrape Pozzed) 7. To be Pimped/whored out, cheap, like the cheap whore I am. 8. Once POZ, to re-become Vers and Poz BugChasers. 9. Once POZ, to Stealth Breed "safe sex" Negs. 10. To get pass-out drunk and be bred by strangers while asleep. 11. To Breed/POZ a dude while he is asleep. 12. To be tag-teamed in a Camper of Van. 13. To be a Truckstop whore, for free. 14. To be in Porn, amature or otherwise. Masked/blindfolded. Gangfucked. Pozzed. Revolving door cumdump, etc. 15. To have a Gallon of Cum injected into my cunt. 16. To drink a Pint of Cum. 17. To have 12+ guys jack off into my mouth. 18. To own my own Adult Bookstore or Bath House Well, that's it for now. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of things though. Share your ideas! =)~

    In my first post I talked about mind-games I'd play with myself to help me to overcome HIV fear and be a Cumslut. This post is about another invaluable lesson I learned, and hope to experience again. And again. And again. Namely, what I learned from being RAPED. First off and full disclosure, I guess some wouldn't consider it "real" rape since I consented to it ... At first. But what I learned was the same in either case. Anyway, here it goes ... Once I got over my HIV fear and embraced being a no-Loads-refused Cumslut one thing kept getting in the way: While I wouldn't refuse any Loads, I DID refuse certain Cocks. You're probably thinking "size queen," but it's quite the opposite. In fact, I never did and still don't get off on physical pain. Girthy Cocks or anything even 7" or larger were just "too much" for me. I know ... I was such a pussy. Worse still is that when guys would fuck me I'd often have this weird "post orgasm regret" that would kick in immediately after I'd Cum. I often Cum just by getting fucked, which meant that if I Came before the guy fucking me that post orgasm regret would make me tell him to stop. Before he even had a chance to unload. Of course I know now that this kind of behavior is unacceptable for a pig bottom slut. The Top, The Alpha, The Man has a RIGHT to keep fucking until HE is done. He has a RIGHT to use faggot holes like Me however long and however hard he wants. It's only the Alpha's pleasure that really matters. The faggot--me--is just a hole to be used and discarded. Simple as that. I may not have known this when I was such a low-pain-tolerance pussy, but part of me must have sensed it. At the very least I knew that if I wanted to be a good slut, I'd need to break through my resistance. The thought of ass-training with dildos never really appealed to me, since dido's can't Cum ... and I need Cum. I also never thought about butt-plug training. In retrospect I'm glad I didn't train myself, because it led me to think of the much more exciting, and enlightening, way of breaking through ... being FORCED to do so. FIRST ATTEMPTS Okay, so it was definitely my bad to ask or insist guys stop fucking me before they was done. That's a given. But in my defense, as Alphas, they shouldn't have stopped no matter what I said. They should have ignored me and kept going. They should have covered my mouth. Held me down if necessary. Raped me if they wanted. Again, I don't blame them for not exercising their Rape rights because I'm sure most didn't know that as Alphas that IS their right (I'm glad this is changing!). I realized that to get a guy to force me to take whatever he had to give, I'd need to give him permission ahead of time to keep fucking me no matter what I said. And that's what I tried to do, but with limited success. I'd explain what I said earlier about often wanting to stop once I'd cum. Then I'd emphatically add, "But I don't want you to stop until you have Cum. Really. No matter what I say!" My rule for them, and myself, was that once his Cock touched my Cunt he just needed to ask me once if I really wanted it. That was the moment of final decision. If I wanted to back out at that point I could (though I knew I never would, since it was only once pain started or I came that I wanted to back out). If I said, "YES!" he had free rein. Fuck Me. Cum Inside me. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Guys seemed okay with this idea. But reality was a different matter entirely. They'd slide in, start fucking. I'd muscle through any pain reminding myself of my promise and decision. But if I came first ... The switch flipped and I'd say, "Dude. You gotta stop. Sorry." And here's the disappointing kicker ... they always would. Maybe they'd ignore my first request, but by the second, "No REALLY. Dude. STOP" coupled with even slight physical resistance, they invariably WOULD stop. Within 15 minutes of them leaving I'd be angry. At myself. And at them. "How can I make this fucking happen for real?!" I'd ask myself. Eventually, I found a way .... MY LIBERATING RAPE I was drunk and determined. No half-assing it either. I'd be upfront this time. I wanted, and need, RAPED. Really. Truly. No options. No escape. Rape. I was chatting up this 19 y/o mostly Bi guy online and came up with what I considered a brilliant argument to convince him to rape me. He had a girlfriend, and so I explained, "Tell me I'm wrong. You sometimes want to rape her. All guys secretly wanna rape. BUT you'd never do that. She's your girl, you're too nice, and you don't want to go to jail. Well, you CAN rape me. No fear, no consequences." Something along those lines. We talked a bit more and before long he was convinced and into the idea. Since I couldn't host, and didn't drive, we agreed that once I got in his car and closed the door there was NO GOING BACK. We arranged to meet down the street. I walked up to his car and, window down, we gave each other the once over to make sure our pics weren't lying, and I asked, "Wanna do this?" He said, "Yes." I got in the car. I closed the door. Rubicon crossed. The die was cast. There really was no going back. He took me to his apartment. Though about 10 years younger than me he had the kind of bearing and authority of a natural Alpha. He sat on the end of his bed, and briskly ordered me to unlace his boots. I'd NEVER been ordered around before. It was strangely exhilarating. I did as he commanded. He then ordered me to strip. I obeyed. He got up, jerked me by the shoulder, flung me forward, and ordered me to bend over the bed. I remember the mix of fear and excitement when I heard him unzipping, then spitting. He fingered spit into my cunt. Then I heard him spit again. And then ... he DROVE his Cock inside of me. I immediately regretted my decision to do this. I cried out. The pain was excruciating. I imagined my ass tearing. He told me to shut the fuck up. He started driving fast and hard. It wasn't that he was huge--maybe 7.5" uncut. It was just my cunt's relative lack of experience plus, I'm sure, being tense. He fucked hard, slapping my ass a few times for good measure. He was jackhammer fucking me. My eyes were watering. I HATED this. Hated it. But my prostrate was being pounded so, invariably, the fatal moment came. By that I mean, I came. And, like clockwork, I had DEFINITELY had enough. "Stop. Stop!" He ignored me. I remember being afraid, thinking this is real and I don't want this! I tried to push myself up, to resist. He pushed me back down and held me there forcibly. It was like my resistance made him fuck even harder and deeper. Meaner. Or at least that's how it felt. It hurt like hell. My eyes were tearing up from the pain (I wasn't sobbing or anything, though). I feebly tried to resist a bit more, to no effect. I just wanted it to be over. He announced that he was about to Cum. A few more hard thrusts, a long moan, and he was finished. He pulled out, pulled up his pants, zipped up, and said, "That was hot. Get dressed." Like a gentleman Rapist he drove me home. I don't remember if we talked during the ride. I just wanted to get home and check my asshole to see if there was blood. There was no blood. But I was incredibly sore and walked like a gimp for a three days. But it didn't even take three days for me to realize that what had happened was the BEST FUCKING THING EVER. It was everything I'd needed. It had, in retrospect, been precisely what I knew would happen IF the guy was serious about MAKING me do what I'd promised. I'll always be grateful to that Rapist for being the real deal and helping me become a better faggot whore. UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCE & THE NEXT LEVEL An unexpected consequence came from that glorious rape. Namely, that I've wanted raped ever since. And more. While, being more experienced as a Cumdump now my cunt can handle much more Cock (but I still have "limits" that I look forward to being broken), the experience of being FORCED to go beyond my self-imposed butt-fucking limits has made me want to force to be part of overcoming other limits as well. In everyday life I'm a self-motivated goal-achieving type. When it comes to sex, though, there's something uniquely exciting about surrendering my normal patterns of autonomous self-direction and control. To actually, deliberately, hold onto a few boundaries and inhibitions in anticipation of finding the right guy(s) to BREAK me of those boundaries and mercilessly disregard those inhibitions. I also think that would be more enjoyable for the the Brutal Alphas too. There are a number of examples of this, including Gangrape, but perhaps my favorite is ... FORCE POZZING This is the holy grail for me. I have indiscriminate sex. And surely I can and will get Pozzed up as sheer function of slut-probability. But as a fledgling Bug Chaser I really want my conversion to be a radical, unforgettable, extreme, life-event. And what could fit that bill better than combining the two best experiences a whore like me could ever have?: Rape AND Pozzing. Even better, GangRape and Pozzing. Filmed. Perhaps this seems like a pipe dream, since there are too few Toxic Gifters, and too much fear among potential rapists. But I'm not giving up hope. I've even started a savings fund specifically for that purpose. The right AIDS-Rapist(s) are out there. It's just a matter of time before I find them and they find their very willing, excited, fearful, and READY victim.
  4. This is all just fiction never really happened.Just a huge fantasy of mine. Also i know i have really bad grammar and spelling. part 1 Nick was a pretty nice fun shy guy but was also had a bit a pervy side. So he would go on sex sites and talk to other guys about these fetishes that he has and listened to what they would do to him and leed them on with no real intention of going thru with it just to get off. Well there was one guy John who he talked to regularly on bbrt about hooking up at a hotel and being bound and fucked. Well time went on and eventually just talking about it wasnt cutting it anymore he needed the real thing so he messaged John and told him that he wanted to meet up and finally do it. But that he was nervous about it so it would prefer it if he brought a condom. John agreed saying he already has one in his pocket ready to go! John told him that he got a hotel room and where it was. Nicks heart was pounding he took a shower put on a jock some basket ball shorts and a tank top. When he arrived he sat in the parking lot for about 10 min wondering if he should just make an excuse and leave. But he thought about the what was going to happen and decided to just go and do it. So he headed up to the hotel room knocked on the door and john answered wearing noting but a towel. Nicks face grew red and he walked inside and didnt say a word john dropped his towel and told Nick to get to sucking. He wasted no time and was on his knees. He blew him for about 5 min getting him nice and hard. Then jihn said "thats enough lets get down to what you came here for. Take off your clothes." Nick slowly got up and started undressing until he was wearing nothing but his jock and very nervously asked what the safty word would be. John let hik know that its banana. With that John spun him around and threw him on the bed face down and began to bind him to the bed spread eagle. He asked if there was any room to pull free. Nick pulled on all the restraints and couldnt budge at all. Nick said "no i cant im stuck." "Good now its time for the fun to start." John said. And then put a gag in Nicks mouth saying that a safety word would just take the fun away. And with that he grabbed a bottle of what looked like white somewhat hand soap. John assured him that its just some "special" lube and would make it feel so much better. And with that he started to lube Nick up telling hiw nice his smooth hole looked and started to tease it with his cock pocking the head all around lubbing it even more with precum. He started to poke his head in and out pushing more and more "lube" into him. He kept this going until Nicks hole swollowed almost the whole bottle. And then started to push his cock all the way in then Nick started screaming thru the gag. "Oh right the condom" John said "let me grab it" with that John still a little inside Nicks hole leaned over to the nightstand the weight and angle he was leaning pushed his cock balls deep into Nicks hole. Which made him scream out into the gag. "Oh right forgot inwas still inside of you. Gotta say you feel amazing!" "Dont worry i got the condom just let me enjoy this a bit" he said as he started to thrust in and out harder and harder finally pulling out all the way witha rope of "lube connecting from his cock head to Nicks hole. "I think i used to much lube its just pooring out of you!" He said as he was opening the condom. He then grabed his phone and took a picture. "This is just a keeps sake for tonight" He then started to alighn his cock against Nicks hole again "dont worry i have the condom. But wait didnt you say you wanted it here you go" he then reached around under nick and put the condom on Nicks cock. " theres your condom were using as agreed" and with thatbhe went balls deep into Nicks hole again bare! Nick tried to struggle and get him off but he was bound and couldnt fight him he was taking his first anonymous cock bare. "Oh come on it cant get any wurst that lube your full of is actually my cum jar each time you blew me off i blew a load inside so you could still get it" Nick really starting fighting after hearing this "oh yeah keep fighting it! Tighten that hole fuck yeah feels nice! You gonna make me shoot some more of this pozz load inside of you at that rate!" Nick started whimpering and bucking a bit more but when he did John thrust as deep as he could and Nick started to feel his cock pulsing leaving another load. "Fuck yeah that was well worth the wait to pozz that nice ass!" John then thrust a couple more time and started to pull out stoped at the halfway point and took another picture, pulled all the way out and continued taking pictures, he started to spred Nicks cheeks taking more pictures. "Oh dont wory the fun is just getting started! Ive been talking to some guys on bbrt about you standing people up just to get yourself off well i told them about tonight and how they will finally get a turn on you. Isnt that great also figured id post an add on craigslist too see who all shows up. Pimp this nice ass out to get my money back for this room fugured 5 dollors a nutt would do tho your going to be a bit sore by time were done." Nick layed there quite then there was a knock at the door. John answered "nice to see you guys could make it! I broke him in for ya im gonna go home take a shower i posted an add on craigslist too so there should be alooooot of guys showing up dont turn anyone away everyone gets a turn. Ill be back tomorrow some time hes yours in the mean time see ya" Nick was crying hearing this then what sounded like 6-10 people walked in. "Damn he really went to town on that ass!" One of the voices said "were about to have a fun time tonight!" Another guy said. And with that i end part one im not really good at writing stories but if you guys like it ill continue!
  5. This is not a true story, only my fantasy. Not yet a true story at least. I wanted to take a short holiday and decided to check out Misterb&b.com for a nice location. There I saw someone offer a nice room for a cheap price so I booked myself to stay there, with the expectation I would arrive on Friday evening. On the evening of the scheduled day I arrived at the B&B. The front door was opened by a big guy opened the door and greeted me with a big smile, giving every impression he was truly looking forward to having me as a guest. Enthusiastically he showed me around the house and showed me the guest bedroom and, as I was very tired, I decided to call it a night early. A few hours later, somewhere midnight, my host awoke me, telling me he had a nice welcome surprise for me. He led me towards the living room, where I could see several muscular guys waiting naked. As I was standing there, I could feel big strong arms wrap around me, immobilizing me. Then the other guys gathered around me and started touching and stroking me. I did not know whether to panic or to enjoy it, so I let it happen. I became like putty in their hands as they guided me to the mattress in the middle of the room. They pushed me down and spread my legs so they would have good access to my tight ass. Then one of them started rimming me and I could do nothing more than to squirm beneath him like a little slut. After a short while he decided I was ready. He lubed up my hole and pressed his dick against it. I tried checking for a condom, but did not feel any. I got into a panic and tried to ask about it, but one of the other guys shushed me by kissing me forcefully. "We want to give you a hot welcome, don't worry," one of the others said, while the first guy was slowly fucking me. It hurt but he gave no time to adjust, even as I tried to complain about it. He sped up and suddenly I could feel him cum inside me. It felt so good. The only thing I could do was to beg for more. And more I got, as the next one was already pressing his dick against my hole. This continued until cum was dripping out my hole and my ass was burning from all the dicks that had fucked me. They gave me some time to recover before turning me on my back for a second round as the first guy was again hard and horny. The night was long and became one blur of being fucked over and over, regardless whether I wanted or not, but as the night went, I became more and more a slut for these guys that wanted to use me hard and long.
  6. Help With My Fantasy?

    Ive been looking for people to help with a few fantasys of mine ill be taking all the help i can get! So if you can help with one let me know! 1.) Really want stealth bred (where you break your cock thru the condom breeding me without me knowing 2.) I really want forced and well "raped" 3.) Really want to be bound to a bed or something ass up being bred against my will by any and everybody 4.) I kinda want pozzed but i want it to happen thru "gangrape" where either everyone shares one condom just flipping it inside out each time or just stealthing it and after my ass is all cummy and destroyed beyond return i want to see the evidence like the pile of broken condoms or a video showing it all or seeing a guy or two walking past still wearing the broken condoms i just want it to be a huge cummy overnight event where every load is in my ass and im not aloud up until theres no more loads i can take. If you think you can help me let me know asap!!!

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