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    Fucking, sucking, piss, rimming, porn, leather, man smells, smeg, deep snogging, leather, k9, group, fone sex.....
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    STOP PRESS. Now with great horny guy from this site. In love 😘. Not currently looking to meet others.

    dirrty verse raw pig up for chat & fone into bb piss dirty cock cottaging leather skins man smells and other deviant stuf (anon cum, used condoms, dads lads etc). Getting more sleazy as I get older. Love fone sex about all this stuff too. The whole POZ conversion thing is a huge turn on for me, but not really chasing yet (not avoiding too hard either tho).

    Also up for sleazy wank chats and local bb meets. On gaydar as jezwford
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    only home made vids on tumblr and twitter @cumjunkiemonke2
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    Dirty chat with horny fuckkers with dirty minds like mine. Always raw. Also up for nasty fone fun. On Whatsapp. message me for number. Also on wickr as sleazebugga (for phone chats rather than long text chats)

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    Jez b

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  1. Go for it, but choose a top who will take it slow and gentle the first time. Get yourself well opened up and relaxed (fingers, tongue, buttplug..). Enjoy surrendering your arse.
  2. great second chapter. more please ☣️
  3. Great to have another chapter☣️☣️
  4. Great story. Hard as fuck now. Bring on more pozzing☣️☣️☣️
  5. Always cum kiss. Cum is for sharing, from the cock or from the arsehole
  6. Great story. Got me hard and ready to fuck ...
  7. So hot, but think this need another chapter and Evan needs to give Michael so more toxic cum until he converts.
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