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    breeding A+P, high viral loads, guys who love to swap strains and to pass on their dirty seed
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Enjoyed poz breeding 8 years long, since 1 year undetectable, but miss the thrill!! Love taking high viral loads and curious about resistances. Need a lover who convinces me of stopping meds!

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    I'm a versatile pig and like fucking at darkrooms, partys, outdoor or at private dates. I love to gift my loads into younger holes and to receive bare cocks deep in my greedy ass! Actually I'm on meds, but miss the thrill of breeding the virus, infecting guys and updating each other with potent breeders. I'm very into receiving high viral loads. The thought of resistant strains makes me hard.

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  1. hey daddiii! 19yo milky white slim smooth boi here... do you ever skype, my id is Chris Konnin

    1. biobare


      How many daddys do you have? 

  2. I guess you were toxic already 2 weeks ago 😏
  3. You are cute too bro 😍

    1. biobare



  4. You are very cute! 😍

  5. You are adorable. Only watching your pics here made me a boner.  I fucking love your face and the way you are looking. That's the most important

  6. I take Triumeq since 2018 and still don't notice any side effects. I have problems with my body fat already before I started (Triumeq is my 1st med), and I had them since decades, since I was 25, and I cannot notice yet that they became worse from taking Triumeq
  7. thanks for following me.  total bottom cumdump lad here in UK.  Hundreds more pics and vids on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad


    1. ronnie4u


        "    PERFECTION  !  "     Simply HOT and Delicious !    more - more - Please !

  8. I will take it immediately as soon as it will ne offered to me. They began 2 days ago here in Germany. First the old people and the nurses and doctors in the hospitals get it. My doc said that it is still not decided if people with HIV are considered as a risk group. Also I'm not young any more and work in a food market and meet hundreds of customers every day. But I guess I will have to wait months until it's my turn. My doc said he will inform all his patients as soon as he knows more.
  9. So versaut wie ich mag! magst du uns in Verbindung setzen? mein Twitter ist @firasberlin

  10. So young and already toxic ...  that's what the boys should be like 😜💀😈

  11. Isn't this crazy? Yesterday evening I discovered that I had forgotten to take my HIV med the day before. The thought that the bug may have increased in the meantime made me boner and I got so horny! ☠️

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    2. Malicon



      face schicke ich dir dort.

    3. biobare


      ich kann dort kein Profil mit diesem Nick finden

    4. Malicon



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