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  1. cliffhanger!??! good story, bro. look forward to more
  2. you have to search for them. I tried to repost the good ones since this is the fiction area
  3. you are killing me...MORE please
  4. I tried to be straight, but cock just kept getting in m y ass...why fight it
  5. me too, I had a lot of first's in college bathrooms
  6. I thought I would share it here...
  7. A continuation..? Here is a pro-tip: get a friend with a boat! An old friend of mine, who I will call Kevin, is this millionaire finance guy. I met him years ago at a bathhouse and we have been friends-with-benefits with him and his husband, Gio, ever since. He recently purchased a fancy ass yacht and invited me and a couple other friends out on its maiden voyage yesterday. Obviously, I enthusiastically said yes. We arrived at the dock at noon. I was honestly shocked at the size of this yacht. It was gigantic, and high end. There were about 10 of us on board, including Kevin and Gio.
  8. Not my story, but I thought you all would like Not gonna waste time with the intro here. One day at work I was bored and horny and wanted something to get excited about, so I went looking for new dick on my phone. I met a guy on Grindr, he was hot and older, so I decided his dick belonged inside me, and tried to arrange something. Unfortunately he couldn’t host nor could I so he invited me to a Sunday gay pool party that weekend that was pretty much a weekly thing for a bunch of middle age-older guys to hang out and relax. He said he was a regular and he could fuck me there if I was okay
  9. I am swelling with anticipation
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