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  1. Hot new pix, Stud.

  2. First Time I Got Gangfucked - Part 1

    My ex, never used drugs. He used mind control. I was ready to do anything he asked. He gave my hole to a lot of men. He kept me on Prep so he could still fuck me without danger to himself.
  3. Psychology of BDSM

    Harddaddy, wish I could try it with you
  4. Man, I'd love to have you use and abuse my ass

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    2. mjkuhl


      in it as deep as you can, cock and fist

    3. MTWTFSS


      you are definitely talking my language

    4. mjkuhl


      open me up and plug me with the biggest plug you can find.  

  5. Felching gaping seed filled hole

    I'm just the hole for you
  6. WS after a fuck session

    I'd be right alongside you and 18plus.
  7. I Became a Whole Last Night

    a man after my own heart. I love cock, cum, and piss
  8. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    the red hood is the only way to go. taking all cummers is a real treat. I'll suffer the few condoms as most guys want to leave their seed inside. Legs tire, ass opens, and body is racked, but it is totally worth it. I can't wait to be a mare again.
  9. Logan McCree makes me go weak in the knees.
  10. Anonymous loads

    The mystery of a total stranger adds to the fun!
  11. Bred the rower

    Always want to be in a college or university town. So many jocks are ready for fucks.
  12. Norfolk Naval base

    Anyone get anything near Ft Leonard Wood, MO
  13. Norfolk Naval base

    True. Marines are my favorites.
  14. Do you like Watersports/piss play?

    Get a guy a little horny and He'll give, but takers aren't as plentiful.
  15. Serious Question here

    Some young guys seek the older guys for tops as they have the experience to make it special.
  16. Bred twice tonight

    College towns always offer amenities. Hot young studs rank high on the list.
  17. destruction

    I crave having my ass totally ruined, hanging out. Then have someone use cocks to push it back only only to pull it out again. I want it sore and red. I need to be used and used hard soon.
  18. Experiences at CumUnion

    Go, Read. There you are pleasing others again!!!!!
  19. The boy wants it bad

    Like a stray dog, you have a friend for life.
  20. I still would lay down and take Jeremy Penn, even with a condom.
  21. Hot audio videos

    I've got to get up the nerve to try this.
  22. There are no tops like Marine tops. I love them all.

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