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  1. You are welcome to load me.

  2. Tough Todd

    Todd was loving the feeling. He was lighter than air, but his cock was rock hard and his ass was begging for his fingers. He was almost oblivious to the guys gathering around him. The clearing was filling with guys--all of them jocks. It was clear from their shapes. But Todd's vision was a little blury. TJ simply said that Todd needed a drink. So, Todd did drink. It was a little too sweet. What was it. He asked TJ and he answered just a little liquor. Soon Todd's head was spinning. He knew he was bent over one of the tables. He could not longer understand the what the guys were saying, but his ass finally felt like it was being attended to. TJ went first. As soon as Todd was tied to the table, they attached the strap around his large balls. the stap had a long cord which was tied to the far end of the table, stretching his balls far from his body. His huge bloated swollen cock was cinched and pulled straight down stretching the balls apart. If Todd could have seen it, he would have been frightened. But Todd was in his own world. The piece of ginger root that was carefully carved was shoved down his piss slit, forced in by a small screwdriver. Deep, deep in that urethra. But Todd was still in his own world. Stretch insisted that Toddass and hole were too hairy for real fun so he produced his Remington trimmer and did the honors. The short stubble left was scratchy so he produced soap and a blade. Shaved smooth Todd's pink hole seemed to wink. It was time. TJ got first crack. He hammered Todd's hole. Todd simply wimpered in his stupor. After a good 5 minutes of solid fucking, Stretch moved in. Stretch he did, Stretch not only put his cock in but at least one finger as well. cock and finger stretched that pink pussy. When it was the third baseman's turn, he dropped his shorts showing a veritable tree trunk. Todd's cummy hole took it all. Yet, TJ said we need to keep him in that heavenly spot. He produced a nice shard and worked in that cum filled hole. He used his index finer first, then his middle finger, and finally the handle of the screwdriver to force that booty bump in deep. Todd purred like a happy kitten. The center fielder had too much to drink and had whiskey dick. Yet, he wanted a piece of Todd's big ass. Using first two fingers, he managed to get four fingers in, Pulling his thumb in, the big bruiser managed to open Todd wide. The sound made all the guys pay attention as he got his entire hand in. He swirled it round and round slowly pushing more wirst and forearm in. Todd, simply moaned. When the arm came out, so did Todd's insides. The guys laughed and joked. Finally, TJ worked that back in. The paddles were produced and Todd's huge ass became bright red, then purple, then black and blue. As if that weren't enough the loosened his cock and balls and rolled him over. His dick was still rock hard when the whir of the tattoo needle began its work. Todd would forever be a Florida Panther. Forever engraved on his very large cock. The guys had to carry him back to the dorm. When Todd came out of his trance like state, he couldn't believe what had happened. His balls were hanging low as if a muscle had snapped. His ass was hot and sore, and his cock felt on fire. When he touched it, he cried out. He looked carefully saw the large panther as he pulled back the foreskin. His cock head was now the face of a Panther. Well, his university choice was made for him. The funny thing was, Todd wasn't mad, at least until TJ fucked his sore ass. TJ had to stuff socks in his mouth to keep him from screaming. Sometimes choices make themselves' This isn't the end of Todd's adventures. There will be more if guys want to hear them
  3. Todd was admired by most of his team mates and those who played on opposing teams as well. He had played soccer and baseball in high school and had trouble deciding which to follow at university. He had been recruited by 2 state universities for soccer and 3 for baseball. He wanted to go where no one knew him. Todd had a secret to protect from the guys at home. As the school year wound down, Todd became more and more ill at ease. He had to make a decision. He decided on the school furthest from home. He knew none of his classmates were going there and it was in a major metropolitan area. His campus visit made the decision easy. He was wined and dined by the coach and given a guide from the baseball team. Todd was a catcher. He had the squat formation perfect. As a result, his thighs and calves were well muscled. He had a large ass that really filled out his baseball pants in the squat. His tour guide was a catcher as well, but a senior to be graduated in 2 weeks. He was tall for a catcher, but nimble. Todd was impressed. He was more impressed as he met pitchers. The varsity first baseman was nicknamed Stretch for obvious reasons. The guys all seemed likable. Todd thought he would fit in. That catcher tour guide TJ's roomie was away for a quick visit to his family. So Todd bunked in the room with TJ. Two rooms shared a bath between them. TJ told Todd to go ahead and shower as they were going out to a campus party that night. Todd said he really didn't have clothes for a party. TJ volunteered some of his roomies. Todd wondered but wanted to see what parties on campus were like. He made his way into the shower. Odd, there were no locks on the doors. oh well, Todd stripped, folded is clothes neatly, and climbed in. There was plenty of hot water but little steam. Todd loved the pulsating shower head. It caused a rise in his groin. He stayed in the shower a long time. When he came out, TJ was coming in from the hall. Todd wrapped in the bath towel searched his bag for underwear. Shit, he had none. TJ said no problem and gave him a cock sock to wear. Todd laughed and said, "You can't be serious." TJ remarked that all the guys wear them. Todd donned the cocksock before dropping the towel. Little did Todd know that TJ and the guys in the next room had watched him in the shower via camera. They saw his big dig get hard, saw him shoot his wad, nearly collapse against the wall. But most of all they loved the way he soaped his ass and his hole, slipping one the two fingers in. Now only did they see, they recorded it all. The roomie's clothes fit Todd a little snuggly, especially around the ass. Oh well. It was a campus party. When the two left, they were met by other players coming out of rooms into the hall. They walked together to a spot in the woods laughing as joking as only college jocks do. The clearing had tables, benches, 2 sheds, and an outhouse. There was an old fashioned water pump. two old washtubs held ice and beer. A makeshift bar held hard liquor. The guys began to party. TJ brough Todd a beer and a chaser. Todd was accustomed to beer but not alcohol. He watched as TJ chugged his beer and slammed his shot. So Todd followed suit. After a few minutes Todd felt a stirring in his crotch. He knew there was no way to hide it, the pants were too tight. The guys continued to drink, they passed around a few smokes. Todd had never smoked. But he took one, Marlboro the label said. What Todd didn't know was the guys had laced that one cigarette with g. Todd would soon be extremely hard in his pants and extremely happy and needy. To be continued if I get guys wanting it
  4. Untreatable gono is here

    permanent discharge from penis? Fun for a few days, then, no.
  5. there is something hypnotizing about your avatar

  6. rublthlad has a hold on me that I can't control

  7. Tyson Tyler

    Only in my dreams, but given the chance...
  8. small towns produce some very hot men

  9. missed you this morning.  mmmm, think of you

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      still here. always hard

  10. how many loads can you swallow?

    I would like to find out. mmmm, I wonder.
  11. Marines make good bottoms as well.
  12. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    always try to absorb it all
  13. man, keep writing.  Wish you had been around when I was playing catcher.

  14. Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    Hairy is the finest. Love a hairy ass for lunch.
  15. nice ass.  

  16. hot galleries man

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      Thanks!!! If you like anything in particular, please make it official! :2thumbs:

  17. Bred hardcore last night

    I know the feeling
  18. Hot new pix, Stud.

  19. First Time I Got Gangfucked - Part 1

    My ex, never used drugs. He used mind control. I was ready to do anything he asked. He gave my hole to a lot of men. He kept me on Prep so he could still fuck me without danger to himself.
  20. Psychology of BDSM

    Harddaddy, wish I could try it with you
  21. Man, I'd love to have you use and abuse my ass

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      in it as deep as you can, cock and fist

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      you are definitely talking my language

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      open me up and plug me with the biggest plug you can find.  

  22. Felching gaping seed filled hole

    I'm just the hole for you

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