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    My blog CagedBBSub on bdsmlr sats it all. Check me out.
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    Love cum! Love the taste. Love it in my ass as lube to get pounded more. ****************Only fuck bare back. All jizz accepted! ****************Dont really have a type. So hit me up Older muscle dads are +++ ****************

    chasing after a deep toxic load! help me out!

    Also love playing with loaded condoms men sent to me. Give this young pig your g

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  1. Would like to know too
  2. love tops that chain smoke while pounding me. Guys witj a raspy smokers voice turn me on almost as much as a poz load.
  3. Awesome guys. Thanks! If im able to get down it wont be for ablut a year. Either way, id imagine the bb scene would be way better than it is up here near boston. Not entirely the reason i want to go lmao, but still worth it. Sounds like the distance situation sucks, but cant be anything compared to up here.
  4. Hey guys, currently looking into a move down south in the Orlando area from north of Boston. Wont be for a few months or guaranteed. But wondering how the bb scene is. Total bb bttm here. Poz chaser. So wondering if id find Orlando a hot time.
  5. Its been getting better. Wish i could find more poz guys and slamming vids. I'm CagedBBSub on there.
  6. Basically like fucking a neg guy, but still hot af. I had a guy rough up my hole with shards of T once, then fuck me. Didn't work cuz he was undetectable i think. Still loved it and would do it everytime.
  7. Ive never been. Not sure if i can this weekend. Whats the best times to go? Total bttm and would love to have that kind of breeding sometime. But live well north of boston
  8. fuckin wish i lived near Houston
  9. Id love to be locked in a cage but still unsure which to buy. Would prefer that a top hold the keys since im sure id break down and unlock it. I love when i dont cum. Im 1000% more focused and driven. But cant help myself most days.
  10. Hold him down, cover his mouth and unload in his guts as deep as you can
  11. Seriously bud, id take every square inch of that cock in a heartbeat.
  12. Usually cum. But cant refuse chem piss
  13. Def have gotten into it. I started buy drinking chem piss to get high. Now ove being frced to drink it or have a guy piss in my ass

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