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    HIV, AIDS, poz, std, cum, loads, bareback, taboo, perv, very few limits
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Poz cumslut. Love diseased loads! Toxic tops hit me up
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    Cum. Aids loads. Diseases. Any nasty fucker to flood my hole.

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  1. Hey man, I wasn’t able to send a private message, but in Orlando as well and definitely interested in meeting sometime!

  2. Boy do I miss Hanks! I need to make some time to head over there. I need loaded up!
  3. I dont know what bbrt ur looking at but its the same people always in that section... And i guess u know more about me than i do? But I think you are clearly missing my point that if you are going to close one section of it to prevent hooking up because it is the "equivalent of those with revolving doors" then you should close the section that allows revolving doors to also be. The idea that one would be open when the other is not is just illogical. But it has been very clear that logic has not been used throughout this entire pandemic because it has been so politicized. You basically just proved my point by trying to disprove my point.
  4. If they are truly so concerned about covid they should just shut the site down. They are clearly contributing to the spread by allowing anybody to hook up... Their "logic" is stupid. Like I said, u can be a revolving door night after night to a new guy each time and no issue. Guess what, THAT SPREADS COVID TOO! But people have their heads so far up their ass that any intellectual thought doesn't matter anymore.
  5. I had a posting removed because I put it in "the wrong section" and the admin messaged me about it. So I told him he might want to avoid it from happening by reopening the proper section. It makes no sense that you can literally post every night that you are hosting yet you can't post about a party in advance. It's all under the guise of trying to protect people from covid when in reality you can be a complete revolving door hosting people and that is no issue as it pertains to covid. I am trying to understand how it makes any sense...
  6. Dirty bttm slut at club o room 225 tonight! No loads refused! If u give me a bugged load whisper in my ear what it was! 😈😈😈
  7. This is quite an interesting topic... Do you think its due to coercion?
  8. @OAidswhore since everything fun is starting to be banned here. Im sure I'll get a strike or removal for this post even...
  9. Fuckin hot profile! Thanks for the add!

  10. I will be in Atlanta at the end of August looking for dirty loads. Total bttm here. The more disease ridden, the better! Leave a comment on the thread if interested in dropping ur nut in me.
  11. I will be hosting a no loads refused breeding birthday party on iDrive Thurs night (July 15/16) after the club. I will be face down ass up taking loads at the Econo Lodge on iDrive (7102 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819). Door will be propped open, you come in breed me then leave. Or stay and breed me a few time. Again, NO LOADS REFUSED! No pullouts! You leave your DNA inside my slutty hole. My friend will also be there and he may take loads too.
  12. I need a man/men to make my hole gape...

  13. Like the title says, ill be at club o fri 7-2-21 taking loads. No load refused. Toxic/diseased a HUGE plus!
  14. oink bro, thanks for the follow! 

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