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    Atlanta and Florida
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    Kinda new to being a bareback bottom
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Used to be a top and that's how I got into barebacking and then a certain guy turned me into a bottom and showed me how good raw cock & cum feels inside me.
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    Breeding Tops

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  1. Hey, are you still in the Atlanta area?

  2. My hole gets hungry every time I remember how incredible it felt being bred. It wasn't long before I started eating the cum out of my used hole.
  3. Loved reading and edging to your hot story about Dalton.

  4. Ever in Atlanta?

    1. breeddeep


      yup, get there a few times a year 😉

    2. J-raw


      Maybe we can meetup. 

  5. Any fun poz groups in Atlanta?

    1. cumbottom4use


      Don’t know of any specific ones, just poz guys I meet up with at sex clubs.  It would be fun to start a group.

  6. Would love for you to top me sometime in Atlanta. On BBRT?

    1. atlfukbud


      Barefukbud — in FLA at the moment, but always looking for fun new fuck pals!

  7. When you convert let me know, so you can breed me.

  8. Would love for you to corrupt me.

  9. Hey, I have a place in Atlanta.

    1. J-raw


      Made you can help me have a double conversion.

  10. Hey, I'm in Atlanta too.

  11. This is how I want to be converted. Erotic but also beautifully written. Thank you!
  12. Hi, I really  like your approach to converting someone and that's exactly what I think I want. I tried to find you on BBRT but had no luck. Thanks for following me and I'd definitely like to connect with you. - J

  13. Wish you could cum to Atlanta for some breeding.

  14. Ever in Atlanta?

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