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  1. Does anybody know about Issac Jones' status? He shot his first BB scene at the end of last year for Lucas Entertainment. Of course this alone does not mean that he has to be poz. But if you look at his recent pictures... well, he is not only looking older but also not that healthy anymore... Could be drugs or could be the HIV... What do you think?
  2. the first bareback scene of Trenton Ducati for Lucas Entertainment is out now :-)
  3. Shane has already done bb porn before. He mentions in his blog an old scene for TIM from 2008 which is featured in the TIM homepage. Shane fucked Ryan Foxxx.
  4. really? hehe... hot... hope you did a good job ;-)
  5. Dingo

    Porn Star Rod Daily - Poz Now

    I hope so, too. He did some modelling for Andrew Christian underwear. And Andrew Christian has a lot pornmodels working for his label. They should do a bb gangbang ;-)
  6. okay... thanks for the info... so until now Tate has only been fucked by two tops at RFC who are claiming to be neg... what a pity ;-)
  7. Dingo

    jake andrews

    has he done any other bb videos except the two scenes for cocksuremen?
  8. I don't know if he's poz or not. But as he is going on to get fucked bare for RFC by Shane Frost lately he definately seems to like the risk. Does anybody know if Shane Frost is poz or neg?
  9. I guess you know already that Tate Ryder started his bare-porn-carreer this year with Raw Fuck Club. I has done two scenes so fare being fucked raw.
  10. Dingo

    jake andrews

    it's hot to know that he started to do bb. you definately should breed him. afterwards he can share the gift with the other sexy andrew christian models ;-)

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