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  1. I agree with lockeroom. I think they once filmed a Treasure Island scene. I have never seen a condom. It is small but friendly and I find it gets busy weekends.
  2. I have blacked out a lot with this combination. fallen on the floor of bathhouses and people help me up . Pathetic and bad yet as I said cannot get an erection without Viagra or get really turned on without poppers. I don't know a solution DO NOT DO THIS
  3. I would like to see some more Bareback group scenes. I know Treasure Island do quite a few but I feel they inevitably end up as a Gang Bang rather than as an orgy. I know Bel Ami do a few, as does Michael Lucas. The nearest I have seen is " Orgy" by SX video several years ago, which is the best I have seen and which has an uncredited performance by B J Slater in his raunchy best. Wondered if anyone had any suggestions or favourites they could recommend?
  4. [Redacted] What are your guys favourite video sites and favourite members with the best videos?
  5. I know these parties are just for Poz guys, but do you think you would get Neg guys trying to go? I am Neg and really want to try this out. I have heard great things. It sounds a bit like the Lab. Can anyone give me info if they have been?
  6. Just wanted to say coyotesmiles Amazing post. Thanks for all the work. So good. We need a list of all the videos you think are the best. Great Great post
  7. Agree it is so weird you are all there to suck and fuck, yet so many seem to wait - For what ?
  8. Just wondered what you guys do in a group situation to start the action. Last night I felt like a total bossy bottom and I hated it ( though I think some of the guys loved it.) Picture this. 10 guys standing around a hot top, yep top. Good 9 inches.At least 5 of the guys I knew were bottoms. It is dark. Everyone is wanking. No one moves. 5 mins later same scene. Eventually I sigh and gobble this hot penis and worship it as it should be . Lots of gasping. No one moves. Eventually I sit on said cock, lots of louder groans, still no movement. As I ride the cock I say out loud to keep breeding my raw ass. A guy cums loudly. Still everyone standing around, but intense groaning. Eventually I grab the cock of the guy nearest me and he cums in my mouth and as he moves away the others move in. An orgy ensues. No longer any focus on me I can relax and watch everyone else enjoy themselves. I notice this happen so often that it is making me question if I am really a bossy bottom. I love giving pleasure to men but I also hate how when you are in a group situation, so many opportunities are lost because no one takes the initiative. I hate to be the one to start something, but I see so many guys lose interest and just walk away when nothing is happening. How do I get this party started?
  9. bbbpyfucker. How the hell do you work out where to shave. I keep missing bits lol
  10. 2nd Kennington. Relaxed attitude and Very bareback friendly
  11. 116 I really need a support group for people who thought they were sluts but only ended up being try hards
  12. London7 try and go to the Lab on a Friday night. You need to go between 1000pm -1200am. If you don't get in by 1200 you can't get in. Over 500 guys wall to wall fucking and you can drink at the bar while watching the scenery. Has to be seen to be believed. Agree with someone who said they got very bad food poisoning. I did as well. Sick for 7 days. Saw doctor yes it was food poisoning. Apparently more common in Berlin for some reason? Have a great time love Berlin
  13. Though on the opposite side of Berlin Hotel Zu Hause is relatively cheap and I love it. Right in the middle of Schoenberg and in the same building as two cruise clubs, it was I found quite fabulous.
  14. What are some of the best ways to tell a Top from a Bottom? I find that sitting on the bottom bench of a steam room or sauna a thing a lot of bottoms do. Obviously if a guy in a room with his butt in the air, he is a bottom or if he has his dick in the air a room, most probably a top. I know there are different sides to put your towel to show which way you swing , but I have forgotten which side is which ! Recently I have been mistaken for a top on several occasions, when I am mainly a bottom. What are some ways you find shows a persons preferences when they are naked?
  15. Would love To go to Biohazzard party. Hear they are amazing

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