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  1. It seems as more and more studios become bareback that some studios will push the boundaries of what is Condom sex. we get teased with shots that looks like the scene could end up bareback, only to find out that suddenly a Condom appears as if from no where. It completely ruins the scene for me. Titan does this, but so do others. Anyone else notice this ?
  2. Who are some big Gay Pornstars who put a condom on film, but love it off in real life?
  3. great reply thanks Muscle ass
  4. Thanks xxbjn2 I will go there:)
  5. Lol Shyguyuk. What I say and I could totally be wrong is if there is an upper bench and lower bench, sit on the lower one . Forget about your dick for a moment and focus on theirs, be aware of when they are jerking and show your willingness to help. Don't be afraid of rejection. Guys don't know you from a bar of soap. The reason I find people reject people in a steam room for instance can be as simple as they want to watch , they are not ready and some think they are straight. But for every 1 that rejects you usually there are 3 that want their cocks sucked. This brings me to my next point. If you want to be a bottom slut , but are shy. Act like one. Meaning advertise what you want. Lie on your stomach and move your ass around when someone is near. They will get the idea. It may not work the first or the second, but it will happen. Another thing I would say and this is hard I know is don't think no one wants me , why won't anyone approach me ? Because guys pick up on that , mainly because you are putting it out there. Instead say to your self I want a big fat cock to suck on ( me again:) and my mission is to suck on it. Go to places where it is darker and people are less inhibited and decide what you want and then remember you are just a body in the dark and start sucking off the odd cock. It will work. you sound lovely I know you will succeed. Finally why there may not be courses on bathhouse sex, there certainly is erotica, blogs and books that talk about what people do. Read them, put yourself in these situations in your head and remember a lot of what you are thinking a lot of guys also think.
  6. poz

    Wonder what the layout in Club 80 downstairs is?
  7. Just wondered what saunas in Melbourne really have more older guys in them. Wet on Wellington seems to be all about young guys. To a lesser extent so does Subway, though it is one of my favourites. What other saunas would you recommend? Thanks
  8. So in about a month I am going on a holiday in another city , where I am fully prepared to be everyone's slut for a week. At least that is the plan. But what I am wondering is what you guys do generally if you know you are going to be a slut for a week or so? How do you prepare physically for that? Say if you are a bottom, what sort of food would you eat for a week, to make sure you were squeaky clean? What sort of things would you do in diet or exercise or preparedness ( is that even a word?) to make sure you could sustain a full week of fucking ? Love to hear from the experts, so am asking here
  9. As an older versatile bottom,I am starting to worry I may get less cock than I want. In a way this is ironic ,because when I was younger and could have any cock I wanted( alright exaggerating, but hey that is the way the young think and let's face it at a bathhouse this seems to be an obvious), all I wanted was love. All I a can say what a fucking waste. I should have been on all fours being everyone's slut. Now I have the confidence to know what I want, but wonder if it is too late. The Gay community seems to despise anyone over 25 who wants to bottom. But the reality in a bathhouse seems to be that anyone over 40 gets more cock, because everyone under 30 thinks they can do better and walks around as though they are on a Milan catwalk and not some seedy bathhouse( The seedier the better). Just wondered what some of your experiences are and what you feel?
  10. Great answers guys. One thing I would say Shyguyuk is that most of us would have at least some idea of what you are going through. I have only recently started changing the way I do things in a bathhouse. I used to be quite passive and let another person take charge and wait. The problem I have found, especially in bathhouses is so many people are waiting for others to make the first move. Part of this I think is knowing what you want. Do you want to meet a hot guy? Do you want to be sucked off? Do you want to suck? Do you want Group action? Once you know what you want it becomes easier. You start to put yourself in situations where things that you want can occur. Lets say you want to be a bottom slut in a steam room? Ok I am using me as an example lol. You don't for instance sit on the top bench, furthest in the corner, with a towel tightly wrapped around you, thinking you are not good enough to be fucked by a room full of men you can't even see. Cause short of rape, you are not going to be the bottom bitch. Why? Because everything you are doing suggests that is not what you want. In the bathhouse Looks and confidence play huge parts. Sometimes I think it is actually the most ruthless place in the Gay world. But I love them, because I have started to put myself in situations where I am likely to get what I want. Lets say you are scared of being rejected but you love sucking cock. Gloryholes were invented for you ! Instead of looking for cues ,someone shoves a cock through a hole, you suck. I suppose what I am saying in a long winded way is make it work for you. You are still pretty young, so you have a long way to go. Don't be the person wrapped up in a towel in a corner on the top bench in a steam room waiting to be everyone's bottom.:)
  11. poz

    Fuk that is such a turn on Knotmyhole. Tell us more. What times in Club 80 . Do you hear people discuss getting the bug? How does it happen? Thanks for the info.
  12. I agree with lockeroom. I think they once filmed a Treasure Island scene. I have never seen a condom. It is small but friendly and I find it gets busy weekends.
  13. I have blacked out a lot with this combination. fallen on the floor of bathhouses and people help me up . Pathetic and bad yet as I said cannot get an erection without Viagra or get really turned on without poppers. I don't know a solution DO NOT DO THIS
  14. I would like to see some more Bareback group scenes. I know Treasure Island do quite a few but I feel they inevitably end up as a Gang Bang rather than as an orgy. I know Bel Ami do a few, as does Michael Lucas. The nearest I have seen is " Orgy" by SX video several years ago, which is the best I have seen and which has an uncredited performance by B J Slater in his raunchy best. Wondered if anyone had any suggestions or favourites they could recommend?
  15. [Redacted] What are your guys favourite video sites and favourite members with the best videos?

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