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  1. I still post plenty of stuff on Tumblr still love it. It can be frustrating but addictive
  2. love your video playlists

  3. what Straight Male Pornstars in the industry bareback guys in private and like it . Who are they ?
  4. "I don't need to care because I'm not an 80-year old with a heart condition so the coronavirus is not going to kill me." I get what your saying, we are talking not just about you getting the viris, but giving it to others. I dont mean sexually. I mean the guilt of knowing you may send someone to hospital because their system doesnt hold up. I dont want to know I caused someone else pain. I know it is illogical given normal flu. But I dont want that on my concience
  5. It is affecting my sex life, Not because I am scared of getting it but because if I got it everyone I work with would also need to be quarantined and that us nearly 2000 people. I dont want that on myself and my mum is 86. I dont someone to give it to her, therefore I need to do the right thing. I think this is not like bugchasing at all really, cause with that you are wanting sperm deeply inside of you that other men have had,Hard to explain, but I don]t think it is necessarily a death wish. This coronavirus is something entirely else
  6. So I am a bottom and a slut. A cumdump. But I also love ass. The times I have topped I have loved, but I lack confidence. In a Bathhouse I can getting fucked over and over but when I try to top I panic. I feel I will disappoint. I feel I am going to miss the hole or lose my erection , but I want to top as well. Anyone have any advice ?
  7. Thanks for your Poz Daddies and Poz love Photos ,They're great

  8. Besides Club 80 and it's fantastic atmosphere where else can older guys go where lots of older guys go ?
  9. So when I get fucked I can last maybe 10 mins without wanting to shift but no more. How do some of you get fucked for hours? is there a technique ?
  10. How do some guys just lie there and be slut bottoms, waiting in dark sex clubs seemingly forever and just in position to be fucked and not touch themselves. I am a bottom, but I continuously touch myself. Some guys seem to have a lot of self discipline.
  11. Thanks for the follow Mate!

  12. So obviously anything with Group action from Treasure Island or even an early one from SX Orgy which is good
  13. Of course I like to think of myself as nice ,kind, loving and sometimes I am actually those things, but when it comes to bug chasing I can be a lying dirty slut. Of course I can be a good dirty lying slut ,but sometimes guilt catches up, but it may not do much. It started on a Sunday and it finished on a Tuesday. On the Sunday in question I was randomly looking on Barebackrt and looking at parties in my area. I mean I should start by saying I am a versatile bottom so a party promising a guy who was Neg bottom looking for Poz loads should have left me interested ,but basically as a Top looking for a load. I never felt that at all. I replied to the Ad. There were already 7 replies. The guy , who was nice, came back to me almost immediately. He said my profile said I was mainly a bottom looking for Poz loads. Obviously he wanted to be the center of attention and it was his hotel room. I mean he didn't say this but we both knew what he meant. I reassured him I was topping only that night and was only there to breed him. Then I dangled the idea of my unknown status. He was in and I was a lying whore. I knew what I wanted was the very thing he feared. Tuesday Night came and I left work early , got prepared and went to the address I had been given. I knew before I entered the almost seedy hotel room, that out of the 11 guys who said they were coming , only probably 2 would show up , so I was surprised to see 4 other guys in the small dark room. The bottom was on the bed already being fucked and moaning. The TV was loud to mask the sound. Another guy , who looked like he was in his 60s was shoving a big fat cock down the bottom's thoat. The other two guys were sitting on the second bed jerking off and looking at the sex. There was silence,besides the TV and the moaning. I sat down on the bed and took off my clothes, shoving them near the other piles of clothes and then lay back and started stroking. The other two guys in their possible 30s and 40s were stroking their cocks hard. The guy in his 40s had a large fat cock with a PA. The other guy just average but lovely cock. They were both looking hard at the sex in front of them and I was looking hard at them. The guy getting fucked was in heaven , he was moaning and writhing as he was being fucked. He was in his 40s I would say , but tonight he was the center of attention. I was about to take all of that away. The guy in his 30s was next to me and I lent down and started sucking on the guy's cock. It was lovely and he started moaning. I kept sucking. I stopped for a moment and then said loud enough for the 2 guys to hear me. " Fuck watching this guy getting pozzed turns me on so much, it almost makes me want to give up my Neg bottom status to be pozzed. I mean it is so fucking hot. I cant wait to fuck him, but as bottom I would love those Poz loads in my ass". I started sucking again. I knew I had both their attention. Within a second I had of them fingering my hole. I am a deceitful bitch. Soon while I was sucking the 30ish guy I could feel both their hands start grabbing my ass. The PA guy was most aggressive. " So you know what your saying don't you ? " He said quite loud. Louder than I wanted. It suddenly became apparent to the guys fucking, that something was happening. The guy with the PA continued loudly " This guy is a bottom Neg and wants to be fucked. He is gagging for it and while I wait my turn for the sloppy bottom over there I am going to fuck this bugchasing slut " I had been sucking cock but I could feel the bottom's eyes on me. I wanted this. I am a deceitful bitch. To be continued
  14. Dick Wadd Media Breeding Sessions
  15. So I love seeing Group bareback sex, risky bareback group sex and I love Treasure Island and others but it seems as though it is all about Threesomes or Gang bangs. It never seems to be a bout Group sex. Is it easier to film or is there just no interest ?

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