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  1. Just came back from 2 months in Europe and had some observations on different places and the use of poppers in sex clubs and saunas and bathhouses. In England they are incredibly easy to get and also used in clubs. In Germany you could get them , but they were very expensive. In Spain they were impossible to get , even in the Canary Islands, but I saw people use them in sex clubs, obviously from the UK. in Italy , not only were they hard to get but when I used them at a sauna the owner almost had a coronary and told me they could not be used and I could not have them My last time I went to Europe, both Norway and Denmark seemed difficult to purchase them but in Amsterdam easy. What are other people’s experiences?
  2. HOT !   HOT !    POZ DADDIES pictures !   :)

  3. Scottyrim

    Younger guys fucking older guys

    I love younger guys fucking me, I am nearly 50, but love older guys as well. I agree with many of the comments here. I would add, that many younger bottoms look hot and have amazing asses. But if you look at a lot of porn, as I do, one of the consistent things you see , are younger bottoms are totally obsessed with their own needs. So many of them don't communicate with the top, or don't seem as appreciative of what is happening. I think when you are our age, you aren't obsessed with what a normal 20 year old would be. I often think I would love to look like I did at 20 now, but to be that person, never. The confidence and willingness to just be in the moment and be the slut you want to be, is an attraction to many younger men, who are completely in a mental state, most of us would never want to be in again. We just want to get fucked hard. That is a powerful aphrodisiac to a young person, wondering if a pimple is showing.
  4. I moan and love egging my top off. But it is about reading the situation. Sometimes when I see a bottom silent and it is clear the top is trying to get feedback, I want to yell at the bottom " Bitch he asked you a question. It is your job to pleasure the shit out of him, so do your job and moan and don't look as though you are doing fucking yoga at a zen retreat!! " I think sex is about communication. I love getting into someone's head when they are fucking with me and bringing out their fantasies. Nothing . besides their hard cock inside of me and their cum turns me on more.
  5. Scottyrim

    Lab.oratory - Berlin

    "Hi and thanks for your "wow...derful" review. May I ask you a question? I have seen in some websites that Lab .Oratory only admits young guys... You think is it true? I am visiting Berlin in a few weeks and would love to go there, but, you know... I am almost 60 yo..." . Not sure Viciavor. I would love to say that Berlin does not give a shit about what you look like or how old you are. But it does. My experience is that it can be ageist and very body conscious. I found the Lab to be largely made up of people below their 40s,however it could have been just that night I went . The guy who had been there before and could not stop raving about it and made me go was at least 65 and had been often, so it could have been the night. Berlin smells of sex. Whatever your tastes, you will get what you want. There were many bars I went too. where I was nearly dragged into dark rooms and fucked. So just be yourself. I am sure you will have more than enough sex over there .
  6. Scottyrim

    Lab.oratory - Berlin

    I think BBRTS is very English American and if you search for guys in a country that does not speak English you will be surprised how few appear. In Germany there are a few hundred I think, but it is hit or miss. I wondered if Barebackcity might be where a lot of Germans, etc meet. Used to be. Where are the best places to find parties etc?
  7. My biggest fear is Hep C . The rest I think I would deal with as hazard. I always assumed that because I hate the sight of blood and don't shoot up, the risk wld be small. Obviously naive I admit, when I hear stories from guys who got it while having group sex. So my main problem is I am going to Europe in 2 months and will be getting screwed, hopefully, by 3 quarters of the male population in England, Germany, Spain m Italy and Greece. Sort of like a census of dicks. My issue is if I get sick, I am away for nearly 3 months and many places I am going to outside of the UK. I am talking to you Germany and Spain, do not have a reciprocal medical agreement. So the what the fuck do I do to get tested or if I get sick ? Signed hopefully fully slutted tourist
  8. Scottyrim

    Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    What about Older guys. Where do you find the best saunas for bareback with older guys ?
  9. Scottyrim

    Best city for a sex vacation?

    I agree with all the above. I suppose I would say if something happens and you get a cold or you cant have sex 24/7 what do you like? I am going to Barelin in May for the 3rd time and I love it. The sex is amazing, and it sounds as though you will fit in fine there. It is one of the cheaper places in Europe, as far as food and drink are concerned. It also has a lot of History and excellent Museums if you feel that way inclined and want the culture. Berlin is truly a sex city. It is, to me unbelievable how hot it is and it is a 24/7 city ,so even though the weekends are best, there are many places to be bred during the week. Many guys on here can tell you about their adventures. Go to regional Hookups and Europe /Berlin and there are some great stories. I am going to the Canary Islands in June as well. First time. Heard a lot of stories pretty excited.
  10. Just thought I would bump this thread again. I am travelling to Germany , Italy ,Greece , Spain and I really wondered what I should be looking for when asking for Poz loads or being converted or the bug etc ? especially in German
  11. Hot Profile thanks for the add and you are in Melbourne my hometown as well :)

  12. I agree with a lot of what you guys have said, though I think with TIM, some of the videos by Liam Cole are still edgy and good. I agree with straight porn being more edgy, but I think the reason is, as some have said that when you are seeing the all the guys fuck a girl, most guys dont care what the guys look like as much, so they can fuck with abandon. But in Gay porn it is all about the looks and so often with the focus on the looks, the raw heat goes out the window. I also think that Bareback has suffered in that you don't actually get many of the movies discussing bareback it self. Just once I would like to see someone in a movie go" sorry I dont do condoms , I bareback. I love it raw. " It would be so affirming, instead of not discussing it at all. Love someone to say in a movie I am searching for the Bug, I need Poz cum etc. Instead it jis just the actions and we need to read into it. After you go through are they straight ? Do they enjoy what they are doinParg ? Are they Eastern European? ETC, it is no wonder that so much porn is basically shit. I love watching amateur raw Group porn.
  13. Scottyrim

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    The Lab is amazing. Whenever I think of Berlin, it is the only place I can truly say in a good way, is debauched . I am surprised there is so much safe sex at the FSM because Berlin really is Bare lin I am going for the 3rd time in late May and I feel Like Pollyanna eacg time I go, Like "oh gosh wow, really". Then I sniff some poppers and become the slut I am. But the whole of Berlin is like a Fuckfest
  14. Scottyrim

    Poz tops at a bathhouse

    So I think I am a Moral Slut I have two answers to this question which seem contradictory. I love bare cock I LOVE BARE cock and the idea of Poz cock makes me hard. I love riding cock at a bathhouse and making the guy tell me his status as he fucks me, I tell him how much I want him to breed me and have his babies inside of me. Then I say I love Poz cock and they are telling me they are seeing me with it. Great rush. Once you are in a bathhouse, assume everyone is POZ , take some poppers and jerk off to that before being bred. Now the moral part. While I understand stealthing as a fantasy, I find it repugnant that not only would you lie to someone about your status, which is irrelevant, but that you would take choice away from a person and deliberately betray someone. You have no idea what journey that person is on. It maybe their first time in a bathhouse, they may maybe just working out they are Gay. They maybe ,like me ,terrified of HIV , as I was , and as it was almost for me a mental illness. Would you be fine if that person found out what you had done and committed suicide ? I felt like it 10 years ago. I know that is extreme and I am a Debbie Downer, but I think there is a world of difference between me shoving my ass in the air and yelling out "Breed me I am a slut " to fuck up someone's life for thrills. No Poz person should feel responsible for having to tell someone their status in a bathhouse and if a door is open and an ass is there, seriously the person should be happy they are being fucked. For me the cum would be more intense if I knew they were Poz. But stealthing is another thing entirely to me
  15. Scottyrim


    Now that the Apollo has gone, is the only real sauna Boiler? I found it very youngish and body conscious last time I was there , though I thought it was amazing. Any ideas ?

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