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  1. Didn’t the Straight hung hot stud come out that he tested Poz Nacho Vidal? It is causing all sorts of stress in the industry.
  2. https://www.pornhub.com/playlist/65708902 This is my list 290 but there are many more out there
  3. Pornhub has a over a couple of hundred of these , I love them not only because they are hot but because of the music and the sex you can use it as background when you have sex at your home and don’t want the neighbours to hear
  4. Totally agree AnonBareback. Conservatives are a big problem, but the hidden problem is the SJWs and the Regressive Left. When you start saying Free Speech can be curbed on Twitter, no matter how hateful it is, because it is a private company, then how the hell do you argue that porn should be allowed on Tumblr when the same argument is made?
  5. we need to have a thread about the older HDK videos. These guys were trail blazers and heros .
  6. I have sex a lot to a lot of Popperbate videos on Pornhub etc drowns out the sound of mr yelling and hot too
  7. I like Tumblr it is more photos that people repost. There are many Bareback blogs if you know where to look and some of the photos are hot. Get your frustration I am 50 and still go WTF to most of technology
  8. Berlin I love , but I would say it puts a lot of focus on the best body you can have for your age. I was told in bar that notoriously pushes people away I could come in , but in another that it was a private club. I was thinking it was my age, but I think it was my weight. I am not obese , but I am not perfect , and Germans are about taking things to extemes always
  9. Photos of Poz Daddies and Poz Love section is Extremely HOT and Delicious - Tattoos are HOT !  Freaking HOT and Erection - wishing I was with them !    :)

  10. Who is the emaciated twink with Aids?  I'd LOVE to have him fuck me raw!

  11. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/double-pos-fuck-in-amsterdam-34273041 Was the first time on Tina and decided to get fucked by two pos guys from Amsterdam. Met one at Drakes and he invited me to a little party. We slammed and fucked the hole night. Here is the end where I got finally those two viral loads in me after a long session. Felt like heaven that moment
  12. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/pound-me-again-36820341 This a popper trainer compilation with lots of bareback sex and rough sex

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