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  1. This whole topic is toxic. The topic is Trump supporters? Which seems an answer yes or no or why, but the reality is that discussion is not really required. The answer we are supposed to have is he is EVIL and HITLER and no Gay person could support him. Basically that is not discussion and it is not a question it is a statement that we all have to say No Never!! So while I think Trump will lose I think the Country is so divided and that the Left think that they are so Good and virtuous that many will just hide their opinions. Why would you subject yourself to an honest ans
  2. In Australia the same but if you get them online from somewhere say India or Canada it will be sent to u
  3. I am slut and cumdump I expect STIs but I try to mitigate it. When I was whoring myself out in Berlin a German bottom suggested taking Doxycycline. I have. It may not not be right as it is an antibiotic but I use it just before I have sex and so far fingers crossed no STI but it does not help you against Gonorrhoea only Syph and Clamyd. It maybe a placebo effect but it works ok for me. But I am also realistic I one day have to face consequences.
  4. I love being bred but at the Bathhouse you will have multiple guys who will try not to cum in the first , second or third guy they fuck, trying to get their moneys worth. What techniques do you use to get a guy to cum in you while getting fucked ?
  5. What do people do if you have to get fucked multiple days in a row. How do you prepare for that ?
  6. Continued As the two Escorts left I scrolled through Barebackrt. I had several answers to the ad I had put on the system. One of the replies immediately caught my eyes. He had the look. Totally had the look. Everything said Poz and had been a while. He had sunken eyes and a Crix belly. Thin legs. He wasn’t far. I contacted him. Another guy caught my eye. He was youngish and had only just converted. He was a bottom eager to Poz his first victim. I answered him as well. “What the fuck was I doing ?. What the actual fuck was I doing ? “I stared at the French porn as
  7. How about who actively fucked only HIV guys who had no meds? What about guys who tried to use toothbrushes to make you bleed or used a needle in Chem sex from the guy who was POZ? I am curious how many guys have pushed the goalpost. Love the replies. Love the guys who have been to the German Biohazard parties. i have pushed boundaries and I love it but there is a wary side to me.
  8. I had planned it all out. I was nervous and took a glass of wine gulping it down. The knock on the door ,though expected ,startled me. I opened it. “ Hi”I said. The guy I met, smiled” Hello “. Even as I let him in I felt a sense of control start to flow away from me. He seemed more in control , more sure of himself. Another knock. I let the other guy in as well. He seemed less certain , but more certain than me. I was the one who set this up and yet I was the one that seemed more on edge. “ Would you like a drink?” “No “they both said . The first guy smiled
  9. Mmmm that is actually not what I wrote I wrote 3 paragraphs. But hey whatever. relax Metamucil and Chia seeds
  10. I think you are stressing too much. Rather than meeting someone then douching . Why don’t u douche first then meet someone. You will be horny , clean and confident.
  11. Subpig do u use dildos on yourself while cleaning out? I use a small one and a larger one after I have douched a few times , say after 30 mins and then I start using a dildo . I then do a squirt of water after and that loosens me up and then later I use the bigger dildo . It gives me confidence. also don’t tense up. I think part of the issue that can become intimidating is u hear people say the whole thing takes 30 min and u think why is it taking longer for me. We are all different I try and make the whole thing as part of a play with myself. I have started to enjoy it and don’t str
  12. I agree with u Canada. It is funny but trusting your body is really important. I used to try and hold the water in for so long, but I have started to listen to my body and as soon as I need to let go I do. that can be 30 seconds to couple of minutes. i think part of the issue is we all think we are going to get 11 inch cocks all night at a Bathhouse and fisted fully. You mostly won’t . So the whole full clean is something in. Way something we aspire too but isn’t the usual. A quick clean is best. Don’t hold it in and use toys as well.
  13. I lay there in the dark. I could just see shapes in front of me. I was on a leather mattress, one of three next to each other. A guy I could see was lying next to me. Like me he had his ass open to the sky, to anyone. My ass was open to anyone as well. But it was open to Poz guys more than anyone else. I didn’t want to discriminate. But to me I needed Poz cum. Only 30 minutes before I was on my iPhone typing my position and area on my iPhone. The ad I placed in Barebackrt was very specific. “ Poz guys only to breed Neg guy not on Prep in dark room at Bathhouse. Please bareback Poz
  14. Thanks so much for the feedback. I love doing them. I wrote one under General Bareback about Spa experiences at Bathhouses if you like sex with Groups. Thanks again
  15. I never understood what a Jacuzzi was, but to my translation it is a Spa basically. I have always had a fascination with sex in them. I love the fact that over the bubbles and water two different things can happen. On the surface it can look as though you are almost bored but below hands are furiously working away, jerking off yourself and others. Ever since I was a teenager I was obsessed with sex under the water. I would look for a spa in a Public pool and would always find a willing cock under the bubbles. As I got older I went from Public Spas to Bathhouses. Then I became mor
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