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  1. This guy talks and does solo. At first I thought quite tame, but towards the middle, hot lots of dirty load talk
  6. I love this Dutch guy who is fucking the young spunk
  7. the guy who films these has some really hot stuff
  10. Sorry 1deviantlad I had no intention of insulting George Michael. I loved his music and I loved him. As this happened many years before he passed away and was a news story with a bareback twist, I thought it was interesting. sorry to offend. It was not my intent
  11. Did anyone else read about 2 possible bareback movies being shot at George Michael'w London home, without his permission. One scene was apparently shot on his bed? Of course the apparent insider who leaked the story has been saying how horrible the whole thing is and how George Michael would have been disgusted if he had known, especially if he knew it was bareback, as he was totally against it- ok mmm. Apparently George and his boyfriend were out of the country when the porn was done and they had no knowledge of the shoots, but apparently some unsavoury types had access to the home and got actors who were flown from America to perform in this. it was a well known in secret that it was filmed in George Michael's bed ,but now he has passed away the copies of the videos are being deleted. It was never in DVD and was filmed I think in 2011 or 2012? What I want to know is what were the names of them ? the article was in today's papers and of course it is sensationalism gone mad.
  12. It seems as more and more studios become bareback that some studios will push the boundaries of what is Condom sex. we get teased with shots that looks like the scene could end up bareback, only to find out that suddenly a Condom appears as if from no where. It completely ruins the scene for me. Titan does this, but so do others. Anyone else notice this ?
  13. Who are some big Gay Pornstars who put a condom on film, but love it off in real life?
  14. great reply thanks Muscle ass
  15. Thanks xxbjn2 I will go there:)

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